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Mens Races
1.5 Miles Varsity8:00 PM
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Varsity8:45 PM

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The Preston High Cross Country team would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Knight Night XC Relays. The Knight Night XC Relays is a relay style cross country race modeled after the Brentsville Night Relays in Brentsville, VA.  The event will be staged at dusk / dark and the course will be lit by the lights of Knights Stadium and the Dr. John Trenton Track & Field facility. In addition, supplemental lighting will be provided by tiki torches, glow sticks, fire trucks, and luminaries. 
Four member teams will be racing approximately 1.5 miles each. Schools may run unlimited number of teams. Incomplete teams can run as many legs of the relay as they have available. For instance if a school has nine runners, they can run two teams of four and the one remaining athlete can run the first leg of the race. 
The course is a modified loop and will start and finish inside Knight’s Stadium. Athletes will run the majority of the first mile of the existing course (including Hayfield Hills) before heading back towards the stadium. Runners will then travel in a counter clockwise around the football field before handing off to the next runner. Split times will be recorded for each athlete.   
When:                                      Saturday, August 30, 2008
Where:                                     The Knight Night XC Relays will take place at Preston High School in Kingwood, WV. 

Tentative Schedule:
               6:30 p.m.          -           Middle School Boys Relay Race
7:15 p.m.          -           Middle School Girls Relay Race
7:52 p.m.          -           Sunset
8:00 p.m.          -           High School Boys Relay Race
8:45 p.m.          -           High School Girls Relay Race
9:30 p.m.          -           College Division
Awards:                                   The top three relay teams in each division will receive trophies. 
Concessions:                            Hot and cold concessions will be available as well as the official Knight Night XC Relays T-shirt. 
Post Race Cook-out:                A cook-out will be provided for all athletes and coaches upon completion of the boys relay race. The menu will include hotdogs, fruit, pasta / potato salad, and sports drink. 
Entry Fee:                                The entry fee will be $10 per relay team. Individual runners not part of a full team will not be charged.  For the high school and middle school races, make checks payable to Preston High Cross CountryThere will also be an admission fee for spectators of $4.00 for adults and $3.00 for students.
Entry Method:                         All schools must enter their athletes using Hytek’s Team Manager Lite. Faxed or mailed entries will not be accepted. Complete instructions on how to use Team Manger Lite can be found at our website:
Deadline:                                 If your school is interested in competing in the Knight Night XC Relays, please fill out the online entry form on our website as soon as possible.  Electronic entries must be received by 3:30 p.m. on Monday, August 25th, 2008. 
Preston High School                                                                Work Phone          (304) 329-0400 ext. 365
400 Preston Drive                                                                     Mobile Phone      (304) 290-3772
Kingwood, WV 26537                                                               Email :        
c/o Coach Paul Martin                                                             Website:     

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Mens Results

1.5 Miles Varsity

1.12Zach Tennant
07:10.8 PRNorth Marion
2.12Cory Hampshire
07:34.5 PRJefferson
3.12Craig Pritt
07:34.6 PRPreston
4.10Cody Pelliccioni
07:37.4 PRMorgantown
5.10Brandon Doughty
07:49.6 SRJefferson
6.12Sterling Snyder
07:50.0 PRPreston
7.12Adam Frohnapfel
07:54.9 PRUniversity
8.11David Rhodes
07:56.2 PRTucker County
9.12Neil Bland
07:56.3 PRNorth Marion
10.12Wesley McKinney
07:57.7 PRPreston
11.12Jeremy Gouzd
08:00.2 PRNorth Marion
12.11Jack Butler
08:00.4 PRUniversity
13.11Lucas Greza
08:00.8 PRMorgantown
14.10Clint Bowman
08:01.6 PRPreston
15.12Andrew Cassell
08:02.9 PRJefferson
16.12Luke Bowman
08:08.0 PRPreston
17.10Joshua Davis
08:11.5 SRWashington
18.12Jay Martin
08:11.9 PRJefferson
19.12Brian DeCosta
08:12.2 PRUniversity
20.12Joe Ahern
08:12.5 PRMorgantown
21.11Chris Toompas
08:14.3 PRPhilip Barbour
22.12Kory Farmer
08:14.4 PRJefferson
23.12Michael Ebbert
08:16.2 PREast Fairmont
24.12Zachary Phipps
08:16.3 PRMorgantown
25.11Cody Marsh
08:17.7 PRJefferson
26.12Ethan Elliott
08:20.1 SRUniversity
27.9Mike Harrison
08:20.5 SRPreston
28.12Seton Zacot
08:21.8 PRJefferson
29.11Kari Selin
08:28.0 PRMorgantown
30.11Andrew Knotts
08:32.3 PRHedgesville
31.10Jimmy Munnis
08:33.7 SRJefferson
32.12John King
08:34.0 PRPhilip Barbour
33.10Isaac Shade
08:35.1 SRJefferson
34.11Ronnie Cosco
08:35.6 PREast Fairmont
35.9Branden Hartman
08:36.1 PRWashington
36.12Tony Parker
08:37.2 PRPreston
37.10Matt Stadelman
08:37.4 SRGrafton
38.10Jordan Riffle
08:37.9 SRGrafton
39.9Jordan Brown-Stobbe
08:38.6 PRUniversity
40.11Hunter Wood
08:40.2 PREast Fairmont
41.11James Sirockman
08:40.5 PRUniversity
42.9Peter Schwarzenberg
08:42.3 SRPreston
43.10Zach Tennant
08:42.3 SRGrafton
44.10Sam Munnis
08:43.2 SRJefferson
45.12John Higgins
08:45.0 PRPhilip Barbour
46.9Patrick Wells
08:48.6 SRUniversity
47.10Jonathan Hayes
08:49.4 SRJefferson
48.11Shawn Altman
08:55.0 SRGrafton
49.10Kris Knotts
08:56.6 SRHedgesville
50.12Sam Richardson
08:56.8 PRUniversity
51.12Cole Kelley
08:58.1 PRTucker County
52.9Curtis Chiswell
08:59.5 SRJefferson
53.10Chase Byrne
09:02.2 PRPhilip Barbour
54.11Coltan Brusak
09:04.9 PRTucker County
55.10Cullen Kelley
09:05.3 PRTucker County
56.9Andrew Stanley
09:07.9 PRNorth Marion
57.9Brandon Latocha
09:11.5 PRNorth Marion
58.11Mario LeDonne
09:15.8 PRMorgantown
59.11Earnest Scott
09:17.6 PREast Fairmont
60.9Kyle Benson
09:18.7 SRPreston
61.12Kyle Blosser
09:20.2 PREast Fairmont
62.9Tyler Brandenburg
09:22.8 PRWashington
63.12John Maxwell
09:23.3 PRUniversity
64.9John Craw
09:23.9 PRNorth Marion
65.10Quenton King
09:24.2 PRWashington
66.9Nick Ledden
09:25.8 SRJefferson
67.9Jimmy Meyer
09:26.8 SRJefferson
68.11Kenny Burnley
09:27.0 PRNorth Marion
69.12Hugh Boylan
09:28.1 PRJefferson
70.10Matt Kelly
09:30.8 SRHedgesville
71.12Chris Tingley
09:32.4 PRUniversity
72.9Cole Delawder
09:34.1 PRGrafton
73.11Justin Speelman
09:35.1 PREast Fairmont
74.9Josh Eppinger
09:36.1 SRHedgesville
75.12Andrew Licata
09:38.2 PREast Fairmont
76.12Nathan Edwards
09:39.9 PRUniversity
77.10Justin McDonald
09:42.5 PRNorth Marion
78.9Brooks Russell
09:46.5 PRNorth Marion
79.11Chad Efaw
09:47.8 PRNorth Marion
80.9Daniel Nowak
09:48.4 PRUniversity
81.10Paul Cassell
09:50.2 SRWashington
82.10Steven Offutt
09:52.9 PRJefferson
83.11Jeff Fuss
09:55.2 PRJefferson
84.9Andy Lyons
09:59.4 PRUniversity
85.12Kurtis Wolfe
10:04.9 SRPreston
86.10Tommy McDaniel
10:05.8 SREast Fairmont
87.9Alex Dorman
10:13.8 SRJefferson
88.9Nathaneal McCormick
10:14.1 SRUniversity
89.10Matt Cummins
10:17.6 PRNorth Marion
90.11Daniel Haller
10:22.3 PRPhilip Barbour
91.10Charles McMannis
10:24.0 PRPhilip Barbour
92.9Duncan Yeisley
10:27.9 PRHedgesville
93.9Chris Doss
10:28.3 SRJefferson
94.10Peter Edwards
10:35.5 PRUniversity
95.9Gregory Hawk
10:37.1 PRWashington
96.10Nick Coughlin
10:38.2 SRWashington
97.9Chris Bonner
10:40.0 PRTucker County
98.-Vincent Baisi
10:53.4 PRPhilip Barbour
99.9Jason Mezzanotte
10:55.9 SREast Fairmont
100.12Harold Harper
11:12.0 PRTucker County
101.9Eric Harshbarger
11:13.2 SRMorgantown
102.12Zachary Watson
11:14.9 PRMorgantown
103.12Logan Carpenter
11:21.4 PREast Fairmont
104.9Hoff Lindberg
11:26.2 SRJefferson
105.10Anthony Beres
11:37.7 PRMorgantown
106.12Ian Bernett
11:45.0 PRUniversity
107.12Josh Wentz
11:45.1 PRPhilip Barbour
108.9Issac Rush
12:01.7 PREast Fairmont
109.10Travis Taylor
12:09.2 SRUniversity
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Varsity

1.12Ari Kasprowicz
08:41.7 PRPreston
2.12Allison Pettit
08:53.4 PRMorgantown
3.12Sarah Martinelli
08:56.8 PRUniversity
4.11Alyssa Boucher
09:10.9 PRJefferson
5.11Jordan McDonald
09:16.3 PRNorth Marion
6.10Sarah McCauley
09:23.7 PRPhilip Barbour
7.11Lydia Martinelli
09:24.0 PRUniversity
8.12Jennifer Van der s...
09:27.1 PRUniversity
9.11Marcie Mason
09:28.6 PRNorth Marion
10.9Katelyn Whisler
09:29.7 PRMorgantown
11.12Elisabeth Rust
09:30.0 PRJefferson
12.11Molly Summers
09:31.7 PRGrafton
13.11Andrea Nickerson
09:32.4 PRJefferson
14.9Karli Ridenour
09:40.1 SRPreston
15.9Rachael Hulett
09:42.5 PRPreston
16.11Alison Kimble
09:42.9 PRUniversity
17.10Lindsey Hash
09:50.1 SRJefferson
18.11Chanel Alexander
09:52.5 PRGrafton
19.10Julia Paladino
09:56.9 PRUniversity
20.10Elizabeth Duarte
09:59.4 PRMorgantown
21.9Katelyn Wheeler
10:03.0 SRUniversity
22.12Megan Radcliffe
10:04.6 PRMorgantown
23.11Sara Ray
10:05.4 PRNorth Marion
24.11Cassy Menas
10:06.5 PRNorth Marion
25.11Katie Parker
10:07.8 PRPreston
26.11Kaylen Poston
10:10.7 PRGrafton
27.9Bryanna Doughty
10:13.3 PRJefferson
28.11Alexandra Arthurs
10:13.5 PRMorgantown
29.9Kelly Humphreys
10:14.3 PRNorth Marion
30.11Andrea Jones
10:17.2 PRPreston
31.12Alyssa Meadows
10:18.3 PRHedgesville
32.12Gabrielle LaFata
10:18.5 PRMorgantown
33.11Mary Beth Smith
10:21.0 PRTucker County
34.11Katie Wheeler
10:21.8 PRHedgesville
35.11Megan Wilson
10:22.5 PREast Fairmont
36.9Paige Tuttle
10:22.6 PRNorth Marion
37.11Anne Harman
10:24.1 PRMorgantown
38.11Becky Verbonitz
10:24.3 SRPreston
39.12Ashley Lavengood
10:27.4 PRMorgantown
40.10Ashley Shultz
10:28.3 SRPreston
41.9Shannon Dineen
10:29.3 PRUniversity
42.10Abby Haught
10:30.6 PRNorth Marion
43.9April George
10:33.1 PRUniversity
44.9Lauren Elliott
10:34.7 PRUniversity
45.10Abby Taylor
10:34.7 PRGrafton
46.10Laura Shaffer
10:45.1 SRPreston
47.9Deborah Martinelli
10:46.3 SRUniversity
48.12Jennifer Henriquez
10:47.3 PRJefferson
49.9Tyla Nelson
10:48.2 PRPreston
50.12Lindsey Mills
10:48.8 PREast Fairmont
51.11Julianna Warner
10:51.9 PRTucker County
52.9Cici Cottrill
10:53.6 PRUniversity
53.11Filisa Haddix
10:55.6 PRGrafton
54.9Riley Shubert
10:59.7 PRPreston
55.11Ana Kromer
11:04.3 PRJefferson
56.12Anna Patrick
11:05.8 PRTucker County
57.9Jaya Pillai
11:06.2 PRUniversity
58.10Molly Draper
11:09.2 PRHedgesville
59.9Alex Phares
11:12.8 SRUniversity
60.10Caitlyn Roll
11:14.2 PRJefferson
61.9Debra Smith
11:17.4 PREast Fairmont
62.10Lizzy Kolar
11:22.7 PRUniversity
63.9Samantha Ford
11:24.6 SRPreston
64.11Emily King
11:26.4 PRWashington
65.9Melissa Hernandez
11:28.1 PRWashington
66.10Caitlin Parrucci
11:35.4 PRMorgantown
67.12Kristen Poston
11:38.3 PRGrafton
68.9Mary Clair Reid
11:39.0 PRGrafton
69.12Zannah Bailey
11:39.5 PRMorgantown
70.9Susanna Portaro
11:45.2 SRUniversity
71.11Melody Heath
11:46.8 PRTucker County
72.10Celeste Rosencrance
11:49.9 PRGrafton
73.10Samatha Weatherman
11:52.1 PRHedgesville
74.10Rebecca Haught
11:58.9 PREast Fairmont
75.11Nikole Hilbert
11:59.7 PRWashington
76.9Aleece Fox
12:00.8 PRMorgantown
77.12Rachel Halbritter
12:01.0 PRMorgantown
78.10Mercedes Jacobs
12:02.1 PRPhilip Barbour
79.11Heather Reynolds
12:06.6 PRWashington
80.12Brooke Morris
12:06.7 PREast Fairmont
81.11Paula Pacurari
12:13.4 PRUniversity
82.10Kameron Freeman
12:13.6 PRGrafton
83.9Porcha Cobb
12:13.8 PRNorth Marion
84.12Shannon Moore
12:14.1 PREast Fairmont
85.12Miranda Miller
12:14.2 PRMorgantown
86.12Marie Friend
12:14.8 PRTucker County
87.9Ann Marie Witkowski
12:16.1 PRGrafton
88.10Hannah Beckner
12:16.1 PRTucker County
89.10Alanah Calvert
12:17.7 SRPreston
90.12Erin Balser
12:23.0 PRJefferson
91.11Carly O'Dell
12:27.6 PRNorth Marion
92.12Kelly Weisenborn
12:30.5 PREast Fairmont
93.9Trista Harper
12:39.1 PRTucker County
94.9Lacey Smith
12:52.6 PREast Fairmont
95.12Mandy Pollard
12:55.7 PRMorgantown
96.10Kasey George
13:03.6 PRPhilip Barbour
97.11Liesa Kimelaskas
13:27.8 PRTucker County
98.10Sarah Smith
15:12.0 PREast Fairmont
99.10Jackie Stalmaker
20:03.4 PRPhilip Barbour
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