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5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Middle School
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5,000 Meters New Division
5,000 Meters Varsity
3,000 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Connor Refaey
19:07Meridian (ID)
2.12Anthony DeSantis
19:15.2Mountain Home
4.11Max Standley
6.11Kyle Pendleton
19:56.2Mountain Home
7.12Tanner Byington
19:59Meridian (ID)
8.9Jacob Criddle
20:05.9Mountain Home
9.9Tanner Wilkinson
20:07Meridian (ID)
11Ivan Escobedo
12Cody Davis
20:30New Plymouth
10Brennen Donahue
20:35Cole Valley Christian
12Ashton Link
20:40Meridian (ID)
11Isaac Livesay
20:42Meridian (ID)
9Conner Richardson
21:01Meridian (ID)
11Nathanael Fehringer
21:08Cole Valley Christian
11Christian Mehiel
11Landon Lacy
21:17Nampa Christian
11Kenesen Barber
10Marshall Rasmussen
21:26Meridian (ID)
9Ethan Sage
21:33Cole Valley Christian
9Noah Owens
21:34Cole Valley Christian
10Jeffrey Stewart
21:45Nampa Christian
12Norrin Shearer
21:48Meridian (ID)
9Ronan Stewart
21:58Cole Valley Christian
9Hunter Beus
22:04New Plymouth
11Elvis Solis
22:05New Plymouth
12Javier Carrillo
11Joe Rice
22:06New Plymouth
12Joel Vega
36.9Ethan Ingram
22:07.9Mountain Home
9Jesus Valdez
22:33New Plymouth
10Andrew Moscrip
22:49New Plymouth
9Jackson Gardiner
23:13Meridian (ID)
9Cooper Hicks
23:24New Plymouth
9Caleb Hart
23:28Meridian (ID)
10Barrett Fuller
23:32Meridian (ID)
12Ty Goodman
23:39New Plymouth
50.10Hank Parrett
23:42.3Mountain Home
9Ryan Netten
23:47Cole Valley Christian
9Alex Kahle
9Noah Vantrease
24:15New Plymouth
10Jalen Kane
24:23Meridian (ID)
10Drew Lyman
24:24New Plymouth
9Sean Standley
9Brendon Rice
24:31New Plymouth
9Nelson Snow
24:33Meridian (ID)
10Drake Fuchs
10Andrew Shank
24:56Meridian (ID)
9Andrew Dibble
24:56Meridian (ID)
11Aiken Zent
25:07Cole Valley Christian
10Boyd Pegg
10Kaden Leslie
25:25New Plymouth
11Zach Moulton
10Collin Christensen
25:29New Plymouth
10James Nelson
25:42Nampa Christian
9Hsee Hsee
25:50New Plymouth
9Ben Smith
25:51New Plymouth
11Austin Crooks
26:05Nampa Christian
10Kyle Ralston
10Wyatt Rigdon
26:45Meridian (ID)
10Bradley Rainey
27:16Nampa Christian
10Drew Howerzyl
27:23Nampa Christian
10Jered Salazar
9Daniel Carreon
28:14Meridian (ID)
9Isaac Ferro
10Matthew Hinkle
28:41Nampa Christian
11Logan Austin
29:27New Plymouth
11Joey Grissom
29:31Nampa Christian
10Bradley Graham
29:32New Plymouth
10Chris Shelley
30:55Nampa Christian
10Porter McKee
10Cayson Howard
31:48New Plymouth
12Kaleb Howell
33:46Meridian (ID)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters New Division

5.11Alexis Georgianna
23:33.9Mountain Home
22.11Emily Lampman
25:10.1Mountain Home
30.12Elisabeth Stephens
26:35.2Mountain Home
31.10Kjnara Swanson
26:35.8Mountain Home
56.10Makayla Clark
29:36.2Mountain Home
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Mia Klopfenstein
21:19Meridian (ID)
2.10Brittney Hansen
21:24Meridian (ID)
3.12Hannah Webster
10Faith Alaniz
10Katie Webster
11Rosa Casiano
11Mikayla Darrington
9Abby Bingham
23:58Meridian (ID)
9Olivia Klein
24:08Cole Valley Christian
9Jade Martinez
10Cassidey Plum
24:32Meridian (ID)
10Jordankaty Woods
24:37Cole Valley Christian
12Riley Jo Lysinger
24:45New Plymouth
9Aunna Austin
24:53New Plymouth
10Kylie Warner
25:03Cole Valley Christian
10Alexzandria Hensley
25:05Meridian (ID)
11Cassandra Stone
9Lindy Wells
25:25Meridian (ID)
10Ruby McCaw
25:47Meridian (ID)
11Talia Honn
25:50Meridian (ID)
10Karina Olson
26:08Cole Valley Christian
10Star Campos
12Jamie Johnston
26:20Cole Valley Christian
12Shay Christianson
27:06Cole Valley Christian
10Hannah Harris
27:33New Plymouth
11Sierra Brookshire
27:42Nampa Christian
10Shamil Rodriquez
27:42Meridian (ID)
9Olivia Cervantez
27:43Nampa Christian
9Keziah Glidden
27:51Nampa Christian
10Morgan Jenkins
27:53New Plymouth
11Dawson King
27:54Meridian (ID)
10Alexandra Johnston
28:12Cole Valley Christian
10Madison Moss
9Xiana Campos
9Mariela Esquivel
10Tina Furtado
28:45New Plymouth
11Kayla Kranz
28:53Cole Valley Christian
9Kennedy Lacy
28:55Nampa Christian
11Lauren Allmaras
28:57New Plymouth
9Abigail Thuerer
29:14New Plymouth
11Kaelynn Crawford
12Libby Blackwood
30:41Meridian (ID)
9Holly Arritola
31:02New Plymouth
12Abbie Rowland
31:07New Plymouth
12Abbie Matson
31:08Nampa Christian
9Francesca Johnson
31:09Nampa Christian
10Olivia Eager
31:14New Plymouth
11Amy Boyle
31:14Cole Valley Christian
9Hope Rupp
31:15Cole Valley Christian
12Brielle MacDonald
31:27Nampa Christian
12Jenai Campbell
34:12New Plymouth
9Ann Kim
34:14Nampa Christian
12Kelsey Hawker
34:23New Plymouth
9Jazmine Solis
34:47New Plymouth
12Chloe Tanner
35:52New Plymouth
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