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Mens Races
2.9 Miles Frosh/Soph8:30 AM
2.9 Miles Jr/Sr9:30 AM
2.9 Miles Varsity10:30 AM
Womens Races
2.9 Miles Frosh/Soph8:00 AM
2.9 Miles Jr/Sr9:00 AM
2.9 Miles Varsity10:00 AM

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2016 Race Information  (coaches)

Perris Valley XC Showdown



SAT. OCTOBER 8th, 2016

Please join us for the second year of the Perris valley XC Showdown. We have changed the location of the course to Lake Perris SRA. The 3 mile true XC course is great preparation for the Mt. SAC invitational.

Course Map

The race is hosted by Rancho Verde High School. The race is meant for small and medium schools and is intended to be a very inexpensive race that gives the classic XC invitational feel.

Teams are invited to enjoy the remainder of the day at Lake Perris SRA for biking, barbecuing, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and swimming.

Space is limited to 10 schools. Please RSVP with Coach Winter at to express interest in the run.



Saturday, October 8, 2016


Dash Timing - Please contact Jose Ramirez at if you are interested in having timing for your future events.

Dash Timing




Register online at or email your rosters in an excel spreadsheet to Coach Winter at .

              Include on your roster the following information
                         Last Name > First Name > Gender > Grade > Race # > School
                         Example: Smith > John > M > 9 > 2 > Perris High School

Registration Costs:

  • Individual Runners are $10
  • Entrance into one race $20 (limited to ten entries per team, or seven if varsity)
  • Entrance for one gender into all three races for that gender is $50
  • Entrance into all 6 races is $100 for a full team.


  • Address: 17801 Lake Perris Dr, Perris, CA 92571
  • The park charges $5 entry per vehicle for all spectators. They are requested to park in lots 2, 3 and 4.
  • Athletes traveling by bus or van with a team receive free entry. They are required to drop off athletes in the Sail Cove parking lot. 
  • All coaches will receive passes to park for free in lots 2, 3, and 4.
  • Spectators may park at Rancho Verde HS in the front parking lot for free and walk to the park. It is 1.5 miles from the school’s parking lot to the starting line of the race.

Please make checks payable to:            

RVHS Cross Country Booster

You may mail checks postmarked by September 28, 2016:

              Rancho Verde High School
              17750 Lasselle St
              Moreno Valley, CA 92551
              ATTN: Coach William Winter


  • Race setup will begin at 5 AM
  • Race check in is at 7 AM
  • First race is at 8:00 AM
  • Race 1) Frosh/Soph girls (limited to 10 entries per team) – 8:00 AM
  • Race 2) Frosh/Soph boys (limited to 10 entries per team) – 8:30 AM
  • Race 3) Junior/Senior Girls (limited to 10 entries per team) – 9:00 AM
  • Race 4) Junior/Senior Boys (limited to 10 entries per team) – 9:30 AM
  • Race 5) Varsity Girls (limited to 7) – 10:00 AM
  • Race 6) Varsity Boys (limited to 7) – 10:30 AM
  • Awards at 11:30 AM
  • Clean up and Closing begins at 1:00 PM


  • Medals handed out to top 20 runners in each race as they cross the finish.
  • Small trophies to the top three times overall by gender.
  • Small plaques to 1st Place Teams combined team time of 5 for each race.

Concession and Restroom:

  • Canyon Springs will be hosting a concession
  • Rancho Verde HS will be in charge of restrooms

Bring your own medical bag, tarp, canopy, ice, and water!

Additional Information:

  • Respect the park and all park staff. The park is not charging our school an additional use fee under the responsibility that we will manage our students and use of areas of the park. Parents are not allowed in for free to watch the race. We are not in charge of the entry fees to the park, nor will we be receiving a portion of that cost. All teams and spectators are expected to follow park and race organizer directions. Failure to respect the rules of the park will result in team disqualification.
  • Park wildlife are to be observed only. Remain a safe distance from all wildlife. Lake Perris SRA does have coyotes, deer, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, squirrels, and a variety of birds
  • BJ's of Moreno Valley will be providing sandwiches to the teams who check in early to the meet.

Race Sponsor Information

Presenting Sponsor:

Boys & Girls Club of Perris, 227 North D Street, Perris, CA 92570

Boys & Girls Club of Perris





Pacer Sponsor:

Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, 765 W. Rider Street, Perris, CA 92571






Sponsors are invited to selected one of the five levels of sponsorship:

2) Pacer Sponsor ($100) Limited to 3 Organizations
              o A booth at the event. Items may be sold.

              o Name and logo attached to all advertising for the event
              o Logo at the finish line and start line
              o Opportunity to renew sponsorship at a reduced rate for future races.
3) Friend Sponsor ($50) Limited to 10 Organizations
              o Name and logo attached to all advertising for the event
              o A free booth at the event. Items may be sold.

Dex Media, Albert Olivas Phone: 951 850-1652 E-mail:

Dex Media




4) Supporter Sponsor (Donations of water, food, or other items deemed appropriate for a race) unlimited
              o A free booth at the event. No items may be sold.
5) Vendor Sponsor ($25) unlimited
              o A booth at the event to sell merchandise and/or food.


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Mens Results

2.9 Miles Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Rancho Verde70
3.Desert Mirage82
7.Heritage (Menifee)190
8.Rim of the World191
9.Temecula Valley248
11.Nuview Bridge318

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Luis Nazario
16:12.40 PRDesert Mirage
2.9Omar Estrada
16:36.30 SRCarter
3.10Alberto Lona
16:48.57 PRDesert Mirage
4.10Adrian Avila
16:50.56 SRRancho Verde
5.10Henry Witherspoon
16:51.54 PRMaranatha
6.10Samuel Sanchez
16:52.61 PRCanyon Springs
7.10Hunter Mattern
16:52.97 SRFontana
8.10Matt Rutzen
16:53.52 PRMaranatha
9.10Joseph Potz
16:54.63 PRRim of the World
10.10Favian Guerra
16:58.74 PRRancho Verde
11.10Luis Cruz Trujillo
16:59.79 PRFontana
12.10Alonso Romo
17:10.69 SRFontana
13.10Sergio Arroyo
17:11.79 SRFontana
14.10Jose Zavala
17:12.94 PRDesert Mirage
15.10Dylan Dang-Valencia
17:19.99 SRFontana
16.10Derek Leedom
17:22.55 SRRim of the World
17.10Jesus Felix
17:26.10 PRCarter
18.10Kyle Alcantar
17:29.29 PRWest Valley
19.9Andrew Romero
17:34.57 SRRancho Verde
20.9Angel Sanchez
17:40.36 PRPerris
21.10Peyton Longmore
17:41.29 PRCalvary Chapel-Murri...
22.9Luis Santiago
17:46.25 PRRancho Verde
23.10Thomas Malfavon
17:48.00 SRHeritage (Menifee)
24.10Hector De Leon
17:51.01 PRRancho Verde
25.10Jack Currier
17:52.23 PRRedlands
26.10Brett Crowley
17:56.24 PRRedlands
27.10Nilesh Patyal
17:57.69 PRRedlands
28.10Micah Huang
18:02.84 PRMaranatha
29.9Gael Perez
18:04.44 PRRedlands
30.9Luke Smith
18:09.07 PRRedlands
31.9Eric Chang
18:16.54 PRMaranatha
32.10David Galvan
18:16.87 SRCarter
33.10Nicholas Camonte
18:17.86 PRMaranatha
34.10Christian Armenta
18:18.59 PRDesert Mirage
35.10Brian Chang
18:20.91 PRRedlands
36.9Luke McDermott
18:27.97 PRTemecula Valley
37.10Kevin Aguilar
18:29.67 PRDesert Mirage
38.9Jose Basilio
18:30.39 PRDesert Mirage
39.10Carlos Velazquez
18:30.77 PRRancho Verde
40.9Brad Dixon
18:32.84 SRRedlands
41.9Tevin Nguru
18:34.71 PRRancho Verde
42.10Nathan Jauert
18:35.54 SRHeritage (Menifee)
43.9Joshua Mandujano
18:37.71 PRRancho Verde
44.9Jared Albaugh
18:40.25 SRHeritage (Menifee)
45.12Alex Vargas
18:40.68 PRCanyon Springs
46.9Sunil Singh
18:41.07 PRCarter
47.9Miguel Arteaga
18:43.24 PRRancho Verde
48.9Agustin Bustos
18:47.55 PRFontana
49.9Christopher Flannery
18:50.94 SRRedlands
50.10Josue Duarte
18:57.23 PRDesert Mirage
51.10Gerardo Sanchez
18:58.35 PRFontana
52.9Connor Hardin
18:58.73 PRHeritage (Menifee)
53.9Dominic Chacon
19:02.03 SRHeritage (Menifee)
54.9Israel Martinez
19:05.56 PRDesert Mirage
55.9John Cappelli
19:06.24 PRRedlands
56.10Daniel Perez
19:06.73 PRRancho Verde
57.10Allan Sun
19:08.21 PRMaranatha
58.9Anthony Arzate
19:13.42 PRRancho Verde
59.9Cooper Ellsworth
19:15.01 PRRim of the World
60.10Jordan Jedlick
19:15.62 PRRim of the World
61.9Josh Ruiz
19:15.91 PRCanyon Springs
62.9Brady Surratt
19:16.24 PRTemecula Valley
63.10Reed Vargo
19:16.57 SRHeritage (Menifee)
64.10Julio Martinez
19:16.94 SRFontana
65.9Brian Althouse
19:17.89 PRMaranatha
66.9Daniel Gomez
19:19.19 PRPerris
67.9Efren Gutierrez
19:21.92 SRRancho Verde
68.9Brian Lopez
19:26.35 PRDesert Mirage
69.9Ethan Dixon
19:26.66 PRTemecula Valley
70.9Kevin Lopez
19:30.88 PRCanyon Springs
71.9Luis Reyes
19:33.01 PRDesert Mirage
72.9Bryce Ahlberg
19:33.63 PRTemecula Valley
73.9Curtis Hayes
19:36.86 PRTemecula Valley
74.10Clifford Thelander
19:37.95 SRRancho Verde
75.9Aidan Fitzpatrick
19:45.45 PRCalvary Chapel-Murri...
76.9Colin Chapin
19:45.74 PRTemecula Valley
77.10Ethan Kita
19:57.16 PRMaranatha
78.9Ryan Towers
19:59.59 PRRedlands
79.9Eric Perez
19:59.86 PRWest Valley
80.10Sergio Cisneros
20:03.15 PRFontana
81.9Joshua Smeraldi
20:04.08 PRSanta Rosa Academy
82.9Ethan Paul
20:05.77 PRTemecula Valley
83.9Ezequiel Ruvalcaba
20:06.94 PRFontana
84.9Tanner Trettin
20:13.02 SRHeritage (Menifee)
85.9Marcus Banginito
20:18.45 PRTemecula Valley
86.10Joseph Engel
20:21.16 PRWest Valley
87.10Javier Loera
20:22.29 SRTahquitz
88.9Sebastian Osuna
20:32.95 PRHeritage (Menifee)
89.10Andres Larios
20:33.68 SRFontana
90.10Luis Flores
20:34.88 PRDesert Mirage
91.10Blake Hefner
20:35.98 PRNuview Bridge
92.10Issac Tafolla
20:37.33 SRRancho Verde
93.10Ethan Barnes
20:39.86 SRCarter
94.9Giovanni Tapia
20:40.84 PRPerris
95.9Jacob Henderson
20:50.92 PRMaranatha
96.9Aiden Chilner
20:55.68 PRHeritage (Menifee)
97.10Juan Esparza
21:00.46 SRFontana
98.9CJ Haley
21:01.44 PRTemecula Valley
99.10James Mathis
21:07.03 PRSanta Rosa Academy
100.10Jesus Resendiz
21:13.38 PRNuview Bridge
101.10Daniel Solorzano
21:14.08 PRDesert Mirage
102.10David Vargas
21:14.69 PRDesert Mirage
103.9Xzavier Mora
21:16.31 PRNuview Bridge
104.10Emilio Perez
21:30.75 PRDesert Mirage
105.10Lerwi Ramos
21:32.16 PRDesert Mirage
106.9Isaac Heiner
21:47.16 PRSanta Rosa Academy
107.9Aaron Vega
21:51.09 PRRedlands
108.10Daniel Quinonez
21:55.84 PRNuview Bridge
109.10Kyle Lee
22:14.45 PRMaranatha
110.10Nicholas Llaneras
22:19.54 PRNuview Bridge
111.10Jonathan Lee
22:20.71 PRPerris
112.9Manuel Hernandez
22:27.65 PRTahquitz
113.9Mohammad Samhouri
22:31.69 PRNuview Bridge
114.9Jakob Medrano
22:35.61 PRTahquitz
115.10Ever Cruz
22:52.85 PRDesert Mirage
116.10Jeremy Hase
23:24.72 PRWest Valley
117.9Daniel Fewkes
23:27.56 PRPerris
118.10Anthony Ramos
23:29.03 SRTahquitz
119.10Izher Galliguez
23:37.73 SRFontana
120.9Reneh Shammo
23:38.03 PRRedlands
121.10Steve Rodriquez Ke...
23:43.70 PRBanning
122.9Carlos Cisneros
23:51.23 PRDesert Mirage
123.9Juan Martinez
24:49.86 PRNuview Bridge
124.9Mark Amezcua
25:01.64 PRHeritage (Menifee)
125.9Benson Rowley
25:01.89 PRRedlands
126.10Carlos Zevallos
25:32.69 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
127.9Anthony Castillo
26:01.05 PRFontana
128.9Jacob Morey
26:11.27 PRRim of the World
129.9Chase Wolfsohn
26:21.87 PRRim of the World
130.10Juan Hernandez
27:13.88 PRDesert Mirage
131.10Kevin Garcia
27:33.35 PRFontana
132.9Fabian Donato
27:59.35 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
133.10Sergio Guerra
32:50.43 PRPerris
134.9Fransisco Basulto
39:15.03 PRFontana
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2.9 Miles Jr/Sr

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Nuview Bridge85
3.Heritage (Menifee)94
4.Desert Mirage112
6.West Valley135
7.Temecula Valley155
9.Calvary Chapel (Downey)198

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Xavier Carranza
16:17.71 PRPerris
2.11Julian Lopez
16:18.57 PRPerris
3.12Luis Tamayo
16:30.63 PRPerris
4.10David Sanchez Vene...
16:35.06 PRPerris
5.12Joseph Rivera
16:40.31 PRBanning
6.11Christain Perez
17:04.21 PRRancho Verde
7.10Adrian Zavala
17:05.59 PRPerris
8.11Isaac Mora
17:26.56 PRNuview Bridge
9.9Jaime Briones
17:27.37 PRNuview Bridge
10.11Benjamin Reyes
17:28.48 PRDesert Mirage
11.11Misael Rodriguez
17:37.22 PRHeritage (Menifee)
12.11Agustin Navarro
17:39.24 PRNuview Bridge
13.11Isaac Lopez
17:41.32 SRCarter
14.10Heber Luviano
17:42.65 PRPerris
15.11Paul Trejo
17:45.49 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
16.12Daniel Babin
17:46.95 PRCarter
17.11Brandon Alfaro
17:52.75 PRDesert Mirage
18.12Quincy Mendoza
17:53.59 PRCanyon Springs
19.11Chris Gonzalez
17:58.21 PRHeritage (Menifee)
20.12Danny Ibarra
17:58.65 PRHeritage (Menifee)
21.11Anthoney Lopez
18:02.54 PRDesert Mirage
22.11Jordan Davis
18:02.95 PRWest Valley
23.11Jeremy Lilly
18:21.85 PRWest Valley
24.11Sebastian Rivera
18:22.38 SRRancho Verde
25.12Matthew Carlson
18:23.83 PRCalvary Chapel-Murri...
26.12Joshua Hernandez
18:25.62 PRRedlands
27.12Gonzalo Romero
18:27.90 PRCanyon Springs
28.11Cesar Flores
18:29.88 SRTahquitz
29.12Cornelius Holifield
18:30.30 PRHeritage (Menifee)
30.11Brandon Sanchez
18:42.16 PRFontana
31.12Uriel Galarza
18:49.05 PRDesert Mirage
32.12Nicholas Ramirez
18:50.43 PREisenhower
33.12Elisha Dayag
18:54.13 PRWest Valley
34.11Miguel Rangel
19:03.41 SRRancho Verde
35.12Kevin Gonzalez
19:06.19 PRFontana
36.12Jordan DeGelia
19:06.54 PRCarter
37.11Nille Cad
19:07.26 SRTemecula Valley
38.10Noah Hensberger
19:08.89 PRTemecula Valley
39.10Charles Graff
19:14.70 SRTemecula Valley
40.10Giovanni Garcia
19:18.45 PRNuview Bridge
41.11Jesse Woodward
19:23.80 SRHeritage (Menifee)
42.12Nicholas Medrano
19:28.30 PRTahquitz
43.11Jacob Dankel
19:33.64 SRTemecula Valley
44.12Matthew Hartwick
19:39.70 PRNuview Bridge
45.11Osmin Ramirez
19:40.04 SRRancho Verde
46.11Alex Deal
19:40.32 SRWest Valley
47.11Ethan Rogers
19:46.12 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
48.11Carlos Lopez
19:53.20 PRCarter
49.11Emilio Uribe
19:53.56 PRNuview Bridge
50.11Sedric Doggett
20:04.93 PRWest Valley
51.10Saul Sanchez
20:13.02 PRPerris
52.11Jacob Aguilera
20:24.25 PRCarter
53.12David Vazquez
20:30.53 PRBanning
54.10Julian Soto
20:43.72 PRNuview Bridge
55.11Michael Rubio Cruz
21:03.12 PREisenhower
56.12Jesse Sonntag Garcia
21:18.14 PRRim of the World
57.12Cade Wohltman
21:34.90 PRNuview Bridge
58.11Adrian Adame
21:40.54 PRTemecula Valley
59.11Enrique Baranda
21:42.73 SRTahquitz
60.12Gonzalo Mendoza
21:42.99 PRTahquitz
61.11Chris Corona
21:47.26 PRTemecula Valley
62.11Joshua Ordoñez
21:57.07 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
63.11Alessandro Burzio
21:58.95 PRWest Valley
64.11Oscar Mendoza
22:11.58 PRDesert Mirage
65.11Ramon Bolanos
22:35.12 PRDesert Mirage
66.11Matt Nowicki
22:45.33 SRSanta Rosa Academy
67.11Heli Trejo
23:06.78 PRBanning
68.11David Sanchez
23:19.93 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
69.11Devin Jackson
24:36.71 PRSanta Rosa Academy
70.11Ricardo Lara
24:56.29 PRDesert Mirage
71.12Fidel Villalobos
25:15.99 PRTahquitz
72.11Oscar Martinez
25:27.95 PRDesert Mirage
73.12Joshua Garduno
26:42.79 PRWest Valley
74.11Sergio Sanchez
31:11.94 PRDesert Mirage
75.11Joshua Hernandez
31:26.60 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
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2.9 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Verde35
2.West Valley74
3.Temecula Valley83
5.Canyon Springs115
8.Santa Rosa Academy237
9.Citrus Hill248
11.Temecula Prep297

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Matthew Salas
15:20.40 PRRedlands
2.11Mason Guy
15:42.35 PRTemecula Valley
3.12Carlos Reyes
15:48.81 PRWest Valley
4.12Ray Barela
16:01.78 PRWest Valley
5.12Jaleel Turner
16:04.56 PRRancho Verde
6.11Humberto Gonzalez
16:07.73 PRRancho Verde
7.11Raymond Franco
16:08.69 PRRancho Verde
8.10Trevor Nguru
16:10.23 PRRancho Verde
9.10Lorenzo Orozco
16:10.79 PRRancho Verde
10.12Alex Tongpo
16:13.61 PRRedlands
11.11Adrian Lopez
16:21.79 SRRancho Verde
12.10Andrew Garcia
16:24.45 PRRedlands
13.11Cesar Hinojosa
16:25.81 PRRancho Verde
14.12Ryan Bausch
16:27.71 PRCanyon Springs
15.9Frank Assumma
16:31.32 PRTemecula Valley
16.12Jorge Venegas
16:34.85 PRTemecula Valley
17.11Martin Martinez
16:35.37 PRCanyon Springs
18.11Hector Gonzalez
16:37.11 SRTahquitz
19.11Jon Holcomb
16:38.00 SRWest Valley
20.11Christian Daniels
16:39.48 PRCanyon Springs
21.10Max Sahagan
16:42.81 PRCanyon Springs
22.12Caleb Tamez
16:44.63 PRWest Valley
23.9David Berardi
16:44.92 PRTemecula Valley
24.11Christian Medina
17:04.67 SRTahquitz
25.12Joseph Funches
17:16.97 PRMaranatha
26.12Benito Reyes
17:20.06 PRWest Valley
27.11Joden Cadsap
17:21.17 SRTemecula Valley
28.11Gabriel Evans
17:22.35 SRTahquitz
29.12Marc Bernal
17:24.02 PRWest Valley
30.9Ethan Brown
17:25.35 SRRedlands
31.10Beau Barris
17:29.36 SRRedlands
32.11Josiah Sie
17:36.47 PRMaranatha
33.11Eli Rodarte
17:48.86 PRMaranatha
34.11Angel Ayala
17:51.39 SRCitrus Hill
35.12Aaron Trujillo
17:52.45 PRMaranatha
36.10Isaac Lopez
17:53.26 SRWest Valley
37.11Jesse Martinez
18:01.39 SRTahquitz
38.11Nicholas Demonteve...
18:03.51 PRMaranatha
39.9Luke Armstrong
18:05.18 PRTemecula Valley
40.11Spencer Temple
18:12.27 PRSanta Rosa Academy
41.12Jose Valle
18:14.89 PRFontana
42.11Angel Mejia Zavala
18:18.32 PRTahquitz
43.11Fernando Duenas
18:19.88 PRCanyon Springs
44.11Octavio Duran
18:25.80 SRTahquitz
45.9Manuel Diaz
18:42.77 PRCitrus Hill
46.11Todd Lange
18:49.06 PRTemecula Prep
47.11Gavin Johnston
19:08.45 SRSanta Rosa Academy
48.9Zachary Ross
19:15.65 SRSanta Rosa Academy
49.12Freddie Roque
19:17.21 PRTemecula Valley
50.12Robert Capossella
19:33.17 PRSanta Rosa Academy
51.11Ezekiel Funches
19:34.38 PRMaranatha
52.12Noah Hinojos
19:37.26 PRSanta Rosa Academy
53.12Reuben Rodriguez
19:40.39 PRTahquitz
54.11Cade Vanneman
19:44.91 PRMaranatha
55.11Michael McWilliams
19:59.66 PRCitrus Hill
56.10Estevan Mosqueda D...
20:15.71 SRCitrus Hill
57.9Spencer Hyde
20:18.40 PRSanta Rosa Academy
58.12Joshua Gaytan
20:32.61 PRCitrus Hill
59.12Kevin Chan
20:37.62 PRTemecula Prep
60.11Jose Valenzuela
21:29.61 SRFontana
61.11Victor Iribe
21:35.99 PRFontana
62.9Ty Majam
21:56.03 PRTemecula Prep
63.9Daniel Benitez
22:08.26 PRTemecula Prep
64.11Christian Blas
22:09.43 PRCitrus Hill
65.12Irving Giron
22:22.73 PRFontana
66.10Robert Jimenez
22:25.34 SRCitrus Hill
67.10Andrew Fantino
23:37.57 PRTemecula Prep
68.12Mathew Watanabe
25:01.04 PRFontana
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Womens Results

2.9 Miles Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Temecula Valley39
3.West Valley78
5.Heritage (Menifee)132
6.Citrus Hill132

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Carissa Estrada
18:56.64 SRCarter
2.10Raeva Solbach
18:58.06 PRTemecula Valley
3.10Arabella Cockeram
19:19.33 PRRedlands
4.9Destinee Carrera
19:31.22 SRCanyon Springs
5.10Noemi Velazquez Pe...
19:51.09 SRFontana
6.9Michelle Mendoza
19:57.01 SRTemecula Valley
7.9Evelyn Martinez
20:00.83 PRRedlands
8.9Kathryn Cassaw
20:05.02 SRTemecula Valley
9.9Jennifer Holmes
20:10.71 PRRim of the World
10.10Sophia Mendoza
20:17.25 SRRedlands
11.10Citlalli Batres
20:18.55 PRCanyon Springs
12.9Jimena Ordaz
20:32.58 PRDesert Mirage
13.10Colleen Ung
20:33.12 SRRedlands
14.10Mattie Singer
20:36.64 PRWest Valley
15.10Diana Mendoza
20:41.87 SRTahquitz
16.10Brianna Hernandez
20:53.71 SRWest Valley
17.10Danica Devoe
20:59.60 SRRedlands
18.10McKenzie Maples
21:02.06 PRTemecula Valley
19.9Megan Ravasdy
21:11.76 PRMaranatha
20.10Daniela Ramirez
21:22.04 PRCanyon Springs
21.10Chrstine So
22:03.26 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
22.9Rilie Vargo
22:08.75 SRHeritage (Menifee)
23.10Joslyn Holmes
22:15.51 PRCarter
24.9Reina DeLao
22:24.12 PRTahquitz
25.10Cristina Huerta
22:28.28 PRCarter
26.9Maria Felipe
22:32.43 PRDesert Mirage
27.9Andrea Oceguera
22:38.49 PRDesert Mirage
28.10Angela Almodovar
22:40.56 PRFontana
29.10Arianna Murillo
22:42.96 SRWest Valley
30.10Carina Constancio
22:51.38 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
31.10Alyssa Neri
22:53.99 PRTemecula Valley
32.10Gelyca Arce
22:55.94 PRCanyon Springs
33.10Lynnzie Carmichael
23:01.71 PRTemecula Valley
34.10Cristine Aquino Ro...
23:12.11 SRFontana
35.10Halie Block
23:20.76 PRNuview Bridge
36.9Deysi Padilla
23:23.52 PRCitrus Hill
37.10Jessica Donald
23:38.51 SRRim of the World
38.9Sylvia Blount
23:44.76 PRBanning
39.10Stephanie Marin
23:47.15 PRNuview Bridge
40.9Estrella Ortiz
23:48.29 PRHeritage (Menifee)
41.10Emily Chaparian
23:53.60 PRMaranatha
42.9Kaylee Wedmore
23:57.47 PRWest Valley
43.9Angela Madrigal
24:00.75 SRCitrus Hill
44.9Carlette Perez
24:03.17 SRTahquitz
45.9Aaliyah Webster
24:11.36 SRWest Valley
46.9Ilene Perez
24:29.41 PRBanning
47.10Emily Pierson
24:34.92 SRRim of the World
48.10Kahleen Loo
24:39.41 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
49.10Chloe Lim
24:42.57 PRMaranatha
50.10Brianna Escoto
24:43.64 SRFontana
51.10Celes Montes
24:44.51 PRCalvary Chapel-Murri...
52.9Lenea Gomez
24:50.71 SRCarter
53.10Velveth Deleon
24:51.65 SRWest Valley
54.9Audria Saravia
24:58.36 SRFontana
55.10Blanche Padecio
25:15.79 PRCitrus Hill
56.9Daisy Torres
25:19.84 PRDesert Mirage
57.9Brenda Onofre
25:21.54 SRFontana
58.10Madelyn Chancellor
25:43.27 PRWest Valley
59.9Sokuntheari Son
25:44.97 PRWest Valley
60.10Priscila Magana
25:50.82 PRHeritage (Menifee)
61.9Guadalupe Lucas
26:15.19 PRCitrus Hill
62.9Elvi Haro-Dominguez
26:26.47 PRFontana
63.10Tori Vaughn
26:32.40 PRCitrus Hill
64.10Mariah Leon
27:01.21 PRHeritage (Menifee)
65.9Leslie Sanchez
27:06.05 PRBanning
66.9Danna De Leon
27:09.21 SRHeritage (Menifee)
67.9Alicia Lemesurier
27:33.83 PRHeritage (Menifee)
68.10Yuliana Silva
27:41.93 PRWest Valley
69.9Melanie Medina
29:46.83 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
70.9Ilda Martinez
30:01.68 SRFontana
71.9Marisol Soto-Ciriaco
30:02.55 PRFontana
72.10Delia Diaz
30:04.26 SRFontana
73.10Brianna Perez
38:01.00 PRBanning
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2.9 Miles Jr/Sr

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Temecula Valley66
4.West Valley113
5.Calvary Chapel (Downey)114
6.Rancho Verde121

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sydney Jolley
18:35.22 PRRedlands
2.11Alissa Johnson
18:36.00 PRCarter
3.12Jordyn Ahlberg
19:10.35 PRTemecula Valley
4.11Bethany Olmos
19:45.76 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
5.11Angela O'Campo-Gomez
20:34.51 SRRedlands
6.11Galiana Coronado
20:38.19 PRWest Valley
7.11Taylor Smith
20:41.06 SRTemecula Valley
8.11Mackenzie Ficarotta
20:43.62 PRBanning
9.12Kate Baker
21:12.75 PRRedlands
10.12Kristin Lee
21:30.82 PRRedlands
11.12Julia Waulters
21:34.55 PRRedlands
12.12Katherine Gomez
21:40.28 PRFontana
13.11Mackenzie Eubanks
21:43.42 PRTemecula Valley
14.11Alexandra Ortega
21:44.84 PRFontana
15.12Bethany Gutierrez
21:51.99 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
16.11Millen Akilu
21:54.71 PRCarter
17.11Mariah Arias Torres
22:21.36 PRFontana
18.11Lauren Argue
22:24.70 PRMaranatha
19.11Hannah Hickman
22:25.05 PRTemecula Valley
20.12Samantha Woodward
22:25.10 PRHeritage (Menifee)
21.12Marijean Larson
22:37.00 PRWest Valley
22.10Kalya Lego
22:41.00 PRCanyon Springs
23.12Jazmin Serrato
22:47.00 PRFontana
24.12Allie Raff
22:47.01 PRMaranatha
25.12Sophie Pintor
22:50.00 PRCanyon Springs
26.12Lizbeth Guzman
22:52.00 PREisenhower
27.11Madeline Colin
22:57.00 PRBanning
28.11Julissa Avila
22:59.00 PRCanyon Springs
29.12Olivia Baer
23:04.00 PRMaranatha
30.12Nikki Lapuz
23:11.00 PRRancho Verde
31.11Kathlyn Lorenzo
23:22.00 SRRedlands
32.11Priscilla Garcia
23:22.90 SRCitrus Hill
33.12Nathalie Chavez
23:35.00 PRFontana
34.12Scarlet Bowling
23:48.00 PRHeritage (Menifee)
35.11Erika Rogero
23:55.00 PRRancho Verde
36.11Ava Montano
24:23.00 PRMaranatha
37.12Alexa Olivas
24:32.00 PRRancho Verde
38.11Amanda McBride
24:41.00 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
39.11Evelyn Bermejo
24:48.00 SRRancho Verde
40.11Ariel Salgado
24:50.00 SRCanyon Springs
41.12Edith Torres
24:50.70 PRWest Valley
42.11Genevieve Garcia
24:51.00 PRRancho Verde
43.12Cheyenne Schoenfel...
24:56.00 PRNuview Bridge
44.11Jasmine Smith
25:03.00 PRCarter
45.12Arlin Martinez
25:04.00 PRFontana
46.12Courtney Deriger
25:10.00 PRTemecula Valley
47.11Valeria Martinez
25:39.00 PRCarter
48.11Kaila Nevarez
25:46.00 SRWest Valley
49.10Esmeralda Perez
25:47.00 PRDesert Mirage
50.12Destiny Delgadillo
26:14.00 PRNuview Bridge
51.11Sofia Acosta
26:25.00 PRHeritage (Menifee)
52.11Alexis Desotel
26:32.00 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
53.12Isabel Michel
26:39.60 PRWest Valley
54.11Lynsea Southwick
27:00.00 SRBanning
55.11Renata Shammo
27:22.00 PRRedlands
56.12Angel Augustine
27:38.00 PRTahquitz
57.12Brianna Ramirez
27:38.40 PRFontana
58.11Diana Gonzalez
27:39.00 SRWest Valley
59.12Ariana Lopez
28:03.00 PREisenhower
60.11Aurora Flores
28:32.00 PRBanning
61.11Joanna Guevara
28:35.00 PREisenhower
62.11Julia Flores
28:38.00 SRTahquitz
63.12Nayeli Islas
28:39.00 PRTahquitz
64.12Maria Zambrano
28:45.00 PRHeritage (Menifee)
65.11Yadira Olvera
28:58.00 PRDesert Mirage
66.11Brenda Aquino
29:20.00 PRDesert Mirage
67.12Davina Bright
29:48.00 PRWest Valley
68.11Marisol Sahagun
31:01.00 PREisenhower
69.11Alexa Garcia
31:09.00 PRCalvary Chapel (Down...
70.11Crystal Rodriguez
31:28.00 SRBanning
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2.9 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Temecula Valley37
3.Rancho Verde90
4.Citrus Hill106

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alyssa Benavides
18:07.21 PRRedlands
2.11Isabelle Swanson
18:19.05 PRRedlands
3.12Destiny Jacobo
18:23.34 PRRim of the World
4.10Elizabeth Bermudez
18:41.96 SRTemecula Valley
5.9Chelsey Romo
18:53.11 SRRedlands
6.9Serena Plumb
19:01.29 SRRedlands
7.11Nikita Friche
19:05.46 PRRedlands
8.10Brigette White
19:08.87 PRTemecula Valley
9.9Casidy Paige
19:16.62 PRTemecula Valley
10.10Ana Ruiz
19:24.91 PRTemecula Valley
11.12Claire Fisher
19:29.04 PRTemecula Valley
12.12Maylie Schreck
19:47.46 PRTemecula Valley
13.11Gloria Martinez
19:56.82 PRWest Valley
14.12Carmelita Zepeda
19:58.18 PRDesert Mirage
15.12Keylin Padilla
20:02.54 PRCitrus Hill
16.12Katherine Aguilar
20:18.16 PRRedlands
17.11Katelyn Zabaleta
20:25.10 PRRedlands
18.10Netzy Holguin
20:31.02 PRTemecula Valley
19.11Kaitlin Shearin
20:37.04 PRTemecula Prep
20.12Lorena Magadan
20:37.38 PRRancho Verde
21.11Victoria Flores
20:37.69 PRRancho Verde
22.12Alina Aguilar
20:38.01 PRRancho Verde
23.11Natalie Jaramillo
20:38.34 PRRancho Verde
24.9Kimberly Lima
20:38.68 PRRancho Verde
25.12Chine Ehiemere
20:48.85 PRRancho Verde
26.10Wendy Gonzalez
21:01.15 PRWest Valley
27.10Christina Stuve
21:04.58 PRWest Valley
28.11Alyssa Soto
21:56.90 SRTahquitz
29.10Cecilia Torres
22:05.72 SRCitrus Hill
30.10Mackenzie Szcbonya...
22:17.78 PRWest Valley
31.12Victoria Vega
22:27.64 PRSanta Rosa Academy
32.12Jennifer Reyes
23:29.57 PRTahquitz
33.12Yetz Martinez
23:34.95 PRCitrus Hill
34.12Marely Lucas
24:00.04 PRCitrus Hill
35.10Amira Jadallah
24:08.98 PRCitrus Hill
36.12Destiny Guzman
24:20.67 PRCitrus Hill
37.12Alexis Guerrero-Fr...
25:28.37 PRTahquitz
38.9Catherine Gallegos
27:11.01 PRTemecula Prep
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