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Mens Races
3.2 Mile Varsity4:00 PM
3.2 Mile Junior Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
3.2 Mile Varsity5:00 PM

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Mens Results

3.2 Mile Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Josh Nunez
17:20 PRLiberty Charter
2.11Lucas Santiago
17:55 PRHigh Tech High
3.10Jaden Rosenthal
18:14 PRHigh Tech High
4.10Jack Boss
18:15 PRHigh Tech High
5.12Josh Ortega
19:00 PRHigh Tech High
6.11Nick Card
19:40 PRHigh Tech (CV)
7.9Ben Parrish
19:41 PRHigh Tech High
8.11Ulises Izucar
19:46 PRMonarch
9.11Keivon Harris
19:51 PRO'Farrell Charter
10.12Alan Castillo
20:00 PRChula Vista Learning...
11.12Frankie Zavala
20:01 PRChula Vista Learning...
12.12Spencer Bond
20:02 PRLiberty Charter
13.12Jon Lorenz
20:13 PRLiberty Charter
14.12Tucker Ferguson
20:14 PRLiberty Charter
15.10Matthew Hicks
20:15 PRHigh Tech High
16.12Camden Stapleton
20:26 PRRiver Valley Charter
17.9David Miller
20:27 PRLiberty Charter
18.11Nick Estepa
20:28 PRHigh Tech (CV)
19.11Noah Hamm
20:32 PRGompers Preparatory ...
20.10Eric Ingrande
20:37 PRLiberty Charter
21.9Kristian Rosas
20:54 PRHigh Tech (CV)
22.10Luis Guzman
21:05 PRKing-Chavez
23.11Emilio Lopez-Gallo
21:05 PRHigh Tech (CV)
24.12Nicholas Gonzales
21:16 PRSchool for Entrepren...
25.10Devante Spencer
21:28 PRLiberty Charter
26.10Alec Sarabia
21:28 PRHigh Tech (CV)
27.12Jonathon Perez
22:03 PRGompers Preparatory ...
28.10Kevin Ayvar
22:21 PRKing-Chavez
29.10Antonio Anorve
22:25 PRKing-Chavez
30.12Joseph Salas
22:27 PRChula Vista Learning...
31.9Rodrigo Aguirre
22:45 PRChula Vista Learning...
32.10Jorge Guzman
23:01 PRGompers Preparatory ...
33.12Josha Rodriguez
23:01 PRGompers Preparatory ...
34.12Aaron Paredes
23:09 PRO'Farrell Charter
35.10Alfredo Segura
23:11 PRO'Farrell Charter
36.9Fidencio Vazquez
23:12 PRChula Vista Learning...
37.10Alex Sefia
23:48 PRSC Yeshiva
38.11Jwann Sy
24:32 PRO'Farrell Charter
39.10Omar Rojas
24:42 PRO'Farrell Charter
40.11Matthew Paredes
24:55 PRO'Farrell Charter
41.12Ricardo Gonzalez
25:10 PRChula Vista Learning...
42.11Josh Segal
25:41 PRSC Yeshiva
43.9Michael Harris-Jor...
25:54 PRGompers Preparatory ...
44.11Elijah Genin
27:12 PRSC Yeshiva
45.11Betzalel Vanderhoof
27:12 PRSC Yeshiva
46.9Moshe Parnas
27:47 PRSC Yeshiva
47.11Jason Esguerra
29:35 PRSchool for Entrepren...
48.9Angel Hernandez
30:06 PRGompers Preparatory ...
49.9Hernan Hidalgo
32:17 PRGompers Preparatory ...
50.9Senai Hagos
33:24 PRGompers Preparatory ...
51.9Nathan Stewart
33:27 PRSchool for Entrepren...
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3.2 Mile Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Max Menke
17:00 PRHigh Tech High
2.12Robby Goebel
18:47 PRHigh Tech High
3.9Henry Whiteley
19:46 PRHigh Tech High
4.12Jose Murillo
19:58 PRHigh Tech High
38.9Roberto Ureño III
20:21 PRHigh Tech (CV)
5.9Jacob Lopez
21:18 PRLiberty Charter
6.9Nasser Melchor
21:24 PRHigh Tech High
7.10Carter Bond
21:40 PRLiberty Charter
8.10Francisco Morales
21:42 PRHigh Tech (CV)
9.10Peerless Johnson
21:48 PRLiberty Charter
10.11Lawrence Garcia
22:00 PRHigh Tech (CV)
11.11Josh Arriero
22:22 PRMonarch
12.12Dean Lockwood
22:30 PRLiberty Charter
13.10Nathaniel Song
22:54 PRHigh Tech (CV)
14.11Jake Wylie
23:09 PRHigh Tech High
15.10Symeon Elkins
23:35 PRLiberty Charter
16.11Anthony Cadena
23:46 PRHigh Tech (CV)
17.11Lewis Mariano
24:23 PRO'Farrell Charter
18.9Christian Avila
24:29 PRChula Vista Learning...
19.9Ethan Rosenberg
24:34 PRHigh Tech High
20.10Daniel Atty
24:36 PRLiberty Charter
21.10Thomas Mozee
24:39 PRO'Farrell Charter
22.12Matthew Wood
25:19 PRLiberty Charter
23.10Roberto Gallardo
25:24 PRO'Farrell Charter
24.9Marcos Sanchez
25:29 PRHigh Tech High
25.9Joel Rodiel-Lucero
25:29 PRHigh Tech High
26.9Cristobal Gonzalez
25:31 PRChula Vista Learning...
27.10Andres Miranda
25:38 PRO'Farrell Charter
28.9Scott Estepa
25:50 PRHigh Tech (CV)
29.10David Sandoval
25:54 PRHigh Tech (CV)
30.11Arian Ortiz
25:58 PRHigh Tech (CV)
31.11Guthrie Schooner
26:58 PRHigh Tech High
32.9Marcus Toyen
27:24 PRHigh Tech High
33.9Scott Wood
27:30 PRLiberty Charter
34.11Dylan Jouni
28:04 PRLiberty Charter
35.11Guillermo Castillo
28:16 PRChula Vista Learning...
36.12Julian De Leon
28:55 PRO'Farrell Charter
37.9Ryan Hight
29:21 PRChula Vista Learning...
39.10Ethan Smith
32:01 PRO'Farrell Charter
40.10Juan Lee
34:51 PRHigh Tech (CV)
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Womens Results

3.2 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Rose of Sharon Wil...
20:12 PRHigh Tech High
2.10Akacia Brillon
21:47 PRLiberty Charter
3.12Sandra Loya-Estrada
22:12 PRChula Vista Learning...
4.9Anna Nicole Barreiro
22:25 PRHigh Tech (CV)
5.10Olivia Kakacek
23:38 PRHigh Tech High
6.12Indika Young
23:51 PRHigh Tech High
7.12Jamie Wilkinson
24:37 PRHigh Tech High
8.9Lisette Silva
24:58 PRChula Vista Learning...
9.12Kandice Daniels
24:59 PRO'Farrell Charter
10.11Victoria Vazquez
25:01 PRKing-Chavez
11.9Isabella Baeza
25:17 PRLiberty Charter
12.10Carolina Marin
25:22 PRKing-Chavez
13.11Paulina Maytorena
25:28 PRHigh Tech (CV)
14.12Silvia Rosado
25:31 PRHigh Tech (CV)
15.9Alani Sarabia
25:34 PRHigh Tech (CV)
16.9Juliana Marquez
26:00 PRChula Vista Learning...
17.9Carley Green
26:05 PRHigh Tech High
18.12Isabel Garcia
26:15 PRGompers Preparatory ...
19.10Johanna Martinez
26:30 PRHigh Tech (CV)
20.11Lauren Jouni
26:58 PRLiberty Charter
21.9Bridget Braden
27:12 PRLiberty Charter
22.12Elizabeth Thip
28:05 PRGompers Preparatory ...
23.11Elisa Silva
28:12 PRChula Vista Learning...
25.9Natalie Mallory
28:48 PRHigh Tech (CV)
26.9Natalya Zamora
29:09 PRChula Vista Learning...
27.9Rebecca Jimenez
29:13 PRHigh Tech (CV)
28.12Ariel Stevens
30:19 PRO'Farrell Charter
30.9Alexa Fernandez
31:21 PRHigh Tech High
31.11Pascal Cortes
31:28 PRChula Vista Learning...
32.9Lauren Taylor McCl...
31:50 PRHigh Tech (CV)
33.11Allison Jouni
33:19 PRLiberty Charter
34.11Barbara Braden
33:22 PRLiberty Charter
35.11Ahime Amaya
34:10 PRKing-Chavez
36.10Jacqueline Ortiz
34:30 PRO'Farrell Charter
37.11Giselle Elguezabal
36:21 PRChula Vista Learning...
38.11Lauren Wood
37:05 PRLiberty Charter
39.11Connie Pasha
37:10 PRLiberty Charter
34.11Barbara Braden
Liberty Charter
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