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Carbon Canyon Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph
Womens Races

Carbon Canyon Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Frosh Soph

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Brea XC Invitational returns on October 1, 2016

Date: Saturday, October 1st, 2016 (This is the same week # as usual.)

Time: 8:30 first high school race

Distance: 5 km

Place: Carbon Canyon Regional Park - 4442 Carbon Canyon Road Brea, CA 92823 Parking

Park Entry Fee: $5.00 per auto. $30 per bus. Your bus may drop off in the park, and then park at BOHS to avoid the fee.

Levels: Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, Frosh-Soph Boys, Frosh-Soph Girls Entry

Race Entry Fee: $70.00 per level per team, or $20.00 per individual. If you enter teams at each level per gender, your total fees will be $280. Make checks payable to Brea-Olinda High School. Entry fees must be sent ahead or paid on race day. $10 per division late fee will be charged for all fees received after October 3rd. You may send checks to:

Brea Olinda High School – ATTN Bruno Morlan

789 Wildcat Way Brea, CA 92821

Timing: Timing will be done by, entries due by Sept. 26.

Course: Paved trails, dirt trails, grass, and hills. 5 km course.

Race Format: 2 races per level as follows: (See attached time sheet) Your #1-5 runners will run against all other 1-5 runners. All others (#6, 7, ++++) will run in one race.

Scoring: Your top 5 times in each level, regardless of which race they were in, will be added for a team time. The fastest team time will determine first place and so on. This year we will be using for our timing.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, September 27th. We only have room for 40 teams. The first 40 teams who email me will be accepted into the meet.

Awards: Individuals: Top 20 individuals per race will receive a medal.

Teams: t-shirts to top 7 members of winning team in each division.

Please e-mail me at as soon as possible so that we can make plans for you and the rest of the field. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or e-mail me. Hope to see you there!


Bruno Morlan

Boys Cross Country Coach

Brea-Olinda High School



Check our website for updates


7:00 a.m. PARK OPENS

RACE   TIME            LEVEL                                          AWARDS

1       8:05             BOYS F/S 6-7 OTHER              20 MEDAL

2       8:25             GIRLS F/S 6-7 OTHER             20 MEDAL

3       8:45             BOYS F/S 3-5                           20 MEDAL  

4       9:05             GIRLS F/S 1-5                          20 MEDAL

5 9:25 BOYS F/S 1-2 20 MEDAL


6       9:45              BOYS VAR 1-2                           20 MEDAL

7       10:05            GIRLS VAR 1-2                         20 MEDAL

8       10:25            BOYS VAR 3-5                          20 MEDAL

9        10:45           GIRLS VAR 3-5                         20 MEDAL

10       11:05           GIRLS VAR 6+ (AND JV)         20 MEDAL

11       11:25           BOYS VAR 6+ (AND JV)          20 MEDAL


*The following races are scored together to determine team times:

  • 1, 3 and 5

  • 2 and 4

  • 6, 8 and 11

  • 7, 9, and 10


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Valencia (Placentia)45
2.Brea Olinda61
4.La Serna168
6.Apple Valley223
11.Xavier College Prep339
14.Santa Fe356
15.Garden Grove368
16.West Covina371
17.El Monte463
18.San Bernardino493
19.San Jacinto510
20.Santiago (Garden Grove)552
22.Bell Gardens588
23.South El Monte607
25.Foothill (Santa Ana)628
26.Alta Loma650
28.Palmdale Aerospace Academy735

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Kevin Ramos Leyva
15:17.85 SRRubidoux
2.12Erik Gonzalez
3.12Giovanni Orellana
16:01.10Brea Olinda
4.11Ethan Frisone
16:07.88 SRValencia (Placentia)
5.12Daniel Perez
16:14.00Brea Olinda
6.12Caleb Myers
16:18.37 PRBrea Olinda
7.11Timo Dohm
16:32.00Valencia (Placentia)
8.12Jesus Moreno
16:34.33Valencia (Placentia)
9.11Jacob Dunne
16:36.07 SRRowland
10.11Jake Miho
16:38.04 PRRowland
11.12Ricardo Luna
16:39.42 PRSan Bernardino
12.12Nery Tello
16:42.63Valencia (Placentia)
13.10Ivan Mejia
16:43.92 PREtiwanda
14.11Cayden Ruiz
16:44.22Valencia (Placentia)
15.12David Pacheco
16:50.24Valencia (Placentia)
16.12Giovanni Gutierrez
16:50.78 SRSan Jacinto
17.11Chris Bedolla
16:55.07 PRApple Valley
18.12Oscar Valle
16:55.21 PREl Monte
19.11Adrian Casas
16:56.45 PRGahr
20.12Drew Apahidean
16:56.47 PRBrea Olinda
21.12Jonathan Webb
17:01.67 PRSanta Fe
22.11Dino Ramirez
23.11Derek D'Amelia
17:08.05 PRTroy
24.11Jorge Gracian
17:09.08 PRGahr
25.12Noah Mcgranahan
17:10.53 PRTroy
26.11Nick Krohn
17:11.97 SRValencia (Placentia)
27.11Tommy Valenti
17:13.16 SRBrea Olinda
28.10Andrew Hernandez
17:14.61 SRLa Serna
29.9Jordi Peiro
17:17.34 PRApple Valley
30.10John Martinez
17:17.87 SRRowland
31.12Jose Moreno
17:22.74Valencia (Placentia)
32.12John McGrath
17:27.10 SRWest Covina
33.10Jesse Montez
17:28.08 SRLa Serna
34.11Abdul Jumani
17:29.95 PRGahr
35.10Andrew Ramos
17:30.73 SRAnaheim
36.11Javier Guiliano
17:31.08 PRLa Serna
37.10Marco Perez
17:31.16 SRLa Serna
38.11Diego Barrera
17:31.43 SRLa Serna
39.12Jonnah Lee
17:31.62 PRTroy
40.11Angel Cueva
17:31.82 PRSanta Fe
41.11Jose Lorenzana
17:34.61 SRAnaheim
42.11Phillip Williams
17:36.11 SREtiwanda
43.11Joshua Hernandez
44.12Octavio Moreno
17:38.70 SRAnaheim
45.12Francisco Castro
17:39.16 PRApple Valley
46.11Candido Gutierrez
17:41.29 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
47.10Jimmy Lei
17:42.72 SRRowland
48.12Giovanni Barajas
17:44.07 SRGarden Grove
49.12Adriel Ibarra
17:44.45Xavier College Prep
50.11Justin Gomez
17:48.44 PRPatriot
51.10Zachery Williams
17:49.52 PREtiwanda
52.11Christopher De La ...
53.11InHauck Choi
17:52.56 PRTroy
54.12Shivam Patel
17:52.71 PRValencia (Placentia)
55.11Brandon Talley
17:53.47 SRApple Valley
56.11Roberto Pioquinto
17:53.85 SRGarden Grove
57.11Blake Hare
17:54.15 SREtiwanda
58.12Raymond Diaz
17:54.29 PRPatriot
59.11Issac Granados
17:54.56 SRWest Covina
60.11Jorge Hernandez
17:57.34 PRSanta Fe
61.12Michael Branconier
17:57.51Xavier College Prep
62.12Braulio Ramirez
17:57.53Xavier College Prep
63.12Carlos De La Torre
17:59.25 PRPatriot
64.11Cristian Sanchez
18:01.72 SRSan Jacinto
65.11Hector Hernandez
18:01.86 PRBell Gardens
66.10Rafael Alcaraz
18:02.75 SRRowland
67.11Jose Luis Pluma
18:02.92 SRValencia (Placentia)
68.10Jose Avila
69.11Servando Aviles
18:05.48 SRAnaheim
70.10Michael Sanchez
18:05.90 PRAnaheim
71.11Andres Lopez-Ospina
18:06.12Xavier College Prep
72.11Omar Rangel
18:07.20 PRSouth El Monte
73.12Sergio Sanchez
18:08.18 PRAnaheim
74.11Jorge Hernandez
18:08.53 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
75.12Alexis Cacique
18:09.38 PRRubidoux
76.10Nolan Orozco
18:10.51 PRBrea Olinda
77.12Tyler Jackson
18:11.33 PRValencia (Placentia)
78.11Jarrod Delin
18:15.21 PRTroy
79.11Fernando Hernandez
18:18.50 PRCentury
80.11Jacob Francis
18:19.34 SRLos Altos
81.12Ismael Fregoso
18:20.92 PRGarden Grove
82.11Geovanny Guzman
18:21.64 SRCentury
83.10Houston Reese
18:21.67 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
84.12Mauricio Rangel
18:21.74 PRArlington
85.11Ryan Magner
18:22.27 SRApple Valley
86.11Ricardo Lira Marti...
87.11Nathan Spidell
18:24.24 PRTroy
88.11John Martinez
18:28.00 PRBell Gardens
89.11Michael Lee
18:28.57 PRValencia (Placentia)
90.12Joshua Shook
18:29.05 PRValencia (Placentia)
91.12Isaac Abdala
18:29.96Alta Loma
92.11Christian Guerra
18:31.96 PRWest Covina
93.11Moleka Miramontes
18:32.78 PRSan Bernardino
94.11Marc Rivas
18:33.64 PRGahr
95.12Eddie Ortega
18:34.70 PRGarden Grove
96.11Freddy Montes
18:35.25 PREl Monte
97.11Ryan Mealio
18:35.88 PRTroy
98.12Kyle Dojillo
18:42.54 PRWest Covina
99.12Aaron Hickey
18:44.06 PRSan Bernardino
100.11Brian Guzman
18:45.31 PRRowland
101.12Alec Gonzalez
18:49.77 PRPatriot
102.11Chris Thornburgh
18:54.53 SRBrea Olinda
103.12Kobe Kendall
18:56.19 PRPatriot
104.11Ismael Ojeda
18:56.57 PRLos Altos
105.11Justin Ochoa
18:57.82 SRLos Altos
106.12Alexander Estrada
18:58.54Alta Loma
107.12Marcus Maley
18:59.27 PRLa Serna
108.11Issac Chung
18:59.49 PRTroy
109.10Christian Palafox
18:59.52 PRChino
110.12Alex Lira
19:01.84 PRChino
111.12Braulio Ortiz
19:02.13 PRSanta Fe
112.11Aaron Turk
19:02.58 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
113.11Isaac Ibarra
19:02.87 SRLos Altos
114.12Juan Gonzalez
19:04.24 PRGarden Grove
115.11Chase Vigue
19:05.21 SRXavier College Prep
116.10Jesus Arzapalo
19:06.65Xavier College Prep
117.12Kevin Cerezo
19:09.66 PREl Monte
118.12Luis Bustos
19:11.14 PRWest Covina
119.10Grant Callen
19:11.58 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
120.11Paul Yoo
19:12.20 PRTroy
121.12Cesar Barerra
19:13.02 PRRubidoux
122.11Jorge Lorenzo
19:13.26 PRCentury
123.10Humberto Diaz
19:13.95 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
124.11Mason Velasquez
125.10Michael Guzman
19:18.49 PREl Monte
126.9Andres Arias
19:19.77Xavier College Prep
127.12Angel Landa
19:20.70 PRHesperia
128.12Nathan Stilson
19:22.81 PRWest Covina
129.12Nathan Parada
19:27.71 SRPatriot
130.12Luis Garcia
19:27.84 PRRubidoux
131.12Jason Munguia
19:28.85 PRSan Bernardino
132.10Francesco Nepite
19:30.23 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
133.11Evan Chase
19:30.79 SRValencia (Placentia)
134.10Justin Anguiano
19:32.55 SREtiwanda
135.12Alejandro Claudio
19:34.22 PRGarden Grove
136.12Devin McDaniel
19:34.77 PRApple Valley
137.11Travis Gillette
19:34.93 PRApple Valley
138.11Gabriel Negrete
19:36.40 PRSouth El Monte
139.11Ian Parker
19:38.41 PRLa Serna
140.11Gavin Spillard
19:38.51 SRSouth El Monte
141.11Suri Flores
19:38.92 PRAnaheim
142.11Brandon Nguyen
19:41.48 PRTroy
143.12Cesar Reyes
19:42.90 SRSouth El Monte
144.11Fernando Gomez
19:43.75 SRAnaheim
145.11Marc Anthony Pulido
19:44.50 PREtiwanda
146.11Derek Tran
19:44.87 PRTroy
147.12Thomas Bateman
19:45.34 PRApple Valley
148.10Aaron Morales
19:46.02 SRSan Jacinto
149.12Giovanni Medina
19:47.37 PRArlington
150.12Erick De Santiago
19:47.74 PRChino
151.11Jonathon Tolentino
19:48.69 PRTroy
152.11Israel Castelan
19:49.58 PRPatriot
153.12Luis Barragan Rodr...
19:49.72 PRChino
154.11Josiah MacFarland
19:51.37 PRRowland
155.11Ramon Avila
19:54.24 SRWest Covina
156.11David Diaz
19:55.60 PRSanta Fe
157.10Bryan Phung
19:55.61 PREl Monte
158.11Gabriel Espinoza
19:57.40 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
159.11Aldo Frias
19:58.74 PREl Monte
160.12Jesus Ramos
19:59.24 PRBell Gardens
161.11Ramsey Perez
20:00.99 PREtiwanda
162.12Abraham Hernandez
20:01.65 SRSan Jacinto
163.11Joshua Bayani
20:01.99 PRBrea Olinda
164.11Andy Hernandez
20:03.31 SRCentury
165.12William Han
20:03.80 SRGarden Grove
166.11James Urry
20:04.39 PRApple Valley
167.11Brennan Ramirez
20:05.01 PRAlta Loma
168.11Kevin Sprague
20:05.40 SRBrea Olinda
169.12Mark Hickman
20:08.45 SRApple Valley
170.11Isaac Calva
20:10.92 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
171.12Dan Vu
20:11.57 PRGarden Grove
172.12Wyatt O'Hara
20:12.94 PRApple Valley
173.11London Pham
20:13.46 PRGarden Grove
174.12Alexander Mendoza
20:14.29 PRBell Gardens
175.12Anthony Langarica
20:15.61 PRHesperia
176.11Jonathan Muaddi
20:18.62 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
177.11Juan Garcia
20:18.94 PRGarden Grove
178.11Nate Martinez
20:20.42 SRApple Valley
179.12Esteban Ordonez
20:23.21 SRWest Covina
180.11Luis Perez
20:25.73 PREl Monte
181.12Daniel Alcocer
182.10Miguel Torres
20:32.45 SRBell Gardens
183.12Matt Worrall
20:33.53 PRBrea Olinda
184.11Andrew Aguilar
20:37.96 PRChino
185.11Anthony Hernandez
20:41.00 PRLa Serna
186.12Nathan Wilch
20:46.50 SREsperanza
187.12Juan Aguayo
20:47.06 PRChino
188.10Matthew Garcia Jr
20:47.72 PRChino
189.11Nik Potenza
20:50.70 PREsperanza
190.11Dylan Gervasio
20:51.35Alta Loma
191.11Ethan Mexicano
192.11Ryan Suarez
20:52.79 SRSan Jacinto
193.12Alberto Robinson
20:57.67 PRPatriot
194.12Saul Velasco Rodri...
20:58.26 PRChino
195.11Isaac Caudillo
20:59.79 PRSouth El Monte
196.10Zach Wilcox
21:02.67 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
197.12Ethan Dehn
21:03.90 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
198.10Mason Williams
21:05.16 SRHesperia
199.11Brian Lantan
21:10.10 PRBell Gardens
200.10Angel Marcelo
21:11.64 PREl Monte
201.12Emmanuel Alvarado
21:11.99 PRPatriot
202.10Andrew Portugal
21:12.05 SRValencia (Placentia)
203.11Jack Penner
21:14.57 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
204.10Patrick Trubee
21:14.91 SRXavier College Prep
205.11Nathan Aguilar
21:15.87 PRAlta Loma
206.11Kevin Ramos
21:16.30 PRRowland
207.11Angel Uribe
21:21.48 PRBell Gardens
208.11Zachary Baker
21:22.34 PRLa Serna
209.11Luis Gonzalez
21:22.82 PRCentury
210.10Michael Soto
21:36.40 PRArlington
211.10Hugo Becerra
21:38.16 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
212.11Parker Poole
21:39.04 SRValencia (Placentia)
213.11Aaron Lu
21:44.64 PRRowland
214.12Diego Olalde
21:48.31 PRArlington
215.12Anthony Chavez
21:49.35 PRLa Serna
216.11Infante Alexis
21:53.16 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
217.9Isaac Carcamo
22:02.02 PRChino
218.11Julio Leueano
22:02.06 PRArlington
219.12Jonathan Flores
22:02.37 PRSanta Fe
220.11Paul Kim
22:04.46 PRTroy
221.11Nathan Rodriguez
22:06.22 SRHesperia
222.11Christopher Armas
22:07.60 SRAlta Loma
223.11Kyle Moore
22:14.93 PRValencia (Placentia)
224.10Alberto Morales
22:16.69 PRLynwood
225.11Salvador Jimenez
226.11Titus Houston
22:24.99 PRHesperia
227.9Zachary Devine
22:26.41 SRGarden Grove
228.11Steven Feng
22:27.30 PRXavier College Prep
229.11Daniel Flores
22:29.83 PRBell Gardens
230.12Timothy Cannon
22:29.94 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
231.12Ian Smith
22:30.15 SRValencia (Placentia)
232.11Luis Duran
22:36.42 PRLynwood
233.11Dario Cameno
234.11Andy Yu
22:39.38 PRRowland
235.10Daniel Durini
22:40.92 PRCentury
236.11Daniel Hernandez
22:41.78 PREtiwanda
237.12Garrett Clubb
22:44.62 SRValencia (Placentia)
238.11Joseluis Aparicio
22:44.88 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
239.10James Nguyen
22:51.89 SRGarden Grove
240.11George Rodriguez
22:53.66 PRCentury
241.11Cole Sheyka
22:54.93 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
242.10Edgar Gomez
22:55.48 SRGarden Grove
243.11Erick Modesto
22:57.17 PRBell Gardens
244.10Davis Hoang
23:01.50 SRGarden Grove
245.12Bryan Scanlan
23:02.56 PRBrea Olinda
246.9John Zingg
23:04.90 SRXavier College Prep
247.10Kenny Barrios
23:07.19 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
248.11Jasmeet Singh
23:08.14 PRCentury
249.12David Hirwa
23:22.89 PROrange
250.11Marian Zaehringer
23:27.40 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
251.12Eduardo Romero
23:31.13 PRBell Gardens
252.11Joshua Pascual
23:38.53 PRGahr
253.11Jose Rodriguez
23:39.48 PRCentury
254.10Ismale Meza
23:41.75 PRHesperia
255.9Kristopher Barrios
23:43.12 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
256.11Dakota Parr
23:48.04 PRApple Valley
257.11Anthony Galeana
23:49.24 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
258.12Leonardo Granados
23:50.54 PRSan Bernardino
259.11Martin Baiz
23:53.92 PRArlington
260.11Timothy Evora
23:54.36 PRSouth El Monte
261.11Ethan Casey
23:58.91 SRApple Valley
262.11Adan Andres Almaraz
263.10Vincent Viratham
24:08.15 PRGarden Grove
264.10Noah Wright
24:20.77 PRRowland
265.12Johnnel Mangabat
24:31.87 PRGahr
266.11Angel Lopez
24:34.33 PRAlta Loma
267.10Pursley Miranda
24:47.07 SRGarden Grove
268.11Jonathan Razo
24:56.89 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
269.11Juan Rodriguez
24:57.70 PRSanta Fe
270.11Albert Dionicio
271.11Matt Hedrick
25:19.10 PREsperanza
272.10Austin Nguyen
25:32.69 SRGarden Grove
273.12Arturo Munoz
25:37.70 PRSan Jacinto
274.10Evan Bohnet
25:45.52 PRXavier College Prep
275.10Raymond Sabino
26:07.04 PRGarden Grove
276.12Joezeh Ramirez
277.12Kevin Martinez
27:18.44 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
278.10Thanh Nguyen
28:04.20 PRGarden Grove
279.11Jose Aguirre
29:01.10 PRBell Gardens
280.12Valentin Espinoza
29:06.09 PRCentury
281.12Hector Tobar
29:43.43 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
282.11Kevin Reyes
30:29.71 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
283.12James Toyotome
31:28.35 PRPatriot
284.12Samad Mohammad
31:31.90 PRGahr
285.12Caleb Williams
34:58.78 PROrange
286.12Joshua DeLeon
35:01.64 PROrange
287.10Brian Pham
35:25.17 SRXavier College Prep
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5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Brea Olinda69
2.La Serna74
3.Valencia (Placentia)137
4.Alta Loma179
6.Santiago (Garden Grove)191
9.Los Altos350
14.Santa Fe421
15.West Covina434
17.Xavier College Prep462
18.South El Monte463
19.San Bernardino486
20.Apple Valley493
21.Foothill (Santa Ana)539
22.Bell Gardens546
25.San Jacinto564
27.El Monte814

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Daniel Abdala
17:14.01Alta Loma
2.10Zackary Alexander
17:14.86Alta Loma
3.10Daniel Alvarez
17:35.08 PRPatriot
4.9Esteban Barrera
17:36.59 PRLa Serna
5.9Logan Juggert
17:36.75 SRRowland
6.10Jesse Munoz
17:41.20 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
7.9Matthew Apahidean
17:42.48 SRBrea Olinda
8.10Christopher Guiliano
17:47.37 PRLa Serna
9.9Shane Gaffikin
17:54.11 SRBrea Olinda
10.9Kishan Patel
17:55.56 SRGahr
11.10Noah Tamagno
17:56.88 PRBrea Olinda
12.9Leo Valencia
18:01.95 SRRubidoux
13.9James Castaneda
18:02.85 SRValencia (Placentia)
14.9Anthony Becerra
18:04.62 PRLa Serna
15.10Joseph Elias
18:06.58 PRHesperia
16.10Jack Hannum
18:08.64 SRBrea Olinda
17.9Ethan Stinnett
18:08.85 SRValencia (Placentia)
18.9Gerald Baltzer
18:10.48 SRLa Serna
19.10Drew Myers
18:11.93 PRTroy
20.9Brian Wynn
18:13.27 SRHesperia
21.10Dryden Gonsalves
18:14.24Alta Loma
22.10Joey Park
18:15.43 SRValencia (Placentia)
23.10Patrick Martinez
18:15.91 PRTroy
24.10Jose Castrejon
18:16.82 SRSan Jacinto
25.10Gerson Amaya
18:18.99 PRLynwood
26.10Isak Andrade
18:21.96 PRLos Altos
27.10Shoichi Omoto
18:22.05 PRTroy
28.10Jacob Woody
18:23.31 PRBrea Olinda
29.9Eric Perez
18:23.90 SRApple Valley
30.10Jared Moradian
18:24.43 SRValencia (Placentia)
31.10David Angel
18:24.99 PRLynwood
32.9Jose Ledezma
18:26.49 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
33.9Aidan Arredondo
18:28.47 SRLa Serna
34.9Nicholas Acevedo
18:28.83 PRRowland
35.9Brandon Rodriguez
18:33.37 SRRowland
36.10David Aguilar
18:35.92 PRSouth El Monte
37.9Carlos Camerena
18:36.59 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
38.10Mason Harding
18:36.78 SRBrea Olinda
39.10Derek Daproza
18:37.24 PRWest Covina
40.9Jonathan Talarico
18:37.75 PRSanta Fe
41.10Reed Piette
18:37.99 SREsperanza
42.10David Thurstan
18:39.08 PRLa Serna
43.9Adam Sorenson
18:41.02 PREtiwanda
44.9Robert Diaz
18:43.38 SRPatriot
45.9Carlos Perez
18:43.51 SRBrea Olinda
46.9Jose Ventura
18:44.47 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
47.9Marcus Surjopolos
18:46.21 SRGahr
48.10Alex Valdez
18:46.30 PREtiwanda
49.10Adam Tachiquin
18:46.58 PRSanta Fe
50.10Caleb Yates
18:46.86 PRApple Valley
51.10Anthony Orozco
18:47.58 PRBassett
52.10Vincent Capacete
18:48.01 PREtiwanda
53.10Anthony Chiu
18:48.12 PRRowland
54.9Makeye Contreras
18:50.12 PREtiwanda
55.9Jacob Fabian
18:53.31 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
56.10Donovan Cobaxin
18:54.28 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
57.9Gustavo Velasco
18:55.21 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
58.9Mason Melendrez
18:55.69 SRLa Serna
59.9John Root
18:55.75 SRBrea Olinda
60.9Ryan Daedler
18:56.19 SRBrea Olinda
61.10Jason Raynor
18:56.39 PRAlta Loma
62.9Tyler Belknap
18:58.36 PRBrea Olinda
63.10Blake Norwood
19:00.06 PRValencia (Placentia)
64.9Milo Plascencia
19:01.02 SRValencia (Placentia)
65.10Diego Mora
19:02.29 PREtiwanda
66.10Hector Negrete
19:02.87 SRSan Bernardino
67.10Enrique DeLaRosa
19:03.51 PRSouth El Monte
68.10Michael Conde
19:05.34 PRRowland
69.10Andrew Sarabia
19:05.92 PRLa Serna
70.9Luke Francis
19:08.14 PRLos Altos
71.9Jafet Zaragoza
19:09.58 PRSan Bernardino
72.10Ry Johnson
73.9Maverick Shreeve
19:11.61 PRApple Valley
74.10Liam White
75.10Emmanuel Valencia
19:15.03 SRBell Gardens
76.10Christian Perez
19:16.71 PRValencia (Placentia)
77.9Kyle Tse
19:17.58 PRLa Serna
78.10Jacob Ruiz
19:18.51 PRLos Altos
79.9Dylan Plyler
19:18.64 SRValencia (Placentia)
80.10Jack Connor
19:18.93 SREtiwanda
81.9James Torres
19:18.97 PREtiwanda
82.9Ryan Manes
19:19.86 SREsperanza
83.9Nicolas Orozco
19:20.83 PRBrea Olinda
84.9Nicolas Zacair
19:21.91 PRTroy
85.9Adrian Salazar
19:24.43 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
86.10Brian Bulgarelli
19:24.62 PRWest Covina
87.10Christian Saldana
19:25.59 SRWest Covina
88.9Bryan Schurmer
19:26.64 SRNordhoff
89.10Gabriel Camarillo
19:29.91 PRAnaheim
90.10Josh Erickson
19:31.81 SREsperanza
91.9Chris Colchado
19:32.01 SRRubidoux
92.10Matthew Rivera
19:32.87 SRXavier College Prep
93.12Rey Vazquez
19:34.37 SRXavier College Prep
94.10Joseph Soto
19:35.34 PREsperanza
95.10Zilu Yang
19:36.26 PRTroy
96.10Fernando Padilla
19:36.80 PRLos Altos
97.10Aldo Escobedo
19:37.56 PRBell Gardens
98.10Dylan Han
19:37.63 PRRowland
99.10Wyatt Manley
19:39.08Xavier College Prep
100.10Angel Artiga
19:41.43 PRSanta Fe
101.10Eymard Santiago
19:43.08 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
102.10Jordan Chen
19:43.78 SRValencia (Placentia)
103.10Christian Devila
19:44.05 PREtiwanda
104.10Jeffery Aquino
19:44.97 PRLa Serna
105.10Samuel Vega
19:45.26 PRLa Serna
106.10Jordy Juarez
19:45.65 PRValencia (Placentia)
107.10Antonio Gomez
19:45.87 PRPatriot
108.10Jared Mallon
19:45.99 SREtiwanda
109.9Jayden Rascher
19:49.37 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
110.10Eduardo Nevarez
19:50.06 PRSouth El Monte
111.10Mario Mercado
19:50.97 PRLynwood
112.9Josue Espinoza
19:51.04 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
113.10Justin Ortiz
19:52.02 PRValencia (Placentia)
114.10Sam Veliz
19:54.99 PRXavier College Prep
115.9Carlos Rangel
19:56.71 PRSanta Fe
116.10Kayro Esquivel
19:57.47Alta Loma
117.9Sam Fales
19:58.85 PRTroy
118.10Aldo Ramirez
20:00.31 PRSan Bernardino
119.9Andrew Pintor
20:01.52 PRLos Altos
120.11Kyle Song
20:03.42 PRBrea Olinda
121.10Oen Navarro
20:03.59 SRGahr
122.10Ethan Methenge
20:03.70 PREtiwanda
123.10Jonathan Lin
20:04.38 PRRowland
124.10Luis Garcia
20:04.52 SRAnaheim
125.10Osvaldo Torres
20:04.76 PRValencia (Placentia)
126.10Joel Rico
20:06.16 PRRowland
127.10Kyle Potts
20:06.39 SRWest Covina
128.9Edwin Gaxiola
20:09.69 PRAnaheim
129.9Andrew Cammarato
20:13.39 SRValencia (Placentia)
130.10Jeremy Contreras
20:13.76 SRPatriot
131.10Ryan Dang
20:15.30 PRTroy
132.9Noah Reyes
20:15.72 PREtiwanda
133.10Elijah Salmon
20:16.07 SRXavier College Prep
134.10Wyatt Llewellyn
20:16.74 SRValencia (Placentia)
135.12Nelson Huerta
20:17.21 PRPatriot
136.10Hubert Carachure
20:18.39 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
137.10Noah Lee
20:18.70 PRTroy
138.9Chase Bradshaw
20:19.15 PRLa Serna
139.9Andrew Mestas
20:19.53 PRTroy
140.10Sean McHale
141.9Jose Hernandez
20:20.77 SRLos Altos
142.10Tim Fitzpatrick
20:21.00 PRXavier College Prep
143.10Zack Gorman
144.10Alfonso Perez
20:22.50 PRLynwood
145.9William Heath
20:23.52 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
146.9Uriel Guzman
20:24.04 PRSan Bernardino
147.9Tony Dimaio
20:24.60 PREsperanza
148.9Adrian Barraza
20:25.32 SRBell Gardens
149.9Nicholas Castaneda
20:26.01 SRValencia (Placentia)
150.10Mark Iniquez
20:26.86 PRLynwood
151.10Jose G. Garcia
152.9Randy Garcia Esparza
20:27.51 SRSan Jacinto
153.10Edward Tang
20:28.90 PRRowland
154.9Ayaan Chariwala
20:29.69 SRGahr
155.10Jose Meza
20:29.90 SRLos Altos
156.10Dylan Cano
20:29.91 PRLa Serna
157.10Marco Carlton
20:31.30 PRRowland
158.9Eder Alas
20:31.66 SRGahr
159.9Nathan Hernandez
20:32.16 PRLa Serna
160.10Ethan Rosell
20:33.07 PRRowland
161.9Diego Perez
20:34.47 PRRowland
162.10Joseph Rojas
20:35.22 SRCentury
163.10Jaime Preciado
20:35.28 PREl Monte
164.9Edwin Bermejo
20:35.51 PRAnaheim
165.10Gavin Fitch
20:35.71 PRRowland
166.10Victor Corea
20:35.76 PRBell Gardens
167.9Joshua Sheldon
20:38.64 SREsperanza
168.10Ruben Gutierrez
20:39.72 PRValencia (Placentia)
169.9Christian Ramirez
170.9Alexander Resendiz
20:41.97 SRSan Jacinto
171.9Haechan Song
20:42.18 PRTroy
172.9Jesus Luna
20:42.71 SRSouth El Monte
173.9Aakash Kadakia
20:43.40 SRBrea Olinda
174.9Wesley Hamilton
20:43.97 PRWest Covina
175.10Javier Medina
20:44.69 PRWest Covina
176.10Justin Ramirez
20:45.51 PRAlta Loma
177.10Jibril Osumanu
20:46.37 PRAnaheim
178.10Andres Reyes
20:46.47 PRSouth El Monte
179.9Santiago Nava
20:47.33 PRSan Jacinto
180.10Ricardo Gamez
20:47.48 PRBell Gardens
181.9Caleb Perez
20:51.89 SRValencia (Placentia)
182.10Ivy Garcia-guevara
20:52.24 SRSan Bernardino
183.9Joseph Siwiecki
20:52.44 SRLos Altos
184.10Jonathan Benitez
20:52.91 PRBell Gardens
185.10Edwin Maya
20:54.58 PRSouth El Monte
186.9Tommy Bang
20:54.79 PRRowland
187.9Joshua Aguilera
20:55.63 PRValencia (Placentia)
188.9Carter Black
20:57.24 SRValencia (Placentia)
189.10Jacob Albee
20:57.39 PRBrea Olinda
190.9Shawn Nguyen
20:57.45 SRValencia (Placentia)
191.10Alexis Lopez
20:57.88 SRAnaheim
192.10Remy Streichenberger
20:59.02 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
193.9Jordan Ostby
20:59.31 SRBrea Olinda
194.9Javier Bello
21:00.35 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
195.9Benjamin Snitzer
21:00.37 PREtiwanda
196.9Abraham Navas
21:00.56 PRSanta Fe
197.10Caleb Weiseth
21:00.99 PRBrea Olinda
198.9Edward Prieto
21:01.79 PRTroy
199.9Armando Elias
21:01.92 PRSanta Fe
200.9Brandon Garcia Esp...
21:01.98 SRSan Jacinto
201.10Brody O'Neill
21:02.10 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
202.9Francisco Solis
21:02.59 SRBell Gardens
203.10Michael Espinosa
21:04.15 SRLos Altos
204.9Jorge Pacheco
21:05.15 PRBell Gardens
205.10Pedro Diaz
21:05.65 SRSan Bernardino
206.9Kalib Shackleford
21:06.76 PRHesperia
207.9Ernie Molina
21:08.57 SRValencia (Placentia)
208.9Christopher Furumizo
21:09.60 SRBrea Olinda
209.10Dylan Perez Lemus
210.9Daniel Almaguer
21:09.87 PRPatriot
211.10Mikey Winters
21:11.91 PRValencia (Placentia)
212.9Elijah Gloria
21:11.99 PRArlington
213.9Christian Estrada
21:12.33 PRRowland
214.10Alexis Mariano
21:12.89 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
215.10Justin Kao
21:13.11 PRTroy
216.9Mohammad Amjad
21:16.25 SRSan Jacinto
217.9Matthew Spurgeon
21:17.01 PREtiwanda
218.10Johnny Celis
21:18.91 PRValencia (Placentia)
219.9Abraham Lopez
220.10Jake Harwood
221.10Howe Zack
222.9Simon Lariz
21:23.44 PRTroy
223.10Jesse Garcia
21:23.56 PRGahr
224.10Andres Hidalgo
21:24.34 PRPatriot
225.9Michael Caceres
21:24.37 PRAnaheim
226.9Cedric Murphy
21:24.40 PREsperanza
227.10Jonathan Lopez
21:25.62 PRPatriot
228.10Miguel Ruiz
21:25.73 PRBell Gardens
229.9Kyle Nguyen
21:26.14 PRTroy
230.9Joel Cruz
21:29.29 PRBell Gardens
231.10Galen Arkangel
21:29.67 PRLynwood
231.9Devin Hammer
21:29.67 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
233.9Caden Thorne
21:31.05 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
234.10Matthew Cota
21:31.70 PRWest Covina
235.9Angel Castillo
21:32.25 PRSanta Fe
236.9Santiago Alvillar
21:32.45 PRSouth El Monte
237.9Juan Hernandez
21:32.75 PRAnaheim
238.9David Rodriguez
21:33.98 PRSanta Fe
239.9Edward Brodell
21:35.12 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
240.10Gerardo Navarro
21:35.31 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
241.10Noah Trigo
21:35.38 SRGahr
242.9Simon Caudillo
21:36.47 PRSouth El Monte
243.10Christopher Lopez
21:38.83 PRAlta Loma
244.9Sebastian Cielo
21:41.38 PRSanta Fe
245.10Arman Ambia
21:43.07 SRValencia (Placentia)
246.10Fernando Gonzalez
21:45.92 PRSan Bernardino
247.10Dylan Luu
21:46.83 PREl Monte
248.9Victor Dam
21:47.49 PREl Monte
249.10Michael Alonso
21:49.39 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
250.11Gustavo Garcia
21:49.75 PREl Monte
251.9Ozzie Palacios
21:50.61 PRLa Serna
252.9Matthew Tran
21:50.73 PRRowland
253.9Matthew Cammarato
21:51.35 SRValencia (Placentia)
254.9Joel Gomez
21:54.08 PRPatriot
255.10Hector Contreras
21:55.19 PRPatriot
256.10Samuel Urry
21:56.17 SRApple Valley
257.9Van Teck
21:56.53 PREl Monte
258.10Darian Hernandez-M...
21:57.70 SRSouth El Monte
259.10Adrian Rodriguez
21:58.10 PRApple Valley
259.10Vince Tran
21:58.10 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
261.9Sean Scalise
21:58.59 PREsperanza
262.10Andrew Leung
21:58.64 PRRowland
263.9Anthony Iniquez
22:01.31 PRValencia (Placentia)
264.10Cooper Crabtree
22:01.73 SRBrea Olinda
265.11Peter Carlin-Marrufo
22:01.95 PRLos Altos
266.10Jesus Diaz
22:07.26 PRCentury
267.10Alex Gomez
22:09.18 SRValencia (Placentia)
268.9Colin Irey
22:10.82 SRValencia (Placentia)
269.10Garrett Jackman
22:11.52 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
270.10Liam Thorpe
22:12.84 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
271.11Giovanni Gutierrez
22:12.91 PREl Monte
272.9Ignacio Hernandez
22:13.87 PRBell Gardens
273.10Salvador Rosales
22:14.28 PREl Monte
274.9Ulises Solis
22:14.87 PRPatriot
275.9Ivan Torres
22:16.03 PRSanta Fe
276.10Rolando Ibarra
22:17.10 PRLynwood
277.9Jonah Roe
22:17.62 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
278.10Mauro Rodriguez
22:18.34 PRCentury
279.9Eduardo Ibanez
22:18.89 PRBell Gardens
280.9Pedro Garcia
22:20.08 PRCentury
281.10Bryan Ortiz
22:20.42 PRBell Gardens
282.10Andrew Cano
22:22.14 PRAlta Loma
283.9Alexis Gutierrez
22:22.66 PRSan Jacinto
284.10Aaron Torres
22:24.84 PRCentury
285.10Bernie Rodriguez
22:25.01 PRAnaheim
286.10Connor Downing
22:30.52 SREsperanza
287.9Alek Oei
22:33.75 PRWest Covina
288.10Daniel Rios
22:34.04 PRLynwood
289.9Isaiah Vazquez
22:37.63 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
290.9Jonathan Hernandez
291.9Trey Soto
22:39.06 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
292.9Ravi Dhaliwal
22:40.47 PRRowland
293.10Ricky Ayon
22:44.49 SRApple Valley
294.9Angel Fuerte
22:45.72 SRBrea Olinda
295.9Ivan Paniagua
22:46.18 PRSanta Fe
296.9Forsberg Xzavier
297.9Emiliano Mendoza
22:48.03 PRBell Gardens
298.10Rodbyn Gomez
22:48.74 SRValencia (Placentia)
299.9Andrew Velasco
22:49.95 SRBrea Olinda
300.11Carlos Aviles
22:53.18 PREl Monte
301.10Joseph Nearou
22:54.23 PRHesperia
302.9Ian Aguila
22:55.93 PRSouth El Monte
303.9David Estrada
22:57.72 PRAnaheim
304.10Joseph Alcaraz
22:57.99 PRPatriot
305.9Mark Fortanel
22:59.97 PRSouth El Monte
306.9Alex Salgado
23:00.93 SRSan Bernardino
307.10Pedro Duran
23:01.17 PRLynwood
308.9Daniel Gomez
23:01.59 PRSanta Fe
309.9Adal Covarrubias
23:02.21 PRSan Jacinto
310.10Adrian Modesty
23:05.97 SREtiwanda
311.10Alberto Sainz
23:06.72 SRSan Jacinto
312.9Robert Nunez
23:08.00 PRSan Jacinto
313.9Nathan Olsen
23:09.59 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
314.9Tony Gutierrez
23:17.56 SRBassett
315.9Derek Cheung
23:17.60 PRRowland
316.9Joel Diaz
23:17.69 PRLa Serna
317.9Brayan Maya
23:21.93 SRSouth El Monte
318.9Jaime Loza
23:23.46 SRBell Gardens
319.10Jonah Obena
23:23.57 PRRowland
320.10Ju (James) Kyeongwon
23:26.35 PRAnaheim Discovery Ch...
321.11Isa Rojas
23:27.22 PRAnaheim Discovery Ch...
322.10Jehohanan Moreno
23:33.05 PRBell Gardens
323.10Jerry Hernandez
23:33.82 PRLynwood
324.9Joshua Gomez
23:33.85 PRRowland
325.10Benny Flores
23:34.77 SRBell Gardens
326.10Miguel Cabrera
23:35.29 SRValencia (Placentia)
327.9Andrew Gordon
23:36.07 SRSan Jacinto
328.10Elliott Gomez
23:37.26 PRLynwood
329.9Nathan Kim
23:37.32 PRValencia (Placentia)
330.10Mathew Granados
23:38.68 SRLos Altos
331.9Logan Rios
23:39.56 SRBrea Olinda
332.10Caden Long
23:40.86 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
333.10Daniel Pulido
23:43.86 PRSanta Fe
334.9Jeffrey Ramirez
23:45.19 PRSanta Fe
335.10Raymond Hua
23:47.40 PRTroy
336.9Sameer Shah
23:47.41 PRValencia (Placentia)
337.10Justin Tran
23:48.03 SRLos Altos
338.9Jose Vargas
23:48.92 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
339.9Vincent Martin
23:51.89 SRCentury
340.9Jeff Wang
23:53.87 PRRowland
341.9Himanshu Kaushik
23:53.95 PRValencia (Placentia)
342.9Jose Loya
23:55.88 PRRowland
343.9Armando Varela-Osa...
23:59.36 PRTroy
344.9Jesus Garcia
24:03.74 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
345.9Zack Wong
24:07.11 SRValencia (Placentia)
346.10Ryan Knott
24:08.62 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
347.10Joshua Fuentes
24:14.24 PRArlington
348.10Daniel Moreno
24:32.72 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
349.10Robert Franco
24:33.53 PRTroy
350.9Richard Chen
24:35.08 PRRowland
351.10Jose Guzman
24:45.44 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
352.10Bryan Castaneda
24:48.32 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
353.9Angel Farias
24:50.00 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
354.10Miguel Vega
24:51.12 PRSouth El Monte
355.9David Cuen
24:53.23 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
356.10Cuauhtli Ramos
24:54.22 PRAlta Loma
357.9David Olvera
24:58.40 PRLos Altos
358.9Adrian Hernandez
25:01.10 PRBell Gardens
359.9Kevin McGrath
25:01.63 PRWest Covina
360.9Giovanny Cordova
25:02.58 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
361.10Anthony Valencia
25:04.25 PRSan Bernardino
362.9Joey Ortiz
25:09.04 PRSouth El Monte
363.10Joseph Vasquez
25:17.65 PRPatriot
364.10Ben Archer
25:34.80 PRNordhoff
365.9Scott Angier
25:35.41 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
366.9Michael Batchev
25:51.32 PRTroy
367.10Samuel Frankel
25:57.26 PRAlta Loma
368.9Alex Liu
26:18.89 PRRowland
369.9Damian Lozano
26:19.39 PRRowland
370.9Andrew Wilch
26:22.38 SREsperanza
371.9Jonathan Fick
26:30.59 SREsperanza
372.10Josue Morales
373.12Edgar Banuelos
26:46.49 PREl Monte
374.10Samuel Xu
26:51.32 PRAnaheim Discovery Ch...
375.9Anthony Esquivel
26:59.87 SRHesperia
376.9Preston Hanson
27:11.97 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
377.10Eduardo Ramirez
27:19.57 PRLynwood
378.9Jacob Oper
27:27.86 PRArlington
379.9Josiah Jepsen
27:27.94 SRBrea Olinda
380.9Miguel Gutierrez
27:28.85 PRLynwood
381.10Javier Lozano
27:40.52 PRSan Jacinto
382.11Isai Paredes-Mendez
27:42.92 PRLynwood
383.10Jacob McNair
27:45.94 SRValencia (Placentia)
384.9Alec Floray
28:15.88 SRValencia (Placentia)
385.10David Martinez
28:49.47 SRBell Gardens
386.11Tai Ton
29:39.14 SRAnaheim Discovery Ch...
387.9Justin Lu
29:44.46 PRRowland
388.9Jorge Ismerio
31:47.90 PRSan Jacinto
389.10Jorge Bautista
31:53.65 PRCentury
390.11Jorge Vargas
32:11.89 SRSan Bernardino
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.St. Lucy’s52
2.Foothill (Santa Ana)74
3.Apple Valley104
6.Garden Grove216
7.Santa Fe221
10.South El Monte246
11.El Monte290
12.San Jacinto295
13.Valencia (Placentia)325
14.Santiago (Garden Grove)343
15.Bell Gardens344
16.San Bernardino400
17.Palmdale Aerospace Academy415

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jacquelyn Hill
19:10.71 PREtiwanda
2.10Ivanna Chagolla
19:27.72St. Lucy’s
3.11Alyssa Segovia
19:52.27Alta Loma
4.11Darla Gonzalez
20:00.62 PRApple Valley
5.10Lindsay Calderon
20:14.43 PRApple Valley
6.11Kimberly Lopez
20:32.70 SRSan Jacinto
7.11Chloe Leong
20:42.18 SRSt. Lucy’s
8.11Karen Gonzalez
20:48.02 PRSanta Fe
9.12Wednesday Osuna
21:04.96 SRLos Altos
10.12Deena Kirrish
21:13.45 SREtiwanda
11.11Carmen Pratt
21:19.89 PRNordhoff
12.11Sarabeth Johnson
21:21.84 PRTroy
13.12Samantha Solomon
21:26.13 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
14.11Brianna Corvese
21:32.61St. Lucy’s
15.12Natalie Cuellar
21:36.03 SRRubidoux
16.11Meagan Silves
21:37.41 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
17.11La'Daijah Wright
21:40.27 SREtiwanda
18.11Savannah Milner
21:42.40 PRArlington
19.10Supriya Rawal
21:45.62 PRRowland
20.11Pilar Padilla
21:46.98 PRTroy
21.11Mary Hernandez
21:48.59 SRSouth El Monte
22.11Sarah Avdeeff
21:48.87 PRNordhoff
23.12Clarissa Gonzalez
21:52.03 PRSanta Fe
24.11Jordan Arbayo
21:59.49 PRSt. Lucy’s
25.10Natalie Raetz
22:03.16 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
26.11Kat Estrada
22:05.71 PRRowland
27.11Neftali Cordero
22:06.19 SRSouth El Monte
28.11Casey Hulme
22:07.39 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
29.12Alicia Perez
22:11.62 PRRubidoux
30.10Teresa Zhang
22:16.39 PRRowland
31.11Rocio Bartolo
22:22.66 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
32.10Hannah Rohr
22:23.96St. Lucy’s
33.10Kelsey Withers
22:24.62 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
34.11Jennifer Berrios
35.11Aurora Mendez
22:26.93 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
36.12Jasmine Estrada
22:33.68 PRWest Covina
37.11Melissa Aguirre
22:43.06 SRAnaheim
38.12Melody Chavez
22:46.61 PRApple Valley
39.12Ana Zarate
22:50.70 PRSouth El Monte
40.12Aileen Osorio
22:52.32 SRAlta Loma
41.9Jocelyn Rivera
22:53.69 PRAnaheim
42.11Erica Johnson
22:54.31St. Lucy’s
43.11Enolla Contreras
22:55.05 SRSan Jacinto
44.10Wendy Mejia
22:56.52 SRGarden Grove
45.11Maylynn Cendejas
22:57.90 SRValencia (Placentia)
46.11Karina Chavez
22:59.69 SRGarden Grove
47.12Bridget Wickstrand
23:01.00Xavier College Prep
48.11Gwen Casey
23:01.50 PRApple Valley
49.11Liz Valle
23:04.34 PREl Monte
50.11Kimberly Hendrix
23:04.47 SRApple Valley
51.9Brenda Andrade
23:06.50 SRAnaheim
52.12Silvia Ortiz
23:06.91 PRSanta Fe
53.12Leslie Hernandez
54.11Jessica Daniel
23:12.68 PRRowland
55.12Belen Garcia
23:13.69 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
56.11Cassandra Nunez
23:14.79St. Lucy’s
57.12Joanna Cisneros
23:22.74 PRCentury
58.11Julianna Conley
23:24.38 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
59.11Hanna Blumer
23:40.36 PRTroy
60.10Darling Gonzalez
23:42.30 PRBell Gardens
61.11Isabel Ortiz
23:43.99 SRGarden Grove
62.11Victoria Tavera
23:47.62 PRSt. Lucy’s
63.10Gabriela Borrayo
23:48.53 PRRowland
64.10Desiree Alvarado
65.11Alejandra Haro
23:52.99 PREl Monte
66.11Maria Flores
23:54.63 SRGarden Grove
67.12Haily Lukas
23:57.81 PRHesperia
68.11Sonia Barrera
24:01.59 SRCentury
69.12Jazmin Diaz
24:07.16 PRGarden Grove
70.11Victoria Ram
24:09.31Alta Loma
71.12Arianna Mendez
24:16.76 SRSan Jacinto
72.10Suzett Macias
24:19.77 PRBell Gardens
73.10Shannon Burns
24:21.37 PRSt. Lucy’s
74.12Lizbeth Gonzalez
24:21.68 PRGarden Grove
75.12Brenda Lopez
24:22.91 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
76.11Brisa Bernal
24:23.36 PRTroy
77.9Mica Higareda
24:23.45Brea Olinda
78.11Lisa Kim
24:27.20 PRRowland
79.11Jazlyn Vazquez
80.12Stephanie Bautista
24:38.64 PRSanta Fe
81.11Evelyn Hernandez
24:44.67 PRCentury
82.12Regina Gaffney
24:48.06 PRSt. Lucy’s
83.9Genoa Vincintorio
24:52.51Brea Olinda
84.11Angelica Murillo
24:54.57 SRSan Bernardino
85.11Alice Duarte
24:56.63 SRValencia (Placentia)
86.11Estala Bibianna
87.9Jasmine Serrano
24:59.30Brea Olinda
88.12Kimberly Hernandez
25:00.58 PRCentury
89.12Morelia Ocampo
25:00.89 PRValencia (Placentia)
90.2Esmeralda Cuevas
25:04.90 SRAnaheim
91.12Samantha Gomez
25:14.95 PREl Monte
92.11Tillie Cortez
93.11Erica Anton
25:24.38 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
94.10Cassey Nguyen
25:27.61 SRGarden Grove
95.12Colette Andrews
25:31.15 PRWest Covina
96.9Cassandra Mazariegos
25:33.78 PREl Monte
97.9Ana Tecanhuehue
98.11Jocelyn Velazquez
25:43.45 SRGarden Grove
99.10Andrea Acevedo
25:43.62 PRAnaheim
100.10Itzel Banderas
25:49.45 PREl Monte
101.9Sona Davtyan
25:49.80 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
102.12Maya Ramos
25:51.56 PRRowland
103.12Christina Hernandez
25:54.11 PRAlta Loma
104.9Daniella Orduna
25:54.77 PRAnaheim
105.11Meagan Watt
25:55.62 SRApple Valley
106.10Katie Vasquez
25:56.65 PRBell Gardens
107.11Coco Ortega
25:59.98 PRGarden Grove
108.11Blanca Rios
26:00.02 PRRowland
109.11Katherine Truong
26:01.23 PRTroy
110.10Diana Muneton
26:03.32 SRAnaheim
110.11Alexia Aguilar
26:03.32 PRSan Bernardino
112.11Nicole Cruz
26:05.21 SRSan Bernardino
113.12Darlene Morales
26:06.82 PRValencia (Placentia)
114.11Stephanie Vergara
26:09.23 PRGarden Grove
115.11Katie Herrera
26:14.68 SRAnaheim
116.12Ana Jimenez
26:34.00 PRGarden Grove
117.11Jamie Breitel
26:36.10 PRHesperia
118.11Samantha Contreras
26:38.23 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
119.11Kimberly Ayala
26:39.94 PRBell Gardens
120.11Nicole Lopez
26:46.21 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
121.11Anaih Patino
26:46.29 PRGarden Grove
122.9Estefany Hurtado
26:52.17 SRBell Gardens
123.11Mindy Ruiz
26:56.73 SRValencia (Placentia)
124.11Keziah Olsen
26:57.72 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
125.12Sophia Gastelum
27:12.24Brea Olinda
126.12Jennifer Concepcion
27:19.22 PRRowland
127.11Damaris Herrera
27:21.36 PRRowland
128.11Briana Fragoso
27:25.99 SRPatriot
129.11Cynthia Martinez
27:30.87 PRTroy
130.12Emily Quinones
27:35.28 PRBell Gardens
131.12Lyanne Ramos
27:35.95 PRHesperia
132.11Gabby Sanchez
27:36.95 PRBell Gardens
133.12Maureen McAndrew
27:46.58 SRSan Bernardino
134.12Malkia Gholston-Bush
27:47.40 PRSan Bernardino
135.11Cristina Arellano
27:50.96 SRGarden Grove
136.11Karely Cuevas
28:11.32 SRGarden Grove
137.11Nayeli Rodriguez
28:21.41 PRBell Gardens
138.11Marisela Martinez
28:29.82Xavier College Prep
139.11Jannet Olivares
28:31.00 PRBell Gardens
140.11Sofia Rasilla-muniz
28:31.84 PRTroy
141.10Fernanda Delacruz
28:36.79 PRGarden Grove
142.11Emily Ludes
28:40.78 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
143.12Alondra Lara
28:51.18 PRSouth El Monte
144.12Isabella Cano
28:52.62 PRSouth El Monte
145.12Ashley Dome
28:53.88 PRApple Valley
146.12Yesly Tinoco
28:58.62 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
147.11Alexandra Tortola
29:12.73 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
148.9Tiffany Delgado
29:23.39 SRGarden Grove
149.12Bethany Tolsma
29:24.96 SRApple Valley
150.10Marlene Poma
29:27.67 PRGarden Grove
151.11Anita Wirt
29:29.83 PRSt. Lucy’s
152.11Lynnete Ruiz
29:45.22 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
153.10Maribel Gomez
29:47.04 PRPatriot
154.12Patricia Meza
29:50.06 PRNordhoff
155.10Jocelyn Vasquez
29:53.86 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
156.12Griselda Robles
30:07.32 PRSan Bernardino
157.11Ruby Alvarez
30:11.65 PRSan Bernardino
158.12Stephanie Salas
30:15.05 PRSanta Fe
159.12Crystal Garcia
30:38.36 SRSan Jacinto
160.11Maithe Munoz
30:39.50 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
161.11Adrianna Garcia
30:40.89 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
162.10Megan Vien
31:13.19 SRGarden Grove
163.11Mayra Sandoval
31:15.64 SRSan Jacinto
164.10Suzie Davtyan
31:55.17 PRPalmdale Aerospace A...
165.10Donna Nguyen
32:07.65 PRGarden Grove
166.11Norma Rangel
32:07.71 PRBell Gardens
167.11Alexandra Rivera
32:43.83 PRSan Jacinto
168.9Blanca Aparicio
33:32.10 SRPalmdale Aerospace A...
169.11Erika Arambula
34:43.71 SRSan Jacinto
170.11Kylie Packer
35:15.88 PRApple Valley
171.12Amanda Gramayo
37:38.80 PRApple Valley
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5,000 Meters Frosh Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Alta Loma90
3.Brea Olinda95
4.Valencia (Placentia)109
7.Santa Fe237
8.Foothill (Santa Ana)250
9.La Serna263
10.San Bernardino271
12.West Covina276
14.Bell Gardens295
15.Santiago (Garden Grove)329
16.Los Altos348
17.St. Lucy’s434
18.Xavier College Prep451

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Brooklyn Gonsalves
19:15.66Alta Loma
2.9Kasandra Avila
20:05.12 PRPatriot
3.9Keziah Farien
20:25.44 PRTroy
4.9Laila Wright
20:36.55 PREtiwanda
5.10Taylor Howell
20:37.63 PREtiwanda
6.10Audrie Torres
20:42.00 PREtiwanda
7.9Mia Douge
20:43.69Brea Olinda
8.9Gabriela Rangel
20:51.70 SRSan Bernardino
9.10Katie Bautista
20:57.39 PRSanta Fe
10.9Whitney Valenti
20:59.55Brea Olinda
11.10Emily Bein
21:09.87Alta Loma
12.10Aileen Gonzalez
21:10.76 PRSanta Fe
13.9Wendy Jauregui
21:12.01 SRValencia (Placentia)
14.10Maria Ruvalcaba
15.9Jasmine Ramirez
16.10Pamela Bowen
21:22.10Alta Loma
17.9Milaysia Ochoa
21:22.55 PRChino
18.9Jimena Vazquez
21:27.24 SRBell Gardens
19.9Alicia Liera
21:28.42 PRLynwood
20.10Yara Andujo-Velez
21:34.15 PRRubidoux
21.9Ruby Carachure
21:35.19 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
22.9Sarah Anderson
21:35.68 SRValencia (Placentia)
23.10Livia Cervantes
21:41.86 PRPatriot
24.10Sofia Dominguez
21:43.99 PRSan Bernardino
25.9Catherine Campbell
21:52.65 PRValencia (Placentia)
26.9Lily Davenport
21:54.25 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
27.10Stephanie Wupuy
21:55.74Brea Olinda
28.10Kathleen Reyes
21:59.22 SRApple Valley
29.9Mia Limon
22:00.51Xavier College Prep
30.10Alexa Perez
22:08.90 SRSan Jacinto
31.10Yuridia Figueroa
22:15.99 SRCentury
32.10Catherine Grattan
22:17.09Brea Olinda
33.9Juliana Caceres
22:21.24 PRRowland
34.10Natalie Gallemore
22:29.10Alta Loma
35.10Haley Nguyen
22:30.13 SRValencia (Placentia)
36.10Alyssa Torres
22:30.58 PRHesperia
37.10Savanah Cripps
22:31.71 SREtiwanda
38.10Juliana Agustin
22:35.71 SRCentury
39.10Erika Sotelo
22:39.61 PRValencia (Placentia)
40.11Alyssa Sandoval
22:39.85 PRLos Altos
41.10Lily Grudichak
22:42.00Brea Olinda
42.10Christine Juarez
22:43.08 PRWest Covina
43.9Andrea Elizalde
22:44.82 PRRubidoux
44.10Christina Grattan
22:45.24Brea Olinda
45.10Emily Gutierrez
22:48.16 PRChino
46.10Kristy McBain
22:52.71 PRApple Valley
47.9Molly Gutierrez
22:52.72 SRSan Jacinto
48.9Kaylee Sanchez
22:55.10 SRLos Altos
49.10Ashley Madrid
22:56.48 PRHesperia
50.10Lissette Iniguez
22:57.41 SRAlta Loma
51.9Lauren Ervin
22:59.09 PREtiwanda
52.10Maya Castillo
23:05.69 SRLa Serna
53.9Daniela De La Cruz
23:05.77 PRArlington
54.9Miranda Gallegos
23:08.50 PRWest Covina
55.9Anjali Maniar
23:08.65 PRValencia (Placentia)
56.9Blanca Ramirez
23:10.37 PRWest Covina
57.10Kaitlyn Boyd
23:10.88 PRLa Serna
58.9Carrin Hilliard
23:11.70 PRRowland
59.9Marisa Ocampo
23:12.24 PRValencia (Placentia)
60.9Devin Spreeman
23:15.70Alta Loma
61.9Samantha Vera
23:16.71 SRValencia (Placentia)
62.9Idaly Nunez
23:17.56Alta Loma
63.10Tiffany Soriano
23:21.62 PRSouth El Monte
64.10Sofia Gomez
23:23.03 SRCentury
65.10Alyssa Zavala
23:27.24 PRLa Serna
66.9Araeya Albidrez
23:28.86 PRValencia (Placentia)
67.9Krystal Hernandez
23:34.53 PRSanta Fe
68.10Aiko Gevirtzman
23:38.38 SRBrea Olinda
69.10Jessica Chavez
23:39.10 PRPatriot
70.9Alexandra Lashlee
23:41.11 PRTroy
71.10Lara Makki
23:41.59Brea Olinda
72.9Carla Rodas
73.9Gianna Shellito
23:44.93Brea Olinda
74.10Angela Stucky
23:46.76 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
75.9Caitlin Chavez
23:46.93 PRSt. Lucy’s
76.9Makena Lindqust
23:47.12 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
77.9Jordan McRitchie
23:51.29 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
78.9Jessy Verjan
23:51.69 PRBell Gardens
79.9Megan Olmstead
23:54.15 PRApple Valley
80.10Maddy Cerwinski
23:54.25 PRBrea Olinda
81.10Mia McGarvey
24:00.53 PRPatriot
82.9Luz Garcia
24:00.99 PRCentury
83.10Daniela Ramirez
24:01.05 PRLa Serna
84.9Kloei Amper
24:03.84 PRRowland
85.10Jazmine Mosqueda
24:05.84 PRHesperia
86.9Abby Miller
24:06.12 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
87.10Megan Vu
24:06.90 SRValencia (Placentia)
88.10Karen Callejas
24:08.68 PRRowland
89.10Emily Montano
24:09.77 SRWest Covina
90.10Jasmin Bustos
24:12.59 SRCentury
91.9Penelope Lopez
24:13.36 PRHesperia
92.9Allison Gutierrez
24:14.81 PRChino
93.9Payton Mcgaffigan
24:14.82 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
94.10Ashley Hidalgo
24:15.23 SRSan Bernardino
95.10Isabella Gaxiola
24:21.49 PRTroy
95.10Leslie Rivera
24:21.49 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
97.9Diana Santana
24:22.64 SRBell Gardens
98.10Claire Evans
24:23.41Alta Loma
99.10Mendez Joanna
100.10Gabrielle Guitierrez
24:24.77 PRLa Serna
101.9Jazzmyn Quan
24:24.79 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
102.10Frida Luna
24:25.87 PRTroy
103.10Andrea Hurtado
24:32.37 PRBell Gardens
104.10Isabella Smith
24:37.16 PRBrea Olinda
105.9Clarrisa Garcia
24:38.35 PRBell Gardens
106.9Sydney Grudichak
24:45.31Brea Olinda
107.10Emma Brookman
24:46.54 PRBrea Olinda
108.9Danielle Patron
24:46.70 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
109.10Alejandra Navarro
24:50.82 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
110.9Jennifer Fortanel
24:56.21 PRSanta Fe
111.10Avery Hill
24:57.55 PRSt. Lucy’s
112.9Christie Bao
24:57.77 PRTroy
113.9Enid Elizande
24:58.35 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
114.10Christine Pham
25:03.81 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
115.10Maria Rojas
25:08.26 PRCentury
116.9Ana Vargas
25:13.29 PRValencia (Placentia)
117.10Dulce Catalan
25:18.59 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
118.10Ester Ruvalcaba
119.9Denise Rodriguez
25:28.60 SRLos Altos
120.9Hailey Beal
25:33.80 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
121.9Lauren Suzukawa
25:35.70 SRValencia (Placentia)
122.10Ashley Garcia
25:37.64 PRValencia (Placentia)
123.9Juliette Okel
25:43.62 PRSan Jacinto
124.9Jasmine Carrillo
25:49.65 PRValencia (Placentia)
125.10Emily De La Cruz
25:49.67 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
126.10Deveny Escobar
25:50.41 PRValencia (Placentia)
127.10Samantha Greco
25:50.90 PRTroy
128.10Jhunelyn Parafina
25:51.17 PRSan Bernardino
129.10Betsabet Corrales
25:53.63 SRCentury
130.9Jasmin Hernandez
25:54.25 SRCentury
131.10Yazyl Colin
25:54.84 PRSan Bernardino
132.9Sabrina Zaragoza
26:00.92 PRCentury
133.9Jade Padilla
26:00.99 PRSanta Fe
134.9Claudia Gonzalez
135.11Samantha Vasquez
26:07.55 PRLos Altos
136.9Isis Cervantes
26:08.55 PRRowland
137.9Kaylee Hilliard
26:10.06 PRRowland
138.10Crystal Marquez
26:13.15 SRWest Covina
139.10Sienna Bishop
26:13.22 PRValencia (Placentia)
140.10Ashley Hernandez
26:14.19 SRSouth El Monte
141.9Ashley Thomas
26:18.55 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
142.9Jenna Boling
26:22.75 PRSt. Lucy’s
143.9Ashley Harritt
26:24.03 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
144.9Joey Meza
26:24.49 SRBrea Olinda
145.9Hana Sigsbee
26:28.94 PRArlington
146.10Cameron Sotoodeh
26:29.96 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
147.10Isabella Prieto
26:30.79 PRSt. Lucy’s
148.10Alexis Tagle
26:31.09 PREtiwanda
149.10Qiu Ya Wu
26:33.73 PRRowland
150.9Carsin Pinney
26:33.85 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
151.9Aliya Garcia
26:35.02 SRXavier College Prep
152.10Alyssa Gomez
26:37.61 PRAlta Loma
153.12Giselle Vides
26:37.94 SRLos Altos
154.10Rosa Rojas
26:38.27 PRCentury
155.9Nadia Aguilar
26:41.21 PRAlta Loma
156.10Adriana Echeverria
26:46.55 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
157.9Gisselle Castillo
26:58.02 SRValencia (Placentia)
158.10Azucena Fierro-gomez
27:02.27 PRTroy
159.10Lelsie Romero
27:02.98 PRValencia (Placentia)
160.10Grace Bateman
27:06.00 PRApple Valley
161.10Litzy Llamas
27:11.18 PRLynwood
162.9Michaela Howe
27:11.54 PRNordhoff
163.9Isabella Sampognaro
27:12.84 PRSt. Lucy’s
164.10Kristal Lam
27:13.79 PRRowland
165.9Maddie Reardon
27:17.82 SRXavier College Prep
166.11Ariana Castellanos
167.10Rebecca Vazquez
27:22.64 SRXavier College Prep
168.9Jennifer Duarte
27:27.75 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
169.10Miriam Salmoran
27:27.85 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
170.9Marina Barras
27:36.23 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
171.11Carla Segura
172.9Tori Pourzynal
27:39.08 PRXavier College Prep
173.9Jalyn Brooks
27:45.66 PRSt. Lucy’s
174.10Ivonne Reveles
27:48.32 PRSanta Fe
175.9Hazel Rodriguez
27:48.84 PRSanta Fe
176.9Natalia Trejo
27:51.51 SRSantiago (Garden Gro...
177.10Cindy Camarena Ber...
27:51.62 PRSan Bernardino
178.9Savannah Ochoa
28:07.05 PREtiwanda
179.9Sofia Garcia
28:09.44 SRValencia (Placentia)
180.9Holly Johnson
28:10.74 SRValencia (Placentia)
181.9Jailyne Astorga
28:13.17 PRSanta Fe
182.10Morgan Furtado
28:18.24 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
183.10Hayley Valentine
28:23.79 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
184.10Brianna Valdelamar
28:25.29 PRValencia (Placentia)
185.9Kayla Cervantes
186.9Samantha Huang
28:36.79 PRTroy
187.9Yelani Suarez
188.10Kimberley Kang
28:42.03 PRRowland
189.10Ava Gergovich
28:47.37 SRAlta Loma
190.10Kari Ciancanelli
28:47.51 PRAlta Loma
191.9Rya Partible
28:55.03 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
192.9Crystal Tagactac
29:13.58 PRArlington
193.10Bernice Aguilera
29:14.26 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
194.10Leslie Cruz
29:22.60 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
195.10Denise Vargas
29:22.82 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
196.11Alma Angel
29:39.10 PRLynwood
197.10Margaret Diaz
30:06.52 PRBell Gardens
198.9Alexandra Conley
30:11.77 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
199.10Carla Miranda
30:15.80 PRValencia (Placentia)
200.10Melissa Miyatake
30:19.45 SRLos Altos
201.9Ashley Barajas
30:24.09 SRValencia (Placentia)
202.9Melissa Hernadez
30:28.19 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
203.9Kaylee Messick
30:31.24 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
204.9Susana Rodriguez
30:36.08 SRValencia (Placentia)
205.10Zamaraim Bahena
30:42.26 PRSantiago (Garden Gro...
206.10Olivia Willett
30:42.88 SRFoothill (Santa Ana)
207.9Lenise Magdaleno
30:47.83 PRValencia (Placentia)
208.10Jeanette Hernandez
30:48.64 SRCentury
209.10Dyamond Mejia
30:52.80 PRCentury
210.9Madeline Dawes
30:55.63 PRTroy
211.9Annie Cheng
30:59.18 SRValencia (Placentia)
212.9Briseida Gamez
31:04.63 SRValencia (Placentia)
213.9Karishma Khanal
32:08.48 PRRowland
214.10Jada Teran
32:33.22 SREtiwanda
215.10Melissa Peng
32:40.41 PRFoothill (Santa Ana)
216.9Jessica Castillo
33:43.39 PRValencia (Placentia)
217.10Katelyn Gomez
35:21.40 PRLynwood
218.9Alexis Franco
35:27.20 SRXavier College Prep
219.9Kaylee Nolasco
35:33.70 PRValencia (Placentia)
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