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2.43 Mile Varsity
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2.43 Mile Varsity
2.43 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.43 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Henry Jackson27
1.11Matthew Watkins
13:09 PRHenry Jackson
2.11Macauley Franks
13:14 PRShorecrest
3.12Anton Bingham
13:26 PRShorecrest
4.11Seth Walton
13:32 PRShorecrest
5.11Anthony Garcia
13:36 PRHenry Jackson
6.10Micah Ramos
13:39 PRHenry Jackson
7.12Mark Perez
13:39.2 PRHenry Jackson
8.12John Watkins
13:40 PRHenry Jackson
9.10Jared Kerber
13:41 PRHenry Jackson
10.10Jackson Webber
13:42 PRHenry Jackson
11.12Nathanael Ramos
13:42.6 PRHenry Jackson
12.11Caleb Grode
13:43 PRHenry Jackson
13.9Joseph Skoog
13:45 PRHenry Jackson
14.10Kent Scollard
13:49 PRShorecrest
15.11Christian Kim
14:02.5 PRHenry Jackson
16.12Alex Haupt
14:02.8 PRHenry Jackson
17.11Sam Haven
14:07 PRShorecrest
18.12Jared Rodriguez
14:10 PRHenry Jackson
19.10Matthew Walton
14:24.6 PRShorecrest
20.12Noah Johann
14:24.8 PRLynnwood
21.11Leul Wolde
14:25.0 PRLynnwood
22.10Brayam Juarez-Rami...
14:28 PRLynnwood
23.10Mateo Rivera
15:00 PRHenry Jackson
24.11Drew Thomas
15:22 PRLynnwood
25.12Nathaniel Paulson
15:23 PRLynnwood
26.11Henry Shaw
15:53 PRLynnwood
27.10Aldiat Burch
16:01 PRLynnwood
28.10Cameron Hawk
16:20 PRLynnwood
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2.43 Mile Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Henry Jackson30
1.11Patrick Joyce
14:04 PRShorecrest
2.9Lucas Robert
14:16 PRHenry Jackson
3.10Jacob Wetherington
14:25 PRHenry Jackson
4.10Zach Hubbard
14:30 PRHenry Jackson
5.11Evan Deiparine
14:31 PRShorecrest
6.11Zachary Adams
14:31 PRShorecrest
7.11Anders Wennstig
14:35 PRShorecrest
8.11Connor Block
14:38 PRShorecrest
9.11Alaiyi Lawson
14:48 PRShorecrest
10.9Kane Borgal
14:53 PRHenry Jackson
11.-Matthew Garcia
15:03 PRHenry Jackson
12.9Jason Zevenbergen
15:07 PRShorecrest
13.12Nick Feingold
15:10 PRHenry Jackson
14.10Jesse Sotelo
15:10 PRHenry Jackson
15.12Ethan Harrington
15:12 PRHenry Jackson
16.9Connor Holtzclaw
15:12 PRHenry Jackson
17.11Cole Hofstrand
15:15 PRShorecrest
18.11Jack Nemiroff
15:15 PRHenry Jackson
19.11Riley Kent
15:16 PRHenry Jackson
20.9Roman Shadduck
15:16 PRShorecrest
21.11Jack Ellis
15:22 PRHenry Jackson
22.-Benjamin Grajeske
15:28 PRHenry Jackson
23.9Spencer Asay
15:55 PRHenry Jackson
24.11Trenton Aiello
16:04 PRHenry Jackson
25.9Dakota Burwell
16:08 PRHenry Jackson
26.12Cameron Eckardt
16:09 PRShorecrest
27.9Kyle Erickson
16:27 PRHenry Jackson
28.9Stephan Nguyen
16:27 PRHenry Jackson
29.12Kirk Scollard
16:36 PRShorecrest
30.11Nicholas Halvorson
16:37 PRShorecrest
31.11Spencer Willard
16:40 PRLynnwood
32.10Jason Nguyen
16:42 PRHenry Jackson
33.9Jonathan Kim
16:44 PRHenry Jackson
34.12Jacob Kunz
16:46 PRLynnwood
35.9Jack Barrie
16:49 PRShorecrest
36.9Andrew Thompson
16:55 PRShorecrest
37.9Eric Jean
16:56 PRShorecrest
38.10Nathan Harrington
17:09 PRHenry Jackson
39.11John Vogel
17:19 PRShorecrest
40.10Evan Johnson
17:20 PRHenry Jackson
41.9Todd Schindler
17:23 PRShorecrest
42.10Hunter Timmons
17:23 PRHenry Jackson
43.9Vincent Mills
17:24 PRHenry Jackson
44.9Elliot Liu
17:24 PRShorecrest
45.9Takao Maeda
17:30 PRHenry Jackson
46.9Jonathan Sandquist
17:35 PRHenry Jackson
47.10Louis Ta
17:53 PRHenry Jackson
48.9Teddy Masika
18:07 PRShorecrest
49.12Collin Decker
18:37 PRLynnwood
50.12Lorenz Barias
18:57 PRLynnwood
51.10Nickolas Allen
19:03 PRHenry Jackson
52.9Kai Decker
19:05 PRLynnwood
53.12Liam Mortell
19:23 PRLynnwood
54.11Eric Strong
19:23 PRLynnwood
55.10Jason Mutuc
19:45 PRLynnwood
56.9Devin Williston
19:46 PRHenry Jackson
57.12Ethan Han
20:10 PRLynnwood
58.9Andrew Willeford
20:16 PRHenry Jackson
59.10Tim Jacobs
20:36 PRHenry Jackson
60.10Michael Kottwitz
20:49 PRHenry Jackson
61.9Max Rimando
21:27 PRLynnwood
62.10Matt Johnson
26:08 PRHenry Jackson
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Womens Results

2.43 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Henry Jackson29
1.11Malia Pivec
14:43 PRLynnwood
2.12Mikayla Pivec
14:55 PRLynnwood
3.11Cole Gross
15:57 PRHenry Jackson
4.9Lauren Block
15:57 PRShorecrest
5.10Braylin Jenson
16:31 PRHenry Jackson
6.9Emma Rossacci
16:32 PRHenry Jackson
7.9Emma Atkinson
16:33 PRHenry Jackson
8.10Danielle Johnson
16:33.2 PRHenry Jackson
9.10Brooke Schroeder
16:53 PRLynnwood
10.12Alexa Schroeder
16:54 PRLynnwood
11.11Taylor Fahey
17:03 PRLynnwood
12.9Briana Heng
17:18 PRHenry Jackson
13.12Jessica Mitchell
17:21 PRLynnwood
14.11Lily Torres-Norton
17:40 PRShorecrest
15.10Sophia Rubero
18:13 PRHenry Jackson
16.11Hazel Cramer
18:22 PRLynnwood
17.9Samaria Sillito
18:24 PRLynnwood
18.10Fiona Winslow
18:25 PRShorecrest
19.-Alyssa Jaymoore
18:42 PRShorecrest
20.11Katie Rawlins
18:52 PRHenry Jackson
21.12Sophie Ziliak
18:57 PRShorecrest
22.12Katie McCaffrey
18:57 PRShorecrest
23.9Yelena Fita
18:58 PRHenry Jackson
24.9Caitlin Monten
19:02 PRHenry Jackson
25.10Susan Bibbs
19:02 PRHenry Jackson
26.11Susan Polevoy
19:03 PRHenry Jackson
27.9Morgan Rammell
19:05 PRShorecrest
28.9Shannon Rhodes
19:08 PRShorecrest
29.10Paige Holman
19:15 PRShorecrest
30.12Kamryn Laurence
19:23 PRHenry Jackson
31.10Kasey Osborn
19:47 PRHenry Jackson
32.10Nicoletta Gilbertson
19:48 PRHenry Jackson
33.11Mara Popescu
20:36 PRHenry Jackson
34.11Ane Eguia Arrue
20:47 PRShorecrest
35.12Lacy Nguyen
21:16 PRLynnwood
36.10Delaney Browne
21:17 PRShorecrest
37.9Oluyemisi Bolonduro
21:55 PRShorecrest
38.11Holly Davis
22:04 PRLynnwood
39.9Makenna Lucas
22:12 PRHenry Jackson
40.11Emily Bang
24:03 PRLynnwood
41.10Amy Nguyen
24:12 PRHenry Jackson
42.10Cedar Jarvis
26:02 PRShorecrest
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