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Cross Country Jamboree at Hanford

When:  5:00pm, Friday, September 2, 2016

Where:  Leslie Groves Park along the Columbia River in north Richland.  The start area is near the boat launch at the end of Snyder Street.  Note:  Snyder is south of Spengler St. and north of Saint St. if turning off of George Washington way.  There is parking in the boat launch parking area, down by the tennis courts and on the west side of Harris St.  Buses can use the overflow parking at the end of Snyder Street.  Note: Cars should leave the boat trailer pull through parking areas available for boaters.

Distance and Course:  We will be racing on a two-mile course as directed by the WIAA (for a jamboree).  The course is mostly grass with a small sandy area.  The 5k course used for 3A/4A Districts is very similar, with one additional large loop and a different finish.

Details:  This meet is meant to be a low-key start to the Cross Country season and thus an opportunity for veterans and new runners alike to get in to the swing of racing.  There is no entry fee.  A finish board will be displayed at the end of the girls and boys races with everyone’s times listed.  Please note, the Hanford coaches want to be out encouraging their athletes as much as possible, so they will not take time to type out official results until the next day (can be e-mailed).  If you want results earlier, please take advantage of the results being posted on a board near the finish line to record times. 

Note:  Please register athletes on by Thursday at 6:00pm.  If you are not sure they will run, still enter them.  Remember WIAA only requires 8 practices to be eligible for a 2.0 mile jamboree.  As in the past, we will still have an open “fun run” after the main two races open to anyone: athletes, family members, etc.  There will be a $1 per person charge for the fun run and athletes are not allowed to wear their school uniform (WIAA).  In addition we will have a big clock for fun run participants to see their times, but results from the fun run will not be posted, typed out, or e-mailed.  Please feel free to have a manager or person near the finish line to record times of fun run participants. 

Race Schedule (approximate)…

                                                5:00pm   Girls Race

                                                5:30pm   Boys Race

                                                6:00pm   Fun Run

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, the 2nd.


Sean Mars                                           Keith Jolley

Girls Head Coach                               Boys Head Coach

Hanford HS                                        Hanford HS

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Mens Results

2 Mile Open

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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.10Caleb Olson
10:22 SRHanford
2.10Ryan Child
10:22 PRKamiakin
3.12Kyler Lee
10:34 PRKamiakin
4.11Jonah Franco
10:40 SRKamiakin
5.12Traven Bills
10:41 SRKamiakin
6.10Grant Howard
10:42 PRKamiakin
7.10Porter Grigg
10:43 SRKamiakin
8.12Jared Wright
10:45 PRHanford
9.9Andrew Holladay
11:03 SRKamiakin
10.12Levi Orren
11:07 SRKamiakin
11.10Peyton Hill
11:13 SRKamiakin
12.11Preston Glade
11:18 SRKamiakin
13.10Cameron Gutierrez
11:40 SRKamiakin
14.10Mason Nelson
11:44 SRHanford
15.10Chace Jenkins
11:46 PRKamiakin
16.9Stanford Smith
17.9Matt Roth
18.12Eric Anderson
11:49 PRHanford
19.10Christopher Lane
11:52 PRProsser
20.9Jonathan Lagonegro
21.10Carson Bates
11:57 SRChiawana
22.10Hayden Henry
11:58 SRHanford
23.9Austin Bachman
11:59 SRChiawana
24.12Delton Meyer
11:59 SRHanford
25.12Morgan Mattlin
11:59 PRHanford
26.11Tucker Matson
12:00 PRChiawana
27.11Porter Withers
12:00 PRHanford
28.9Jax Weide
12:08 SRKamiakin
29.11Sawyer Moon
12:10 SRKamiakin
30.10Brayden Freitag
12:14 SRKamiakin
31.10Payton Lee
12:14 SRKamiakin
32.11Caedmon Seekins
12:15 SRKamiakin
33.10Max Wahl
12:16 SRProsser
34.11Gabe Morales
12:18 SRChiawana
35.10Jacob Torres
12:19 SRProsser
36.12Harrison Moore
12:20 SRProsser
37.10Bryce Martin
12:22 PRProsser
38.9Andrew Larson
39.10Preston Raab
12:25 SRHanford
40.9Layton Washburn
12:32 SRHanford
41.11Trevor Heath
12:32 SRKamiakin
42.9Austin Blacketer
12:34 PRHanford
43.10Griffin Tripp
12:34 PRKamiakin
44.9Graham Orren
45.12Jacob Liss
12:39 PRHanford
46.11Matthew Mitchell
12:49 SRHanford
47.10Miguel Orr
12:50 PRProsser
48.11Eric Harrod
12:50 SRChiawana
49.10Tyler Carlson
12:55 SRHanford
50.10Sam Brendel
13:06 SRHanford
51.10Isaiah Durham
13:07 PRKennewick
52.11Asante Edward
13:11 SRKennewick
53.11Kyren Ostler
13:11 SRKamiakin
54.9Nate Wilson
13:16 PRKennewick
55.12Andrew Blacketer
13:19 PRHanford
56.12Levi Zamora
13:21 PRChiawana
57.10Luciano Franklin
13:24 PRSouthridge
58.11Cristyan Zepeda
13:26 SRProsser
59.11Jeremy Pattillo
13:26 SRKamiakin
60.11Adrian Holgate
13:34 SRHanford
61.12Evan Bacon
13:35 PRHanford
62.12Mathew Gibbons
13:35 SRProsser
63.10Jaden Eder
13:36 SRKamiakin
64.12Alexander Izquierdo
13:37 PRHanford
65.10Taylor Forbes
13:37 PRKamiakin
66.10Daniel Izquierdo
13:40 PRHanford
67.10TJ Lynch
13:40 PRHanford
68.12Jesus Montiel
13:40 PRChiawana
69.10Richard Washburn
13:47 SRHanford
70.12Victor Aguilera-Va...
13:48 SRChiawana
71.9Andru Zepeda
13:48 SRProsser
72.12Mason Cramer
13:51 PRSouthridge
73.10Michael Pham
13:52 SRHanford
74.9Seth Schmidt
13:52 SRChiawana
75.10Connor Woodward
13:55 SRHanford
76.10Brendan Miller
13:56 SRHanford
77.11Darren Thompson
14:01 SRKamiakin
78.9Isaac Yocom
14:03 PRSouthridge
79.11Jareth Sanchez
14:03 PRChiawana
80.11Cameron Dodson
14:03 SRHanford
81.9Owen Ogden
14:09 PRSouthridge
82.10Brandon Garza
14:12 SRChiawana
84.12Alex Graham
14:15 SRProsser
85.9Luis Lopez
14:16 PRChiawana
86.9Spencer Greenhalgh
14:28 PRChiawana
87.10Andrew Tadlock
14:33 SRHanford
88.9Jacob Bambock
14:35 PRKennewick
89.9Leighton Tomerlin
14:36 PRHanford
90.10Marshall Ham
14:41 SRHanford
91.10Alex McGary
14:42 PRChiawana
93.12Austin Wagner
14:44 SRProsser
94.10Kevin Yang
14:46 PRHanford
95.10Colton Orchard
14:54 PRChiawana
96.10James Ashton
14:57 PRProsser
97.10Jed Burton
14:59 SRChiawana
98.10Naresh Schmad
15:00 SRKamiakin
99.9Porter Woodward
15:02 PRChiawana
100.11Brady Black
15:02 PRChiawana
101.9William Vernam
102.9Jaylon Knapp
15:04 PRKamiakin
103.11Carver Lenz
15:04 PRHanford
104.11Everett Brooks
15:10 PRHanford
105.9Michael McCance
15:12 PRChiawana
106.9Jared Garner
15:16 PRKiona-Benton
107.10Mario Raudales
15:23 PRChiawana
108.12Alan Salinas
15:25 PRProsser
109.12Luis Camacho
15:28 SRChiawana
110.9Evan Adair
15:29 SRSouthridge
111.9Houston McDaniel
15:31 PRKennewick
112.10Nolan Vandine
15:37 SRChiawana
113.9Daniel Thien
15:51 PRChiawana
114.9Ethan Nelson
15:58 PRHanford
115.10Griffin Ziemba
16:13 SRSouthridge
116.10Charles Phillips
16:18 SRKamiakin
117.10Ryan Eby
16:36 PRSouthridge
118.10Humberto Partida
16:40 PRProsser
119.9Ryley Cramer
16:45 PRSouthridge
120.10Tyler Stephens
16:47 PRSouthridge
121.10Logan Sumsion
17:03 SRSouthridge
122.10Rylan Cunningham
17:10 SRHanford
123.11Jacob Villareal
17:25 SRChiawana
124.10Joel Kartchner
17:30 PRHanford
125.9Ibrahim Ahmed
17:36 PRHanford
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Womens Results

2 Mile Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores


Hypothetical Scores

1.12Hailey Cleavenger
12:57 SRHanford
2.10McKinzi Teeples
13:02 SRKamiakin
3.12Mirannda Shulman
13:05 PRKamiakin
4.10Kathryn Bushman
13:09 SRHanford
5.12Brooke Moon
13:14 PRKamiakin
6.10Grace Arnold
13:25 SRHanford
7.12Brooke Hansen
13:30 SRSouthridge
8.12Ann Sorenson
13:31 PRKamiakin
9.11Lizzie Stites
13:42 SRSouthridge
10.10Megan Wright
13:45 SRHanford
11.11Amber Skouson
13:45 SRHanford
12.12Rachel Schmidt
13:46 SRHanford
13.12Julia Almaguer
13:56 SRKamiakin
14.9Kendra Keller
13:57 SRHanford
15.12Brice Gribble
14:00 PRKamiakin
16.11Brooklyn Lowe
14:02 SRKamiakin
17.11Kristin Pilgrim
14:09 SRHanford
18.10Emily Beattie
14:14 PRHanford
19.10Hailey Bullis
14:18 PRChiawana
20.11Hannah Kotlan
14:23 PRSouthridge
21.9Emma Chan
14:34 PRSouthridge
22.12Justice Newhouse
14:37 SRProsser
23.9Paige Raebel
14:46 PRKennewick
24.11Kila Vopat
14:48 PRSouthridge
25.10Faith Fishburn
14:50 PRKamiakin
26.11Kersten Lucas
14:55 PRHanford
27.12Kara Shibley
14:56 SRHanford
28.9Jessica Dunlap
14:57 PRKamiakin
29.9Nicole Anderson
14:59 PRSouthridge
30.11Sydney Porter
15:01 SRHanford
31.10Alex Coronado
15:08 SRKamiakin
32.11Valerie Gilbert
15:10 PRSouthridge
33.12Montana Rowlette
15:29 SRKiona-Benton
34.12Katie Thien
15:34 SRChiawana
35.11Katrina Taylor
15:39 PRHanford
36.10Heidi Hopkins
15:44 SRKamiakin
37.9Grace Meek
15:48 SRKamiakin
38.9Nati VerMulm
15:49 SRProsser
39.9Anastasia Melkozer...
15:53 PRChiawana
40.10Emily Bonus
15:58 PRHanford
41.11Krysta McCance
15:58 PRChiawana
42.10Carli Jones
16:02 SRKamiakin
43.10Gwyneth Furniss
16:05 PRSouthridge
44.12Savannah Forbes
16:09 PRKamiakin
45.9Abigail Mathews
16:13 SRChiawana
46.9Brynn Andelin
16:15 PRChiawana
47.11Rachel Estes
16:20 SRKiona-Benton
48.10Meredith Massey
16:27 PRKamiakin
49.9Abi Withers
16:31 PRHanford
50.9Jasmine Urban
16:34 SRHanford
51.12Audrey Tinnin
16:35 SRKennewick
52.12Rachel Sorensen
16:43 SRSouthridge
53.9Abryl Mercado
16:45 PRSouthridge
54.10Peyton Stephenson
16:59 SRChiawana
55.10Miale Mansell
17:01 PRSouthridge
56.11Emma Stratton
17:04 PRSouthridge
57.9Renee Williams
17:13 PRSouthridge
58.12Ania McGrath
17:16 PRSouthridge
59.10Ericka Rodriquez
17:21 SRProsser
60.9Ashley Roy
17:23 PRChiawana
61.11Eliza Kartchner
17:41 SRHanford
62.11Jenna Schroeder
18:01 PRHanford
63.9Brooklyn Harris
18:16 SRKamiakin
64.11Susana Garcilazo
18:22 PRSouthridge
65.11Itxaso Urresola-Za...
18:27 PRSouthridge
66.12Emma Payne
18:45 SRHanford
67.10Emily Tyler
18:55 PRKamiakin
68.9McKenzie Orton
19:11 PRChiawana
69.10Araceli Martinez
19:28 PRProsser
70.11Ashton Johnson
19:40 PRHanford
71.11Tori Kison
19:47 PRHanford
72.12Courtney Welch
20:00 PRSouthridge
73.12B. Richelle Cunnin...
21:52 PRHanford
74.10Rachel Blackburn
21:56 PRHanford
75.10Gabriela Welling
22:51 PRHanford
76.10Sydney Tran
23:48 PRSouthridge
77.9Isabella Levy
25:51 PRHanford
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