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3 Mile Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Santee EC28
2.Crescenta Valley55
3.Golden Valley (SO)75
4.St. John Bosco75
5.Canyon (Canyon Country)137
6.North Torrance156
1.10Colby Corcoran
16:11St. John Bosco
2.12Salvador Rodriguez
16:49Santee EC
3.12Jesus Cortes
16:53Santee EC
4.11Carlos Reyes Cortes
17:02Santee EC
5.11Ryan Stevens
17:15Golden Valley (SO)
6.10Logan Neil
17:22Crescenta Valley
7.11Matt Brunner
17:25Crescenta Valley
8.10George Romero
17:28St. John Bosco
9.12Oscar Ulloa
17:32Santee EC
10.11Benito Reyes Cortes
17:37Santee EC
11.11John Yoon
17:38Crescenta Valley
12.11David Benitez
17:40Golden Valley (SO)
13.9Alexis Romero
17:41Golden Valley (SO)
14.12Ethan Walch
17:41Crescenta Valley
15.10Max Rodriguez
17:51St. John Bosco
16.12Usiel Ulloa
17:53Santee EC
17.12Cameron Atin
17:57Crescenta Valley
18.10Uriel Cortes
17:58Santee EC
19.12Jordan Henry
18:03Canyon (Canyon Count...
20.12Matt Worden
18:04Crescenta Valley
21.10Diego De la torre
18:07St. John Bosco
22.11Andre Rivera
18:22Golden Valley (SO)
23.10Mari Aquino
18:32Golden Valley (SO)
24.11Shane Oliver
18:33 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
25.11Cade Luongo
18:36Canyon (Canyon Count...
26.11Daniel Pineda
18:38Golden Valley (SO)
27.11Noah Witman
18:42 SRNorth Torrance
28.12John Jae Lee
18:51Crescenta Valley
29.10Dawit Abebe
18:53North Torrance
30.10Diego Gonzalez
19:13St. John Bosco
31.11Leonard Megliola
19:27 SRNorth Torrance
32.11Brendon Asato
19:42 SRNorth Torrance
33.11Michael Alvarado
19:50St. John Bosco
34.11Brandon Torres
20:25Canyon (Canyon Count...
35.12Matthew Christian
20:35Canyon (Canyon Count...
36.12Jomar Baluyot
21:23Canyon (Canyon Count...
38.11Ryan Forletta
22:53Canyon (Canyon Count...
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Flintridge Prep34
2.Canyon (Canyon Country)39
3.Santee EC88
5.Golden Valley (SO)123
6.North Torrance161
1.11Natalie O'Brien
19:02Flintridge Prep
2.10Sophie Gitlin
19:44Flintridge Prep
3.12Stephanie Martinez
20:01Canyon (Canyon Count...
4.11Yee-Lynn Wong
20:02Canyon (Canyon Count...
5.11Maia Cohen
20:18Flintridge Prep
6.11Rosa Hernandez
20:26Canyon (Canyon Count...
7.10Patricia Sanchez
20:27Santee EC
8.11Jennifer Perez
20:29Santee EC
9.11Lindsey McAllister
10.11Marissa Langley
20:51Flintridge Prep
11.10Malina Yago
12.9Marisa Rodriguez
21:17Canyon (Canyon Count...
13.10Emily Perkins
21:28Crescenta Valley
14.12Myranda Gudino
21:28Golden Valley (SO)
15.11Seanna Nalbandyan
21:30Canyon (Canyon Count...
16.12Pam Bietsch
21:32Canyon (Canyon Count...
17.10Molly Schwartz
22:05Flintridge Prep
18.11Lilly Maxfield
22:09Flintridge Prep
19.12Marianne Tolentino
22:19Golden Valley (SO)
20.12Hanna Leines
22:27Crescenta Valley
21.10Kenya Jamieson
22.10Eileen Silva
22:28Santee EC
23.12Mallory Duarte
22:31Canyon (Canyon Count...
24.11Willow Scott
22:38Flintridge Prep
25.11Sandra Diaz
22:45Canyon (Canyon Count...
26.12Berenice Cayetano
23:03Santee EC
27.10Noelia Gonzalez
23:04 SRNorth Torrance
28.12Ava Adler
23:08 PRMarymount
29.10Marilyn Chavez
23:09Golden Valley (SO)
30.11Nicki Jackson
31.12Bethany Hinson
23:19Golden Valley (SO)
32.10Josephine Rielly
33.11Noheli Maya
23:36Santee EC
34.11Marleyna Martin
23:40 SRNorth Torrance
35.12Olivia Lipari
36.10Emma Aldis
24:21 SRNorth Torrance
37.10Leslie Mendez
25:20Santee EC
38.9Stephanie Yescas
25:25Santee EC
39.11Lauren Hoshiko
25:26 SRNorth Torrance
40.11Shendey Casas
26:01North Torrance
41.12Emily Holmes
26:03 SRGolden Valley (SO)
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