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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Dundy County Stratton37
2.Chase County40
4.St Patrick98
5.Creek Valley102

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Indy Smith
18:42Chase County
2.12Ty Swenson
19:00Dundy County Stratton
3.11Jason Nolting-Farr...
19:11South Platte
4.10Will Kuenne
19:14Chase County
5.12Joe Taylor
19:21CambridgeRecovering frm lst wk
6.10Eli Fink
19:22Dundy County Stratton
7.12Nikolas Willis
19:34Dundy County Stratton
8.11Bailey Peckham
19:37Dundy County Stratton
9.11Tagan Mays
19:46Chase County
10.11Ike Maxwell
19:47Chase County
11.9Zack (Sickels) Mil...
12.11Sam Bradney
20:13St Patrick
13.11Justin Gafke
20:23St Patrick
14.12Colin Brott
20:37Creek Valley
15.12Pedro Gutierrez
16.9Cooper Reichman
21:03Creek Valley
17.12Levi Watson
18.9Matthew Wissink
21:18Dundy County Stratton
19.9Tanner Crass
21:21Creek Valley
20.10Jayden German
21:22Chase County
21.11Caleb tenBensel
22.9Kalen Wallin
21:29Chase County
23.9Trevin Martin
21:34Chase County
24.11Tucker Hartley
21:35Maywood-Hayes Center
25.12Eric Chavira
21:36Chase County
26.9Landis Beverly
21:45Chase County
27.11Abraham Whitson
28.11JC VanDrimmelen
22:17Maywood-Hayes Center
29.11Xavier Ininesta
22:23St Patrick
30.9Tate Hartley
22:24Maywood-Hayes Center
31.10Jacob Granger
23:00St Patrick
32.12Mason Meeske
23:04Chase County
33.10Shane Klasna
23:13St Patrick
34.12Caleb Bubak
23:18Chase County
35.12Nash Leef
23:19Creek Valley
36.11Tanner Hand
23:30St Patrick
37.12Keith Everitt
23:32Creek Valley
38.9Kaden Benson
39.12Braden Wasson
24:05Cambridgedropped 1 min 4 sec
40.11Mason Morgan
24:17Cambridgedropped 22 sec
41.12Hunter Hendrickson
24:21Creek Valley
42.10Quentin Wentz
24:56Creek Valley
43.9Jessie Evans
44.10Alex Porter
25:26Southwest Public
45.10Muhammad Shukurov
46.10Brady Porter
26:54Southwest Public
47.11Nelson Jett
27:26St Patrick
48.10Conor Lemon
27:53Dundy County Stratton
49.9Clayton Gloss
27:55St Patrick
50.9Orrin Richardson
28:06Chase County
51.9Mikee De Villa
28:42St Patrick
52.11Michael French
53.12Austin Hindman
30:21St Patrick
54.9Kyle Jackson
31:00Southwest Public
55.9Simon Moore
35:03Southwest Public
56.11Jeffery Adam
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