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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Hadley Luzerne42
2.Lake George63
3.Corinth Central72
4.North Warren Central91
5.Warrensburg Central101
6.Argyle Central160
1.11Joel Graska
17:46Corinth Central
2.10Nick Rollo
18:11Lake George
3.10Andrew Foley
18:19Hadley Luzerne
4.9Brandon Olden
18:36North Warren Central
5.12Jeffery Petteys
18:48Corinth Central
6.11Matt Brown
18:49North Warren Central
7.11Jason Hoffman
18:53Hadley Luzerne
8.11Jon Schreiner
18:55Hadley Luzerne
9.11Gideon Jardine
18:58 SRLake George
10.12Delbert Clement
19:01Hadley Luzerne
11.11Evan Christie
19:07Lake George
12.12Nate O'Neil
19:13 SRCorinth Central
13.11Ryan Mcneill
19:15 SRWarrensburg Central
14.10Nathaniel Hartley
19:17 SRHadley Luzerne
15.10Kendan Deblois
19:24Hadley Luzerne
16.12Kiernan Fitzpatrick
19:29 SRHadley Luzerne
17.10Trevor Winchell
19:30Warrensburg Central
18.11Ryan Honey
19:37 PRWarrensburg Central
19.11Hayden Smith
19:44North Warren Central
20.11Harry Helinski
19:54Johnsburg Central
21.9Erik Schreiner
20:06Hadley Luzerne
22.8Matt Smith
20:20 SRLake George
23.10Finn Biles
20:21 PRLake George
24.8Seth Jardine
20:22 PRLake George
25.10Pat Dee
20:24 SRLake George
26.10Nathan Millis
20:26Corinth Central
27.9Nolan McNeill
20:32 PRWarrensburg Central
28.9Cody York
20:47Hadley Luzerne
29.10Sage Brown
20:49 SRArgyle Central
30.12Hunter Frost
21:08Argyle Central
31.8Moore Thomas
21:11 SRWarrensburg Central
32.11Cody Peet
21:52 PRNorth Warren Central
33.10Timothy Valdavia
22:02 SRHadley Luzerne
34.10Alex Blanco
22:06Lake George
35.12Kieran Wohlfarth
22:11Corinth Central
36.10Parker Cody
22:12Warrensburg Central
37.11Noah Ramey
22:24 SRWhitehall Central
38.12Griffin Zander
22:29Warrensburg Central
39.9Luke Kelly
22:45Lake George
40.10Matt Gerrain
23:01 SRWarrensburg Central
41.9Ruben Ellsworth
23:02Lake George
42.12Trevor Stiles
23:07 SRNorth Warren Central
43.9Cooper Collins
23:25Lake George
44.9Matt Grumley
23:31Argyle Central
45.10Zachary Bourn
23:33Argyle Central
46.12Wesley Bessaw
23:50Warrensburg Central
47.10John Custodio
23:56 SRLake George
48.10Noah Middleton
24:14 SRLake George
49.9James Bridges
24:15 PRLake George
50.10Connor Sehlmeyer
24:18Corinth Central
51.10James Cunniffe
24:44 SRWarrensburg Central
52.10Josh Battista
24:47 SRCorinth Central
53.10Todd Millington
25:02 PRJohnsburg Central
54.9Decker Bechard
25:39 PRHadley Luzerne
55.10Noah Sweeney
27:09Whitehall Central
56.10Mikey Fosmire
32:58 SRArgyle Central
57.9Daniel Furman
43:26 SRLake George
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Corinth Central56
2.Lake George57
3.Hadley Luzerne76
4.North Warren Central80
5.Warrensburg Central105
6.Argyle Central118
1.12Erika Abrantes
20:57Lake George
2.10Zoee Nadler
21:00 PRLake George
3.12Jaynie Ellis
21:44Hadley Luzerne
4.12Caitlyn Brewster
21:58Corinth Central
5.10Jensen Kingsley
22:16Corinth Central
6.9Bryanna Howes
22:56 SRArgyle Central
7.9Ava Anderson
23:01 PRJohnsburg Central
8.9Gavin Zoe
23:10 PRWarrensburg Central
9.12Gillian Hayden
23:11 SRJohnsburg Central
10.9Rheanna Flemming
23:12 PRHadley Luzerne
11.10Summer Baker
23:19North Warren Central
12.11Alyssa Dewar
23:24North Warren Central
13.11Maddie Douglas
23:42Warrensburg Central
14.9Kelsey Baker
23:43 SRCorinth Central
15.11Darian Moulton
23:58Hadley Luzerne
16.12Jessica Huber
24:03Lake George
17.11Madasyn Bush
24:12North Warren Central
18.10Samantha Shippee
24:41Corinth Central
19.11Lilly Perkett
24:49 PRLake George
20.12Hunter Hitchcock
24:51 SRNorth Warren Central
21.11Emily Jackson
24:52Corinth Central
22.10Sasha Kinblom
24:55Johnsburg Central
23.10Kyra Fowler
25:17 PRCorinth Central
24.10Scott Hannah
25:29Warrensburg Central
25.9Amanda Cook
25:30Hadley Luzerne
26.10Kristen Martindale
25:41 PRLake George
27.9Rebbecah Bourn
26:12 PRArgyle Central
28.12Amber Rockwell
26:38 SRCorinth Central
29.12Tawnie Butkowski
26:59Lake George
30.10Janelle Fosmire
27:06 SRArgyle Central
31.9Victoria Campbell
27:41 PRNorth Warren Central
32.11Brittany Royalminns
27:53 SRArgyle Central
33.11Danielle Clement
28:01 SRHadley Luzerne
34.10Olivia McNeill
28:30 SRWarrensburg Central
35.9Liz Russ
28:46Argyle Central
36.10Eve Carmody
28:48Argyle Central
37.10Grace Harris
28:50 SRLake George
38.12Haley Wiskoski
29:03 SRWhitehall Central
39.10Destiny Decker
29:13 SRLake George
40.10Strauss Grace
29:49Warrensburg Central
41.12Toni Agard
30:01 SRNorth Warren Central
42.12Emma Collins
30:10 SRLake George
43.11Victoria Davis
30:54Whitehall Central
44.12Katie McLaughlin
31:03Lake George
45.9Rachel Green
31:07 PRLake George
46.10Skylar Healy
31:12 PRLake George
47.12Alyssa Grumley
32:54Argyle Central
48.12Hayley Breeyear
35:01 SRArgyle Central
49.11Nadianna Perron
36:21 PRWhitehall Central
50.Maggie Earl
37:28Lake George
51.11Maggie Donahue
39:38 SRArgyle Central
52.10Eden Kuri
41:02 PRLake George
53.12Martha Donnelly
41:14Lake George
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