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Mens Races
2 Miles Junior Varsity4:30 PM
3 Mile Varsity5:45 PM
Womens Races
2 Miles Junior Varsity4:00 PM
3 Mile Varsity5:00 PM

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Last Updated 7:15 PM, Wed, Sep 21

Thank You  (coaches)

Thank you to the six teams and 68 athletes who took part in the first cross country meet ever hosted at Redding Christian.  With a lot of volunteer and parent help, I think it went well.  Results will be posted soon.  Wanted to let all teams and spectators know a purse was left behind.  It was turned into the RCS office and if you discover you are missing it, please call the school at 530-547-5600 or email me at to pick it up.  Thanks again for your attendance.

Wil Keepers, RCS coach

Last Updated 9:43 AM, Fri, Sep 16

Last Minute Details for RCS Invitational  (coaches)

Course maps and race numbers will be included in your packets when you arrive at the meet.  School buses please park in the gravel lot by the soccer field in front of the school.  First race will be at 4:00 and individual medals will be given out in the finish chute while team awards will be announced and awarded for each race once points are tabulated.  All results will be posted on  Concessions will be available and water and fruit slices will be available for athletes at the finish line.  Thank you all for coming and being a part of this first ever meet at Redding Christian.

Last Updated 11:53 AM, Thu, Aug 11

Update on RCS Invitational  (coaches)

Now that we have a few teams signed up, the date of the meet will not change.  We will provide water bottles and oranges/bananas at the finish line and there will be a concession stand available during the meet.  Please register on by September 19th at 5pm.  We will have professional timers at this meet.  Changes and additions will be allowed on the day of the meet, but may not show up on immediately.  All preregistered athletes, their times, and places will be on  Best of luck to you all on your upcoming season.

Wil Keepers, RCS cross country coach

Last Updated 9:08 AM, Thu, Aug 11

1st Annual RCS Invitational  (coaches)

This meet will be held on the Redding Christian School campus in Palo Cedro.  It will include 2 mile JV races and 3 mile varsity races.  Course will be mostly flat, mostly dirt trail with some paved portions, including a hill with a turn around.  Team awards will be given for the top team in each division, medals for the top 10 in each division.  Meet will start at 4pm and will start and finish on the track behind the school campus.  Cost is 7 dollars per athlete or 30 for a complete team, school maximun of 120 dollars (4 complete teams, one at each level).  Make checks payable to Redding Christian School athletics

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Mens Results

2 Miles Junior Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Foothill (Palo Cedro)20
2.Central Valley39

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Ricky Sanderson
11:25 PRCentral Valley
2.9Eddie Parinella
11:32 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.9Aaron Arnold
11:43 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.9Andrew Dias
11:47 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
5.9Jeremy Moore
11:48 PREnterprise
6.10Garrett Frick
11:50Foothill (Palo Cedro)
7.11Alexander Luna
11:56 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
8.10Isaiah Van Denend
11:57 PRRedding Christian
9.9Raymond Haeckel
11:57 SRCentral Valley
10.9Henry Humphrey
12:47 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11.10Orion McNames
12:56 PRCentral Valley
12.10Dawson McDaniel
12:56 PRCentral Valley
13.9Joey Gagliardi
12:57 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
14.10Lucas Wright
13:21 PREnterprise
15.10Austin Charlson
13:24 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
16.10Jacob Piercy
13:28 SRCentral Valley
17.10Dallon Rankin
13:31 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
18.9Jared Smith
13:34 PRRedding Christian
19.10Jacob Adkins
13:35 PRCentral Valley
20.9Brock MinoFaulkner
13:53 PREnterprise
21.9Daniel Snider
14:03 PRRedding Christian
22.11Brennan MacKinnon
22:27 PRCentral Valley
23.11Simeon Enloe
27:31 PRRedding Christian
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3 Mile Varsity

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Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.12Ryan Pruitt
17:09 PRBurney
2.10Jacob Garret
17:13 SREnterprise
3.11Avery Grady
17:16 SREnterprise
4.10Asher Neitsch
17:27 PRGolden Eagle Charter
5.11Luke Butler
17:57Central Valley
6.9Nick Torres
18:29 SREnterprise
7.10Dixon Moore
18:30 SREnterprise
8.10Kristian Clements
18:53 PREnterprise
9.11Robert Moore
19:12 PREnterprise
10.11Ben Dobson
19:26Central Valley
11.11Christian Napoles
12.11Randy Wilburn
21:39 SRCentral Valley
13.11Cameron Riddle
22:18 PREnterprise
14.9Andy McElhiney
26:23 PRGolden Eagle Charter
15.12David McElhiney
26:26 SRGolden Eagle Charter
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Womens Results

2 Miles Junior Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Foothill (Palo Cedro)15

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Grace Dudley
12:40 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
2.9Rize Oliveira
12:58 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Morgan Baseley
13:17 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.10Mason Baseley
13:24Foothill (Palo Cedro)
5.9Claire Durbin
13:54 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
6.9Emma Flynn
14:14Foothill (Palo Cedro)
7.10Rachel Bader
14:39 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
8.9Kendall Moxness
15:05 SRCentral Valley
9.11Marissa Lapenski
16:16 SREnterprise
10.12Claire Williamson
16:29 PRRedding Christian
11.10Kira Armstrong
16:51Foothill (Palo Cedro)
12.11Judith Alvarez
13.11Emily Kyle
17:41 PRRedding Christian
14.10Sassy Harper
17:58 SRCentral Valley
15.12Mariah Lynch
19:34 PRRedding Christian
16.10Freedom Fernalld
20:11 PRCentral Valley
17.10Annika Wood
20:27 PRRedding Christian
18.11Kassandra Phillips
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3 Mile Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Central Valley27

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jaycie Sundstrum
20:48Central Valley
2.11Cheyene Armstrong
3.10Caroline Forseth
4.12Isabelle Haeckel
21:52Central Valley
5.11Hannah Barton
21:54 SRCentral Valley
6.9Remy Hickle
22:12 SREnterprise
7.12Natalie Ulloa
8.11Danielle Moore
24:58Central Valley
9.11Erin Kiser
26:04 PRCentral Valley
10.11Olivia Brodmerkle
26:38Central Valley
11.12Arianna Todd
27:21 PREnterprise
12.11Sandy Ante'
27:26Central Valley
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