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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Freshman3:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Freshman4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:15 PM

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Bob Brown Trojan Classic



Hosted By: East Lansing High School

Thursday, October 13, 2016


The 18th Annual Trojan Cross Country Invitation will be held at the East Lansing Soccer Complex on Thursday, October 13, 2016. We look forward to seeing you at the event, and hope you and your runners will have a rewarding and enjoyable experience. This meet is intended for those who are NOT running in the Greater Lansing Invitational.


Course Location:   East Lansing Soccer Complex, 3700 Coleman Rd., East Lansing, MI


Time Schedule:      2:30pm          Course open

                                    3:45pm          Frosh Boys

                                    4:15pm          Frosh Girls

                                    4:45pm          JV Boys

                                    5:15 Pm         JV Girls

Entries:                  Enter your Runners at


We will run ahead of schedule if possible

Awards:                    Medals to the top 25 – ribbons to 40 each race


School Invited:                   East Lansing, DeWitt, Eastern, Fowlerville, Grand Ledge, Haslett, Holt, Ionia, Lakewood, Lansing Catholic, Lansing Christian, Leslie, Okemos, Mason, Stockbridge, Waverly, Williamston


Entry Fee:                             $150.00  per school

Admission:                           $5.00 per car


Entry Fee/contract:           Please returned signed contract and entry fee to:.

                                          East Lansing High School Athletic Department

                                          509 Burcham Drive, East Lansing, MI 48823


Coaches, please tell your runners that AWESOME Commemorative T-shirts will be on sale at the event. 

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Freshman

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Ledge35
3.Lansing Catholic73
5.Lansing Waverly113
1.9Vincent Kenyon
18:30.3 SRIonia
2.9Avery Grow
18:34.6 PRGrand Ledge
3.9Jack Russell
18:37.3 PRLansing Catholic
4.9Aaron Nevins
18:43.4East Lansing
5.9Tyler McCready
18:44.0 SRGrand Ledge
6.9Aiden Hauser
7.9Cody Keast
18:46.5 PRGrand Ledge
8.9Thomas Gorman
18:49.4 SROkemos
9.9Joe Perry
19:12.7 PRDeWitt
10.9Joey Gillengerten
19:16.5 SRHaslett
11.9Sam Sanderson
19:20.8 SRBath
12.9Kaleb Adkins
13.9David Perez
19:28.6 SRLansing Catholic
14.9Noah Foster
19:28.8 SRHaslett
15.9Jack Engler
19:32.1 SRGrand Ledge
16.9Jacob Nabozny
19:37.5 SRFowlerville
17.9Joey Greenburg
19:42.8 PRLansing Catholic
18.9Viraj Nukala
19:48.6 PROkemos
19.9Insaan Ermisch
19:49.9 SREast Lansing
20.9Joe Buck
20:02.8 PRLansing Waverly
21.9Ben Gnodtke
20:06.3 SROkemos
22.9Declan McCole
20:09.0 PROkemos
23.9Evan Alward
24.9Jack O'Connor
20:13.2Grand Ledge
25.9Garrett Lockwood
20:20.5 SRGrand Ledge
26.9Michael Christian
20:28.2 PREast Lansing
28.9Adrien McGill
20:44.5 SRGrand Ledge
29.9Garett Shermoe
20:47.2 SRFowlerville
30.9Ezekiel Ewulomi
20:49.8 SRLansing Waverly
31.9Owen Rickerd
20:50.4Lake Odessa Lakewood
32.9Jacob Jenkins
33.9Kyle Holmes
34.9Anirudh Shanker
35.9Cody Hardin
36.9Jeff Debozy
37.9Austin Montgomery
21:46.7 PRHolt
38.9Nicholas Rubeck
39.9Josh Harper
40.9David Johnson
21:59.8 SRHaslett
41.9David Haller
22:02.5 PRHaslett
42.9Trace Newton
22:07.3 SRLake Odessa Lakewood
43.9Nick Schaeding
22:10.9 SRBath
44.9Austin McCoy
22:21.4Lansing Everett
45.9Micah Hatfield
22:23.6 SRIonia
46.9Daniel Deeren
47.9Eric Chen
22:34.9 SROkemos
48.9Jackson Arkles
49.9Austin Murray
22:48.8 SRIonia
50.9Abby Crespo
23:51.4Lansing Waverly
51.9Carlos Lopez-Resen...
24:04.6Lansing Everett
52.9Josh Carrigan
24:20.2Lansing Catholic
53.9William George
24:28.7Lansing Everett
54.9Kaden Young
24:37.7Lansing Everett
55.9Brenden Harman
56.9Julian Bancroft
25:07.1 SRHaslett
57.9Charlie Barrone
25:13.1Lansing Catholic
58.9Tolkien Taber
26:05.5 PRLansing Waverly
59.9Elijah Medina
28:31.7Lansing Waverly
60.9Tyler Burcham
61.9James Kaalakea
29:58.8Lake Odessa Lakewood
62.9Woojae Kim
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Lansing Catholic53
3.East Lansing100
6.Grand Ledge192
9.Lansing Waverly236
10.Lake Odessa Lakewood240
1.12Rylan Rawson
2.12Robert McQuaid
17:37.7 PROkemos
3.11Nick Starr
17:42.7 PRLansing Catholic
4.10Will Jones
17:44.2 SROkemos
5.11Damon Cooper
17:57.4 PROkemos
6.12Andrew Stephenson
7.10Nick Balesky
18:01.1 SROkemos
8.10Colin Cooper
18:02.1 SRLansing Catholic
9.10Ryan Gilmore
18:19.5 PRLansing Catholic
10.10Ben Urquhart
18:20.0 PRLansing Catholic
11.10Maison Beauregard
12.10Nick Brown
18:28.6 PRIonia
13.12Levi Grandstaff
18:30.2 SREast Lansing
14.10Jack Sullivan
18:30.6 SRBath
15.10Evan Buck
18:32.3 SROkemos
16.11Yordi Cardenas
18:33.0 SRIonia
17.10Darius Clemen
18:33.7 PRBath
18.11Spencer Alexander
18:34.4 PROkemos
19.11Zach Archipley
18:35.0 PROkemos
20.12James Fredenberg
18:36.8 PRStockbridge
21.11Jon Hollister
18:39.1East Lansing
22.10Stanley Elder
18:40.8Grand Ledge
23.10Robert Walsworth
18:43.7 PROkemos
24.12Eashwar Mohan
25.11Evan Dempsey
18:45.6East Lansing
26.10Reece Whiteman
18:49.6 SRHolt
27.12Paul Mooney
18:53.2 PRHolt
28.11R.J. Wilson
18:54.4 SRIonia
29.11Aedan Jager
18:58.2 SRLansing Catholic
30.11Mauricio Barrera
19:02.2 PRDeWitt
32.11Malachi Davis
19:07.1 SRIonia
33.10Ben Clark
19:11.9 SROkemos
34.12Drew Busch
19:13.4East Lansing
35.11John Upham
19:20.9 PREast Lansing
36.10Patrick Long
19:23.4 PRLansing Catholic
37.11Diego Banks
19:25.1 PRHolt
38.10Reed Stevens
19:27.2 SRGrand Ledge
39.10Tyler Esch
19:29.6 SRIonia
40.12Jake Trierweiler
19:33.3 PRIonia
41.11Abdullah Hashsham
19:34.8 PROkemos
42.12Brendan Cone
19:35.7 SROkemos
43.10Brian Reeves
19:37.6 SREast Lansing
44.10Adam Fineis
45.10Kyle VanLake
19:39.2 SRDeWitt
46.10Cameron Stoepker
19:41.4Lake Odessa Lakewood
47.10Gabe Mayes
19:45.1 SREast Lansing
48.10Aiden Hickey
19:45.7 PRGrand Ledge
49.11TaeWon Kimball
19:46.4 PREast Lansing
50.10Alex Martin
19:47.2 PRIonia
51.12Aries McFadden
19:49.1 SRHolt
52.11Collin Smar
19:52.0 SRFowlerville
53.11Jon Maag
19:52.3 PRLake Odessa Lakewood
54.10John Michael
19:57.4 SROkemos
55.11Gaven Beckler
20:00.5 SRLansing Waverly
56.10Abel Briones
20:05.6 PRLansing Waverly
57.10Aloughn Jefferson
20:07.1 PRLansing Waverly
58.11Timothy Sweet
20:08.1Lake Odessa Lakewood
59.10Michael Wetzel
20:08.6 SRHaslett
60.10Dominic Nhan
20:09.2 PRLansing Waverly
61.11Arden Knoll
20:10.8 SROkemos
62.11Calder Lewis
63.10Erik Carey
64.10Nathan Fox
20:29.3 PRHolt
65.11Marc Mowry
20:29.4 SRDeWitt
66.12Josh Dix
20:30.2 PRFowlerville
67.10Josh Trierweiler
20:31.0 SRIonia
68.11Noah Jarrard
20:32.0 SRGrand Ledge
69.12John Townshend
20:33.8 SRGrand Ledge
70.11Andrew Mathews
20:37.2Lake Odessa Lakewood
71.11Gavin Laforge
20:43.4 SRWilliamston
72.12Michael Lee
73.10Andrew Webster
20:54.2 SREast Lansing
74.12Brandon Huttenlocker
21:00.6 SRLeslie
75.10Caleb Deeren
21:01.2 PRIonia
76.10Brendan Lounds
21:02.8 SREast Lansing
77.11Patrick Gordon
79.11Grant Wakeland
80.11Brandon Baswell
21:12.1 SRHolt
81.11Christopher Jacobs
21:12.4 PRHolt
82.11Zachary Matson
83.11Sebastian Carrier
21:15.2 SROkemos
84.10Adam Stevens
21:20.6 SRLansing Waverly
85.11Caleb Maleitzke
21:25.7 SRFowlerville
86.10Alec Barrone
21:28.9 SRLansing Catholic
87.10Carl McComis
21:30.5 SRBath
88.10Inigo DeArtaza
21:31.9Lansing Eastern
89.11Will Erskine
21:34.8 SRIonia
90.10Ry Rodriguez
21:39.1Lake Odessa Lakewood
91.10Aydan Hurst
21:40.0 SRIonia
92.10Drew DeBruler
93.11Cameron Huffman
21:44.8Lake Odessa Lakewood
94.12Ryan Spitzley
95.10Sam Konen
21:53.1 SRGrand Ledge
96.12Thomas Johnson
97.11Jake Eberhardt
21:59.1Lake Odessa Lakewood
98.10Jacob Rector
99.12Alec Rivers
22:03.5 PRHolt
100.12David Barton
22:06.2 PRWilliamston
101.10Noah Schott
102.12Matthew Blum
103.11Matt Garnett
22:12.9 SRHaslett
104.12Noah Richards
105.12Jack Murphy
106.10Justin Brown
107.10Brady Eckardt
22:27.1 PRLake Odessa Lakewood
108.11Andriy Yurchenko
22:30.0 PRLansing Waverly
109.12Thomas Gregory
22:32.3 PRLansing Waverly
110.10Mason DeBruler
111.12Ryan Behan
23:15.5 SROkemos
112.10Nolan Jamieson
23:16.9 SROkemos
113.11Ethan Lockwood
23:21.0Grand Ledge
114.10Grant Walker
23:37.3 SRLeslie
115.12Warren Fosler
116.11Jacob Robinson
117.12Nathan LeBlanc
24:54.1Grand Ledge
118.10Cameron Nakfor
25:20.9Lansing Catholic
119.11Jeremiah Benavides
25:59.9Lansing Everett
120.12Mauricio Zavala
27:03.7Lansing Eastern
121.11Ben Rich
27:10.1 PRLansing Everett
122.12Kaiser Strien
123.11Jonathon Hoerner
124.12Owen Jowett
28:12.4 SRLansing Catholic
125.10Reilly Caroen
126.11Nate Ely
28:23.1 PROkemos
127.12David Dehnke
30:07.2Lansing Catholic
128.12Zach Crittenden
129.11Michael Bellosillo
34:09.9 PRLansing Everett
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Freshman

Official Team Scores

1.East Lansing34
2.Lansing Catholic36
1.9Megan Schafer
21:07.7Grand Ledge
2.9Lucy Meng
3.9Eliana Chuney
21:38.7 PRHolt
4.9Ashlynn Sawatski
5.9Madalyn Greene
22:02.3 PREast Lansing
6.9Julia Krantz
22:07.6 PRWilliamston
7.9Ellen Mayes
8.9Eva Tyszkiewicz
22:15.5 PREast Lansing
9.9Grace Griffin
22:18.2 PRLansing Catholic
10.9Karlyn Wilson
22:24.8 PRWilliamston
11.9Grace Schaffer
22:27.9 SRDeWitt
12.9Marisa Haraburda
22:28.8 PRLansing Catholic
13.9Ella Stout
22:35.9 SREast Lansing
14.9Adeline Hauck
22:47.8 SRLansing Catholic
15.9Maddie Johnson
16.9Merisa Softic
24:00.7 SRHolt
17.9Carina Gordon
24:01.8 SROkemos
18.9Camille Taylor
24:08.6 PRLansing Catholic
19.9Gracy Watts
24:26.8 SRLansing Waverly
20.9Claudia Dempsey
24:28.0 PREast Lansing
21.9Lilli LaCross
24:35.1 PRLansing Catholic
22.9Richelle Chrzan
24:38.9 PRLake Odessa Lakewood
23.9Abby Stewart
24:42.2 SRLansing Catholic
24.9Madisen Crane
24:44.3 PREast Lansing
25.9Marina Kimbouris
24:45.5 PREast Lansing
26.9Mary Heberlein
25:06.3 PRLansing Catholic
27.9Ellie Rentz
25:30.2 PRLansing Catholic
28.9Emily Rector
29.9Ellecia Wolfe
25:44.9 PRDeWitt
30.9Abby Douglas
31.9Aisa Uhler
25:59.9East Lansing
32.9Marissa Orrin
33.9Emmily Reisbig
26:19.4 PRIonia
34.9Emily Fortier
26:29.2Lake Odessa Lakewood
35.9Delaney Whitman
26:33.2 PRBath
36.9Mya Uhlmann
37.9Katelyn Serrels
38.9Johannah McNeilly
27:35.5 SRHolt
39.9Emily Sochay
27:46.4 PRGrand Ledge
40.9Jane Kakela
29:35.8East Lansing
41.9Elizabeth Sherfinski
42.9Abigail Davis
43.9MacKenzie Becker
31:38.0Lansing Waverly
44.9Sheridan Leinbach
32:16.4Lansing Eastern
45.9Savanna Baughan
46.9Andrea Turrubiates
33:54.2Lansing Eastern
47.9Margret Allen
33:59.0 SRFowlerville
48.9Isabell Zylstra
34:24.6Lake Odessa Lakewood
49.9Sarah Rivers
50.9Kristine Belding
37:33.1 PRDeWitt
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.East Lansing26
3.Grand Ledge101
4.Lansing Catholic112
8.Lake Odessa Lakewood221
10.Lansing Waverly316
11.Lansing Everett352
1.11Hadley Christensen
2.12Jenna Merony
20:25.5East Lansing
3.11Brynne Wisner
20:27.8 PREast Lansing
4.11Eva Schwarz
20:55.7 PROkemos
5.11Kara Johnson
21:14.1 SRDeWitt
6.11Veronica Marr
21:14.5East Lansing
7.12Gretchen Fata
21:15.7 SREast Lansing
8.10Maddy Wood
21:21.7 SREast Lansing
9.12Lia Baldori
21:28.7 SROkemos
10.11Grace Bielby
21:33.5 SROkemos
11.10Sophie Weitzel
21:43.4 SRLansing Catholic
12.12Tori Campbell
21:49.1Grand Ledge
13.11Selena Lopez
21:50.2 SRFowlerville
14.12Alesha Bethea
21:54.5 SRHolt
15.12Haley Sawatzki
16.10Sarah Padilla
21:59.0 SRGrand Ledge
17.10Ainsley Vanderlaan
22:10.8Grand Ledge
18.10Sophie Baldino
22:15.4 SRLansing Catholic
19.11Tara Webster
22:20.2 PREast Lansing
20.11Jaycee Chappell
21.10Abigail Kazmierski
22:28.4 PRLansing Catholic
22.10Delaney Kirinovic
22:30.1 SRDeWitt
23.10Haven Bosworth
22:31.5 PRLake Odessa Lakewood
24.12Justice Russell
22:35.0 PROkemos
25.11Kiera Crowley
22:36.8 PROkemos
26.10Cara Heberlein
22:39.3 SRLansing Catholic
27.11Marissa Gordon
28.11Cheryl Johnson
22:59.6Grand Ledge
29.10Cragen Davies
23:03.8 SRDeWitt
30.10Melanie Vukovich
23:04.4 SRGrand Ledge
31.10Taylor Smelker
23:06.0 SRDeWitt
32.10Sharon Piedra-Vargas
23:07.7 SRGrand Ledge
33.10Emorie Bond
23:13.0 SRDeWitt
34.11Makayla Flegler
23:14.2 SRDeWitt
35.12Adriana Wagner
23:14.5 PRHolt
36.12Kathleen Beekman
23:14.9 PREast Lansing
37.12Maddie Kelsey
23:15.2 PRLansing Catholic
38.10Annie Heeder
23:17.4Lansing Catholic
39.11Emily Fortino
23:19.6 SREast Lansing
40.11Claire Davidson
23:20.2Grand Ledge
41.11Colleen Jamnik
23:20.9 SREast Lansing
42.12Allie Piper
23:25.8 SRHolt
43.10Cassidy McGeorge
23:27.8 PRGrand Ledge
44.11Cassidy Mollitor
23:30.6 SRDeWitt
45.12Kelsie Montgomery
23:36.6 SRHolt
46.12Kyla Woods
23:43.1 PRHaslett
47.12Molly Robles
23:44.7 SRLeslie
48.11Abby Conway
23:48.6 SRGrand Ledge
49.10Hannah Selby
23:52.5 SRLake Odessa Lakewood
50.11Annaliese Marks
23:52.9 SRHaslett
51.10Sierra Smith
23:54.5 SRLake Odessa Lakewood
52.10Allyson Alberts
23:58.3 SRHolt
53.10Madison Montgomery
24:05.9 SRLeslie
54.10Allie Rooks
24:13.2Lake Odessa Lakewood
55.11Amanda Maurer
56.10Taylor Werner
24:24.9Grand Ledge
57.12MonTana Rial
24:25.6 PRHolt
58.12Bailey Akers
24:26.3 PRLeslie
59.10Anna Dehnke
24:26.9 SRLansing Catholic
60.10Emily Peterson
61.10Logan Jackson
24:28.8 SREast Lansing
62.10Caitlin Crittenden
24:29.3 SRHolt
63.12Molly Fedewa
24:32.6 SRGrand Ledge
64.12Sierra Hirko
24:35.3East Lansing
65.11Bella Kuch
24:36.8 PRFowlerville
66.10Jessica Davis
24:41.5 SRFowlerville
67.12Alie Addiego
24:43.0 PREast Lansing
68.11Veronica Gawarecki
69.11Reyna Estrada
24:44.2Grand Ledge
70.12Kristen Burkhardt
24:45.8 SRFowlerville
71.12Rachel Gilliland
24:54.6 SRLeslie
72.10Alaina Houser
24:56.4 SRHolt
73.11Jules Fenneuff
25:01.2 SRDeWitt
74.12Nicole Hefty
75.12Rachel Samet
25:25.3 SREast Lansing
76.10Solina Robles
25:35.8 PRLeslie
77.10Elaine Gregory
25:42.6 PRLansing Waverly
78.10Lilly Kakela
25:44.3 SREast Lansing
79.11Clare Pike
25:45.6 SREast Lansing
80.10Graci Dack
25:46.8 PRLeslie
81.12Arianna Salinas
26:05.3 SRLansing Waverly
82.11Emma Davis
83.12Linda Webster
26:36.7 PREast Lansing
84.10Meagan Coulter
26:39.5 SRBath
85.12Marie Horlacher
26:47.1 PRFowlerville
86.10Emily Baird
87.12Caroline Krieger
88.11Natalie Bower
26:54.9 SRHolt
89.12Grace Hearl
26:55.6 PRFowlerville
90.11Paiten Struble-Szura
26:57.9 PRFowlerville
91.12Brooke Swejkoski
27:01.6 PRHolt
92.12Nour Al-Hayek
27:22.7 PRHolt
93.10Manon Schut
27:29.3 PRWilliamston
94.12Sydney Maldonado
27:30.0 SRLansing Waverly
95.10Marla Rose
27:35.0 PRFowlerville
96.12Devyn Fleischer
27:36.6 PRFowlerville
97.12Julia Haas
27:38.1 SREast Lansing
98.10Abby Check
99.12Kennedy Geiger
27:46.7Lake Odessa Lakewood
100.11Audrey Trinka
27:48.2 SRFowlerville
101.10Paule Justin
27:58.6 PRLansing Waverly
102.10Abby Temple
28:00.8Lake Odessa Lakewood
103.10McKayla Mahlich
28:04.0 PRIonia
104.10Shannon Sampson
28:33.3 SRLansing Catholic
105.12Jessica Hunt
28:58.7 SRHolt
106.12Alexys Roundtree
29:01.0 SRIonia
107.10Kayla Hall
29:26.2Lake Odessa Lakewood
108.10Lilia Kostanko
30:08.1Lake Odessa Lakewood
109.11Analiya Benavides
30:23.2Lansing Everett
110.10Charlotte Cantin
30:24.2 PRDeWitt
111.12Stasia Abbott
30:38.5Lansing Everett
112.12Brenda Gonzalez
30:39.4Lansing Everett
113.11Kenna Yoder
30:59.0 SRLansing Everett
114.10Isabella Eallonardo
31:22.8Grand Ledge
115.10Serena Hardy
32:18.7 PRLansing Waverly
116.11Mari Tapia
32:19.5Lansing Waverly
117.11Faith Hasen
33:34.9 PRHolt
118.12Marissa Michaud
35:36.8Lake Odessa Lakewood
119.11Joi Thurman
37:26.8Lansing Everett
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