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8,000 Meters Men
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6,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

Official Team Scores

1.Puget Sound33
2.Pacific Lutheran51
3.St Martin's57
4.Trinity Lutheran College (Cl...73
5.Olympic College163
6.Green River168
FrBrandon Butler
Olympic College40:00
FrSpencer Claeys
Olympic College41:00
FrTony Raventos-Vasq...
Olympic College37:31
SoDumas Robert
Olympic College43:00
1.SrTyler Shipley
26:09.00Puget Sound
2.FrGeremia Lizier-Zmu...
26:11.00Puget Sound
3.FrBrad Hodkinson
26:23.00Pacific Lutheran
4.FrKyle Rapacz
27:39.00Pacific Lutheran
5.JrJasper Heckman
27:53.00St Martin's
6.SrSam Carilli
28:15.00Puget Sound
7.JrAndrew Langtry
28:18.00Puget Sound
8.JrCameron Siler
28:23.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
9.JrManuel Cintron
28:23.50Trinity Lutheran Col...
10.SoJosh Hunt
28:24.00St Martin's
11.SoAustin Miller
28:26.00St Martin's
12.FrBo Frohock
28:27.00Pacific Lutheran
13.SrLloyd Byram
28:28.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
14.FrEldon Sorensen
28:34.00Pacific Lutheran
15.FrLevi Schilter
28:35.00St Martin's
16.JrSkyler Larson
28:36.00St Martin's
17.SrJustin Bigelow
28:41.00Puget Sound
18.FrConnor Bates
28:44.00Pacific Lutheran
19.JrMatthew MacFarlane
28:53.00Pacific Lutheran
20.JrCharlie Mogen
28:53.50Pacific Lutheran
21.JrEdson Zaldivar
29:07.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
22.SoDavid Castillo
29:12.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
23.Paul Young
24.FrLiam Monaghan
29:21.00Puget Sound
25.FrJoe Edgecomb
29:30.00St Martin's
26.JrBrendon Bonnell
29:44.00Pacific Lutheran
27.SrDaniel Hansen
29:49.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
28.FrJack Harvey
29:53.00Olympic College
29.SoZach Armstrong
29:58.00Puget Sound
30.FrBrian Johnston
30:03.00Olympic College
31.FrReece McGowan-Brehm
30:05.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
32.SoChristian Cintron
30:11.00Green River
33.FrKameron Galm
30:15.00St Martin's
34.FrAnthony Swenson
30:46.00Olympic College
35.SoJacob O'Connell
30:48.00Green River
36.FrBrendan Bloom
30:56.00Green River
37.SoJonathon Davis
31:08.00Green River
38.FrRyan Pitchford
31:20.00Green River
39.SoDavid Huff
31:21.00Green River
40.JrEthan Smith
31:26.00Pacific Lutheran
41.JrEgan Dunning
31:32.00Pacific Lutheran
42.FrBret Baldwin
31:38.00Olympic College
43.FrRiver Quitslund
31:39.00Pacific Lutheran
44.JrJosef Hauser
32:29.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
45.FrDarius Burke
32:42.00Olympic College
46.FrLuis Lara Espinoza
32:48.00St Martin's
47.SoKevin Mattox
32:55.00Green River
48.FrMyles Barrow
35:16.00Pacific Lutheran
49.JrMax Bartholomew
35:29.00Pacific Lutheran
50.FrTony Rentros
37:31.00 PROlympic College
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

Official Team Scores

1.St Martin's37
2.Pacific Lutheran45
3.Puget Sound49
4.Trinity Lutheran College (Cl...91
5.Olympic College150
1.FrLarissa Kolasinski
23:10.00St Martin's
2.SrTaili Ni
23:18.00Puget Sound
3.SrKaren Horvath
23:20.00St Martin's
4.JrShailee Woodard
24:34.00Pacific Lutheran
5.SoYadira Lopez
24:45.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
6.SoAmie Wilson
24:49.00 SRPacific Lutheran
7.FrMary Josten
25:08.00Pacific Lutheran
8.FrLindsey Dorney
25:12.00 SRSt Martin's
9.JrMegan Teigen
25:30.00St Martin's
10.JrTori Klein
25:41.00Puget Sound
11.Meghan Templeton
12.SoTerra Wildon
25:52.00Puget Sound
13.SoRachel Pearce-Smith
26:14.00Puget Sound
14.SoHannah Walton
26:15.00 SRPacific Lutheran
15.SoAlison Wise
26:16.00Puget Sound
16.SoMekenzie Voellger
26:23.00Pacific Lutheran
17.JrClaire McCloskey
26:24.00 SRSt Martin's
18.FrChanel Ridiros
26:25.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
19.FrAnnika Pederson
26:28.00 SRPacific Lutheran
20.FrDalia Pedro-Trujillo
26:33.00 PRSt Martin's
21.JrMadison Bolejack
27:04.00Puget Sound
22.FrReegan Moore
27:06.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
23.SoEcecia Tobin
27:25.00Pacific Lutheran
24.JrPaige Runco
27:42.00Pacific Lutheran
25.FrKatie Sherick
27:48.00Green River
26.JrSofiya Kirpach
27:51.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
27.SrKai Hundemer
27:52.00Puget Sound
28.FrDaphne Peek
27:54.00 PRTrinity Lutheran Col...
29.FrSamantha Sponenburg
28:01.00Pacific Lutheran
30.SoHannah Eshelman
28:10.00Puget Sound
31.FrMiranda Berg
28:53.00 SRPacific Lutheran
32.FrPauline Elevazo
28:57.00Green River
33.FrNency Cruz
29:08.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
34.SoSara Newman
29:10.00Pacific Lutheran
35.FrCarley Beck
29:28.00 PRPacific Lutheran
36.SoJenna Jeffs
29:33.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
37.FrBritt McCracken
29:54.00Pacific Lutheran
38.FrKali Pohle
29:58.00Pacific Lutheran
39.SoMarina Hartford
30:22.00Olympic College
40.FrAlyssa Hannah
31:02.00 PRPacific Lutheran
41.SoLaura Truong
31:03.00Trinity Lutheran Col...
42.SoAmber Sheline
31:26.00Olympic College
43.FrJacqueline Chamber...
33:24.00Green River
44.SoMariah Morey
33:59.00Olympic College
45.JrCarlie Kenny
38:12.00 SRPacific Lutheran
46.SoCatherine Sebastian
38:54.00Olympic College
47.FrAubrey Arce
39:01.00Olympic College
48.FrShelby Alongi
39:26.00 SRPacific Lutheran
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