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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
2,500 Meters Middle School
1 Mile 6th Grade
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
2,500 Meters Middle School
1 Mile 6th gade

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Schedule for 9/14/2015  (coaches)

Hi Everyone

Please see the schedule below.  We will stay as close to it as possible in respect to the High School Races.

It is very important for the middle school races to begin promptly at 3:30.

Please register all runner by Friday 9:00 P.M. 9/11/2015.

 Mens Races
2,500 Meters Middle School 3:50 PM
1 Mile 6th grade race together. 4:10
5,000 Meters Varsity 5:15 PM


 Womens Races
2,500 Meters Middle School 3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity 4:30 PM

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Muskegon Mona Shores
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Muskegon Mona Shores33
3.Muskegon Reeths-Puffer68
1.12Bruce Buurstra
2.12Zeke Clark
17:29.34Muskegon Mona Shores
3.9Evan Hodson
17:33.28Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
4.11Daniel Santana
5.10Cade Poland
18:01.36Muskegon Mona Shores
6.12Nate Edwards
7.12Tyler Gagnon
18:20.76Muskegon Mona Shores
8.12Dones Anewishki
9.9Nick Dennison
18:39.31Muskegon Mona Shores
10.12Sean Halverson
18:41.19Muskegon Mona Shores
11.11Sam Powell
19:03.82Muskegon Mona Shores
12.12Jaden Horner
13.12Andrew Evans
19:38.21Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
14.12Greg Beaudoin
20:04.21Muskegon Mona Shores
15.10Alex Dyke
16.12Connor Edlund
20:15.83Muskegon Mona Shores
17.12Calvin Zabrocki
20:35.15Muskegon Mona Shores
18.10Seth Smith
20:36.28Muskegon Mona Shores
19.10Matthew Ostoin
20:46.21Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
20.9Zach Ostoin
20:46.81Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
21.11Eliseo Silguero
22.12Lloyd Cisneros
21:03.15Muskegon Mona Shores
23.12Justin McPherson
21:57.35Muskegon Mona Shores
24.9Jesus Ayala
25.10Brandon Archer
22:03.54Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
26.10Laban Pollock
22:21.56Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
27.12Justin Tokarczyk
22:59.69Muskegon Mona Shores
28.9Kohl Grant
23:06.30Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
29.12Antonio Musa
23:25.36Muskegon Mona Shores
30.12Zack Workman
31.9Nathan Clark
23:52.69Muskegon Mona Shores
32.12Ben Jee
23:53.85Muskegon Mona Shores
33.9Anthony Gaiser
24:01.45Muskegon Mona Shores
34.10Kyle Goltz
24:03.71Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
35.9Lee Sailors
24:32.66Muskegon Mona Shores
36.10Calvin Smith
24:58.06Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
37.12Joel Friday
25:16.73Muskegon Mona Shores
38.9Noah Kinnucan
25:17.85Muskegon Mona Shores
39.11Lucas Visscher
26:57.82Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
40.10Quinlan Webster
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2,500 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Hudsonville Public27
2.Grand Haven Lakeshore68
3.Mona Shores73
4.West Ottawa101
5.Holland Christian102
1.8Nate Conkel
8:38.24 PRHudsonville Public
2.8Ryan Nibbelink
8:52.35Hudsonville Public
3.8Carter Larned
9:04.63Grand Haven Lakeshore
4.8Jacob DeBoer
9:09.90Holland Christian
5.8Josiah Holliday
9:10.37 PRHolland Christian
6.8Jordan Wolma
9:11.77Hudsonville Public
7.8Steven St. John
9:14.59Hudsonville Public
8.8Ben Kendall
9:15.32Mona Shores
9.8Thomas Dummer
9:20.48West Ottawa
10.8Cole Horist
9:24.69Grand Haven Lakeshore
11.8Asher Berends
9:25.14Hudsonville Public
12.7Ethan Atkins
9:29.47Hudsonville Public
13.8Jacob Dunn
9:30.28Mona Shores
14.8Zach Goodwin
9:30.56West Ottawa
15.7Ethan Brown
9:39.60Mona Shores
16.8Carter Prieditis
9:43.86 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
17.7Keegan DeKuiper
9:44.56 PRMona Shores
18.8Cole Buller
9:45.96 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
19.7Jack Kennedy
9:47.08Hudsonville Public
20.7Jacob Gravlin
9:48.66Mona Shores
21.8Mitchel Bosgraaf
9:54.69Grand Haven Lakeshore
22.8Colin Brown
9:54.89West Ottawa
23.8Maxim Poel
9:57.33Hudsonville Public
24.8Cam Rosenberg
9:58.62Grand Haven Lakeshore
25.8Jack Hardebeck
9:59.03 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
26.8Will Urban
10:01.97Mona Shores
27.8Jared Franke
10:02.42Grand Haven Lakeshore
28.8Brody Houle
10:02.92Grand Haven Lakeshore
29.8Sebastian Barnett
10:06.81Mona Shores
30.8Tyler Bush
10:07.41West Ottawa
31.8Hayden Helmer
10:07.92 PRMona Shores
32.8Tyler King
10:10.48 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
33.8Josh Petzold
10:11.25Hudsonville Public
34.7Tyler Lewis
10:12.34 PRHudsonville Public
35.8Noah Fairfield
10:13.46 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
36.8Jaden Miller
10:14.27 PRHolland Christian
37.7Colton Swainston
10:16.85 SRHudsonville Public
38.7Alex Bos
10:17.04West Ottawa
39.7Zachary Boersen
10:17.46 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
40.7Harrison Brinkman
10:19.32West Ottawa
41.8Raymond Mackey
10:20.57West Ottawa
42.7Reid McAvoy
10:21.28Mona Shores
43.8Jackson Lobbezoo
10:24.09Hudsonville Public
44.8Evan Dubridge
10:25.72Grand Haven Lakeshore
45.7Evan Ferguson
10:31.12 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
46.7Trenton DeMeester
10:32.27 PRHolland Christian
47.8Christian Vande Gu...
10:32.59 PRHudsonville Public
48.7Nathan TerBeek
10:33.60Grand Haven Lakeshore
49.8Sam Morin
10:33.96West Ottawa
50.8Jack Fookes
10:42.60 PRHudsonville Public
51.7William Knoth
10:42.95 PRHudsonville Public
52.7Jacob DeLeeuw
10:45.26 PRHudsonville Public
53.8Lou Malott
10:47.92Grand Haven Lakeshore
54.7Luke Hosley
10:48.21 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
55.8Nick Wilson
10:48.95 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
56.7Logan Melcher
10:49.56 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
57.7Michael MacDonald
10:50.18Grand Haven Lakeshore
58.7Gabe Praamsma
10:52.28Holland Christian
59.7Kyle Merrihew
10:54.28 PRHudsonville Public
60.7Gabe Taylor
10:54.56 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
61.7Ethan Jhamb
10:54.80 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
62.7Andrew Taylor
10:55.09Mona Shores
63.7Luke Balstad
10:55.64 PRHudsonville Public
64.8Cooper Sabourin
10:59.76Mona Shores
65.7Jaron Dykstra
11:01.02 PRHudsonville Public
66.7Evan Karsten
11:02.32 PRHolland Christian
67.8Parker Chmelko
11:03.84Grand Haven Lakeshore
68.8David LaDuke
11:04.59West Ottawa
69.7Zachary Stanhope
11:06.69 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
70.7Bryce Morningstar
11:06.97 PRHudsonville Public
71.7Ian Rant
11:07.85 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
72.7Zach Fraser
11:08.86Grand Haven Lakeshore
73.7Jackson Brinkman
11:09.53West Ottawa
74.7Brayden Bower
11:11.12 SRHudsonville Public
75.8Owen Ross
11:11.44 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
76.7Jack Rutherford
11:12.88 PRHolland Christian
77.8Luke Huisman
11:14.25Holland Christian
78.7Blake Helder
11:15.93 PRHudsonville Public
79.7Ford Frisinger
11:17.55 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
80.8Shane Vaara
11:20.86 PRWest Ottawa
81.8Ben Knoth
11:23.08Grand Haven Lakeshore
82.7Breven Portenga
11:25.72 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
83.8Ethan Senti
11:26.15Holland Christian
84.7Justin Cobb
11:26.46 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
85.8Carter Brown
11:26.87Grand Haven Lakeshore
86.8Alec Slaggert
11:27.28Grand Haven Lakeshore
87.7Dekota Slawinksi
11:27.82 PRWest Ottawa
88.7Luke Mesman
11:29.52 PRHudsonville Public
89.7Tyler Raterink
11:30.76 PRHudsonville Public
90.7Nate Chalmers
11:36.89 PRHudsonville Public
91.8Brennen Haas
11:41.16Mona Shores
92.7Kaleb Rietman
11:42.39 PRHolland Christian
93.8Carson Bretz
11:42.60Grand Haven Lakeshore
94.8Nick Rice
11:42.97Grand Haven Lakeshore
95.7Sean Bowker
11:46.08West Ottawa
96.7Preston Matheny
11:46.68 PRHolland Christian
97.7Gabriel Olson
11:51.26 PRHudsonville Public
98.8Jack Monhollon
11:53.47West Ottawa
99.7Domenic Wyllys
11:57.49 PRHudsonville Public
100.8Joshua Plattenberg
11:59.97 PRHudsonville Public
101.7Matthew Kelley
12:00.97Grand Haven Lakeshore
102.8Evan Pohl
12:01.71West Ottawa
103.7Logan Campbell
12:02.05 PRHudsonville Public
104.7Erek Pilarski
12:05.25West Ottawa
105.7Micah Hammond
12:10.76 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
106.7Eli Sierra
12:11.00West Ottawa
107.7Joe Elkins
12:14.04West Ottawa
108.7Simon Furton
12:15.14Grand Haven Lakeshore
109.7Kaden Siegreen
12:17.76 PRHudsonville Public
110.8Spencer Klairter
12:19.19Mona Shores
111.7Colin Marvin
12:23.09 PRHudsonville Public
112.8Max Gibson
12:26.45 SRWest Ottawa
113.7Will Mackey
12:30.68 SRWest Ottawa
114.7Owen Cross
12:31.93West Ottawa
115.8Caleb Veldheer
12:37.04West Ottawa
116.7Isaac Powell
12:43.55 PRMona Shores
117.8Connor Short
12:51.66West Ottawa
118.7Leonardo Ignacio
13:00.16West Ottawa
119.8Joe Maki
13:06.73 PRHudsonville Public
120.8Heath Cory
13:13.52 PRMona Shores
121.8Spencer Brink
13:15.48 PRHolland Christian
122.7Hunter Siler
13:18.83 PRHudsonville Public
123.7Johnny Hall
13:19.45Mona Shores
124.8Christian VandeGuc...
13:33.99 SRHudsonville Public
125.7Theo Moleski
13:34.44Grand Haven Lakeshore
126.8Joshua Kim
13:47.92Mona Shores
127.7Ty Zimmerman
13:49.80 PRHudsonville Public
128.7Bobby Scheuerle
13:51.72Mona Shores
129.8Kyler Bomhof
13:56.58West Ottawa
130.8Daniel Paul
13:59.26Holland Christian
131.7Jonathan Kelley
14:10.99Grand Haven Lakeshore
132.7Andrew Geren
14:16.46West Ottawa
133.7Quinn Berghorst
14:24.39 PRHudsonville Public
134.7Oliver Shampine
15:11.67 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
135.7Conner Duong
15:21.72 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
136.8Emmett Altena
16:03.14 PRHolland Christian
137.7Jacob Wingett
16:16.74Mona Shores
138.7Jonathan Nasif
16:32.61 PRWest Ottawa
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Muskegon Mona Shores24
2.Muskegon Reeths-Puffer37
1.11Maryssa Depies
18:36.69Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
2.12Jackie Seward
20:22.57Muskegon Mona Shores
3.10Jayme Brantsen
20:29.09Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
4.11Annika Cotner
21:44.06Muskegon Mona Shores
5.10Peyton Erndteman
21:46.67Muskegon Mona Shores
6.9Mieke Hart
21:52.19Muskegon Mona Shores
7.9Raegan Cox
21:58.39Muskegon Mona Shores
8.12Abby Keessen
22:00.05Muskegon Mona Shores
9.10Adele Cory
22:08.91Muskegon Mona Shores
10.11Kara Green
22:13.03Muskegon Mona Shores
11.12Morgan Dennison
22:20.57Muskegon Mona Shores
12.11Lilah Parker
22:34.07Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
13.12Kendra Irvine
22:56.59Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
14.10Lindsay Richardson
22:57.07Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
15.11Becca Bride
23:09.04Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
16.10Noelle Seward
23:11.03Muskegon Mona Shores
17.9Alejita Rodas-Maza...
18.11Allison Wernstrom
23:30.19Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
19.9Hannah Finkler
23:33.56Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
20.11Aleigha Lindstrom
23:34.28Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
21.9Emily Goff
22.11Bethany Antor
23:43.91Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
23.11Zoe Schultz
23:51.24Muskegon Mona Shores
24.10Kaylynn Moschke
24:06.50Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
25.12Jazmine Wright-Zor...
24:07.99Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
26.10Hannah Hilliker
24:23.04Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
27.11Levi Gill
24:27.50Muskegon Mona Shores
28.9Abby Antor
24:37.27Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
29.9Mallory King
30.10Grace Sweet
24:43.93Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
31.12Nicole Gagnon
25:01.70Muskegon Mona Shores
32.9Fiona Maisel
33.12Carah Crenno
25:18.37Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
34.11Shelby Marotta
25:24.55Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
35.9Marisa VanderMolen
25:27.81Muskegon Mona Shores
36.9Emma Taylor
25:49.34Muskegon Mona Shores
37.9Nataly Luna
38.12Lindsie Traxler
27:47.16Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
39.12Lizzie Doriot
28:31.64Muskegon Mona Shores
40.10Izzi Clark
29:21.35Muskegon Mona Shores
41.9Isabel Delgado
42.12Camille Emig
43.10Kahyla Harrison
44.11Jenna Beemer
32:22.13Muskegon Mona Shores
11Mychalla Belknapp
SCRMuskegon Reeths-Puffer
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2,500 Meters Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Haven Lakeshore31
2.Hudsonville Public45
3.West Ottawa75
4.Holland Christian111
5.Mona Shores124
1.7Ingrid Hentemann
9:38.86 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
2.8Abby Olson
9:53.68West Ottawa
3.7Emily Laird
10:20.30West Ottawa
4.8Olivia Koets
10:24.09Hudsonville Public
5.8Jenna Ray
10:55.23Grand Haven Lakeshore
6.8Elise Veldhoff
10:55.64Hudsonville Public
7.8Hannah Keuning
10:58.80 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
8.7Neala Wilson
11:01.83 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
9.8Francesca Nittolo
11:04.26Hudsonville Public
10.8Addy Wachter
11:04.48Grand Haven Lakeshore
11.8Sophia Lirio
11:08.76Hudsonville Public
12.7Elleah VanDenBerg
11:15.86Grand Haven Lakeshore
13.7Georgia Basil
11:16.72Grand Haven Lakeshore
14.7Laney VanHoven
11:17.46 PRHolland Christian
15.8Elise Gray
11:19.44Hudsonville Public
16.7Eleanor Nittolo
11:19.76 SRHudsonville Public
17.8Kate Criswell
11:25.00 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
18.8Michelle Kuipers
11:26.12Holland Christian
19.8Madelyn Dekker
11:26.72 PRHudsonville Public
20.8Eden Traub
11:32.39 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
21.7Madelyn Gortsema
11:32.91Hudsonville Public
22.8Juliette Beals
11:33.19 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
23.7Sarah Bayne
11:34.53 PRMona Shores
24.8Grace Piasecki
11:36.48Mona Shores
25.8Jessica Russell
11:37.65Grand Haven Lakeshore
26.7Kendall Hamm
11:46.75Grand Haven Lakeshore
27.7Ava Hawks
11:47.37 PRHudsonville Public
28.8Camyrn Ross
11:54.71Grand Haven Lakeshore
29.7Hannah Broersma
11:57.01West Ottawa
30.8Kaylee Ireland
11:58.49 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
31.8Kiya Hammond
11:59.60 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
32.8Hannah Slatinsky
12:08.05 SRHudsonville Public
33.8Kennedy Schulist
12:08.82Mona Shores
34.7Olivia Doty
12:11.51 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
35.8Audrey Luce
12:12.74 PRHolland Christian
36.7Grace Ostric
12:13.33 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
37.8Brielle Dracht
12:13.63 PRHudsonville Public
38.7Allison Kelly
12:14.16Grand Haven Lakeshore
39.7Isabella Kephart
12:17.90West Ottawa
40.8Marissa Cole
12:18.62West Ottawa
41.8Taylor McClure
12:22.24 PRWest Ottawa
42.7Alyssa Steinebach
12:25.44 SRHudsonville Public
43.8Grace Henry
12:29.10Hudsonville Public
44.7Marley Persch
12:34.34Hudsonville Public
45.8Emily Peckham
12:40.44 SRWest Ottawa
46.7Lauren Streng
12:40.83 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
47.7Kaela Sandusky
12:47.63 PRHolland Christian
48.7Anneka Baggech
12:49.18Holland Christian
49.8Kaitlyn Kalee
12:51.09 PRHudsonville Public
50.7Arivela Cabrera
12:59.90 PRMona Shores
51.7Mia Grant
13:02.30 PRHolland Christian
52.7Celia Barber
13:02.97 SRHudsonville Public
53.7Maddie Sall
13:13.10Holland Christian
54.7Natalie DuBois
13:13.74Holland Christian
55.8Janae Hoekman
13:14.75Holland Christian
56.7Olivia Stevens
13:15.57Grand Haven Lakeshore
57.7Elyse Vande Guchte
13:16.19 PRHudsonville Public
58.7Amelia Schincariol
13:16.87 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
59.7Lily Fisher
13:17.48Mona Shores
60.8Caremi Carranza
13:22.20West Ottawa
61.7Ryann Parrent
13:25.58 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
62.8Andy Goodrich
13:32.23Grand Haven Lakeshore
63.8Chloe Kamminga
13:34.72 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
64.7Maddie Mulvahill
13:40.45 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
65.7Sarah Mang
13:42.78Holland Christian
66.7Jamie Slenk
13:43.99Holland Christian
67.8Lily Wressell
13:44.75 PRHudsonville Public
68.7Kate VanderLugt
13:45.20Holland Christian
69.7Jodi Davis
13:52.85 SRHolland Christian
70.8Annika DeJonge
13:57.69 PRHudsonville Public
71.7Carly Thayer
14:02.07Grand Haven Lakeshore
72.8Maddie Kurburski
14:05.07Holland Christian
73.7Gabrielle Miller
14:06.36Mona Shores
74.8Katie Weigle
14:07.82 SRGrand Haven Lakeshore
75.7Liliana Bartels
14:13.04West Ottawa
76.8Dakota Steinhauer
14:13.34Mona Shores
77.8Leslie Perez
14:15.32 PRWest Ottawa
78.8Ashlyn Quimby
14:15.85Grand Haven Lakeshore
79.7Isabella Fabbro
14:17.99 PRHudsonville Public
80.8Hannan Eggers
14:21.20 PRHudsonville Public
81.8Caria Hartsema
14:23.12Mona Shores
82.7Marissa McManus
14:25.94Grand Haven Lakeshore
83.8Olivia LePard
14:29.49 PRHudsonville Public
84.7Kaurina Sidhu
14:30.23West Ottawa
85.7Destiny Leon
16:24.58West Ottawa
86.7Hannah Wood
16:25.95West Ottawa
87.7Chelsey McFarlane
16:49.39 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
88.7Emily Holmberg
16:50.95 PRGrand Haven Lakeshore
89.8Maricarmen Roa Ceb...
18:19.82 PRWest Ottawa
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