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Mens Races
2.94 Miles Open All

Bell-Jeff Course

2.94 Miles JV Boys White
2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Boys Blue7:45 AM
2.94 Miles Varsity Boys Red8:00 AM
2.94 Miles JV Boys Blue8:30 AM
2.94 Miles Varsity Boys Blue9:20 AM
2.94 Miles Seeded Boys All and Varsity Boys Red9:40 AM
2.94 Miles Varsity Boys White10:40 AM
2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Boys Red11:20 AM
2.94 Miles JV Boys Red12:00 PM
2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Boys White12:40 PM
Womens Races

Bell-Jeff Course

2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Girls Red
2.94 Miles Open

Bell-Jeff Course

2.94 Miles JV Girls Blue8:05 AM
2.94 Miles Varsity Girls Blue8:55 AM
2.94 Miles Varsity Girls Red10:20 AM
2.94 Miles Varsity Girls White11:00 AM
2.94 Miles JV Girls Red/White12:20 PM
2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Girls White1:00 PM

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Mens Results

2.94 Miles Open All

Official Team Scores

1.New Basin Blues Running Club27
1.New Basin Blues Running Club15
2.ARC Run Club28
2.ARC Run Club50
1.19+Ismael Samano
14:37.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
2.Juan Paredes
3.Jun Reichi
4.Will Cross
5.Ryan Shon
6.Bennett Naden
7.Luis Huerta
8.19+Phillip Gonzalez
15:32.10 PRARC Run Club
9.19+Terence Galasso
15:37.30 PRARC Run Club
10.19+Francisco Son
15:44.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
11.-Roman Katz
15:53.30 PRARC Run Club
12.19+Jared Long
16:00.10 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
13.Jake Lamb
14.Steve Frisone
15.-Raul Lopez
16:14.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
16.19+Florian Scheulen
16:17.70 PRARC Run Club
17.Richard Martinez
18.Vicente Huerta
19.Jeffrey Lung
20.Sean Kennedy
21.19+Hector Mendoza
16:49.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
22.-Terrence Walker
16:54.20 PRARC Run Club
23.19+Barry Givens
17:00.70 PRSo Cal Track
24.17-18Marcos Shente
17:03.30 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
25.Gerardo Antonio
26.Daniel Martinez
27.19+Mark Fitzpatrick
17:20.10 PRARC Run Club
28.19+Robert Elsinger
17:22.40 PRARC Run Club
29.Thomas Schumann
30.William Wagner
31.Nicklaus Torres
32.Dean Wright
33.Shane Martin
34.Yari Fontebasso
35.Jeffrey Pendleton
36.Kenny Valencia
37.Dominic Yousufi
38.Dan Arsenault
39.19+Jonathan Tan
18:17.10 PRARC Run Club
40.-Grigor Gevorkyan
18:21.80 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
41.Luke Patrick
42.Jose Pineda
43.Gerad Herkey
44.Jarod Ebenhack
45.Nyron Bernard
46.Chris Penso
47.Carlos Lopez
48.John Holcomb
49.19+Felipe Escobar
19:08.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
50.William Kupelman
51.Jakob Teagardin
52.19+Gerard Deegan
19:12.60 PRARC Run Club
53.-Jose Estrada
19:18.90 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
54.19+Oliver Gallego
19:19.20 PRARC Run Club
55.19+Alan Jacobsen
19:26.40 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
56.19+Jose Pacheco
19:32.80 PRARC Run Club
57.Michael Bardales
58.George Juarez
59.19+Radell Hutchen
19:50.20 PRARC Run Club
60.Alex Francisco Lor...
61.Efrain Velasco
62.Kevin Komenkul
63.Michael Preston
64.Boaz Hernandez-Kos...
65.Colin Whitman
66.19+Douglas Humphries
20:27.90 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
67.Addison Laird
68.19+Todd Covert
20:47.50 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
69.Christian Bordal
70.George De La O
71.Adolfo Carcano
72.19+Arnold De Leon
21:10.00 PRSo Cal Track
73.19+Tim Panec
21:12.30 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
74.19+Mark Cleary
21:44.00 PRSo Cal Track
75.19+Amir Medovoi
21:47.90 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
76.Duncan Smith
77.LB Smithley
78.Tim Peters
79.Leonard Diaz
80.Frank Griff
81.Jose Arrendondo
82.Noel Torres
83.David Pullman
84.Jose Cardenas
85.Loren Brockway
86.Brian Silver
87.Sean Laird
88.William Barth
89.John Merriam
90.Robert Rodriguez
91.Brian O'Connell
92.Amir Rihanna
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2.94 Miles JV Boys White

Official Team Scores

1.Bravo Medical Magnet62
4.Bishop Alemany111
6.Foothill (Bakersfield)138
8.Marshall Fundamental185
1.9Justin Otchis
17:31.40 PRChaminade
2.10Isaac Mendoza
17:40.00 PRWiseburn - Da Vinci
3.11Christian Andrade
17:40.50 PRFillmore
4.11Juan Ramirez
17:58.10 PRFillmore
5.9Francis Johnson
18:06.40 SRFoothill (Bakersfield)
6.12Ricardo Delgadillo
18:13.90 PRBravo Medical Magnet
7.11Gabriel Perez
18:25.20 PRBravo Medical Magnet
8.12Matthew Pellettieri
18:36.50 PRBishop Alemany
9.11Kevin Fernando
18:42.00 SRParaclete
10.10David Gomez
18:44.10 SRFoothill (Bakersfield)
11.11Gustavo Valdez
18:45.10 PRFillmore
12.11Jaylen Joseph
18:59.10 SRBravo Medical Magnet
13.11Enso Valle
19:08.60 SRShafter
14.11Mario Hurtado
19:14.30 PRFillmore
15.12Adrian Nazaroff
19:35.20 SRShafter
16.11Nicholas Demonteve...
19:41.80 SRMaranatha
17.11Javier Tolentino
19:45.90 PRBishop Alemany
18.10Louis Moreno
19:54.20 PRHighland
19.11Mike Carranza
20:02.70 PRShafter
20.12Angel Olmos
20:13.80 PRBravo Medical Magnet
21.11Ezra Munn
20:17.60 PRHighland
22.11Reno Wilson
23.11Benjamin Hunter
20:22.70 PRShafter
24.12Erick Mercer
20:32.40 PRBishop Alemany
25.11Alex Medina
20:33.00 PRBravo Medical Magnet
26.10Jahred Morga
20:34.90 PRChaminade
27.11Abraham Lopez
20:41.40 PRBravo Medical Magnet
28.11Mark Diaz
20:41.80 PRChaminade
29.11Kartik Misra
20:47.30 SRParaclete
30.11Noah Camacho
21:00.80 PRShafter
31.12Jesus Gonzalez
21:03.20 PRHighland
32.11Lucas Yosida
21:03.50 PRMarshall Fundamental
33.12Kevin Diaz
21:17.40 PRBravo Medical Magnet
34.11Eduardo Ballesteros
21:17.80 PRJohn Glenn
35.12Mark Robles-corea
21:26.50 PRMarshall Fundamental
36.11Emmanuel Woods
21:26.90 PRParaclete
37.12Juan De La Rosa
21:31.20 SRShafter
38.12Isaac Gonzalez
21:33.70 SRBishop Alemany
39.10Dominic Avendano
21:44.90 SRBishop Alemany
40.11Eric Hernandez
21:54.90 PRFillmore
41.10Victor Capiz
21:55.50 SRFoothill (Bakersfield)
42.12Uriel Vazquez
22:02.30 PRBravo Medical Magnet
43.11Diego Valenuela
22:02.70 SRBishop Alemany
44.10Juan Carlos Contre...
22:05.10 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
45.12David Sanchez
22:09.60 PRBravo Medical Magnet
46.12Matthew Estes
22:13.10 SRParaclete
47.11Trent Tomoyasu
22:26.30 PRMarshall Fundamental
48.12Raymond Hernandez
22:41.50 PRBishop Alemany
49.11Nicholas Hernandez
22:42.80 PRMaranatha
50.12Jonathan Gonzalez
22:44.70 PRMarshall Fundamental
51.10Riley Neuenburg
23:07.30 PRMarshall Fundamental
52.11Moises Amparo
23:07.70 SRShafter
53.12Elijah Dybdahl
23:17.90 SRParaclete
54.11Nick Stefanelli
23:49.00 PRBishop Alemany
55.10Michael Keating
23:57.80 SRChaminade
56.10Joey Spindler
24:01.80 SRChaminade
57.11Ezekiel Funches
24:22.60 SRMaranatha
58.12James Mccafferty
24:37.90 SRParaclete
59.12Jovany Gollaz
24:54.00 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
60.11Johnny Chen
25:01.20 SRBravo Medical Magnet
61.11Mardoque Lorenzo
25:08.00 SRParaclete
62.9Jonathon Meneses
25:24.50 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
63.12George Coon
25:26.80 PRShafter
64.9Gerardo Chocoteco
25:31.40 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
65.10Heaven Ramirez
25:41.50 PRHighland
66.11Kevin Figueroa
25:49.10 SRMarshall Fundamental
67.12Brian Strehl
25:52.00 PRMarshall Fundamental
68.11Wudasie Gorfu
26:11.30 SRWiseburn - Da Vinci
69.9David Navarro
27:01.50 PRMaranatha
70.11Spencer Delgaso
27:03.90 PRChaminade
71.12West Lee
27:47.00 SRMarshall Fundamental
72.11Michael Tripoli
29:27.10 SRBishop Alemany
73.12James Wakasa
35:04.10 SRBravo Medical Magnet
74.10Danny Walsh
35:05.20 SRMaranatha
75.9Simon Simon
35:07.13 PRMaranatha
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2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Boys Blue

Official Team Scores

1.Valley Christian (Cerritos)28
2.Poly (Pasadena)35
3.Campbell Hall77
4.Palmdale Aerospace Academy101
5.St. Monica127
7.Alliance Morgan McKinzie185
1.9Evan Hayes
17:49.40 PRPoly (Pasadena)
2.10Jacob Ranz
18:04.10 PRDesert Christian (La...
3.10Mark Golbranson
18:06.20 PRSt. Monica Academy
4.10Blake Wheeler
18:06.40 PRValley Christian (Ce...
5.9Alessandro Leon-Co...
18:13.10 PRVerbum Dei
6.9Noah Lucero
18:20.50 PRSt. Paul
7.9Nicky Yoong
18:37.50 PRPoly (Pasadena)
8.9Shane Thompson
18:39.00 PRCampbell Hall
9.9Jordan Bonilla
18:42.90 SRHeritage Christian
10.10Isaac Valdez
18:43.70 PRHeritage Christian
11.10Kurtis Vander Meulen
18:58.20 PRValley Christian (Ce...
12.10Brett Evenhouse
18:58.40 PRValley Christian (Ce...
13.10Derek Murray
19:14.20 PRValley Christian (Ce...
14.10Tin-Trung Pham
19:14.90 PRValley Christian (Ce...
15.9Sam Salvati
19:25.00 PRPoly (Pasadena)
16.10Joshua Fleckenstein
19:49.10 PRDesert Christian (La...
17.9Hector Rosales
19:50.90 PRSun Valley Magnet
18.10Harry Liddi Brown
19:53.90 PRPoly (Pasadena)
19.10James Calvin
20:02.30 PRHeritage Christian
20.9Daniel Crossan
20:02.50 PRSt. Monica
21.9Aaron Oliver
20:05.90 SRDesert Christian (La...
22.10Albert Lu
20:08.00 PRPoly (Pasadena)
23.10Dustyn Dehemmer
20:12.00 PRVasquez
24.10Matias Marroquin
20:17.50 SRCampbell Hall
25.9Andrew Yanney
20:19.90 PRValley Christian (Ce...
26.9Michael Lee
20:20.70 PRVasquez
27.9Rene Urrea
20:23.00 PRSt. Monica Academy
28.10Kenny Barrios
20:31.40 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
29.10Jonah Garcia
20:41.90 PRVasquez
30.9Frank De Los Santos
20:48.00 PRSt. Paul
31.9Dillon Hoffman
20:52.80 PRCampbell Hall
32.9Harper Mcdowell
20:55.30 PRSequoyah
33.9Kristopher Barrios
21:00.70 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
34.10Nick Gazzale
21:08.20 SRCampbell Hall
35.9Jude Davidge
21:08.60 SRSequoyah
36.9Isaiah Vazquez
21:11.30 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
37.10Shawn Loera
21:29.40 PRVerbum Dei
38.10Jonathan Pheifer
21:32.10 PRValley Christian (Ce...
39.10Joseph Ha
22:09.50 PROakwood
40.10Justin Sandoz
22:12.60 PRValley Christian (Ce...
41.10Joshua Alfaro
22:26.00 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
42.10Daniel Moreno
22:26.30 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
43.10Noah Kondon
22:50.20 SRCampbell Hall
44.10Cody Montelibano
22:51.90 PRSt. Monica
45.9Osvaldo Paniaqua
23:08.00 SRVerbum Dei
46.9Samuel Strong
23:09.10 PRCampbell Hall
47.9Hayden Fieldhouse
23:13.50 PRValley Christian (Ce...
48.10Russell Pagdangonan
23:18.30 PRSt. Monica
49.9Dean Russell
23:29.20 SRSt. Paul
50.12Cooper Reed
24:07.80 PROakwood
51.10Caleb Quiroz-hanson
24:29.70 PRCampbell Hall
52.9Robert Wiles
24:40.30 PRSt. Monica
53.9Andrew Gutierrez
24:51.80 SRSun Valley Magnet
54.10Spencer Knobloch
24:59.20 PROakwood
55.9Kent Yokomizo
24:59.70 PRSequoyah
56.10Nelson Coeto
25:13.80 PRSt. Monica
57.9Jack Riedle
25:23.60 PRSt. Monica
58.9Adel Cedano
25:34.90 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
59.9James Kamstra
25:41.10 SRValley Christian (Ce...
60.10Emmanuel Capilla
26:03.70 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
61.9Jacob Redfox
26:08.00 SRValley Christian (Ce...
62.10Eduardo Gallegos
26:14.50 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
63.10Alex Gonzalez
26:17.30 PRSt. Monica
64.10Jessie Davila
26:18.30 SRSun Valley Magnet
65.9Eddie Gonzalez
26:19.30 PRSequoyah
66.10Saul Sanchez
26:49.50 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
67.10Jake Orbe
28:09.60 PRSt. Monica
68.10Vincent Mendez
28:31.60 PRSequoyah
69.11Joshua Morris
29:05.50 PRSt. Monica
70.9Tyler Onishi
29:12.60 PRSt. Monica
71.9Antonio Jimenez
29:29.20 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
72.9Fergoso Fregroso
29:30.80 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
73.10Jason Perales
29:32.70 PRAlliance Morgan McKi...
74.10Luis Aquino
33:20.70 PRSt. Monica
75.10Eduardo Ramirez
33:28.70 PRSun Valley Magnet
76.9Jean-luc Lesaca
33:30.21 SRSequoyah
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2.94 Miles JV Boys Blue

Official Team Scores

1.Palmdale Aerospace Academy32
2.St. Joseph (Santa Maria)72
3.St. Paul87
5.Calvary Chapel (Downey)128
6.Valley Christian (Cerritos)135
7.St. Pius X - St. Matthias Ac...165
8.Heritage Christian172
9.Verbum Dei235
1.12Justin Ebenhack
16:50.12 PRDesert Christian (La...
2.12Caleb Fleckenstein
17:23.30 PRDesert Christian (La...
3.11Aaron Turk
17:42.80 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
4.10Humberto Diaz
17:51.60 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
5.10Joseph Morales
17:58.60 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
6.11Daniel Squires
18:28.40 PRDesert Christian (La...
7.10Hugo Becerra
18:31.60 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
8.11Guido Abiuso
18:46.20 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
9.12Tyler Bouma
19:02.80 PRValley Christian (Ce...
10.11Ethan Rogers
19:08.60 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
11.11Infante Alexis
19:16.60 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
12.9Roman Encinas
19:19.00 PRSt. Paul
13.11Josh Menusa
19:31.10 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
14.9Adam Ramirez
19:33.60 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
15.12Cameron Fooks
19:34.30 PRHeritage Christian
16.11Anthony Cantero
19:34.90 PRSt. Paul
17.10Mathew Morales
19:34.90 SRSt. Paul
18.9Chancellor Roach
19:36.70 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
19.9Christopher Amaya
19:37.70 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
20.11Joseluis Aparicio
19:38.70 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
21.10John Geissler
19:52.10 PRSt. Paul
22.11Nicolas Medrano
19:56.40 PRPoly (Pasadena)
23.11Brandon Rivera
20:06.10 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
24.11Andrew Bowman
20:06.40 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
25.12Emilio De Leon
20:08.70 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
26.9Rolando Ramirez
20:10.20 SRHawthorne Math & Sci...
27.11Nick Stader
20:13.30 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
28.10Juan Guiterrez
20:30.00 SRHawthorne Math & Sci...
29.11Caleb Choi
20:38.00 SRValley Christian (Ce...
30.10Anthony Sandoval
20:44.90 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
31.11Jorge Melo
20:47.80 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
32.11Cameron Weems
20:52.20 PRHeritage Christian
33.11Jayden Mulder
20:52.30 PRValley Christian (Ce...
34.10Martin Venegas
20:54.10 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
35.11Vincent Wirch
20:54.30 SRValley Christian (Ce...
36.10Jacob Ward
20:55.40 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
37.11Jackson Smith
21:02.10 PRSt. Monica
38.10Kylan Colfer
21:05.80 PRVasquez
39.11Edwin Alfaro
21:06.40 PRSun Valley Magnet
40.11Jason Quintanilla
21:07.40 PRSt. Paul
41.12Christopher Urun
21:08.90 PRCampbell Hall
42.11Marco Sanchez
21:10.30 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
43.9Gabriel Ramirez
21:17.10 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
44.11Anthony Galeana
21:21.70 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
45.12Kenneth Vitty
21:32.50 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
46.12Steven Irving
21:40.50 SRHeritage Christian
47.12Isaac Vizas
21:42.60 PRBridges Academy
48.12Cesar Villagomez
21:45.30 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
49.11Austin Geller
21:53.70 PRSt. Monica
50.11Noah Meyers
22:03.40 PRCampbell Hall
51.11Marcello Santos
22:03.90 SRVasquez
52.11Matthew Gonzales
22:06.30 SRHawthorne Math & Sci...
53.11Joshua Ordonez
22:06.90 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
54.11Angel Tobar
22:09.00 PRVerbum Dei
55.11Daniel Solorzano
22:10.10 PRVerbum Dei
56.12Christian Femat
22:15.90 PRSun Valley Magnet
57.9Andrew Briones
22:21.20 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
58.12Joshua Redfox
22:31.50 PRValley Christian (Ce...
59.11Salman Gany
22:38.70 SRHawthorne Math & Sci...
60.9Isaiah Rodriguez
22:42.60 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
61.9Nathan Valencia
22:45.00 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
62.12Matthew Loon
22:57.60 PRHeritage Christian
63.11Jake Ferini
23:08.30 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
64.12Erek Flores
23:10.20 PRVasquez
65.11Rey Ortega
23:31.50 PRVerbum Dei
66.11Christopher Young
23:33.60 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
67.12Jordan White
23:35.70 PRCampbell Hall
68.11Ryan Santos
23:45.80 PRHeritage Christian
69.11Aidan Sewell
24:04.90 PRHeritage Christian
70.12Ryan Murphy
24:23.70 PRHeritage Christian
71.11Isaiah Hawkins
24:34.00 PRHeritage Christian
72.11Alejandro Tostado
24:44.50 PRVerbum Dei
73.12Mark Rodriguez
24:54.60 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
74.11Victor Estrada
25:02.70 PRVerbum Dei
75.11Tyler Bennett
25:33.90 PRHeritage Christian
76.11Temesghen Ghebreye...
25:56.20 SRValley Christian (Ce...
77.11Fortune Sobotie
25:59.70 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
78.11Christian Matamoros
26:12.50 PRAnimo Venice
79.9Aiden Morgutia
27:04.30 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
80.10Carlos Zevallos
27:13.80 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
81.11Angel Garcia-Cruz
27:26.40 PRAnimo Venice
82.11Tatsuro Kajioka
28:02.10 PRSt. Monica
83.11Ryan Andrus
30:51.20 PRBridges Academy
84.12Miles Spano
34:50.30 SRHeritage Christian
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2.94 Miles Varsity Boys Blue

Official Team Scores

1.Valley Christian (Cerritos)39
2.St. Joseph (Santa Maria)102
3.Campbell Hall105
4.Poly (Pasadena)108
6.Heritage Christian189
7.St. Paul215
8.St. Monica227
10.St. Pius X - St. Matthias Ac...244
11.Helen Bernstein284
12.Sun Valley Magnet307
13.Trinity Classical Academy319
14.Valley Academy of Arts and S...356
15.Pacifica Christian OC421
18.Animo Venice495
1.11Ryan Vreeke
15:22.80 PRValley Christian (Ce...
2.10Joseph Domingues
15:34.70 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
3.11Josh Rupprecht
15:36.20 PRValley Christian (Ce...
4.12Noah Ballard
15:38.80 PRCampbell Hall
5.12Jeffrey Silver
15:48.30 PRPoly (Pasadena)
6.11Jamie Moreland
15:50.00 PRCampbell Hall
7.12Raphael Huang
15:53.90 SRWebb
8.12Nathaniel Tamminga
16:10.80 PRValley Christian (Ce...
9.10Nick Montijo
16:11.80 PRBell-Jeff
10.12Michael Yen
16:14.20 PRPoly (Pasadena)
11.10Konnor Paris
16:18.60 PRSt. Monica
12.12Matthew Reyes
16:22.90 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
13.10Mark Szekrenyi
16:24.90 PRValley Christian (Ce...
14.11Hayden Lee
16:28.90 SRValley Christian (Ce...
15.10Shane Lintereur
16:37.00 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
16.10Angel Perez
16:43.00 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
17.12Cristian Ticas
16:44.70 PRHeritage Christian
18.10Nicholas Kutscher
16:48.10 PRPacifica Christian OC
19.11Antonio Camacho
16:49.50 PRSt. Paul
20.11Daniel Kelly
16:52.90 PRCampbell Hall
21.11Xian Shively
16:57.30 PRPoly (Pasadena)
22.11Justice Deason
17:02.20 PRSt. Monica
23.11Bryce Edens
17:03.90 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
24.10Sam Kahn
17:05.00 PRBridges Academy
25.12Brandon Ek
17:08.30 PRHeritage Christian
26.12Dylan Highducheck
17:08.70 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
27.11Jackson Bibbens
17:12.60 PRWebb
28.10Jacob Gomez
17:16.50 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
29.10Owen Lozano
17:18.00 SRSt. Paul
30.11Allen Leavitt
17:20.10 SRHeritage Christian
31.12Julian Beckman
17:23.80 PRCampbell Hall
32.11Payton Kooi
17:28.70 PRValley Christian (Ce...
33.11Kevin Wang
17:31.00 PRWebb
34.11Joseph Kamstra
17:32.80 PRValley Christian (Ce...
35.11Kevin Valle
17:33.60 PRLos Angeles Academy ...
36.12Eduardo Gonzalez
17:34.00 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
37.10Dash Liddi-Brown
17:34.10 PRPoly (Pasadena)
38.9Alex Esquivel
17:35.00 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
39.12Aidan Crochetiere
17:35.20 PRPoly (Pasadena)
40.11Evan Sanchez
17:38.10 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
41.10Willy Martinez
17:39.40 PRWebb
42.10Nick Martinez
17:41.00 PRWebb
43.11Loker Kestler
17:42.40 PRVasquez
44.11Randy Villavicencio
17:45.80 PRHelen Bernstein
45.11Christian Ortiz
17:46.30 PRSt. Monica
46.12Anthony Mata-Razo
17:47.10 PRSt. Paul
47.10Braulio Guerrero
17:48.00 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
48.11Garrett Musil
17:49.10 PRVasquez
49.11Keith Grossman
17:49.20 PRCampbell Hall
50.12Steven Celaya
17:50.10 PRHelen Bernstein
51.12Andy Rickert
17:59.20 PRPoly (Pasadena)
52.11Caleb Malfo
17:59.30 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
53.12Justin Badio
18:02.80 PRSun Valley Magnet
54.9Andrew Mutchnik
18:09.40 PRCampbell Hall
55.12Clark Morin
18:12.60 PRCampbell Hall
56.11JAMIE Ho
18:16.30 SRValley Academy of Ar...
57.9Didierson Vakombua
18:18.20 SRSun Valley Magnet
58.11Patrick Rigali
18:21.00 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
59.11Benjamin McGillicu...
18:22.70 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
60.10Greg Amaya
18:23.70 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
61.11Steven Mendez
18:29.00 PRHeritage Christian
62.11Brian Solano
18:31.40 SRValley Academy of Ar...
63.12Antonio Hernandez
18:32.40 PRVasquez
64.11Jesrin Redulla
18:33.60 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
65.12Brian Parze
18:34.20 PRSt. Paul
66.9Gerardo Cordon
18:34.50 PRHelen Bernstein
67.11Sean Durkin
18:35.90 PRHeritage Christian
68.10Edgardo Benito
18:39.50 PRHelen Bernstein
69.11Victor Duran
18:43.40 PRSun Valley Magnet
70.12Raymond Balandra
18:45.70 PRSt. Paul
71.9Adrian Buitron
18:46.40 PRSun Valley Magnet
72.12Ryan Spivey
18:47.90 PRSt. Monica
73.11Jacob Cabrera
18:49.00 PRHeritage Christian
74.12Marcus Cooper
18:51.00 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
75.12Oliver Roveda
18:56.60 PRBridges Academy
76.12Victor Ramirez
18:58.00 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
77.12Troy Koehn
19:05.00 PRValley Academy of Ar...
78.11David Ruiz
19:05.80 PRVerbum Dei
79.11David Mazur
19:06.10 PROakwood
80.12Mario Castanon
19:08.20 PRHelen Bernstein
81.11Jonathan Reeves
19:08.60 SRHeritage Christian
82.12Javier Fernandez
19:16.70 PRSun Valley Magnet
83.12Derek Gomez
19:17.80 PRSun Valley Magnet
84.11Martin Amaya
19:22.90 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
85.12Jose Flores
19:27.80 PRVerbum Dei
86.10Eric Garcia
19:35.40 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
87.10Andrew Pfeiffer
19:35.40 SRTrinity Classical Ac...
88.12Joshua Viromontes
19:45.30 PRSt. Paul
89.12Andrew Fenichel
19:46.10 SRWebb
90.11Oscar Montes
19:55.40 PRLos Angeles Academy ...
91.12Scott Lopez
19:55.50 PRAnimo Venice
92.11Alex Mosser
19:59.30 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
93.12Ernesto Luna
20:01.50 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
94.10Vicente Mardones
20:02.10 PRSt. Monica
95.12Brandon Sariles
20:02.70 PRValley Academy of Ar...
96.11Joshua Anderson
20:03.30 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
97.9Fernando Morales
20:13.00 SRBridges Academy
98.9Sebastian Ceja-solis
20:13.30 SRBell-Jeff
99.11Nyle Maldonado
20:13.50 PRValley Academy of Ar...
100.12Joshua Williams
20:18.30 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
101.11Noah Bedrosian
20:19.40 PROakwood
102.11Oscar Paniagua
20:20.00 PRVerbum Dei
103.10Brandon Vidal
20:23.00 PRAnimo Venice
104.12Henry Dominguez-Le...
20:24.50 SRWebb
105.12Ramir Rodriguez-Sa...
20:28.10 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
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2.94 Miles Seeded Boys All and Varsity Boys Red

Official Team Scores

2.Desert Christian (Lancaster)91
3.Highland (SS)124
4.Palisades Charter160
5.Arroyo (SS)186
6.El Camino Real223
7.Granada Hills239
11.Canyon (Canyon Country)264
13.Quartz Hill305
16.Bolsa Grande458
17.Miguel Contreras LC478
19.Eagle Rock518
22.North Hollywood630
25.Marco A Firebaugh765
1.12Andrew Mitchell
14:25.10 PRDesert Christian (La...
2.12Charlie Sherman
14:35.10 PRLoyola
3.11David McAndrews
14:45.00 SRLoyola
4.12Joseph Biehl
14:48.90 PRDesert Christian (La...
5.12Alejandro Salinas
14:55.70 PRLoyola
6.12Stephen Steinberg
14:57.10 PRCleveland
7.12Herschel Smith
14:59.10 PRHighland (SS)
8.12Jakob Pollack
14:59.60 PRPalisades Charter
9.9Anthony Stone
15:05.80 PRLoyola
10.11Brandon Cobian
15:06.60 SRLoyola
11.12Carlos Rivera
15:08.50 PRBirmingham
12.10Ivan Mejia
15:10.70 PREtiwanda
13.10Bruno Amon-Frances...
15:11.90 PRMarshall
14.11Misael Bolanos
15:13.90 PRArroyo (SS)
15.11Shane Bissell
15:15.30 SRLoyola
16.11Leonardo Oliva
15:16.30 PRHighland (SS)
17.12Jose Gonzalez
15:16.80 PRGranada Hills
18.11Corey Kumamoto
15:18.00 SRLoyola
19.11Joshua Ma
15:20.00 SRLoyola
20.10Mason Ratkovich
15:21.70 SRLoyola
21.11Liam Jamieson
15:22.60 SRLoyola
22.10Brent Smith
15:23.30 PRPalisades Charter
23.12Lukas Ambrose
15:28.40 PRMarshall
24.10Marvin Guardado
15:30.30 SRBirmingham
25.10Chris Gonzales
15:33.50 SRDesert Christian (La...
26.12Jack Hockley
15:36.50 PRPalisades Charter
27.10Andrew Mawhorter
15:39.20 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
28.10Noah Hibbard
15:45.80 PRArroyo (SS)
29.12Kris Gomez-Vidal
15:46.80 PRHighland (SS)
30.11Christian Hernandez
15:47.30 SRGarfield
31.11Shane Hixon
15:47.40 PRHighland (SS)
32.11Patrick King
15:48.30 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
33.12Nicolas Boffman
15:48.80 PRDesert Christian (La...
34.12Ben Tiber
15:49.70 PRGranada Hills
35.10Derek Rodriguez
15:49.80 PRQuartz Hill15:49
36.11Brandon Martinez
15:50.20 PRArroyo (SS)
37.11Kevin Pacheco
15:50.80 PRDesert Christian (La...
38.12Adrian Jauregui
15:51.70 PRLoyola
39.10David J Reyes
15:52.20 PRGarfield
40.10Ethan Tse
15:52.40 PRLoyola
41.11Sebastian Ayala
15:54.10 PREl Camino Real
42.12Kevin Mendoza
15:57.70 PRMontebello
43.10Ethan Laubach
15:59.60 SRDesert Christian (La...
44.9Mark Jordan
16:00.60 PRQuartz Hill16:00
45.12Vicente Almanza
16:01.10 PRBirmingham
46.12Carlos Belmonte
16:01.50 PREl Camino Real
47.11Matthew Rios
16:07.00 SRGranada Hills
48.12Ben Hansen
16:07.50 PRPalisades Charter
49.12Ethan Estrada
16:18.00 PREl Camino Real
50.12Nikita Khromets
16:18.60 PREl Camino Real
51.11Oswaldo Duenas
16:19.60 PRPalmdale
52.12Carlos Rodriguez
16:23.90 PRHighland (SS)
53.10Jonathan Lopez
16:24.70 PRArroyo (SS)
54.12Adolfo Amthor
16:27.20 PRCleveland
55.11Jai Tlatenchi
16:30.40 PRGarfield
56.11Lennin Castro
16:30.40 PRFairfax
57.11Goitse Motloba
16:30.60 PRFairfax
58.11Hayden Daly
16:31.50 SRGranada Hills
59.11Henry Gomez
16:32.70 PRMiguel Contreras LC
60.12Steven Ramirez
16:33.10 PRPalmdale
61.11Estaban Prado
16:33.80 PRBolsa Grande
62.12Joseph DeVore
16:34.40 PRDesert Christian (La...
63.12Cade Luongo
16:35.50 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
64.12Cody Brdar
16:38.90 PREl Camino Real
65.10Giancarlo Puccia
16:38.90 PREl Camino Real
66.11Phillip Williams
16:39.50 PREtiwanda
67.10Alejandro Maldonado
16:41.40 PRPalmdale
68.10Elias Cannesson
16:42.90 SRMarshall
69.10Jose Torres
16:43.60 PREl Camino Real
70.12Jeremiah Gonzalez
16:44.00 PRPalmdale
71.11Matthew Fredericks
16:44.70 PRQuartz Hill
72.12Anthony Simon
16:46.70 PRMarshall
73.11Ethan Samuels
16:46.90 PREl Camino Real
74.11Justin Frias
16:47.10 PRArroyo (SS)
75.12Hunter Parker
16:52.30 PRPalisades Charter
76.10Jason Watanabe
16:53.60 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
77.12Mark Golstein-Raheb
16:56.10 PREl Camino Real
78.12Ben Arrendondo
16:57.60 PRCleveland
79.10Michael Nunez
16:58.90 PRSan Dimas
80.12Jason Quevado
17:00.60 PRHighland (SS)
81.10Denis A Escobar
17:00.60 SRGarfield
82.12Cole Bon
17:00.70 PRMayfair
83.10Michael S McCarthy
17:06.90 PRGarfield
84.11Blake Hare
17:07.60 PREtiwanda
85.12Jonathan Flores
17:08.10 PRPalisades Charter
86.11Richard Gibson
17:08.30 PREl Camino Real
87.11R-Jet Torrefiel
17:10.00 SREagle Rock
88.11Adam Samala
17:13.00 PRBolsa Grande
89.12Jonathan Martin
17:14.90 PRMontebello
90.10Andres Hernandez
17:15.90 PRMiguel Contreras LC
91.10Alex Valdez
17:16.50 PREtiwanda
92.11Sean Ruescher
17:16.60 PRQuartz Hill17:16
93.12Xavier Sanchez
17:18.30 PRHighland (SS)
94.11Charles Balkcom
17:18.40 SRCleveland
95.11Brenner Lim
17:19.10 PRArroyo (SS)
96.10Esmerlin Guardado
17:20.30 PRBirmingham
97.11Christian Healy
17:21.70 PRNorth Hollywood
98.12Brandon Torres
17:22.00 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
99.12Gabriel Fuligini
17:22.80 PRPalisades Charter
100.10Lauro Vargas
17:23.90 PRQuartz Hill17:23
101.10Zachery Williams
17:25.70 PREtiwanda
102.10Marlon Chay Escobar
17:26.70 PRMarshall
103.12Kevin Diaz
17:29.10 PREl Camino Real
104.12Steve Sosa
17:29.40 PRBolsa Grande
105.12Isaac Becker
17:30.40 PRCleveland
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2.94 Miles Varsity Boys White

Official Team Scores

2.Bravo Medical Magnet81
4.Foothill (Bakersfield)179
5.Coachella Valley184
6.Bishop Alemany214
7.Santa Ynez217
10.Robert F Kennedy273
11.John Glenn278
18.Morro Bay449
20.Marshall Fundamental501
21.Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks)543
1.11Moises Medrano
15:24.00 SRHighland
2.10Roberto Soto
15:33.40 PRMonrovia
3.11Anthony Ho
15:56.70 PRBravo Medical Magnet
4.12Jesus Roman
15:59.40 PRBravo Medical Magnet
5.11Oscar Solis
16:08.00 PRCoachella Valley
6.11Sergio Carreno
16:08.30 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
7.11Jose Felix
16:13.90 PRShafter
8.11Rafael Gutierrez
16:19.50 PRRobert F Kennedy
9.12Adrian Orozco
16:20.90 PRFillmore
10.12Harrison Wykoff
16:24.50 PRHighland
11.12Luis Sanchez
16:27.20 PRHighland
12.12Max Valadez
16:30.80 PRBishop Alemany
13.12Justin Frando
16:35.50 PRHighland
14.11Andres Romero
16:37.20 PRCoachella Valley
15.11Yousif Hussein
16:38.20 PRShafter
16.12Vidal Gutierrez
16:43.70 PRBravo Medical Magnet
17.12Johnny Martinez
16:45.60 PRFillmore
18.12Cody Hill
16:51.50 PRSanta Ynez
19.11Emmanuel Aguilera
16:52.90 PRVerdugo Hills
20.12Artem Borysyuk
16:54.90 PRSanta Ynez
21.10Angel Torres
16:55.80 PRBishop Alemany
22.12Jaidin Tharanee
16:57.60 PRChaminade
23.10Nick Villela
17:01.10 PRFillmore
24.12Joseph Funches
17:02.10 SRMaranatha
25.11Dustin Chan
17:04.10 PRAlhambra
26.12Seferino Meneses
17:04.50 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
27.11Jose Mendez
17:05.30 PRRobert F Kennedy
28.10Antonio Calderon
17:06.80 PRJohn Glenn
29.11Carlos Duarte
17:08.20 PRBravo Medical Magnet
30.10Peter Wykoff
17:10.40 SRHighland
31.11Fernando Gomez
17:12.60 PRBravo Medical Magnet
32.11Jonathan Ordaz
17:15.60 PRFillmore
33.11Saul Cardenas
17:17.00 PRShafter
34.11Everardo Garcia Ma...
17:18.00 PRFillmore
35.11Moses Jimenez
17:18.10 SRFoothill (Bakersfield)
36.11Nakai Ramirez
17:18.50 PRCoachella Valley
37.12Jacob Abraham
17:21.20 PRUniversity
38.12Santiago Edinger
17:21.70 PRBravo Medical Magnet
39.10Julio Villareal
17:23.70 PRLegacy
40.11Alec Roberts
17:24.10 SRCrespi
41.9Willem Slingerland
17:24.30 SRCrespi
42.11Adolfo Escudero
17:27.30 SRHighland
43.12Michael Mclarty
17:29.30 PRJohn Glenn
44.12Edgar Rivera
17:30.60 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
45.10Sergio Perez
17:31.60 PRFillmore
46.11Michael Sanchez
17:32.30 PRFillmore
47.11Miguel Carmona Gar...
17:32.40 PRSanta Ynez
48.12Jack Ringelberg
17:32.50 PRParaclete
49.12Jose Guerrero
17:33.60 PRJohn Glenn
50.9Braydon Briggs
17:34.40 SRLittlerock
51.10Thomas Rivera
17:35.30 SRParaclete
17:36.90 PRMarshall Fundamental
53.9Vishal Ravi
17:38.00 PRCrespi
54.11Garret Hicks
17:40.90 SRHighland
55.9Daniel Casas
17:42.20 SRGarfield
56.12Andrew Chavez
17:42.60 PRBishop Alemany
57.12Fernando Gutierrez
17:44.30 PRRobert F Kennedy
58.10Angel Guerrero
17:45.30 PRGarfield
59.10Arellano Isaiah
17:45.60 PRCrespi
60.12Andrew Garza
17:45.90 PRBishop Alemany
61.11Dylan Chen
17:48.70 PRAlhambra
62.11Alejandro Carrillo
17:49.30 PRParaclete
63.12Christian Bloemhof
17:50.10 PRShafter
64.9Ivan Anguiano
17:51.90 PRCoachella Valley
65.12Michael Cohen
17:52.80 PRSanta Ynez
66.11Issac Thomas
17:53.00 PRMorro Bay
67.12Andres Sanchez
17:54.60 SRGanesha
68.10Alfredo Salcedo
17:54.90 PRJohn Glenn
69.11Felipie Franco
17:55.80 SRLittlerock
70.10Walker Doucette
17:57.00 PRChaminade
71.10Michael Morrone
17:58.20 SRChaminade
72.11Frank Holder
18:00.10 PRMorro Bay
73.9Dylan Roberts
18:00.30 PRCrespi
74.12Henry Toribio
18:01.80 PRCoachella Valley
75.12Gerardo Pech-Sanchez
18:02.70 PRBravo Medical Magnet
76.12Jose Davila
18:03.40 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
77.12Adam Roman
18:03.50 PRBishop Alemany
78.11Shane Schooter
18:03.50 SRSanta Ynez
79.11Alfredo Pimental
18:09.10 PRRobert F Kennedy
80.11Daniel Castellanos
18:09.40 PRLittlerock
81.12Stephen Otremba
18:12.10 PRBishop Alemany
82.10Jesse Lozano
18:14.20 PRBishop Alemany
83.11Ernesto Balcazar
18:14.20 SRParaclete
84.11Eli Rodarte
18:14.90 PRMaranatha
85.11Reno Wilson
18:18.30 SRParaclete
86.11Tyler Forster
18:20.30 PRMorro Bay
88.12Adrian Zavala
18:24.30 PRAlhambra
89.11Kemyl Tadeo
18:24.50 PRMonrovia
90.12Jose Resendez
18:24.50 SRPanorama
91.9Evan Peters
18:27.60 PRMonrovia
92.11Unk Unk
18:28.10 PRCoachella Valley
93.10Joshua Lopez
18:29.50 PRAlhambra
94.11Josiah Sie
18:31.10 PRMaranatha
95.10Miles Kealing
18:36.10 PRMarshall Fundamental
96.12Juan Trujillo
18:38.70 PRLegacy
97.11Mariolink Olivla
18:39.10 SRLittlerock
98.12Zerrick Payne
18:40.50 PRUniversity
99.10Jules Mage
18:42.90 SRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
100.12Jordan Schoenburg
18:43.20 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
101.11Ricky Chhor
18:43.70 PRAlhambra
102.11Nathan McCausland
18:43.90 PRMonrovia
103.9Keenan Mckelvey
18:46.40 PRMonrovia
104.11Edward Sabalburo
18:50.00 SRParaclete
105.11Brandon Kusnady
18:51.90 PRJohn Glenn
106.12Evan Smith
18:52.00 PRVerdugo Hills
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2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Boys Red

Official Team Scores

2.Canyon (Canyon Country)88
3.Granada Hills117
5.Arroyo (SS)176
6.Highland (SS)204
8.Palisades Charter221
9.El Camino Real257
11.Eagle Rock293
16.San Dimas477
1.10Vinnie Giachini
15:49.90 SRLoyola
2.10Hudson Godfrey
16:04.20 SRLoyola
3.10Roberto Ruelas
16:08.30 SRLoyola
4.10Tommy Donovan
16:34.40 PRLoyola
5.10Ethan Stauber
16:41.90 SRLoyola
6.9Alfredo DeAnda
16:48.30 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
7.9Joe Cox
16:53.80 PRHighland (SS)
8.10Jonathan Topete
16:55.50 SRLoyola
9.10Fransico Soria
17:04.60 SRKnight
10.9Beikwaw Yankey
17:05.80 SRLoyola
11.10Miles Englis
17:06.20 SRLoyola
12.10Tim Burschinger
17:09.60 SRLoyola
13.10Marvin Lima
17:10.50 PRLynwood
14.10Michael Antonucci
17:16.90 SRLoyola
15.9Estevan Covarrubias
17:21.40 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
16.10Gerson Amaya
17:21.80 SRLynwood
17.10Sean Larbaoui
17:22.40 SRGranada Hills
18.9Andrew Rivas
17:25.20 PRArroyo (SS)
19.10Anthony Lopez
17:28.80 PREl Camino Real
20.9Russell Mawhorter
17:29.00 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
21.9Oscar Silva
17:29.40 SRGranada Hills
22.9James Corrigan
17:29.80 SREagle Rock
23.10Sebastian Cervantes
17:30.80 SRMarshall
24.9Alec Stewart
17:33.90 SRPalisades Charter
25.10Diego Corona
17:34.10 SRGranada Hills
26.10Justin Anguiano
17:38.20 PREtiwanda
27.9Matt Knight
17:39.40 PRLoyola
28.9Frank Lofton
17:40.80 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
29.10Abraham Sosa-torres
17:45.30 SRHighland (SS)
30.9Oluwadare Babatunde
17:47.10 PREtiwanda
31.9Makeye Contreras
17:47.10 PREtiwanda
32.9Nicholas Martinez
17:51.40 PRArroyo (SS)
33.9Donny Garrison
17:59.90 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
34.9Bruce Meza
18:04.40 SRGranada Hills
35.9Steven Solitare
18:05.10 SREl Camino Real
36.10Roberto Gutierrez
18:08.10 SRKnight
37.9Quinn Garity
18:09.10 SRGranada Hills
38.9Cai Duran
18:10.90 SRGranada Hills
39.9Gavin Wee
18:11.10 PRHighland (SS)
40.10Ryan Breitman
18:11.80 SRPalisades Charter
41.9Carlos Yalibat
18:16.00 SRHollywood
42.9Adam Sorenson
18:17.10 PREtiwanda
43.9Treyton Littlejohn
18:17.60 PRMarshall
44.10Alazer Tewedros
18:17.70 PRFairfax
45.10Nicholas Straub
18:18.40 PRLoyola
46.9Joshua Orellana
18:21.10 PRArroyo (SS)
47.9Reed Bohlen
18:22.70 SRGranada Hills
48.10Cameron Cote
18:24.20 PREl Camino Real
49.10Alberto Martinez
18:24.50 PRArroyo (SS)
50.9Daniel Alvarez
18:27.30 SRLoyola
51.9Zane Strehlo
18:29.00 SRTaft
52.10David Angel
18:29.20 PRLynwood
53.10Jared Mallon
18:30.60 PREtiwanda
54.10Vincent Capacete
18:30.60 PREtiwanda
55.10Charles Weissman
18:30.80 SRMarshall
56.9Mark Barboza
18:30.90 SRPalisades Charter
57.9Sean Garis
18:31.80 PRSan Dimas
58.10Emmett Kallmeyer
18:38.20 SRPalisades Charter
59.10Edgar Pineda
18:39.40 SREagle Rock
60.10Neil Cabrera
18:39.70 PRFairfax
61.10Robin Reyes
18:40.40 PREagle Rock
62.10Garrett Sullivan
18:45.50 PRGranada Hills
63.10Jesus Soto
18:47.20 PRArroyo (SS)
64.9Conor O'Callahan
18:47.40 SRLoyola
65.10Luis Lopez
18:48.20 SRMarshall
66.9Gerardo Rodriguez
18:49.10 PRCleveland
67.9Nathaniel Estrada
18:49.80 PRPioneer
68.9Seth Alvarez
18:50.90 PRHighland (SS)
69.10Tyler Stibal
18:51.40 PRMayfair
70.9James Torres
18:52.40 PREtiwanda
71.10Aldo Delgadillo
18:52.80 PRPioneer
72.9Andrew Sotelo
18:54.00 PRArroyo (SS)
73.10Bryan Albarran
18:55.40 PRAlhambra
74.10Josué Pedroza
18:56.30 PRLoyola
75.10Connor Finn
18:57.20 PRMarshall
76.10Juan Vergara
19:00.00 PRMarshall
77.10Aidan Caplan
19:03.50 PRCleveland
78.9Jack Spiewak
19:05.20 SREagle Rock
79.10Yanni Harris
19:09.20 SRKnight
80.10Jarid Root
19:09.80 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
81.10Mark McAllister
19:10.90 PRLoyola
82.9Hunter Steinman
19:14.00 SRPalisades Charter
83.10Henry Calabrese
19:14.30 PRCleveland
85.10Jacob Alvarado
19:15.90 PRBirmingham
86.10Bryan Manon
19:20.10 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
87.9Dylan Drake
19:21.30 PRLoyola
88.9Noah Reyes
19:22.90 PREtiwanda
89.10Daniel Sasson
19:25.90 PRCleveland
90.9Tan Luangruangthong
19:26.10 PRMarshall
91.9Marc Reyes
19:27.30 PRPioneer
92.9Jesse Soto
19:27.40 SRMountain View
93.10Christian Kavack
19:28.20 PRSan Dimas
94.10Bryant Tay
19:29.50 PRArroyo (SS)
95.10Gabriel Gamez
19:29.70 SREl Camino Real
96.9Marcelo Martinez
19:29.80 PRPioneer
97.9Josh Weiss
19:31.40 SRLoyola
98.9Miguel Renteria
19:32.10 PRMontebello
99.9Jose Rosas
19:32.60 PRPioneer
100.9Enrico Sangalang
19:32.80 SRHollywood
101.10Din Le
19:33.30 PRHighland (SS)
102.9Joseph Pollack
19:33.70 SRPalisades Charter
103.9Samuel Liu
19:37.50 SRLoyola
104.9Owen Lavine
19:39.10 PRCleveland
105.9Charlie Butler
19:40.60 PRTaft
106.10Jason Portillo
19:45.00 PRBirmingham
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2.94 Miles JV Boys Red

Official Team Scores

2.Highland (SS)45
3.Quartz Hill83
4.Arroyo (SS)99
6.Mountain View121
7.Granada Hills204
10.El Camino Real313
11.Eagle Rock321
12.Palisades Charter363
13.San Dimas368
1.12Gavin Pfaffinger
16:34.60 PRLoyola
2.12Ikenna Achara
16:41.80 PRHighland (SS)
3.12Cameron McDaniel
16:56.80 PRHighland (SS)
4.12Michael Fissinger
16:58.60 PRLoyola
5.9Brandon Garcia
16:58.60 PRQuartz Hill
6.11Erving Oloarte
17:07.20 PRArroyo (SS)
7.11Brandon Miyakoshi
17:08.40 SRLoyola
8.9Andrew Vera
17:09.40 PRQuartz Hill
9.11Raul Zamora
17:16.30 PRArroyo (SS)
10.12Kester Tan
17:26.20 PRLoyola
11.12Alexander Chew
17:29.90 SRHighland (SS)
12.12Firat Taxpulat
17:31.10 PRHighland (SS)
13.11Guillermo Bolanos
17:33.50 PRMountain View
14.12Randy Naranjo
17:34.60 PRGranada Hills
15.12Brock Ruble
17:38.30 PRQuartz Hill
16.11Victor Vazquez
17:39.70 PRMarshall
17.11Jason Flores
17:41.80 PRHighland (SS)
18.12Manuel Rodriguez
17:42.90 PRMarshall
19.11Brian Arrellano
17:43.60 SRMountain View
20.11Joseph Rodriguez
17:44.30 SRMarshall
21.12Max Payne
17:44.40 PRMarshall
22.12Diego Carlson
17:49.30 PRLoyola
23.11Xavier Wetterhahn
17:53.30 PREagle Rock
24.11Steven Gov
17:55.30 PRMountain View
25.11Matthew Williams
17:57.80 PRArroyo (SS)
26.9Ethan Ortega
18:00.70 PRQuartz Hill
27.11Justin Soriano
18:02.40 PRBirmingham
28.12Adan Avila
18:04.50 PRArroyo (SS)
29.9Cameron Smith
18:06.30 PRQuartz Hill
30.12Miguel Oh
18:10.80 PRMarshall
31.11Albert Morales
18:18.90 PRArroyo (SS)
32.12Jose Diaz
18:21.50 PRMountain View
33.10Emanuel Amado
18:21.80 PRMountain View
34.11Lovdeep Cheema
18:27.40 PRBirmingham
35.11Spencer Burke
18:29.00 PRQuartz Hill
36.11Lorenzo Monteil
18:36.50 SRLoyola
37.12William Talbott
18:37.30 PRQuartz Hill
38.10Holden Whipple
18:39.00 PRQuartz Hill
39.10Jesse La
18:40.70 PRQuartz Hill
40.12Brandon Ho
18:44.00 PRMountain View
41.12Vincent De La Luna
18:44.60 PRGranada Hills
42.12Chris Roy
18:44.90 SRLoyola
43.11Ramsey Perez
18:45.40 PREtiwanda
44.9Brendon Smith
18:48.30 PRQuartz Hill
45.11David Monterrosa
18:52.40 PRGranada Hills
46.11Marco Barragan
18:52.60 PRArroyo (SS)
47.11Daniel Noriega
18:54.00 SREl Camino Real
48.12Omar Alrafe
18:55.70 SRMarshall
49.12Avelino Alarcon
18:55.80 PRPioneer
50.9Keith Karunaratne
18:56.50 PRQuartz Hill
51.12Jeffrey Kwan
18:56.90 PRAlhambra
52.11Alberto Ruiz
18:57.50 PRLoyola
53.11Daniel Cordero
18:58.70 PRSan Dimas
54.11Marco Ponce
19:00.60 PRBirmingham
55.12Keny Ye
19:05.60 PRArroyo (SS)
56.11Adrian Godinez
19:08.80 PRGranada Hills
57.11Silas Willis
19:13.60 SRMarshall
58.10Jeremy Telezing
19:18.20 PRQuartz Hill
59.11Indy Vargas
19:22.50 PRMountain View
60.11John Ngo
19:23.70 PRAlhambra
61.11Sebastian Munoz
19:24.30 PRAlhambra
62.11Christopher Gillen
19:28.10 PRBirmingham
63.11Chris Queano
19:28.40 SRLoyola
64.12Giovanni Vasquez
19:31.40 PRMarshall
65.11Ethan Bonilla
19:33.40 SRLoyola
66.11Marc Anthony Pulido
19:34.50 PREtiwanda
67.10Alberto Morales
19:36.80 PRLynwood
68.12Trenton Stevens
19:38.90 SRQuartz Hill
69.11Zaid Peracha
19:40.60 SREl Camino Real
70.11Angel Plascencia
19:44.00 PRAlhambra
71.10Angel Morales
19:45.60 PREstancia
72.12Lorenz Magnaye
19:49.60 SRMarshall
73.12Eduardo Cantillo
19:52.50 PRPalisades Charter
74.12Bryan Piche
19:53.40 PRPalisades Charter
75.11Matthew Radke
19:54.10 SRHighland (SS)
76.11Rudy Mendoza
19:57.20 PRPioneer
77.11Macs Martinez
19:58.90 PRGranada Hills
78.11Oscar Veloz
19:59.60 PRLegacy
79.11Dakota Rose
20:04.80 PRLoyola
80.12Edward Manukyan
20:05.00 PRMarshall
81.11Donavan Jefferson
20:05.30 PRBirmingham
82.11Anthony Tran
20:07.00 PRArroyo (SS)
83.11Kyle Dang
20:11.30 SREl Camino Real
84.12John Ford
20:17.90 PRCleveland
85.10Jordan Montenegro
20:19.30 PRMarshall
86.11Daniel Arias
20:19.40 PRSan Dimas
87.11Jonthan Jimenez
20:29.10 PREagle Rock
88.11Robert Rivera
20:29.90 PRGranada Hills
89.12Rafael Trinidad
20:34.80 PRArroyo (SS)
90.11Alejandro Lomeli
20:35.00 PRGranada Hills
91.11Sebastian Frausto
20:35.10 SRMayfair
92.11Juan Flores
20:37.40 PRPioneer
93.11Ivan Rodriguez
20:38.10 SREl Camino Real
94.10Ben Walker
20:38.90 PRCleveland
95.10Nephtali Chavaria
20:41.40 PREstancia
96.9Nicholas Smith
20:52.10 PRQuartz Hill
97.10Armando Pulido
20:55.40 SRQuartz Hill
98.11Lawrence Stogsdill
20:55.50 PRQuartz Hill
99.12Tian Li
20:59.10 SRMarshall
100.12Kiefer Giang
21:01.40 PRArroyo (SS)
101.11Joseph Moreno
21:05.50 PREagle Rock
102.11Kevin Calderon
21:06.90 SRMarshall
103.11Tyler Ardines
21:11.30 SREagle Rock
104.11James Vuong
21:17.30 PRArroyo (SS)
105.11Gabriel Dela Cruz
21:18.60 PRGranada Hills
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2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Boys White

Official Team Scores

1.Bravo Medical Magnet36
4.Verdugo Hills122
6.Santa Ynez163
7.Marshall Fundamental190
10.Bishop Alemany295
12.Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks)312
1.10Sergio Castillo
17:05.30 PRBravo Medical Magnet
2.11Alexis Crespo
17:11.40 PRGanesha
3.9Maximiliano Calles
17:26.30 PRBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Eric Mailes
18:07.00 PRSanta Ynez
5.10Mauricio Torres
18:12.40 PRGanesha
6.10Cody Zamora
18:17.40 PRHighland
7.10Henry Witherspoon
18:21.10 PRMaranatha
8.9Eduardo Lugo
18:29.60 PRBravo Medical Magnet
9.9Elian Gonzalez
18:33.30 SRHighland
10.10Matt Rutzen
18:37.40 PRMaranatha
11.10Adrian Hernandez
18:42.20 PRBravo Medical Magnet
12.10Omar Lopez
18:43.40 SRGanesha
13.10David Roman
18:45.50 PRBravo Medical Magnet
14.9Mario Gutierrez
18:46.00 SRHighland
15.10Jorge Acevedo
18:46.30 PRFillmore
16.9Bryan Vega
18:46.90 PRGanesha
17.10Steven Sahagun
18:48.60 PRBravo Medical Magnet
18.10Daniel Martinez
18:57.50 SRGanesha
19.9Angel Onate
18:57.70 PRVerdugo Hills
20.10Craig Tikasingh
18:59.60 PRMarshall Fundamental
21.10Giovanni Camacho
19:03.40 SRGanesha
22.10Daniel Torres
19:03.80 PRShafter
23.9Coleman Dahill
19:03.90 PRVerdugo Hills
24.9Eric Chang
19:08.80 PRMaranatha
25.10Dylan Briggs
19:09.20 PRVerdugo Hills
26.10Micah Huang
19:11.70 PRMaranatha
27.9Alexander Ibarra
19:18.30 PRVerdugo Hills
28.9Michael Bartle
19:23.60 PRVerdugo Hills
29.10Christopher Gonzalez
19:25.30 PRMarshall Fundamental
30.9Bryan Son
19:26.90 PRBravo Medical Magnet
31.9Mauricio Hernandez
19:32.70 PRBravo Medical Magnet
32.10Brady Gil
19:33.60 PRShafter
33.10Nicholas Camonte
19:35.70 PRMaranatha
34.10Douglas Thornburn
19:41.40 PRSanta Ynez
35.9Johel Gonzalez
19:47.50 PRBravo Medical Magnet
36.10Robert Ruiz
19:54.00 SRBishop Alemany
37.10Ben Nielsen
19:59.50 SRSanta Ynez
38.10Miguel Vazquez
20:03.50 PRGanesha
39.10Dylan Turbow
20:11.40 PRChaminade
40.9Alexander Blass
20:16.80 SRHighland
41.10Jason Castorena
20:17.10 PRVerdugo Hills
42.10Kyle Lee
20:20.20 PRMaranatha
43.9Shane Fernando
20:23.80 SRParaclete
44.9Brian Althouse
20:29.60 PRMaranatha
45.9Dylan Featherson
20:32.30 SRSanta Ynez
46.10Justin Rodriguez
20:32.40 PRBravo Medical Magnet
47.9Dylan Atwater
20:35.50 SRBishop Alemany
48.10Dominic Conte
20:45.70 PRMarshall Fundamental
49.10Ethan Kita
20:49.20 PRMaranatha
50.9Claudio Reynoso
20:50.20 PRMarshall Fundamental
51.9John Conte
20:53.60 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
52.10Antonio Villalobos
21:10.10 PRFillmore
53.9Christian Garza
21:11.00 PRShafter
54.10Carson Knight
21:14.00 PRSanta Ynez
55.10Angel Sanchez
21:15.00 SRSanta Ynez
56.10Fernando Carrillo
21:25.60 PRShafter
57.9Jason Cabrales
21:26.20 PRMarshall Fundamental
58.9David Ewart
21:27.60 SRParaclete
59.9Ryan Casey
21:35.20 PRSanta Ynez
60.10Anthony Ball
21:35.60 PRBravo Medical Magnet
61.9Diego Naranajo
21:42.20 PRBravo Medical Magnet
62.9Natan Nisali
21:43.90 PRChaminade
63.10Daniel Cruz
21:44.90 PRFillmore
64.9Julian Ames
21:50.70 PRSanta Ynez
65.10Nicholas Rahe
21:52.50 PRParaclete
66.10Abel Molinero
21:56.10 PRGanesha
67.9Ethan Diaz
22:01.90 PRChaminade
68.9Rolando Aguirre
22:17.00 SRGanesha
69.10Anthony Coon
22:17.10 PRShafter
70.10Andrew Hernandez
22:23.30 PRFillmore
71.9Isaac Tellez
22:24.10 PRMarshall Fundamental
72.10Joe Kennedy
22:25.60 SRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
73.9Atam Kevonian
22:27.80 SRChaminade
74.9Moran Luke
22:30.20 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
75.9Carlos Sandoval
22:31.40 PRShafter
76.10Shane Silva
22:31.50 SRSanta Ynez
77.10Willis Cordova
22:36.30 PRShafter
78.9Levon Melkonyan
22:41.20 PRVerdugo Hills
79.10Angel Lopez
22:45.90 PRHighland
80.9Hunter Davis
22:46.00 PRMarshall Fundamental
81.9Ethan Barragan
22:47.30 PRWiseburn - Da Vinci
82.10Luis Leon
22:55.70 PRFillmore
83.9Samuel Kafka
22:56.20 PRFillmore
84.9Andrew Otineru
23:16.00 PRFillmore
85.9Cesar Tobar
23:17.90 SRBishop Alemany
86.9Anthony Mueller
23:18.70 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
87.10Ryan Hambro
23:55.50 PRParaclete
88.10Christian Chaidez
23:56.50 SRGanesha
89.9Nelson Rodas
23:58.60 SRBishop Alemany
90.9Jacob Henderson
24:00.00 PRMaranatha
91.10Jose Fuentes
24:26.50 PRCabrillo (Long Beach)
92.9Kenneth Carles
24:32.50 PRBravo Medical Magnet
93.11Carlos Cervantes
24:55.70 PRCabrillo (Long Beach)
94.9Belteton Vladimir
25:09.50 PRGanesha
95.9Tyler Beer
25:11.80 SRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
96.9Nicholas Shaw
25:12.70 PRVerdugo Hills
97.9Devin Martinez
25:17.80 PRBishop Alemany
98.9Ivan Elorza
25:20.70 PRGanesha
99.10Porter Dallenbach
26:00.70 PRSanta Ynez
100.10Jackson Kao
26:16.10 PRJohn Glenn
101.9Ben Villalpando
26:16.90 SRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
102.10Greg Cowgill
26:39.10 SRWiseburn - Da Vinci
103.11Oliver Scott
26:41.90 SRCabrillo (Long Beach)
104.10Anderson Ardon
26:47.10 PRVerdugo Hills
105.9Pete Alvarado
26:59.10 PRFillmore
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Womens Results

2.94 Miles Frosh/Soph Girls Red

Official Team Scores

1.Arroyo (SS)71
2.Canyon (Canyon Country)79
3.Granada Hills86
5.Palisades Charter133
6.El Camino Real182
9.Highland (SS)228
15.San Dimas427
1.10Alondra Guijarro
19:05.20 PRKnight
2.9Gabriela Quinones
19:57.00 PRHoover
3.10Marisa Rodriguez
20:15.80 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
4.10Chloe Davidson
20:44.30 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
5.9Alicia Liera
21:11.50 SRLynwood
6.9Kaylee Brard
21:33.50 SRGranada Hills
7.10Paris Camacho
21:34.10 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
8.10Estefania De Los S...
21:39.30 PRGranada Hills
9.10Elena Schultz
21:40.80 PRPalisades Charter
10.10Lourdes Rodriguez
21:44.70 PRArroyo (SS)
11.9Tammy Thong
21:52.30 PRArroyo (SS)
12.9Lauren Delgado
22:01.10 SRGranada Hills
13.9Arine Mendez
22:03.60 PRArroyo (SS)
14.9Yajaira Acosta
22:19.80 PRArroyo (SS)
15.10Charlize Bisogni
22:36.10 PREl Camino Real
16.10Siona Gregorian
22:38.20 PRHoover
17.9Cassandra Hernandez
22:38.90 SRPalisades Charter
18.9Melissa Duncan
22:49.30 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
19.10Daniella Morales
22:56.30 PRHighland (SS)
20.9Melanie Diaz
22:56.80 SRMontebello
21.10Shakira Xilonzochilt
22:59.70 PRHighland (SS)
22.9Lia Yaghisaei
23:05.00 SRHoover
23.10Ashley Trinidad
23:09.10 PRArroyo (SS)
24.9Alicia Sigworth
23:27.80 PRPalisades Charter
25.10Alyssa Romero
23:28.60 PRAlhambra
26.9Wendy Castillo
23:30.10 PREtiwanda
27.9Kaitlyn Alcazar
23:32.70 PRGranada Hills
28.10Celeste Cabrera
23:33.50 PRAlhambra
29.9Mellissa Badillo
23:33.60 PRAlhambra
30.9Maya Datwyler
23:34.80 SRPalisades Charter
31.10Veronika Ferrell
23:35.20 SRMayfair
32.10Haifa Phillips
23:40.50 SRMarshall
33.10Daisy Velasco
23:41.50 SRMarshall
34.10Maria Gonzalez Ram...
23:45.30 PRGranada Hills
35.10Ani Bagmanian
23:49.40 PRHoover
36.9Lauren Ervin
23:53.90 PREtiwanda
37.10Jasmine Alvarez
23:55.40 PRFairfax
38.9Kacie De Silva
23:56.20 PREl Camino Real
39.9Alexis Ramos
23:57.50 PRGranada Hills
40.9Nicole Cisneros
24:00.30 PREtiwanda
41.9Jenny Dao
24:02.90 PRArroyo (SS)
42.10Alicia Brown
24:03.90 PRGranada Hills
43.9Angie Barajas
24:05.30 PREl Camino Real
44.9Lucineh Manasyan
24:06.90 PRHoover
45.9Sophia Perez
24:13.60 PRArroyo (SS)
46.9Karina Felix
24:20.50 PRArroyo (SS)
47.10Andrea Avila Gomez
24:27.80 PREl Camino Real
48.9Nicole Shintaku
24:29.60 PRArroyo (SS)
49.10Alexis Sauceda
24:33.70 PRArroyo (SS)
50.9Ariana Rains
24:36.70 PRMontebello
51.10Paula Rial Plaza
24:40.40 PREl Camino Real
52.10Vicky Chavez
24:44.60 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
53.9Alyssa Rodin
24:45.20 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
54.9Riley Laplant
24:45.60 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
55.10Enid Arana
24:51.90 PRHighland (SS)
56.10Natalie Cerrillo
24:53.40 PREtiwanda
57.9Victoria Frausto
24:56.70 SRMontebello
58.9Kiara Bremner
24:58.00 PRPalisades Charter
59.9Sophia Olmeda
25:08.20 PRAlhambra
60.9Kayla Gonzalez
25:12.10 PRMontebello
61.12Hana Romo-Kikuchi
25:15.50 SRMarymount
62.9Leah Robbins
25:16.90 PREtiwanda
63.10Samantha Ledezma
25:17.80 PRHighland (SS)
64.10Amelia Dyer
25:17.90 PRMarymount
65.10Giselle Cruz
25:18.70 PRArroyo (SS)
66.10Noemi Plascencia
25:19.80 PRAlhambra
67.10Khrysti Hightower
25:31.30 PRAlhambra
68.10Natalie Schoemann
25:33.40 SRPalisades Charter
69.10Jimena Peralta
25:37.40 PRArroyo (SS)
70.9Annette Baeza
25:40.60 PRKnight
71.10Susan Kendrick
25:41.50 PREl Camino Real
72.11Eszter Speder
25:51.30 PREl Camino Real
73.10Yulin "alex" Lei
26:03.40 PRMarshall
74.9Navneet Ghotra
26:06.80 PRArroyo (SS)
75.10Holland Mueller
26:12.40 PRPalisades Charter
76.9Maleia Miller
26:12.70 SRPalisades Charter
77.9Casey Lopez
26:17.70 PRMontebello
78.10Briana Hernandez
26:19.80 PRPioneer
79.9Celeste Machuca
26:23.90 PRMontebello
80.9Wendy Villalobos
26:33.10 SRMayfair
81.9Xochilt Lorenzo
26:34.20 SRKnight
82.9Atziri Valdez
26:38.70 PRPioneer
83.10Mariam Dadak
26:42.30 SREl Camino Real
84.9Amber Hughes
26:49.50 SRGranada Hills
85.10Sarah Alrafe
27:02.80 SRMarshall
86.10Marielle Constantino
27:17.00 PRMarshall
87.10Claudia Alvarez
27:22.80 SRMarshall
88.9Isabelle Clemente
27:29.80 PRSan Dimas
89.9Valerie Hernandez
27:37.70 PREtiwanda
90.10Katie Thomas
27:47.30 SRPalisades Charter
91.9Grace Embleton
27:50.90 SREl Camino Real
92.11Belen Blanco
27:57.60 PRWiseburn - Da Vinci
93.10Litzy Llamas
28:07.60 PRLynwood
94.9Madison Antoci
28:08.00 PRMarymount
95.12Olivia Thomas
28:12.20 SRMarymount
96.10Catherine Manukyan
28:13.00 PRMarshall
97.10Shantell Quevedo
28:18.00 SRHighland (SS)
98.10Rebekah Shane
28:26.10 SRPalisades Charter
99.10Patricia Maganay
28:39.50 SRMarshall
100.9Evelin Diaz
28:45.20 SRMontebello
101.10Kathy Usario
28:46.90 PRSan Dimas
102.9Carol Rojas
28:56.80 PRMontebello
103.9Alejandra Martinez
29:04.10 PRKnight
104.9Michelle Do
29:12.80 PRArroyo (SS)
105.10Amelia Richards
29:19.50 PRMontebello
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2.94 Miles Open

1.Grace Graham-Zamudio
2.Liz Camy-Blackwell
3.Mariel Mendoza
4.Andrea Guerra
5.Arthur D'Ann
6.19+Maggie Shearer
18:20.80 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
7.Grace Padilla
8.19+Yanet Urciaga
18:43.10 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
9.19+Audrey Amara
18:50.60 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
10.19+Caitlin Jacobsen
18:52.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
11.Heather Frisone
12.19+Angela Reynolds
19:01.20 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
13.19+Abigail Canizales
19:03.40 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
14.Kelsey Carroll
15.19+Naomi Bisagno
19:09.60 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
16.-Maria Laroe
19:18.60 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
17.Kathy Cushing-Murray
18.Kristen Ruckstuhl
19.Daman Kaur
20.19+Nicole Luque
19:49.30 PRARC Run Club
21.19+Chole Anderson
19:51.20 PRARC Run Club
22.Krystine Beneke
23.19+Jennifer Sunahara
20:05.50 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
24.Kristen Parsons
25.Vivian Ochoa
26.Renee Delphin-Rodr...
27.Joanna Nygren
28.Sandra Ignacio
29.19+Dominique Picker
20:50.40 PRARC Run Club
30.19+Alisa Fisher
20:56.70 PRARC Run Club
31.Michelle Sanchez
32.Edna Bailon
33.19+Susan Armenta
21:40.60 PRARC Run Club
34.Taryn Campos
35.Alba Navarro
36.Gia Carrera
37.19+Debbie Lee
22:45.90 PRSo Cal Track
38.19+Akiko Crawford
23:02.90 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
39.Mary Murphy
40.Ryoko Endo
41.Lupe Hoxie
42.19+Alexandria Kachado...
23:49.90 PRSo Cal Track
43.wenise wong
44.-Yeni Estrada
24:17.70 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
45.Claire Donahue
46.Sandra L Rodriguez
47.Thea Amon-Franceschi
48.19+Stephanie Acre
26:22.10 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
49.Gabriella Bose
50.Jan Minette Komenkul
51.Traci Fellman
52.Cynthia Balkon
53.Claudia De La O
54.Rebecca Mieliwocki
55.19+Helga Jessen
34:24.20 PRNew Basin Blues Runn...
56.Carol Martinez
57.Lia Doan
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2.94 Miles JV Girls Blue

Official Team Scores

1.Sacred Heart of Jesus38
2.Calvary Chapel (Downey)43
3.Palmdale Aerospace Academy63
4.Valley Christian (Cerritos)117
5.Heritage Christian125
7.Bishop Conaty - Our Lady of ...177
1.11Bethany Olmos
20:22.56 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
2.12Belen Garcia
21:54.20 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
3.9Sona Davtyan
22:15.80 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
4.9Gilly Denham
22:34.80 PRPoly (Pasadena)
5.12Bethany Gutierrez
22:35.50 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
6.9Luisa Breen
22:37.20 PRPoly (Pasadena)
7.9Lucy Liversidge
22:50.80 PRPoly (Pasadena)
8.9Paulina Buelna
22:58.80 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
9.11Melanie Olivas
23:04.10 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
10.10Nathalie Vasquez
23:52.10 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
11.10Carina Constancio
24:00.90 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
12.11Camila Gonzalez
24:04.50 PRSt. Monica
13.11Karen Rendon
24:09.80 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
14.11Margaret Short
24:26.20 PRSt. Monica Academy
15.10Lesley Marie Escal...
24:27.60 PRSt. Monica
16.10Isabella Montoya
24:35.70 PRSt. Monica
17.12Lindsey Slenk
24:38.60 SRValley Christian (Ce...
18.11Melissa Teyssier
24:39.20 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
19.9Yolanda Gomez
25:20.40 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
20.10Jeanette Hernandez
25:27.60 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
21.10Jennelle Sandoval
25:50.10 SRCalvary Chapel (Down...
22.10Alyssa Heeb
26:01.90 PRVasquez
23.11Amanda Gutierrez
26:05.50 SRCalvary Chapel (Down...
24.12Alexsis Shehan
26:13.30St. Paul
25.11Savannah Munoz
26:16.40 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
26.10Illiana Banda
26:18.70 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
27.12Lesley Diaz
26:21.50 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
28.9Ava Lepe
26:21.60 SRHeritage Christian
29.11Keli Wang
26:24.30 SRHeritage Christian
30.11Destiny Garcia
26:26.80 SRSt. Paul
31.12Ashley Karle
26:34.30 PRVasquez
32.9Diana Tran
26:40.90 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
33.9Carolina Hernandez
26:50.10 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
34.10Leena Escobar
26:58.60 PRValley Christian (Ce...
35.10Cynthia Arellano
27:01.60 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
36.11Alexandra Tortola
27:13.50 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
37.11Amanda Hunter
27:17.10 PRValley Christian (Ce...
38.11Ryle Eskander
27:18.10 SRHeritage Christian
39.12Sophie Johnson
27:19.60 PRDesert Christian (La...
40.12Matiana Hebert
27:19.80 PRSt. Monica
41.11Joanne Lee
27:21.30 PRValley Christian (Ce...
42.10Gabriella Sexton
27:21.90 PRSt. Paul
43.11Karen Marin
27:29.90 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
44.10Suzie Davtyan
27:34.20 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
45.10Grecia Carrera
27:38.70 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
46.11Sarah Lizarde
27:43.20 PRSt. Monica Academy
47.10Joanna Cruse
27:52.20 PRHeritage Christian
48.9Gisselle Ruiz
27:54.60 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
49.10Kathy Lopez
28:26.90 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
50.11Alexis Desotel
28:28.10 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
51.11Amanda McBride
28:28.10 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
52.12Lydia ElNabbout
28:34.60 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
53.11Dalayne Marji
28:46.60 PRSt. Monica Academy
54.10Josefa Martinez
28:48.10 PRAnimo Venice
55.10Aaliyah Solis-Cast...
28:53.30 PRAlverno
56.10Tatiana Swoger
28:58.20 PRVasquez
57.9Jessica Devore
29:10.10 PRDesert Christian (La...
58.11Gabriella Maxicano
29:15.80 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
59.10Lizette Gomez
29:53.20 PRSun Valley Magnet
60.9Alysha Davis
29:59.60 PRAnimo Venice
61.11Caroline Chee
30:03.60 SRHeritage Christian
62.11Natalie Ferrer
30:14.10 PRAlverno
63.11Sarah Lopez
30:40.60 SRAlverno
64.9Esther Arenas
30:49.90 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
65.12Mya Fabien
30:57.10 PRSt. Mary's Academy
66.11Kayla Prado
31:10.80 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
67.11Clarice Huang
31:35.10 PRAlverno
68.9Yohaira Hernandez
31:35.50 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
69.10Jocelyn Lopez
31:40.00 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
70.10Alexis Martinez
32:03.00 SRCalvary Chapel (Down...
71.11Amanda Vandenberg
32:05.40 PRValley Christian (Ce...
72.11Maggie Arciniega
32:06.70 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
73.12Maya De La Torre
32:39.90 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
74.9Sarai Herrera
32:49.80 SRHawthorne Math & Sci...
75.10Karizma Pulido
33:18.50 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
76.10Mariah Bonilla
33:27.00 PRAnimo Venice
77.10Odalys Diaz
33:39.30 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
78.9Jessica Bauman
33:39.30 PRVasquez
79.10Daisy Cabrera
33:47.00 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
80.10Katherine Castro
34:01.30 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
81.10Yaqueline Leon
34:07.30 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
82.10Frida Carballo
34:30.40 PRAnimo Venice
83.11Catherine Gomez
37:18.10 PRSun Valley Magnet
84.11Kimberly Romero
37:39.10 PRVasquez
85.10Elizabeth Paxtor
41:09.40 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
86.12Paige Bedran
42:44.50 PRSt. Mary's Academy
87.10Maria Balbuena
45:41.20 PRSun Valley Magnet
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2.94 Miles Varsity Girls Blue

Official Team Scores

1.Sacred Heart of Jesus72
2.St. Paul93
3.Poly (Pasadena)98
5.St. Pius X - St. Matthias Ac...174
6.Valley Christian (Cerritos)192
7.St. Joseph (Santa Maria)202
9.St. Monica238
10.Desert Christian (Lancaster)249
11.Trinity Classical Academy287
12.Heritage Christian294
13.Bishop Conaty - Our Lady of ...367
17.Animo Venice425
18.St. Mary's Academy436
19.Sun Valley Magnet439
20.Valley Academy of Arts and S...509
1.11Caitlyn Couch
18:32.40 PRBell-Jeff
2.11Valerie Zavala
19:06.60 PRBell-Jeff
3.11Stephanie Ramirez-...
19:16.40 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
4.11Ruth Blanco
19:28.10 PRSt. Paul
5.12Elena Martinelli
19:36.40 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
6.11Kailie Jones
19:58.90 PRDesert Christian (La...
7.11Kelsi McGrath
20:06.10 PRDesert Christian (La...
8.11Marian Ledesma
20:07.20 SRValley Christian (Ce...
9.10Raegan Lucero
20:07.70 PRSt. Paul
10.11Sophie Schleifer
20:26.80 SRPoly (Pasadena)
11.9Sophie Phinney
20:28.50 PRPoly (Pasadena)
12.11Carly Gatto
20:31.40 PROakwood
13.10Shaya Naimi
20:39.30 PRPoly (Pasadena)
14.9Guadalupe Perez
20:41.50 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
15.10Gema Buelna
20:55.20 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
16.11Christina Felipe
21:03.50 SRHeritage Christian
17.11Sarah Hebb
21:05.40 PRWebb
18.10Dalila Rincan
21:10.20 PRBell-Jeff
19.10Alexa Zaragoza
21:12.80 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
20.10Isre'al Conerly
21:26.60 PRSt. Mary's Academy
21.11Sara Menchu
21:28.10 PRLos Angeles Academy ...
22.10Erika Rivas
21:29.70 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
23.9Kathryn Tamminga
21:33.20 SRValley Christian (Ce...
24.9Cameron Erickson
21:34.00 PRValley Christian (Ce...
25.12Alexsis Shehan
21:34.80 PRSt. Paul
26.9Alejandra Hernandez
21:35.50 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
27.11Clare Wheeler
21:36.40 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
28.12Jubilee Apodaca
21:38.10 PRSt. Paul
29.11Vairleene Einstein
21:38.60 PRAnimo Venice
30.10Martha Gluck
21:39.50 PRPoly (Pasadena)
31.10Yobana Covarrubias
21:42.20 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
32.10Anne Lofgren
21:48.40 PRWebb
33.11Michelle Adanto
21:50.80 PRSt. Paul
34.10Jenna Wellenkamp
22:02.20 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
35.10Miriam Villarreal
22:09.20 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
36.12Yukimi Hiroshima
22:12.90 PRWebb
37.12Cynthia Ortiz
22:14.30 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
38.9Harriet Dahlstrom
22:15.30 PRWebb
39.11Annie Salvati
22:20.40 PRPoly (Pasadena)
40.10Kamila Vahidi
22:30.10 PRSt. Monica
41.12Charlee Trusel
22:33.50 PRVasquez
42.9Bella Lara
22:33.60 PRAlverno
43.12Aileen Garcia
22:38.00 PRSacred Heart of Jesus
44.12Samantha Sison
22:41.10 PRSt. Paul
45.10Michelle Garcia
22:44.10 PRSt. Monica
46.12Carmen Strassle
22:48.70 PRPoly (Pasadena)
47.10Macy Cochran
22:53.90 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
48.11Jessica Yoder
23:03.50 PRWebb
49.10Isabella Fernandez
23:04.00 PRSt. Monica
50.10Corby Burress
23:16.90 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
51.10Kate Romero
23:23.30 PRSt. Monica
52.10Austin Pender
23:32.60 PRVasquez
53.11Anissa Medina
23:33.00 SRWebb
54.12Jenny Vega
23:33.30 PRLos Angeles Academy ...
55.11Samantha Santana
23:36.30 SRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
56.11Lily Benitez
23:40.60 PRSun Valley Magnet
57.10Brdget Vera
23:45.00 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
58.12Arcie Jaramillo
23:45.70 SRBishop Conaty - Our ...
59.10Kaylee Dillard
23:46.10 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
60.9Maritza Perez
23:47.10 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
61.10Emily Anastasi
23:49.20 PRHeritage Christian
62.12Alejandra Moreno
23:56.30 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
63.11Luisa Mejia
23:58.10 SRHawthorne Math & Sci...
64.12Haley Lee
23:59.00 PRSt. Monica
65.12Gracie Parker
24:03.50 PRSt. Monica
66.9Bethany Rubio
24:10.20 SRValley Christian (Ce...
67.10Emily Bai
24:16.50 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
68.12Melissa McCarthy
24:18.60 PRPoly (Pasadena)
69.11Cinthia Valencia
24:29.50 PRSun Valley Magnet
70.11Taylor Talbot
24:35.60 PRDesert Christian (La...
71.12Andrea Loera
24:38.00 SRHeritage Christian
72.10Keili Butler
24:40.40 SRTrinity Classical Ac...
73.12Natalie Jaramillo
24:41.50 SRBishop Conaty - Our ...
74.10Stevette Perez
24:44.30 SRHeritage Christian
75.11Grace Kirkland
24:44.60 PRWebb
76.11Joanna Lee
24:47.40 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
77.10Paloma Huerta
24:54.90 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
78.10Monica Gomez
24:56.90 PRSt. Pius X - St. Mat...
79.12Catie Galan
24:57.80 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
80.9Maddie Petersen
25:00.40 PRAlverno
81.11Keely Long
25:00.70 PRValley Christian (Ce...
82.12Monica Toledo
25:06.10 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
83.11Rachel Struble
25:07.90 PRTrinity Classical Ac...
84.11Belisia Corlew
25:11.60 SRValley Academy of Ar...
85.12Davie Wright
25:41.30 PRHeritage Christian
86.10Leah Gibson
25:48.70 PRDesert Christian (La...
87.11Elizabeth Zurek
25:52.10 PRSt. Joseph (Santa Ma...
88.11Mckenzie Fairbanks
26:00.80 SRVasquez
89.11Hannah Hulsebus
26:03.10 SRDesert Christian (La...
90.9Josie Beltran
26:03.80 PRAlverno
91.9Taryn Benton
26:15.90 SRSt. Mary's Academy
92.12Aaryn Smith
26:18.20 PRSt. Mary's Academy
93.11Ella Zhang
26:22.70 PRHeritage Christian
94.9Suejean Gallego
26:25.00 PRBell-Jeff
95.11Valeria Chavez
26:28.50 PRSun Valley Magnet
96.11Daniela Contreras
27:00.30 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
97.12Anna Murdock
27:15.70 PRCampbell Hall
98.11Fernanda Tolentino
27:16.90 PRAnimo Venice
99.11Eliana Romero
27:22.20 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
100.11Amabel Culajay
27:31.00 PRHawthorne Math & Sci...
101.10Vanessa Garcia
27:35.20 PRAnimo Venice
102.11Adriana Rafael
27:37.70 PRBishop Conaty - Our ...
103.12Maria Enriquez
27:37.80 PRValley Academy of Ar...
104.11Jessa Tiedeman
27:42.80 PRAlverno
105.12Sarah Tashman
27:59.30 PRCampbell Hall
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2.94 Miles Varsity Girls Red

Official Team Scores

1.Palisades Charter88
2.Arroyo (SS)94
3.Quartz Hill129
4.Cesar Chavez184
5.El Camino Real184
6.Highland (SS)224
12.Granada Hills286
14.Canyon (Canyon Country)324
15.San Dimas330
17.Eagle Rock453
18.North Hollywood456
19.Canoga Park467
23.Marco A Firebaugh717
1.11Lizette Castro
18:15.70 PRArroyo (SS)
2.9Sarah Bentley
18:33.50 SRPalisades Charter
3.11Kelsey Ruiz
18:46.20 SRQuartz Hill
4.10Jicel Fernandez Ra...
18:47.90 PREl Camino Real
5.11Laina Kanuho
18:59.20 PRBolsa Grande
6.12Marlene Romero
19:08.00 PRPalmdale
7.11Kimia Samandi
19:19.20 SRPalisades Charter
8.12Yaneli Guajardo
19:23.90 PRAlhambra
9.10Molly Hake
19:28.30 PRArroyo (SS)
10.9Jazmin Felix
19:29.90 PRArroyo (SS)
11.12Yee-Lynn Wong
19:30.50 SRCanyon (Canyon Count...
12.9Halia Smithley
19:34.10 PRQuartz Hill
13.10Brittany Darrow
19:47.80 PRPalisades Charter
14.10Brittany Kodama
19:49.20 PRSan Dimas
15.10Andrea Solis
19:55.70 PRHighland (SS)
16.10Taylor Howell
19:57.60 PREtiwanda
17.10Stephanie Cobieya
20:00.40 PRCesar Chavez
18.11Richelle Campbell
20:04.90 PRSan Dimas
19.12Shannon Lee
20:06.90 PRPalisades Charter
20.11Leslie Salinas
20:07.40 PRKnight
21.12Maria Dominguez
20:08.80 PRBolsa Grande
22.10Serena Duenas
20:09.50 PRAlhambra
23.11Dasani Zavala
20:10.00 PRAlhambra
24.9Maya Martinez
20:10.30 PRGranada Hills
25.12Deena Kirrish
20:12.70 PREtiwanda
26.9Lizzy Rielly
20:16.00 PRMarymount
27.10Marcela Argueta
20:18.40 SRCanoga Park
28.11Josephine Rielly
20:19.00 PRMarymount
29.12Khyana Yearwood
20:21.20 PRHighland (SS)
30.10Laura Solis
20:21.80 PRArroyo (SS)
31.12Naomi Barahona
20:22.80 PREl Camino Real
32.12Carissa Lee
20:28.80 PRTaft
33.11Carol Corona-Sanchez
20:29.90 SRMarshall
34.12Magaly Resendez
20:31.30 PRCesar Chavez
35.10Sabrina Salcedo
20:32.70 PRCesar Chavez
36.10Alyssa Ramos
20:33.90 PREl Camino Real
37.9Alexandra Morales
20:34.60 PRCesar Chavez
38.10Kinnari Parikh
20:35.30 PRGranada Hills
39.9Desiree Nolls
20:39.50 PRQuartz Hill
40.12Michelle Wubben
20:41.80 PRQuartz Hill
41.12Jessica Banuelos
20:42.10 PREtiwanda
42.12Joyce Kang
20:43.30 PRNorth Hollywood
43.10Sabrina Quevedo
20:50.90 PRHighland (SS)
44.12Caprice Anderson
20:51.70 PRBirmingham
45.12Ally Eskenazi
20:52.20 PRQuartz Hill
46.12Charlene Aguilera
20:56.50 PRTaft
47.12Sharon Solares
20:57.20 PRBirmingham
48.11Yareli Jimenez
20:57.90 PRMarshall
49.12Sandra Diaz
20:59.00 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
50.11Kenya Jamieson
20:59.60 PRMarymount
51.12Paloma Camacho
21:00.40 PREagle Rock
52.10Anna Lorenzo
21:02.30 PRArroyo (SS)
53.11Gabriella Castro
21:02.70 PRHighland (SS)
54.12Ariel Pollack
21:04.00 PRPalisades Charter
55.9Elisa Kim
21:08.50 PRPalisades Charter
56.11Crytsal Ramos Vene...
21:12.70 PRPalmdale
57.11Sarey Rodriguez
21:13.20 PRArroyo (SS)
58.10Linnssy Munoz Chavez
21:17.90 PRHollywood
59.10Skylar Smith
21:21.70 SRPalisades Charter
60.10Sarah Julian
21:22.30 PREl Camino Real
61.9Kari Corona-Sanchez
21:25.80 PRMarshall
62.11Hazel Lara
21:27.20 PRPalmdale
63.11Daniela Alonzo
21:28.30 PRCleveland
64.10Naiden Ceja
21:33.90 PRArroyo (SS)
65.12Rachel Formaker
21:35.30 PRHamilton
66.12Faith Kim
21:38.20 PREl Camino Real
67.11Stephanie Valentin
21:39.40 PRBolsa Grande
68.11Lari Smith
21:40.80 PRQuartz Hill
69.12Sareen Tashjian
21:42.30 PRBirmingham
70.12Nicole Mejia
21:42.70 PRBirmingham
71.11Olympia Agullion-C...
21:43.00 PRMarshall
72.12Victoria Childers
21:45.30 PRGranada Hills
73.12Rut Ornelas Montes
21:48.90 PRPalmdale
74.12Gabriella Gomez
21:52.20 PRMarshall
75.10Esmeralda Escobar
21:53.60 PRBirmingham
76.11Georgina Henriquez
21:54.70 SRMiguel Contreras LC
77.11Valerie Malespin
21:55.40 PRCesar Chavez
78.9Caylin Livingston
21:56.70 PRQuartz Hill
79.12Ruth Cobieya
21:58.30 PRCesar Chavez
80.11Jordyn Turner
21:59.20 SREagle Rock
81.12Jasmine Lorenzana
22:00.70 PRCleveland
82.12Eloisa Varela
22:12.50 PRCanoga Park
83.11Katia Valente
22:14.80 PRHamilton
84.12Tatiana Loera
22:15.00 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
85.12Dulce Burgess
22:15.50 PRPalmdale
86.12Jazmine Macias
22:15.50 SRGranada Hills
87.12Tiffany Perez-Guti...
22:16.30 PRMarshall
88.11Tori Castillo
22:18.40 PRMayfair
89.11Nadia Vargas
22:21.30 SRGranada Hills
90.11Brianda Jimenez
22:26.70 PRPalmdale
91.11Natalie Sandoval
22:27.50 PRCleveland
92.12Ameyali Tapia
22:31.00 PRAlhambra
93.9Olivia Hernandez
22:32.80 PRCesar Chavez
94.10Audrie Torres
22:36.00 PREtiwanda
95.11Sandy Salgado
22:37.70 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
96.9Maria Martinez
22:41.40 PRNorth Hollywood
97.10Savanah Cripps
22:43.80 PREtiwanda
98.11Malia Verge
22:45.60 SRMarymount
99.12Agelina Gonzales
22:47.00 SRKnight
100.11Maddy Kim
22:47.40 PRSan Dimas
101.12Ayanna Cuevas
22:48.60 PRHighland (SS)
102.9Andrea Camacho
22:53.30 PREagle Rock
103.12Erin O'Grady
22:58.80 SRMarshall
104.10Anissa Piedra
22:59.30 PRSan Dimas
105.11Gabriela Castro
23:06.00 PRNorth Hollywood
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2.94 Miles Varsity Girls White

Official Team Scores

1.Immaculate Heart68
2.Louisville (G)90
5.Morro Bay130
6.Foothill (Bakersfield)143
7.Bravo Medical Magnet179
10.Robert F Kennedy255
1.11Emily Donahue
18:49.80 PRSanta Ynez
2.10Audrey McClish
18:53.40 PRMorro Bay
3.11Hunter Daly
19:01.20 PRLittlerock
4.11Amber Creasey
19:12.00 PRImmaculate Heart
5.10Callie Guthrie
19:38.60 PRMarshall Fundamental
6.9Angela Adelantar
19:40.20 PRParaclete
7.10Alexandra Lomeli
19:50.70 PRNotre Dame Academy
8.9Kaydee Inouye
19:52.30 PRLouisville (G)
9.11Jackeline Corona
19:53.10 PRBravo Medical Magnet
10.10Anelise Dempsey
19:54.30 PRMorro Bay
11.12Kaili Inouye
19:59.60 PRLouisville (G)
12.10Lizette Gomez
20:03.50 PRShafter
13.12Hanna Nason
20:04.80 PRParaclete
14.9Daisy Salinas
20:07.30 PRImmaculate Heart
15.12Carolyn Najera
20:09.30 PRImmaculate Heart
16.11Ana Bertha Medel
20:31.10 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
17.9Alayna Peters
20:35.40 PRMonrovia
18.11Sofia Garcia
20:50.00 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
20.12Nadia Acosta
21:02.60 PRShafter
21.10Gabriella Fajardo
21:07.60 PRMonrovia
22.11Stephanie Cruz Bel...
21:10.40 PRUniversity
23.9Violet Marko
21:12.40 PRImmaculate Heart
24.11Rebecca De La O
21:16.30 PRMonrovia
25.9Arianah Rizzo
21:16.90 PRMarshall Fundamental
26.11Ty Langley
21:31.90 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
27.11Lily Kachikis
21:36.40 PRImmaculate Heart
28.9Ashlee Huesca
21:41.90 PRCoachella Valley
29.9Amy Mcclune
21:42.40 SRNotre Dame Academy
30.11Rosie Medina
21:49.50 SRFoothill (Bakersfield)
31.11Mariel Bautista
21:57.30 PRLouisville (G)
32.12Pole Olivia
21:59.10 PRLouisville (G)
33.11Isabella Hill
21:59.20 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
34.12Vanessa Majano
21:59.90 PRShafter
35.12Melissa Palacios
22:00.00 PRBravo Medical Magnet
36.9Michele Tsujimoto
22:00.60 PRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
37.12Abigail Sanger
22:03.10 PRSanta Ynez
38.11Karina Bautista
22:04.60 PRLouisville (G)
39.10Alexa Coburn
22:04.90 SRHighland
40.11Lissete Valdez
22:08.40 PRRobert F Kennedy
41.11Dafne Garduno
22:09.30 PREstancia
42.11Shaira Vargas
22:13.80 PRShafter
43.9Madeleine Creasey
22:19.70 PRImmaculate Heart
44.10Alyanna Jalbuena
22:26.70 PRChaminade
45.12Katie Hughes
22:31.10 PRImmaculate Heart
46.10Analyssa Torres
22:33.60 PRShafter
47.10Mailani McKelvy
22:35.90 PRMorro Bay
48.12Juliana Ruef
22:37.00 SRMorro Bay
49.11Jaqueline Gomez
22:40.20 PRShafter
50.11Virginia Lopez
22:40.30 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
51.10Hayley Hunter
22:41.80 PRLittlerock
52.11Victoria Lennon
22:42.20 PRRobert F Kennedy
53.12Sara Dahill
22:46.80 PRVerdugo Hills
54.9April O' Callaghan
22:48.40 SRLittlerock
55.12Dulce Cabrera
22:51.90 PRBravo Medical Magnet
56.9Lizeth Ochoa
23:03.50 PRLouisville (G)
57.9Isabel Zamudio
23:04.20 SRLittlerock
58.12Lani Masumoto
23:07.20 SRVerdugo Hills
59.10Jessica Coronel
23:17.60 PRPomona
60.12Olivia Miele
23:20.30 PRChaminade
61.11Lillian Annan
23:21.20 PRLouisville (G)
62.11Yamilet Velez
23:25.20 SRGarfield
63.12Kristine Mendoza
23:29.20 SRParaclete
64.10Mercedes Pulos
23:46.90 SRParaclete
65.10Blathnaid Heaney
23:47.40 SRNotre Dame (Sherman ...
66.11Scout Bidleman
23:48.80 PRMorro Bay
67.10Kinley Flaherty
23:57.90 PRMorro Bay
68.11Jennnifer Hanford
23:59.20 SRBravo Medical Magnet
69.12Korina Lopez
23:59.50 SRGanesha
70.12Lizette Rodriguez
24:07.00 PRBravo Medical Magnet
71.11Anais Herrera
24:07.20 PRCoachella Valley
72.12Esmeralda Nuno
24:11.50 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
73.10Esperenza Corrales
24:18.80 PRRobert F Kennedy
74.9Ariel Morales
24:27.20 PRShafter
75.11Lauren Argue
24:27.90 PRMaranatha
76.10Ashley Ortiz
24:29.60 PRUniversity
77.10Hattie Taylor
24:31.70 SRMorro Bay
78.11Wendy Hernandez
24:32.90 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
79.11Monserrate Baltazar
24:41.90 PRGanesha
80.10Adriana Camacho
24:45.90 SRRobert F Kennedy
81.12Jaqueline Lopez
24:53.50 PRUniversity
82.11Jasmine Jaramillo
25:01.90 PRCoachella Valley
83.9Madden Kostanyan
25:07.40 PRMarshall Fundamental
84.11Atziri Marquez
25:16.60 SRGarfield
85.9Angelica Garcia
25:19.40 PRGarfield
86.10Elizabeth Zimmerman
25:19.90 PRChaminade
87.11Camellia Tamraz
25:30.10 PRVerdugo Hills
88.9Kate Tadeo
25:45.10 PRMonrovia
89.10Jazmin Reyes
25:45.10 PRLegacy
90.11Ava Montano
25:46.70 PRMaranatha
91.11Cristina Castillo
25:49.70 PRLittlerock
92.11April Cierley
26:03.80 SRHighland
93.10Patty Martinez Iba...
26:18.60 SRUniversity
94.11Magali Hernandez
26:44.50 PRCoachella Valley
95.10Stephanie Ortiz
26:57.80 PRLegacy
96.9Valerie Villatoro
26:58.60 PRLegacy
97.10Erica Paniagua
27:00.00 PRRobert F Kennedy
98.12Layra Correa
27:00.40 PRLegacy
99.11Leslie Moreida
27:04.10 SRSanta Ynez
100.9Andrea Limon
27:05.80 PRRobert F Kennedy
101.11Arettzy Arzate
27:07.70 PRUniversity
102.11Julia Hizami
27:11.50 PRChaminade
103.11Estreya Moreno
27:14.00 PRLittlerock
104.10Dulce Escudero
27:14.80 SRHighland
105.10Sandy Rodriguez
27:29.70 SRHighland
106.12Olivia Baer
27:43.30 SRMaranatha
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2.94 Miles JV Girls Red/White

Official Team Scores

1.Quartz Hill52
2.Immaculate Heart53
3.Palisades Charter81
4.Arroyo (SS)114
7.El Camino Real183
8.Foothill (Bakersfield)205
10.Eagle Rock247
11.Mountain View252
1.11Sierra Boyd
19:42.70 PRQuartz Hill
2.9Juliana Rosner
20:07.00 PRBishop Alemany
3.12Michelle Thong
21:14.00 PRArroyo (SS)
4.12Lauren Magdaleno
21:15.50 PRFillmore
5.11Lulu Takei
22:09.80 PRPalisades Charter
6.11Ashley Galvez
22:12.20 PRImmaculate Heart
7.11Catherine Gibson
22:21.40 PRImmaculate Heart
8.9Halia Smithley
22:27.10Quartz Hill
9.11Amanda Rodriguez
22:30.30 PRQuartz Hill
10.12Katie Arnold
22:35.80 PRQuartz Hill
11.9Megan Ravasdy
22:55.10 PRMaranatha
12.10Orla Hladky
23:06.50 PRImmaculate Heart
13.9Emily Alonso
23:09.80 PRImmaculate Heart
14.11Julissa Robles
23:13.30 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
15.11Sidney Matta
23:16.10 PRGranada Hills
16.12Ashley Yang
23:23.30 SRPalisades Charter
17.11Sang Phuoy Ngo
23:27.30 PRMountain View
18.11Maria Ruvalcaba
23:31.00 PRFillmore
19.11Samantha Alvarez
23:31.70 PRCanyon (Canyon Count...
20.11Ilaria Stewart
23:33.50 SRPalisades Charter
21.12Denise Rojas
23:35.20 SRGranada Hills
22.12Jasyni Hoang
23:37.50 PRArroyo (SS)
23.11Saenah Boch
24:00.20 SRMarshall
24.12Diana Reyes
24:00.80 SRShafter
25.11Valerie Covarrubias
24:08.90 PRShafter
26.11Anita Yee
24:10.10 PRArroyo (SS)
27.12Jasmine Fuentes
24:21.50 PRMontebello
28.12Bronwyn Ross
24:23.30 SRCanyon (Canyon Count...
29.10Lola Salinas
24:25.50 PRImmaculate Heart
30.12Nicole Figueroa
24:31.20 SRPalisades Charter
31.10Briana Rodriguez
24:33.60 PREagle Rock
32.11Bianca Fernando
24:33.80 PREl Camino Real
33.11Hannah Marin
24:44.10 SRParaclete
34.12Samantha Osorio
24:48.00 PRShafter
35.11Jacqueline Barrios
24:50.40 PRFoothill (Bakersfield)
36.11Paige Sherwood
24:55.60 PRQuartz Hill
37.12Ichrak El Halouti
24:58.20 PRPalisades Charter
38.11Paulina Alonso
24:59.00 PRImmaculate Heart
39.11Teresa Garcia-Gonz...
24:59.70 PRArroyo (SS)
40.10Hana Chun
25:03.40 PRImmaculate Heart
41.11Adrianna McGill
25:08.10 PRSan Dimas
42.11Jenifer Juarez Ortiz
25:08.20 SREl Camino Real
43.11Gloria Puente
25:10.90 SREl Camino Real
44.11Maryory Rivera
25:18.10 PRBravo Medical Magnet
45.12Marian Gilroy
25:19.60 PRNotre Dame Academy
46.10Jade Escobar
25:20.10 PRImmaculate Heart
47.11Elizabeth Gonzalez