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Mens Races

5000m Course

5,000 Meters Varsity Small8:15 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Large8:40 AM

2.1 Mile Course

2.1 Miles Frosh/Soph Small10:45 AM
2.1 Miles Frosh/Soph Large11:05 AM

1.4 Miles

1.4 Miles Middle School/Youth11:45 AM
Womens Races

5000m Course

5,000 Meters Varsity9:05 AM

2.1 Mile Course

2.1 Miles Frosh/Soph11:25 AM

1.4 Miles

1.4 Miles Middle School/Youth12:05 PM

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Capital Cross Challenge  (coaches)

Presented by the Sacramento Running Association and the Sacramento Sports Commission

Saturday October 1, 2016

Haggin Oak Golf Complex in Sacramento

Races will be on the Arcade Creek course, covering 9 different holes and following an inner and outer horseshoe design. The course is flat and on well maintained fairways. The starting area is 70m wide and allows teams unlimited registration in the Varsity, Frosh/Soph, and Youth divisions. The Capital Cross Challenge provides a great opportunity for high school and youth athletes to run fast, view college racing, and enjoy a fun day on a spectator friendly course. The course is home to the 2013 and 2016 NCAA Division 1 Western Regional Championships. We hope you can join us!

Race Schedule will be finaled Wednesday (9/28) by 10am

Race Schedule **UPDATED 9/27**
7:00am: Check-In Open
8:15am:  Varsity Boys 5k Small School (Div. 3, 4, 5)
8:40am: Varsity Boys 5k Large School (Div. 1 & 2)
9:05am: Varsity Girls 5k
9:35am: College Men’s Race 8k
10:15am:  College Women’s Race 6k
10:45am: Frosh/Soph Boys 2.1 miles Small School (Div. 3, 4, 5)
11:05am:  Frosh/Soph Boys 2.1 miles Large School (Div. 1 & 2)
11:25am:  Frosh/Soph Girls’ Race 2.1 miles
11:45am: MS/Youth Boys’ Race 1.4 miles
12:05pm:  MS/Youth Girls’ Race 1.4 miles

Awards to top finishers, presented by HOKA ONE ONE

Register at

Entry Fees: Payment collected at packet pick-up. Please make checks out to: Sac Sports 
*Cash and Credit Cards also accepted
*For W9, please email

High Schools: $150 for H.S. teams. $75 for single gender teams. Registration fees include unlimited entries in varsity and frosh/soph divisions. 

Middle School/Youth: $100 for middle school, elementary school, or youth club teams. $50 for single gender teams. Or $10/youth athlete.

Entry deadline: Tuesday September 27th (Teams must be added on by September 16th for guaranteed entry).

Packet Pick-Up: Race morning at Haggin Oaks Pavillion 6:45 am - 11:00 am.

Timing: Chip timing by Record Timing.

Parking: Plenty of on site parking. There will be a charge of $5 per vehicle. 2 free parking passes per school.

No Spectator Entry Fees

Race T-Shirt and HOKA ONE ONE Merchandise for sale on site 

Food and Drink Sales on site

High School Host Team: Jesuit H.S.

College Host Team: CSU Sacramento

Please email Danielle Domenichelli with any questions at

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Small

Official Team Scores

1.Christian Brothers83
2.El Dorado111
3.Vista Del Lago (Folsom)120
5.El Camino (Sacramento)190
6.Liberty Ranch195
7.Mira Loma204
8.St Mary’s214
9.Will C. Wood214
11.Bear River227
13.Vacaville Christian323
18.Turlock Christian481
19.Western Sierra Collegiate Ac...491
22.Sacramento Waldorf597
1.11Collin Ullrich
16:02.6Liberty Ranch
2.11Ryan Ioanidis
16:03.3 SRMira Loma
3.11Karl Winter
16:25.7St Mary’s
4.12Luke Richmond
16:36.4 PRForesthill
5.10John-Isaiah Jimenez
16:43.9 SRChristian Brothers
6.10JohnPaul Bzorek
16:47.0 PRBear River
7.12Chad Barnett
16:47.2 PRForesthill
8.11Brian Hastings
16:49.7 SRLas Plumas
9.11Grayson Egbert
16:57.3 SREl Dorado
10.10Samuel Copley
17:00.4 SRChristian Brothers
11.11Tyler Rosson
17:04.2 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
12.11Robert McGowan
17:04.2 PREl Dorado
13.10Addison Vaquero
17:12.1 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
14.11Diego Bartolome
17:12.7 PREl Dorado
15.10Carlos Ascencio
17:14.6 PRDixon
16.12Will Yuponce
17:16.1Christian Brothers
17.10Alex Gomez
17:16.7 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
18.11Jamir Jones
17:16.8 PRVacaville Christian
19.10Xavier Morales
17:16.8 PRLiberty Ranch
20.11Preston Summerhays
17:19.2 SRLincoln-L
21.11Tim Blumenthal
17:25.4 SREl Dorado
22.10Cameron Kemper
17:27.0 SRDixon
23.12Mason Pierce
17:28.0 PRColfax
24.10Keir Keenan
17:28.4Mira Loma
25.10Connor Vrooman
17:28.4 SRColfax
26.10Nevin Afong
17:28.5Christian Brothers
27.11Max Davis - Trujillo
17:29.1 PRDixon
28.9Jaycie Zapata
29.11Nathan Koning
17:38.2 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
30.10Alberto Mujica
17:44.0Christian Brothers
31.11Josh Bajaj
17:48.8St Mary’s
32.10Gabriel Carino
17:52.3 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
33.10Brenden Jones
17:53.8 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
34.11Rayan Alnasir
17:55.4 PRLiberty Ranch
35.10Simon Mitchell
17:58.2Mira Loma
36.10Kevin Valdivia
18:00.7 PRWill C. Wood
37.12Aiden Jewell
18:01.2 PRWill C. Wood
38.12John Weaver
18:01.4 SRWill C. Wood
39.9Josiah Glynn
18:03.3 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
40.10Bailey Rockholt
41.11Daniel Howell
18:04.7 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
42.9Brekyn Vasquez
18:04.7 PRBear River
43.9Jaden Thompson
18:09.8 SREl Camino (Sacramento)
44.12Cody Rogers
18:13.4 PRSutter
45.11Isaiah Sulivan
18:13.9St Mary’s
46.11Miguel Andrade-Sal...
18:14.7 SRLathrop
47.12Bennett Morrison
18:15.7 PRFaith Christian
48.10Xavier Sherman
18:19.4 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
49.11Mark Griffitts
18:22.2 PRPlacer
50.9Caleb Edwards
18:23.1 PRBear River
51.11Eli Hopper
18:23.3 PRVacaville Christian
52.12Gabriel Woodward
18:23.8 PRWill C. Wood
53.11Josh Daw
18:24.5 PRFoothill (Sacramento)
54.12Spencer Kane
18:26.9 PRColfax
55.11Mark Goriye
18:26.9St Mary’s
56.12Sergio Zepeda
18:29.6 PRLathrop
57.9Benjamin Bodine
18:29.6 SRDixon
58.10Connor Pexa
18:30.2 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
59.11Dru Branson
18:30.5 PRWill C. Wood
60.11Noah Byerly
18:32.8 PRBradshaw Christian
61.12Ramon Cardenas
18:34.2 PRLincoln-L
62.12Paul Hudson
18:35.9 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
63.12Harrison Kuuskvere
18:39.0 PREl Dorado
64.9Caleb Medrano
65.12Matthew Irwin
18:42.5 PRForesthill
66.10Matthew Rodriguez
18:44.2 PRBear River
67.11Nathan Prettyman
18:45.4 SREl Dorado
68.11Austin Soelzer
18:45.9 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
69.12Thomas Buethe
18:48.4 PREl Dorado
70.11Patrick Wiseman
18:51.9Christian Brothers
71.11Eryn Balugo
18:53.5 PRLathrop
72.11Carson Flamm
18:54.3 PRMira Loma
73.11Alex Mantong
18:56.7 PRChristian Brothers
74.12Jeremy Brown
18:57.2 SRPlacer
75.11Joe Archer
18:57.3 PRChristian Brothers
76.9Jett Livingston
18:58.0 SRBear River
77.12Derek Miller
18:58.8 PRLiberty Ranch
78.10Dylan McDonald
18:58.9 PRLiberty Ranch
79.10Liam Jones
19:00.1 SRTurlock Christian
80.11Juan Castro
19:01.6 PRMcNair
81.11Theo Kaufman
19:04.9Sacramento Country Day
82.10Austin Marcoccia
19:05.9 PRLiberty Ranch
83.10David Lund
19:06.4Turlock Christian
84.11Jack Ibbetson
19:10.2 PRWoodland
85.11Timothy Simanhadi
19:10.7 SRMira Loma
86.12Addison Hick
87.10Jonathan Gaborko
19:12.0Vacaville Christian
88.12Andrey Yegorov
19:12.1 PRMira Loma
89.11Matthew Pilawa
19:13.0 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
90.10Connor Leipelt
19:13.6Liberty Ranch
91.11Erik Soto
92.11David Angoletta
19:21.5St Mary’s
93.11Jin Oh
19:22.4 PREl Dorado
94.10Noah Herfurth
19:23.4 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
95.11Alex Foley
19:25.7Vacaville Christian
96.11Jack Treseder
19:27.9 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
97.12Nate Rettinger
19:29.8 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
98.11Damiyen Lane
19:31.1 SRFoothill (Sacramento)
99.9Braedyn Hick
100.12Kyler Plouffe
19:31.5 PRMira Loma
101.11Jason Carman
19:33.4 PRVacaville Christian
102.9Sean Cullers
19:34.1 SRBear River
103.9Asher Voyles
19:36.5 SRLiberty Ranch
104.11Matthew Mills
19:38.2 SRDurham
105.12Matthew Pfeiffer
19:41.5 PRColfax
106.12Ryan Homer
19:43.7 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
107.10Zane Tagatac
19:45.7Western Sierra Colle...
108.11Jakob Berger
19:48.8Bear River
109.11Jack Gardner
19:49.8Vacaville Christian
110.12Mason Mark
19:54.3 PRTurlock Christian
111.11Issac Aguilar
19:55.5 SREl Dorado
112.10Rai Bhachech
19:56.1Sacramento Waldorf
113.12Peter Dunham
19:56.8 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
114.12Jorge Martinez
19:56.9 PRDurham
115.12Joey Martin
116.11Caleb Bender
19:59.1 PRLincoln-L
117.12Jamel Fulmore
20:00.0 PRLincoln-L
118.11Isiah Bartolome
119.12Michael Gage
120.11Ryan Larson
20:09.1 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
121.12Julio Morales, Jr.
20:10.0 PRLathrop
122.11Carson Fogg
20:10.9 PRSacramento Waldorf
123.11Nick Rubio
20:15.5 PRChristian Brothers
124.11Aydon Torgersen
20:17.9 PRLincoln-L
125.10Tye Morrison
20:18.1 SRFaith Christian
126.12Russell Lee
20:18.7 PRChristian Brothers
127.11Tommy Dunham
20:20.2 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
128.11Juan Chavez
129.10Martin Gil
20:27.6 PRMountain House
130.11Cesar Medina
20:28.8 PRLiberty Ranch
131.11Aaron Long
20:30.3 PRLathrop
132.11Shawn von Chance-S...
20:30.8 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
133.11Evan Watkins
20:32.2 PRChristian Brothers
134.10Ian Foster
20:35.9 PRDixon
135.10Micah Warner
20:36.5 PRBear River
136.10Garrett Mitchell
20:38.6 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
137.11Joey Poggi
138.9Winston Lee
20:46.9 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
139.12Angello Escobar
20:47.9 PRFoothill (Sacramento)
140.11Tristan Hegseth
20:50.6 PRPlacer
141.12Ryan Giles
20:51.4 PREl Dorado
142.12Damien Pierce
20:51.4 PRLathrop
143.11Luis Boiso
20:54.4 SRLathrop
144.10Eli Braden
20:55.0 SRTurlock Christian
145.11Russell Garcia
20:59.3 PRRosemont
146.11Jonathan Zubia
21:03.5 SRSutter
147.10Jed Park
21:06.9Turlock Christian
148.12Dakota Cooper
21:10.1Sacramento Waldorf
149.12Josh Bradley
21:10.9 PRFaith Christian
150.11Johnny Luna
151.11Albert Solano
21:11.8 PRWoodland
152.12Wyatt Cooper
21:14.0 PRWoodland
153.12Jose Espitia
21:15.2 PRWoodland
154.11Norencio Bungalon
21:17.8St Mary’s
155.11Ty Fleming
21:18.3 SRLincoln-L
156.12Andrew Pecha
21:20.8 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
157.11jacob mcBride
21:28.0St Mary’s
158.11Kritzio Cobian
159.12Kyle Ludlow
160.11Connor Edwards
21:35.8 PRRosemont
161.11Joel Porter
21:36.1 SRWill C. Wood
162.11Riley Slater
21:39.3 SRBear River
163.10Ryan Roehl
21:41.5 SRSacramento Waldorf
164.11Nolan Gobel
21:42.5 PRFaith Christian
165.11Israel Aguilar
21:43.4 PREl Dorado
166.11Jalen Singh
167.11Dante Cairns
21:53.4El Dorado
168.12Steven Overdevest
169.11Shawn Harris
170.12Dillon McMenomey
21:56.7 SRColfax
171.11Hunter Franklin
21:58.6 SRLiberty Ranch
172.10Jake Rybarczyk
22:00.0El Camino (Sacramento)
173.11Daniel Gallagher
22:08.3 PRMira Loma
174.11Chukeng Vang
175.11Nakao Kraus
22:26.9 PRMira Loma
176.11Daniel Meza
177.11Riley Schanberger
22:39.0 PRChristian Brothers
178.11Justin Romani
22:47.8 SRChristian Brothers
179.11Lee Shi
22:53.5 PRChristian Brothers
180.11Ben Witort
23:07.3 PRTurlock Christian
181.11Logan Bitters
23:12.3 PRLincoln-L
182.11Ricardo Magana
23:13.7 SRChristian Brothers
183.11Juan Vargas
23:15.0 SRWoodland
184.11David Garza
23:15.5 PRChristian Brothers
185.11Michael Logoteta
23:19.5Vacaville Christian
186.11Justin Martini
23:21.8 PREl Dorado
187.11Grant Patterson
23:22.0 PRDurham
188.11Connor Leister-Gray
23:26.4 PRMira Loma
189.12Javier Cortez
23:27.6 PRGalt
190.11Michael Ost
23:29.2 PRChristian Brothers
191.11Conner Pnelan
192.11Sam Starn
24:48.9Turlock Christian
193.11Josef Hand
194.12Giovanny Banuelos
25:19.8 PRGalt
195.12Dom Ramos
25:55.0 SRPlacer
196.11Aaron Garza
26:41.0 SRChristian Brothers
197.10Jonas Poer
27:00.8Sacramento Waldorf
198.12Isaac Olmos
27:01.4 SRMcNair
199.11Unk Unk
27:19.4Sacramento Country Day
200.11Oscar Wong
27:23.3 PRChristian Brothers
201.11Tyler Boker
202.11Nicolas Cuomo
28:41.4 PRChristian Brothers
203.11Steven Sharp
28:52.6 SRGalt
204.11Fletcher Christian
28:56.3 PRRosemont
205.11Derek Khor
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5,000 Meters Varsity Large

Official Team Scores

4.Nevada Union99
6.Oak Ridge154
9.Merrill West241
11.Franklin (EG)300
13.Lincoln (S)353
15.River City396
1.12Logan Dodge
2.10Garrett Gough
15:52.6 SRNevada Union
3.12Brendan Erwin
16:06.7 PRArmijo
4.12Logan Arlin
5.11Zakari Wahid
16:21.6 PRArmijo
6.11Michael Emerson
7.11Jordan Lawrence
16:37.8 PRFranklin (EG)
8.11Peter Vo
9.11Tyler Salcido
16:42.9 PROak Ridge
10.11Austin Shields
11.11Josh Kling
12.11Ryan Dix
16:47.0 PRArmijo
13.11Justin Alexander
16:47.2Bear Creek
14.11Cameron Wisely
15.12Nicholas Leacox
16:51.0 PRDavis
16.10Juan Zarate-Sanchez
16:53.1 PRDavis
17.12Zayad Zaman
16:55.3Merrill West
18.11Tyler Davis
19.10Decker Krogh
16:57.9 SRNevada Union
20.11James Brunette
17:04.0 SRDavis
21.11Josh Ross
17:13.7 PRNevada Union
22.11Jamie Moddelmog
17:19.0 PRDavis
23.11James Angel
24.9Trenton Artica
25.11Lance Bricca
17:28.1 PROak Ridge
26.12Sean McArthur
17:29.1 PRWoodcreek
27.-Gustavo Perez
17:29.5 PRDavis
28.9Davis Olsen
17:31.1Nevada Union
29.11Ben Scudero
17:32.0 PRNapa
30.11Tony Zortman
17:32.2 PRWoodcreek
31.9Kaden McKay
17:34.0 SRWoodcreek
32.12Andrew Shaw
33.11Christian Wilde
17:37.2 PROak Ridge
34.9Zeno Castiglioni
17:37.7 SRDavis
35.11Evan Belk
17:38.4 SRDavis
36.11Cole Baer
17:40.2 PRJesuit
37.11Stephen Nichols
17:41.1 PRDavis
38.9Rolando Anaya
17:45.2 SRChavez
39.11Luke Adel
17:45.4 SRKennedy (Sacramento)
40.9Teagan Favorite
17:46.4 PRDavis
41.10Owen Zuidema
17:48.1 PRNapa
42.11Forest Mayo
17:48.9 PRTokay
43.10Wyatt Gough
17:49.3 SRNevada Union
44.12Ben Langreck
17:50.5 PROak Ridge
45.11Michael Alcantar
17:51.7 SRNapa
46.11Jeremy Fee
17:52.1 PRDavis
47.11Damien Biegler
48.11Alejandro Vera
18:02.6 PRArmijo
49.12David Higuera
50.11Cameron Richards
18:05.2 PRNevada Union
51.11Sylus Krall
18:06.1 PRDavis
52.9Aiden Williams
18:08.5 PRWoodcreek
53.12Jonathan Joe
18:09.5 SRKennedy (Sacramento)
54.12Tim Brannan
18:10.3 SRJesuit
55.11Aaron Boggs
18:14.1 SRArmijo
56.12Jose Acosta
18:15.4 PRFranklin (EG)
57.11Carson McCall
18:15.9 PRPleasant Grove
58.11Perry Winsor
59.10Ryen Loy
18:24.7Bear Creek
60.11Frenly Espino
61.11Ryan Peri
18:25.0 SRWoodcreek
62.12Garrett Mcguire
63.11Sean Jones
64.12Anthony Flores
18:31.6 PRJesuit
65.11Grayson McKim
18:32.8 PRDavis
66.10Tomas Harding
18:34.7 PRDavis
67.10Maddox Smith
68.9Nick Blakewell
18:41.9 PRDavis
69.10William Ewens
18:43.3 PRDavis
70.11Emmanuel Chavez
18:44.1Merrill West
71.11Aidan Rainey
72.11Collin Drown
18:46.8 PRDavis
73.12Kenneth Tran
18:53.3Merrill West
74.10Julian Diaz
75.9Jacob Larson
76.11Austin Willems
77.10Nathan Sweet
18:59.9 SRDavis
78.11Andrew Bellas
19:01.1 PROak Ridge
79.10Jonah Heninger
19:02.5 PRWoodcreek
80.11Cameron Wanket
19:04.7 PRLincoln (S)
81.12Christian Burrows
19:05.4 PRRocklin
82.12Spencer Moore
19:06.6 PRDavis
83.12Andrew Enriquez
19:07.4Merrill West
84.11James Sunseri
85.11Miles Zabala
19:08.8 PRDavis
86.11Andrew Franco
87.12Brandon Hein
19:09.0 PRDavis
88.9Mikhail Petrenko
19:11.3 SRRiver City
89.11Carlo Safra
19:11.9 PRWoodcreek
90.11Jackson Miller
19:16.9 PRNapa
91.12Justin Ho
19:18.4Bear Creek
92.10Ben Moxon
19:19.9 PRDavis
93.9Matthew Sheppard
94.11Christopher Gevara
19:24.2Bear Creek
95.11Mattias Apse
19:30.5 PRDavis
96.10Cayden Hennessey
19:31.8 SRNevada Union
97.11Grayson Pilloff
19:36.2 PRPleasant Grove
98.12Alex Limon
19:37.1 SRDavis
99.11Erik Ebert
19:39.6 PRLodi
100.11Collin Pitts
19:39.7 PRWhitney
101.12Kyle Koontz
19:44.4 PRMerrill West
102.11Justin Yang
19:47.2River City
103.11Jakob Taylor
104.11Julian Andaya
19:49.7 PROak Ridge
105.11Izaaya Deguchy
19:56.5Kennedy (Sacramento)
106.12Troy Farnworth
107.12Ionatan Soule
108.11Rodrigo Gonzalez
20:02.2Oak Ridge
109.11Jackson Phipps
20:05.3Lincoln (S)
110.11Alex Eickmann
20:08.5 PRWhitney
111.11Mark Ruiz
20:16.1 SRChavez
112.12Christian McKittrick
20:20.4 PRRoseville
113.12Stephen Hodges
20:23.8Lincoln (S)
114.12Jorge Garcia
20:26.0 PRNapa
115.11Andre Martinez
20:30.2Merrill West
116.11James Hasson Snell
20:37.6 PRDavis
117.12Kyle Johnson
20:38.1 PRLincoln (S)
118.12Anthony Laurente
20:40.3 PRWhitney
119.11Eddie Talamantes
20:45.7Lincoln (S)
120.11Willem Demsky
20:51.9 SRNapa
121.11Gianni Modena
122.11Thomas Burket
20:59.4 PRRocklin
123.11Austyn Crighton
21:01.8 PRRoseville
124.11Kadence Walker
125.11Bryant Huynh
21:19.4 PRFranklin (EG)
126.11Travis Mallory
21:21.0 SRWoodcreek
127.11Angel Ochoa
21:22.8Leroy Greene Academy
128.11Tyler Toan
21:29.4 PRFranklin (EG)
129.11Kyle Hulsey
130.11Matthew Elliot
131.12Gautam Banuru
21:44.5Merrill West
132.11Diego Prado
21:54.4 SRNapa
133.12Jacques Core
21:54.5 PRNapa
134.11Philip Wang
21:58.7 PRFranklin (EG)
135.11Iason Pitsillides
22:03.2 PRDavis
136.11Peter Holderbein
22:06.1 PRDavis
137.11Kevin Lau
22:09.2 PRDavis
138.11Daniel Chao
22:15.8 PRDavis
139.12Eben Kohn
22:32.5 PRDavis
140.12Talton Frison
141.11Nathan Cruit
22:36.8Merrill West
142.11Julian Burres
22:38.7Leroy Greene Academy
143.10Ikaika Griffith
22:38.9River City
144.10Andrew Kotenko
22:39.8 PRRiver City
145.11Jacob Rodriguez
22:59.9Franklin (EG)
146.12David Meddin
147.11Nathan Fong
23:06.1 PRFranklin (EG)
148.11Gabe Donley
149.10Kaden Flynn
23:22.7 SRRiver City
150.11Kamani Jackson-Max...
23:29.7Leroy Greene Academy
151.11Anthony Ramirez
152.10Kaden Flynn
23:44.9River City
153.12Edwin Perez
23:50.1 PRJesuit
154.11Tanner Harris
155.12Brian Carranza
156.10Ishaan Patel
24:13.3 PRRiver City
157.11William Wyman
24:17.5 PRDavis
158.11Bishaal Prasad
24:19.6 SRLeroy Greene Academy
159.10Robert Ruiz Gonzalez
160.11Andrew Burge
24:38.7 PRRocklin
161.11Luis Moya
27:07.0Pleasant Grove
162.11Henry Womack
31:01.0Kennedy (Sacramento)
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2.1 Miles Frosh/Soph Small

Official Team Scores

2.St Mary’s87
3.Vista Del Lago (Folsom)109
4.Christian Brothers111
7.El Dorado154
9.Mira Loma235
11.Leroy Greene Academy290
12.El Camino (Sacramento)325
1.10Spencer Loewen
11:20.1 SRSt Mary’s
2.10Vince Prasad
11:30.5 PRLathrop
3.9Billy Groth
11:39.0 PRColfax
4.10Stephen Northouse
11:42.0 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
5.9Devin Muzzy
11:45.2 PRPlacer
6.10Ethan Belnap
11:45.8 PRRosemont
7.10Christopher Pickett
11:47.6 PRLincoln-L
8.10Enrique Verschoor
11:48.7 PRChristian Brothers
9.10James Linder
11:48.9 PRPlacer
10.9Levi Barnby
11:52.1 PRLincoln-L
11.9Ethan Reece
11:53.8 PRGalt
12.10Jesus Sanders
11:54.8 PRLeroy Greene Academy
13.9Sam Sinor
11:55.3 PRColfax
14.10Delano Snell
11:56.2 PRWoodland
15.10Carlos Natividad
11:56.5 PRSt Mary’s
16.10Griffin LaBudde
11:57.7 PRColfax
17.9Andrew Davis
11:59.1 PRPlacer
18.9Anish Gaddam
11:59.3 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
19.9Matteo Ramirez
12:00.6 PRSt Mary’s
20.9William Hester
12:03.3 PREl Dorado
21.10Nicolas Sanchez
12:05.2 PRChristian Brothers
22.10Max Bonini
12:07.7 PRChristian Brothers
23.10James Junaidi
12:09.4 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
24.9Jacob Combrink
12:12.8 PREl Dorado
25.9Logan Meng
12:17.8 PRPlacer
26.10Lukas Koller
12:19.3 PRMira Loma
27.9Kennedy Barbic
12:19.9 PRSt Mary’s
28.10Noel Ojeda
12:20.8 PRLathrop
29.9Cedar Rosso
12:21.2 PRPlacer
30.10Isaak Roemer
12:21.6 PREl Dorado
31.10Evan Recanzone
12:24.5 PRChristian Brothers
32.10Merrick Slane
12:25.0 PRPlacer
33.11Unk Unk
12:25.9 PRSacramento Country Day
34.9Luke Luchessi
12:26.2 SRSt Mary’s
35.9Eric Lotz
12:27.5 PREl Dorado
36.9Alcuin Mowrer
12:28.4 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
37.10Dominik Bahm
12:29.4 PRMira Loma
38.9Michael Pecha
12:29.6 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
39.9Dylan Tibon
12:30.3 PRChristian Brothers
40.9Omar Estrada
12:30.8 PRLathrop
41.10Karanveer Singh
12:35.9 PRLathrop
42.10Ivan Arana
12:37.0 PRGalt
43.10Nathan Stewart
12:37.6 PRLincoln-L
44.9Jude Clark
12:39.1 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
45.9Logan Mayfield
12:40.3 PRGalt
46.9Dennis Xiao
12:42.0 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
47.9Ben Martin
12:43.1 PRSt Mary’s
48.10James White
12:44.4 PRChristian Brothers
49.10Michael Playford
12:45.2 PRDixon
50.10Noah Ryan
12:45.4 PRSt Mary’s
51.9Ethan Karr
12:45.8 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
52.9Owen Linney
12:46.9 PRWoodland
53.9Tyler Nielsen
12:49.1 PRLincoln-L
54.10Cory Murasko
12:50.4 PRDurham
55.10Jonathan Semillo
12:51.1 PRSt Mary’s
56.10Augie Eriksson
12:51.3 PRMira Loma
57.10Bailey Oram
12:53.9 PRLincoln-L
58.9Chris Lewis
12:55.7 PRWoodland
59.10Cezar Morga
12:58.4 PRLathrop
60.10Elias Ceja
12:59.0 PRWoodland
61.10Turner Clark
13:00.0 PRChristian Brothers
62.9Gulabjeet Singh
13:01.6 PRWill C. Wood
63.9Jonathan Wang
13:02.5 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
64.10Vincent Surait
13:02.6 PRMcNair
65.10Andreas Escobar
13:03.4 PREl Dorado
66.9James McNeice
13:03.7 PREl Dorado
67.9Hunter Rojas
13:04.2 PRChristian Brothers
68.10Kyle Piet
13:04.8 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
69.10Matthew Schuck
13:05.9 PRLathrop
70.10Brendan Cushing
13:06.2 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
71.9Lukas Jakubicki
13:06.3 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
72.10Alexander Jones
13:07.9 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
73.10Walter Tadokoro
13:10.5 PRMira Loma
74.9Spencer Merrill
13:12.0 PRLincoln-L
75.9Adrian Rivera
13:12.9 PRMcNair
76.9Ben Aghazarian
13:13.0 PRSt Mary’s
77.9Michael Sanders
13:15.2 PRLeroy Greene Academy
78.10Miguel Menchaca
13:16.4 PRChristian Brothers
79.10Tanner Tran
13:18.2 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
80.10Austin Lee
81.9Justin Whitlock
13:18.8 PRSt Mary’s
82.10Nathan Perez
13:19.0 PRSt Mary’s
83.9Isaiah Ochoa
13:20.3 PRLathrop
84.9Connor Braica
13:20.9 PRPlacer
85.9Braden Birkes
13:21.5 PRLiberty Ranch
86.9Sam Clauer
13:23.6 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
87.10Arturo Medina
13:26.1 PRLincoln-L
88.9Carson Bates
13:26.9 PRChristian Brothers
89.10Mason Cox
13:27.8 PREl Dorado
90.10Kody Bates
13:29.0 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
91.10Elias Rangel
13:29.3 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
92.9Preston Sladek
13:32.2 PRColfax
93.10Connor Dilliner
13:33.0 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
94.9Rafael Fernandez
13:33.7 PRChristian Brothers
95.9Nathan Nordin
13:34.2 PRWill C. Wood
96.11Ricardo Alvarez
13:37.0 PRLeroy Greene Academy
97.9Giovanni DelPiero
13:37.9 PRChristian Brothers
98.10Robby Johnson
13:38.6 PRSt Mary’s
99.10Raees Mullah
13:40.7 PRMira Loma
100.9Anthony Martinez
13:42.2Christian Brothers
101.10Hudson Carruesco
13:43.4 PRSt Mary’s
102.9David Fernandez
13:45.0 PRLathrop
103.9Manuel Ramirez
13:49.2 PRLathrop
104.10Johnny Gogue IV
13:50.2 PRRosemont
105.10Jalen Rich
13:50.6 PRLeroy Greene Academy
106.9Kolin McCalla
13:57.5 PRGalt
107.10Larson Dana
13:58.1 PRChristian Brothers
108.10Nathaniel Doane
13:59.7 PRDixon
109.9Alexander Anaya
14:01.1 PRMira Loma
110.9Troy Fullard
14:01.5 PRWill C. Wood
111.9Angel Estrada
14:02.8 PRMcNair
112.9Charles Almeida
14:05.4 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
113.9Nolan Britten
14:06.1 PRDurham
114.9Victor Enriquez
14:07.6 PRLathrop
115.9Kai Christensen
14:08.7 PRLincoln-L
116.11Bryan Aranda
14:10.1 PRLeroy Greene Academy
117.9Paul Mills
14:10.3 PRDurham
118.9Maximus Beasley
14:14.7 PRLathrop
119.9Rossvan Mazariegos
14:16.7 PRLeroy Greene Academy
120.10Rayum Shahed
14:20.0 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
121.9Beau Brockway
14:20.3 PRLincoln-L
122.9Nathan Orton
14:21.6 PRMcNair
123.10Mitchell Moreland
14:22.7 PRPlacer
124.10William Morris
14:24.3 PRColfax
125.9Allen Seifert
14:25.6 PRForesthill
126.9Michael Vigo
14:27.1 PRWill C. Wood
127.9Joshua Vargas
14:29.7 SRLathrop
128.11Gabriel Guerra
14:32.4 PRLeroy Greene Academy
129.9Parker Summerhays
14:39.7 PRLincoln-L
130.9Avikash Chandra
14:44.2 PRMcNair
131.10Jacob Breibart
14:48.1 PREl Dorado
132.10Owen Byrd
14:49.0 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
133.9Arthur Herrick
14:52.8 PREl Dorado
134.9Kevin Torres
14:53.0 PRLincoln-L
135.10Jacob Colon
14:53.3 PRColfax
136.9Eyouel Teketel
14:56.4 PRMira Loma
137.9Colton Casella
14:57.4 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
138.9Jason Blumberg
14:58.5 PRLiberty Ranch
139.10Makai Beckham
14:58.8 PRLeroy Greene Academy
140.9Emilio Arias
14:59.7 PRMcNair
141.9Evan Pratt
15:01.0 PRMira Loma
142.10Andrew Foster
15:02.6 PRJohn Adams Academy
143.9Luis Aguilar
15:03.0 PRMira Loma
144.9Gabriel Negrete
15:03.0 PRRosemont
145.9Isaiah Hulsing
15:08.5 PREl Dorado
146.10Emilio Valdivia
15:08.7 PRMountain House
147.10David Wickline
15:11.7 PRFaith Christian
148.9James Zheng
15:12.1 PRChristian Brothers
149.9Kyle Frazier
15:13.7 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
150.10Thomas Perez
15:38.1 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
151.10Isaac Inveen
15:38.7 PRMountain House
152.9Andres Torres
15:42.6 PRLathrop
153.9Jaeden Merino
15:43.4 PRLathrop
154.10Mason Smith
15:44.0 PRLiberty Ranch
155.9Matthew Risley
15:44.1 PRMira Loma
156.9Noah Pierce
15:48.8 SRColfax
157.9Joseph Chavan
15:51.8 PRLathrop
158.9Linn Xia
15:56.8 PRChristian Brothers
159.10Marcus Loya
15:57.5 PRWoodland
160.11Matteo Lordge
15:58.6 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
161.9Chenou Vang
15:58.9 PRMcNair
162.10Leo Yang
16:25.0 PRChristian Brothers
163.9Eduardo Camacho
16:27.1 PRMcNair
164.9Chai Vang
16:35.9 PRMcNair
165.9Brandt Porteus
17:12.5 PRChristian Brothers
166.9James Templeton
17:15.7 PRJohn Adams Academy
167.9Justin Lemon
17:43.6 PRMira Loma
168.9Peter Ordonio
18:28.8 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
169.9Joel Cruz
18:35.2 PRForesthill
170.9Jordan Denning
19:27.4 PRLathrop
171.9Josef Balbin
19:40.2 PRMcNair
172.10Joerell Fulmore
20:41.6 PRLincoln-L
173.9Bikramjat Sing
21:48.2 PRLathrop
Provided by

2.1 Miles Frosh/Soph Large

Official Team Scores

4.Pleasant Grove110
5.Franklin (EG)134
7.Lincoln (S)176
8.Merrill West198
11.Oak Ridge245
15.Kennedy (Sacramento)455
16.River City516
1.10Jason Holland-Morr...
10:39.0 PRFranklin (EG)
2.9Ethan Dodge
10:46.1 PRWhitney
3.10Shane Burton
10:50.0 PRRocklin
4.9Aidan Singh
10:57.6 PRPleasant Grove
5.10Trevor Asbury
10:58.6 PRRocklin
6.10Ben Quang
11:00.7 PRPleasant Grove
7.10Felipe Martinez
11:01.6 PRMerrill West
8.9Brenden Jacoby
11:09.6 PRWhitney
9.9Lucas Fonda
11:11.0 PRLodi
10.9Josh Tajiri
11:12.4 PRWhitney
11.10Alek Francovich
11:12.5 PRTokay
12.10Colin Brannan
11:18.2 PRJesuit
13.9Jacob Harbert
11:19.2 PRWhitney
14.10Josh Jantz
11:21.6 PRLincoln (S)
15.10Xander Reimers
11:22.3 SRInderkum
16.9Joshua Ward
11:24.6 PRFranklin (EG)
17.9Nick Pleshakov
11:28.0 PROak Ridge
18.10Nick Myers
11:29.4 PRPleasant Grove
19.9Martin Smith
11:30.5 PRJesuit
20.9Nathan Grimm
11:31.3 PRPleasant Grove
21.9Austin Vasquez
11:31.4 PRWhitney
22.10Robert Canalas
11:32.1 PRJesuit
23.10Alexander Pitts
11:33.7 PRRocklin
24.10Humaid Ali
11:33.8 PRFranklin (EG)
25.9Jesus Santillan
11:34.6 PRLodi
26.10Hunter Smith
11:34.8 PRJesuit
27.9Keaton Murphy
11:35.6 PRRocklin
28.10Aaron Roth
11:37.2 PRArmijo
29.10Todd Russell
11:37.5 PRJesuit
30.10Alexander De Leon
11:39.0 PRLincoln (S)
31.9Eric Huitt
11:40.9 PRJesuit
32.10Kyle Henricson
11:42.3 SRDavis
33.10Fernando Cisneros
11:42.7 PRVintage
34.9Mark O'Hannigan
11:43.5 PRLodi
35.9Benjamin Scott
11:43.6 PRTokay
36.10Vicente Lamera
11:43.9 PRJesuit
37.10Anthony Rogado
11:44.8 PRJesuit
38.10Steven Noll
11:46.0 PRJesuit
39.9Cameron Taylor
11:46.9 PRTokay
40.10Ethan Millar
11:47.7 PRMerrill West
41.10Henry Siegler
11:48.2 PRDavis
42.10Calvin Abbott
11:52.0 SRLincoln (S)
43.10Colin Kong
11:53.0 PROak Ridge
44.10Thomas Gonzales
11:54.0 PRRocklin
45.10Akul Bajaj
11:55.2 PRFranklin (EG)
46.10Yudi Lai
11:56.5 PRLincoln (S)
47.10Gregg Neves
11:59.3 PRJesuit
48.10Ben Murphy
12:00.7 PRWhitney
49.10Paul Garin
12:01.7 PRMerrill West
50.10Carlos Cruz
12:02.0 PRMerrill West
51.10Sutton Lay
12:03.8 PRRocklin
52.10Andre Modolo
12:04.4 PRWhitney
53.9Erik Cosca
12:08.4 PRNapa
54.9Cole Bricca
12:10.5 PROak Ridge
55.10Tristan Sturm
12:11.7 PRDavis
56.10Adam Tran
12:13.2 PRDavis
57.10Jeremy Daneluk
12:14.8 PRFranklin (EG)
58.9Patrick Revives
12:14.8 SRLincoln (S)
59.10Jacob Frommelt-Col...
12:15.5 PRVintage
60.9Robby Jones
12:16.4 PRWhitney
61.10Daniel Santillian-...
12:17.4 PRLodi
62.9Kyle Wittkop
12:17.8 PRDavis
63.9Tylor Tankersly
12:18.6 PRLodi
64.10Chanakya Sharma
12:19.0 PRWhitney
65.10Joey Lombardo
12:19.2 PRWhitney
66.9Kobe Linson
12:19.6 PRLodi
67.10Nicholas Gamette
12:20.0 PRJesuit
68.9Daniel McElhinney
12:20.1 PRRocklin
69.10Matthew Tolentino
12:20.7 PRLincoln (S)
70.9Ryan Miller
12:20.7 PRFranklin (EG)
71.10Evan Risucci
12:21.5 PRWhitney
72.9Jayson Leach
12:22.3 SRJesuit
73.9Dan Spoelstra
12:22.6 PRLincoln (S)
74.10Ryan Olson
12:23.5 PRVintage
75.10Russell Kustic
76.9Andrew Hamel
12:24.9 PRPleasant Grove
77.10Nik Emin
12:25.2 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
78.10Aidan Hite
12:26.8 PROak Ridge
79.10Marcelino Sanchez
12:27.7 PRTokay
80.10Christian Cayabyab
12:28.0 PRMerrill West
81.9Anthony DiPentino
12:28.9 PRWoodcreek
82.10Kyle Tanner
12:29.3 PRDavis
83.9Deven Hernandez
12:30.3 PRInderkum
84.9Josue Herrera
12:30.9 SRTokay
85.10Juan Gallegos
12:32.9 PRArmijo
86.9Adam Beard
12:33.5 SRWhitney
87.10David Trujillo
12:33.6 PRTokay
88.9Mathew Lloyd
12:34.3 PRDavis
89.10Arvind Ramakrishnan
12:36.8 PRDavis
90.9Brandon Lindner
12:36.9 PRMerrill West
91.10Erik Arellano
12:37.4 PRMerrill West
92.10Henry Bauer
12:38.5 PRRocklin
93.10Brendan Brown
12:38.6 PRPleasant Grove
94.10Daniel Nelhams
12:39.3 PROak Ridge
95.9Chet Barnes
12:39.6 PRPleasant Grove
96.10Gareth Langford
12:40.7 PRWoodcreek
97.10Zack Mason
12:41.8 PRInderkum
98.9Alexander Vail
12:45.8 PRFranklin (EG)
99.9Logun De La Mora
12:46.7 PRWhitney
100.10Casimiro Rodriguez
12:46.8 SRLodi
101.10Jonathan Garcia
12:47.0 PRLodi
102.10Alfonso Navarro
12:51.3 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
103.10Parker Loggins
12:51.4 PROak Ridge
104.9James Tami
12:51.5 PRWoodcreek
105.9Isaac Negrete
12:52.4 PRFranklin (EG)
106.10Isaac Toscano
12:52.6 PRFranklin (EG)
107.10Jona Hijmans-Malessy
12:52.7 PRDavis
108.9Jackson Cone
12:53.2 PRRocklin
109.10Evan Long
12:53.5 PRDavis
110.9Connor King
12:54.0 SRJesuit
111.9James Leistikow
12:54.4 SRDavis
112.9Cade Schwab
12:54.5 PRWhitney
113.9Alex Dean
12:55.0 PROak Ridge
114.9Robertson Glenn
12:59.2 PRLodi
115.10Will McLoughlin
13:00.6 PRNapa
116.9Jack Stanley
13:01.3 PRArmijo
117.10Antonio Modena
13:01.4 PRInderkum
118.9Jeremy Torres
13:01.7 PRRiver City
119.9Efrain Sandoval
13:02.2 PRWoodcreek
120.10Cameron Huff
13:03.0 PRLincoln (S)
121.10Corbin Beck
13:03.5 PRDavis
122.10Nick Chong
13:04.1 PRWoodcreek
123.10Joe Balestrini
13:06.0 PRRoseville
124.9Bowyn Burke
13:07.8 SRRocklin
125.10Jordan Locke
13:12.5 PRNapa
126.10Luke Cordova
13:13.2 PRWoodcreek
127.9Liam Epperson-Dorsa
13:16.2 PRLodi
128.9Kyler Kasarda
13:17.5 PRMerrill West
129.10Sean West
13:17.7 PRDavis
130.10Jared Loza
13:17.7 PRWoodcreek
131.9Oscar Ramos
13:20.6 PRLincoln (S)
132.9Ari Asera
13:20.9 PRDavis
133.9Nolen Berringer
13:21.9 PROak Ridge
134.9William Bautista
13:24.1 PRRoseville
135.10Stephen Jee
13:24.5 PRDavis
136.10Drew Metz
13:25.3 PRLodi
137.10Joseph Armstrong
13:26.0 PRLincoln (S)
138.9Vicente Rosario
13:27.2 PRWoodcreek
139.10Kristian Ibale
13:28.0 PRMerrill West
140.10Malcolm Burns
13:30.0 PRDavis
141.9John Beckerley
13:31.1 PROak Ridge
142.10Nikolas Jimenez
13:31.8 PRWoodcreek
143.9Dalton Young
13:32.2 PRMerrill West
144.9Andy Tobia
13:32.7 PRDavis
145.9Bryce Ogden
13:33.0 PRNapa
146.9Connor Hedman
13:34.4 PRWhitney
147.9Jacks Madigan
13:34.8 PRNapa
148.10Owen Lingbloom
13:36.8 PRDavis
149.9Hernan Mendez
13:37.8 SRLodi
150.9Austin Toups
13:40.3 PRDavis
151.9Tad Ballmer
13:41.0 PRRocklin
152.9Josh Noll
153.9Nate Hanna
13:41.8 PRFranklin (EG)
154.10Marx Pena
13:43.1 PRMerrill West
155.9Calvin Gonzalez
13:43.3 PRInderkum
156.9Cole Henson
13:45.4 PRInderkum
157.10Jerryl Wong
13:46.6 PRLincoln (S)
158.10Elliot Surh
13:48.4 PRNapa
159.9Lane Hartless
13:48.9 PRNapa
160.9Juan Soto
13:49.9 PRDavis
161.9Cameron Hughes
13:50.7 PROak Ridge
162.10Augustin Gonzales
13:51.3 PRInderkum
163.9Liam Graf
13:51.7 PRWhitney
164.10Ignacio Lopez
13:52.4 PRChavez
165.9Joshua Arsenault
13:52.7 PRInderkum
166.9Cristopher Jones
13:53.1 SRInderkum
167.10Keaton DeBencik
13:53.6 SRJesuit
168.9Alec Orozco
13:54.0 PRInderkum
169.9Isaac Koehn
13:54.6 PROak Ridge
170.9Mark Troutner
13:55.4 PRTokay
171.9Johnathan Gadasy
13:55.7 PRNapa
172.10Alec Wheeler
13:56.2 PRWoodcreek
173.9Andrew Hunsaker
13:59.0 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
174.9Jahon Eslamian
14:00.8 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
175.10Alexander Schott
14:01.9 PRRoseville
176.10Saverio Bernardi
14:02.1 PRJesuit
177.9Sam Hernandez
14:06.2 SRWhitney
178.10Sidiki Ba
14:07.6 PRInderkum
179.10Ryan Uchi
14:08.1 PRRiver City
180.9Michael Rock
14:09.0 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
181.9Derek Albertson
14:09.1 PRLodi
182.9Emerson Ibarrola
14:11.9 PRInderkum
183.10Austin Moore
14:12.6 PRDavis
184.9Alex Courville
185.10Jeremy Tsujihara
14:18.3 PRNapa
186.10Nick Preisler
14:22.4 PRDavis
187.9Ethan Bradley
14:31.6 PRTokay
188.9Ryan Phillips
14:32.9 PRTokay
189.9Jason Dodson
14:33.3 PRPleasant Grove
190.10Christian Cunningham
14:34.3 PRWhitney
191.10James Herrgesell
14:34.4 PRDavis
192.9Shawn Crowell
14:34.5 PRDavis
193.9Julius Ellis
14:37.0 SRLincoln (S)
194.10Erik Quinzon
14:40.8 PRLincoln (S)
195.9Devon Angle
14:41.7 SRInderkum
196.10Ryan Pettit
14:43.6 PRWoodcreek
197.10Joseph Ung
14:45.2 PRLincoln (S)
198.10Youssef Saleh
14:48.5 PRLincoln (S)
199.10Silas Kirsch
14:49.8 PRDavis
200.9Cooper Alatorre
14:54.7 PRRocklin
201.9Brandon Berger
14:56.1 PRInderkum
202.9Landon Lee
14:58.6 PRFranklin (EG)
203.9Joshua Moreno
15:01.2 PRTokay
204.9Evan LeBanc
15:01.6 PRWoodcreek
205.10Isaac Cortez
15:06.4 PRInderkum
206.9Nicholas Slater
15:07.3 PRTokay
207.9Joshua Godoy
15:09.9 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
208.9Michael Roseland
15:11.3 PRVintage
209.10Miguel Perez
15:18.2 PRTokay
210.9Seaton Magness
15:22.7 PRDavis
211.9Colton Miles
15:22.9 PRMerrill West
212.9Erick Fonseca
15:26.4 PRLincoln (S)
213.9Matthew Aceves
15:26.9 PRRoseville
214.9Jared Regan
15:28.1 PRWhitney
215.9Adam Prieto
15:29.9 PRLodi
216.9Jacob Peterman
15:37.3 PRPleasant Grove
217.10Tyler Burdullis
15:44.6 PRPleasant Grove
218.10Jerry Zhang
15:45.9 PRWoodcreek
219.9Jayden Franklin
15:48.8 SRTokay
220.10Sumeer Malik
15:49.0 PRMerrill West
221.9Vincent Robles
15:49.7 PRRiver City
222.9Kyle Looc
15:54.6 PRRiver City
223.9Ikram Khan
15:59.2 SRRiver City
224.9Craig Goldsby
16:16.9 PRMerrill West
225.9Darian Bojkovic
16:20.5 PRRocklin
226.9Arturo Cabrera
16:29.9 PRMerrill West
227.9Julian Torrente
16:33.7 PRRiver City
228.9Ethan Jamosmos
16:37.5 PRLincoln (S)
229.9Pranav Banuru
16:38.3 PRMerrill West
230.9Zachary Guesnon
16:39.8 PRInderkum
231.9Nick Valenzuela
16:43.2 PRLodi
232.9Antonio Robles
16:49.5 PRRiver City
233.9Aiden Pogue
16:50.9 SRLincoln (S)
234.9Francisco Granados
16:57.4 PRRocklin
235.9Jayden Ivers
16:58.4 PRRiver City
236.10Felipe A. Gonzalez
17:06.8 PRTokay
237.9Matt O'Brien
17:14.3 PRRocklin
238.9Colby Collins
17:27.6 PRLodi
239.10Sven Ellertson
17:38.9 PRInderkum
240.9David Dardis
17:44.8 PRJesuit
241.9Riley Goebels
17:54.7 PRJesuit
242.9Sean Duffy
18:04.0 PRDavis
243.9Mark Valdez
18:04.7 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
244.10Jared Veasey
18:06.8 PRRocklin
245.10Aakash Mishra
18:18.1 PRDavis
246.10Ishan Meher
19:53.3 PRDavis
247.9Fernando Guzman
20:06.0 PRInderkum
Provided by

1.4 Miles Middle School/Youth

Official Team Scores

2.Buffalo Chips Running94
3.Our Lady of Assumption104
4.Joseph Kerr106
5.Holy Trinity143
6.Sutter (Sacramento)229
7.Sacramento Elite258
8.St Francis Elementary298
9.Toby Johnson311
10.Edward Harris312
11.St Michael’s314
12.Capital Christian340
14.Elizabeth Pinkerton370
15.John Adams Academy446
16.St Ignatius460
18.St. Mel496
19.Vacaville Christian521
20.Golden Valley Charter546
21.Harriet Eddy595
22.St. Rose600
23.Western Sierra Collegiate Ac...612
24.Rocklin Academy (Gateway)629
25.St Albans653
26.Holy Family693
27.St. Patrick Academy707
28.St Elizabeth777
1.8Godebo Chapman
07:17.5 PRSutter (Sacramento)
2.13-14Dakota Jones
07:39.6 PRSacramento Elite
3.8Peter Huerta
07:50.4 PRHoly Trinity
4.13-14Spencer Pickren
07:53.3 PRBuffalo Chips Running
5.7Braden King
07:55.7 SROur Lady of Assumption
7.11-12Ryan Mitchell
08:03.8Sacramento Elite
8.8Michael Chambers
08:06.5 PROur Lady of Assumption
9.8Micahel Maruca
08:10.6 PRAlbiani
10.8Luis Santiago-Medel
08:10.9 PRJames Rutter
11.7Axel Verdoorn
08:15.2 PRAlbiani
12.8Donovan Guertin
08:15.8 PRAlbiani
13.8Charlie Hamilton
08:17.1 PRHoly Trinity
14.7Andy Scott
08:18.6 SRJoseph Kerr
15.8Lorenzo Cornejo
08:18.8 PRJoseph Kerr
16.8Wendell Harrison
08:21.8 PRJoseph Kerr
17.8Mathew Myers
08:22.2 PRJoseph Kerr
18.8Hayden Roach
08:22.4 PRAlbiani
19.8Ryland Strange
08:26.9 PRAlbiani
20.8Christian Floresca
08:29.1 PRAlbiani
21.13-14Sebastian Leng
08:32.1 SRBuffalo Chips Running
22.7Greg Gutierrez
08:33.5 PRToby Johnson
23.8Kyle Suchomel
08:34.9 PRJohn Adams Academy
24.11-12Luke Panttaja
08:36.1 PRBuffalo Chips Running
25.7-8Ricardo Montanez
08:36.4 PRLegion of Zoom
26.13-14Kevin LaSalle
08:36.5 SRBuffalo Chips Running
27.8Loukas Athans
08:36.6 PRGolden Valley Charter
28.8Matthew Colter
08:38.4 PRJames Rutter
29.8Desi Greer
08:38.8 PRSt Francis Elementary
30.9-10Andrew Burr
08:39.0 PRBuffalo Chips Running
31.7Masina de Clive-Lowe
08:39.7 SRSacramento Waldorf
32.6Aiden Escay
08:41.2 PROur Lady of Assumption
33.8Richard Yang
08:42.3 PRAlbiani
34.6Ryan Lourim
08:42.4 PROur Lady of Assumption
35.7Gavin Joaquin
08:42.6 PRSt. Mel
36.4Avery Pellicano
08:43.8 PRHoly Trinity
37.11-12Adrian Rivas
08:45.1 PRBuffalo Chips Running
38.8Mani Williams
08:45.6 PRJames Rutter
39.7Eduardo Zaragoza
08:46.6 PREdward Harris
40.7Cameron Halley
08:47.3 SRAdventure Christian ...
41.6Jack Headrick
08:48.7 SRCapital Christian
42.7Ben Valerio
08:50.8 PRCapital Christian
43.7Joey Ryan
08:51.0 SROur Lady of Assumption
44.8Timothy A. Gutierrez
08:51.9 PREdward Harris
45.8Joe Ryan
08:52.1 PRSt Francis Elementary
46.8Amarii Bray
08:54.1 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
47.6Mason Clemmons
08:54.4 PRSt Ignatius
48.6Ty Butson
08:55.4John Adams Academy
49.8Mason Airoldi
08:55.9 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
50.8Vincent Micheli
08:57.3 PRSt Michael’s
51.8Matthew Haar
08:59.6 PRHoly Trinity
52.9-10Joseph Castillo
09:00.9 PRSacramento Elite
53.5Tyler Prestwich
09:01.6 PROur Lady of Assumption
54.8Eddie Bidlecomb
09:02.3 PRSacramento Waldorf
55.8Michael Colbert
09:03.5 PRAlbiani
56.8Jonathan Duong
09:04.6 PRSutter (Sacramento)
57.8William Roleri
09:05.2 PRCalifornia
58.8Raphael Lobo
09:06.6 PRSt Charles
59.7Evan Earl
09:07.1 PRAlbiani
60.9-10Lucas Tam
09:07.8 SRYolo Flyers
61.8Malachi Bernal
09:08.0 SRCalifornia
62.8Ryan Franklin
09:09.5 PRMcCaffrey
63.7Tyler Offerman
09:09.7 PRSutter (Sacramento)
64.8Zedek Shung
09:09.9 PRJoseph Kerr
65.8Benjamin Hoang
09:10.3 PRAlbiani
66.7Sam Ketcher
09:10.6 PRSutter (Sacramento)
67.6Ezra Nkadi
09:11.5 PRHoly Trinity
68.6Garrett Kuch
09:12.5 PRVacaville Christian
69.7Michael Petilla
09:14.2 SRSt. Patrick Academy
70.7Max Summerhays
09:15.2John Adams Academy
71.7Joshua B. Myers
09:17.1 PREdward Harris
72.7Isaac Keefer
09:17.3 PRSacramento Waldorf
73.8Aidan Ochoa
09:17.8 PRJoseph Kerr
74.5Demi Kaufman
09:18.3 PRSt Michael’s
75.7Jeremiah Schurr
09:18.6 SRHoly Family
76.8Frankie Albarran
09:18.9 PRAlbiani
77.7Justin Harvey
09:19.6 PRAlbiani
78.8Michael Gamette
09:19.9 PRSt. Rose
79.8Derrick Pickrel
09:20.2 PRAlbiani
80.13-14Jack Stokes
09:20.6Sacramento Elite
81.8Daniel Wadsworth
09:20.6 PRCapital Christian
82.6Silvio Vielhauer
09:21.8 PRSt Michael’s
83.7Jack Ericson
09:22.0 SRSt. Mel
84.-Tyler Tobey
09:22.3 PRToby Johnson
85.5Drew McClendon
09:22.5 PRSt Francis Elementary
86.7Jimmy Nerli
09:23.5 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
87.5Brock Meyer
09:23.9 PRSt Michael’s
88.7Isaac Chock
09:26.4 PRCalifornia
89.7Marc Ward
09:27.7 PRToby Johnson
90.7Ian King
09:28.8 SROur Lady of Assumption
91.8Ty Tobey
09:29.4 PRToby Johnson
92.7Julian Curiale
09:29.8 SRSt Francis Elementary
93.7Christian Hyde
09:30.0 SRSt Michael’s
94.7Vinny Graciano
09:30.1 PRSutter (Sacramento)
95.8Jason Berry
09:30.1 PRToby Johnson
96.7Zachary Beck
09:31.0 PRCalifornia
97.7Spencer Birkes
09:33.2 PRMcCaffrey
98.8Matty Nelson
09:34.4 PRMcCaffrey
99.8Isaac Vang
09:35.6 PRJoseph Kerr
100.8Gabriel K. Her
09:36.4 PREdward Harris
101.8Conner Suen
09:37.0Harriet Eddy
102.7John Grubbs
09:37.9 SRSacramento Country Day
103.7Xander Hinrichsen
09:39.5 PRSutter (Sacramento)
104.8Damian Bender
09:39.6 PRJoseph Kerr
105.unknown UNKNOWN
106.8Camden Dwelly
09:41.4 PRCapital Christian
107.8Drake Westling
09:42.0 PRAlbiani
108.7William Neiderheiser
09:42.4 PRRocklin Academy (Gat...
109.7Seth Wedel
09:42.6 PRSutter (Sacramento)
110.7Giovanni Sloppye
09:43.3 SROur Lady of Assumption
111.8Raul Nunez
09:43.8 PRJoseph Kerr
112.7Andrew Davis
09:43.9 PRRocklin Academy (Gat...
113.7Jake Tolman
09:44.3Harriet Eddy
114.8Garrett Crumback
09:44.4 PRJoseph Kerr
115.7Jay Chew
09:44.9Harriet Eddy
116.6Ben Ryan
09:45.1 SRSt Francis Elementary
117.Charlie UNKNOWN
118.-J Atkinson
09:47.0 PRJames Rutter
119.8Connor Vallero
09:47.3 PRSt Albans
120.6Steve Dingman
09:48.4 PRVacaville Christian
121.7Miles Gee-Kwong
09:48.6 PRSutter (Sacramento)
123.6Joseph Neal
09:51.5 PRGolden Valley Charter
124.8Andrew Ferrara-Jones
09:52.1 PRSutter (Sacramento)
125.7Chadi Araya
09:53.1 PRAlbiani
126.7Arijit Trivedi
09:53.8 SRSacramento Country Day
127.5Josh Noonan
09:54.4 PRSt Elizabeth
128.8Carlo Difiore
09:55.5 PRSt Michael’s
129.8Luke Norris
09:56.1 SRWestern Sierra Colle...
130.8Sam Hemesath
09:56.5 PRSutter (Sacramento)
131.6Mason Fat
09:56.5 PRSt Ignatius
132.7Aran Clayton
09:56.6 PRSacramento Country Day
133.5Mason Strawn
09:57.2 SROur Lady of Assumption
134.7Legend A. Tomilloso
09:58.9 SREdward Harris
135.8Nicholas Wilke
09:59.7 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
136.7Hon Rowe
10:00.7 PRCalifornia
137.7Ashton Gage
10:01.4 SRWestern Sierra Colle...
138.8Miguel Maestu
10:01.5 PRSt Francis Elementary
139.8EJ Avila
10:02.0 PRJoseph Kerr
140.6Conner Lewis
10:04.4 PRSt Ignatius
141.7Dylan Cereceres
10:04.8 PRCalifornia
142.7Jordan Garrett
10:04.9 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
143.8Mason Zayas
10:05.8 PRAlbiani
144.8Nicholas Rodriguez
10:05.9 PRToby Johnson
145.7Dylan Aggas
10:06.0 PRJoseph Kerr
146.7Matthew Phillips
10:06.2 PRHoly Cross Academy
147.4Levi Bartsch
10:07.3 PRVacaville Christian
148.5Luca DiFiore
10:07.4 SRSt Michael’s
149.7Zachary Mate
10:07.4 SRElizabeth Pinkerton
150.7Kevin Cox
10:07.8 PRHoly Trinity
151.7Aiden Pellicano
10:08.3 PRHoly Trinity
152.7Justin Stroth
10:09.5 PRJoseph Kerr
153.6Aaron Laxamana
10:10.2 PRVacaville Christian
154.9-10Kyle Jacobosky
10:10.8 SRBuffalo Chips Running
155.8Jack O'Brien
10:11.0 PRSt. Rose
156.8Rocky Dickinson
10:11.4 PRJoseph Kerr
157.8Antonio Atkiins
10:12.7 PRToby Johnson
158.6Griffin Maloy
10:13.9 PRSt Ignatius
159.5Kyle Heskett
10:15.2 SRSt. Mel
160.5Lucas Carrillo
10:15.9 PRSt Robert’s
161.5Kenny Egan
10:16.3 PRHoly Trinity
162.6Ethan Smith
10:16.9 SRCapital Christian
163.8Brandon Oretega
10:17.4 PRToby Johnson
164.8William McGee
10:18.2 PRJoseph Kerr
165.7Collin Nakamoto
10:19.8 SRJoseph Kerr
166.8John Heaps
10:20.6 PRRocklin Academy (Gat...
167.-Aman Cupta
10:21.7 PRSacramento Waldorf
168.8John Bonini
10:23.1 PRHoly Trinity
169.7Caleb Spickelmier
10:23.3 PRCalifornia
170.7Victor Arana
10:24.5 PRMcCaffrey
171.13-14Jonah Pardue
10:24.8 PRBuffalo Chips Running
172.-Aidan Knerl
10:26.4 PRToby Johnson
173.8Richard Hoang
10:27.6 PRAlbiani
174.8Henry Roe
10:27.7 SRSutter (Sacramento)
175.5Maddox Montecinos
10:30.4 PRSt Francis Elementary
176.8Jonathan Holst
10:31.8 PRSutter (Sacramento)
177.8Aiden Kaneski
10:33.3 PRSt Albans
178.13-14Gary Beckel
10:33.4 PRBuffalo Chips Running
179.7Leonel Valencia
10:34.4 PRMcCaffrey
180.7Mathew Lee
10:34.8 PRJoseph Kerr
181.8Gabriel Villadelgado
10:34.8 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
182.8Joshua Huynh
10:35.8 PREdward Harris
183.5Ihsan Bianchi
10:36.6 SRSt Albans
184.7Raghav Vasudevan
10:37.6 SRMcCaffrey
185.8Joey Ditoiu
10:37.9 SRElizabeth Pinkerton
186.6Daniel O'Gara
10:38.4 PROur Lady of Assumption
187.8Timmy Canalas
10:39.2 SRSt. Rose
188.7Jose Mendez
10:39.5 SRMcCaffrey
189.7Jonathan Bone
10:39.6 PRSt. Mel
190.7Ezekiel Patino
10:40.0 PREdward Harris
191.5Alec Brown
10:40.2 PRHoly Family
192.7Matthew Mullen
10:43.0 PRPresentation
193.11Andrew Hurtt
10:44.0 PRGolden Valley Charter
194.6AJ Estes
10:44.2 PRGolden Valley Charter
195.8Andrew Loutzenhiser
10:46.1 PRMcCaffrey
196.6Sam Harvey
10:47.9 SRSt. Rose
197.8Kurtis Reynolds
10:48.7 PRSutter (Sacramento)
198.5Collin Blewett
10:50.6 PRSt Ignatius
199.12Eric Lee
10:52.3 SRToby Johnson
200.6Mate Kapinya
10:52.7 PRSt Michael’s
201.13-14Matthew Pena
10:53.5 PRSacramento Elite
202.13-14Blake Adolphson
10:53.7Sacramento Elite
203.7Maleki Bush
10:54.2 PRSutter (Sacramento)
204.8Austin Dinh
10:54.4 PRCalifornia
205.13-14Avery Dana
10:55.2 PRSacramento Elite
206.7Troy Luna
10:55.4 PRAlbiani
207.7Marley Canales
10:57.9 PRSutter (Sacramento)
208.6William Miyasaki
10:58.9 PRSt Robert’s
209.5Marcus Montalvo
11:03.0 PRSt. Mel
210.8Brandon Vang
11:07.6 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
211.5Raymond Schumacher
11:08.4 PRSt Albans
212.6Nate Jones
11:08.9 SRSt Michael’s
213.7Cole McFadyen
11:09.3 PRMcCaffrey
214.7Jackson Carter
11:09.7 PRAlbiani
215.7Cayden Cagle
11:09.7 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
216.6Markus Bautista
11:10.1 PRVacaville Christian
217.6Juan Dominguez
11:10.3 PRSt Charles
218.8Tate Stormes
11:10.4 PRMcCaffrey
219.8Carter Cering
11:11.2 PRAlbiani
220.7Elton Su
11:11.8 PREdward Harris
221.8Kevin Le
11:12.3 PREdward Harris
222.5Hayden Ricci
11:12.5 PRSt. Rose
223.6Jonah Litsas
11:12.6 PRGolden Valley Charter
224.8Ethan Loomis
11:13.2 PRSutter (Sacramento)
225.7Cooper Davey
11:14.1 SROur Lady of Assumption
226.7Trevor Lederer
11:15.7 PRCalifornia
227.7Demuree Aguinaga
11:17.0 PRSt. Patrick Academy
228.7Tommy Contreras
11:18.6 PRSt Francis Elementary
229.6Max Gee
11:19.1 PRHoly Family
230.7-8Caden Mitchell
11:20.2 SRBuffalo Chips Running
231.6Tommy Goyette
11:20.9 SRSt Ignatius
232.8Dylan Koop
11:21.0 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
233.7Joe Dayton
11:21.7 SRWestern Sierra Colle...
234.6Harrison Jones
11:23.7 PRVacaville Christian
235.12Nicholas Hoag
11:25.3 PRToby Johnson
236.6Gavin Burnette
11:26.2John Adams Academy
237.6Jude Cruz
11:29.1 SRSt. Patrick Academy
238.6Noah Jansen
11:31.6 PRSt Albans
239.8Jalen Bretz
11:32.7 PRRocklin Academy (Gat...
240.7Julian Doyle
11:33.3 PRSutter (Sacramento)
241.8Nate Leavy
11:34.0 PRSacramento Country Day
242.7Joshua Montoya
11:35.0 PRSt. Patrick Academy
243.6Ty Dunbar
11:35.3 PRSt Ignatius
244.5Connor Koepke
11:36.5 PRSt Elizabeth
245.5William Pletcher
11:38.1 PRSt Elizabeth
246.5Blake Metzinger
11:39.6 PRSt Ignatius
247.7Carter Phenicie
11:40.1 PRHarriet Eddy
248.7-8Mateus Griffin
11:40.2 SRBuffalo Chips Running
249.6Ian Rexroad
11:40.8 PRSt Albans
250.6William Monnot
11:44.3 PRCamellia Waldorf
251.7Matthew Breneisen
11:45.5 PRVacaville Christian
252.8Ivan Ruvalcaba
11:45.7 PRElizabeth Pinkerton
253.8Evan Carrasco
11:46.8 PRSutter (Sacramento)
254.6Oliver Leinberger
11:47.1 PRSt Albans
255.7Zachary Keller
11:48.3Harriet Eddy
256.6Isaac Bartsch
11:48.5 PRVacaville Christian
257.8Xavier Moreno
11:49.0 SRCalifornia
258.6Kian Khajavi
11:50.1 SRSt Francis Elementary
259.8Dylan DeValk
11:50.8 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
260.8Maarten Rios
11:51.3 PRSutter (Sacramento)
261.6Mak Smith
11:54.1 PRSt Michael’s
262.7Vinh Nguyen
11:54.8Harriet Eddy
263.7Cole Ceremony
11:57.7 PRMcCaffrey
264.5Jon Pollock
11:58.2 PRHoly Family
265.8Liam Berson
11:59.0 PRSutter (Sacramento)
266.8Sebastian Ibanez-G...
12:00.9 PRMcCaffrey
267.4Nathaniel Golden
12:02.2 PRJohn Adams Academy
268.8Reis Auclair
12:05.0 PRRocklin Academy (Gat...
269.9-10Sage Sharpe
12:06.7 PRBuffalo Chips Running
270.7Jacob Wren
12:07.6 PRSutter (Sacramento)
271.4Andrew Ginty
12:09.9 PRJohn Adams Academy
272.5Matthewq Schurr
12:14.3 PRHoly Family
273.6UMatthew Valerio
12:14.3 SRBuffalo Chips Running
274.-Max Dihl
12:14.6 PRHarriet Eddy
275.5Trent Anderson
12:17.7 PRSt Elizabeth
276.7Max Dunlay
12:21.9 PRHoly Family
277.5Nicholas Contreras
12:26.3 PRSt Francis Elementary
278.6Aaron Rodriguez
12:27.1 SRSt. Rose
279.5Dexter Stinson
12:28.7 PRCamellia Waldorf
280.6Colton O'Briant
12:30.5 PRSt. Mel
281.5John Buffy-Agresti
12:32.9 PRSt Robert’s
282.7Nick Venegas
12:36.5 SRSt Michael’s
283.11Colby Klingensmith
12:38.9 PRGolden Valley Charter
284.6Daniel Keeler
12:44.4 SRAdventure Christian ...
285.7Mathew Koontz
12:46.2 SRJoseph Kerr
286.7Gabriel Valencia
12:46.9 PRHoly Cross Academy
287.9-10Parker Brooks
12:47.1 SRBuffalo Chips Running
288.8Eric Xongchao
12:48.0 PRAlbiani
289.9-10Zamani Nigl
12:54.7 PRBuffalo Chips Running
290.5Nicolas Preciado
13:02.3 PRHoly Cross Academy
291.5Eli Davis
13:05.0 PRSt Elizabeth
292.4Lucas Kraude
13:10.6 PRJohn Adams Academy
293.5Joaquin Ralph
13:13.9 PRHoly Family
294.8Christopher Acosta
13:14.9 PRJoseph Kerr
295.6UConnor Mitchell
13:15.8 SRBuffalo Chips Running
296.5Yonathan Cervantes
13:32.1 PRSt. Patrick Academy
297.7Sean Cruz-Adair
14:03.3 SRElizabeth Pinkerton
298.5Zachary Kirkpatrick
14:24.3 PRSt Francis Elementary
299.6Joesph Trevino
14:29.2 PRSt Charles
300.7Trevor Thai
14:35.5 PRSutter (Sacramento)
301.5Kendall Jackson
14:37.7 PRJohn Adams Academy
302.5Angelo Petilla
14:41.3 SRSt. Patrick Academy
303.5Sean Hagyard
14:42.7 PRSt Elizabeth
304.5Pablo Pillai
14:48.6 PRHoly Family
305.5Jonathan Espinoza
14:57.5 PRHoly Family
306.5John Van Parys
14:59.2 SROur Lady of Assumption
307.-Ankur Abir
15:14.5 PRToby Johnson
308.7Isaiah Thomas
15:16.4 PRJohn Adams Academy
309.6ULucas Griffin
16:19.1 SRBuffalo Chips Running
310.7Dalton Kutzen
16:26.0 PRMcCaffrey
311.4Jacob Sanders
16:27.1 PRAdventure Christian ...
312.4Lleyton Dotoli
17:20.6John Adams Academy
313.6Jacob Allen
17:32.3 PRGolden Valley Charter
314.4Nate Cubano
17:38.5 PRJohn Adams Academy
315.8Hamed Sherzai
17:54.3 PRHarriet Eddy
316.5Ezra Gonzalez
21:57.9 SRSt. Patrick Academy
317.8Eugene Kim
22:25.3 PRMcCaffrey
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.St Francis24
2.Bella Vista150
3.El Camino (Sacramento)165
4.El Dorado194
6.Nevada Union217
8.Pleasant Grove242
10.Vista Del Lago (Folsom)279
15.Will C. Wood347
16.Western Sierra Collegiate Ac...394
17.Christian Brothers415
19.Bear River507
20.Sacramento Waldorf550
21.Franklin (EG)606
22.Mountain House608
24.Lincoln (S)649
25.Merrill West661
27.Kennedy (Sacramento)713
28.River City728
1.9Isabella Fauria
17:33.7 PRSt Francis
2.10Sarah Chaves
17:35.3 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
3.11Sydney Vandegrift
17:58.5St Francis
4.10Alyssa Barnes
18:24.0 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
5.10Sophie DeBenedetti
18:41.8 SRSt Francis
6.12Rachel Victor
18:51.4 PRPleasant Grove
7.9Emma Hollenbach
18:56.8 SRSt Francis
8.11Alysia Foley
9.9Haley Silva
19:07.5 SRSt Francis
10.10Destiny Everett
19:08.8 PRLincoln-L
11.12Jamie Chelberg
19:13.1 PREl Dorado
12.12Madison Meade
13.11Anya Cooper-Hynell
19:17.4 PRNevada Union
14.10Mia Ashby
15.12Sara Fisher
19:33.0 PRPleasant Grove
16.10Sheriane Greene
19:33.7 PRNevada Union
17.11Charlotte Cosca
19:39.8 SRNapa
18.10Analexis Glaude
19.11Avery Lambrite
20.11Alana Reyna
19:57.8 SRSt Francis
21.10Hannah Casteel
20:00.1 PRColfax
22.10Jane McLoughlin
20:03.9 PRNapa
23.12Dani DeStefano
20:05.5 SREl Dorado
24.11Claire Berman
20:06.5 PRNevada Union
25.11Alyse Sibley
20:09.2 PRColfax
26.12Caitlin Nguyen
20:09.8 SRWill C. Wood
27.9Abi McLean
20:15.7 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
28.12Hannah Sims
20:17.5 PRBella Vista
29.11Brittney McCown
20:18.1 PRBella Vista
30.11Marisa McKenzie
20:19.1 PRSutter
31.10Cassidy Lourim
20:19.6 SRSt Francis
32.9Sara Sabra
20:20.2 SRWestern Sierra Colle...
33.12Macey Lange
20:20.8Bella Vista
34.11Rachel Maddox
35.11Lyla Schoenig
20:24.4 PRDavis
36.12Jocelyn Brelsford
37.11Emily Parrott
20:26.8 PRSacramento Waldorf
38.9Arabella Perez
20:26.9Vista Del Lago (Fols...
39.11Alexis Wallace
20:27.9Bella Vista
40.10Ruth Hernandez
41.12Alyssa Egbert
20:28.5 PRBella Vista
42.10Maria Soto
20:31.5 PRLathrop
43.10Carissa Rodriguez
20:33.8 SRDixon
44.11Maxine Garcia
20:34.3 PRPleasant Grove
45.9Sophie Pelletier
20:36.7 SRVista Del Lago (Fols...
46.12Viviana Chavez
20:37.1 SRBear River
47.11Erica Cradeur
20:37.7 SRSt Francis
48.12Courtney Robinson
20:42.1 SRLiberty Ranch
49.12Crystal Baltazar
20:43.8 PRLathrop
50.11Odessa Seng
20:44.1 PRDavis
51.11Meghan Townsley
52.9Samantha Barry
20:45.9 SRWoodcreek
53.12Mckenna Henzie
20:46.2 PRNevada Union
54.11Claire Deamer
20:47.2 PRDavis
55.11Amanda Nazario
20:47.3 PRDavis
56.10Rhiannon Repetti
20:52.8 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
57.12Lindsey Constancio
20:53.9 SREl Dorado
58.10Carlin Coulam
20:55.5 SREl Camino (Sacramento)
59.10Noelle Lynch
20:56.6 PRSt Francis
60.10Marie Pahos
20:57.7 PRSt Francis
61.12Hallie Lassiter
20:58.0 SRDavis
62.9Abigail Farr
20:58.8 SRWoodcreek
63.11Brooke Ortiz
64.11Kasey Cope
21:00.1 SREl Dorado
65.11Samantha Tran
21:01.7 PRSt Francis
66.11Maria Hernandez
67.12Haven Lambrite
68.12Laura Gorry
21:04.0 PRChristian Brothers
69.9Courtney Aitken
21:04.2 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
70.11Emma Smith
71.11Teresa Lee
21:06.3 SRSt Francis
72.12Qing-Qiu Swain
21:17.6 SREl Dorado
73.11Renae Machuca
21:18.2 SRMountain House
74.10Aileen Fortin
21:19.4 SRChristian Brothers
75.12Jennifer Weiher
21:25.3 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
76.11Calli Moore
21:26.9Vacaville Christian
77.10Megan Knudsvig
78.11Olivia Stauffer
79.12Emily Bodine
21:34.1 PRDixon
80.9Abby Carter
21:37.1 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
81.10Megan Matteoli
82.11Brenn Haydon
21:41.2 PRPlacer
83.11Kinsey Stephen
21:43.2Bella Vista
84.11Emily Delgado
21:46.0St Mary’s
85.9Jessica Avila
21:47.0 PRWill C. Wood
86.9Paris Wu
21:47.0 PRWill C. Wood
87.9Lilian Byrne
21:47.2 PRDavis
88.11Jessica Jacobs
21:48.2 SRVacaville Christian
89.11Hannah Gottenberg
90.12Jessica Hamstengel
21:49.9 PRForesthill
91.10Natalie Gubbins
21:50.3 PRWoodcreek
92.11Anna Sanchirico
21:51.3 PRDavis
93.11Savanna McGrew
21:51.5 SRSt Francis
94.10Alex Sandoval
21:51.6 PRWoodcreek
95.11Toni Arriaga
21:52.5 PRLiberty Ranch
96.10Regina Melo
21:53.7 PRWoodcreek
97.11Isabel Afong
21:56.0Christian Brothers
98.10Gaby Constantino
22:02.9 PRWill C. Wood
99.11Kaitlin Cruz
22:03.6 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
100.11McKenna Smith
101.12McKenna Weitzel
22:08.4 PRWoodcreek
102.11Gabriela Romero
103.11Sophie Moore
22:11.3 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
104.10Dylan Farrell
22:11.5 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
105.11Ava Nkadi
22:14.3 SRSt Francis
106.11Abby Reina-Guerra
22:14.3 SRDavis
107.11Grace Markel
22:15.2 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
108.12Emily DeWolfe
22:15.8 PRPleasant Grove
109.10Analicia Adame
22:17.2 PRFoothill (Sacramento)
110.10Taylor White
22:18.5 PRWoodcreek
111.11Jordan Morton
112.11Hannah James
22:20.0Merrill West
113.11Katelyn Meylor
22:21.1 PRBear River
114.10Elizabeth Bradley
22:22.2 SRForesthill
115.11Anna Larson
22:22.3Bear River
116.11Matea Pfeifer
22:22.7Sacramento Waldorf
117.12Savannah Porter
22:24.1 PRColfax
118.10Sierra Hagen
22:24.5 SRColfax
119.11Bailey Linn
22:24.6 PRRosemont
120.12Sophie Luke
22:25.0Bella Vista
121.11Jenna Nguyen
22:27.2Merrill West
122.11Kathryn Vess
22:27.7 PRPleasant Grove
123.11Victoria Lanzarin
22:28.9 PRLathrop
124.11Isabella Rudis
22:31.2 PRSt Francis
125.10Elizabeth Pauly
22:31.4 PRAmerican Christian A...
126.10Molly Bradshaw
22:32.3 PRColfax
127.12Maricela Farias
128.11Sunshine Hurtienne
22:32.7 PRFranklin (EG)
129.11Krisha Cuasay
22:35.0 PRFranklin (EG)
130.12Anna Young
22:35.2 PRDavis
131.9Grace Billingsley
22:35.6 SRBear River
132.11Slaney Stringer
22:35.9El Dorado
133.10Lei Kenui
22:37.4 PRWill C. Wood
134.11Lauren Carver
22:37.7 PREl Dorado
135.11Amelia Poroli
22:40.7 SRChristian Brothers
136.12Zoe Lyons
22:41.1 SRWhitney
137.10Alissa Casillas
22:42.2 PRDavis
138.9Jordan Roby
22:43.3 SRWoodcreek
139.10Alisyn King
22:44.8Lincoln (S)
140.11Nicole Strand
22:45.8 PRBella Vista
141.11Kaylee De La Motte
22:46.6Turlock Christian
142.11Julia Padilla
22:46.9 SRChristian Brothers
143.12Ada Erlewine
22:48.2 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
144.9Reagan Ford
22:51.9 SRSutter
145.12Arielle Fletter
22:52.9 SRDavis
146.11Bethany Bodine
22:58.3 SRDixon
147.10Abby Vargas
22:58.6 PRFoothill (Sacramento)
148.11Hannah Bittar
22:58.8 PRMountain House
149.11Amanda Sieverts
23:07.4 SRSt Francis
150.11Julia Dreiling
23:08.7 PREl Dorado
151.12Jillian Johnson
23:09.3 PRPleasant Grove
152.11Adrianna Marquez
23:10.3 PRMountain House
153.11Haoyi Wen
23:11.7 PRDavis
154.11Bella Oggenfuss
23:13.8 PRNapa
155.12Katie Self
23:14.2Bella Vista
156.11Gabriela Lopez
157.11Megan Hansen
23:15.3Lincoln (S)
158.11Madeline Shumate
23:15.8 PRTokay
159.11Lucia Ferrer
23:16.1 PRDavis
160.11Leah Murray
23:17.2 PRDavis
161.11Autumn Marcheschi
23:17.4 PRDavis
162.10Wendy Bucio Martinez
23:18.2 PRLathrop
163.11Katelyn Suggs
23:18.8 SRRocklin
164.11Michaela Brantingham
23:19.6 PRSutter
165.11Brooke Schuld
23:20.5El Dorado
166.11Emily Manzer
167.11Lauren Maurer
23:21.2 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
168.11Christina Woodward
23:23.5 PRDurham
169.11Chloe Agustin
23:23.5 PRFranklin (EG)
170.11Megan Soares
171.9Lulu Craig
23:25.0 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
172.12Alison DeWolfe
23:25.5 PRPleasant Grove
173.11Madeline Vanhonseb...
23:28.8 PROak Ridge
174.11Maddison Monical
23:32.5 SRMira Loma
175.12Victoria Nerecina
23:36.5St Mary’s
176.12Elizabeth Argueta
23:37.5 SRPlacer
177.11Nayeli Prado
23:38.4Lincoln (S)
178.11Anna Black
23:38.7 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
179.10Lylli Davidson
23:39.8 PRNevada Union
180.12Taylor Everts
23:44.3 SRWoodcreek
181.12Julia Lindbloom
23:50.6 SRPlacer
182.11Danielle Bello
23:51.0Vista Del Lago (Fols...
183.11Madeline Marcus
23:53.6 PRSt Mary’s
184.12Malia Rebollo
23:53.7 PRWestern Sierra Colle...
185.11Penelope Zavala
23:54.1 PRSt Francis
186.12Annabella Pfeifer
23:55.1 PRSacramento Waldorf
187.12Grace Lin-Cereghino
23:58.0St Mary’s
188.10Samantha Figgins
189.11Maya Vargas
24:03.3Kennedy (Sacramento)
190.12Katelin Godwin
24:08.4Vista Del Lago (Fols...
191.12Jasmine Ward
24:12.0 PRFranklin (EG)
192.12Emilie Bakker
24:18.1Turlock Christian
193.11Lindsay Robison
194.11Paloma Acquistapace
24:28.9 PRPlacer
195.11Ana Jimenez
196.11Emma Reed
24:30.5Oak Ridge
197.11Jessica Brogna
24:33.0Lincoln (S)
198.11Jasmin Lazaro
24:33.8 PRFoothill (Sacramento)
199.12Allison Bedrin
200.11Simone Brantschen
24:36.1 PRDavis
201.11Sarah Gogue
24:36.6 PRRosemont
202.11Sophia Pinter
24:37.8 PRDavis
203.12Ashley Del Gatto
24:38.4 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
204.11Lauren Nolan
24:42.7 PRSt Francis
205.11Angel Tang
24:55.0 PRSacramento Waldorf
206.10Trinity Taylor
25:05.5 PRRiver City
207.10Zoe Pryor
25:07.8 PRRiver City
208.10Yolanda Ramirez
25:11.1 PRLathrop
209.11Chynna Hinrichsen
25:13.1 SRSt Francis
210.11Suzanne Mashni
25:15.5 SRTokay
211.11Tiana Christensen
25:18.0 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
212.11Hana Koyama
25:20.5 PRGalt
213.12Carrie Buckley
25:21.1Merrill West
214.11Gillian Werolin
25:22.5 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
215.11Morganne Murphy
25:23.7 PRVacaville Christian
216.12Ashlyn Christenson
25:24.7Turlock Christian
217.12Hannah Imelio
25:25.9 PRBella Vista
218.11Kate Kornchuk
25:26.0 PREl Dorado
219.12Hannah Fabian
25:29.5 PRForesthill
220.10Tiana Galaviz Alva...
221.11Violet McGuire
25:31.2El Dorado
222.11Brooke Martin
25:32.5 PRWill C. Wood
223.12Kennedy Hobbs
224.12Madison Willems
225.12Isabella Malan
25:46.0 PRFaith Christian
226.10Reilly Chabino
25:46.6 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
227.11Diana Gomez
25:49.2 PRWoodland
228.11Esperanza Rodriquez
25:51.2River City
229.11Kaitlyn Kui
25:58.1 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
230.12Christy Chueng
26:01.1 PRMountain House
231.11Anna Danchin
26:02.6 PRRosemont
232.11Riya Rampalli
26:04.9 PRSacramento Country Day
233.11Lacy Ceremony
26:10.5 SRLiberty Ranch
234.10Najia Khan
26:14.0 SRDixon
235.12Ashley Davis
26:15.0 PRRiver City
236.11Hannah Abellana
26:20.6 SRFranklin (EG)
237.12Alyssa Estrada
26:26.0 SRLathrop
238.12Jazi Dickson
26:36.6 PRSt Francis
239.11Anna Morse
26:40.1 PRDavis
240.12Kathryn Pena
26:43.3 PRSt Francis
241.11Karla Chanthavisith
26:44.6 PRFranklin (EG)
242.12Alissa Bissegger
26:47.4River City
243.11Yvette Javier
27:03.1 PRLathrop
244.12Rachelle Calabrese
27:06.3 PRFaith Christian
245.11Megan Vinther
246.12Michelle Flores
27:10.6Merrill West
247.11Blaire Britten
27:14.3 SRDurham
248.12Krystal Baez
27:16.4 PRGalt
249.10Sydne Long
27:24.1Sacramento Waldorf
250.11Myrthe Stalenhoef
27:25.0Mira Loma
251.12Chelsea Cagle
27:35.3 PRWill C. Wood
252.12Ashley Chin
27:41.7 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
253.12Tenley Ong
27:44.4Mira Loma
254.11Mariah LeVangie
27:47.5Sacramento Waldorf
255.12Amy Toy
27:52.9 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
256.11Emma Hixson
27:55.8Sacramento Waldorf
257.12Karla Alvarez
28:08.0Lincoln (S)
258.11Emily Doe
28:09.4 PRLincoln (S)
259.11Antonia Pertuze
28:10.9 PRDavis
260.11Danyela Bravo
28:17.5Lincoln (S)
261.11Helen Burch
28:26.5 SRMira Loma
262.12Manuela Cardoso
28:29.2 PRPlacer
263.10Ariana Garcia
28:33.8 PRRiver City
264.12Charisse Williams
28:40.2 PRFranklin (EG)
265.12Liliana Sanchez
28:44.1 PRWoodland
266.11Joie Lee
28:50.1Mountain House
267.11Maya Patel
268.10Mirian Garcia
29:10.4 PRRiver City
269.11Rhea Atwal
270.12Claudia Daranouvong
29:13.3 PRMcNair
271.10Abigail Kirkendall
29:22.9 PRTurlock Christian
272.12Victoria Sokolova
273.11Marcella Lopez
29:25.7 PRGalt
274.11Jendannie Kim
29:29.4 PRTokay
275.12Alissa Luangrath
29:36.0 PRMerrill West
276.12Beatrice Cattdica
29:45.4 PRPlacer
277.11Athena Chaparro
30:27.9River City
278.12Maggie Swett
30:48.9 PRPlacer
279.12Maddy Brock
31:17.2Christian Brothers
280.12Nikole De Vol
31:28.1 PRGalt
281.12Lizabet Valverde
31:47.0Merrill West
282.11Josephine Wilting
32:43.7 PRBear River
283.11Evelynn Martinez
32:52.5 PRRosemont
284.12Ashley Follett
32:54.9 PRRiver City
285.11Katy Proctor
33:21.7 PRGalt
286.12Jaquelyn Naranjo C...
36:37.0 PRWoodland
Provided by

2.1 Miles Frosh/Soph

Official Team Scores

2.Bella Vista115
3.St Francis138
9.Vista Del Lago (Folsom)272
10.El Dorado273
12.St Mary’s303
15.Mira Loma392
17.Lincoln (S)413
19.Christian Brothers480
20.Mountain House504
21.Merrill West539
23.Will C. Wood583
1.10Victoria Dix
13:09.5 PRBella Vista
2.10Hannah Lybbert
13:31.5 PRDavis
3.9Selby Anderson
13:33.4 PRDavis
4.9Kylie Seward
13:35.0 PRDavis
5.9Skylar Hayward
13:46.2 PROak Ridge
6.10Saedy Williamson
13:47.2 PRLincoln-L
7.9Shannon Perry
13:48.8 PRDavis
8.9Molly McGrath
13:49.6 PRNapa
9.9Keiko Helmick
13:50.2 PRFranklin (EG)
10.10Kiana Varasteh
13:50.3 PRRocklin
11.10Morgan Watson
13:56.4 PRSt Francis
12.9Sydney Davies
14:07.4 PRFranklin (EG)
13.9Sydney Overbay
14:08.6 PRLincoln-L
14.9Madison Rishwain
14:09.5 PRLodi
15.10Emma Shoemaker
14:12.2 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
16.10Siera Whiteley
14:15.0 PREl Dorado
17.10Hannah Gow
14:15.6 PRBella Vista
18.10Rachel Payan
14:16.5 PRWhitney
19.9Nicole McBride
14:18.8 PRSt Francis
20.9Madison Petersen
14:20.0 PRGalt
21.10Hannah Hall
14:20.0 PREl Dorado
22.10Reese Farrell
14:20.5 PRMira Loma
23.10Kayla Gacosta
14:20.9 PRArmijo
24.9Mia Di Genova
14:23.3 SRDavis
25.9Nellie Cox
14:25.6 SRDavis
26.10Jourdan Henson
14:26.6 PRRocklin
27.10Shilla Varasteh
14:26.7 PRRocklin
28.10Isabelle Estrada
14:28.8 PRSt Mary’s
29.10Sherlyn Garcia
14:30.6 PRDavis
30.10Tara Budge
14:32.2 PRLincoln-L
31.10Jordan Grafton
14:35.3 PRBella Vista
32.9Zada Arias
14:35.5 PRGalt
33.10Kendra Gottardi
14:37.5Bella Vista
34.10Courtney Heller
14:39.0 PROak Ridge
35.10Kate Riccardelli
14:39.2 PRPlacer
36.9Maddie Lasher
14:41.1 PRPlacer
37.9Iliana Becerra
14:43.5 PRPleasant Grove
38.9Brooke Giorgi
14:44.4 PRWhitney
39.10Ehrin Dix
14:44.7 PRArmijo
40.10Grace Rogers
14:46.5 PRSt Francis
41.10Krystle Aquino
14:47.1 PRDavis
42.10Abigail Jones
14:51.6 PRPlacer
43.10Julia Escudero
14:51.7 PRFranklin (EG)
44.10Lindsey Vernau
14:52.1 PRDavis
45.10Brooke Young
14:53.1 PRDurham
46.10Chloe Meyer
14:53.8 PRDavis
47.9Yasmin Melendrez
14:55.3 SRLodi
48.9Kate Haydon
14:55.5 PRPlacer
49.9Jessica Franco
14:55.9 PRWhitney
50.10Tyler Smith
14:56.4 PRLincoln-L
51.9Mayanin Gallardo
14:56.5 PRInderkum
52.9Natalia Jovovich
14:58.1 PRWoodcreek
53.10Gianna Vigna
14:59.7 PRLiberty Ranch
54.9Jayna Rodriguez
15:00.3 PRLathrop
55.9Meghan Ladd
15:01.3 PRSt Francis
56.10Elise Turkovich
15:02.0 PRDavis
57.10Noelle Core
15:05.5 PRNapa
58.9Riley Vigil
15:06.1 PRChristian Brothers
59.9Katrina Chang
15:07.1 PRLodi
60.10Kendall Banks
15:07.3 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
61.9Marissa Jaime
15:07.8 PRLincoln (S)
62.9Elizabeth Ramm
15:08.4 SRSt Francis
63.10Sarah Sanderson
15:09.7 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
64.9Meghan Kaff
15:11.7 PRWoodcreek
65.9Grace Harrison
15:12.3 SRSt Francis
66.9Marisa Carmazzi
15:12.8 PRRocklin
67.9Haley Bartlett
15:15.0 PRBella Vista
68.10Katherine Kasbergen
15:16.7 PRChristian Brothers
69.10Jeniffer Jimenez
15:18.2 PRTokay
70.10Payton Lagomarsino
15:19.2 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
71.10Melanie Walsh
15:20.7 PRWhitney
72.10Dominique Nerecina
15:23.0 PRSt Mary’s
73.9Angelica Johnson
15:23.8 PRPleasant Grove
74.9Audrey Garcia
15:24.5 PRLodi
75.10AnnaMarie Solorzano
15:24.9 PRMira Loma
76.9Puja Patel
15:25.3 PRMerrill West
77.10Kailey Fallbeck
15:26.6 PRWoodcreek
78.9Violet Sommer
15:27.3 PRGalt
79.9Jessica Bullock
15:27.4 PRRocklin
80.10Brooke Aberle
15:28.9 PRSt Mary’s
81.9Ashley Harrison
15:30.3 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
82.9Nicole Bittar
15:32.4 PRMountain House
83.9Abby Sanders
15:35.7 PREl Dorado
84.9Kaylee Morgan
15:36.8 SRDavis
85.10Clare Deng
15:37.0 PRLincoln (S)
86.9Claire Brucker
15:37.3 PRTokay
87.9Megan Liddicoat
15:37.5 PRWill C. Wood
88.10Olivia Nicosia
15:37.9 PRVista Del Lago (Fols...
89.10Valerie Heywood
15:38.2 PRWoodcreek
90.9Jada Dunn
15:38.4 PRNapa
91.9Madison Barth
15:39.1 SRDavis
92.10Makenzie Johnson
15:39.1 PRInderkum
93.10Monique Vu
15:39.3 PRSt Mary’s
94.9Abby Gladwell
15:39.3 PROak Ridge
95.9Hannah Butler
15:40.9 PRInderkum
96.9Allegra Diaz
15:40.9 PRRocklin
97.10Melisanda Jaecks
15:41.0 PRMira Loma
98.9Maricella Gutierrez
15:41.4 PRInderkum
99.10Alaina Baxter
15:45.4 PROak Ridge
100.9Gloria Gladysh
15:46.2 PRWoodcreek
101.9Jessica Bennett
15:46.6 PRDavis
102.10Sara Valle
15:46.8 PRMcNair
103.9Jasmine Ormonde
15:47.3 PRLathrop
104.10Jasmin Lopez
15:48.7 PRWoodland
105.10Chloe Vessigault
15:49.1 PRSt Francis
106.10Cynthia Barajas
15:49.2 PRLathrop
107.10Grace Holmes
15:51.6 PRBella Vista
108.9Tera Nicita
15:53.8 PREl Dorado
109.9Tiffany Ormonde
15:54.0 PRLathrop
110.10Isabel Gee
15:55.9 PRTokay
111.9Veda Fanning
15:57.1 SRInderkum
112.10Alexa Bellows
15:57.6 PRRocklin
113.9Emily Britt
15:58.5 PRWhitney
114.9Catherine Gordon
16:00.2 PRWoodcreek
115.10Anna Tran
16:01.1 PRLincoln (S)
116.10Emily Youngblood
16:01.9 PRPlacer
117.9Maija Turjanis
16:02.2 PRNapa
118.9Katie Moreno
16:02.4 PRSt Mary’s
119.9McKenzie Burnett
16:02.5 PRLincoln (S)
120.9Julianne Hall
16:03.6 PRSt Mary’s
121.10Emma Bayne
16:04.8 PRInderkum
122.10Sophie Minter
16:06.2 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
123.9Tori Sheridan
16:08.3 PRLiberty Ranch
124.10Arianna Ong
16:10.1 PRMira Loma
125.9Sarah Johns
16:10.7 PREl Dorado
126.9Elliana Davis
16:11.0 PRMountain House
127.9Lauryn Mahoney
16:11.4 PRLincoln-L
128.11Makalyn Hannold
16:11.6 PRFaith Christian
129.10Samantha Ross
16:13.9 PRBella Vista
130.9Emily Hale
16:15.5 PRLodi
131.10Maya Sapienza
16:17.1 PRVintage
132.9Haylei Johnson
16:18.8 PRTokay
133.9Jessica Jimenez
16:19.6 PRFranklin (EG)
134.10Marion Semana
16:20.0 PRPleasant Grove
135.9Amanda Dominguez
16:21.3 PRLodi
136.9Sofia Ramos
16:22.8 PRPlacer
137.10Anna Newey
16:24.3 PRBella Vista
138.10Samantha Cutts
16:24.5 PRBella Vista
139.10Taylor Matsumoto
16:24.5 PRBella Vista
140.10Alyssa Ortega
16:24.8 PRSt Mary’s
141.10Bella Constantino
16:25.2 PRWill C. Wood
142.9Isabella Birks
16:25.9 PRMountain House
143.10Crystal Montanez
16:28.7 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
144.9Aliana Ramirez
16:29.6 PRMerrill West
145.10Imani Cooper
16:29.9 SRMcNair
146.9Natali Franco
16:30.5 PRMcNair
147.9Gabriella Siaton
16:31.3 PRMountain House
148.10Sophia Beloud
16:32.1 PRRocklin
149.9Jade Taylor
16:32.7 PRDavis
150.10Emma Accacian
151.10Inna Dlugan
16:34.3 PRBella Vista
152.10Malia Sittler
16:34.4 PRVintage
153.10Paola Baltazar
16:36.7 PRLathrop
154.10Christian Bishop
16:39.0 PRSt Mary’s
155.9Mia Oggenfuss
16:39.9 PRNapa
156.9Megan Seifert
16:40.5 PRSt Francis
157.10Isabelle Grassel
16:42.4 PRSt Francis
158.10Zoey Cummings
16:43.4 PRWhitney
159.9Madeline Dunlay
16:43.8 PRSt Francis
160.9Kiera Odell
16:44.8 PRForesthill
161.9Marisa Petersen
16:45.7 PRSt Francis
162.10Hannah Dominguez
16:46.9 PRMerrill West
163.10Monica Cervantes
16:47.0 PRChavez
164.9Olivia Walbeck
16:49.5 PRSt Francis
165.10Rachel Avellar
16:50.4 PRLodi
166.10Halena Wetch
16:53.6 PRSt Francis
167.10Star Garzoni
16:58.1 PRColfax
168.10Rosa Gallardo
16:58.9 PRInderkum
169.9Alexis Sosa
17:00.7 PRLincoln (S)
170.9Andrea Bryant
17:03.9 PRDavis
171.9Gabby Bell
17:06.3 PRSt Francis
172.10Karissa Bliss
17:12.3 PREl Dorado
173.10Stephanie Glaser
17:12.8 PREl Camino (Sacramento)
174.10Lauryn Freeborn
17:13.4 PRMountain House
175.9Ardani Fairchild
17:14.0 PRSt Francis
176.10Aileen Xiang
17:14.7 PRDavis
177.9Clarise Rivera
17:15.8 PRVintage
178.9Melissa Harshberger
17:16.6 PRWill C. Wood
179.10Heidi Johnson
17:17.5 SRSacramento Country Day
180.9Priya Sharma
17:18.2 PRChristian Brothers
181.9Angela Tonn
17:19.1 PRFaith Christian
182.12Ileanna Spoelstra
17:21.0 PRLincoln (S)
183.10Jada Hallman
17:21.2 PRMerrill West
184.9Emma Totaro
17:21.7 PRWhitney
185.10Rachel Phar
17:24.6 PRNapa
186.9Ashley Vasquez
17:25.1 PRLodi
187.9Tara Freeborn
17:27.9 PRMountain House
188.10Aaliyah Kirkpatrick
17:29.5 PRBella Vista
189.10Isabel Cruz
17:30.2 PRMerrill West
190.9Kayla Largent
17:33.8 PRSt Francis
191.9Isabelle Nguyen
17:35.1 PRPleasant Grove
192.10Olivia Sloss
17:37.6 PRSt Francis
193.10Svetlana Parfenova
17:39.2 PRChristian Brothers
194.10Emily Chapman
17:40.9 PRNapa
195.10Evelyn Delgado
17:42.6 PRMcNair
196.9Ella Adamson
17:43.4 PRSt Francis
197.9Natalie Dinin
17:45.1 PRBella Vista
198.10Lauren Blanchard
17:46.1 PRTokay
199.9Jessica Martinez
17:48.4 PRChristian Brothers
200.9Samantha Garcia Si...
17:51.4 PRRocklin
201.9Emily Bass
17:51.8 PRWill C. Wood
202.9Jasmine Palacios
17:52.5 PRLathrop
203.9Mingyo Son
17:53.4 PRDavis
204.9Anastasia Contreras
17:55.9 PRLiberty Ranch
205.10Melissa Mosqueda
17:57.4 PRLincoln (S)
206.10Loren Thatcher
17:59.2 PRLodi
207.10Anahi Martinez
17:59.5 PRKennedy (Sacramento)
208.9Maya Acevedo
18:03.2 PRLodi
209.10Lesly Diaz
18:05.8 PRMerrill West
210.9Brianna Tennis
18:06.9 PRLodi
211.9Maria Isabella Zar...
18:08.1 PRInderkum
212.10Morgan Wilson
18:08.6 PRLodi
213.9Sasha Utter
18:09.9 PRSt Francis
214.9Monica Magana
18:11.2 PRMcNair
215.9Megan Mungia
18:11.4 PRMcNair
216.9Kaleena Quintero
18:13.5 PRChavez
217.10Shradha Thapa
18:14.5 PRLeroy Greene Academy
218.9Jacy Lovins
18:14.6 PRBella Vista
219.10Ashlinn Phipps
18:16.5 PRChristian Brothers
220.10Lalique Montesini
18:18.1 PRRocklin
221.9Maelani Rubianes
18:20.1 PRLodi
222.10Isma Sultan
18:24.9 PRDavis
223.9Lauren Torgersen
18:28.6 PRLincoln-L
224.9Anna Sotello
18:29.2 PRJohn Adams Academy
225.-Jacky Salas
18:29.6 PRWoodland
226.10Keren Reyes
18:33.4 PRChavez