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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Masahide Shibuya
2.11Jonah Salomon
15:11 PRSqualicum
3.12Ian Tomberlin
15:11 SRSqualicum
4.12Curt Peila
15:23 PRSqualicum
5.11Cruz Meza
15:24 SRSqualicum
6.11Sam Clark
15:28 SRSqualicum
7.11Tyler Warren
15:31 PRSqualicum
8.9Joe Brodeur
15:32 PRSqualicum
9.11Caleb Karber
15:33Nooksack Valley
10.11Arlin Holder
15:39Nooksack Valley
11.11Liam Lyons
12.11Jacob Gervais
15:51 SRSqualicum
13.10Kevin Young
16:15 SRSqualicum
14.10Griffin Rinauro
16:15 PRSqualicum
15.11Nate Snow
16:28Nooksack Valley
16.12Colten Starbuck
16:59Nooksack Valley
17.11Hayota Owzawa
17:04Nooksack Valley
18.10Jay Lease
17:08 SRSqualicum
19.11Patrick Monogue
17:11 PRBlaine
20.9Mathew Joyner-Pratt
17:32 PRNooksack Valley
21.12Jimmy Haggen
17:44Nooksack Valley
22.9Thomas Roth
17:52 PRSqualicum
23.10Brecken Stockmar
17:53 SRSqualicum
24.9Karson Fix
18:02 PRSqualicum
25.9Caleb Sims
18:09 PRSqualicum
26.9Colby Wichers
18:29Nooksack Valley
27.10Jack Manske
18:44Nooksack Valley
28.9Kyle Milligan
18:46 PRSqualicum
29.10Jacob Rogers
19:04 PRSqualicum
30.9Bryce VanBerkum
19:09Nooksack Valley
31.9Colton DeBeeld
19:11Nooksack Valley
32.9George Cheatham
19:12 PRBlaine
33.11Tyler Weed
19:41Nooksack Valley
34.9Eli Yost
35.12Christian DeFries
20:12 PRSqualicum
36.11Puriwat Wijitthuny...
20:25 PRNooksack Valley
37.9Aiden Simpson
38.10Noah Lovell
21:18 SRSqualicum
39.9Niklas Brand
21:20 PRSqualicum
40.9Cyrus Wychoff
21:31 PRSqualicum
41.9Daniel Tiemersma
23:26Nooksack Valley
42.9Devon Daly
43.9Andrew Holder
24:20 SRNooksack Valley
44.9Ethan Perez
25:37 PRSqualicum
45.10Xavier Felmley
46.12Ryan Cunningham
29:11 SRSqualicum
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