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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.GR_Kenowa Hills21
2.Muskegon Mona Shores34

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Pablo Perez-Zurdo
16:44.6GR_Kenowa Hills
2.9Caleb Hodgkinson
16:46.9GR_Kenowa Hills
3.12Zeke Clark
16:55.9Muskegon Mona Shores
4.11Tyler Postema
17:04.4 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
5.11Alec Greenway
17:10.9 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
6.10Cade Poland
17:18.6Muskegon Mona Shores
7.9Nick Dennison
17:30.4Muskegon Mona Shores
8.12Tyler Gagnon
17:37.9Muskegon Mona Shores
9.12Gabe Quinn
17:39.5GR_Kenowa Hills
10.11Sam Powell
17:44.9 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
11.10Avrey Smith
17:55.2 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
12.12Sean Halverson
18:13.7Muskegon Mona Shores
13.9Isaac Steers
18:33.6GR_Kenowa Hills
14.12Zach DeFouw
18:44.6GR_Kenowa Hills
15.12Connor Edlund
18:53.0Muskegon Mona Shores
16.12Calvin Zabrocki
19:18.9Muskegon Mona Shores
17.12Lloyd Cisneros
19:36.1 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
18.10Seth Smith
19:36.8 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
19.9Kyle Cochran
19:51.9GR_Kenowa Hills
20.12Kyle Schneider
20:26.6GR_Kenowa Hills
21.10Shawn Smith
20:47.9GR_Kenowa Hills
22.12Justin Tokarczyk
20:59.2Muskegon Mona Shores
23.9Nathan Clark
21:19.3Muskegon Mona Shores
24.9River Schotts
21:22.9Muskegon Mona Shores
25.9Lee Sailors
21:27.3Muskegon Mona Shores
26.11Danny Childs
21:30.2GR_Kenowa Hills
27.9Noah Kinnucan
21:33.9Muskegon Mona Shores
28.12Ben Jee
21:42.3Muskegon Mona Shores
29.10Gabe Bennett
22:08.2GR_Kenowa Hills
30.12Antonio Musa
22:12.9 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
31.10Karl Nowack
22:39.3GR_Kenowa Hills
32.12Joel Friday
23:57.8Muskegon Mona Shores
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.GR_Kenowa Hills29
2.Muskegon Mona Shores30

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Madison Goen
18:10.5GR_Kenowa Hills
2.12Dylann Hodgkinson
18:52.2 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
3.10Katie Westfall
19:57.6GR_Kenowa Hills
4.12Jackie Seward
20:24.7Muskegon Mona Shores
5.11Kara Green
20:31.7Muskegon Mona Shores
6.10Peyton Erndteman
20:43.1Muskegon Mona Shores
7.9Mieke Hart
20:43.9Muskegon Mona Shores
8.11Annika Cotner
20:44.8Muskegon Mona Shores
9.12Abby Keessen
20:48.1Muskegon Mona Shores
10.9Raegan Cox
21:14.6Muskegon Mona Shores
11.10Brianne Elliott
21:15.2GR_Kenowa Hills
12.10Aubrey Doucette
21:25.9 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
13.12Megan Jones
21:39.4 PRGR_Kenowa Hills
14.10Noelle Seward
21:49.5 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
15.10Adele Cory
21:50.9Muskegon Mona Shores
16.11Zoe Schultz
21:53.9 PRMuskegon Mona Shores
17.12Claire Dettloff
21:58.1GR_Kenowa Hills
18.12Mary Fleming
22:18.5 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
19.9Emma Taylor
22:24.4Muskegon Mona Shores
20.12Yaylin Lopez
22:57.9 SRGR_Kenowa Hills
21.9Emily Bajema
23:12.4GR_Kenowa Hills
23.9Maria Donihue
23:26.5GR_Kenowa Hills
25.12Nicole Gagnon
23:48.6Muskegon Mona Shores
26.10Rachel Ferguson
23:59.7GR_Kenowa Hills
27.10Rebecca Tainter
24:13.1GR_Kenowa Hills
28.9Sydney Morrow
24:43.6GR_Kenowa Hills
29.12Lizzie Doriot
24:51.3Muskegon Mona Shores
30.11Jenna Beemer
25:48.8 SRMuskegon Mona Shores
31.12Baleigh French
25:48.9GR_Kenowa Hills
24.9Marisa VanderMolen
26:40.9Muskegon Mona Shores
32.10Shelby Clingan
27:02.7GR_Kenowa Hills
33.11Helena Gryzenia
32:39.3Muskegon Mona Shores
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