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Mens Races
2.4 Mile Freshman9:00 AM
2.4 Mile Sophomore11:00 AM
2.4 Mile Junior Varsity12:30 PM
2.4 Mile Varsity2:00 PM
Womens Races
2.4 Mile F/S Girls10:00 AM
2.4 Mile Junior Varsity12:00 PM
2.4 Mile Varsity1:30 PM

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Mens Results

2.4 Mile Freshman

4.9Luke Gary
14:18 SRJesuit
13.9Matt Henley
14:48 PRJesuit
24.9Sean Flaherty
15:17 SRLelandMedaled #13
9Matt Nelson
16:00 SRJesuit
45.9Leonard Rose
16:08 PRLeland
52.9Timo Bitterli
16:16 PRLeland
9Michael Conners
16:25 PRJesuit
9Jackson Donald
16:31 PRJesuit
9Jacob Crayne
16:34 PRJesuit
9Andrew Mar
17:03 PRJesuit
9Chris Medina
17:22 SRJesuit
9Trevor Martin
18:39 SRJesuit
127.9Isac Campos
18:47 PRLeland
129.9Sina Akbarkhanzadeh
19:16 PRLeland
9Christopher San Juan
19:53 SRJesuit
148.9Matthew Pittman
20:10 PRLeland
9Kyle Sanborn
JesuitDNS - inj
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2.4 Mile Sophomore

1.10Haico Kaashoek
13:34 PRLelandTop Runner of the Day
10Nick Crouch
14:36 PRJesuit
10Robby Hartman
14:54 PRJesuit
10Jeremy Verke
15:01 SRJesuit
10James Oys
15:09 SRJesuit
34.10Akihiro Obuchi
15:13 PRLeland
10Andrew Burrows
15:18 PRJesuit
10Joey Pardini
15:23 PRJesuit
10John Ricca
15:40 PRJesuit
10Carson Wignall
15:44 PRJesuit
10Matt Reed
15:55 PRJesuit
65.10Sam Aiken
16:06 PRLeland
10Robert Hoppe
16:27 PRJesuit
10Zach McPherson
16:31 PRJesuit
10Mark Isidro
17:58 SRJesuit
114.10Benjamin Wong
18:32 PRLeland
120.10Austin Holthouse
19:16 SRLeland
128.10Ju Han Kim
21:01 PRLeland
129.10Michael Azimian
21:01 PRLeland
10Steven Santoyo
JesuitDNS - inj
10Joe Mahoney
JesuitDNS - inj
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2.4 Mile Junior Varsity

11Riley O'Toole
14:23 PRJesuit
11Andy Farris
14:24 PRJesuit
11Alex Intagliata
14:28 PRJesuit
12Anthony Medrano
14:35 PRJesuit
11Henry Stroud
14:35 SRJesuit
11Willie Filice
14:43 PRJesuit
11Justin Haynes
15:07 SRJesuit
11Eric Frame
15:11 PRJesuit
11Luke Maechler
15:13 PRJesuit
12Nick Csicsery
15:18 PRJesuit
12Blake Formanek
15:24 SRJesuit
11Charlie Stevens
15:24 PRJesuit
11Steven Crayne
15:48 SRJesuit
100.11Sean O'Malley
16:02 SRLeland
11Joe O'Neil
16:38 PRJesuit
134.11Ingar Wang
16:46 SRLeland
11Cameron Skreden
17:00 SRJesuit
12Greg Cichocki
17:17 PRJesuit
11James Kornowski
18:09 SRJesuit
12Mark Miller
19:46 PRJesuit
184.11Sean Dickson
20:04 PRLeland
11Steven Koll
JesuitDNS - sick
11George Medina
JesuitDNS - inj
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