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Mens Races
3,200 Meters K-6 Boys10:00 AM
3,200 Meters MS Varsity Boy11:00 AM
3,200 Meters MS Reserve Boy12:00 PM
Womens Races
2,500 Meters K-6 Girl10:30 AM
3,200 Meters MS Varsity Girl11:30 AM
3,200 Meters MS Reserve Girl12:30 PM

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters K-6 Boys

Official Team Scores

1.Pathfinder - Pinckney32
3.Hartland-Ore Creek60
4.South Lyon107
6.Hawkins Elementary190
1.5Evan Loughridge
12:46.89Pathfinder - Pinckney
2.6Brayden Doyle
13:00.43Pathfinder - Pinckney
3.6Dylan White
4.6Jack Gregory
13:22.21Hartland-Ore Creek
5.6Owen White
13:22.44 PRMaltby
6.4Thomas Endres
13:29.50 PRSaline
7.6Connor Blood
8.6Owen Keene
13:31.78Pathfinder - Pinckney
9.6Brayden Morris
13:32.42Pathfinder - Pinckney
10.6Michael Rodriguez
13:32.64 PRSouth Lyon
11.5Wyatt Colliton
13:33.32Hartland-Ore Creek
12.5Paul Moore
13:38.83Pathfinder - Pinckney
13.6Thomas Wuench
13:40.50 PRMaltby
14.6Braylon Buback
13:43.77 PRHartland-Ore Creek
15.6Brett Bastionelli
13:50.92Hartland-Ore Creek
16.5Ryan Kantola
13:53.00Hartland-Ore Creek
17.6Jerome Hunter
13:53.90Hartland-Ore Creek
18.6Jake Johnson
13:55.33Hartland-Ore Creek
19.6Trenton Johnson
13:58.52Pathfinder - Pinckney
20.5Ethan Sandula
14:01.84Pathfinder - Pinckney
21.5Truman Johnson
14:02.05 SRSaline
22.6Eric Sharp
14:10.93 PRSouth Lyon
23.6Owen O'Sullivan
14:28.71Pathfinder - Pinckney
24.6Kaden Jensen
14:31.79 PRCreekside Elementary
25.6Miles Buckley
26.6Nathan Westover
14:36.07 PRSouth Lyon
27.6Mason Stidwill
14:40.75 SRSouth Lyon
28.6Nathan Kahl
14:43.87Hartland-Ore Creek
29.5Wyatt Hockley
14:45.08Honey Creek
30.6Colton Lumadue
14:50.26Pathfinder - Pinckney
31.6Gabe Flint
14:50.82 PRSouth Lyon
32.5Matthew Benzie
14:52.16Pathfinder - Pinckney
33.5Dominic Hunter
14:52.58 PRHartland-Ore Creek
34.6Cameron Cavicchiolo
14:58.42 PRSouth Lyon
35.6Kydan Closson-Torres
15:07.83 PRSouth Lyon
36.6Joseph VanBuren
37.5Brandon Wise
38.6Henry Benjamin
15:12.93 PRSouth Lyon
39.6Ethan Russell
15:13.11 PRSouth Lyon
40.4Hayden Beaver
15:15.17 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
41.4Charlie VanHaaften
15:16.84 PRSaline
42.4Kiren Sankaran
15:17.11 PRSaline
43.5Drakon Mayes
15:19.23Pathfinder - Pinckney
44.5Eli Taylor
45.6Bryson Larson
15:22.82Hartland-Ore Creek
46.5Noah Brown
15:24.44 SRSaline
47.4Josh Felstow
15:25.72 PRMichigan Unattached
48.5Zebulun Siegel
15:27.14 SRSaline
49.6Alec Sheffer
15:27.48Hartland-Ore Creek
50.6Austin Barber
15:30.09 PRHartland-Ore Creek
51.6Dylan Bulinda
15:30.62 SRSouth Lyon
52.4William Rosales
15:33.89 PRSaline
53.4Ethan Phelps
15:39.77 PRSaline
54.6Alexander Ratliff
15:43.12 PRSouth Lyon
55.5Caden Carlson
15:43.34Pathfinder - Pinckney
56.3Wyatt Larson
15:43.85 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
57.3Jace Carlson
15:44.76 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
58.6Aiden Wenzel
15:46.38 SRSouth Lyon
59.6Alex Trainor
15:46.93Pathfinder - Pinckney
60.3Patrick Zachmann
15:47.17 PRMichigan Unattached
61.4Collin Eckermann
15:48.88 PRSaline
62.5Andrew Tunnicliff
15:50.19 PRMichigan Unattached
63.6Gus Johnson
15:56.53 PRAnn Arbor Track
64.6Brandon Rohrer
15:58.13 PRHartland-Ore Creek
65.4Zach Newman
15:59.90 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
66.6Cedric Hobbs
16:19.01 SRHartland-Ore Creek
67.5Nathan Horst
16:19.51 PRHartland-Ore Creek
68.4Peyton Cundiff
16:20.73 PRSaline
69.6Josh Cortez
70.6Evan Thomas
16:25.27 PRMaltby
71.6Quinn Campbell
16:26.89Hartland-Ore Creek
72.3Matthew Davis
16:30.89 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
73.6Thomas Lepper
16:31.83Pathfinder - Pinckney
74.6Logan Edwards
16:32.81 SRSouth Lyon
75.6Jack Harvey
16:37.34 PRSouth Lyon
76.6Landon Hartman
16:37.96 PRSouth Lyon
77.6Quinn Johnson
16:40.30 PRMaltby
78.4Brayden Carroll
16:40.50 PRSaline
79.4Thomas McCann
16:49.12 PRSaline
80.5Kai Mastenbrook
16:54.42Pathfinder - Pinckney
81.5Maxwell Najarian
16:55.99 PRCreekside Elementary
82.5Alex Fruth
16:58.15 SRSaline
83.3Nate Sandula
16:59.04 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
84.4Owen Bloch
17:00.77 PRSaline
85.5Nathan Moskal
17:02.30 PRMaltby
86.4Haven Stanton
17:03.95 PRSaline
87.6Gavin Elliott
17:12.06 PRSouth Lyon
88.3Daniel Eppler
17:12.76 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
89.5Ryan Bond
90.6Jacob Bloom
17:14.77Hartland-Ore Creek
91.5Luke Myers
17:16.63Pathfinder - Pinckney
92.6Logan Duncan
17:21.01 PRSouth Lyon
93.6Nicholas Archer
17:21.28 PRSouth Lyon
94.5Harold Crowner
17:21.85 PRSaline
95.6Jake Prince
17:26.26Pathfinder - Pinckney
96.5Eli Smith
17:26.55Pathfinder - Pinckney
97.5Emile DeFays
17:27.36 PRMaltby
98.4Devor Stacey
17:28.55 PRSaline
99.6Wilson Ikens
17:29.96 PRMaltby
100.6Zachary Heslip
17:32.81Hartland-Ore Creek
101.6Conner Plate
17:34.24 PRSouth Lyon
102.4Nolan Callan
17:34.47 PRHartland-Ore Creek
103.3Lucas Goodfellow
17:35.67 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
104.5Aidan Sutherland
17:39.05 PRSaline
105.6Richie Zinter
17:40.93 PRHartland-Ore Creek
106.6Ayden Colon
17:41.65 SRHartland-Ore Creek
107.6Eli Prutow
17:41.96 PRHartland-Ore Creek
108.4Lucas Berkimer
17:54.27 PRHawkins Elementary
109.6Sho Arai
18:01.01 PRMaltby
110.4Logan Kipley
18:03.69 PRSaline
111.6Travis Kelly
18:07.05Pathfinder - Pinckney
112.5Connor Wells
18:22.30Pathfinder - Pinckney
113.5Luke Eppler
18:28.53 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
114.4Matthew Mareno
18:35.09 PRSaline
115.5Nicholas Bennett
18:35.62Honey Creek
116.4Andrew Irgang
18:35.88 PRSaline
117.5Lucas Mondro
18:39.43Pathfinder - Pinckney
118.5Liam Meuer
18:39.63Honey Creek
119.5Garrett Kovacs
18:40.25Honey Creek
120.5Jackson Tisdale
18:44.95 PRMaltby
121.4Owen Ragnes
18:46.68 PRCreekside Elementary
122.4Michael Nivala
18:47.98 PRHartland-Ore Creek
123.3Logan Galloway
18:54.74 PRHawkins Elementary
124.3Evan Travis
19:29.91 PRHawkins Elementary
125.5Tommy Thorton
19:45.71 PRHartland-Ore Creek
126.5David Bulloch
19:48.48 PRHartland-Ore Creek
127.4Colby Kemner
20:02.64 PRHawkins Elementary
128.4Ethan Hornberger
20:05.06 PRSaline
129.5Will Wisinski
20:34.88Hartland-Ore Creek
130.6Ian Sardy
21:04.09Hartland-Ore Creek
131.3Braydon Keller
21:17.65 PRHawkins Elementary
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3,200 Meters MS Varsity Boy

Official Team Scores

3.West (Grand Blanc)105
5.Ann Arbor Track147
6.Hartland-Ore Creek152
7.Pathfinder - Pinckney161
8.St. Joseph-Sylvania207
10.Mill Creek (Dexter)268
11.South Lyon299
12.Honey Creek339
13.St John The Evangelist343
14.Charyl Stockwell Academy428
1.7Quinn Cullen
11:00.16 PRScranton
2.7Riley Hough
11:03.59 SRHartland-Ore Creek
3.8Gavin White
11:20.32 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
4.8Samuel Cox
11:26.95 PRMichigan Unattached
5.8Derek Caldwell
11:27.37 PRSaline
6.13-14Kyle James-Heer
11:34.21 PRAnn Arbor Track
7.8Jacob Teeple
11:35.55 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
8.8Noah Pelletier
11:39.64 PRSaline
9.8Josh Skelly
11:44.48 PRRomeo
10.8Benjamin Wild
11:44.71 PRSaline
11.6Jason Whitton
11:46.54 SRSaline
12.8Andrew Wilson
11:50.90 PRScranton
13.7Charles Powers
11:51.44 SRWest (Grand Blanc)
14.8Wil Halker
11:55.27 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
15.7Brady Cunningham
11:59.14 PRAnn Arbor Track
16.8Logan Alley
11:59.43 PRScranton
17.8Donavan White
12:00.32 PRScranton
18.7Jack Kelke
12:00.90 SRRomeo
19.8Connor Lennon
12:03.24 PRChrist the King (Ann...
20.8Liam Mackie
12:10.15 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
21.7Matthew Hemphill
12:10.89 SRScranton
22.8Connor Joyce
12:17.97Hartland-Ore Creek
23.8Andrew Victoria
12:19.03 PRSaline
24.7Connor Bratt
12:19.61 SRHartland-Ore Creek
25.8Zachary Socha
12:20.45 PRSaline
26.8Gavin Kister
12:21.15 PRFlushing
27.7John Herrmann
12:21.57 SRChrist the King (Ann...
28.7Jamie Harrison
12:23.49 SRSaline
29.7Gryphon Mayes
12:23.83 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
30.11-12Fred Wallace
12:24.12 PRAnn Arbor Track
31.7Colin Snyder
12:25.44 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
32.7Aaron Mays
12:25.79 PRFlushing
33.8Alex Liddell
12:26.48 PRSouth Lyon
34.7Owen Sharnas
12:28.63 SRRomeo
35.8Andrew Pries
12:31.52 PRRomeo
36.8Trey Fowler
12:33.11 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
37.8Max Miller
12:33.50 PRRomeo
38.6Charles Leedke
12:34.04 PRSt John The Evangelist
39.8Drake Chamarro
12:34.82 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
40.8Luke Crowner
12:35.79 PRSaline
41.8Julian Craw
12:41.18 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
42.7Ryan O'Donnell
12:41.80 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
43.8Aiden Asperger
12:42.33 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
44.8Jacob Miller
12:42.86 PRSaline
45.8Joseph Rinke
12:43.25 PRRomeo
46.7John Waidley
12:43.59 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
47.7Braeden Tunnicliff
12:44.02 SRFlushing
48.8JT Furko
12:44.21 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
49.6Blake Klyn
12:44.94 SRRomeo
50.11-12Kaleb Schlecht
12:45.22 PRAnn Arbor Track
51.8Ryan Snyder
12:49.54 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
52.8Matthew Crosby
12:49.85 PRFlushing
53.8Eli Atkinson
12:50.85 PRHoney Creek
54.7Danny Clark
12:52.90 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
55.8Gabriel Dansereau
12:54.00 PRHartland-Ore Creek
56.8Tylor Morgan
12:57.06Pathfinder - Pinckney
57.8Sam Lipka
12:57.39 PRRomeo
58.8Roman Quesada
12:57.67 PRHoney Creek
59.8Thomas Wooldridge
12:58.20 PRSaline
60.8Dylan Franges
12:58.74 PRSouth Lyon
61.8Levi Thurmond
12:58.99 PRKensington Woods
62.8Conor Kolka
12:59.81 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
63.8Joe Czerwinski
13:00.48 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
64.7Kai Spears
13:01.37 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
65.13-14Owen Johnson
13:01.67Ann Arbor Track
66.7Rocco Sanchez
13:02.12 PRScranton
67.7Adam Hauser
13:02.41 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
68.8Nathan Helppi
13:02.71 PRHartland-Ore Creek
69.8Brady Finkenbeiner
13:04.67 PRRomeo
70.7Tristan O'Sullivan
13:05.70 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
71.7Noah Cobb
13:07.36 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
72.7Grant Douglas
13:08.26 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
73.7Dominic Sorter
13:09.91 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
74.8Ben Hawker
13:11.80 PRHartland-Ore Creek
75.8Albert Richlie
76.8John Harm
13:13.70 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
77.8Sam Melvin
13:15.22 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
78.6Andy Newsom
13:16.43 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
79.8Adrian Almeida
13:19.05 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
80.7Travis Goodwin
13:20.01 SRHartland-Ore Creek
81.8Collin Melnykowycz
13:23.08 PRHoney Creek
82.8Charlie Lipka
13:23.97 PRRomeo
83.7Steven Bosworth
13:25.14 SRSouth Lyon
84.8Grant Smith
85.8Alex Bell
13:29.98 PRScranton
86.8Maxim Wyrwa
13:30.93 PRSouth Lyon
87.7Nicholas Cihonski
13:32.10 SRHartland-Ore Creek
88.8Vinnie Dechavez
13:32.33 PRScranton
89.8Wyatt Haiss
13:33.83 PRSt John The Evangelist
90.7Joe Wolak
13:34.23South Lyon
91.8Patrick Kehoe
13:36.15 PRSt John The Evangelist
92.7Braden Eisele
13:41.91 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
93.8Noah Jones
13:42.57 PRSouth Lyon
94.8Eli Welch
13:43.47 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
95.8Jaden Johnston
13:45.27 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
96.7Nick Learman
13:45.52 SRSt John The Evangelist
97.-Jack Ryan
13:46.62 PRAnn Arbor Track
98.7Austin Peddie
13:47.64 SRFlushing
99.7Daniel Jobst
13:48.40 SRChrist the King (Ann...
100.8William Hough
13:48.97 PRFlushing
101.8Cole Haraf
13:51.22St John The Evangelist
102.6Ray Shumaker
14:01.05 SRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
103.7Evan Callan
14:09.61Hartland-Ore Creek
104.8William Barhite
14:11.31 SRHoney Creek
105.7Ethan Rottash
14:14.82 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
106.7Noah Ellis
14:21.58 PRFlushing
107.7Jacob Morrison
14:28.69 PRFlushing
108.8Ian Barbour
14:29.86 PRFlushing
109.6Sam Klein
14:32.17 PRHoney Creek
110.7Chase Bates
14:48.62 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
111.8John Beutel
14:51.01 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
112.7Joseph Ehinger
14:51.25 PRChrist the King (Ann...
113.8George Sauls-Terry
14:54.38Mill Creek (Dexter)
114.8Joe LeDuc
15:03.50 PRSt John The Evangelist
115.7Gabriel Warner
15:09.55 SRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
116.8Raymond Hatcher
15:17.98 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
117.7Aiden Herrington
15:40.09 SRFlushing
118.6Nathan Keeley
15:46.19 PRSt John The Evangelist
119.6Mikey Nassoiy
16:06.89Charyl Stockwell Aca...
120.8Charlie Harrold
16:13.31 PRSt John The Evangelist
121.8Johnathan Lloyd
16:20.93 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
122.8Method Hagan
16:32.13St John The Evangelist
123.8Sean O'Donnell
16:34.30 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
124.7Parker Wilkie
16:35.10St John The Evangelist
125.8Niklas Muirhead
16:44.42Kensington Woods
126.6Thomas Conlin
17:12.59 SRHoney Creek
127.7Alex Augustine
19:38.67 PRHoney Creek
128.8Adam Bradbury
19:54.44 PRKensington Woods
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3,200 Meters MS Reserve Boy

Official Team Scores

2.South Lyon94
3.Mill Creek (Dexter)98
6.Hartland-Ore Creek118
7.Pathfinder - Pinckney194
8.West (Grand Blanc)207
10.Charyl Stockwell Academy298
1.6Ethan Yesko
12:29.97 SRSaline
2.8Colin Finnegan
12:49.26 PRSaline
3.6Dolan Gonzales
4.8Ammon Stacey
12:50.09 PRSaline
5.8Eli Routt
6.8Nicholas Fringer
13:02.13 PRRomeo
7.7Charlie Schroeter
13:03.84 SRSaline
8.8Matthew Harmon
13:15.59 PRSaline
9.6Derek Nishioka
13:17.79 SRSaline
10.7Anthony Desimone
13:21.37 SRSaline
11.8Carson Plum
13:23.85 PRScranton
12.8Jacob Kazyak
13:25.86 PRHartland-Ore Creek
13.8Zach Robinson
13:27.33 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
14.7Mason Kipley
13:27.67 SRSaline
15.8Logan Bush
16.7Brenden Olesuk
13:29.77 SRSouth Lyon
17.7Max Pfeiffer
18.8Nathan Biggs
13:32.10 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
19.7Ethan Showek
13:32.57 PRSouth Lyon
20.7Trevor Sullivan
13:33.69 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
21.7Josh Brunty
13:35.04 PRSaline
22.7Jack Wallace
13:35.81 SRRomeo
23.7Ashton Krill
13:36.87 PRScranton
24.8Kyle Socha
13:37.21 PRSaline
25.8Cody Libkuman
13:37.53 PRSouth Lyon
26.7Risto Crouse
13:41.56 SRScranton
27.7Allen Labadie
13:41.97 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
28.6Wynter Burnett
13:42.47 SRSaline
29.7Reiner Kandt
13:43.61 SRSouth Lyon
30.7Colton Cundiff
31.8Nathan Gariepy
13:45.83 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
32.6Justin Benura
13:46.24 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
33.6Cooper Citro
13:46.88 SRRomeo
34.8Jack Darrow
13:48.50Hartland-Ore Creek
35.7Greg Laier
13:49.52 PRHartland-Ore Creek
36.7Jack Terris
13:51.10 SRSaline
37.6Matthew DePlanche
13:51.42 SRSaline
38.6Drew McNally
13:52.01 SRSaline
39.8Evan Nalepka
13:54.54 PRHartland-Ore Creek
40.8Joseph Fedoronko
13:54.98 SRSaline
41.7Kevin Bauersfield
13:55.32 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
42.7Connor Miars
13:55.58 PRSaline
43.7Jacob Toth
13:56.11 PRSouth Lyon
44.8Travis Woodman
13:56.58 PRSaline
45.7Nathan Cipolla
13:56.81 SRHartland-Ore Creek
46.7George VanHaaften
14:00.54 SRSaline
47.7Jason Sackfield
14:01.34 SRRomeo
48.8Andrew Simon
49.8Josh Peitz
14:05.16 SRSaline
50.8Mason Dellot
51.7Cole Fisher
14:07.41 PRHartland-Ore Creek
52.8Jacob Facione
14:07.94 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
53.8Nathan Kangas
14:09.78 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
54.8Jacob Carmicheal
14:10.56 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
55.7Hayden Clarke
14:11.39 SRSaline
56.7Jackson Cormier
14:12.32Mill Creek (Dexter)
57.8Jayson Willey
14:12.77 SRRomeo
58.8Edward Haggerty
14:13.93 PRScranton
59.7Antonio Sobczak
14:14.35 SRSouth Lyon
60.8Ethan Lee
14:14.80 PRScranton
61.8Matthew Woodworth
14:15.14 PRHartland-Ore Creek
62.8Noah Clemens
14:15.56 PRSouth Lyon
63.8Chase Lutz
14:17.10 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
64.6Landon Wissink
14:23.07 SRSaline
65.7Elijah Yount
14:24.38 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
66.8Mason Park
14:24.62 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
67.7Chris Smith
14:25.61 SRSaline
68.7Zachary Zeitunian
14:26.10Mill Creek (Dexter)
69.7Vito DeGrazia
14:26.59 PRSouth Lyon
70.6Peter Zachmann
14:26.97 PRMichigan Unattached
71.7Blake Paskievitch
14:27.38 PRScranton
72.7Josh Sweet
14:27.69Hartland-Ore Creek
73.7Isaac Servin
14:28.04 PRSouth Lyon
74.8Nico Roberts
14:28.54 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
75.8Brayden Gedert
14:28.90 PRRomeo
76.6Aiden Burke
14:31.29 SRSaline
77.8Joseph Streight
14:31.79 PRHartland-Ore Creek
78.6Braden Poet
14:32.65 PRSaline
79.7Jack Potsos
14:33.14 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
80.8Sam Smith
14:34.02 PRScranton
81.7Mason Miller
14:38.10 PRSaline
82.7Cameron Lewis
14:40.40 SRSouth Lyon
83.8Graham Kovacich
14:41.63 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
84.7Jack Campbell
14:41.98 SRScranton
85.7Michael Tippy
14:43.34 SRSouth Lyon
86.6Garrett Simpson
14:45.15 SRSaline
87.8Giancarlo Maue
14:46.87 PRRomeo
88.7Evan McMullen
14:48.47 PRScranton
89.8Sam Rilley
14:49.47 PRRomeo
90.7Ben Hoste
14:50.75 PRRomeo
91.7Braxton Worth
14:51.15 SRFlushing
92.7Kyle Donovan
14:51.48 PRHartland-Ore Creek
93.6Colin Alexander
14:53.38 SRSaline
94.7Brian Mathews
14:55.77 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
95.6Asa Bauchman
14:57.51 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
96.7Ryan Flaherty
14:58.93 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
97.7Noah Eichhorst
14:59.51 SRRomeo
98.8Dominic Foytek
14:59.80 PRSouth Lyon
99.8Trenton Gould
15:00.77 PRHartland-Ore Creek
100.7Davis Murrell
15:01.58 PRScranton
101.7Dominick Kafkakis
15:02.75 SRHartland-Ore Creek
102.8Kaden Swierkos
15:04.28 PRHartland-Ore Creek
103.7Griffin Bentley
15:05.16 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
104.8Noah Socha
105.7Jonah Killinger
15:16.28 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
106.8Joshua Ketchel-Bus...
15:17.27 SRScranton
107.8Mitchell Fedewa
15:17.59 PRHartland-Ore Creek
108.7Alex Gilbert
15:18.24Mill Creek (Dexter)
109.7Carson Krueger
15:18.91Hartland-Ore Creek
110.7Vincenso Sencich
15:20.02 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
111.6Jett Roles
15:21.02 SRSaline
112.6Jack Zaske
15:22.16 SRSaline
113.8Nathan Samluk
15:23.20 PRSouth Lyon
114.7Joshua Kirkland
15:25.17 SRSouth Lyon
115.8Nicholas Pelletier
15:26.05 PRSouth Lyon
116.7Joshua Chapin
15:27.36 SRWest (Grand Blanc)
117.8Jack Phillips
15:29.40 PRHartland-Ore Creek
118.8Cooper Roberts
15:31.49 PRHartland-Ore Creek
119.7Zachary Sawin
15:32.62Mill Creek (Dexter)
120.7Alex Stockford
15:36.26 SRSouth Lyon
121.6Zachary Utz
15:39.21 SRRomeo
122.7Uriah Armendarez
15:39.42 PRFlushing
123.8Jake Woods
15:46.22 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
124.7Thomas DesRosiers
15:49.24 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
125.7Dillion Miller
15:49.53 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
126.7Forrest Babbitt
15:51.73Pathfinder - Pinckney
127.7Anton Ford
15:52.01 SRScranton
128.6Owen Harrison
15:53.56 SRSaline
129.7Dominic Petrucci
15:56.15Hartland-Ore Creek
130.7Aidan Reggio
15:58.88 SRRomeo
131.7Donato Havourd
16:02.68 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
132.6Gavin Burt
16:03.13 SRSaline
133.7Kentaro Kawata
16:07.45 SRSouth Lyon
134.8John Reich
16:07.75Mill Creek (Dexter)
135.6Billy Ostrander
16:08.12 PRSt John The Evangelist
136.7Ben Darnell
16:15.21 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
137.6Daniel Money
16:16.80 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
138.7Cam Smith
16:19.54 SRSaline
139.7Connor Wallis
16:23.86 PRSouth Lyon
140.7Lucas Shelton
16:24.42 PRScranton
141.6Robert Harris
16:26.70 SRWest (Grand Blanc)
142.8Joey Perrigo
16:29.08 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
143.7Luke Petrinko
16:29.81Mill Creek (Dexter)
144.7Cole Arnedt
16:30.09 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
145.7Holden Hughes
16:35.18 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
146.7Noah Grace
16:36.33 SRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
147.6Colin Stewart
16:39.34 SRSaline
148.6Christopher Ellison
16:39.59 SRWest (Grand Blanc)
149.7Cameron Hain
16:40.39South Lyon
150.7Jacob Dore
16:43.06 SRFlushing
151.8Tyler Mitten
16:44.33 PRSaline
152.6Landon Bush
16:45.11 SRSaline
153.7Chase Banas
16:46.50 PRScranton
154.8Brendan Krause
16:48.89 PRSouth Lyon
155.6Nick Green
16:50.81 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
156.7Graydon Mcintosh
16:51.09 SRSouth Lyon
157.7Joseph Hanna
16:52.55 SRScranton
158.7Reese Anderson
16:54.49Hartland-Ore Creek
159.7Christopher Short
16:57.31 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
160.8Trevin Carlisle
16:57.61 PRScranton
161.7Connor Bielas
16:59.06 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
162.7Andrew Petik
17:12.28 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
163.7Ben Mulligan
17:18.54 PRScranton
164.8Simon Grabke
17:19.35 PRScranton
165.7Josh Lamb
17:20.33 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
166.7Alex Stevens
17:23.17 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
167.7Joel Jaskolski
17:26.59 SRSouth Lyon
168.6Jack Thompson
17:28.76 PRRomeo
169.7Eren Buyukbozkirli
17:29.67 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
170.6Maximiliano Jamil
17:33.74 PRRomeo
171.8Ethan Little
17:39.48 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
173.8Matthew Taulbee
17:41.94 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
174.6Ben Bower
17:48.58 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
175.6Merrick Abner
17:49.15 SRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
176.7Collin Vanover
17:54.03 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
177.7Ethan Martz
17:54.32Mill Creek (Dexter)
178.7Ezekiel Strong
18:02.04 SRSouth Lyon
179.7James Lewis
18:05.54Mill Creek (Dexter)
180.8Paul Corder
18:16.00Hartland-Ore Creek
181.7Nicholas Benzie
18:16.28Pathfinder - Pinckney
182.7Jacob Spape
18:24.01 PRFlushing
183.7Jacob Horkey
18:32.58 PRFlushing
184.8Pat Mulligan
185.8Carter Miller
18:37.42 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
186.8Noah White
187.7Jack Herman
18:54.74 SRScranton
188.5Ian Mills
19:03.66 PRSt John The Evangelist
189.7Thomas Bauer
19:49.76Mill Creek (Dexter)
190.7Alex Hoffman
20:20.59 PRSouth Lyon
191.7Jackson Bertram
20:24.80 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
192.7Brayden Thompson
23:01.20 PRFlushing
193.8Connor Davenport
25:11.54 SRFlushing
Provided by

Womens Results

2,500 Meters K-6 Girl

Official Team Scores

1.Hartland-Ore Creek23
3.South Lyon80
4.Pathfinder - Pinckney103
6.Creekside Elementary154
7.Hawkins Elementary179
1.9-10Clara James-Heer
9:45.75 SRAnn Arbor Track
2.5Rachel Forsyth
10:29.98 PRMichigan Unattached
3.5Zaryah Griffin
10:46.54 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
4.6Shannon OBrien
10:52.63 PRHartland-Ore Creek
5.6Riley Phillips
10:52.84 PRHartland-Ore Creek
6.5Kate Heaman
10:53.94 PRHartland-Ore Creek
7.6Hailey Dolloway
10:56.60 PRHartland-Ore Creek
8.6Lauren Gadola
11:05.53 PRSt John The Evangelist
9.5Lucy Woehlke
11:12.09 PRSaline
10.6Ellen Albert
11:16.55 PRSouth Lyon
11.6Minami Harada
11:20.79 PRSouth Lyon
12.9-10Sofia Jimenez
11:21.57 SRAnn Arbor Track
13.5Ellie Laier
11:22.07 PRHartland-Ore Creek
14.6Ava Justice
11:30.77 SRHartland-Ore Creek
15.6Emily Krese
11:33.63 PRHartland-Ore Creek
16.5Riley Lashbrook
11:34.09 SRHartland-Ore Creek
17.6Andrea Repyak
11:35.67 PRMaltby
18.5Rebecca Rummel
11:36.04 PRSaline
19.5Sage Bissett
11:40.18 SRMaltby
20.6Alexandra Cabaj
11:40.52 PRHartland-Ore Creek
21.6Quinn Hilla
11:40.80 PRCreekside Elementary
22.6Eden Saab
11:41.05 PRCreekside Elementary
23.4Brette Stetson
11:43.39 PRSaline
24.5Nya Stetson
11:43.79 PRSaline
25.5Kyla Sullivan
11:45.57Pathfinder - Pinckney
26.5Heidi Rutherford
11:47.01 PRHartland-Ore Creek
27.6Nicole Majors
11:48.27 PRHartland-Ore Creek
28.6Amyla Eberharat
11:49.40 PRSouth Lyon
29.4Carrie Schwartz
11:50.69 SRSaline
30.6Anna Swank
11:51.66 PRSouth Lyon
31.6Mia Melcher
11:54.81 PRSouth Lyon
32.6Sadie Gierlak
11:56.59 PRSouth Lyon
33.4Elle Bissett
12:02.48 PRHawkins Elementary
34.5Cassie McGaugh
12:03.68 PRHartland-Ore Creek
35.6Josie Fischer
12:05.94Pathfinder - Pinckney
36.4Mackenna Prince
12:08.50 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
37.5Tessa Meyers
38.5Nancy Gage
12:19.08 SRSaline
39.5Libby Knapp
12:20.65 PRHartland-Ore Creek
40.5Adyson Naebeck
12:24.71 SRSaline
41.5Ellerie Brunty
42.6Sophie Phillips
12:26.63Hartland-Ore Creek
43.5Norah Miller
12:26.88 PRSaline
44.5Bailey Burt
12:34.59 PRSaline
45.5Madelyn Hagerty
12:35.55Pathfinder - Pinckney
46.6Anya Housman
12:36.80 PRSouth Lyon
47.3Elle Krill
12:39.61 PRHawkins Elementary
48.5Gabrielle Miller
12:44.81 SRHartland-Ore Creek
49.6Lana Spamer
12:49.06 PRMaltby
50.5Kate Varitek
12:56.26 PRCreekside Elementary
51.6Katie Droese
13:11.02 SRMaltby
52.6Lizzy Arnold
13:11.53 PRHartland-Ore Creek
53.5Madeline Nishioka
13:12.58 PRSaline
54.6Liliane Aittma
13:13.31 PRSouth Lyon
55.5Safia Untalan
13:20.95 PRHoney Creek
56.6Alina Schnitzel
13:21.18 PRSouth Lyon
57.5Monique Finet
13:23.88 PRMaltby
58.5Charlotte Kime
13:28.25 PRMaltby
59.4Zoe Frederick
13:33.98 SRSaline
60.4Charlotte Mandziuk
13:34.83 PRHawkins Elementary
61.4Eliza Farr
13:35.04 SRSaline
62.5Lena Moltzen
13:43.06 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
63.3Emily Douglas
13:49.48 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
64.6Abbey Perttula
13:55.77 PRSouth Lyon
65.4Iley Johnson
13:58.87 PRHawkins Elementary
66.5McKenzie Roth
13:59.60Pathfinder - Pinckney
67.6Breanna Zaborowski
13:59.86 PRHartland-Ore Creek
68.4Sarah Hamann
69.5Mallory Lizotte
14:07.04 PRSaline
70.4Mara McClellan
71.4Jane Cousino
72.4Mackenzie Sellenraad
14:30.30 PRSaline
73.6Kate Bosworth
14:40.13 PRSouth Lyon
74.5Brianna Wheaton
14:40.60Pathfinder - Pinckney
75.5Lauren Dinkelmann
76.6Lindsey Pfile
14:44.88 PRSouth Lyon
77.6Tessa Berry
14:52.67 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
78.5Julia Carney
15:17.01 PRMaltby
79.5Elizabeth Mallia
15:19.25Pathfinder - Pinckney
80.4Savannah Shafer
15:20.37 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
81.3Alexis Cafini
15:27.76 PRHawkins Elementary
82.6Sarah Corder
15:33.84 SRHartland-Ore Creek
83.6Liza Kapeller
15:34.09 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
84.4Erin Lepper
15:36.86 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
85.6Madison Vinson
15:37.78 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
86.6Nadia Schnitzel
15:46.22South Lyon
87.5Charlotte Tatara
15:53.59 PRCreekside Elementary
88.5Victoria Weeden
89.5Rebekah Miars
90.3Isabelle Najarian
16:09.27 PRCreekside Elementary
91.6Emily Wilson
16:17.24 PRMaltby
92.6Mia Lincoln
16:17.77 PRMaltby
93.3Phoenix Mayes
16:31.28Pathfinder - Pinckney
94.4Shelby Fordeck
95.4Lucy Hart
96.5Lindsey Clarke
97.4Julianna Marini
98.6Morgan Kovalak
17:52.44 PRSouth Lyon
99.3Stephanie Carman
17:57.50 PRHawkins Elementary
100.6Emily Eby
18:06.73 PRCreekside Elementary
101.5Victoria Barraco
18:12.51 SRHartland-Ore Creek
102.6Julia McGee
18:13.63 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
103.6Olivia McMahon
18:53.44 PRSouth Lyon
104.4Rilee London
19:32.54 PRSaline
Provided by

3,200 Meters MS Varsity Girl

Official Team Scores

1.Hartland-Ore Creek72
2.West (Grand Blanc)75
6.Pathfinder - Pinckney154
8.St. Joseph-Sylvania175
9.South Lyon187
10.Mill Creek (Dexter)277
11.St John The Evangelist370
12.Honey Creek389
13.Kensington Woods405
1.7Emerson Sargeant
12:37.63Hartland-Ore Creek
2.7Claire Endres
3.8Ellie Reynolds
12:48.20 PRFlushing
4.8Vivi Eddings
12:49.73 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
5.7Cynthia Wedel
12:56.25 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
6.7Maddy Skelly
13:02.77 PRRomeo
7.6Sydney Vandenbroek
13:06.11 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
8.8Mackenzie Allan
13:09.33Hartland-Ore Creek
9.6Alexis Brown
13:10.89 SRHartland-Ore Creek
10.7Emma Stanley
13:13.62 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
11.7Kyra Karfonta
13:15.80 PRSouth Lyon
12.8Annabelle Sharp
13:17.86 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
13.7Melissa Phelps
13:18.48 PRSaline
14.7Madison Stern
13:22.86 SRSaline
15.8Kennedy Kuhlmann
13:24.73 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
16.8Chloe Locke
13:27.23 PRFlushing
17.8Morgan Crompton
13:29.65 PRScranton
18.8Brooklyn Kloock
13:31.92 PRMichigan Unattached
19.7Anabella Timpa
13:32.33 PRHartland-Ore Creek
20.8Emma Meredith
13:32.81 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
21.7Rachel Felstow
13:33.46 SRRomeo
22.7Kendal Inman
13:34.93 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
23.8Gwen Tatara
13:35.68 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
24.7Lydia Alig
13:36.30 SRSaline
25.6Carson Kuhlmann
13:36.84 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
26.6Lola Thomas
13:37.08 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
27.7Cassidy Banach
13:38.82 PRRomeo
28.7Drue Thielking
13:39.34 SRScranton
29.7Kaitlyn Eckermann
13:41.77 PRSaline
30.7Estella Stropich
13:43.34 PRScranton
31.7Ella Kruschka
13:46.97 PRSouth Lyon
32.-Hannah Jyawook
13:47.47 PRMichigan Unattached
33.8Meadow Shinabarger
13:47.91 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
34.7Julia Hameline
13:48.25 PRFlushing
35.7Amanda Lin
13:48.78 SRSaline
36.7Hannah Carney
13:53.80 SRScranton
37.6Sophia Thomas
13:54.30 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
38.8Katie Rogers
13:56.24Charyl Stockwell Aca...
39.8Solana Kelly
13:56.50 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
40.8Paige Gutzeit
13:57.06 PRHartland-Ore Creek
41.7Sarah Greb
13:57.29 SRRomeo
42.7Brianna Wiegand
13:59.70 PRRomeo
43.8Jordan Schebel
14:00.32 PRScranton
44.8Megan Foster
14:00.99 SRScranton
45.7Hunter Lopez
14:05.23 PRHartland-Ore Creek
46.7Morgan Waggoner
14:06.63 SRScranton
47.7Hannah Tsiang
14:07.79 PRScranton
48.8Maliya Seelbinder
14:09.07 PRHartland-Ore Creek
49.7Katie Carothers
50.8Jillian Cendol
14:16.30 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
51.7MacGregor Magdalena
14:18.88 PRSouth Lyon
52.7Paige VanderHaagen
14:19.25 SRMill Creek (Dexter)
53.7Amanda Felstow
14:19.55 SRRomeo
54.8Hannah Brown
14:20.03 PRScranton
55.6Aubrey Stager
14:21.15 SRSaline
56.8Alaina Rider
14:23.41 PRSouth Lyon
57.7Zoe Moretti
14:25.35 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
58.7Amanda Roach
14:26.03 PRHartland-Ore Creek
59.8Abby Goecke
14:26.47 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
60.7Sophie Woehlke
14:29.14 PRSaline
61.8Jennifer Hartman
14:29.46 PRSouth Lyon
62.8Marissa Wolschleger
14:30.81 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
63.8Katie Schwartz
14:31.47 PRSaline
64.6Delanie Mackie
14:34.63 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
65.8Kelsey Leamy
14:36.41 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
66.7Ava Chase
14:37.23 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
67.7Emily Felstow
14:37.50 PRRomeo
68.7Emma Moore
14:38.35 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
69.8Audrey Yarema
14:40.60 PRRomeo
70.8Madilyn Hendricks
14:42.57 PRHartland-Ore Creek
71.7Gianna Hoving
14:46.19 SRChrist the King (Ann...
72.8Paige Evans
14:47.55 SRRomeo
73.7Lauren Kaus
14:48.98 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
74.8Lilliana Litner
14:52.92Hartland-Ore Creek
75.8Ava Hall
14:53.64 PRRomeo
76.8Presley Wood
14:53.95 PRFlushing
77.8Meghan McNamara
14:54.29 SRFlushing
78.7Silak Christine
15:03.01 PRSouth Lyon
79.7Riley Shaughnessy
15:03.37 SRFlushing
80.7Julia Montpas
15:03.79 PRFlushing
81.7J'La Lawson-Johnson
15:09.76 SRFortis Academy
82.6Kylie Evenson
83.8Demetra Pappas
15:16.63 PRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
84.7Julianne Muscato
15:19.19 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
85.8Ally Gibbons
15:20.92 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
86.7Aoife Oates
15:22.59 PRHoney Creek
87.7Kylie Kapraun
15:28.43 SRFlushing
88.7Kennedy Hummel
15:28.68 PRFlushing
89.6Devyn Riley
15:29.73 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
90.7Isabella Robinson
15:32.60 PRSouth Lyon
91.6Sydney Patt
15:33.80St John The Evangelist
92.8Allison Berkholz
15:37.61Mill Creek (Dexter)
93.8Maggie Needham
15:44.84Mill Creek (Dexter)
94.7Sydney Gfell
15:53.18 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
95.8Bailey Towler
15:55.27Christ the King (Ann...
96.8Grace Andrysiak
15:56.10St John The Evangelist
97.7Joanna Wallace
15:56.81Pathfinder - Pinckney
98.8Julie Bissonette
15:58.26 PRKensington Woods
99.8Elizabeth Newsom
16:02.89 SRSt. Joseph-Sylvania
100.7River Dendy
16:03.13 PRChrist the King (Ann...
101.8Dayna Weiss
16:10.38 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
102.8Abigail Fox
16:15.52Mill Creek (Dexter)
103.7Ashley Sleeva
16:24.96 PRSouth Lyon
104.7Sidney Streetman
16:27.80 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
105.8Chloe Gilbert
16:32.36 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
106.8Elizabeth Higgins
16:34.36Mill Creek (Dexter)
107.7Paige Hockley
16:46.80 PRHoney Creek
108.8Katrina Melvin
16:51.61 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
109.7Devon Miller
16:53.02 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
110.7Hannah McComas
17:05.15Mill Creek (Dexter)
111.8Chelsea Bujak
17:39.33St John The Evangelist
112.8Gracie Ryan
17:48.16 PRKensington Woods
113.6Andelina Grossi
17:48.45St John The Evangelist
114.6Elizabeth Hagan
17:58.05 PRSt John The Evangelist
115.8Anna Fletcher
18:01.57 PRKensington Woods
116.7Najae Lucky
18:06.78 PRHoney Creek
117.6Clare Leedke
18:28.51St John The Evangelist
118.8Kate Meader
19:11.62 PRHoney Creek
119.8Emily Poirier
19:40.15St John The Evangelist
120.6Abigail Baran
19:53.15 PRSt John The Evangelist
121.7Cicely Karas
21:02.74 PRHoney Creek
122.6Ophelia Pozenel
22:34.77 PRHoney Creek
123.8Katherine Andrews
23:41.48 PRHoney Creek
124.6Jenny Cesar
24:13.35Kensington Woods
125.8Grace Donovan
24:40.04 PRKensington Woods
126.8Sarah Bourdon
24:48.92 SRKensington Woods
Provided by

3,200 Meters MS Reserve Girl

Official Team Scores

2.West (Grand Blanc)67
4.Pathfinder - Pinckney108
6.Hartland-Ore Creek150
7.Mill Creek (Dexter)194
1.8Reese Marston
14:20.02 PRSaline
2.7MaKenna Lupi
14:21.88 SRSaline
3.7Emily House
14:37.33 SRScranton
4.8Annie Liemohn
14:45.53 PRSaline
5.7Brooke Fiske
15:05.77 SRSaline
6.6Melina Sotiropoulos
15:06.20 SRSaline
7.8Sarah Hartwell
15:07.21 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
8.8Emily Somerville
15:15.74 PRRomeo
9.7Kelsey Wagner
15:21.77 SRFlushing
10.7Zhanna Carlson
15:28.66 PRSaline
11.7Maddie Dittmar
15:36.97 PRScranton
12.8Ashley Schlanhart
15:38.21 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
13.6Riley Place
15:39.08 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
14.7Gabriella Jarema
15:41.62 SRFlushing
15.7Grace Kelly
15:44.70 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
16.8Lauren Adams
15:46.43 SRRomeo
17.8Johannah Cummings
15:48.07Hartland-Ore Creek
18.8Neveah Woodall
15:48.96 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
19.8Tess Carichner
15:51.13 PRSaline
20.8Grace Cook
15:52.43 PRSouth Lyon
21.8Chiara Schwander
15:56.46 PRSaline
22.8Allison Schram
16:01.70 SRHartland-Ore Creek
23.8Sofia Garza-Perez
16:03.40 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
24.8Kirsten Browne
25.7Abigail Johnston
16:09.98 SRWest (Grand Blanc)
26.8Kathryn Rummel
16:10.24 SRSaline
27.6Laney Burns
16:12.13 PRSaline
28.8kira Wolfe
16:14.69 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
29.8Maura Moller
16:16.91Mill Creek (Dexter)
30.8Natalie Hayes
16:17.14 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
31.8Hannah Hoffman
16:18.96Pathfinder - Pinckney
32.8Bridget Kramer
16:20.17 SRPathfinder - Pinckney
33.7Cloe de Fays
16:20.71 PRScranton
34.8Belle Howard
16:22.41 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
35.7Amanda Carroll
16:32.53 PRScranton
36.6Elliana Asperger
16:35.17 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
37.8Savannah Simpson
16:37.34 PRSaline
38.7Caitlyn Pagogna
16:41.23 PRFlushing
39.7Malek Layne
16:45.26 PRSouth Lyon
40.6Jennifer Gage
16:46.46 SRSaline
41.6Katie Farrell
16:48.32 SRSaline
42.7Valerie Larson
16:50.80 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
43.6Violet Sanford
16:52.87 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
44.6Paige Anderson
16:53.10 SRWest (Grand Blanc)
45.7Alli Zettel
16:55.03 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
46.7Josie Sellenraad
16:59.56 PRSaline
47.7Lauren Kozlowski
17:00.45 PRScranton
48.7Morgan League
17:02.16 PRFlushing
49.8Bella LLoyd
17:02.80 PRFlushing
50.8Haley Hebel
17:03.16 PRHartland-Ore Creek
51.8Morgan Bucher
17:12.11 PRPathfinder - Pinckney
52.7Emma Driskell
17:12.50 SRSaline
53.7Maggie Kennedy
17:15.65 PRHartland-Ore Creek
54.8Kayleigh Frederick
55.7Mallory Baibos
17:22.38 SRFlushing
56.6Brooke Ramsay
17:24.39 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
57.7Ella Schmidt
17:24.64 PRFlushing
58.8Catherine Doyen
17:27.23 PRSouth Lyon
59.7Xandra Bilakos
17:27.64 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
60.8Alex Seidleck
17:28.26 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
61.6Julia Charrette
17:29.66 PRRomeo
62.8Corin Jordan
17:30.39Mill Creek (Dexter)
63.7Sloane Cook
17:31.16 PRHartland-Ore Creek
64.8Brooke Ziolkowski
17:33.11 PRSouth Lyon
65.8Eden Schnurstein
17:33.96 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
66.7Kathleen Ferguson
17:40.24 SRFlushing
67.7Kate Bird
17:42.58 PRSaline
68.7Hayden Clisham
18:00.85 PRSaline
69.7Abigail Wright
70.7Josie Sullivan
18:07.67 SRSaline
71.8Claire Janssen
18:18.25 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
72.8Ashlyn Stager
18:22.98 SRSaline
73.7Eden Gibson
18:29.00 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
74.6Madison Mifsud
18:37.30 PRSaline
75.7Olivia Drzwecki
18:39.42 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
76.6Rory SAnford
19:36.45 PRWest (Grand Blanc)
77.7Ellie Manly
19:42.95 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
78.8Ellie Hershner
19:44.77Mill Creek (Dexter)
79.7Geneva Troncali
19:48.20Mill Creek (Dexter)
80.6Victoria Rutkowski
20:06.93 PRRomeo
81.6Megan Zahn
20:09.44 PRSaline
82.8Sophie Delfuoco
20:16.58 SRSaline
83.8Grace Cox
20:24.28 PRFlushing
84.7Kara Cox
20:58.56 PRScranton
85.8Keatyn Andrews
22:01.72 PRFlushing
86.7Sarah McManama
22:03.03 PRSaline
87.8Kesley Walter
22:33.23 PRMill Creek (Dexter)
88.7Skyler Lammers
89.7Peyton Grabke
90.8Kia Ehrke
31:29.78Mill Creek (Dexter)
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