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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Del Lago Academy43
2.Foothills Christian47
3.Classical Academy53
4.Escondido Charter149
5.Maranatha Christian154
6.Rock Academy162
7.Guajome Park Acad179
8.Calvin Christian180
9.San Diego Jewish Academy194
1.11Joe Kang
17:21.12 PRFoothills Christian
2.10Justin Apparito
17:30.69 PRDel Lago Academy
3.9Christian Worthen
17:34.91 PRClassical Academy
4.12Tanner Leslie
18:00.31 PRRock Academy
5.11Joseph Smiljkovich
18:04.38 SRDel Lago Academy
6.9Luke Hunter
18:06.81 PRFoothills Christian
7.12Eli Wooten
18:10.47 PRFoothills Christian
8.11Nathanael Tunnell
18:11.43 PRDel Lago Academy
9.12Ryan Grantham
18:12.40 PRFoothills Christian
10.10Evan France
18:14.34 SRClassical Academy
11.9Wyatt Hulsey
18:16.06 PRClassical Academy
12.9Payton Jackson
18:28.46 SRDel Lago Academy
13.11Brett Doig
18:36.94 PRMaranatha Christian
14.12Robert Goff
18:40.72 SRClassical Academy
15.12Rusten Kuritz
18:42.41 SRClassical Academy
16.11David Thys
18:45.88 PRDel Lago Academy
17.10Ryan Ferragamo
18:54.03 PRClassical Academy
18.9Nicholas Preston
18:55.18 SRDel Lago Academy
19.11Johnny Steenstra
18:55.68 PRCalvin Christian
20.10Justin Wilbur
19:02.50 PREscondido Charter
21.10Anthony Frago
19:03.43 PREscondido Charter
22.9Jarrett Price
19:08.15 SRCalvin Christian
23.11Harrison Zhang
19:16.53 PRArmy-Navy Academy
24.12Erik Swanson
19:20.03 PRClassical Academy
25.10Ricky Matter
19:20.65Foothills Christian
26.11Farris Rihan
19:21.18Del Lago Academy
27.10Isaac Beecher
19:31.75 PRGuajome Park Acad
28.10Justin Gray
19:40.69 SRMaranatha Christian
29.11Aidan Berchek
19:51.15 PRRock Academy
30.10Richard St. Jean
20:08.18Rock Academy
31.10Karl Ferda
20:11.09 PRGuajome Park Acad
32.12Rudolph Geist
20:14.41 PREscondido Charter
33.9Justin Stout
20:15.21 SRMaranatha Christian
34.-Mauricio Wulfovich
20:21.41 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
35.11Braeden Lopez
20:25.75 PREscondido Charter
36.11Troy Miller
20:29.53 PRGuajome Park Acad
37.10Tom C
20:41.81 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
38.9William Davis
20:45.78 PRMaranatha Christian
39.12Arthur Chang
20:56.84 SRArmy-Navy Academy
40.11Eric Moraly
20:59.47 SRArmy-Navy Academy
41.11Trevor McDonough
21:04.09 SRFoothills Christian
42.11Nadav Kempinski
21:16.91 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
43.11Daniel Lurie
21:21.28 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
44.10Noe Arroyo
21:25.31 PRGuajome Park Acad
45.9Dylan Simpson
21:26.59 SRCalvin Christian
46.11Giabao Tonthat
21:36.81 PREscondido Charter
47.11Nathan Marcus
21:38.72 SRCalvin Christian
48.11Noah Segoria
21:45.56 SRMaranatha Christian
49.11Max Feinswog
22:04.97 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
50.12Myles East
22:09.28Guajome Park Acad
51.11Benjemin Mizrachi
22:11.59 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
52.10Max Higgins
22:13.15 PRRock Academy
53.9Jared Nagata
22:38.75 PRGuajome Park Acad
54.12Juan Tapia
22:41.22 SRGuajome Park Acad
55.9Trenton Leslie
23:00.59 PRRock Academy
56.9Nicholas Jongetjes
23:01.00 SRCalvin Christian
57.11Dan Lilienthal
23:33.31 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
58.9Ethan Woll
24:53.38 SRCalvin Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Classical Academy27
2.Del Lago Academy32
3.Army-Navy Academy74
4.Guajome Park Acad107
1.12Seth Lopez
19:19.75 PRClassical Academy
2.10Jorge Sanchez
19:47.00 SRDel Lago Academy
3.9Chris Tai
19:49.34 PRClassical Academy
4.10Jacob Harmon
19:50.31 PRClassical Academy
5.9Adam Douillet
19:59.66 SRDel Lago Academy
6.9Caleb Tunnell
20:05.75 PRDel Lago Academy
7.10Jonathan Jolly
20:36.28 PRArmy-Navy Academy
8.9Thor Emblem
20:36.28 SRDel Lago Academy
9.10Jacob Jablonski
20:47.50 PRClassical Academy
10.9David Culver
21:07.25 PRClassical Academy
11.12Landon Drinkward
21:08.18 PRClassical Academy
12.11Devin Steinberg
21:12.59 PRDel Lago Academy
13.12Jing Tian He
21:27.28 PRArmy-Navy Academy
14.9Jeffrey Zhang
21:32.12 PRArmy-Navy Academy
15.9Alex Tseng
21:34.03 PRClassical Academy
16.10Giovanni Burgos
21:34.84 PRDel Lago Academy
17.11Jonas Reimnitz
21:36.56 PRClassical Academy
18.12Jonathan Warner
21:38.31 PRClassical Academy
19.11Lichen Zhou
21:38.81 PRArmy-Navy Academy
20.12Austin Bodine
21:56.38 PRClassical Academy
21.10Nate Small
22:04.59 PRDel Lago Academy
22.9Calvin Vanderleest
22:05.37 PRClassical Academy
23.10David Salomon
22:10.94 SRGuajome Park Acad
24.9Axel Gonzalez
22:16.66 SRGuajome Park Acad
25.9Camden Osborn
22:18.38 SRClassical Academy
26.-Morciel Valesquez
22:19.21 PRDel Lago Academy
27.11Damian Oven
22:22.41 SRClassical Academy
28.9Irvin Morales
22:24.91 SRGuajome Park Acad
29.9Carson Cowan
22:27.15 PREscondido Charter
30.12Chris Mogul
22:35.78 PRArmy-Navy Academy
31.10Caleb Standley
22:40.03 PRClassical Academy
32.10Nik Nordstrom
22:43.59 SRClassical Academy
33.11Uri Federman
22:47.06 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
34.9Andrew Greenwood
22:49.53 PREscondido Charter
35.10Nico Amial
23:08.22 PRGuajome Park Acad
36.11Connor Woodahl
23:49.66Maranatha Christian
37.10Abraham Cruz
24:01.22 SRGuajome Park Acad
38.10Logan Pinaroc
24:02.18 PRGuajome Park Acad
39.9Elliot Pak
24:18.28 SRClassical Academy
40.11Alex Bogage
24:36.72 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
41.9Christian Wadel
24:49.91 PRFoothills Christian
42.10Michael Alvord
24:58.96Del Lago Academy
43.10Fabian Hernandez
25:02.34 PRGuajome Park Acad
44.9Tallon McDonough
25:03.50 PRFoothills Christian
45.9Nathan Christensen
25:23.59 SRFoothills Christian
46.9Tyler Ursey
26:16.75Guajome Park Acad
47.10Jack Ross
26:32.50 SRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
48.12Ryan Caven
29:16.03Army-Navy Academy
49.10Peter Pham
29:35.44 PRGuajome Park Acad
50.12Nathaniel Tapia
29:46.81 SRFoothills Christian
51.11Joey Cabral
32:15.91 PRMaranatha Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Classical Academy24
2.Del Lago Academy49
3.Calvin Christian76
4.Guajome Park Acad95
1.12Joy Fucella
20:12.59Rock Academy
2.9Skylar Heyveld
20:24.28 PRDel Lago Academy
3.10Dana Gill
20:42.09 PRClassical Academy
4.11Grace Price
20:48.38 PRCalvin Christian
5.9Anna O'Donnell
20:58.91 PRClassical Academy
6.12Alyssa Cascos
21:26.69 PRClassical Academy
7.9Bethany Hydar
21:36.91 PREscondido Charter
8.12Faith Pigeon
21:58.22Classical Academy
9.10Danielle Pigeon
21:58.84 PRClassical Academy
10.9Leandra Heyveld
22:02.18 PRDel Lago Academy
11.12Amy Varvel
22:21.18 PRClassical Academy
12.11Coral James
22:23.22 PRClassical Academy
13.11Greta Swanson
22:24.21 PRClassical Academy
14.12Heidi Panek
22:47.00 SREscondido Charter
15.10Rylie Pepper
22:58.59 SRClassical Academy
16.9Maranda Hernandez
23:01.88 PREscondido Charter
17.9Alyssa Covarrubias
23:11.78 PRDel Lago Academy
18.10Rachel Gavrilovic
23:13.25 PRGuajome Park Acad
19.10Erica Jacobi
23:15.28 SRCalvin Christian
20.10Joseline Sanchez
23:17.22 SRDel Lago Academy
21.9Aisha Wallace-Palo...
23:18.75 SRDel Lago Academy
22.9Emma Racciato
23:25.59 SRClassical Academy
23.10Anna Provencial
23:26.15 PRDel Lago Academy
24.9Coral Smith
23:27.93 PRClassical Academy
25.12Corrie Jacobi
23:29.91 PRCalvin Christian
26.12Rebecca Pozos
23:34.66 PRGuajome Park Acad
27.11Ariela Kanarek
23:49.56 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
28.10Libby Burger
23:52.22 PRClassical Academy
29.10Alexandra Lund
23:52.85 SRCalvin Christian
30.11Aileen Cardenas
23:53.40 PRGuajome Park Acad
31.11Kacey Butrovich
24:02.34 SRFoothills Christian
32.11Kimberly Delgado
24:05.56Del Lago Academy
33.9Kiersten Ochoa
24:10.09 PRGuajome Park Acad
34.9Sam Cary
24:16.97 SRClassical Academy
35.10Alina Molloy
24:22.72 PRGuajome Park Acad
36.11Stephanie Mountain
24:37.89 PRDel Lago Academy
37.10Madison Steinberg
24:43.34 SRDel Lago Academy
38.11Elizabeth Barton
24:55.81 SRClassical Academy
39.11Iris Diaz
24:59.59Del Lago Academy
40.12Katie Bousema
25:02.06 PRCalvin Christian
41.11Megan Oakes
25:02.40 SRClassical Academy
42.9Lydia Oven
25:03.40 PRClassical Academy
43.11Shannon Broek
25:05.06 PRCalvin Christian
44.12Julia McQuaid
25:18.56 PRClassical Academy
45.10Marcella Kuc
25:32.12 SRDel Lago Academy
46.11Hannah Silos
25:36.06 PRGuajome Park Acad
47.12Alin Velazquez
25:36.06 SRGuajome Park Acad
48.12Tiffany Salvador
25:40.84 SRGuajome Park Acad
49.11Anna Corey
25:51.41Maranatha Christian
50.9Kiana Molloy
26:09.34 PRGuajome Park Acad
51.10Claire Sanders
26:36.18 SRCalvin Christian
52.10Brooke Swanson
26:37.43 SRClassical Academy
53.12Cambria Osborn
27:02.97 PRClassical Academy
54.9Hibah Adawi
27:12.22 PREscondido Charter
55.9Victoria Lewis
27:34.78 PRGuajome Park Acad
56.9Madison Mogilski
27:52.25 PRGuajome Park Acad
57.11Yomaira Gutierrez
28:45.84 PRGuajome Park Acad
58.11Elizabeth Serrano
28:52.62 PRGuajome Park Acad
59.11Ana Hall
29:28.91 SRClassical Academy
60.11Mayra Franco
29:45.72 SRGuajome Park Acad
61.10Naomi Bridges
29:48.59 PRGuajome Park Acad
62.11Nicole Goldberg
31:07.81 PRSan Diego Jewish Aca...
63.12Chynah Smith
31:19.84Rock Academy
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