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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Cascade Conference Boys12:30 AM
5,000 Meters WESCO JV Boys11:50 AM
5,000 Meters WESCO Varsity Boys1:10 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters WESCO JV Girls10:00 AM
5,000 Meters WESCO Varsity Girls10:40 AM
5,000 Meters Cascade Conference Girls11:10 AM

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Meet Guidlines  (coaches)

2015 WESCO/Cascade Conference

Cross Country Championships


  • Safety is our number one concern.  An ATC will be on site. Use 911 for emergencies.


  • Any changes to your roster must be made by 9:30am Saturday.  A race number and timing chips must be received from officials before the athlete races. 


  • Athletes need to be at the starting line 15 minutes prior to race time.


  • Races will start on time, or as soon as the final runner in the previous race finishes. 


  • Athletes are responsible for knowing the well-marked course.


  • Each athlete will be assigned two timing chips and a race bib. Please use the roster on your race packet to distribute these items to the correct athletes.  One chip must be secured to each shoe using the supplied zip ties.  Be sure that your athletes understand the EXTREME IMPORTANCE of securing the chips properly.  The starter and clerks will make several reminders at the starting line as well.


  • A finish corral will be used.  Please instruct athletes to move away from the finish mats as quickly as possible.  Officials may help them!!  THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IN THE WESCO JV BOYS RACE!!!


  • Awards will be given in the order that the races were run as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last race.


  • We will do our best to post results as quickly as possible in the breezeway of the stadium.  They will have a time mark and initial.


  • Please use the enclosed garbage sack to police your area.  Thanks!


  • Please be sensitive to the greater Marysville/Tulalip community, and specifically to the teams from Marysville-Pilchuck and Marysville-Getchell, as October 24th is the one year anniversary of the tragedy at MP.  Thank you.


  • Something will come up; but there is nothing we can’t solve if we remember this event is for the kids! 


Have a great day of racing!!











WESCO Lane Assignments

Shorecrest – 21

Arlington – 9

Edmonds-Woodway – 11

Everett – 8

Glacier Peak – 15

Lynnwood – 16

Marysville-Getchell – 14

Marysville-Pilchuck – 5

Meadowdale – 2

Mountlake Terrace – 1

Oak Harbor – 20

Shorewood – 19

Stanwood – 6

Cascade – 12

Jackson – 7

Kamiak – 4

Lake Stevens – 17

Mariner – 13

Monroe – 10

Mt. Vernon – 3

Snohomish – 18




Cascade Conference Lane Assignments

Cedar Park Christian – 5

Kings – 2

South Whidbey – 8

Sultan – 6

Archbishop Murphy – 4

Cedarcrest – 3

Granite Falls – 7

Lakewood – 1


Last Updated 8:29 AM, Wed, Oct 14



WESCO/Cascade Conference

Cross Country


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lakewood High School




WESCO/Cascade Conference XC Championship Schedule


10:00 am         WESCO Junior Varsity Girls (2A/3A/4A)

10:40 am         WESCO Varsity Girls

11:10 am         Cascade Conference Girls

11:50 am         WESCO Junior Varsity Boys (2A/3A/4A)

12:30 pm         Cascade Conference Boys

1:10 pm           WESCO Varsity Boys (2A/3A/4A)

1:40 pm           Awards

**Top ten individuals in each Varsity race will receive ribbons.  Trophies and ribbons for the Varsity and ribbons for the Junior Varsity races will be handed out during awards.**

Results will be immediately after the completion of each race.

Course length:  5000 meters

**WESCO Varsity teams may consist of a maximum of twelve (12) runners; the top five will score, 6-7 will displace, 8-12 will be dropped from the scoring.  Cascade Conference teams may consist of an unlimited number of runners.


**WESCO JV team scores will be determined by combining classifications and divisions.  All WESCO Varsity teams will race together but will be scored in the following divisions:  3A – North, 3A – South, 4A.  Shorecrest will compete and score in the 3A – South.


Entries due by Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at midnight


All entries will be made through .   No entries will be accepted by fax or email.


Please send no money to Lakewood.  Lakewood will bill both conferences.


Directions to Lakewood:  I-5 Exit 206, then one mile west.  All busses need to park in the upper parking lot by the gym.  Look for signs. 


Questions?  Jeff Sowards (Meet Director) (360-652-4505 ext. 2044)



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Cascade Conference Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

4.Granite Falls112
5.South Whidbey126
6.Archbishop Murphy135
7.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)154

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Joshua Rauvola
16:26.10Archbishop Murphy
2.11Ryan Abdalla
16:40.95Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
3.11Ian Fay
4.11James Hafner
5.10Grant Van Valkenburg
6.10Ben Benson
7.11Matt Jackson
8.11Cameron Hammontree
9.11Anthony Meza
10.12Evan Mellish
17:30.09South Whidbey
11.12Nicholas Sorgen
17:31.18 PRSultan
12.11Chase Bolin
17:34.02 SRCedarcrest
13.12Ricky Mueller
17:36.09 PRGranite Falls
14.11Gunnar Schultz
15.12Dante Gadbois
17:38.40 PRGranite Falls
16.11McCrea Black
17.12Simon Fraser
17:44.65 PRCedarcrest
18.10Cameron Chew
19.10Emmett Klaiber
17:46.10 SRCedarcrest
20.10Dylan DeVon
21.10Roman Billing
17:52.24 PRKing's
22.12Isaac Harper
17:54.24 SRCedarcrest
23.11Cory Ackerman
17:54.63South Whidbey
24.10Barret Floyd
17:55.20 PRArchbishop Murphy
25.10Grant Gorc
17:55.88 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
26.11Kevin English
17:57.08 PRLakewood
27.10James Klinman
18:06.48Granite Falls
28.11Collin Burns
18:09.93 SRSouth Whidbey
29.12Jon Smith
18:12.87 PRGranite Falls
30.10Daniel Murphy
18:14.76 SRCedarcrest
31.9Lewi Hagos
32.11Foster Frame
33.10Ryan Hudson
18:21.62 SRLakewood
34.11Will Simms
18:24.39South Whidbey
35.10Justin Young
18:27.48 SRCedarcrest
36.12Vincent Dams
37.10Aiden Holm
18:36.28 SRGranite Falls
38.10Connor McElmurry
39.9Anthony Hart
40.11Dillon Steinenga
18:44.25Archbishop Murphy
41.11Jonathan Reed
18:47.82Archbishop Murphy
42.9Ryan LaTurner
18:54.11 SRCedarcrest
43.9Dawson Kuntz
18:57.09 SRGranite Falls
44.10Sean Miles
19:03.98 PRSouth Whidbey
45.10Adam Cross
46.11Micah LaMarche
19:19.23Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
47.12Lars Candland
48.11Jacob Lucas
19:21.98 SRArchbishop Murphy
49.12Charles McDonald
19:22.49 SRArchbishop Murphy
50.10Austin Ward
19:24.49 SRCedarcrest
51.12Zane Carlton
19:27.66 PRArchbishop Murphy
52.12Russell Brown
19:28.62Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
53.10Patrick McCabe
19:30.17 SRCedarcrest
54.10Justin Mortensen
19:30.18 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
55.10Jackson Frank
19:32.00 SRCedarcrest
56.9Ben Norris
57.10Judah Shirley
19:53.13 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
58.10Kellen Fairfield
19:58.39 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
59.9Hadley Putnam
20:00.68 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
60.10Austin Theriault
20:03.11 SRGranite Falls
61.10Kaden Overman
20:03.85 SRCedarcrest
62.9Eli Todd
20:06.59Granite Falls
63.9Alex Grimm
20:07.45 SRKing's
64.9Joe McIlroy
20:10.59 SRArchbishop Murphy
65.10Kaleb Duitsman
20:14.02 PRLakewood
66.11Parker Knoblich
20:15.36 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
67.11Josh Klingsheim
68.11Duncan Zuvich
20:16.44 PRCedarcrest
69.10Jadon Garnmanian
20:16.84 PRArchbishop Murphy
70.12Alliver Buchholz
20:18.44Granite Falls
71.9Brian Spear
20:22.41 PRKing's
72.10Justin Sheneman
20:32.31 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
73.9Jake Fell
20:33.07 PRKing's
74.9Ben Manning
20:34.57Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
75.10Tyler Aamold
20:42.20 SRSultan
76.11Sean Conaway
20:47.04 SRGranite Falls
77.11Bennett Smith
20:49.53 SRCedarcrest
78.11Pablo Acedo
79.10Camry Zaffram
80.9Aaron Austin
21:09.85Archbishop Murphy
81.10Caleb Klingsheim
21:12.63 SRCedarcrest
82.10Jonny Moore
21:14.37 SRLakewood
83.10Taylor Stich
84.10Nathan DelaGarza
21:20.16 PRLakewood
85.12Kyuhan Kwon
21:21.52 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
86.10Carson Eustice
21:32.27 PRLakewood
87.10Cameron Hirschi
21:42.09 SRGranite Falls
88.9Jason Labusky
21:45.80 SRKing's
89.9Chance Anderson
22:03.51Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
90.9Steven Jiang
22:03.68 PRArchbishop Murphy
91.11Stryker Spomer
22:13.94 SRKing's
92.10Garrett Black
22:14.56 PRSultan
93.11Brad Newman
22:17.64 SRArchbishop Murphy
94.10Oliver Bernate
22:31.47 SRGranite Falls
95.11Sam Farrell
22:31.63Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
96.10Joe Davies
22:32.61South Whidbey
97.9Cullen Blaise
22:40.84Archbishop Murphy
98.10Blake Clapp
99.10Josh Adams
22:53.91 SRGranite Falls
100.9Nathan Landas
23:10.04Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
101.9Jake Hazen
23:15.23 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
102.10Connor Crowley
23:24.45 PRSultan
103.11Garrett Goforth
104.12Mason Root
105.10Vincent Vaughn
23:59.20Archbishop Murphy
106.10William Davis
24:03.01 PRLakewood
107.9Kegan Main
24:07.46 PRLakewood
108.9Baylor Goforth
24:37.57 PRLakewood
109.11Caleb Dahl
24:41.85 PRLakewood
110.9Dylan Meyer
24:41.87 PRGranite Falls
111.9Vincent Allen
26:26.76 SRLakewood
112.10Ben Petersen
28:50.30 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
113.12Isaac Greene
29:09.20 SRSouth Whidbey
114.11John Nguyen
32:08.12 PRLakewood
115.11David (Duy) Huynh
33:06.36 PRLakewood
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5,000 Meters WESCO JV Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Henry Jackson54
3.Lake Stevens77
4.Glacier Peak114
7.Mountlake Terrace185
9.Oak Harbor271
11.Marysville Getchell324
12.Mt Vernon365
15.Cascade (Everett)457

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Noah Loftis
17:08.99 SRArlington
2.9Connor Jaynes
17:17.28 PRArlington
3.9Blake Landry
17:21.90 SRArlington
4.9Grant Christian
5.12John Watkins
17:34.72 PRHenry Jackson
6.10Dawson Andrews
17:36.14 SRArlington
7.10Jared Kerber
17:48.33 SRHenry Jackson
8.9Bryce Mefford
17:52.37 SRLake Stevens
9.12Mark Perez
17:54.66 PRHenry Jackson
10.9Favian Villanueva
11.9Sam Hermanson
18:00.95 SRGlacier Peak
12.10Ryan Meyer
18:01.21 SRGlacier Peak
13.11Christian Kim
18:04.68 SRHenry Jackson
14.9Kenny Sanford
18:04.81 PRLake Stevens
15.11Samir Nasr
18:06.62 PRLake Stevens
15.10Nathan McGinty
18:06.62 SRLake Stevens
16.12Zane Blanken
18:07.24 PRArlington
17.10Josh Ernst
18:09.39 SRMountlake Terrace
18.10Nick Pena
18:09.84 SRLake Stevens
19.11Austin McAuliffe
18:12.07 SRMarysville Getchell
20.9Kane Borgal
18:13.54 SRHenry Jackson
21.10Austin Robinson
18:13.55Glacier Peak
22.12Isaac Mohiswarnath
18:14.10 PRLake Stevens
23.11Casey Rothgeb
18:15.27 SRLake Stevens
24.12Ethan Harrington
18:17.56 PRHenry Jackson
25.9Isiaiah Colobong
18:20.17 SREdmonds-Woodway
26.10Benjamin Gasper
18:20.72 SROak Harbor
27.9Ethan Anastasi
18:21.22Lake Stevens
28.9Lane Larson
18:21.67 PRMountlake Terrace
29.10Kendall Yackley
18:22.03 SRMountlake Terrace
30.9Gabe Uesonada
18:22.06 SRGlacier Peak
31.12Liam Gleeson
18:22.45 PRShorewood
32.9Reed Adjibly
18:22.73 SRShorewood
33.9Riley Headland
18:25.92 PRLake Stevens
34.11Colin Watts
18:25.93 PRArlington
35.9Jackson Johnson
18:25.99 PRShorewood
36.11Johnson Chau
37.11Gabe Tonks
38.11Trey Little
39.12Jared Rodriguez
18:33.92Henry Jackson
40.10Zach Hubbard
18:35.23 SRHenry Jackson
41.12Manuel Flores
18:35.40 PRMarysville Getchell
42.12Matt Owen
18:37.19 PRLake Stevens
43.9Evan Brees
18:39.02 SRGlacier Peak
44.12Alex Welch
18:41.98 PRSnohomish
45.10Cole Nelson
18:42.11 SRArlington
46.10Cole Basta
18:43.02 SRSnohomish
47.10Jacob Wetherington
18:43.40Henry Jackson
48.9Cameron Highet
18:45.19 SRShorewood
49.11Tanner Capp
18:46.83 PRSnohomish
50.10Alex Tong
18:48.03 SRShorewood
51.11Jared Yu
18:48.29 PREdmonds-Woodway
52.12Garrett Stahl
18:48.56 PROak Harbor
53.12Joe Gorman
18:50.97 SROak Harbor
54.11Colin Cockbain
18:51.21 PRMountlake Terrace
55.11Patrick Joyce
56.11David Joo
18:53.10Lake Stevens
57.11Senay Hailai
18:53.97 PRShorewood
58.11Anders Wennstig
18:54.18 SRShorecrest
59.10Jackson Darling
18:54.18 SRArlington
60.10Kaleb Christian
18:57.35 PRStanwood
61.10Matthew Walton
62.10Jack Parkinson
18:59.78 SRShorewood
63.12Evan Forys
64.10Lucas Doney
18:59.93Glacier Peak
65.11Parker Rounds
19:00.99 SRGlacier Peak
66.11Alaiyi Lawson
19:01.09 SRShorecrest
67.9Michael Conner
19:02.63 SRLake Stevens
68.9Lucas Robert
19:05.77Henry Jackson
69.10Landon Curry
19:07.03 SRStanwood
70.12Conner Snow
19:08.22 SRSnohomish
71.9Ivan Moulton
19:09.31 SRMountlake Terrace
72.10Trapper Ross
19:09.50 SRSnohomish
73.11Derek Albrecht
19:09.76 SRGlacier Peak
74.12Matt Hsieh
19:10.12 SRGlacier Peak
75.10Jason Sorg
19:11.40 SRShorecrest
76.10River Greenwood
19:12.46 PRMt Vernon
77.9Evan Krautkremer
19:12.80 SRMarysville Getchell
78.10Ben Korn
79.11Riley Kent
19:13.85 SRHenry Jackson
80.10JR Matkins
19:14.82 SRStanwood
81.11Scot Erickson
19:14.85 PROak Harbor
82.9Matt Garcia
19:15.90 SRHenry Jackson
83.10Noah Childers
19:16.07 PRArlington
84.9Roman Shadduck
19:16.85 SRShorecrest
85.10Zachary Marxer
19:17.05 SRCascade (Everett)
86.10Jun Masunaga
19:20.46 SREdmonds-Woodway
87.10Zach Krogemann
19:21.82 PRMt Vernon
88.10Johnson Dylan
19:21.91 PRGlacier Peak
89.9Zebedee Kumley
19:22.20 SRSnohomish
90.12Eric Koegler
91.9Ethan Esquivel
19:23.94 PRHenry Jackson
92.11Casey Sharpe
19:25.92 PRArlington
93.9Connor Holtzclaw
19:26.80 SRHenry Jackson
94.11Ryan Kennedy
19:28.64 SRMt Vernon
95.12Kennan Sykes
19:28.97 PRLake Stevens
96.10Adam Sirkis
19:31.05 SREverett
97.10Jacob Biebl
19:31.10 SRMt Vernon
98.10Ryan Peterson
19:33.11 SRShorewood
99.10Alexander Donner
19:33.21 PRLake Stevens
100.11Connor Block
19:33.90 PRShorecrest
101.10Tuguldur Myagmarsu...
19:35.11 PRShorewood
102.11Nathan Caldwell
19:35.54Glacier Peak
103.9Kaito Nasu
19:35.62 PRShorewood
104.10Aidan Dalton
19:36.26 PRMt Vernon
105.9Evan Wells
19:36.28 PRLake Stevens
106.11Jack Ellis
19:36.53 SRHenry Jackson
107.9Andrew Clemans
19:37.61 PRSnohomish
108.9Ezra Nicol
19:38.91 SRArlington
109.9Kyle Erickson
19:39.80 SRHenry Jackson
110.9Nathaniel Alexander
19:40.42 SRArlington
111.9Roman Koltonowski
19:42.53 SRKamiak
112.12Jerrod Ludden
19:43.17 PRMt Vernon
113.11Logan Moldenhauer
19:44.96 SRMt Vernon
114.11Jack Nemiroff
19:44.99 SRHenry Jackson
115.9Joseph Ralston
19:45.73 SROak Harbor
116.10Elliot Pak
19:45.84 SRKamiak
117.10Noah McCarty
19:46.28 SRMountlake Terrace
118.11Milan Rieger
19:46.42 PRHenry Jackson
119.10Karl Berner
19:46.62 PRSnohomish
120.9Stephan Nguyen
19:46.73 PRHenry Jackson
121.10Zeth Peterka
19:47.35 SRShorecrest
122.11Abdul Mohamed
19:47.36 PREverett
123.9Ryan Culpeper
19:47.48 SRCascade (Everett)
124.12Juan Carlos Nolazco
19:48.96 PRMt Vernon
125.9Ethan Moll
19:49.18 SRLake Stevens
126.10Elric Hennessey
127.12Nathan Larson
19:51.14 PROak Harbor
128.10Adam Knight
129.11Trenton Aiello
19:52.88 SRHenry Jackson
130.11Tae Thongdee
19:53.65 PRShorewood
131.11Bjorn Kalvoy
19:55.16 SRShorewood
132.12Daniel Mitchell
133.12Nate McIver
19:56.68 PRSnohomish
134.11Zach Aktech
19:56.95 PROak Harbor
135.9Sean Clark
19:57.01 SRKamiak
136.11Dameon Micallef
19:57.87Lake Stevens
137.10Eyad Alsilimy
19:58.91 SRMt Vernon
138.10Ben Thunselle
139.11Beck Fosberg
20:01.49 SREdmonds-Woodway
140.9Dominick Bochniarz
20:02.58 SRKamiak
141.10Zachary Hartman
20:03.86 SRArlington
142.10Michael McNaughton
20:04.87 PRStanwood
143.9Jackson Marrott
20:05.31 SRMountlake Terrace
144.10Andrew Fisher
20:06.63Marysville Getchell
145.11Seth-Patric Quimzon
146.11Jesse Arce
20:07.06 SRMt Vernon
147.9Trevor Leen
20:07.60 SRMountlake Terrace
148.9AJ Lansel
20:09.10 SRSnohomish
149.12Jeremiah Serrano
20:10.45Cascade (Everett)
150.9Isaac Davis
151.9Gunnar Pedersen
20:11.67 SRMt Vernon
152.10Josh Stone
20:11.72 SROak Harbor
153.10Cameron Dockens
20:13.01 SRKamiak
154.9Spencer Asay
20:13.07 SRHenry Jackson
155.12Jacob Lantry
20:14.21 PRMt Vernon
156.11Jake Broulette
20:14.28 SRMountlake Terrace
157.10Chris Brooks
20:16.13 SROak Harbor
158.9Nick Heike
20:16.13 SRSnohomish
159.9Trent Henry
20:16.31 SRArlington
160.11Josh Lynch
20:16.56 SRSnohomish
161.10Dan Evoy
20:17.40 PRStanwood
162.9Ben Woolman
20:17.43 SRStanwood
163.10Nathan Harrington
20:17.56 PRHenry Jackson
164.9Rainnier Bozung
20:18.02Mt Vernon
165.9Caleb Doherty
20:18.09 SRMt Vernon
166.9Benson Gonzales
167.9Eli Salinas-Estrada
20:20.11 PRCascade (Everett)
168.11Sean Stewart
20:24.88 SREverett
169.11Jacob Delaney
20:24.97 PRShorewood
170.10Brian Germeaux
20:25.02 SRMonroe
171.9Ben Heagler
20:25.20 SRShorewood
172.9Sten Nyssen
20:25.45 SRShorewood
173.10Connor Farrand
20:26.13 SRShorewood
174.12Brendan Kendrick
20:27.22Cascade (Everett)
175.12Joseph Renault
20:28.59 PRMt Vernon
176.10Micah Brewer
20:30.06Marysville Getchell
177.10Caleb Gae
20:31.18 SRStanwood
178.9Levi Wagner
179.9Ben Copeland
20:33.58 PRMt Vernon
180.12Ben Drajeske
20:34.09 SRHenry Jackson
181.12Daniel Guerrero
20:34.25 PROak Harbor
182.10Paul Tippett
20:34.81 SRSnohomish
183.9Lucas Kleyn
20:35.04 SRShorewood
184.11Stephen Johnston
20:36.68 SRShorewood
185.10Levi Scandrett
20:37.61Glacier Peak
186.11Andrew Roundy
187.11Cole Nevin
20:38.58Marysville Getchell
188.9Jack Bowerman
20:38.72 PRShorewood
189.11Erick Moreno
20:39.11 PRCascade (Everett)
190.10Jason Nguyen
20:40.31 SRHenry Jackson
191.9Zach Graham
20:41.39 PRMariner
192.12Nick Feingold
20:42.14Henry Jackson
193.9Jonathan Kim
20:42.61 SRHenry Jackson
194.9Dakota Burwell
20:42.91 PRHenry Jackson
195.11Peter Weir
20:44.04 PREverett
196.9Cameron Ferguson
20:44.68 PRMountlake Terrace
197.10Mike Mezzone
20:44.79 PRStanwood
198.10Brenden Miller
20:44.81 PRLake Stevens
199.12Samuel Campbell
20:46.77 PRMariner
200.9Sam Furlong-Benede...
20:47.69 SRKamiak
201.10Kendal Takeshita
20:48.91 SRCascade (Everett)
202.12Anthony Saephan
20:49.48 PREverett
203.11Spencer Willard
20:49.90 PRLynnwood
204.10Cooper Treadwell
20:51.01 SROak Harbor
205.11Jacob Payne
20:51.12 SRArlington
206.9Brock Vanwalveren
20:51.38 PRMt Vernon
207.10Chase Nielsen
20:51.51 SRKamiak
208.11Jacob Peterman
20:52.83 PREverett
209.11Jacob Zoller
20:54.10 SREverett
210.11Andrew Fitch
20:54.43 PRMountlake Terrace
211.10Sam Lambert
20:54.89 PRSnohomish
212.9David Cooley
20:55.78 SRSnohomish
213.10Kenassa Sarka
20:55.90 PRShorewood
214.10Brendan Roozen
20:55.99 SRMt Vernon
215.10Connor Thompson
20:56.04 PRMarysville Getchell
216.9Freeman Parker
20:56.38 PRMt Vernon
217.10Chris Bennett
20:56.82 PRMt Vernon
218.11Matthew Giles
20:57.09 SRMt Vernon
219.12Chris Perry
21:01.06 PRMt Vernon
220.9Jake Knight
21:02.12 PRArlington
221.9Joshua Day
21:02.30 SRLake Stevens
222.10Ozcar Mills
223.9Ben Madranda-Lentz
21:08.12 PRSnohomish
224.10Bryson Schurman
225.9Connor Slobojan
21:08.74 PRMonroe
226.12Alejandro Lucas-Al...
21:09.48 PRMt Vernon
227.11Peter Faber
21:09.50 SRSnohomish
228.10Gabriel Summers
21:11.28 SRLynnwood
229.9Christopher Hansen
21:11.68 SRCascade (Everett)
230.11Sammy Abebe
21:12.92 SRMountlake Terrace
231.12Cameron Eckardt
21:14.46 PRShorecrest
232.9Eric Jean
21:16.15 SRShorecrest
233.9Josh Cook
21:18.81 SRArlington
234.10Tyler Ivester
21:20.79 SRArlington
235.11Nicholas Halvorson
21:24.43 SRShorecrest
236.10Daniel Diaz
21:24.48 SRMt Vernon
237.12Ryan Saunders
21:25.02 SRShorewood
238.11Kelvin Kuoch
239.9Quinn Wieber
21:28.03 SREverett
240.10Jacob Gepner
21:28.23 SRMonroe
241.12Floyd Clark
21:28.47 PRCascade (Everett)
242.9Gideon Marlatt
21:30.64 SRLake Stevens
243.11Aaron Hobson
21:30.74 PRCascade (Everett)
244.11Matthew Hagen
21:30.93 SRMeadowdale
245.9Jacob Lewis
21:31.16 SRMonroe
246.9Zane Robertson
21:31.21 SRKamiak
247.10Josh Bacon
21:32.08 SRMarysville Getchell
248.9Charles Case
21:33.26 SRShorewood
249.12Ian Fahning
21:34.62 SRKamiak
250.11Trenton Gray
21:36.37 SRLake Stevens
251.12Max Hughes
21:42.36Lake Stevens
252.10Nicolas Millerup
21:44.17 PRArlington
253.10Aidan Smith
254.9Keean Ohlsen
255.10Brandon Lang
21:48.88 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
256.11Devon Steed
21:49.70 PRMeadowdale
257.10Pierson Tre Smith
21:50.01 PRGlacier Peak
258.10Evan Wold
259.10Cole Ferguson
21:50.40 PRStanwood
260.10Travis Wagner
21:50.52 PROak Harbor
261.10Jaden Glunt
21:50.65 PRMt Vernon
262.9Micah Anderson
21:54.97 PRArlington
263.10Ethan Sargent
264.9Ron Isarankura
21:56.44Cascade (Everett)
265.9Kelvin Schmidt
21:56.71 PRShorecrest
266.10Ethan Sabini
21:58.49Lake Stevens
267.11Dane Wagenhoffer
21:59.09Cascade (Everett)
268.11Chad Hansen
22:02.46 SRArlington
269.10Hunter Tautvydas
22:03.97 PRMt Vernon
270.12Jacob Kunz
22:05.74 PRLynnwood
271.12Bryant Gutierrez
22:06.77 PRCascade (Everett)
272.9Alexander Thorensen
22:07.96 SRLake Stevens
273.12Kirk Scollard
22:10.67 PRShorecrest
274.11Micheal Wegemann
22:11.31 PRLake Stevens
275.9Daniel Kim
22:12.05 SRKamiak
276.10Nathan Hunter
22:12.53 PRShorewood
277.9Jack Barrie
22:12.60 SRShorecrest
278.11Daniel O'Brien
22:12.72 PRLake Stevens
279.10Henry Ha
22:12.81 PRShorewood
280.12Ryan McLaughlin
22:13.82 SRMt Vernon
281.10Isaac Mudge-Nagel
282.11Lucas Nicholson
22:14.80 PROak Harbor
283.10Jackson Peckenpaugh
22:15.75 PRSnohomish
284.10Evan Johnson
22:16.60Henry Jackson
285.9Logan Feller
22:16.84 SRMt Vernon
286.11Lester Flores
22:16.98Marysville Getchell
287.10Michael Kilgore
22:17.36 SRLynnwood
288.12Chase Croft
22:21.60 SRCascade (Everett)
289.11Adam Lefebvre
22:24.97 SRArlington
290.9Noah Larson
22:28.64Mt Vernon
291.9Sam Holman
22:32.05 PRShorecrest
292.9Trever Stone
293.10Sasha Dean
22:33.43Mt Vernon
294.10Louis Ta
22:33.73 PRHenry Jackson
295.10Zack Miller
22:34.21 SRMonroe
296.9Jonathan Sandquist
22:34.63Henry Jackson
297.12Mark Mason
22:36.30 PRArlington
298.11John Vogel
22:36.78 PRShorecrest
299.9Bryce Coulter
22:36.99 PRArlington
300.11Matthew Dahlstrom
22:37.50Mt Vernon
301.9Ryan Nguyen
22:40.56 PRLynnwood
302.10Kurt Huscer
22:41.81 PROak Harbor
303.11Alden Dufour
22:42.11 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
304.9Michael Gross
305.12Joshua Felker
22:46.99Mt Vernon
306.10Chase Simerk
22:47.26Mountlake Terrace
307.9Junuh Parker
22:48.84 SRMt Vernon
308.9Charles Fritz
22:54.08Mountlake Terrace
309.10Justin Good
22:54.60 SRMarysville Getchell
310.10Trenton Scott
22:57.55 PRSnohomish
311.12Nathan Choi
22:59.24 PRKamiak
312.9Nicholas Nguyen
23:00.37 SRCascade (Everett)
313.10Nickolas Allen
23:00.42 PRHenry Jackson
314.9Todd Schindler
23:00.88 PRShorecrest
315.11Eric Strong
23:02.05 SRLynnwood
316.9Elliot Liu
23:04.35 PRShorecrest
317.9Nathan Tillman
318.12Sean Gierke
23:14.10 PRShorewood
319.10Stefano Terenzi
23:14.18 PRMt Vernon
320.9Kyle Nordby
23:14.63 PRMonroe
321.9Nate Wheeler
23:15.93 SRMt Vernon
322.10Greg Gill
23:17.77Glacier Peak
323.12Collin Decker
23:20.13 PRLynnwood
324.12Agustin Castro
23:22.51 PRCascade (Everett)
325.10Jason Mutuc
23:23.49 PRLynnwood
326.9Ryan McGregor
23:24.77 PRSnohomish
327.10Amauri Hernandez
23:25.78Cascade (Everett)
328.12Liam Mortell
23:26.87 PRLynnwood
329.11William Nicholson
23:28.01 SROak Harbor
330.12Eber Rivera
23:28.97 PRMt Vernon
331.11Greg Ayers
332.9Kai Decker
23:32.68 SRLynnwood
333.9Brian Duong
23:34.17 SRCascade (Everett)
334.11Allen Saewong
23:35.76 SRShorewood
335.12Ayub Khan
23:36.12 PRShorewood
336.11Casey Towsley
23:37.78 PROak Harbor
337.12Daniel Sullivan
23:39.89 SRMt Vernon
338.10Joseph Truong
23:40.78 SRKamiak
339.10Bryant Donner
23:41.85 PRMonroe
340.11Ricky Darden
341.9Jacob Sullivan
23:42.94 PRArlington
342.10Nathan Clements
23:48.59 SRMarysville Getchell
343.11Patrick DeJesus
23:51.42 PROak Harbor
344.10Daniel Gibson
24:03.96Oak Harbor
345.9Lars Vik
24:07.38 SRCascade (Everett)
346.11Sean Johnson
24:09.20 PRCascade (Everett)
347.9Jawan Smith
24:10.89 SRMarysville Getchell
348.9Harrison Orr
24:11.10 PRLake Stevens
349.10Spencer Lu
24:14.26 SRShorewood
350.9Quinn Henderson
24:15.80 SRMountlake Terrace
351.12Lorenz Barias
352.10Cole Corcoran
24:17.97 SRMt Vernon
353.9Tyler Bollinger
24:20.18 PRShorewood
354.10Matt Tostenrude
24:21.62 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
355.9Aaron Pham
24:27.80 PRKamiak
356.12Irais Hernandez
24:37.16Cascade (Everett)
357.11Steven Becraft
24:37.38 PRMeadowdale
358.11Jackson Sanders
24:38.99 SRMt Vernon
359.10Michael Kottwitz
24:39.22 SRHenry Jackson
360.9Derek Ruotsola
24:45.30 PRMariner
361.12Peter Moore
24:49.96 SRShorewood
362.9Fernando Aguilar
25:01.37 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
363.10Seth Hughes
25:05.45 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
364.10Tim Jacobs
25:23.80 SRHenry Jackson
365.9Joseph Ruljancich
25:23.87 PRStanwood
366.10Dietrich Menzer
25:36.65 SRStanwood
367.9William DiGianni
25:36.68 SRShorecrest
368.9Max Rimando
369.9Payton Anderson
26:21.46 PRMt Vernon
370.10Alex Reyes
26:45.84 PRMonroe
371.11Jeremy Johnson
26:49.90Cascade (Everett)
372.11Tyler Ankele
26:51.37 PRKamiak
373.9Sean Truong
26:57.20 SRShorewood
374.9Jason Morgan
27:06.82 PRMt Vernon
375.10William Dudarov
27:09.54Cascade (Everett)
376.10Bryan Yee
27:16.67 SRHenry Jackson
377.10Matt Johnson
27:43.89 PRHenry Jackson
378.10Scott Jensen
379.9Miller Concha
32:54.25 SRMonroe
380.9Brandon Ward
381.9Matthew Weller
382.11Seth Perera
40:47.97 SRSnohomish
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5,000 Meters WESCO Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Glacier Peak93
3.Lake Stevens100
4.Henry Jackson124
7.Marysville Getchell244
9.Oak Harbor305
11.Cascade (Everett)325
13.Mountlake Terrace360
14.Mt Vernon368

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nathan Beamer
2.11Cullen McEachern
3.11Matthew Watkins
15:52.50Henry Jackson
4.11Matthew Park
5.11Trevor Allen
16:08.91Lake Stevens
6.11Aaron Leavens
16:11.54 SRSnohomish
7.12Pieter Andrews
8.12Sawyer Carter
16:14.36Glacier Peak
9.11Sam McCloughan
10.12Michael Barene
11.12Zachary Cushman
12.10Liam Anderson
16:31.95 SRSnohomish
13.11Luca Strand
16:32.42Cascade (Everett)
14.10Blake Braaten
16:33.10Lake Stevens
15.12Garren Arnold
16:33.32Glacier Peak
16.11Kevin Mullin
16:34.21 SRArlington
17.11Chris Bianchini
16:37.92Glacier Peak
18.11Noah Wallace
16:38.69Lake Stevens
19.11Cameron Sanders
20.10Colin Knechtel
21.12Cameron Wagstaff
16:43.27Marysville Getchell
22.11Braeden Sims
16:43.83Mountlake Terrace
23.12Cortlend Novak
16:46.64Lake Stevens
24.12Matthew Taylor
25.9Tyler Tanta
16:48.05 SRGlacier Peak
26.12Benjamin Yang
27.11Anthony Garcia
16:49.18 SRHenry Jackson
28.9Riley McDowell
16:50.53Glacier Peak
29.11Caleb Grode
16:50.96 SRHenry Jackson
30.12Alex Haupt
16:51.95 PRHenry Jackson
31.12Hans Thoreson
32.12Aaron Rainboth
33.11Devan Kirk
34.12Grady Okeson
35.10Mateo Rivera
16:55.76 SRHenry Jackson
36.10Jordan Erickson
37.11J.J. Childers
38.10Zachary Arcaro-Fra...
17:00.55 SRMarysville Getchell
39.10Tim Mandzyuk
17:02.44 SRGlacier Peak
40.11Ruben Aguero
17:04.95Lake Stevens
41.11Jason Fairhurst
17:06.58 SRSnohomish
42.11Eric Acero-Rosas
17:06.94 SRArlington
43.11Jahldi Merritt
17:07.02 SRMt Vernon
44.11Miguel Guzman
17:08.12 PROak Harbor
45.12Nathanael Ramos
17:08.18 SRHenry Jackson
46.11Michael Cooley
47.10Nick Paduano
17:12.35Lake Stevens
48.10Jake Hucko
17:12.67 SROak Harbor
49.12Skyler Bradford
17:12.69 SRKamiak
50.10Riley Koon
17:13.48 PRLake Stevens
51.12Tylor Sullivan
17:13.66 PRArlington
52.10Gregory Panther
17:15.76 SRMarysville Getchell
53.12Biniam Tesfaghaber
54.10Jackson Webber
17:17.30 PRHenry Jackson
55.10Adam Erie
17:20.65 PRMt Vernon
56.10Tyler Grehan
17:20.96 SROak Harbor
57.9Kayto Krueger
17:22.40 SRLake Stevens
58.11Nick Stringer
17:24.50Glacier Peak
59.12Anton Bingham
17:25.02 PRShorecrest
60.12Jacob Fankhauser
61.11Donovan Barnhart
17:26.52 SREverett
62.10Michael Lym
17:26.94Oak Harbor
63.10Matt Goddard
64.12Brennan Judy
65.11Nick Leidig
17:27.99Mountlake Terrace
66.11Cameron Aitken
67.12Hobb Kimmerling
17:32.41 SRKamiak
68.11Alan Perez
69.12Anthony Mendoza
17:34.17 PRMt Vernon
70.10Braeden Smith
71.9Joseph Skoog
17:36.38 SRHenry Jackson
72.12Thomas Lindgren
17:36.88Marysville Getchell
73.11Channing Frohlich
17:37.22 SRMarysville Getchell
74.11James Ramirez
17:37.93Cascade (Everett)
75.12Ivan Baez
17:38.04 SRArlington
76.11Leul Wolde
77.12Isaac O'Connell
78.10Armon Tenaw
17:40.38 PREdmonds-Woodway
79.9Lucas Lacambra
17:40.70 SREdmonds-Woodway
80.10Jacob Quintana
81.9Jaden Lofrese
17:42.26Mountlake Terrace
82.11Alex Reyes-Collazo
17:43.09Cascade (Everett)
83.12Kyle Probst
17:43.82 PRMarysville Getchell
84.9Levi Jones
17:44.01 SRMarysville Getchell
85.11Seth Walton
17:44.72 PRShorecrest
86.10Jacob Headland
17:45.36 SRLake Stevens
87.12Garrett McNeill
17:46.37 PRSnohomish
88.12Austin Likes
17:47.11 PRMarysville Getchell
89.11Edmund Havener
90.12Sam Miller
17:48.05 PRLake Stevens
91.11Klaiten Kermoade
17:49.05 SREverett
92.12Edgar Santos
17:49.45Cascade (Everett)
93.12Noah Johann
17:50.50 PRLynnwood
94.11Connor Stickels
17:50.50Marysville Getchell
95.11Anthony LaBrake
17:51.03 PRMarysville Getchell
96.10Jack O'Brien
97.12Bailey Larsen-Gray
17:52.79 PRArlington
98.12Matt Creagan
99.12Michael Sandquist
100.10Gannon Goering
17:58.42 SRMonroe
101.9Josh Harazim
17:58.61 SRShorewood
102.12Anindo Khan
103.11Macauley Franks
104.12Jacob Henrichsen
18:05.91 PREdmonds-Woodway
105.9Zach Stancik
18:06.15 SRKamiak
106.11Jacob Schafte
18:06.51Cascade (Everett)
107.11Alvin Nguyen
108.9Erik Luu
109.10Logan Ross
18:07.88 PRMonroe
110.11Alex Couch
18:08.76 PRMt Vernon
111.10Clayton Bjelke
18:09.99Cascade (Everett)
112.9Spencer Thurman
113.11Patrick Antush
18:13.58 PRShorewood
114.11Adam Alayli
115.11Marko Jukanovich
116.12MacKenzie Siemens
18:17.43 PRMountlake Terrace
117.12Nick Harrison
118.10Garrett Larson
119.10Cam Klundt
120.11Wyatt Pauley
18:19.22 SROak Harbor
121.10Mikey Munoz
18:20.06Lake Stevens
122.10Gerardo Lopez
18:20.15Cascade (Everett)
123.12Jason Ernst
18:20.77Mountlake Terrace
124.10Jonathan Robinson
18:20.99 PRMonroe
125.10Isaiah Funston
126.10Cole Tanaka
18:21.41 SRShorewood
127.12Declan Andrews
18:21.44 PRShorewood
128.11Will Yaku
18:23.12 PRShorewood
129.12Nathan Richardson
18:23.17 PROak Harbor
130.11Sam Haven
131.12Sean Underhill
18:24.18 PREverett
132.12Caleb Peek
18:24.73Oak Harbor
133.9Connor Nelson
18:24.81 SRMt Vernon
134.9Christopher Clarke
18:25.92 SRKamiak
135.9Stefan Mueller
18:26.37 SRShorewood
136.11Nathan Venables
18:30.79 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
137.12Arteom Lupekha
18:30.98 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
138.12David Adams
18:31.87 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
139.9Cole Jackson
140.11Finn Tangeman
18:33.72 SRShorecrest
141.9Espen Diamond
142.10Matthew McMillan
18:41.19 PRShorewood
143.11Chris Lambert
18:43.76 SRKamiak
144.10Kent Scollard
145.11Kyan Feller
146.12Diego Casillas
147.9Lucas Henson
18:46.59 SRCascade (Everett)
148.10Brayam Juarez-Rami...
149.10Collin McMillan
150.12Tommy Haelele
151.11Mohamed Nour
19:02.58Cascade (Everett)
152.12Peter Miyoshi
153.12Josh Blevins
154.12Nathaniel Paulson
19:06.20 PRLynnwood
155.11Evan Deiparine
156.11Hayden Jenkins
19:07.24 SRMt Vernon
157.10Sarmad Aqrawi
19:16.19 PRCascade (Everett)
158.11Wyatt Mason
19:17.72 SREverett
159.10Josh Gendron
160.10Cameron Hawk
161.9James Heim
19:20.93 SRMt Vernon
162.12Siem Hailai
163.9Andy Burk
164.9Adrian Hartup
19:29.20Cascade (Everett)
165.10Devine Darden
166.11Drew Thomas
167.12Jason Isaksen
168.10Fernando Castaneda
169.12Josh Bevan
170.10Brandon Lopez
19:57.46 SRMariner
171.11Caleb Lingle
19:58.26 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
172.9Sam Hernandez
19:59.92 SRMariner
173.11Henry Shaw
20:00.81 PRLynnwood
174.11Ian McGaughey
20:03.81 SRMeadowdale
175.10Aldiat Burch
176.12Dallin James
177.10Cole Daurie
178.12Quinn Lewis
179.11Kyle Hastler
21:18.48 PRMeadowdale
180.9Alex Bevan
21:38.78 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
181.10Elijah Quinby
182.12Chris Concha
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters WESCO JV Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Glacier Peak44
3.Lake Stevens99
5.Oak Harbor144
6.Henry Jackson164
9.Mountlake Terrace253
11.Mt Vernon329
14.Cascade (Everett)408

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Megan Campbell
21:06.12 SRSnohomish
2.12Christina Deierling
21:13.29 PRSnohomish
3.12Maiti Hunter
21:14.12 SRGlacier Peak
4.9Samantha Boyle
21:23.79Glacier Peak
5.9Rory Flinn
21:37.62 SRLake Stevens
6.11Sydney Watt
21:42.71 PRSnohomish
7.9Madie Jacobson
21:42.78 SRLake Stevens
8.11Emily Townsend
21:48.95 SRGlacier Peak
9.9Meghan Finegan
21:59.34 SRSnohomish
10.9Anna Marie Mahler
22:02.73 SRGlacier Peak
11.10Isabelle Nyquist
22:07.68 SRSnohomish
12.12Donella Lalas
22:21.34 SRKamiak
13.10Sadira Walker
22:26.77 SRSnohomish
14.10Sophia Rubero
22:29.08 PRHenry Jackson
15.9Katie Hodkinson
22:33.86 SRSnohomish
16.12Katie Smith
22:34.34 SRKamiak
17.11Natalie Merrill
22:40.57 SROak Harbor
18.11Madeline Munroe
22:42.54 PRKamiak
19.9Rylie Darlington
22:43.34 SRGlacier Peak
20.9Angelina Vasilyev
22:47.37 PRSnohomish
21.10Kathleen Baer
22:49.00 SRGlacier Peak
22.9Audrey Javadoff
22:49.64 SRKamiak
23.10Megan Keating
22:50.45 PROak Harbor
24.12Marlee Hager
25.11Elyssa Nortier
22:58.58 PROak Harbor
26.11Kari Tran
23:00.54 SRMountlake Terrace
27.10Kathryn Orr
23:03.18 PRLake Stevens
28.11Makayla Knight
23:12.02 PRArlington
29.10Josee Farmer
23:18.89 SRLake Stevens
30.12Kaytie DeMaio
23:21.81 PROak Harbor
31.10Erin McConnachie
23:25.09 SRShorewood
32.10Meagan Williams
23:26.47 SRMountlake Terrace
33.10Hannah Baer
23:27.74 SRGlacier Peak
34.12Anna Golebiewski
23:28.24Henry Jackson
35.9Emily Fischer
23:34.22 PRGlacier Peak
36.10Michelle Toom
37.9Yelena Fita
23:38.18 SRHenry Jackson
38.9Rachel Foster
23:39.25 SRLake Stevens
39.10Alison Canlas
23:50.39 SRArlington
40.11Stella Oh
23:55.21 PRShorewood
41.9Makenna Lucas
23:55.28 SRHenry Jackson
42.10Samantha Kim
23:58.32 PRKamiak
43.9Elise Dahlberg
24:02.98 SRSnohomish
44.10Sarah Jhingan
24:06.41 PRShorewood
45.12Vivi Wu
24:07.30 SRShorecrest
46.10Kimi Hamon
24:09.07 SRShorewood
47.12Miranda Carr
48.10Cypress Payne
24:14.97 PRStanwood
49.9MacKenzie Allinson
24:15.46Lake Stevens
50.12Brooklin Pigg
51.10Emily Tracy
24:19.21 SRHenry Jackson
52.10Hannah Grierson
24:22.04 SRStanwood
53.11Isabelle Munro
24:29.06 PRMountlake Terrace
54.10Gabriella Delgado
24:29.68 PRLake Stevens
55.12Lauren Smith
24:34.56 PRShorewood
56.9Alexis Morrison
24:35.34 SRGlacier Peak
57.9Caitlin Monten
24:36.08 PRHenry Jackson
58.12Talia Brumbaugh
59.12Kamryn Laurence
24:38.87 SRHenry Jackson
60.12Angela Gorolyuk
24:38.89Glacier Peak
61.9Jade Hedeen
24:40.01 PRSnohomish
62.9Haley Johns
24:43.70 SRHenry Jackson
63.10Rebecca Martinez
24:44.34 PRShorewood
64.11Emma Wezeman
24:46.25 PROak Harbor
65.12Allison Hawley
24:47.53 PRLake Stevens
66.9Sun Thongdee
24:50.92 PRShorewood
67.11Katie Rawlins
24:50.92Henry Jackson
68.9Abby Gross
24:54.39Henry Jackson
69.9Alexis Ramos
24:56.54 PRHenry Jackson
70.10Alyssa Moore
24:57.40 SRShorecrest
71.10Susan Bibbs
24:57.76 SRHenry Jackson
72.10Kasey Osborn
24:59.03 PRHenry Jackson
73.11Susan Polevoy
24:59.22 PRHenry Jackson
74.11Jordan Erbeck
24:59.89 SRCascade (Everett)
75.10Chloe Archey-Taylor
76.9Maddi Skyta
25:04.69 PRHenry Jackson
77.9Kate Travis
25:07.24 PRShorewood
78.12Raven Swanson
25:07.65 PRArlington
79.11Tessa Zink
25:08.11 SRHenry Jackson
80.10Rachel Neroutsos
25:10.05 SRShorewood
81.11Amy Butok
82.9Hallie Hilton
25:11.71 SRLake Stevens
83.12Ally Thomas
25:12.11 PRShorewood
84.12Kya Eide
25:12.76 PRMt Vernon
85.9Bailey McNeil
25:15.27 SRSnohomish
86.12Marie Halleux
25:15.48 PRMt Vernon
87.11Mary Pineda
25:15.60 PRMt Vernon
88.10Paige Holman
25:15.77 SRShorecrest
89.9Sage Vincent
25:20.46 SRMariner
90.9Stacy Jong
25:28.75 SRKamiak
91.10Heidi Kwant
25:29.06 SRMt Vernon
92.11Isabell Eelnurme
25:29.15 SRLake Stevens
93.10Alana Austin
25:31.66 PROak Harbor
94.12Jinai Guzman
25:36.54 PROak Harbor
95.10Kaelyn Gerrodette
25:37.74 SRMariner
96.10Kyara Crabtree
97.10Kaitlyn Nguyen
98.9Britney Kuoch
25:38.52 SRMariner
99.12KJ Collins
25:38.77 PRMountlake Terrace
100.9Annie Suh
101.11Mara Popescu
25:49.33 SRHenry Jackson
102.9Alex Widman
25:55.43 PRShorewood
103.12Abigail Doney
25:57.59Glacier Peak
104.11Tatum Thayer
26:02.20 SRMonroe
105.11Kristina Shoop
26:06.69 PRKamiak
106.9Rylie Williams
26:24.09 SRStanwood
107.10Chloe Cress
26:32.07Mt Vernon
108.10Olivia White
109.11Vesta Baumgartner
26:41.79Mountlake Terrace
110.9Shannon Rhodes
111.9Claire Andrews
27:05.34 SRMt Vernon
112.11Kara Kamppi
113.11Kamila Tracey
27:10.56 SRShorewood
114.10Julie Wignall
27:11.04 SRArlington
115.11Abigail Brown
27:15.04 PRMt Vernon
116.11Lola Plorinsh
27:16.15 PRMariner
117.11Chamidae Ford
27:23.60 PRMt Vernon
118.10Natalee Boone
27:23.63 SRMonroe
119.9Stephany Flores
27:27.09 SROak Harbor
120.12Magdalena McGuire
27:37.54 PRMt Vernon
121.11Lauren Ghosn
27:39.41 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
122.10Katie Phillips
27:46.37 SRArlington
123.9Kira Wright
124.9Delaney Collins
125.11Olivia Farrell
27:49.68 SRMt Vernon
126.11Cate Marken
27:51.47 PRMt Vernon
127.10Quin Bickerstaff
27:52.80 PRHenry Jackson
128.10Annie Gilbert
27:58.34 SRMt Vernon
129.11Kate Stiger
28:03.04 SRCascade (Everett)
130.9Breanna Greham
28:12.12Oak Harbor
131.9Siena Mandy
28:21.50Henry Jackson
132.9Sophie Feise
133.9Hannah Densmore
28:39.32Mt Vernon
134.9Bailey Wells
28:42.14 SRMt Vernon
135.9Annika Sollid
136.11Shauntel Phaysith
28:45.75 PRShorewood
137.9Nicole Moreno
28:50.17 SRCascade (Everett)
138.9Makena House
28:50.27 PRMt Vernon
139.10Kathryn Balancio
28:52.97 SRShorewood
140.9Liana Lawler
29:04.84 SRMt Vernon
141.11Jorie Lambert
29:07.58 PRMountlake Terrace
142.11Bernice Nicolas
143.11Dulce Salas-Pallares
29:29.76 SRMt Vernon
144.11Holly Davis
145.10Madison Basse
29:54.56 SRShorewood
146.10Samantha Jowett
29:54.71 PRMonroe
147.10Margarita Muro-Esc...
29:56.14 PRArlington
148.11Emily Bang
30:12.21 SRLynnwood
149.10Phoebe Kenn
30:16.00 PRMt Vernon
150.11Clara Luiting
30:18.27 SRShorewood
151.10Carley Surina
30:34.61Cascade (Everett)
152.10Elsa Conklin
30:57.47 PRMonroe
153.11Mariia Chernenko
31:19.86Mt Vernon
154.10Cedar Jarvis
32:09.24 SRShorecrest
155.11Cristal Sianez-Celis
32:32.45 PRMt Vernon
156.9Summer Macauley
32:39.30 SRStanwood
157.9Darlene Simbolon
33:19.52 SRMariner
158.10Renne Richards
33:22.27 PROak Harbor
159.9Mina Jamshidpour
33:40.93 PRHenry Jackson
160.11Indira Dahlstrom
33:54.28 PRMt Vernon
161.11Keegan Samaniego
33:57.39 SRMarysville Getchell
162.9Megan Moldenauer
33:59.21 SRMt Vernon
163.9Carly Hurt
40:01.01Cascade (Everett)
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5,000 Meters WESCO Varsity Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Mountlake Terrace92
3.Glacier Peak99
8.Lake Stevens238
10.Henry Jackson268
13.Oak Harbor309
15.Mt Vernon422
16.Marysville Getchell450
20.Cascade (Everett)529

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Yukino Parle
2.11Abbie Steinhauer
3.12Emily Donnelly
18:51.72 PRMonroe
4.12Mikayla Pivec
5.11Natalie Church
19:04.45 SRGlacier Peak
6.12Kyla Shade
19:08.87 SRSnohomish
7.9Olivia Meader-Yetter
8.12Katherine Walter
19:11.89Mountlake Terrace
9.9Brooke Wallace
19:16.59Glacier Peak
10.11Katherine Slack
11.11Heidi Smith
19:23.40Glacier Peak
12.11Katherine Gustafson
19:28.25 SRMountlake Terrace
13.12Marie Gaudin
14.11Rachel Hansen
19:33.01 PRShorewood
15.11Jessica Ong
19:33.09 SRMountlake Terrace
16.11Katie Brandvold
17.12Ella Schroth
19:39.04Mountlake Terrace
18.11Sydney Boland
19.9Lillian Visser
20.10Mary Andrews
19:44.15 SRArlington
21.9Alicia Anderson
19:44.48 SRKamiak
22.9Leah Clark
19:45.01 SRKamiak
23.9Samantha Donner
19:45.90 PRLake Stevens
24.10Savannah Hastings
19:46.07 SRMonroe
25.9Alexis Smith
19:46.11 SROak Harbor
26.9Stephanie Wroblewski
19:46.49 SREdmonds-Woodway
27.12Nicole Vijgen
28.9Kaley Maurer
19:47.85 PRMonroe
29.10Caroline Dolan
30.12Susan Kim
19:53.28 PREdmonds-Woodway
31.10Cassie Swartzell
19:59.27 PRSnohomish
32.10Danielle Johnson
20:03.63 PRHenry Jackson
33.10Ella Conway
34.10Maguire Rossnagle
20:10.32 PRMarysville Getchell
35.12Clara Berner
20:10.49 PRSnohomish
36.11Erin Boyle
20:10.59Glacier Peak
37.12Shawna Krueger
20:11.47 SRSnohomish
38.10Elena Willems
20:12.85 SRGlacier Peak
39.9Faith Brooks
20:13.02 SRLake Stevens
40.11Sophia Nelson
20:19.50Mountlake Terrace
41.10Bethany Shade
20:26.58 PRSnohomish
42.12Payton Stringer
20:27.45 PRMonroe
43.12Winter Baumgartner
20:27.67Henry Jackson
44.10Brooke Schroeder
45.9Lauren Block
46.12Emma Janousek
47.11Emily Farden
48.10Brianna McGrath
20:33.15 SRShorewood
49.12Megan Kelly
20:34.73 PREdmonds-Woodway
50.11Cole Gross
20:35.93Henry Jackson
51.10Maria Rivera-Valles
20:40.22 SRMt Vernon
52.9Kelsey Mutton
53.10Bleighn Blackmon
20:44.93 PRLake Stevens
54.9Camellia Hanna
55.11Carolynn Wicker
20:48.14 PROak Harbor
56.9Zoie Mastin
20:49.16 SRLake Stevens
57.10Marika Jamtaas
20:51.63Mountlake Terrace
58.11Katie Gaffney
20:57.33Glacier Peak
59.12Elita Tippett
60.11Kaitlin Morgan
61.9Emma Atkinson
21:01.58 SRHenry Jackson
62.12Alexandria Chang
21:02.89 PRMeadowdale
63.9Eileen Beres
64.11Tiffany Roe
65.11Laura Rodeheffer
21:05.37 SROak Harbor
66.10Joan Park
21:05.41Mountlake Terrace
67.9Miah Allison
21:06.06 PRLake Stevens
68.11Sidney Trinidad
21:06.31 PRArlington
69.12Hannah Graves
21:06.81Glacier Peak
70.11Kielee Kinghorn
71.12Cassandra Kwant
21:08.17 PRMt Vernon
72.12Emma Horn
21:11.34 SRLake Stevens
73.9Kaitlynn Rust
74.9Tracey Hatch
75.11Emma Lerch
21:19.23 PROak Harbor
76.9Julia Nelson
21:19.28 SRShorewood
77.11Emily Haegeland
21:23.26Lake Stevens
78.12Alexa Schroeder
79.10Sydnee Hanson
21:27.84 SRMonroe
80.11Taylor Roscoe
21:28.60Marysville Getchell
81.11Taylor Fahey
21:29.02 PRLynnwood
82.12Micaela Frick
21:30.45 SRHenry Jackson
83.12Sophia Maggio
84.12Jessica Mitchell
21:30.65 PRLynnwood
85.11Kaleena Olson
21:30.81 PRMonroe
86.10Katherine Taylor
87.10Elisha Klco
21:31.93 SRShorewood
88.11Jacqueline Medina
21:34.77 SRMt Vernon
89.10Olivia Flack
21:36.88 SROak Harbor
90.10Andrea Bartolome
21:40.69 SRStanwood
91.12Alison Feise
92.10Stefanie Groom
21:41.99 PRCascade (Everett)
93.10Cassandra Valles
21:47.19Lake Stevens
94.10Ellie Shoop
95.9Charlize Beamer
21:53.85 SRArlington
96.12Montana Mattson
21:54.24 PRStanwood
97.10Victoria Rodriguez
21:55.53 PRArlington
98.9Alexsandra Ogden
21:57.11 PREverett
99.9Briana Heng
21:57.70Henry Jackson
100.11Nadine Christensen
101.10Lauren Fifield
102.9Abigail Cowan
22:01.02 SRMt Vernon
103.11Honglam Van
104.12Alexa Boswell
22:03.51Cascade (Everett)
105.10Samantha Pierce
22:05.04 SRStanwood
106.9Anna Munoz
22:05.51Lake Stevens
107.11Tamia Rios
22:06.40 SROak Harbor
108.11Isabel Callen
22:06.62 SREdmonds-Woodway
109.10Ariana Sagali
22:06.79 SRMarysville Getchell
110.10Sophia Gamble
22:08.13 SRShorecrest
111.10Braylin Jenson
22:23.43 SRHenry Jackson
112.10Danielle Scanes
22:31.82 PREverett
113.11Brooke Hoppe
22:35.25 SRMeadowdale
114.9Alea Dews
115.11Abby Ryiter
22:42.11Marysville Getchell
116.9Tyrza Lamma
22:44.41Cascade (Everett)
117.12Jaidacyn Madrigal
22:45.99Cascade (Everett)
118.11Moriah (Bear) Lund
22:47.38 PRMeadowdale
119.10Faith Bailey
22:47.56 SRStanwood
120.11Lily Torres-Norton
22:47.59 SRShorecrest
121.9Samaria Sillito
22:51.18 PRLynnwood
122.10Kiara Dailer
22:54.18 SRMeadowdale
123.10Valeria Gonchar
22:56.67 PRMt Vernon
124.9Samantha Hill
22:57.40 SRMt Vernon
125.10Josephine Jensen-P...
22:58.77 PRMt Vernon
126.12Amelia Hunt
23:02.11 PREverett
127.9Nadya Gonchar
23:05.67 SRMt Vernon
128.9Sierra Stauffer
23:15.02 PRCascade (Everett)
129.10Caitlynne Hasbrouck
23:18.26 PRMariner
130.10Jada Vignos
23:22.20 SRMonroe
131.11Abigail Knowles
132.11Rowan Wells-Edwards
23:31.01 SREverett
133.10Olivia Crum
23:36.27 SRShorecrest
134.9Kaitlyn Washburn
23:43.61 SRMt Vernon
135.11Emilie Mathiason
23:44.59 SRMeadowdale
136.12Kayleigh Flynn
23:46.12Henry Jackson
137.10Aubri Vowell
23:49.46 SRCascade (Everett)
138.11Kennedy Lentini
23:58.32 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
139.9Caitlyn Smith
24:04.69Marysville Getchell
140.10Alia Teerlink
24:05.67 PRMarysville Getchell
141.10Carleanne Hasbrouck
24:06.43 PRMariner
142.12Sophie Ziliak
24:12.48 PRShorecrest
143.9Hannah Davis
144.12Natasha Flitz
24:21.12 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
145.12Ari Angeles
146.11Isabelle Mills
147.10Kate Pohland
24:33.68 PREverett
148.11Sabrina Farrell
24:40.40 PRMarysville Getchell
149.11Marisol Hernandez-...
150.11Marlena Urvater
25:00.94 PREverett
151.9Krista Schafte
25:41.04 SRCascade (Everett)
152.11Christina Blackmon
153.12Katie McCaffrey
154.10Mckenna Dahl
26:55.66 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
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5,000 Meters Cascade Conference Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.South Whidbey88
5.Archbishop Murphy117
6.Cedar Park Chr. (Bothell)150
7.Granite Falls183

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Lilly Whitehead
2.10Alicia Krivanek
3.12Britney Albro
20:04.3 PRLakewood
4.11Madi Shinn
20:04.4 SRCedarcrest
5.10Mackenzie Ryan
20:40.9Archbishop Murphy
6.12Mallorie Mitchem
20:49.9South Whidbey
7.10Elizabeth Donnelly
20:52.2 SRSouth Whidbey
8.11Lily Krueger
20:53.8 SRCedarcrest
9.10Kate Vergillo
10.10Mary Cate Babcock
11.10Palina Buchanan
12.10Allison Perrow
21:39.7 SRKing's
13.11Keely Hall
14.9Cecelia Kiesow
21:51.3 SRCedarcrest
15.10Rachelle Foley
21:58.0 SRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
16.12Kiana Ward
21:58.0 PRCedarcrest
17.12Ruby Farias
22:03.5 SRCedarcrest
18.12Madison Sitzmann
22:06.8 PRCedar Park Chr. (Bot...
19.12Gillian Edgar
20.9Mary Carbajal
21.11Courtney Tobin
22:15.8 SRCedarcrest
22.9Megan Reid
23.9Erika Ellison
22:38.4 PRArchbishop Murphy
24.12Emily Austin
22:41.4 SRArchbishop Murphy
25.11Greta Klaiber
22:47.9 SRCedarcrest
26.10Annika Hustad
22:51.0 PRSouth Whidbey
27.12Iona Rohan
22:53.5South Whidbey
28.10Emma Seth
22:57.7 PRLakewood
29.12Hunter Clark
30.12Rachel Mills
31.9Elsa Mastrude
23:29.0 PRGranite Falls
32.11Brooke Forsell
23:40.1 PRLakewood
33.10Kendra Mutch
23:40.7 PRCedarcrest
34.10Emma Hutcheson
23:47.7 SRKing's
35.10Ali Stuller
36.10Annie Hanchett
23:52.7 PRKing's
37.11Autumn Jensen
23:59.6 SRLakewood
38.10Hannah Limb
24:15.8 PRKing's
39.12Clara Martin
24:18.5 PRSouth Whidbey
40.10Maddie Brown
24:18.7Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
41.12Anna Justus
24:49.0 SRSouth Whidbey
42.12Katie Bell
43.12Kierstan Brown
25:01.9 PRArchbishop Murphy
44.9Maddy Veatch
25:05.6Granite Falls
45.11Bethany Justus
25:08.3 SRSouth Whidbey
46.12Marissa Baer
25:18.1 PRArchbishop Murphy
47.11Addison Rackowitz
48.9Mickayla Lindquist
25:45.0 SRGranite Falls
49.11Emily Northey
50.10Kasiah White
51.12Mckenzie Meyer
26:18.2Granite Falls
52.11Chloe Wire
26:52.9Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
53.12Madison Taylor
26:53.8South Whidbey
54.9Shannara Brown
27:20.2 PRGranite Falls
55.11Manesha Ram
56.11Alice Martinotti
27:33.6 PRLakewood
57.9Lucy Harper
58.12Sierra Loch
28:45.1 SRArchbishop Murphy
59.11Abbie Graf
28:46.5 SRLakewood
60.12Olivia Dillon
61.9Johanna Schmidt
29:30.6 SRLakewood
62.12Bethany Shepard
30:23.9 SRLakewood
63.10Javairia Haq
33:52.1 PRCedarcrest
64.10Maya Roberts
37:28.5 PRKing's
65.11Libby Jensen
38:53.9Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
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