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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.North Carolina School of Sci...36
3.Durham School of Arts47
7.Roanoke Rapids192
9.Bartlett Yancey253
1.12Frank Kenny
16:11.00 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
2.12Thomas Little
16:12.60 PRDurham School of Arts
3.12Enrique Guerra
16:23.30 PRCarrboro
4.11Dylan Strickland
16:24.80 PRCarrboro
5.10Ben Kearsley
16:41.50Durham School of Arts
6.12Marcus Christenson
16:55.80 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
7.11Skanda Sastry
16:57.50 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
8.12Joseph Wiswell
17:01.80 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
9.10Klaas van Kempen
17:02.20 PRCarrboro
10.12Jackson Crites Vid...
17:06.20 PRCarrboro
11.12Britt Lehman
17:07.10 PRJordan-Matthews
12.12Jalen Drayton
17:17.30 PRDurham School of Arts
13.11Joey Kreiling
17:21.90 SRDurham School of Arts
14.11Lawton Ives
17:22.50 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
15.10Ethan Barber
17:26.10 SRDurham School of Arts
16.10Amado Ruiz-Perez
17:27.90 PRCarrboro
17.10Charles Jordan
17:31.80 SRClinton
18.12Spenc Hoffman-Edmi...
17:34.60 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
19.11Robert Winslow
17:34.90 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
20.12Lizandro Marcial
17:41.20 PRDurham School of Arts
21.12Harrison Marshall
17:44.30 PRCarrboro
22.10Jack Clemens
17:56.30 SRCarrboro
23.12Logan Hornyak
17:57.10 PRFranklinton
24.10Kade Sutton
18:04.70 SRClinton
25.12Namik Scott
18:10.90 PRClinton
25.12Will Warren
18:10.90 PRMidway
27.12Carlos Tzitzun
18:15.60 PRGraham
28.9Peter Sumner
18:22.30 SRDurham School of Arts
29.10Baretta Exley
18:38.20 SRFranklinton
30.10Greg Monk
19:05.90 SRClinton
31.9Jake Rodgers
19:08.40 SRFranklinton
32.9Angel Rivera
19:22.60 PRClinton
33.11Sam Thorn
19:26.50 SRReidsville
34.12Steven Burnette
19:32.90 PRGraham
35.11Josh Elias
19:44.20 PRRoanoke Rapids
36.11Montel Bryson
19:44.70 PRReidsville
37.9Hayden Simpson
19:53.30 PRBunn
38.11Semaj Smith
19:59.00 PRRoanoke Rapids
39.11Luis Herrera
20:07.40 SRJordan-Matthews
40.9Eddy Giron
20:14.80 PRJordan-Matthews
41.11Paul Anderson
20:15.30 PRFranklinton
42.12Sheldon Bowman
20:17.90 PRFranklinton
43.12Dakota Sweet
20:24.80 PRRoanoke Rapids
44.11Justin Hundley
20:35.40 PRBartlett Yancey
45.11Jalen Kelly
20:44.30 SRBunn
46.11Ryan Fritz
20:49.80 PRFranklinton
47.10Peyton Jackson
21:01.90 PRRoanoke Rapids
48.9McGilbra Cutchin
21:08.70 PRRoanoke Rapids
49.12Arturo Torrecilla
21:19.80 SRBunn
50.12David Langley
21:22.10 PRRoanoke Rapids
51.10Michael Vasquez
21:45.80 PRJordan-Matthews
52.12John Rowland
21:53.60 PRBartlett Yancey
53.9Caleb Hinkle
21:58.70 PRBunn
54.10Brandon Loyd
21:59.30 PRSouthern Vance
55.10Robert Zieglar
21:59.90 PRGraham
56.11Caleb Peterson
22:03.40 SRMidway
57.12Zach Green
22:06.40 PRFranklinton
58.11Stephen Bouchard
22:08.10 PRBartlett Yancey
59.11Ritchel Calvaire
22:15.60 PRClinton
60.10Dokota Matthews
22:24.30 SRJordan-Matthews
61.10Jacob Wright
22:38.30 PRBartlett Yancey
62.10Tommy Bradley
22:43.10 SRRoanoke Rapids
63.11Adam Butler
22:44.20 PRMidway
64.12Nathan Compton
22:56.00 PRBartlett Yancey
64.12Evan Teague
22:56.00 PRJordan-Matthews
66.12Isaac Wright
23:56.10 PRBartlett Yancey
67.9George Jucinto
24:18.30 PRJordan-Matthews
68.12Zach Pittman
24:20.00 PRBartlett Yancey
69.11Brendon Sellars
24:36.50 SRBunn
70.12LaDarian Eaton
24:43.60 PRSouthern Vance
71.10Kyle Glover
24:52.40 SRMidway
72.9Braden Coats
25:33.60 PRMidway
73.9Colton Gibbs
25:42.60 SRBunn
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Durham School of Arts45
3.North Carolina School of Sci...61
6.Roanoke Rapids180
10.South Granville279
11.Bartlett Yancey297
1.12Amanda Hickey
18:45.75 PRCarrboro
2.11Frances Massey
20:01.85North Carolina Schoo...
3.12Natalie Richardson
20:13.72 SRCarrboro
4.11Destiny Stevons
20:22.69 SRDurham School of Arts
5.9Elizabeth Coleman
20:48.48 SRClinton
6.11Grace Rogers
20:53.84 SRDurham School of Arts
7.11Calista Hnilica
20:55.31 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
8.10Fere Tallmadge
20:55.46 PRDurham School of Arts
9.10Olivia Gregory
21:00.11 SRDurham School of Arts
10.10Karmen Brown
21:00.52 PRJordan-Matthews
11.12Brooke Zeman
21:00.87 PRCarrboro
12.10Katherine Clayton
21:07.44 PRRoanoke Rapids
13.9Elise Deshusses
21:14.78 PRCarrboro
14.12Hannah Styers
21:15.79 SRFranklinton
15.12Josie Dangler
21:27.66 PRCarrboro
16.12Rebecca Alderson
21:36.95 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
17.11Anna Margaret Clyb...
21:39.28 SRNorth Carolina Schoo...
18.11Murphy Credle
21:49.70 PRDurham School of Arts
19.11Olivia KaChenChai
21:54.20 PRNorth Carolina Schoo...
20.9Carina Taylor
21.12Joanna Henry
22:02.29 PRFranklinton
22.11Sophia Dimos
22:24.05 PRCarrboro
23.11Kimberley Baxter
22:37.07North Carolina Schoo...
24.9Ashlyn Williams
22:43.64 PRClinton
25.9Maegan Lamb
22:48.17 SRClinton
26.12Sheehan Haley
22:50.41 SRBunn
27.9Ella Faison
22:58.46 PRClinton
28.10Sophia Bradley
23:03.81Durham School of Arts
29.10Spencer Dalton
23:05.26 SRDurham School of Arts
30.11Reagan Barefoot
23:21.64 SRClinton
31.9Zoe Hall-Wray
23:32.27 PRFranklinton
32.12Catherine Acree
23:41.18 PRRoanoke Rapids
33.12Eatman Callie
23:42.76 SRBunn
34.11Kyla Kibler
23:47.55 PRMidway
35.10Olivia Gregson
23:47.69 SRJordan-Matthews
36.11Lisanne Vandrey
23:54.89 PRBartlett Yancey
37.9Madison Butler
24:00.11 PRMidway
38.12Tykima Alston
24:19.38 PRFranklinton
39.9Rachel Black
24:45.21 PRFranklinton
40.9Maura Westbrook
25:02.40 PRClinton
41.12Ruth Alexander
25:05.83North Carolina Schoo...
42.9Alexis Karns
25:07.13 PRRoanoke Rapids
43.10Robyn Hamilton
25:09.98 SRFranklinton
44.10Kate Pleasant
25:18.43 SRRoanoke Rapids
45.10Jessica Marcell
25:20.00 SRMidway
46.11Lydia Henry
25:25.69 SRFranklinton
47.10Jessica Schnieder
25:40.77 SRSouth Granville
48.12Brittany Daniel
25:55.29 PRSouth Granville
49.10Alejandra Rojas
26:02.94 PRClinton
50.11Erica Whitmire
26:04.92 PRRoanoke Rapids
51.12Charlotte Murphy
26:11.62 PRBunn
52.12Kimberly O'Brien
26:16.58 SRMidway
53.10Karalee Miller
26:27.01 PRRoanoke Rapids
54.10Kenady Hargrove
27:29.34 PRMidway
55.12Melissa McLaughlin
27:34.18 PRBunn
56.10Olivia Suarez
27:35.50 PRJordan-Matthews
57.10Addison Apperson
27:42.32 SRMidway
58.12Ciara Gardner
28:00.29 PRSouth Granville
59.9Corrine Collisan
28:17.75 SRJordan-Matthews
60.10Rebekah Williams
28:39.65 SRReidsville
61.12Princess Bello
28:47.43 PRRoanoke Rapids
62.11Abigail Morales
28:51.80 PRGraham
63.12Tia Foster
29:40.42 PRBartlett Yancey
64.11Jenifer Arce
30:02.19 PRGraham
65.11Haley Chritcher
30:15.34 PRSouth Granville
66.9Hadasa Rivera
30:16.76 SRJordan-Matthews
67.11Brittney Smith
31:08.70 PRSouth Granville
68.12Yulma Santiago
31:13.19 PRGraham
69.10Indiana Ayers
33:58.07 PRBartlett Yancey
70.9Nicole Garcia
34:01.85 PRBunn
70.11Alexis Kimber
34:01.85 PRBartlett Yancey
70.10Nashira Reyes-lacan
34:01.85 PRBartlett Yancey
70.12Jamie Upsher
34:01.85 SRGraham
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