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1.5 Miles Middle School
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1.5 Miles Middle School

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Wm R. Satz
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Mens Results

1.5 Miles Middle School

Official Team Scores

1.Wm R. Satz23
2.Ocean Township38
-Sam Babitsky
09:57.003Ocean Township
8Arjun Menon
10:05.380Wm R. Satz
8Allen Lu
10:20.973Wm R. Satz
-Matt Fabrizio
10:26.303Ocean Township
7Albert Zou
10:31.633Wm R. Satz
7Ethan Hood
10:38.210Wm R. Satz
8Jason Yan
10:52.840Wm R. Satz
8Derek Chan
11:02.810Wm R. Satz
8Douglas Chan
11:04.606Wm R. Satz
7Abhay Rao
11:05.230Wm R. Satz
-Devin Pardon
11:14.060 PROcean Township
8Declan Jackman
11:22.030Wm R. Satz
8Tyler Sullivan
11:36.483Wm R. Satz
7Anthony Peloro
11:40.516Wm R. Satz
-Brian Gibbons
11:43.720 PROcean Township
7Magnus Campuzano
11:57.720Wm R. Satz
8Renato Azambuja
12:00.316Wm R. Satz
7Rishi Gummella
12:05.033Wm R. Satz
8Eliot Gunawardana
12:10.613Wm R. Satz
8Akhil Thalasila
12:12.160Wm R. Satz
8Ajay Movva
12:18.896Wm R. Satz
7Andrew Bracco
12:24.070 SRWm R. Satz
-Ethan Brandimarte
12:27.053 PROcean Township
7Michael Kravets
12:30.480Wm R. Satz
8Daniel Tobengauz
12:31.590Wm R. Satz
7Brian Mahoney
12:36.076Wm R. Satz
8Michael Lobifaro
12:38.373 PRWm R. Satz
7Krishna Kallakuri
12:39.466Wm R. Satz
-Daniel Cholak
12:39.530 SROcean Township
8Aidan Choo
12:41.750 PRWm R. Satz
-Devin Erakin
12:53.576Wm R. Satz
-Adam Healy
12:57.876 PROcean Township
7Alex Baker
13:09.220 PRWm R. Satz
7Dylan Kemmerer
13:17.660 SRWm R. Satz
7Dylan Keating
13:37.050 SRWm R. Satz
8Sharath Peddapalli
13:50.116Wm R. Satz
7Ryan Schachel
13:50.240Wm R. Satz
7Alexandru Ungureanu
14:11.680 PRWm R. Satz
-Anthony Jaroszewski
14:15.056 PRWm R. Satz
8Robert Andersen
14:22.120Wm R. Satz
7Michael Bracco
14:30.730Wm R. Satz
7Colin McAulay
14:45.420 SRWm R. Satz
8Jeremy Bodycomb
15:15.016 PRWm R. Satz
7Matt Perez
17:52.286 SRWm R. Satz
7Alex Tian
18:13.710Wm R. Satz
7Michael London
18:18.413Wm R. Satz
-William Shullich
18:30.603Wm R. Satz
-David Menna
20:10.396 PRWm R. Satz
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Wm R. Satz

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