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Muskegon Community College

8,000 Meters Men1:30 PM
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Muskegon Community College

5,000 Meters Women2:15 PM

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Meet information  (coaches)

2016 Muskegon Community College Cross Country Day

FRIDAY, October 14th, 2016 at University Park Golf Course



12:00 p.m.   JAYHAWK 5k Race (5k Race Open to Everyone, Registration available ahead of time or on the day of the race)

12:45 p.m. Awards Ceremony for Jayhawk 5k

1:15 p.m. National Anthems (USA and CANADA)



3:00 p.m. Awards Ceremony for Collegiate Races

3:15 p.m. GMAA Varsity BOYS 5k High School Championship Race

3:50 p.m. GMAA Varsity GIRLS 5k High School Championship Race

4:30 p.m. GMAA Coed JV 5k High School Race

5:10 p.m. GMAA Coed Junior High 2 Mile Championship Race

5:45 p.m. Awards Ceremony for High School and Junior High Races


  • PARKING – College Teams / Meet Workers park in the University Park Golf Course parking lot

  • PARKING – High School Teams / Junior High Teams / Jayhawk 5k participants / Spectators may drop off at the entrance of University Park Golf Course but please park in one of the Muskegon Community College parking lots.

  • PACKET PICKUP – College Teams + Jayhawk 5k at front table by the parking lot near the entrance

  • PACKET PICKUP – High School + Junior High Teams by the finish line from Mr. Randy Johnson

  • SHIRTS – Muskegon Community College Cross Country Meet Shirts will be sold for $15.

  • LEAD CART – There will be a lead cart leading each race, but the course will also be clearly marked with flags and spray paint (including mile markers).

  • PORTA-JOHNS –There will be a total of 10 porta-johns this year with 5 in the parking lot and 5 closer to the start/finish area.

  • TRAINER – There will be an athletic trainer on site.

  • TRASH – There will be various trash cans on the course.  Please respect the golf course and pick up all trash so we can continue having this great event here at University Park Golf Course.

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.Abe Visser
2.Enael Woldemichael
3.Silas DeKalita
4.Logan Klean
5.Luke Anderson
6.Mark Beckmann
7.Tyler Steigenga
8.Zac Wright-Fisher
9.Braxton Snuffer
10.Conor Knaughton
11.FrWinter Romeyn
25:47.49 PRMichigan State
12.Keenan Jones
13.Matt McLaughlin
14.FrShawn Bell
26:07.64 PRLansing
15.SoEsrom Woldemicheal
26:10.34 PRSiena Heights
16.Mitch Towne
17.JrStephen Merchant
26:20.37Siena Heights
18.Chip Osborne
19.SoDylan Rocha
26:22.74 PRLansing
20.FrChris Santana
26:23.16 PRGrand Rapids Community
21.SrKyler Vanwormer
26:25.05Siena Heights
22.Nick Hirschenberger
23.SrDan Garza
26:32.47 PRSpring Arbor
24.Colin Hermann
25.JrHendrik Vermeulen
26:38.74 PRCalvin
26.SoCarson Alexander
26:40.40 PRLansing
27.JrAnthony Vermilye
26:40.73Siena Heights
28.SoKirk Dickson
26:46.73Grand Rapids Community
29.JrJoe Ufolla
26:49.07 PRCleary University
30.JrSteve Griffith
26:50.13 PRAquinas
31.FrPhilip Batterson
26:50.80 PRLansing
32.FrAngelo Leon
26:51.30 PRAquinas
33.JrNathan Brookhouse
26:52.69 PRCalvin
34.JrScott Lieberman
26:53.52 PRMichigan State
35.FrEthan Toljonick
26:54.15 PRMott CC
36.FrBruce Buurstra
26:56.17 PRGrand Rapids Community
37.FrMaxwell Pasche
26:57.29 PRLansing
38.JrAlex Krasuski
26:57.95 PRUniversity of Michig...
39.SrSam Comden
26:58.31 PRSpring Arbor
40.SrRyan Pickell
27:02.85University of Michig...
41.SoMichael Gorman
42.SoJared Draper
27:05.65 PRIndian Hills CC
43.Wade Ballmann
44.SoBenjamin Cady
27:06.33 PRLansing
45.FrJack Dulworth
27:06.60 PRJackson
46.Kenny Goolsby
47.FrRyan Marshall
27:13.86 PRGrand Rapids Community
48.FrBobby Haskin
27:14.25 PRMuskegon Community
49.Bryan Flannery
50.SoEvan Dunklee
27:15.12 PRAquinas
51.JrStephen Pfahler
27:15.45 SRAquinas
52.Derek Egli
53.SoKyle Sousley
27:18.35 PRAquinas
54.JrGreg Trierweiler
27:20.02 PRCleary University
55.SoJoesph Chase
27:21.20 PRIndian Hills CC
56.SoJono Hooper
27:23.66 PRIndian Hills CC
57.SoJack Randall
27:25.21 PRCalvin
58.Austin Elliott
59.SoTrestin Mancillas-...
27:28.33 PRLansing
60.FrMatthew Fosdick
27:28.72 PRAquinas
61.SoAlexander Hoop
27:30.69 PRAquinas
62.SoJoshua Keller
27:31.45 PRIndian Hills CC
63.FrZach Young
27:33.36 PRCalvin
64.SoAdam Gizowski
65.SoDylan Hamilton
27:38.59 PRSpring Arbor
66.SrNathan Swaim
67.SoJon Becker
27:39.58 SRLansing
68.McKee Hibbs
69.SoCollins Kipkoech
27:41.38 PRMuskegon Community
70.FrDylan Mosher
27:42.01 PRMott CC
71.FrNathan Maurer
72.FrJacob Pettinga
27:44.25 PRCalvin
73.FrDeion Feldpausch
74.FrJonathon Pischner
27:46.37 PRAlpena Community Col...
75.FrEzekiel Clark
27:48.07 PRMuskegon Community
76.SoErnesto Gutierrez
27:52.16 SRMuskegon Community
77.FrNate Edwards
27:52.93Grand Rapids Community
78.JrSean Nowak
27:53.33 PRUniversity of Michig...
79.FrAndrew Carlock
27:53.57 PRLansing
80.FrMatthew MacGregor
81.FrBrandon Harthorn
27:57.79 PRMuskegon Community
82.JrKaleb Coston
27:59.41 PRCleary University
83.JrJacob Hoppe
27:59.61 PRSpring Arbor
84.FrJason Klaassen
85.JrAdam Cichon
86.SrNick Williamson
28:00.99 PRUniversity of Michig...
87.FrNicholas MacGeorge
88.Sam Darling
89.FrJose Torres
28:02.54 PRLansing
90.FrJames Cerone
28:03.49 PRHope
91.SoIsaiah Fox
28:07.78Grand Rapids Community
92.SoTristan Rudolph
93.FrLuke Sigler
28:12.33 PRIndian Hills CC
94.SoZachery Adkins
28:13.85 PRCleary University
95.SrMason Swartz
28:16.88 SRCalvin
96.SoIan Fulton
28:17.48Spring Arbor
97.FrAlex Ross
98.FrRyan VanAppledorn
28:21.43 PRCalvin
99.FrGarett Nelson
28:23.04 PRCleary University
100.SoMike Varacalli
28:28.77Mott CC
101.SoLuke Simonds
102.Frgarrett Hinson
28:33.56 PRIndian Hills CC
103.FrZachary Houghland
28:33.79 PRIndian Hills CC
104.SoJoe Traynham
28:35.05 SRAlpena Community Col...
105.SoLogan Robart
28:39.29 PRSpring Arbor
106.SoMoad Yaseen
28:39.87 PRUniversity of Michig...
107.Frjack Hastings
28:41.54 PRIndian Hills CC
108.FrBilly Dowd
28:43.02 PRJackson
109.FrCody Hepinstall
28:43.82 PRCleary University
110.SoMitchell Switzer
28:46.17 SRAquinas
111.FrCaebryn Crabtree
28:47.80 PRCleary University
112.FrSean Fisher
28:51.77 PRUniversity of Michig...
113.FrIsaac Brown
114.FrAlex Kean
28:57.93 PRMott CC
115.FrRyan Najor
28:58.96 PRSt Clair County Comm...
116.SoBrett Slayton
29:05.78Grand Rapids Community
117.FrKyle Lamos
29:06.00Grand Rapids Community
118.SoRyan Wohlfert
29:09.62 SRLansing
119.JrJoshua Norton
29:09.91Spring Arbor
120.SoJacob Wilson
29:10.15 PRIndian Hills CC
121.FrNicholas Barth
29:11.77Siena Heights
122.FrAndrew Schuring
29:17.08 PRHope
123.FrRiley Wynn
29:25.45 PRIndian Hills CC
124.FrPete Alfaro
29:26.21Siena Heights
125.FrCurtis Ford
29:32.06 PRIndian Hills CC
126.SoWilliam Libs
29:34.06 PRAquinas
127.FrBlaik Haney
29:36.24 PRSt Clair County Comm...
128.FrCameron Kyser
29:36.83Spring Arbor
129.FrRyan Wirgau
29:37.37Alpena Community Col...
130.FrTaylor Mrozinski
29:37.86Grand Rapids Community
131.FrAustin Coha
29:45.64 PRSt Clair County Comm...
132.SoNathan Elston
29:49.03 PRMott CC
133.SrLogan Boote
29:50.92 SRSpring Arbor
134.FrJacob Fletcher
29:55.83 PRSpring Arbor
135.FrMorgan McLean
29:55.99 PRAlpena Community Col...
136.FrTim Bell
29:59.43 PRIndian Hills CC
137.FrIan Fox
30:00.25 PRMott CC
138.FrJohn McMorris
139.SoJoseph Wohlfert
30:02.78 SRLansing
140.FrJoshua Fischer
30:05.93 PRAquinas
141.FrRyan Kieta
30:10.94 PRHope
142.FrConner Silvestri
30:19.04 PRLansing
143.SrRyan Dukes
30:21.04Siena Heights
144.SoTimothy Schrank
145.FrKolin Ghidoni
30:22.41Alpena Community Col...
146.SoBrendan Hunt
30:22.67 PRJackson
147.SoMatthew Kovacic
30:27.15Spring Arbor
148.FrIssac Scott
30:34.71 PRJackson
149.SoCody Mcneil
30:37.12 PRIndian Hills CC
150.FrTyler Kreiter
30:41.99 PRSt Clair County Comm...
151.SoRyan Shaeffer
30:46.11 PRIndian Hills CC
152.FrDevon Walsh
30:48.42 PRJackson
153.SoJ. Nevin McHarg
30:53.34 SRAlpena Community Col...
154.FrBrady Wright
31:13.95 PRAlpena Community Col...
155.SoPrescott Binder
31:19.02 SRHope
156.FrDelson Christian
31:19.32 PRUniversity of Michig...
157.FrCody Mathis
31:23.34 PRIndian Hills CC
158.FrDakota R. Trendy
31:30.23 PRSt Clair County Comm...
159.FrAustin Enns
31:31.29 PRAlpena Community Col...
160.FrSam Deuling
31:36.57Muskegon Community
161.FrTroy Sergey
31:45.44 PRGrace Bible (MI)
162.FrNoah Rogers
31:45.66 PRSpring Arbor
163.JrDimitri Tolarkey
31:49.98 PRGrace Bible (MI)
164.FrZach Rumley
31:50.28 PRGrace Bible (MI)
165.FrBrenton Fjeld
31:55.24 PRIndian Hills CC
166.Joel Holzhausen
167.FrEdward Kaleel
32:08.95 PRAquinas
168.FrDave Hardy
32:09.62 PRAncilla
169.FrAndrew Evans
32:22.72 PRMuskegon Community
170.FrAndrew Hart
32:30.00 PRIndian Hills CC
171.SoDavid Green
32:48.59Grace Bible (MI)
172.FrAndrew Travis
32:59.67Mid Michigan Community
173.FrRobert Starks
33:20.46 PRAncilla
174.FrCasey Ervin
33:27.35Mid Michigan Community
175.FrSheldon Elkie
33:31.13 PRAlpena Community Col...
176.FrAndrew Johnson
33:46.27 PRGrand Rapids Community
177.FrChandler Klibas
33:51.20 PRSt Clair County Comm...
178.FrJames Bone
34:02.86 PRAncilla
179.FrAdam Jerlecki
34:18.57 PRSt Clair County Comm...
180.FrJoel Bucao
34:30.15 PRMid Michigan Community
181.FrAnthony Gruttadauro
34:57.82Spring Arbor
182.FrJaryd Forbes
35:00.84 PRSt Clair County Comm...
183.FrTerranc Alsay
36:25.87 PRAncilla
184.FrAubrey Griggs
37:57.05 PRAncilla
185.FrMalik Clincy
39:06.86Mid Michigan Community
186.FrBrent Hartz
39:14.63 PRAncilla
187.FrCameron Atkins
39:36.14 PRSt Clair County Comm...
188.SoNicolas Snider
39:54.72Mid Michigan Community
189.Adam Quinn
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.SoJessica Goethals
18:14.29Michigan State
2.FrCarlyn Arteaga
18:18.73 PRMichigan State
3.Malea Teerman
4.Emily Haynes
5.Stephanie Vanis
6.FrCasey Mossholder
7.SoMadison Paquette
18:33.66 PRCleary University
8.SoJulia Rustmann
18:41.22 PRMichigan State
9.Amanda George
18:52.04Michigan State
10.SoKaitlin Beyer
18:53.93 SRLansing
11.FrMelissa Ricci
12.FrAshley Lindeman
13.Samantha Hanson
14.SoMadison Slater
15.FrAlyssa Mankey
16.JrVictoria Harper
19:36.46Spring Arbor
17.SrElaine LaBarge
19:37.01Cleary University
18.SoBreanna Kooiman
19:38.19 PRCalvin
19.FrJackie Jernigan
19:39.20 PRGrand Rapids Community
20.FrTea Romanowski
19:42.09 PRAquinas
21.JrKayla Kraft
19:42.95Cleary University
22.FrEmily Steffke
19:43.62 PRMichigan State
23.SrHannah Hoffmann
19:43.90 SRSpring Arbor
24.SrAlex Childs
25.SoAlexandra Love
19:46.76 SRLansing
26.SoCasey Hadaway
19:48.81 PRLansing
27.FrLeah Bishop
19:49.37 PRCalvin
28.SoSavannah Ferrara
19:50.49Mott CC
29.JrAlexandra Moxon
19:51.40 PRHope
30.FrCarly Halm
19:52.31 PRCalvin
31.FrCamylle Velazquez-...
19:52.65 PRLansing
32.JrMegan Murray
33.FrMickaela Dela Cruz
19:54.45University of Michig...
34.FrEricka Lathrop
19:56.92 PRLansing
35.Kelli Smith
19:57.32Spring Arbor
36.SoAyrka Parsons
20:05.55Indian Hills CC
37.SoMegan Seccombe
20:11.27University of Michig...
38.SrAllison Dible
20:13.37 SRAquinas
39.FrEmma Schroer
20:14.23 PRCalvin
40.Aleighsh Engisch
41.FrOlivia Umlauf
20:17.02 PRCalvin
42.FrBlaire Showers
43.SoJaydn Fuerst
20:17.95 PRSpring Arbor
44.JrMegan Huettner
45.FrJessica Quist
20:19.57 PRGrand Rapids Community
46.SoMackenzie Schmidt
20:19.79 PRHope
47.SoAngela Maurer
20:22.38 PRAquinas
48.FrEmily Wohlfert
20:29.99 PRLansing
49.FrTaylor Ward
50.FrHannah Kenny
51.FrKyria Shoemaker
20:34.19 PRSpring Arbor
52.FrRebecca Duran
53.FrDylann Hodgkinson
20:35.28 PRAquinas
54.SoSamantha Campbell
20:35.92 PRJackson
55.SoDanielle Hack
20:39.88 PRMott CC
56.SoMikayla Oliver
20:41.80Cleary University
57.FrKim Buskirk
20:42.08Grace Bible (MI)
58.JrNatasha Stevenson
20:42.39Cleary University
59.FrAmanda Wakelin
20:43.40 PRIndian Hills CC
60.SoAbby Couwenhoven
61.FrAnastasia Swanson
20:49.51Muskegon Community
62.JrAshlee Santiago
20:49.87 PRAquinas
63.FrMegan Jones
20:50.64 PRSpring Arbor
64.FrSophia VanderKooy
20:56.15 PRHope
65.JrMarianne Lohrstorfer
66.FrNatalie Keenan
20:57.38 PRHope
67.FrCourtney Hann
20:58.97Indian Hills CC
68.Sadie Ringer
69.FrBailey Umstead
21:01.28 PRMuskegon Community
70.SoCourtney Davis
21:03.57Cleary University
71.SoBreunisje Kass-McG...
21:05.51 SRMuskegon Community
72.FrKendra Irvine
21:06.16Muskegon Community
73.FrJisel Ochoa
21:08.23 PRGrand Rapids Community
74.SoKayla Gercak
75.FrBreanna VanLaan
76.SoAli Wagar
21:16.68 PRMott CC
77.JrCatherine Miller
21:17.30University of Michig...
78.FrKayla Keiser
21:18.20 PRMott CC
79.FrJena Gaffner
21:19.78 PRCalvin
80.SoEllie Best
81.FrKatie Rutkowski
21:27.37 PRSpring Arbor
82.FrJensen McEldowney
21:27.72 PRJackson
83.FrKrista Pichey
21:27.98 PRMott CC
84.FrLaura Holton
21:35.29 PRJackson
85.SrMackenzie Govier
21:36.18 SRHope
86.FrMeKare Elliott
21:36.78 PRGrand Rapids Community
87.SoAmanda Bentley
88.FrMaddie Van Ness
89.SoAlexandra Garcia
21:42.95 SRSpring Arbor
90.JrCaroline Barrett
21:43.24 PRHope
91.SrDanielle Anderson
21:44.25Spring Arbor
92.FrAlicia Bostwick
21:44.48 PRHope
93.FrEmily Cockerill
94.JrDiana Dvorak
21:49.95Spring Arbor
95.JrKristen Godwin
96.FrLindy Anderson
21:58.33 PRCalvin
97.FrNatalie Meyer
22:02.79 PRHope
98.SoEmily Flaig
22:03.66 PRIndian Hills CC
99.FrMegan Grimes
22:07.86 PRHope
100.FrVictoria Lenters
22:08.47 PRCalvin
101.FrMeghan Sylvia
22:12.51 PRSt Clair County Comm...
102.FrEmily Jackson
103.SrEmily Rader
22:20.03University of Michig...
104.FrMegan Brown
22:24.23Spring Arbor
105.FrAlyssa Harlow
22:30.98University of Michig...
106.FrHaley Dack
107.SoCaroline Mahalak
22:34.79 SRUniversity of Michig...
108.SrEllen Hackett
109.FrKassidy Baum
22:43.49Muskegon Community
110.FrEmelia Keith
22:46.58Indian Hills CC
111.FrKelsey Maise
22:53.49 PRIndian Hills CC
112.FrJenee Hall
22:57.75Muskegon Community
113.FrRaquel Contreras
23:02.66Indian Hills CC
114.FrMilagro Guerra
23:03.74Grace Bible (MI)
115.FrKatelyn Rodriguez
23:06.52Muskegon Community
116.SoKaylee Kozlowski
23:07.11 PRUniversity of Michig...
117.JrMegan Beck
23:13.43Spring Arbor
118.FrAlexandra Wyeth
23:23.38 PRHope
119.FrMadison Wabel
23:49.03 PRHope
120.FrCaterina Gryspeerd
23:52.71 PRSt Clair County Comm...
121.SoKelly Ocock
23:53.18 SRHope
122.SoShekinah Johnson
24:00.53Spring Arbor
123.FrBethany Knox
24:36.87 PRIndian Hills CC
124.FrMakayla Al-Uqdah
24:50.37 PRMuskegon Community
125.FrCammie Brown
25:28.02 PRAncilla
126.SoEmily Mesh
26:06.31Cleary University
127.FrIsabell Gaspar
27:10.49 PRIndian Hills CC
128.JrJess Johnson
27:36.62 PRGrace Bible (MI)
129.SoEmily Murray
28:02.30 PRSpring Arbor
130.FrAutumn Whitler
28:39.25Muskegon Community
131.JrRachelle Budop
29:02.81Spring Arbor
132.FrMaya McAdory
29:02.99 PRGrand Rapids Community
133.FrHolly McCoy
29:04.01 PRIndian Hills CC
134.SoRachel Stevens
29:08.18 PRGrace Bible (MI)
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