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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Otay Ranch24

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jeremiah Suzara
15:46.46Otay Ranch
2.12Cale Parise
16:34.53Otay Ranch
3.11Jeffrey Page
4.11Yutah Shiba-Joyce
5.12Joshua Mayo
17:02.08 PREastlake
6.12Christopher Gonzalez
17:14.59 PROtay Ranch
7.11Giovanni Stone
17:19.71Otay Ranch
8.12Juan Camacho
17:23.53Otay Ranch
9.12Justin Carman
17:30.21 PREastlake
10.11Sebastian Luna
17:30.44 PROtay Ranch
11.9Gregory Martinez
17:36.03 SREastlake
12.9Saul Luna
18:02.47 SREastlake
13.11Tyler Ramirez
14.12Dale Alfafara
18:10.33Otay Ranch
15.10Adrian Hernandez
16.10Edgar Ramos
17.12Alvin Finney
18:33.62Otay Ranch
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Otay Ranch15

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Cameron Cummins
18:11.60 PROtay Ranch
2.11Noel Perdio
18:19.65Otay Ranch
3.9Colby Parise
18:38.67 SROtay Ranch
4.10Nate Perry
18:46.99 SROtay Ranch
5.11Ezra Camarena
18:56.67Otay Ranch
6.9Johan Gijon
18:57.61 SROtay Ranch
7.10Leo Capuno
18:57.91 SREastlake
8.10Jorge Murguia
19:02.03Otay Ranch
9.9Andre Sison
19:03.31 SROtay Ranch
10.10Nathan Kipp
11.11Nicholas Kelchner
19:05.10 PREastlake
12.10Gerardo Villa
13.9Derek Esparza
19:22.60 SREastlake
14.12Hiram Zarate
19:25.21 SREastlake
15.12Isaias Partida
19:35.02 PROtay Ranch
16.11Emilio Sanchez
17.10Michael Carino
19:39.81 PREastlake
18.9Leo Delgado
19.9Quinn Goold
19:45.03 SREastlake
20.10Joel Talamayan
19:56.35Otay Ranch
21.9Nathan Mestre
19:57.81 PROtay Ranch
22.12Chris Williams
19:58.66 PROtay Ranch
23.11Christopher Fowler
20:00.21 SROtay Ranch
24.12Mario Vazquez
20:02.41Otay Ranch
25.9Angelo Javier
20:02.67 SROtay Ranch
26.11Davyn Willis
27.10Jaden Arce
28.10Antonio Santos
29.12Matthew Hopkins
20:28.38 PROtay Ranch
30.9Bryson Andrade
20:34.26 PREastlake
31.12Alec Martinez
20:40.30 PROtay Ranch
32.10Michael Lepe
20:45.48 PROtay Ranch
33.9Andrew Kiyan
21:04.84 PREastlake
34.10Isaiah Gentry
35.9Joshua Elwood
36.10Edgar Sanchez
37.12Vikhyat Modgil
21:39.02Otay Ranch
38.11Jiaan Xu
21:40.84 PROtay Ranch
39.11Joseph Calvillo
21:53.54Otay Ranch
40.9Bailey Zito
41.11Andy Garcia
42.10David Dickey
21:59.83Otay Ranch
43.9Shiyu Murashima
44.9Diego Lynch
22:07.98 PROtay Ranch
45.12Emiliano Gomez
22:08.39 SROtay Ranch
46.12Enrique Saucedo
22:10.32 PROtay Ranch
47.9Torin Faes
22:13.01 SREastlake
48.11Nicholas Acosta
22:28.03 SROtay Ranch
49.9Adrian Hinahon
22:30.11 PREastlake
50.10Medel Manalaysay
22:45.58 PROtay Ranch
51.10Jade Valdez
22:45.86 PROtay Ranch
52.12David Parra
53.12Robert Gelacio
54.9Diego Bonal
23:03.87 PROtay Ranch
55.12Aaron Marientes
23:06.99Otay Ranch
56.11Tyler Vu
23:36.77Otay Ranch
57.10Brandon Soliven
23:50.33 SREastlake
58.10Nico Narvaza
23:59.39Otay Ranch
59.11Evan Burnham
24:04.26 PROtay Ranch
60.9Matthew Harvey
24:22.34 PREastlake
61.12Ricardo Gibert
62.12Jesus Cardoso
24:49.50Otay Ranch
63.11Cameron Beach
24:50.50 PROtay Ranch
64.9Adriel Morales
24:51.55 PREastlake
65.9Jonathan Lirio
66.11Tommy Barron
25:56.05Otay Ranch
67.11Sid Cu
25:58.25Otay Ranch
68.10Sean Bajet
27:40.41 PROtay Ranch
69.9Lee Banda
28:19.68Otay Ranch
70.12Luis Ramirez
29:35.49Otay Ranch
71.12Matthew Nalus
30:20.12Otay Ranch
72.12Fernando Lopez-Arce
33:30.96Otay Ranch
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Womens Results

2.54 Miles Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Otay Ranch37

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Leyla McFarland
15:14.07 SREastlake
2.10Yllana Casim
15:41.45Otay Ranch
3.9Pia Davila
15:47.32 PREastlake
4.12Emily Bonilla
15:47.89 PREastlake
5.9Micshilee Resendiz
15:51.03 PROtay Ranch
6.10Ana Manriquez Graf
16:30.89 PREastlake
7.9Ruby McFarland
16:37.67 PREastlake
8.10Adriana Horne
16:40.31Otay Ranch
9.9Nathalie Garcia
16:48.89 PREastlake
10.9Sara Williams
16:49.65 PROtay Ranch
11.12Cassandra Luna
16:55.13 PREastlake
12.12Lizbeth Villar
17:13.77Otay Ranch
13.10Diana Osuna
17:17.10 PROtay Ranch
14.11Leilani Magno
17:41.98 PREastlake
15.9Hanna Gonzalez
17:42.36 PREastlake
16.9Mackenzie Surrey
18:14.34 PREastlake
17.10Leoni Becker
18:16.24Otay Ranch
18.9Elizabeth Davidson
18:18.49 SROtay Ranch
19.9Alexia Santos
18:24.95 PREastlake
20.10Vittoria Calza
19:04.88Otay Ranch
21.10Adamari Cardenas
19:07.26 PREastlake
22.10Kevi Botani
19:09.58 PROtay Ranch
23.9Brenda Garcia
19:15.85 PROtay Ranch
24.11Natalie Bautista
19:20.69 SREastlake
25.12Michelle Ward
19:22.03 PREastlake
26.11Karen Nieto
19:24.88 PREastlake
27.10Vanessa Sevilla
19:35.67 SROtay Ranch
28.10Kyra Reyes
19:42.06 SROtay Ranch
29.10Amanda Ayala
19:43.89 PROtay Ranch
30.11Cassandra Calvillo
19:52.86Otay Ranch
31.11Sydney Goold
19:59.81 PREastlake
32.12Daniela Huerta
20:16.72 PREastlake
33.10Alexandra Heming
20:18.68 PREastlake
34.11Evelyn Martinez
20:20.89 SROtay Ranch
35.9Alexandra Dickey
20:28.58 SROtay Ranch
36.9Lauren Garcia
20:44.34 PROtay Ranch
37.10Aspen Mickelsen
21:17.14 PREastlake
38.10Kayla Bangalan
21:24.41 PROtay Ranch
39.11Abigail Sawtell
21:26.84 PREastlake
40.11Cassandra Garcia
21:41.20 SROtay Ranch
41.10Christina Thomas
21:44.20 PROtay Ranch
42.11Emily Sawtell
22:02.24 PREastlake
43.10Michelle Thibault
22:02.24 PREastlake
44.9Isabel Huerta
22:23.91 PREastlake
45.10Ysabel Marquez
22:38.76 PREastlake
46.10Valeria Acevedo
23:03.50 PREastlake
47.10Emily Harlow
23:31.22 PREastlake
48.10Nathalie Tato
24:57.18Otay Ranch
49.10Natali Machado
25:49.03 PREastlake
50.9Paulina Rodriguez
27:13.53 PROtay Ranch
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