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Sunset Ridge @ Huron Meadows

5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races

Sunset Ridge @ Huron Meadows

5,000 Meters Varsity4:50 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Ann Arbor Skyline65
4.St Francis De Sales80
6.Christ the King159
7.Pathfinder - Pinckney181
8.Chelsea Beach221
1.11Garrett Peck
17:28.43 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
2.10Aidan Bustillo
17:33.26 SRBrighton
3.-Nathan Gullette
17:42.26 PRSt Francis De Sales
4.12Justin Matuszewski
17:43.24 PRBrighton
5.9Will Scott
17:53.05 SRChelsea
6.11Matt Rosolowski
7.9Gavin Del Proposto
17:57.81 SRBrighton
8.10Patrick Lennon
17:59.06Christ the King
9.10Nathan Tsiang
18:00.89 SRBrighton
10.10Keegan Oldani
18:09.92Ann Arbor Skyline
11.11Leo Toruno
18:10.34Ann Arbor Skyline
12.8Gavin White
18:13.07 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
13.12Nick Lehmkuhl
18:17.24St Francis De Sales
14.9Zander Hartsuff
18:20.91 SRChelsea
15.11Liam Hartsuff
18:26.77 SRChelsea
16.11Benjamin Stimac
18:31.97 PRSaline
17.10Paddy Williams
18:32.57St Francis De Sales
18.12Beck Schneider
18:33.13St Francis De Sales
19.10Raymond York
20.11Ben Shotwell
18:36.44Ann Arbor Skyline
21.12Luke Humphrey
22.10Matt Blakeslee
23.12Justin Forester
18:43.03Ann Arbor Skyline
24.10Jonathon Kopacz
18:49.95Christ the King
25.11Gavin White
18:50.69 PRAnn Arbor Skyline
26.11Dylan Reynolds
18:50.98 PRAnn Arbor Skyline
27.10Nick Barr
28.9Cole Trese
29.10Jacob Szymanski
19:03.57St Francis De Sales
30.12AJ Cloutier
19:04.08Ann Arbor Skyline
31.12Shane Curtis-McCor...
19:04.61 SRSt Francis De Sales
32.10Josh Shoults
19:06.95 PRBrighton
33.12Quentin Francis-Em...
19:07.34 PRSt Francis De Sales
34.11Tanner Aschemeier
19:07.68 PRSt Francis De Sales
35.10Luke Wertenberger
19:08.02Ann Arbor Skyline
36.12Matthew Lagerquist
37.10Ryan O'Shea
19:09.80 SRSt Francis De Sales
38.-Theo Miller
19:10.13 SRSt Francis De Sales
39.9Isaac Darragh
19:10.44Ann Arbor Skyline
40.8Shaun Happy
19:12.85 PRChelsea Beach
41.9Joseph Norwood
42.9Alex Harding
19:14.34 PRSt Francis De Sales
43.9Thomas Boss
19:15.50Ann Arbor Skyline
44.11Michael Napoli
19:18.89 SRSt Francis De Sales
45.9Caleb Walker
19:24.02 SRSt Francis De Sales
46.12Benjamin Walkusky
47.8Jimmy Alford
19:30.31 PRChelsea Beach
48.7Evan Drus
19:32.57 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
49.10Connor Sweeney
19:33.97 SRSt Francis De Sales
50.11Yunfei Ma
19:36.68Ann Arbor Skyline
51.12Henry Miller
19:42.18St Francis De Sales
52.10Robert McClelland
19:45.14Christ the King
53.9Niko Fannin
19:48.74 PRChelsea
54.12Parker Allen
19:50.20 PRSaline
55.5Evan Loughridge
19:51.14 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
56.9Jalen Steudle
19:52.20Ann Arbor Skyline
57.12Ryan Yaklin
58.9Joseph Randolph
19:54.44 SRChrist the King
59.9Samuel Slone
20:03.13Ann Arbor Skyline
60.12Sebastian Hollister
61.9Ira Bennett
20:05.64 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
62.10Nathan Zonnevylle
20:06.37 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
63.-Jacob Eltschlager
20:09.93 SRSt Francis De Sales
64.12Collin Van Loo
20:14.46 PRAnn Arbor Skyline
65.12Josiah Rentschler
66.10Sid Fernandes
20:39.08 SRSt Francis De Sales
67.7Gryphon Mayes
20:41.51 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
68.8Jack Smith
20:45.96 PRChelsea Beach
69.9Jacob Distelzweig
20:52.52 PRChrist the King
70.8Tylor Morgan
20:53.13 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
71.7Colin Snyder
20:54.11 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
72.10TJ Eltschlager
20:54.39St Francis De Sales
73.12Maximilian Hollister
20:54.81 SRSaline
74.10Matthew Basista
20:57.84St Francis De Sales
75.5Paul Moore
21:16.73 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
76.10Thomas Bolitho
21:18.18 SRBrighton
77.12Eric Nusbaum
21:22.47 PRSt Francis De Sales
78.10Eli Hoorman
21:27.00 SRSt Francis De Sales
79.-David Geronimo
21:31.34 PRSt Francis De Sales
80.9Dominic Taccolini
21:44.06 PRChrist the King
81.6Brayden Doyle
21:56.90 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
82.6Owen Keene
22:00.95 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
83.11Nate Snyder
22:03.24St Francis De Sales
84.12Tom Michel
22:05.10 PRSt Francis De Sales
85.6Colton Lumadue
22:10.91 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
86.5Ethan Sandula
22:37.52 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
87.8Nico Roberts
22:40.45 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
88.7Tristan O'Sullivan
22:42.12 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
89.9Connor Leck
22:47.02St Francis De Sales
90.9Sawyer Northrop
91.8Jacob Facione
23:48.36 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
92.8Graham Kovacich
23:48.63 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
93.12Cameron Diachun
23:59.31Christ the King
94.9Ian Heady
24:14.18 SRSt Francis De Sales
95.8Brendan Magnus
24:22.57 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
96.4Hayden Beaver
24:27.57 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
97.10Evan Barolo
24:57.09 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
98.7Forrest Babbitt
25:04.92 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
99.3Karl Swager
25:10.07 PRChelsea Beach
100.4Leo Swager
25:10.30 PRChelsea Beach
101.3Wyatt Larson
25:31.14 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
102.8Garrett Young
26:56.25 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
103.7Donato Havourd
26:56.63 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
104.8Jake Woods
27:21.15 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
105.5Lucas Mondro
28:02.40 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
106.7Nicholas Benzie
30:18.39 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Pathfinder - Pinckney47
3.Ann Arbor Skyline67
4.Harper Woods Chandler Park115
1.8Vivi Eddings
20:08.73 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
2.8Riley Thorburn
20:13.21 PRChelsea Beach
3.12Rachel Perrydore
20:13.44Christ the King
4.12Taylor Vaughan
20:28.61 PRSaline
5.9Nicole Dillmann
6.11Abigail Wilson
7.9Jenny Cantrell
8.11Lydia Gilbert
21:32.61Ann Arbor Skyline
9.10Katie Miller
10.8Annabelle Sharp
21:44.83 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
11.11Chloe Lange
12.10Kat Weeden
13.9Sarah Franko
22:02.23 SRSaline
14.12Jessa Davis
22:25.52 PRSaline
15.9Emily Schilling
16.5Cecelia Thorington
22:46.72 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
17.9Jenna Allman
22:48.84 SRSaline
18.8Solana Kelly
22:49.16 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
19.9Jordyn Frohner
20.9Roxie Richner
23:18.92 PRAnn Arbor Skyline
21.11Rachel Rosati
22.11Carmen Parkinson
23.10Ankita Bose
23:34.83Ann Arbor Skyline
24.7Emma Moore
23:38.18 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
25.9Sam Barber
23:42.54Ann Arbor Skyline
26.12Marina Cayen
23:46.32 SRSaline
27.7Lauren Kaus
23:48.16 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
28.10Nyeli Kratz
23:50.08 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
29.12Skyler Hardt
30.9Allison Urquhart
31.7Julianne Muscato
24:08.00 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
32.12Katerina Tang
24:13.40 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
33.11Madison Caldwell
24:17.42 SRSaline
34.10Addie Bird
35.11Olivia Sirota
36.10Elise Renberg
37.10Emily Knicklebein
24:37.85Christ the King
38.9Armani Boozer
24:46.08 PRHarper Woods Chandle...
39.8Marissa Wolschleger
24:48.35 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
40.7Joanna Wallace
25:13.35 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
41.11Sarah Dendy
25:15.28Christ the King
42.11Ellie Beekman
43.10Johnaja Hall
25:43.78 PRHarper Woods Chandle...
44.11Makaya Wilson
25:44.90 PRHarper Woods Chandle...
45.8Natalie Hayes
25:47.53 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
46.10Hannah Zetterholm
47.10Natalie Bauman
25:54.06 PRSaline
48.10Katie Militello
49.8Bridget Kramer
26:36.15 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
50.9Teresa Hoving
27:16.65 PRChrist the King
51.8Grace Elliott
27:17.10 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
52.6Josie Fischer
27:24.55 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
53.8Belle Howard
27:30.69 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
54.11Jane Burnett
55.7Grace Kelly
28:13.83 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
56.10Molly Finegan
57.12Sophia Tiglao
58.7Kirsten Fitzgerald
29:04.10 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
59.5Brianna Wheaton
29:11.82 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
60.11Asia Travis-Gray
29:43.49 PRHarper Woods Chandle...
61.8Sofia Garza-Perez
29:44.50 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
62.7Alli Zettel
29:46.00 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
63.11Brijah O'Neal
30:54.36Harper Woods Chandle...
64.10Kaylyn Pendleton
31:32.41Harper Woods Chandle...
65.10Shayla Caldwell
33:41.99 PRHarper Woods Chandle...
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