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Wandermere Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races

Wandermere Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Andrew Kimpel
15:31North Central
2.12Jeff Howard
15:33North Central
3.11Adam Thorne
15:49Joel Ferris
4.12Leon Dean
15:51North Central
5.11Allan Schroeder
15:53Mt Spokane
6.11Ben Johnston
15:54North Central
7.12Jordan Baker
8.12Anthony Brown
16:00 PRUniversity
9.11Alexander Avila
16:02North Central
10.12Jordan Curnutt
11.12Tate Kelly
16:15Gonzaga Prep
12.9Nathan Weitz
16:19Shadle Park
13.10Kenji Bierig
16:24Lewis and Clark
14.10Casey Adams
16:30North Central
15.11Chris Ennis
16:31 SRLewis and Clark
16.12Steven Kutsch
17.12Sam Magnuson
16:33 PRGonzaga Prep
18.12Eric Foss
19.11Perry Domini
16:37Joel Ferris
20.9Alex Kimsey
16:38Joel Ferris
21.11Justin Zimmerman
16:39Joel Ferris
22.12Caleb Deitz
16:42 PRMt Spokane
23.11Rudy Spencer
16:43 SRCentral Valley
24.12Jon Swanson
16:45Central Valley
25.11John Balch
16:48 SRNorth Central
26.10Tim Colliton
16:49Joel Ferris
27.12DJ Smith
28.12Nate Hutchens
16:51 PRUniversity
29.12Michael Aunan
16:52 PRUniversity
30.11Jeremy Gavelin
16:56Joel Ferris
31.10Baxter Arguinchona
16:57 SRLewis and Clark
32.12Kenny Bahr
16:58 PRMt Spokane
33.10Connor Jones
17:00Mt Spokane
34.10Collin Overbay
17:00 SRGonzaga Prep
35.12Blake Lundquist
17:01 PRLewis and Clark
36.12Kyle Staples
17:02Central Valley
37.10Christian Bucko
17:03 SRUniversity
38.10Joe Abate
17:08 PRGonzaga Prep
39.10BJ Smith
17:10 SRUniversity
40.12Beddome Allen
17:10 PRLewis and Clark
41.9Hunter Johnson
17:17Mt Spokane
42.12Jason Sams
43.11Merrill Lines
17:18 SREast Valley (Spokane)
44.12Justin Hoff
17:21Central Valley
45.11Byron Groh
17:22 SRGonzaga Prep
46.12Brian Steele
17:23 PRShadle Park
47.11Zack Saunders
17:24 PRGonzaga Prep
48.11Bryan Aguilar
17:26Central Valley
49.11Jonathan Hafferkamp
17:27 SRShadle Park
50.9Cody Edwards
17:27 SREast Valley (Spokane)
51.10Stephen Hafferkamp
17:31 SRShadle Park
52.10Elisha Deitz
17:35Mt Spokane
53.11Steven Witkoe
17:36 SRUniversity
54.9Drew Brown
17:38Central Valley
55.10Jake DePledge
17:43Mt Spokane
56.10Parker Kelly
17:45 PRGonzaga Prep
57.11Will Richards
17:47Central Valley
58.10Nick Cypro
17:50 SRLewis and Clark
59.12Adam Kiter
17:56 PRShadle Park
60.12Ryan Perrizo
18:08 PRLewis and Clark
61.12Sean Weiler
18:10Joel Ferris
62.10Scott Biotti
18:15 PRRogers (Spokane)
63.10Jon Smith
18:22 SRUniversity
64.12Kolter Grigsby
18:30 PRShadle Park
65.10Nick Stevens
18:37 PREast Valley (Spokane)
66.12Luke Jordan
18:50 PRShadle Park
67.12Dmitriy Kulpin
18:57 SREast Valley (Spokane)
68.10Jaren Novakovich
18:59 SREast Valley (Spokane)
69.9Dan Christensen
19:13 SREast Valley (Spokane)
70.10Cutler Rickel
19:13 PRRogers (Spokane)
71.10Luke Graham
19:15 PRRogers (Spokane)
72.9Dallin Bise
19:30 SREast Valley (Spokane)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Baylee Mires
18:30 SRMead
2.11Andrea Nelson
18:53Shadle Park
3.12Stevie Gildehaus
4.12Courtney Zalud
19:32Mt Spokane
5.11Alicia Doohan
19:39Gonzaga Prep
6.12Eden Lake
19:39Central Valley
7.9Molly Cole
19:45Mt Spokane
8.11Sarah Craig
19:47Mt Spokane
9.9Alison Keenan
19:48Lewis and Clark
10.12Lauren Bergam
19:49East Valley (Spokane)
11.10Madi Barnes
19:50Central Valley
12.9Katie Morris
19:51 SRShadle Park
13.12Kelly Talkington
19:51 PRLewis and Clark
14.9Jamie Lambie
19:53Central Valley
15.9Hannah Allen
19:59 SRLewis and Clark
16.10Afton McKinlay
20:03Mt Spokane
17.9Danielle Maldonado
20:04 SRMead
18.12Sara Stenersen
20:06 SRMead
19.9Leah Amsden
20:14Central Valley
20.11Richelle Signer
20:17 PRLewis and Clark
21.12Erin Murphy
20:18Central Valley
22.12Rachel Ballard
20:19 SRNorth Central
23.12Breanna Barsten
20:23Central Valley
24.12Madeline Fuchs
20:27 SRUniversity
25.11Megan Inman
20:30 SRShadle Park
26.10Molly Martin
20:31 SRNorth Central
27.9Megan Denzin
20:35 SREast Valley (Spokane)
28.10Taylor Ingebritsen
20:38 PRMead
29.12Mary Rogers
20:39 PRShadle Park
30.10Lauren Earthman
20:40 SRJoel Ferris
31.12McCall Minarik
20:40 SRUniversity
32.10Josie Warner
20:45Central Valley
33.10Victoria Karschney
20:53 SRJoel Ferris
34.12Kathleen Moloney
20:54 PRGonzaga Prep
35.11Kara Walther
20:55Joel Ferris
36.9Melissa Inouye
20:55Mt Spokane
37.10Jenna Briggs
20:56 PREast Valley (Spokane)
38.12Maddie McGee
21:02 PRNorth Central
39.12Nicole Ledwith
21:06 PRLewis and Clark
40.9Mary Powell
21:11 PRShadle Park
41.11Lauren Baird
21:13 SRUniversity
42.10Alessa Midtlyng
21:15 PRMead
43.10Amanda Sams
21:27 PRMead
44.11Danielle Estelle
21:31 PRLewis and Clark
45.11Catlin Padon
21:34 PRGonzaga Prep
46.12Stephanie Inouye
21:36Mt Spokane
47.10Abigail Fall
21:37 SRNorth Central
48.11Monica Bishop
21:38 SRMead
49.9Anna Troang
21:39 PRRogers (Spokane)
50.11Lexie Hagen
21:39 PRJoel Ferris
51.12Melanie Underhill
21:40 PRShadle Park
52.9Shea Hennessey
21:42 SRJoel Ferris
53.9Jordan Blaine
21:44 PRGonzaga Prep
54.10Samantha Eickstadt
21:48 SRNorth Central
55.12Tristan Pumphrey
21:50 PRShadle Park
56.9Darbi Novakovich
21:54 SREast Valley (Spokane)
57.10Audrey Hiatt
22:01 SRGonzaga Prep
58.10Nichole Lyonnais
22:02 PRGonzaga Prep
59.11McKenzie Momany
22:05Lewis and Clark
60.10Ameila Akerhilem
22:05 PRGonzaga Prep
61.12Kayce Smith
22:08Mt Spokane
62.11Elizabeth Fall
22:08 SRNorth Central
63.12Devon Borja
22:18 SREast Valley (Spokane)
64.12Amanda Bridge
22:19 SRUniversity
65.12Alita Judkins
66.12Kelsey Richards
22:44Joel Ferris
67.12Mackenzi Borja
22:49 SREast Valley (Spokane)
68.11Meagan Hawkins
69.10Hannah Fall
23:12 SRNorth Central
70.11Chelsey Denzin
23:24 SREast Valley (Spokane)
71.11Maggie Bulger
23:35Joel Ferris
72.11Rozella Harbison
25:54 SRRogers (Spokane)
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