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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Del Norte
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.San Marcos48
3.Del Norte58
4.San Pasqual69
5.San Dieguito Academy145
6.Mission Hills173
1.9Noah Tellez-Velazq...
17:43San Pasqual
2.9Mathis Wouters
17:49San Pasqual
3.10Jose Marroquin
17:59 PREscondido
4.9Alex Wahab
18:00 SRDel Norte
5.10Alexander Montejo
18:04 PREscondido
6.10Austin Arnold
18:06 PRDel Norte
7.10Aidan Chappell
18:09 PRSan Marcos
8.9Sammy Duke
18:11 SRSan Marcos
9.9Christian Ramos
10.9Joshua Hutchinson
18:19 SRSan Marcos
11.10Paul Hatala
18:28 SRSan Marcos
12.10Victor Cova
18:33San Marcos
13.9Alexander Rodriguez
18:37 PREscondido
14.9Nick Romney
18:37 SRDel Norte
15.11Isaac Cruz
16.11Connor Lennan
18:45 SRDel Norte
17.9Kyle Kellerup
18:46 PREscondido
18.11Darren Chow
18:50 PRDel Norte
19.9Christopher Clarke
18:52 PREscondido
20.10Lee Nguyen
18:52 SRSan Pasqual
21.10Nathan Johnson
18:53San Dieguito Academy
23.10Chongdu Xu
19:00 PRSan Marcos
24.9Derry Solano
19:09 PREscondido
25.9Andy Valencia
19:10 PRSan Pasqual
26.9Sam Hubbard
19:11 PRSan Marcos
27.9Ryan Snyder
19:19 PRDel Norte
28.10Connor Oldham
19:22 SRSan Dieguito Academy
29.10Everett Leveque
19:25 PRSan Dieguito Academy
30.10James Monroe
19:26 PRMission Hills
31.9Quinton Schluederb...
19:26 SRSan Marcos
32.10Oswaldo Arajo
33.11Alex Mccune
19:34San Marcos
34.11Ronnie Rubio
19:40 PREscondido
35.11Carlos Renteria
19:43 PREscondido
36.10Armando Saldana
19:44 PREscondido
37.10Joe Lawrence
19:49 PRMission Hills
38.9Will Nellis
19:53 PRSan Marcos
39.unknown san pasqual
19:53San Pasqual
40.9David Bonds
41.11Brian Huo
20:01 PRDel Norte
42.9Michael Lerum
20:01 PRDel Norte
43.10Trent Moothart
20:03San Dieguito Academy
44.10Bennett Cooper
20:09 PRDel Norte
45.11Yusef Boualam
20:13 PRSan Pasqual
46.10Carter Ristine
20:20 SRSan Pasqual
47.10Grant Lewandowski
20:23 PREscondido
48.9John Porterfield
20:23 SRSan Pasqual
49.10Rohun Carlton
20:28 SRDel Norte
50.11Zachary Haux
20:28 PRDel Norte
51.9Miguel Mota
52.9Alex Pacino
20:45San Marcos
53.9Kean Okemura
20:45 PRMission Hills
54.11Aidan Noet
20:48 SRDel Norte
55.11Ken Matsukura
20:50Del Norte
56.9Tony Farrell
20:53San Pasqual
57.9Jake Kanetis
58.11Carlos Castro
20:59 PREscondido
59.11Peter Heidler
21:00 SRSan Dieguito Academy
60.9Vance Winstead
21:12 PRSan Marcos
62.-Anders Busic
21:23 PRSan Dieguito Academy
63.9Sebastian Rodriguez
21:23San Dieguito Academy
64.9Ryley Schweitzer
65.11Shane Horan
21:44San Dieguito Academy
66.10Elio Ambrosio
21:49San Dieguito Academy
67.11William Schwend
21:49San Marcos
68.11Lenny Lee-Chicas
22:00San Dieguito Academy
69.9Zack Seltzer
22:06San Pasqual
70.9Ryan Dafoe
22:13 PRDel Norte
71.10Kevin Nguyen
22:14San Pasqual
72.11Raymond Mosko
22:26San Dieguito Academy
73.9Liam Arenas-Field
22:32 SRSan Marcos
74.10Eric Miller
22:37Mission Hills
75.9Josh Womack
76.9Brennan Goins
22:53 SRMission Hills
77.9Oscar Arroyo
78.9Josh Leon
79.11Niklas Hoover
23:21 SRSan Dieguito Academy
80.10Ben Tecotzky
23:35 SRSan Dieguito Academy
81.9Enzo Cortellesa
23:35 PRSan Dieguito Academy
82.9Connor Goode
24:10Del Norte
83.10Alejandro Zepeda
84.9Brandon Edwards
24:22San Dieguito Academy
85.10Adron Ellis
26:08 PRSan Pasqual
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Del Norte15
2.San Dieguito Academy52
3.San Marcos86
1.9Kayleigh O'Neal
21:53 PRDel Norte
2.11April Xie
22:10 SRDel Norte
3.9Katalin McNair
22:16 SRDel Norte
4.9Maggie Basinger
22:42 SRDel Norte
5.9Ritu Gaikwad
22:51 PRDel Norte
6.11Reagan Cloutier
22:52 PRDel Norte
7.10Veronica Campbell
22:55 PRDel Norte
8.9Issie Prince
23:03 PRSan Dieguito Academy
9.11Julie Roshala
23:03 PRSan Dieguito Academy
10.11Krisztina Barad
23:17 PRDel Norte
11.9Delaney Anderson
23:19 PRDel Norte
12.9Julia Herold
23:19 PRSan Dieguito Academy
13.11Mary Ford
23:26 PRSan Dieguito Academy
14.9Ella Van Hamersveld
23:27 SRSan Marcos
15.10Advaita Chandramohan
23:29 PRDel Norte
16.9Ashley Odom
23:55 PRSan Marcos
17.9Torrey Platenberg
24:35 PRSan Dieguito Academy
18.10Minnie Bird
24:43 SRDel Norte
19.11Julia De la fuente
24:50 PRSan Dieguito Academy
20.11Jaycie Roshala
24:53 PRSan Dieguito Academy
21.10McKenna Copeland
24:56 PRSan Marcos
22.9Analuisa Esquivias
24:57 PREscondido
23.9Meghann Reider
24:59 PRSan Pasqual
24.11Lauren Kalley
25:03 PRDel Norte
25.11Sophie Peeler
25:23 PRSan Dieguito Academy
26.9Olivia McNulty
25:28 PRDel Norte
27.10Alyssa Acosta
25:35 PRSan Pasqual
28.9Elisa Ritter
25:35 SRDel Norte
29.9Sophie Ross
25:39 SRSan Marcos
30.9Ava Meyer
25:40 PRSan Dieguito Academy
31.10Citlally Contreras
25:42 PRSan Dieguito Academy
32.9Rania Hachimi
25:58 PRDel Norte
33.9Sarah Kim
26:01 SRMission Hills
34.11Ana Serna
26:03 PRSan Pasqual
35.10Ashlyn Haines
26:25 PRSan Dieguito Academy
36.11Natalie Shields
26:32 PRSan Dieguito Academy
37.10Chinmayi Pandya
26:39 PRDel Norte
38.11Alyx Stewart
26:40 PRSan Dieguito Academy
39.11Lara Tuazon
26:46 PRDel Norte
40.9Deyri Chacon
26:47 PREscondido
41.10Daphne Garcia
26:47 PREscondido
42.11Natalie Haghani
27:13 PRSan Dieguito Academy
43.11Elizabeth Durall
27:49 PRDel Norte
44.9Tina Estrada
28:43 PREscondido
45.10Aurora Carillo
29:04 PREscondido
46.9Diana Sanchez
29:49 PREscondido
47.10Catherine Dennis
30:22 PRDel Norte
48.9Bridget Staggs
32:16 PRSan Marcos
49.9Carla Cardona
33:06 PREscondido
50.9Madison Vargas
33:15 PREscondido
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