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Mens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters varsity 3A
Womens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters varsity 3A

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Charlotte Country Day
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

3.10Robert Maughan
16:30 PRFayetteville Academy
5.11Carl Ivarsson
16:59 SRFayetteville Academy
7.11James Dawson
17:03 SRFayetteville Academy
20.11Harrison Prince
17:57 SRFayetteville Academy
60.9Jordan Brock
19:10 PRFayetteville Academy
135.11Jason Maher
21:36 PRFayetteville Academy
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5,000 Meters varsity 3A

Official Team Scores

1.Durham Academy33
2.Cary Academy66
3.Providence Day104
4.North Raleigh Christian Acad...153
5.Greensboro Day154
6.Forsyth Country Day156
7.Charlotte Country Day192
9.Charlotte Christian223
10.Charlotte Latin259
12.Wesleyan Christian Academy307
13.Covenant Day384
15.Christ School420
16.Rabun Gap Nacoochee439
1.9Thomas Graham
15:49.0 SRCary Academy
2.10Fred Ward
16:22.0 SRDurham Academy
3.12Nick Kisley
16:25.0 PRCary Academy
4.10Carl Ward
16:31.0 SRDurham Academy
5.12David Dement
16:35.0 PRCary Academy
6.12Worth Newman
16:39.0 PRDurham Academy
7.12Ryan Carty
16:41.0 SRGreensboro Day
8.11Erik Kraus
16:45.0 PRDurham Academy
9.12Junior Hilliard
16:47.0 PRProvidence Day
10.9Chase Shermer
16:47.0 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
11.12Patrick Nolan
16:48.0 PRGreensboro Day
12.11Reid Palmer
16:52.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
13.10Michael Cunningham
16:56.0 SRDurham Academy
14.11James Lawson
17:03.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
15.10Fadi Hanna
17:06.0 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
16.9Drew Thompson
17:08.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
17.10David Stern
17:09.0 PRProvidence Day
18.11Taylor Boone
17:11.0 PRForsyth Country Day
19.9Alex Coeytaux
17:17.0 SRCary Academy
20.12Patrick Bailey
17:18.0 PRProvidence Day
21.10Andrew Powell
17:19.0 SRCannon
22.10Nathan Vercaemert
17:20.0 PRGreensboro Day
23.10Clayton Love
17:22.0 PRProvidence Day
24.10Marshall Reid
17:25.0 PRRavenscroft
25.10Ted Arapaglou
17:29.0 SRDurham Academy
26.9Tim Gruber
17:34.0 SRCannon
27.12Payne Dinsbeer
17:35.0 PRCovenant Day
28.11Peter Lewis
17:36.0 SRCharlotte Latin
29.9Sam Goldberg
17:37.0 PRDurham Academy
30.10Luke Robinson
17:39.0 SRCharlotte Christian
31.-Drew Shannon
17:41.0 PRAsheville
32.10Philip Waugh
17:45.0 PRForsyth Country Day
33.12Westley Fitch
17:49.0 PRForsyth Country Day
34.10McLain Wilkinson
17:50.0 PRForsyth Country Day
35.10Jacob Dordick
17:50.0 SRProvidence Day
36.10Scott Foy
17:51.0Charlotte Country Day
37.12CJ Byrd
17:59.0 SRCharlotte Country Day
38.10Alex Evans
18:00.0 SRCary Academy
39.10Ben Stallworth
18:03.0 SRForsyth Country Day
40.-John Goode
18:04.0 PRCharlotte Christian
41.10Evan Rodbell
18:05.0 SRProvidence Day
42.11Nathan McGinn
18:05.0 PRCharlotte Christian
43.10Kenji Jameel
18:07.0 SRCary Academy
44.12Austin Lassiter
18:08.0 PRWesleyan Christian A...
45.11Eric Kofman
18:09.0 SRCary Academy
46.-Curt Black
18:12.0 PRCannon
47.-Chris Ohl
18:13.0 PRProvidence Day
48.10Eli Yarborough
18:20.0 SRCharlotte Country Day
49.9Clayton Wilson
18:23.0 SRGreensboro Day
50.10Hagood Grantham
18:26.0 SRChrist School
51.11Chase Bernhardt
18:28.0 PRRavenscroft
52.11Patrick Burton
18:30.0 SRCharlotte Latin
53.12Allain Andry
18:31.0 PRCannon
54.12Wil Bradley
18:32.0 PRCharlotte Christian
55.11Preston Griffith
18:33.0 SRCharlotte Latin
56.12Hayden Zurl
18:33.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
57.10Zach Hart
18:34.0 PRCharlotte Christian
58.10Ryan Hatton
18:35.0 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
59.9Connor Choka
18:40.0 SRCharlotte Country Day
60.10Andrew Stranick
18:41.0Charlotte Country Day
61.-Richard Brown
18:41.0 PRCharlotte Latin
62.-Corey Stafford
18:46.0 PRRavenscroft
63.10Marshall Jackson
18:47.0 PRCharlotte Latin
64.9Rob Saunders
18:48.0 SRCharlotte Country Day
65.-Matthias Hertl
18:50.0 PRGreensboro Day
66.-Ben Stevenson
18:54.0 PRGreensboro Day
67.10Stephen Dillon
18:55.0 SRCovenant Day
68.-Brandon Clement
18:56.0 PRCannon
69.11Sam Young
18:57.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
70.-Hunter Brennick
18:57.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
71.12Taylor Warren
19:00.0 SRRavenscroft
72.11Daniel Schreiner
19:01.0 SRForsyth Country Day
73.-Austin Barber
19:03.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
74.-Kyle Kittleberger
19:04.0 PRRavenscroft
75.10Alex Rennie
19:13.0 SRCannon
76.10Robert Miller
19:14.0 SRCharlotte Latin
77.11Hunter Sturkie
19:15.0 SRForsyth Country Day
78.-Syvlatslov Petrov
19:18.0 PRRavenscroft
79.-Josh Benjamin
19:23.0 PRCharlotte Latin
80.12Bruce Clounie
19:27.0 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
81.-Josh Silver
19:30.0 PRRavenscroft
82.9Thomas Harr
19:37.0 SRCannon
83.-Christopher Kabrich
19:38.0 PRWesleyan Christian A...
84.10Austin Coward
19:50.0 SRChrist School
85.-Jake Modaff
20:05.0 SRAsheville
86.-Jimmy Doster
20:06.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
87.12David Claborn
20:15.0 PRCharlotte Christian
88.11Brian Bartlett
20:20.0 SRCharlotte Christian
89.12Eric Weigel
20:22.0 PRAsheville
90.-Jake Burns
20:25.0 PRGreensboro Day
91.-Jon Meidl
20:25.0 SRChrist School
92.12Brendan O'Boyle
20:28.0 PRCovenant Day
93.10John Craver
20:29.0 PRAsheville
94.9Stephen Guice
20:31.0 PRCovenant Day
95.11Connor Andrews
20:33.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
96.-Fang Ben
20:40.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
97.12Barry Daniels
20:46.0 PRChrist School
98.11Jeffrey Tanner
20:55.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
99.11Harrison Dent
21:06.0 SRChrist School
100.-Sung Kim
21:18.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
101.-Frost Parker
21:22.0 PRChrist School
102.-Les Bessenger
21:22.0 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
103.-Kevin Armistead
21:24.0 SRRabun Gap Nacoochee
104.9Ben Hinson
21:25.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
105.10Bryan Funderburg
21:28.0 PRCovenant Day
106.-Evan Haire
21:43.0 PRAsheville
107.-Wei-Yin Ko
21:51.0 PRAsheville
108.-David Corliss
21:59.0 PRWesleyan Christian A...
109.-Mitchell Hardman
22:15.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
110.10Gabe Dunsmith
22:17.0 SRChrist School
111.-John-Michael Popov...
22:26.0 PRAsheville
112.10Will Early
22:40.0 SRHickory Grove Christ...
113.7Kris Madden
22:42.0 PRCovenant Day
114.9Ryan Osbourn
23:43.0 SRCovenant Day
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

6.10Laura Floyd
20:08 PRFayetteville Academy
12.10Sarah Stewart
20:42 SRFayetteville Academy
19.8Mary Kate Morgan
21:11 SRFayetteville Academy
35.11Gloria Douglas
22:00 SRFayetteville Academy
50.12Nellie Johnson
22:43Fayetteville Academy
52.12Caitlin Maughan
22:45 SRFayetteville Academy
96.-Lizzie Poulos
24:21 PRFayetteville Academy
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5,000 Meters varsity 3A

Official Team Scores

1.Charlotte Latin34
2.Providence Day119
3.Cary Academy148
4.Saint Mary's164
6.Forsyth Country Day182
7.Durham Academy231
9.Hickory Grove Christian241
10.Charlotte Country Day250
11.North Raleigh Christian Acad...269
13.Covenant Day292
14.Salem Academy327
15.Greensboro Day366
16.Charlotte Christian422
17.Rabun Gap Nacoochee423
18.Wesleyan Christian Academy427
1.12Adrianne Soo
18:26.0 SRDurham Academy
2.11Maegan Whiting
18:44.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
3.10Haylee Dawe
18:55.0 SRCharlotte Latin
4.10Kameron Spence
19:01.0 SRCharlotte Latin
5.9Ashley Miess
19:18.0 PRCharlotte Latin
6.9Sarah Bankhead
19:34.0 PRGreensboro Day
7.12Hillary Dawe
19:38.0 PRCharlotte Latin
8.12Haley Holway
19:42.0 SRProvidence Day
9.9Lexy Bader
19:43.0 SRRavenscroft
10.-Erin O'Connor
19:49.0 SRDurham Academy
11.12Alyssa Bradley
19:49.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
12.-Becca Vinson
19:59.0 PRSaint Mary's
13.10Hollis Lineberger
20:01.0 PRForsyth Country Day
14.11Susan Heyman
20:11.0 PRSaint Mary's
15.10Ally Finical
20:17.0 SRCharlotte Latin
16.9Maggie Smitherman
20:20.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
17.10Amanda Anderson
20:21.0 SRAsheville
18.-Kaley Owanesian
20:22.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
19.9Brennan Harlan
20:22.0 SRAsheville
20.11Kyerra Hines
20:27.0 SRProvidence Day
21.10Caitlin Kelly
20:40.0 SRCary Academy
22.10Eden Sipperly
20:44.0 PRCannon
23.11Maggie Gigler
20:49.0 SRProvidence Day
24.11Emily Cornell
20:57.0 PRCary Academy
25.11Rachel Gonsalves
21:09.0 SRCary Academy
26.9Claire Meyer
21:15.0 PRSalem Academy
27.10Blair Barnett
21:16.0 PRSaint Mary's
28.12Katie Erb
21:16.0 PRProvidence Day
29.-Melanie Haas
21:19.0 SRAsheville
30.10Hannah Kisley
21:21.0 PRCary Academy
31.10Hannah Cline
21:22.0 SRCharlotte Country Day
32.10Maggie Gardner
21:23.0 PRCharlotte Latin
33.8Abby Pacey
21:24.0 PRCovenant Day
34.-Nancy Meabon
21:26.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
35.11Carrie Logan
21:31.0 PRForsyth Country Day
36.8Rachael Snapper
21:35.0 SRCovenant Day
37.10Regan Fletcher
21:37.0 SRAsheville
38.12Lindsay Miller
21:40.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
39.10Elizabeth Lang
21:43.0 SRForsyth Country Day
40.10Natalie Burke
21:43.0 SRProvidence Day
41.12Simpson Little
21:46.0Charlotte Country Day
42.11Kristen Orr
21:52.0 SRForsyth Country Day
43.10Molly Mccord
21:56.0 SRSaint Mary's
44.9Lucie Randall
22:02.0 PRCannon
45.9Olive Wilbur
22:04.0 PRSalem Academy
46.9Cassie Calvert
22:04.0 SRCannon
47.12Biz Wallace
22:06.0 PRCharlotte Country Day
48.9Anna Hamilton
22:07.0 SRCary Academy
49.11Lawson Gatlin
22:09.0 SRProvidence Day
50.7Noelle Coryell
22:11.0 PRWesleyan Christian A...
51.11Casey Rogers
22:17.0 PRDurham Academy
52.11Rachael Blondy
22:19.0 SRCary Academy
53.-Hannah Harris
22:22.0 PRForsyth Country Day
54.10Annie Reali
22:24.0 SRRavenscroft
55.-Cady Drummonds
22:29.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
56.11Katie Lonergan
22:32.0 SRProvidence Day
57.-Mandy Wolfert
22:34.0 PRForsyth Country Day
58.12Katie Stockton
22:35.0 SRForsyth Country Day
59.12Savannah Sipperly
22:36.0 PRCannon
60.10Rebecca Cofield
22:37.0 PRCharlotte Christian
61.11Jennifer Johnson
22:41.0 SRCary Academy
62.9Anna Haines
22:48.0 SRCovenant Day
63.-Melissa Fleck
22:48.0 PRRavenscroft
64.12Emily Zuehlke
22:50.0 PRCharlotte Latin
65.-Adelaide Whitehead
22:52.0 PRAsheville
66.-Lauren Pratt
22:57.0 PRRavenscroft
67.10Kelsey Smith
22:58.0 SRAsheville
68.11Kacie Thompson
23:01.0 PRSaint Mary's
69.11Menaka Wilhelm
23:03.0 SRCannon
70.10Morgan Kirk
23:06.0 SRCharlotte Christian
71.12Jessica McDowell
23:12.0 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
72.-Sophie Loeben
23:17.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
73.10Steffani McLean
23:18.0 SRGreensboro Day
74.10Sarah DeSutter
23:19.0 PRCannon
75.12Rebecca Call
23:20.0 PRSalem Academy
76.7Aubrey Thompson
23:21.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
77.-Michele Powers
23:23.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
78.10Alex Arnett
23:29.0 SRCovenant Day
79.12Callie Uffman
23:31.0 PRRavenscroft
80.11Caitlin Finn
23:32.0 SRDurham Academy
81.11Emma Park
23:32.0 SRGreensboro Day
82.-Catlin Worley
23:36.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
83.12Lydia Baldwin
23:36.0 SRCovenant Day
84.9Mariya Nations
23:38.0 SRCovenant Day
85.10Amy Kemp
23:43.0 SRCharlotte Christian
86.-Autumn Walton
23:46.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
87.9Christa Combs
23:47.0 SRSalem Academy
88.7Madeline Pace
23:51.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
89.9Gwendolyn Lloyd
23:52.0 SRDurham Academy
90.9Lindsay Soo
24:00.0 PRDurham Academy
91.-Rebecca Rainer
24:03.0 PRRavenscroft
92.10Shelby Sipperly
24:07.0 SRCannon
94.9Emily Demarest
24:25.0 PRSalem Academy
95.-Victoria Edgington
24:26.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
96.11Zoie Duckett
24:29.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
98.12Alex Harris
24:40.0 SRSaint Mary's
99.11Rachael Moreau
24:45.0 PRCharlotte Christian
100.11Liza Wooten
24:46.0 PRSaint Mary's
101.-Madhu Cornelius
24:47.0 PRGreensboro Day
102.-Amanda Piltzer
24:52.0 PRRavenscroft
103.-Raegan Begany
24:58.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
104.11Hannah Dibble
25:00.0 SRCharlotte Country Day
105.10Lucy Smith
25:05.0 PRGreensboro Day
106.-Caroline Pittard
25:10.0 PRWesleyan Christian A...
107.11Erin Frawley
25:14.0 PRWesleyan Christian A...
108.12Jane Compton
25:53.0 SRCharlotte Christian
109.11Alissa Sim
25:57.0 SRSalem Academy
110.-Caitlin Burroughs
25:58.0 SRGreensboro Day
111.11Austin Humbert
25:59.0 PRSalem Academy
112.10Katelyn Powers
26:00.0 SRGreensboro Day
113.12Evan McGuirt
26:01.0 SRCharlotte Christian
114.-Audrey Corliss
26:17.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
115.-Chelsea Abrokwa
26:27.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
116.12Tai Cornell
26:40.0 SRWesleyan Christian A...
117.10Lizzie Denham
26:43.0 SRHickory Grove Christ...
118.-Madeline Grucella
26:49.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
119.10Catherine Jarrett
27:16.0 SRCharlotte Christian
120.-Emily Abel
27:43.0 PRRabun Gap Nacoochee
121.12Briana Black
28:20.0 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
122.-Skylar Howard
30:33.0 PRHickory Grove Christ...
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