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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:45 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School3:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

1.6Isaac Bruce
10:53 PRTillamook
2.7Luke Suchoski
10:54 SRScappoose
3.7Rowen Suchoski
10:55 SRScappoose
4.8Marshall Bush
11:38 PRTillamook
5.8Gage Ekstrom
11:39 PRScappoose
6.7Matthew Kreins
11:46 PRScappoose
7.7Ian Tompkins
11:54 SRRainier
8.8Brennan Tompkins
11:59 PRRainier
9.7Roary Bruce
10.8Samuel Franke
12:36 PRTillamook
11.7Mason Earl
12:43 SRScappoose
12.8Alex Patton
12:49 PRRainier
13.7Aiden Becker
12:51 PRScappoose
15.8Cade Carter
13:14 PRRainier
18.7Connor LeMay
13:21 PRVernonia
19.6Evan Finnel
13:22 PRRainier
17.8Andrew Morton
13:25 PRScappoose
20.8Owen Reynolds
21.7Matthew Myton
14:33 SRScappoose
22.7Evan Seagondolllar
14:34 SRScappoose
23.7Brock Manderson
14:34 SRTillamook
24.8Brayden Marcum
25.6Luke Gibson-Pullen
15:23 SRTillamook
26.6Peter Hahn
27.8Tanner Rickert
28.8Michael Donowho
29.7Zachary Allinger
30.6Henry Hackenberg
31.7Cody Richards
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Aaron Lane
16:09 PRSouthwest Christian
2.10Jacob Suarez
17:24 SRSouthwest Christian
3.10Trent Driesner
17:27 PRSouthwest Christian
4.12Johnathan Guisinger
17:51 SRRainier (OR)
5.12John Graff
17:53 PRRainier (OR)
6.12Levi Carreon
18:22 SRBanks
7.12Andrew Eoff
18:34Portland Adventist
8.9Brayden Rutledge
18:45 SRSouthwest Christian
9.12Erik Larsen
11.10Jacob Robinson
19:03 SRBanks
12.10Chase Kellar
19:04 PRRainier (OR)
14.11Garrett Mulder
19:06 SRSouthwest Christian
13.9Caleb VanderGiessen
19:13Faith Bible Christian
15.12Zakiri Ross
19:15 PRLife Christian
17.10Jared Goodwin
19:16 PRRainier (OR)
16.12Joe Zochert
19:26 SRSouthwest Christian
18.12Matthew Arnold
19:40 PRFaith Bible Christian
19.10Zach Nakamura
19:42 SRPortland Adventist
20.11Wils Haffner
19:43 SRPortland Adventist
21.10Nathan Klein
19:45 SRBanks
23.10Steven Swart
19:46Southwest Christian
22.9Jaedan Abel
19:48 SRRainier (OR)
24.10Evan Tsuei
19:54 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
25.11Connor Hood
19:56 PRFaith Bible Christian
26.9Colton Six
20:01 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
27.12Brett Jones
20:07 PRVernonia
28.12Hezekiah Quinlan
20:10 SRLife Christian
30.10Harry Schaefer
20:12Southwest Christian
29.11Boaz Quinlan
20:13Life Christian
31.11Clay Sullivan
20:20 SRVernonia
32.11Timothy Vasilyev
20:21 PRLife Christian
33.12Ryan Wu
34.11Graeson Roll
20:27Faith Bible Christian
35.9Christian Purdy
20:28 PRRainier (OR)
36.12Yuh Hung
20:29 PRDelphian
37.10Joshua Williams
20:38 SRSt. Stephen's Academy
39.10Kenneth Guerr
20:38 SRRainier (OR)
38.12Jarod Shaw
40.10Finn Knauss
20:55Portland Adventist
41.11Aaron Wong
20:56 PRPortland Adventist
42.12Kaden Morfopolous
21:07 PRDelphian
43.10Jakob Handegard
44.9Daniel Rosetti
21:10Faith Bible Christian
46.12Logan Davidson
21:11 PRRainier (OR)
45.12Alex Chang
21:26 PRDelphian
48.12Leo Wang
21:28 PRDelphian
47.12Jacob Daskalakis
21:30 SRFaith Bible Christian
49.9Jace Charbonneau
21:31 PRPortland Adventist
50.11Adoniah Simon
21:31 PRPortland Adventist
51.9Isaiah Bamford
21:31 PRRainier (OR)
52.10Kyle McCotter
21:33Southwest Christian
53.10Jake McCotter
21:36Southwest Christian
54.9John Woods
21:41 PRLife Christian
55.9Colson Chupp
21:41 PRSouthwest Christian
56.10Caleb Arzie
21:42 PRSouthwest Christian
57.11Romain Regache
21:47 PRVernonia
58.10Joe Chandler
21:49Southwest Christian
59.9Blake Lambert
21:56Life Christian
60.12Jared Ferguson
21:57Southwest Christian
61.12Harry Wang
62.9Robert duPlessis
22:14Rainier (OR)
63.12Daniel Morse
22:47 PRFaith Bible Christian
65.12Xane Taufer
22:47 PRDelphian
56.12Chris Caulkins
22:57 PRPortland Adventist
67.10Zack Jennings
23:10 PRBanks
68.11Aaron Leek
23:22 PRPortland Adventist
69.12Evan Henesey
23:23Rainier (OR)
70.10Zach Yontz
23:30Faith Bible Christian
71.10Jack Richardson
23:30 SRRainier (OR)
72.11Ben Fleck
23:43 SRVernonia
73.12Nolan Abell
23:44Rainier (OR)
74.10Sean Coffey
75.9Will Howell
23:53 PRFaith Bible Christian
76.10Daniel Kuhnly
77.9Kye DeGraffenreid
24:01 PRRainier (OR)
78.10Ethan Buss
24:07 PRRainier (OR)
79.11Skyler LaMotte
24:16 SRBanks
80.11Jonathan Huang
24:45 PRDelphian
82.10John Haas
24:47 SRSouthwest Christian
81.11Wayne Yang
24:51 PRDelphian
84.12Enzo Barcellos
28:50 PRBanks
83.9Simon Yen
80.9Ezra Ekule
29:32Life Christian
84.-Ben White
29:32Portland Adventist
85.11Leng Kuokitwattana
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5,000 Meters Varsity

12David Sanders
18:45 PRBanks
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

1.8Sarah Gibson
12:21 PRTillamook
2.8Marissa Velazquez
12:31 PRTillamook
4.8Mandalin Shipman
13:15 PRTillamook
8Katie Javadi
5.8Jenna Handegard
13:43 PRVernonia
6.8Paige Ross
7.7Sadie Gump
14:00 SRVernonia
8.8Molly Gray
14:03 PRScappoose
9.7Mikayla Marshall
14:08 PRScappoose
10.7Emma Sparkman
14:29 PRScappoose
11.7Peyton Crape
15:10 SRRainier
12.8Amanda Walsh
15:47 PRScappoose
12.7Rose Franke
15:47 PRTillamook
13.8Emma Hahn
14.7Chloe Crawford
15.6Camila Smith
16.7Lauren Ives
18:37 PRScappoose
18.6Claire Stout
19.6Emma Hisey
20.6Alexys Schneider
21.6Jade McLeod
22.6Marissa V
23.-Florisel G.
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Jaime Evers
20:57 PRBanks
2.12Kendall Tsuei
21:02 PRSt. Stephen's Academy
3.11Marissa Haas
21:05 SRSouthwest Christian
4.11Emily Bruns
21:14Southwest Christian
5.9Maddie Lang
21:41Southwest Christian
6.11Hannah White
22:10 SRBanks
7.11Josie O'Harrow
22:21 PRBanks
8.12Anna Klein
22:24 SRBanks
9.10Maddie Austen
23:37Southwest Christian
10.11Anita Sperl
24:07 SRPortland Adventist
11.11Pauline Sandweg
24:08 PRVernonia
12.12Jaedyn Crape
24:28 PRRainier (OR)
13.12Riley Richardson
24:36Rainier (OR)
14.9Abbi Zuber
24:55Rainier (OR)
14.11Lauren Solari
24:58 SRPortland Adventist
15.11Lene Jacobsen
25:00 PRVernonia
16.11Tessa Bomke
25:00 PRVernonia
17.11Kathrin Will
18.9Alexandra Porpora
25:31Life Christian
19.10Sierrah Edwards
20.12Meghan Bauman
25:36St. Stephen's Academy
21.10Ava Blake
26:17 PRBanks
22.9Nedi Morales
23.9Jenna Passke
26:23Southwest Christian
24.11Jessica Xu
27.9Sydney Crawford
26:52Rainier (OR)
26.12Rose Johnson
29.11Lauren Rice
27:09Rainier (OR)
28.11Anica Loncar
27:43 PRPortland Adventist
30.10Claudia Prado
27:58 PRDelphian
32.10Kathryn Holady
28:00Southwest Christian
31.10Sophia Lin
33.11Faith Zimmerman
28:39Faith Bible Christian
34.10Katie Goodman
35.12McKenzie Willard
36.11Ashlyn Smith
29:10 PRRainier (OR)
37.12Spencer Chen
29:49 PRDelphian
38.9Katie Zuber
29:50Rainier (OR)
39.11Bailey Crape
29:52Rainier (OR)
40.9Patience Gonzalez
41.10Madeline McCoy
30:38 PRLife Christian
42.11Kyria Mauck
31:38 PRBanks
43.9Tess Vanderkamp
31:39Faith Bible Christian
44.11Carrie McCaslin
33:19Faith Bible Christian
45.10Rebecca Dugan
33:37Faith Bible Christian
46.10Riley Merriam
36:36Faith Bible Christian
47.11Maxine Anderson
48.10Sophia Olvera
49.12Julia VanDerZanden
38:45 SRBanks
50.12Julia McCoy
38:45Life Christian
51.11Tashina Morton
38:47 SRRainier (OR)
52.12Chloe Taylor
39:29 PRPortland Adventist
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