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Mens Races

Tugman State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity12:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity (coed)1:30 PM
Womens Races

Tugman State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity (coed)1:30 PM

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Far West Athletic Directors and Cross Country Coaches:

            As agreed upon by league coaches and athletic directors, the site of the Far West League District Cross-Country Meet will be at Tugman State Park, north of Lakeside in Coos County, each fall.  Each league school with a cross-country program will rotate hosting the District Meet.  Siuslaw will host the 2008 Far West District XC Meet.  


Date:    Thursday, October 23th, 2008

Place:   Tugman State Park, 15 miles north of North Bend on Highway 101 (just north of Lakeside exit)

Host:   Siuslaw High School

Meet Director: SHS athletic director Andy Grzeskowiak, phone 541-997-3448 (

Host Coach:     Chris Johnson, Siuslaw head cross country coach, (

Meet Referee:  Mike Blackmore...Churchill HS XC coach, former U of O runner, All-American/National

            Champ Team Member



Girls' Varsity 5K: Siuslaw (25), Sutherlin (64), North Bend (66), Brookings (87), Douglas (inc), South Umpqua (inc)

Boys' Varsity 5K:  Siuslaw (30), North Bend (65), Brookings (76), Douglas (92), South Umpqua (104), Sutherlin (inc)

Girls' JV 5K:  Siuslaw (25), Sutherlin (48), North Bend 49), Brookings (inc)

Boys' JV 5K:  Siuslaw (26), North Bend (33), South Umpqua (71), Brookings (inc), Douglas (inc)



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Trevor Berrian
16:03.00North Bend
2.12D.J. Flores
16:12.00 PRSouth Umpqua
3.11Joseph Campbell
16:16.00 PRSiuslaw
4.11Jacob Berkner
16:38.00 SRSiuslaw
5.12Dan Flora
16:59.00North Bend
6.11Brad Finnell
17:01.00 SRSiuslaw
7.10Zeke James
17:17.00 PRDouglas
8.10Brad Greenburg
17:19.00 SRSiuslaw
9.9Jesse Wells
17:21.00 SRSiuslaw
10.10Gage Northrup
11.12Daniel Scott
17:40.00 PRSiuslaw
12.11Will Fandrey
17:45.00 SRSiuslaw
14.12Kevin Sthen
15.10Ray Mazyck
18:09.00 PRBrookings-Harbor
16.12Linden Loren
18:10.00 SRBrookings-Harbor
17.10Chris Mock
18:14.00 SRSutherlin
18.12Greg Mock
18:20.00 PRSutherlin
19.11Bruce Balcita
18:24.00South Umpqua
20.11Zach Reichenberger
18:44.00North Bend
21.11Sam Lynass
18:50.00North Bend
22.10Josh Sutch
18:56.00 PRSouth Umpqua
23.10Jeff Gowan
18:58.00 PRBrookings-Harbor
24.11Hunter Hensler
19:01.00 SRNorth Bend
25.9Austin Baker
26.9Brad Ferner
19:06.00 SRDouglas
27.10Jason Merriman
19:19.00 PRDouglas
28.9Nick Yuan
19:21.00 PRBrookings-Harbor
29.11Dion MacDonald
19:22.00North Bend
30.12Sayer Johnston
19:26.00 PRDouglas
31.10Matt Walker
19:26.00 SRNorth Bend
32.10DJ Manes
19:38.00 PRDouglas
33.10Javin Fleshman
34.10Justin Layfield
19:40.00 PRSouth Umpqua
35.12Ben Wheeler
19:43.00South Umpqua
36.11Schuyler Watson
20:28.00South Umpqua
37.12Clinton Brown
38.11Brauhn Doud
21:45.00South Umpqua
39.12Nick Kirby
22:43.00 PRSutherlin
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity (coed)

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Logan Bliss
2.9Wyatt Alletson
19:05.00 SRSiuslaw
3.10Aaron Miller
19:32.00 SRBrookings-Harbor
4.12Sam Pearson
20:04.00 PRSiuslaw
5.10Justin Collins
20:06.00 SRNorth Bend
6.9Grant Stein
20:11.00North Bend
7.9Zackery Lupton
20:25.00 PRSiuslaw
8.11Daylen Cossey
20:38.00 PRNorth Bend
9.10Kevin Accinelli
20:42.00 PRNorth Bend
10.12Steven Cole
20:45.00North Bend
11.9Jacob Reneau
20:55.00 SRSouth Umpqua
12.12Kyle Beechly
21:03.00 PRNorth Bend
13.9Brian Middletin
14.12Jackson DeHaven
15.10Charles Orchard
21:39.00 SRNorth Bend
16.10Carter Peck
21:59.00 SRNorth Bend
17.10Cole Barrows
22:10.00 PRSouth Umpqua
18.12Cris Hernandez
22:20.00 SRNorth Bend
19.10Collin Faber
22:27.00 PRSiuslaw
20.10Zach Medak
23:35.00 PRDouglas
21.12Isaac Miller
23:39.00 PRSouth Umpqua
22.11Josh Enloe
24:35.00South Umpqua
23.10Kyleray Katherman
24:53.00 SRNorth Bend
24.10Zach Reeves
29:21.00South Umpqua
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Chelsea Spencer
18:48.00 SRSutherlin
2.11Samantha Pummer
18:59.00 PRSiuslaw
3.10Raelyn Robinson
19:04.00 SRSiuslaw
4.10Ally Manley
5.11Clarita Twombly
20:05.00 SRSiuslaw
6.11Emily James
20:17.00 PRDouglas
7.10Katie Romanko
20:19.00North Bend
8.10Linda Paredes
9.12Kaitlin Shepherd
20:54.00 PRSiuslaw
10.10Lillian Lea
21:05.00 SRSiuslaw
11.10Mykayla Young
12.10Nicole Ledford
13.9Nikkaila Bain
21:29.00 PRSiuslaw
14.11Kelli Kronsberg
22:02.00 SRNorth Bend
15.9Courtney Greif
22:30.00 SRNorth Bend
16.11Brooke Norman
22:37.00 SRSutherlin
17.12Kelly Coolen
22:47.00 PRNorth Bend
18.12Amy Walker
22:54.00 PRNorth Bend
19.11Caroline Champion
22:56.00 SRSutherlin
20.12Tori Sevier
22:59.00North Bend
21.12Andreina Anderson-...
23:21.00 PRSutherlin
22.11Alycia Brainard
23:42.00North Bend
23.12Sierra Terrel-Perez
23:46.00 PRSutherlin
24.9Maysea Young
25.9Autum Gardner
24:19.00 SRBrookings-Harbor
26.9Roxanne Gothard
24:30.00 PRBrookings-Harbor
27.11Kiah McConnell
24:42.00South Umpqua
28.12Valerie Warren
29.12Rachel Carrillo
26:13.00 SRBrookings-Harbor
30.9Nicole Fry
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity (coed)

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Mariah Estill
22:21.00 PRSiuslaw
2.12Danae Mannis
22:38.00 SRSiuslaw
3.12Casey Stevens
22:39.00 PRSiuslaw
4.9Jessica Alletson
24:10.00 SRSiuslaw
5.9Kaci Baker
24:21.00 PRNorth Bend
6.9Kim Mohni
24:33.00 PRSutherlin
7.11Jessica Harper
24:36.00 PRSutherlin
8.10Elizabeth Beechly
24:46.00 PRNorth Bend
9.10Roz Patrick
10.9Tanarae Hopkins
24:58.00 SRSutherlin
11.9Kenzie Cossey
24:59.00 SRNorth Bend
12.12Alishia Wagner
25:14.00 PRNorth Bend
13.9Brittany Orchard
25:19.00 SRNorth Bend
14.11Kortney Potts
25:31.00 PRNorth Bend
15.10Julianne Butler
25:52.00 SRSiuslaw
16.9Brooke Yarbrough
26:34.00 PRSutherlin
17.12Gwen Rogers
26:49.00 PRNorth Bend
18.9Tiffani Rosemeyer
27:08.00 SRSutherlin
19.9Kiara Evans
20.9Katie Cone
28:15.00 PRBrookings-Harbor
21.12Tess Bennett
29:22.00 SRSutherlin
22.12Heather Weber
29:25.00 SRSutherlin
23.9Nicole Ritson
24.10Tara MacDonald
25.10Yuri Hernandez
29:35.00North Bend
26.10Holly Shearer
27.10Courtney Richardson
29:44.00North Bend
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