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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Grace Christian (Raleigh)
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Grace Christian (Raleigh)44
2.Trinity Academy of Raleigh53
3.Cary Christian57
4.St Davids117
5.Friendship Christian124
1.11Christian Pigues
17:42.7Trinity Academy of R...
2.10Will Sossaman
17:47.2Grace Christian (Ral...
3.12Matt Horan
17:48.1Grace Christian (Ral...
4.11Sam Markoff
18:02.8St Davids
5.12Mark Watson
18:26.5Cary Christian
6.11Parke Lovett
18:37.2Trinity Academy of R...
7.11James German
18:48.6Grace Christian (Ral...
8.11Matthew Marting
18:54.0St Davids
9.12John Watson
19:11.8Cary Christian
10.11Ryan Stikeleather
19:23.3Cary Christian
11.11Jack Casey
12.8Thomas Hevener
19:48.6Trinity Academy of R...
13.11John Grimm
14.11Stephen Kenney
20:00.5Cary Christian
15.11Iain Mitchell
20:03.2Grace Christian (Ral...
16.9Caleb Pigues
20:03.8Trinity Academy of R...
17.9Trek Thorne
20:06.9Grace Christian (Ral...
18.10Matthew Young
20:10.4 SRTrinity Academy of R...
19.12Jack Gomperts
20:15.1Cary Christian
20.11Jordan Shobert
20:24.5 SRFriendship Christian
21.11Santoro Giuggio
20:43.6Grace Christian (Ral...
22.10Matthew Ciancarelli
20:54.1Grace Christian (Ral...
23.11Zach Shirley
21:37.0 SRWilson Christian
24.12Robbie Vaglio
21:47.3Grace Christian (Ral...
25.11Lincoln Oakley
21:52.0 SRFriendship Christian
26.12Zach Young
22:07.1Cary Christian
27.12Tim Brewer
22:14.1Grace Christian (Ral...
28.10Parker Mayes
22:27.1Cary Christian
29.12Luke Stowers
22:28.6Cary Christian
30.10Phillip Perry
22:39.4 SRFriendship Christian
31.11CJ VanVooren
22:43.0Cary Christian
32.9Adam Baynes
22:44.1 SRFriendship Christian
33.10Justin Gough
22:52.0Grace Christian (Ral...
34.11Brennan Shapiro
22:55.1Grace Christian (San...
35.7Andrew James
23:11.0 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
36.10Ethan Williams
23:11.7Wilson Christian
37.10Andrew Parker
23:36.1Grace Christian (Ral...
38.9Mateo Otto
24:20.2Cary Christian
39.11Christian Shriver
24:26.0Cary Christian
40.9Jacob Baynes
24:30.4 SRFriendship Christian
41.10Chase Armstrong
24:33.2Cary Christian
42.11Jesse Ingham
43.11Timotius Oentung
24:49.7Cary Christian
44.11Brendan Douglas
24:52.1Grace Christian (Ral...
45.9Matthew Stikeleather
25:04.9Cary Christian
46.12Jake Ragsdale
25:06.1 PRFriendship Christian
47.11Jonathan Filidoro
25:18.9 SRFriendship Christian
48.-Parker Parker
25:22.8 PRFriendship Christian
49.10Zachary Duncan
25:28.3 SRFriendship Christian
50.9Owen Fjellman
25:46.9Cary Christian
51.-Marvin Wang
25:54.2Trinity Academy of R...
52.11Parker Perkins
26:04.5Grace Christian (Ral...
53.9Andrew Blalock
26:18.6Wilson Christian
54.11Ryan Zhang
26:27.6St Davids
55.10Dylan Murray
26:37.5Grace Christian (Ral...
56.Ryan Page
26:46.9Fit and Able
57.11Zachary Deans
27:20.6Wilson Christian
58.10Seth Holloway
27:34.4Cary Christian
59.8Noah Cleveland
28:46.6 PRFriendship Christian
60.-Ryan Jones
29:15.2 SRFriendship Christian
61.-Zach Bloodworth
29:30.5 PRCary Christian
62.11Ben Young
29:38.7Cary Christian
63.7Chase Vaughan
29:56.9Grace Christian (Ral...
64.-AJ Kinrade
30:21.3 PRGrace Christian (Ral...
65.9Will Zook
30:57.6Trinity Academy of R...
66.9Tyler L'Italien
31:21.4Trinity Academy of R...
67.10Brandon King
31:26.6 SRFriendship Christian
68.9Charlie Ross
32:02.6St Davids
69.11Thomas Andrews
32:07.7Cary Christian
70.-Wenyan Zhou
32:20.7 PRO'Neal
71.11Walker Renfrow
32:37.7St Davids
72.11Danny Lee
33:57.6Grace Christian (San...
73.-Caleb Holliday
36:00.1Grace Christian (San...
74.10Andrew Shoecraft-M...
75.9Sullivan Denning
43:24.9Trinity Academy of R...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Grace Christian (Raleigh)58
2.Cary Christian86
3.St Davids95
4.Trinity Academy of Raleigh109
6.Wilson Christian115
7.Friendship Christian119
1.7Molly Kuzma
2.7Leslie Meadowcroft
23:51.5Trinity Academy of R...
3.9Karen Li
24:17.4Cary Christian
4.11Sarah Batchelder
24:47.2St Davids
5.10Olivia Grace Horan
24:55.1Grace Christian (Ral...
6.9Zoe Vestal
24:56.1Cary Christian
7.-Sofia Rhodes
25:08.2Grace Christian (Ral...
8.8Emma Johnson
9.11Allison Stogner
25:34.0Cary Christian
10.12Tiffany Bartholomew
25:35.4St Davids
11.9Stephanie Baxter
25:36.8 SRFriendship Christian
12.9Julia DeAngelo
25:37.7 SRFriendship Christian
13.9Anna Gessner
25:38.0Trinity Academy of R...
14.10Kate Meeson
25:39.6Grace Christian (Ral...
15.10Keylie Hendges
25:47.2Grace Christian (Ral...
16.9Xiaohui Liu
25:53.4St Davids
17.6Sophie Arruza
25:54.2 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
18.11Paige Thomas
25:55.0 SRO'Neal
19.-Emma Fatzaun
26:14.3Wilson Christian
20.9Jenna Varnell
26:17.1Wilson Christian
21.11Nicole Deis
26:45.2Grace Christian (Ral...
22.12Rebecca Shoulars
26:47.4Grace Christian (Ral...
23.12Claire Cooper
27:16.1Trinity Academy of R...
24.9Ashley Hardy
27:37.2Wilson Christian
25.9Caitlyn Barnes
27:42.9Wilson Christian
26.9Abigail Baxter
27:46.6 SRFriendship Christian
27.9Kathryn Glover
28:04.1Wilson Christian
28.9Brenda Reece
28:10.8Wilson Christian
29.-Kayla Tant
28:12.0Wilson Christian
30.10Regan Bradford
28:13.1Grace Christian (Ral...
31.10Hannah Cullen
28:20.4Cary Christian
32.12Katie Cook
28:35.6Grace Christian (San...
33.11Emily Payne
29:18.7 SRFriendship Christian
34.10Charlotte Hoff
29:23.3St Davids
35.11Mary Jeanne Hipp
29:27.5St Davids
36.Unknown Runner
29:29.9St Davids
37.11Samantha Saenz
29:35.8Grace Christian (Ral...
38.8Anna Young
29:36.0Trinity Academy of R...
39.10Jenna Van der Poll
30:02.1Grace Christian (Ral...
40.10Aziza Azimova
30:16.0Trinity Academy of R...
41.11Emma Cole
30:18.7 SRGrace Christian (Ral...
42.11Anais Herrin
30:19.0St Davids
43.Mia DeStasia
30:23.4Fit and Able
44.9Tabby Hollowell
30:44.0Cary Christian
45.10Karissa Nelson
30:49.7 SRFriendship Christian
46.10Rachel Jebaraj
31:07.7Cary Christian
47.11Shay Skelton
32:51.6Grace Christian (San...
48.9Cecilia Bockoven
49.8Samantha Spivey
32:56.0Cary Christian
50.11Sierra Timme
51.9Vicki Salerno
34:14.8 PRFriendship Christian
52.11Haseena Evans
34:20.3Trinity Academy of R...
53.9Cate Gray
34:49.8 SRCary Christian
54.Carrine Bosseti
35:20.0Fit and Able
55.10Kristin Morin
35:34.1 PRFriendship Christian
56.12Meredith Humphrey
35:48.6Cary Christian
57.11Simone Woolley
58.11Georgia Baxter
35:58.3 SRFriendship Christian
59.8Bray Woodard
60.-Abby Stalder
36:40.7Grace Christian (San...
61.8Holly Ficken
37:03.0Cary Christian
62.10Hang Nguyen
40:49.0St Davids
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Grace Christian (Raleigh)

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