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Mens Races
2 Miles Freshman
2.8 Miles Junior Varsity
2.8 Miles Varsity
2.8 Miles Varsity A Division
Womens Races
2 Miles Junior Varsity7:25 PM
2 Miles Varsity8:15 PM

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Mens Results

2 Miles Freshman

31.9Sykes Yeates
12:47 PRSt John's
40.9Ben Shapiro
13:05.40John Cooper
43.9Matthew Feigin
13:13.37John Cooper
56.9Mitch Torczon
13:33St John's
60.9Brandon Steele
13:40 PRSt John's
70.9Cody Koelemay
14:00 SRLutheran-South
79.9Justin Keeling
14:28St John's
85.9Kevin Van Kirk
90.9James Pham
14:58 SRSt John's
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2.8 Miles Junior Varsity

93.10Patrick Gibbs
19:18 PRLutheran-South21:33
104.10Joe Martinez
19:32 PRSt John's
121.10Cody Pratt
20:02 PRLutheran-South22:22
122.11Chris Letsou
20:02 PRSt John's
123.12Bubba Fish
20:03 PRSt John's
131.10Zach Lunz
20:13 PRLutheran-South22:34
136.10Ryan Fletcher
20:23 PRLutheran-South22:45
12Jeff Lacy
21:18.12 PRJohn Cooper
160.10Gavin Peterkin
21:28 PRSt John's
10Jordan Dewbre
21:33.60 PRJohn Cooper
184.12Austin Standley
23:06 PRLutheran-South25:47
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2.8 Miles Varsity

1.12Carlos Falcon
15:11 PRSt John's
38.12Andrew Cruz
16:30 PRLutheran-South18:23
67.10Anthony Cruz
16:54 PRLutheran-South18:50
76.12Kane Kimler
17:07.85 PRJohn Cooper
77.10Alex Spaulding
17:08.23 PRJohn Cooper
83.11Ben Marek
17:15 PRSt John's
100.10Ryan Eisenman
17:33 PRSt John's
104.10Wyatt Pease
17:42.20 PRJohn Cooper
109.10Derek Fossi
17:43 PRSt John's
114.10Philip Johnson
17:57.09 PRJohn Cooper
118.12Anthony Spaulding
18:01 PRLutheran-South20:07
121.11Eric Lange
18:03 PRLutheran-South20:07
128.10Parker Schiffer
18:07 PRSt John's
129.11Varun Sablok
18:14 PRSt John's
139.10Jonathan Schulz
18:27 PRSt John's
181.12JT Ellis
23:18 PRLutheran-South25:28
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2.8 Miles Varsity A Division

9.11Anthony Urbanelli
14:57.41 PRJohn Cooper
13.11Tim Cousins
15:06.00 PRJohn Cooper
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