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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Verde22
2.Valley View73
3.John W. North81
4.Poly (Riverside)82
5.Canyon Springs99
1.12Jaleel Turner
15:19.4 PRRancho Verde
2.10Lorenzo Orozco
15:24.8Rancho Verde
3.11Raymond Franco
15:39.5Rancho Verde
4.11Humberto Gonzalez
15:40.5 PRRancho Verde
5.10Juan Nunez
15:40.7Valley View
6.11Nathan Downey
15:51.1 PRJohn W. North
7.12Andrew Bengtson
15:54.2 PRPoly (Riverside)
8.10Justin Bartlebaugh
15:58.1 SRPoly (Riverside)
9.9Nathan Ambriz
15:58.7 PRJohn W. North
10.10Rury Gonzalez
11.9Juan Hernandez
16:12.4Canyon Springs
12.10Trevor Nguru
16:13.4 PRRancho Verde
13.12Anthony Noble
16:15.7Valley View
14.12Rudy Valdivia
16:26.8Valley View
15.11Martin Martinez
16:33.4 PRCanyon Springs
16.11Joey Sanchez
16:33.6 SRValley View
17.12Caleb Ragan
16:34.3 PRJohn W. North
18.11Cesar Hinojosa
16:37.0 SRRancho Verde
19.11Andres Michel
16:37.4 PRJohn W. North
20.11Michael Utterback
16:38.5 PRPoly (Riverside)
21.11Eric Sanchez
16:45.8 PRPoly (Riverside)
22.11Fernando Duenas
16:46.6 SRCanyon Springs
23.12Isaiah Ingram
16:47.4Rancho Verde
24.10Max Sahagan
16:47.9 PRCanyon Springs
25.9Oscar-Chavez Gasper
16:53.9 SRValley View
26.11LeRenzo Gipson
16:58.0Poly (Riverside)
27.10Samuel Sanchez
16:58.9 SRCanyon Springs
28.12Ryan Bausch
17:03.6 PRCanyon Springs
29.11Fernando Lopez
17:07.5 SRCanyon Springs
30.11Mohammed Mohamed
17:12.6 SRJohn W. North
31.10Nicholas Valencia
17:15.6 SRPoly (Riverside)
32.12Dylan DeGrood
17:19.2Poly (Riverside)
33.10Izaac Acosta
17:36.4 SRJohn W. North
34.10Eduardo Juarez
17:50.1Valley View
35.12Mauricio Rangel
36.9Johnny (Juan) Rami...
18:02.9Valley View
37.10Eric Pacheco
18:06.8 SRArlington
38.11Christian Caloca
39.10Anthony Archila
18:48.2John W. North
40.10Brendon Lopez
19:00.8 SRArlington
41.12Giovanni Medina
42.10Michael Soto
19:59.1 SRArlington
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Rancho Verde28
2.Valley View36
3.Poly (Riverside)56
4.Canyon Springs112
1.10Travis Miller
16:28.5Valley View
2.10Adrian Avila
16:40.0 PRRancho Verde
3.11Alejandro Romero
16:42.2 SRRancho Verde
4.10Jaden Oliver
16:45.8Rancho Verde
5.12Hildeberto Figueroa
16:49.8Valley View
6.11Christain Perez
17:00.7Rancho Verde
7.12Erick Murillo
17:16.7Poly (Riverside)
8.10Kenny Nguyen
17:19.7 PRValley View
9.12Dylan Mullinax
17:25.0Poly (Riverside)
10.10Michael Zamaro
17:25.8Valley View
11.11Ian Hughes
17:31.8 PRPoly (Riverside)
12.12Manuel Resendiz
17:32.2Valley View
13.10Hector De Leon
17:46.5Rancho Verde
14.10Andrew Carlson
17:48.8 SRPoly (Riverside)
15.11Parker Moore
17:51.1Poly (Riverside)
16.11Raul Ibarra
17:51.3John W. North
17.11Anthony Arcos
17:52.0 PRCanyon Springs
18.10Favian Guerra
17:54.3Rancho Verde
19.10Josh Sullivan
17:57.5 PRPoly (Riverside)
20.9Tevin Nguru
17:58.0 PRRancho Verde
21.9Eric Celis
18:02.5 PRValley View
22.12Quincy Mendoza
18:03.3Canyon Springs
23.12Joseph Abreo
18:05.8 PRPoly (Riverside)
24.9Benjamin Herrera
18:06.2 PRValley View
25.9Miguel Arteaga
18:08.4 PRRancho Verde
26.11Bryan Dorr
18:09.9 SRValley View
27.11Bryce McManigal
18:10.1 SRPoly (Riverside)
28.10Carlos Velazquez
18:13.3 PRRancho Verde
29.12Sam Tick
18:16.1Poly (Riverside)
30.11Adrian Lopez
18:17.0Rancho Verde
31.10Zachary Sawley
18:23.9 PRPoly (Riverside)
32.11Sebastian Rivera
18:24.7Rancho Verde
33.11Juan Corona
18:28.2Valley View
34.9Andres Corona
18:35.0 PRValley View
35.10Jesus Diaz-Lobato
18:36.0 PRPoly (Riverside)
36.9Joshua Mandujano
18:39.6 PRRancho Verde
37.12Brayan Ramos
18:48.7Valley View
38.11Jeremiah Florez
18:50.7Valley View
39.12Darien McGowan
18:50.9 PRRancho Verde
40.11Miguel Rangel
18:52.8 SRRancho Verde
41.9Julio Quevedo
18:55.4 PRValley View
42.9Luis Santiago
19:03.8Rancho Verde
43.12David Mendez
19:06.4 PRPoly (Riverside)
44.12Alex Vargas
19:12.5 PRCanyon Springs
45.9Josh Ruiz
19:13.0 PRCanyon Springs
46.10Daniel Perez
19:14.4 PRRancho Verde
47.10Alec Cabral
19:16.6Poly (Riverside)
48.10Emmanuel Sanchez
19:25.6 PRPoly (Riverside)
49.9Angel Garcia
19:25.8 PRJohn W. North
50.11Antonio Diego
19:29.8John W. North
51.11Carlos Ramos
19:38.1 SRCanyon Springs
52.10Clifford Thelander
19:41.1 SRRancho Verde
53.9Efren Gutierrez
19:50.1 SRRancho Verde
54.11Osmin Ramirez
19:52.2 SRRancho Verde
55.9Andrew Romero
19:57.7Rancho Verde
56.12Andrew Elias
19:58.5 PRValley View
57.9Sebastian Perez
20:18.1 PRArlington
58.11Martin Baiz
20:20.6 PRArlington
59.10Jevon Weems
20:27.8Rancho Verde
60.9Anthony Franquez
20:29.3 PRArlington
61.9Christian Valenzuela
20:30.3Poly (Riverside)
62.12Anthony Noble
20:32.7Valley View
63.12Julio Cervantes
20:43.7Canyon Springs
64.9Alex Palomera
20:46.2Valley View
65.9Anthony Arzate
20:51.9Rancho Verde
66.9Nolan Hays
20:54.3Poly (Riverside)
67.10Issac Tafolla
20:54.4Rancho Verde
68.9Aldo Rivas
21:00.0 PRJohn W. North
69.10Joshua Fuentes
70.9Kevin Moreno
71.9Jacob Oper
72.12Jose Abad
73.12Andre Gutierrez
22:44.8Canyon Springs
74.12Diego Olalde
75.11Julio Leueano
76.9Esteban Cardenas
77.11Pedro Barrara
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Poly (Riverside)37
2.Rancho Verde46
3.Canyon Springs78
4.Valley View109
5.John W. North119
1.9Kimberly Lima
18:04.4 SRRancho Verde
2.11Victoria Mendoza
18:29.9 PRCanyon Springs
3.12Marina Kaye
18:36.4Poly (Riverside)
4.11Kalea Ibarra
18:44.9 PRPoly (Riverside)
5.10Helena Valdez
19:04.4 PRPoly (Riverside)
6.9Liana Ray
19:32.6 PRValley View
7.9Destinee Carrera
19:37.8Canyon Springs
8.10Maria Rojas
19:39.0 PRJohn W. North
9.12Lorena Magadan
19:42.9Rancho Verde
10.10Rebekka Bogan
19:44.3Rancho Verde
11.12Alina Aguilar
19:50.6 PRRancho Verde
12.9Lauren Vigrass
20:09.8 PRPoly (Riverside)
13.12Natalie Skaggs
20:11.6Poly (Riverside)
14.11Abigail Burke
20:16.9 SRPoly (Riverside)
15.11Victoria Flores
20:24.1 PRRancho Verde
16.12Samantha Valencia
20:26.0 PRPoly (Riverside)
17.12Chine Ehiemere
20:39.6Rancho Verde
18.11Dulce Arce
20:48.3Canyon Springs
19.11Savannah Milner
20:55.4 SRArlington
20.11Arianna DeVicente
20:56.3 PRValley View
21.11Natalie Jaramillo
21:01.0Rancho Verde
22.10Citlalli Batres
21:25.1Canyon Springs
23.9Siera Selter
21:29.8 SRJohn W. North
24.10Devony Quiddam
21:38.7John W. North
25.11Giselle Herrera
21:57.3Valley View
26.12Rachel Ornelas
22:03.0 PRArlington
27.12Arlene Celis
22:06.1Valley View
28.11Mariela Penaloza
22:32.0 SRJohn W. North
29.10Daniela Ramirez
22:36.6Canyon Springs
30.9Gleice Gonzalez
22:46.7 PRArlington
31.10Kimberly Cortez
22:57.6Valley View
32.9Hana Sigsbee
23:00.9 SRArlington
33.12Arianna Sanchez
23:08.4Valley View
34.10Gelyca Arce
23:19.3Canyon Springs
35.11Alva Enguist
23:41.5 PRValley View
36.12Amanda Britton
23:56.5 PRJohn W. North
37.10Blanca Gutierrez
24:52.9John W. North
38.10Rosa Ramos
26:02.1 PRArlington
39.11Danna Evans
26:17.4 PRJohn W. North
40.10Dariana Vargas
41.9Annette Maldonado
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3 Miles Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Poly (Riverside)15
2.Rancho Verde50
3.Canyon Springs86
1.11Lauren De Frank
20:23.0 PRPoly (Riverside)
2.11Wendy Castillo
20:36.2 PRPoly (Riverside)
3.11Keysha Lusk
20:58.0 SRPoly (Riverside)
4.9Elena Umana
21:08.7Poly (Riverside)
5.12Alondra Ayala
21:08.8Poly (Riverside)
6.11Cayley Oravets
21:15.8Poly (Riverside)
7.10Taylor Short
21:33.8 PRPoly (Riverside)
8.10Tiffany Jones
21:42.6 SRPoly (Riverside)
9.11Madelein Gutierrez
21:48.4 PRRancho Verde
10.12Hayley Manges
21:56.7 SRPoly (Riverside)
11.12Sophia Cabrera
22:03.2 SRPoly (Riverside)
12.10Ayleen Orduno
22:06.5Rancho Verde
13.10Carlie Sweeney
22:08.5 PRPoly (Riverside)
14.9Ashley DeAnda
22:14.1 PRPoly (Riverside)
15.9Yulisa Medina
22:21.2 SRPoly (Riverside)
16.12Nikki Lapuz
22:27.2 PRRancho Verde
17.10Amy Flores
22:28.3Rancho Verde
18.12Tonalli Orona-Rami...
22:29.1Poly (Riverside)
19.12Yesenia Marquez
22:34.7 PRRancho Verde
20.11Jennifer Lara
22:51.6Rancho Verde
21.9Marina Bryant
22:58.5 PRPoly (Riverside)
22.12Lizbeth Gaytan
23:03.6 PRArlington
23.10Catherine Guzman
23:04.7Canyon Springs
24.11Ariel Salgado
23:05.6 SRCanyon Springs
25.9Kathleen Lynch
23:08.4Poly (Riverside)
26.9Maria Jaramillo
23:10.5 PRPoly (Riverside)
27.10Kalya Lego
23:17.2 PRCanyon Springs
28.12Sophie Pintor
23:39.2 SRCanyon Springs
29.11Vanessa Sierra
23:42.1 PRValley View
30.11Erika Rogero
23:42.1 PRRancho Verde
31.9Laura Gallardo
23:44.9 PRPoly (Riverside)
32.12Katherine Perez
23:52.3Canyon Springs
33.12Alexa Olivas
23:56.5 SRRancho Verde
34.11Jaqueline Corona
24:03.3 PRPoly (Riverside)
35.11Evelyn Bermejo
24:15.9 SRRancho Verde
36.11Genevieve Garcia
24:36.7 PRRancho Verde
37.9Crystal Tagactac
24:40.7 PRArlington
38.12Lizeth Gaytan
24:42.2 PRArlington
39.11Trinity Long
24:58.2 PRPoly (Riverside)
40.9Guadalupe Castillo
25:38.2Poly (Riverside)
41.12Reese Pulido
25:50.8Poly (Riverside)
42.12Paige Jones
25:55.0 PRPoly (Riverside)
43.11Liliana Arteaga
25:59.9 SRCanyon Springs
44.10Evelyn Escobar
26:12.1 PRValley View
45.11Jennifer Escobar
26:12.2 PRValley View
46.10Trinity Rios
26:19.2Rancho Verde
47.10Jessica Gonzalez
26:23.3Valley View
48.10Abigal Gutierrez
27:23.8 PRCanyon Springs
49.9Natalie Anguiano
27:40.0Poly (Riverside)
50.11Sabrina Bastidas
29:08.5 SRRancho Verde
51.12Gisselle Nava
30:25.9 SRArlington
52.12Bryanna Caloca
33:46.8 PRArlington
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