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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter47
2.Research Triangle47
3.Voyager Academy102
4.Woods Charter113
5.Franklin Academy113
9.Roxboro Community246
11.East Wake Academy287
13.River Mill Academy379
1.12Madison Daniel
16:17.29Research Triangle
2.10Thomas Moore
16:19.88 PRRaleigh Charter
3.11Luke Bennett
16:20.96 SRVoyager Academy
4.12Michal Swepson
16:23.81 PRResearch Triangle
5.12Jack Puryear
16:42.69Research Triangle
6.11Timmy O'Neill
16:43.03 SRRaleigh Charter
7.11Austin Sullivan
17:02.50 SRPrinceton
8.12Eric Young
17:18.36 PRResearch Triangle
9.9Jeddy Waldon
17:29.84 SRFranklin Academy
10.11Ian Ovenden
17:33.90 SRVoyager Academy
11.10Jonathan Wertz
17:37.33 SRFranklin Academy
12.11Michael Scrudato
17:42.15 SRRaleigh Charter
13.11Yates McConnell
17:43.41 PRRaleigh Charter
14.10Calvin Koonce
17:47.98 SRRaleigh Charter
15.12Tommy Johnson
17:53.83 PRWoods Charter
16.12Dalton Farmer
17:55.88 PRRosewood
17.9Karson McKenzie
17:56.63 SRRoxboro Community
18.9Nick Teta
17:58.07 SRWoods Charter
19.11Austin Hunt
18:04.49 PRSouth Robeson
20.12LJ Faircloth
18:05.34 PRLakewood
21.11David Williams
18:06.67 SRWoods Charter
22.11Brent Hurst
18:07.00 SRPrinceton
23.10David Torres-Molina
18:07.26 PRHobbton
24.11James Christensen
18:11.48 SRVoyager Academy
25.12Jose Moreno
26.11Kevin Johnston
18:15.80 PRWoods Charter
27.12Alfredo Ellzey
18:26.88 SRVoyager Academy
28.10Sammy Flores
18:33.20 PRHobbton
29.12Abraheem Alwahishi
18:42.28 PRHobbton
30.9Able Maasho
18:43.76 PRResearch Triangle
31.9Zachary Bunner
18:45.07 SRFranklin Academy
32.11Aidan Robinson
18:46.81 SRFranklin Academy
33.9Steven Kishpaugh
18:48.76 PRFranklin Academy
34.10Noah Benjamin
18:50.37 SRRaleigh Charter
35.9Xavier McLamb
18:59.14 SRHobbton
36.10Hunter Hughes
19:00.25 SRWoods Charter
37.12Andy Klappenbach
19:01.03 SRResearch Triangle
38.11Victor Aguirre
19:02.78 SRHobbton
39.10Cameron Smith
19:10.24 SRRosewood
40.10Cameron Chase
19:17.25 SRRoxboro Community
41.11Christian Quick
19:19.18 PRVoyager Academy
42.10Ty Meyer
19:19.24 SRHobbton
43.11Collin Ward
19:27.41 SRWoods Charter
44.9Michael Keriher
19:27.58Voyager Academy
45.9Matthew Schweikert
19:28.04 SRFranklin Academy
46.12Josh Bynum
19:33.47 PRResearch Triangle
47.11Zakai Washington
19:38.58 PRLakewood
48.12Kody Silknetter
19:41.13 PRRosewood
49.10Cody Hunt
19:42.75 SREast Wake Academy
50.12Dany Garcia Soto
19:47.66 PRHobbton
51.9Dylan Jones
19:49.03 PRRoxboro Community
52.11Nathan Braswell
19:56.86 SRFranklin Academy
53.10Owen Blevins
19:57.50 PRRosewood
54.10Zachary Hatch
19:58.41 SRWhiteville
55.11Kristian Still
19:59.09 PRPender
56.12Matt Parsons
20:02.67 PRRosewood
57.9Mitchell O'Connor
20:08.01 SRWoods Charter
58.11Peyton Weatherspoon
20:27.87 PREast Wake Academy
59.11Malik Singletary
20:34.89 SRRiver Mill Academy
60.12Jackson Perrin
20:38.56 SRRaleigh Charter
61.11Andrew Bryant
20:39.23 SREast Wake Academy
62.10Drake Weatherspoon
20:40.69 PREast Wake Academy
63.11Ronald Whitt
20:49.08Voyager Academy
64.12Griffin James
20:52.70 PRPender
65.11Shawn Andrew
20:59.69 PRLakewood
66.12Matt Wuester
21:05.32 PRLakewood
67.11Zach Belch
21:16.99East Wake Academy
68.9Ovidio Rojas
21:20.58 SRNorth Duplin
69.10Nate Casper
21:32.22East Wake Academy
70.12Dante Green
21:51.10 PRLakewood
71.12Marcus Walton
21:51.44 SRLakewood
72.12Jeremy Mercer
21:58.18 PRRosewood
73.8Scottie Bell
22:03.30 SRRoxboro Community
74.9Wyatt Searles
22:18.34 PRRosewood
75.12Del Kimrey
22:24.69 SRRoxboro Community
76.9Logan Dunkley
22:25.43 PRRoxboro Community
77.9Gage Holmes
22:25.56 PRPrinceton
78.12Carson Brooks
22:39.74 SREast Wake Academy
79.10Brenton Lanier
23:05.20 PRWhiteville
80.12Alek Buie
23:05.98 SRRiver Mill Academy
81.11Nathan Smith
23:07.95 SRNeuse Charter
82.9Hunter Hudson
23:17.51 SRNorth Duplin
83.10Christopher Thread...
23:37.73 PRWhiteville
84.8Alex Adkins
23:53.87 SRRoxboro Community
85.11Justin Ezzell
24:29.77 PRLakewood
86.9Benjamin Bayles
24:40.67 SRPrinceton
87.11Harrison Rodgers
25:21.66 SRRiver Mill Academy
88.11Quinton Buie
25:54.20 SRRiver Mill Academy
89.10Patrick Mccarthy
26:29.47 SRNeuse Charter
90.12Trenton Shields
26:51.90 SRRiver Mill Academy
91.11Timothy Myers
27:27.55 PRWhiteville
92.11Joey Pridgen
28:11.51 PRWhiteville
93.11Steven Williams
29:08.63 PRWhiteville
94.11Ryan Morzas
29:31.54 SRRiver Mill Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter57
2.Franklin Academy62
3.Woods Charter106
4.Roxboro Community132
6.East Wake Academy199
8.North Duplin206
10.Voyager Academy223
11.Research Triangle226
1.9Gillian Scott
19:59.58 SRRaleigh Charter
2.12Hannah Zenker
20:04.48 SRFranklin Academy
3.12Jade Ogilvie
20:22.44 PRWoods Charter
4.9Caitlyn Burkett
20:31.50 SRFranklin Academy
5.11Ashley Hinterleiter
20:45.81 SRHobbton
6.12Brittany Smith
20:55.53 PRRoxboro Community
7.11Haley Thurston
21:07.88 SRNorth Duplin
8.12Christy Witcher
21:07.97 PRRaleigh Charter
9.10Sydney Parsons
21:12.55 PRRaleigh Charter
10.9Nicole Avila
21:12.68 PRWoods Charter
11.11Lani Foglesong
21:20.07 PRVoyager Academy
12.10Hannah Franklin
21:34.75 SRFranklin Academy
13.10Elaina Amy
22:00.07 PRRosewood
14.11Katie Pleasant
22:06.90 PRRoxboro Community
15.12Halle Lutz
22:10.09 PRRaleigh Charter
16.9Haley Turner
22:10.97 PREast Wake Academy
17.11Kianna Cook
22:27.88 SRFranklin Academy
18.12Ashley Johnson
22:30.98 PREast Wake Academy
19.9Eryka Vanek
22:36.69 PRRoxboro Community
20.10Natalie Bowers
22:46.04 SRResearch Triangle
21.9Kendy Rangel
22:46.21 PRNorth Duplin
22.12Ivey Long
22:50.53 PRWhiteville
23.10Hannah Duncan
22:52.90 PRWhiteville
24.12Laura Gaines
22:59.83 PRRaleigh Charter
25.12Chelsea Hawley
23:03.83 PRPrinceton
26.9Hannah Woo
23:05.04 PRVoyager Academy
27.12Altheia Balageo
23:09.21 SRPrinceton
28.10Rose Vaughan
23:21.47 PRWoods Charter
29.9Anna Schulz
23:33.37 SRFranklin Academy
30.9Anna Blake Glatthaar
23:40.63 PRRaleigh Charter
31.11Marika Samuelsson
23:43.44 SRNeuse Charter
32.11Rebecca Fitzmaurice
23:45.40 PRRosewood
33.9Nicole Rafferty
23:53.38 PRFranklin Academy
34.11Lilly Whalen
23:54.36 PRRaleigh Charter
35.9Sydney Fryman
24:08.11 SRRoxboro Community
36.12Rachel Deininger
24:19.79 PRWoods Charter
37.9Cheynie Wray
24:24.79 PRWoods Charter
38.10Alyssa Donaldson
24:30.60 SRResearch Triangle
39.10Michaela Young
24:33.75 PRPender
40.12Abigail Lewis
24:35.78 PRPender
41.12Amber Johnson
24:37.83 SRPrinceton
42.9Denisse Sada Romero
24:49.58 PRHobbton
43.10Krystal Martinez
25:01.81 SRHobbton
44.9Gabrielle Williams
25:03.83 PRHobbton
45.12Destiny Lowry
25:12.28 PRHobbton
46.9Crystal Rubio
25:13.17 PRHobbton
47.11Alex Hill
25:16.18 PRRosewood
48.12Mariah Menanno
25:18.76 PRResearch Triangle
49.9Shawnee Young
25:20.82 PRWhiteville
50.10Esmeralda Lopez Pere
25:21.58 PRNorth Duplin
51.11Robin Turner
25:24.09 PRPender
52.11Kaitlyn Hubschmitt
25:31.44 SRPender
53.9Emily Powell
25:34.92 SREast Wake Academy
54.9Madison Geigle
25:35.85 PRFranklin Academy
55.9Adriana Montes
25:43.94 PRHobbton
56.10Ellen McLam
25:44.84 PRWhiteville
57.9Hannah Benjamin
25:48.50 PRResearch Triangle
58.10Brianna Lindly
26:16.92 PRLakewood
59.11Melissa Orellana
26:17.05 SRNorth Duplin
60.11Bryn Merritt
26:18.38 SRVoyager Academy
61.11Sarah Brown
26:21.60 SREast Wake Academy
62.9Alyson Patrick
26:26.49 PRWhiteville
63.9Allison Keys
26:32.08 PREast Wake Academy
64.10Iliana Hertzig
26:40.39 SREast Wake Academy
65.12Sarah Powell
26:52.49 PRRoxboro Community
66.9Maria James
26:54.96 PRPender
67.12Elizabeth Cole
27:03.85 SRPrinceton
68.11Emery Laethem
27:07.46 PRWoods Charter
69.12Carli Reo
27:10.77Voyager Academy
70.11Catherine Moore
27:37.96 PRRosewood
71.12Hope Turner
27:39.69 PREast Wake Academy
72.12Marjorie White
27:45.76 SRVoyager Academy
73.11Reegan O'Conner
27:48.58 PRWoods Charter
74.10Angela Puzzo
27:54.08 SRRosewood
75.9Meredith Moss
28:06.95 PRWhiteville
76.11Jessica Conger
28:52.94 PRRosewood
77.9Hannah Gordon
28:57.26 SRLakewood
78.10Michaela McPhail
29:02.43 PRLakewood
79.10Beth Donaldson
29:10.47 PRResearch Triangle
80.9Brooke Millen
29:56.42 PRLakewood
81.10Sierra Deitz
30:07.20 PRRosewood
82.12Mariela Matul
30:54.57 PRNorth Duplin
83.12Chelsea Faison
31:08.68 PRLakewood
83.10Mya McGilvary
31:08.68 PRLakewood
83.10Candace Swepson
31:08.68 PRResearch Triangle
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