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The Potomac School

2 Mile MAC
2 Mile IAC3:30 PM
Womens Races

The Potomac School

2 Mile ISL4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2 Mile MAC

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Official Team Scores

1.Sidwell Friends26
2.St Andrews Episcopal55
3.Flint Hill64
4.Georgetown Day93

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Nick Kesinger
13:23.98 PRPotomac
2.8Reilly Giunta
14:28.76 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
3.7Matt Baker
14:35.16Sidwell Friends
4.8Colin Smith
14:36.00Sidwell Friends
5.-Sahil Choudhary
15:09.00 PRFlint Hill
6.8Eliot Faust
15:12.00Sidwell Friends
7.8David Gunby
15:20.00Georgetown Day
8.7Shaner LeBauer
15:38.00Sidwell Friends
9.7Sean Hess
15:51.00 SRSt Andrews Episcopal
10.7Luke Friedman
16:07.00 SRSidwell Friends
11.8Adam Hamrick
16:09.00 PRSt James
12.-Jack Fowler
16:15.00 PRSt James
13.7Ben Abeles
16:20.00 SRSidwell Friends
14.-Jeffrey Griffen
16:24.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
15.8Kyle Cook-Gilbert
16:31.00 PRFlint Hill
16.7Ben Charo
16:45.00 SRSidwell Friends
17.8Adam Cleland
16:50.00 PRFlint Hill
18.8Bobby Blume
16:56.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
19.7Ryan Duong
17:06.00 PRFlint Hill
20.8Aidan Pillard
17:13.00Georgetown Day
21.8Ivan Liptak
17:26.00Sidwell Friends
22.7Andrew Coffee
17:28.00 SRFlint Hill
23.8Rueben Moghadam
17:34.00Georgetown Day
24.8Andrew Flax
17:40.00 PRSidwell Friends
25.8Drew Looney
17:48.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
26.-Dale Garrett
17:56.00 PRFlint Hill
27.8Brent Bubes
18:01.00Sidwell Friends
28.7Jack Sollee
18:05.00Sidwell Friends
29.7Ben Greene
18:30.00 SRSt Andrews Episcopal
30.8Vikram Rajagopalan
18:31.00Sidwell Friends
31.-Tyler Gianlorenzo
18:45.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
32.-Joey Griffths
19:13.00 PRFlint Hill
33.8Zeke Cohen
19:28.69Georgetown Day
34.8Ben Richer
19:58.00Sidwell Friends
35.8David Bergreen
20:29.00Georgetown Day
36.8Harrison Nealley
20:30.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
37.7Carl Halbreiner
20:52.00Sidwell Friends
38.7Noah Nash
21:43.00 SRSidwell Friends
39.-Billy Petitio
21:48.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
40.-Chris Naughton
22:03.00 PRSt Andrews Episcopal
41.-Vic Setlur
24:39.00 PRFlint Hill
42.-Sid Sivakumar
24:41.00 PRFlint Hill
43.7Arthur Kohn
26:58.00Sidwell Friends
44.8Sam Gondelman
27:16.00Sidwell Friends
45.7Hershel Tamboli
29:18.00Sidwell Friends
46.8Robert Wallace
30:39.00Sidwell Friends
47.8John Gerstell
31:19.00Sidwell Friends
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2 Mile IAC

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.St Albans27

Hypothetical Scores

1.7Tai Dinger
13:33.57St Albans
2.8Adam Brill
3.8James Flood
14:18.86 SRSt Albans
4.8Vince Cozza
14:18.86 PRSt Albans
5.7Leo Falcone
6.6Brooks Mays
14:25.54 SRBullis
7.8Charles Glover
14:32.78 PRBullis
8.8Joshua Michael
9.7Will Ford
14:49.00 SRSt Albans
10.8Joey Gaines
14:50.00 PRSt Albans
11.7Connor Liu
12.7Christian Sidak
15:21.00 PRSt Albans
13.6Jamaal David
15:55.00 PRBullis
14.7Ephrem Rae
16:02.00 SRSt Albans
15.6Hunter Voslow
16.8David Mould
17.8Matthew Andreoli
16:31.00 SRSt Albans
18.8Adam Schauer
16:33.00St Albans
19.7John Pearson
20.7Alec Ward
16:41.00 SRSt Albans
21.6Teerit Vongkovit
22.7Jack Chellman
17:27.00 SRBullis
23.7Eric Zhao
17:38.00 SRSt Albans
24.6Alec Economakis
17:40.00 SRBullis
25.6George Grealy
18:00.00 PRSt Albans
26.7Drew Micholas
19:34.00 SRBullis
27.6Ross Munk
19:56.00 SRSt Albans
28.7Kendall Buck
20:01.00 SRBullis
29.7Adam Naidorf
20:52.00 SRSt Stephens and St A...
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