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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Durham Academy26
2.Cary Academy34
4.Wake Christian Academy114
1.11Coleman Mitchell
15:49.1Cary Academy
2.11Ethan Goldman
16:43.5Durham Academy
3.10Neil Mosca
16:47.8Durham Academy
4.9Mark Alkins
16:48.6Durham Academy
5.11Dylan Lamphier
17:10.7Cary Academy
6.12Justin Chen
17:23.9Cary Academy
7.12Brett Haensel
8.10Jack Anderson
17:38.8Durham Academy
9.12Nijel Hunt
17:45.1Durham Academy
10.10Abe Weinstein
17:45.6Cary Academy
11.9Mac Hays
17:53.4 SRDurham Academy
12.12Jonathan Kacvinsky
18:16.3Cary Academy
13.9Grant Scotto
18:21.5 SRCary Academy
14.12Ben Kasierski
15.11Josh Klein
18:31.4 PRDurham Academy
16.10Tigey Jewell-Alibhai
18:39.6 SRDurham Academy
17.11Scott Hallyburton
18:59.9Durham Academy
18.9Sebastian Lascola
19:20.9 PRDurham Academy
19.9Hayden Goss
19:24.3 PRDurham Academy
20.12Jonathan Schaffer
19:28.2 PRWake Christian Academy
21.9Shan Wang
19:29.8 SRDurham Academy
22.9Benny Klein
19:35.8 PRDurham Academy
23.10Michael Jaffe
19:39.0Durham Academy
24.9Justin Thompson
19:39.8 PRRavenscroft
25.9Bennett Dombcik
19:41.0 SRDurham Academy
26.12Jordan Norona
27.11Shane Hoffman
19:57.4 SRCary Academy
28.10Spencer Adler
20:16.7 SRDurham Academy
29.11Eamon McKeever
20:19.5Durham Academy
30.9Adam Astrachan
20:27.0 SRDurham Academy
31.10James Taylor
20:27.4 SRCary Academy
32.9David Go
20:32.8Cary Academy
33.9Will Aarons
20:35.6 SRCary Academy
34.9Rick Conner
20:36.7North Raleigh Christ...
35.9Brandon Caveney
20:38.6 PRDurham Academy
36.9Jackson Fiske
37.10Hern Lim
20:58.2 SRCary Academy
38.10Ethan Aschman
39.11Alex Tsuetaki
21:17.2 SRDurham Academy
40.-Joshua Frazier
21:19.5North Raleigh Christ...
41.9Ted Davis
21:23.2Cary Academy
42.11Harrison Nugent
43.11David Klein
21:37.1 SRDurham Academy
44.10Julian Adler
21:45.3Durham Academy
45.10Mitchell Moody
21:48.4Wake Christian Academy
46.10Lucas Bharara
47.11Ethan Fisk
21:55.3 SRRavenscroft
48.10Connor Margarf
21:55.6 SRRavenscroft
49.12Joe Pomrehn
22:00.6Wake Christian Academy
50.9Jackson Futrell
22:06.2 PRDurham Academy
51.9Parker Perkins
22:06.2 SRCary Academy
52.11Michael Smith
22:17.5Wake Christian Academy
53.12Jack Maxfield
22:26.1Cary Academy
54.10Matt Lang
22:26.8 SRRavenscroft
55.10Liam Horton
22:28.4 SRRavenscroft
56.9Kyle Hankins
22:35.2 PRRavenscroft
57.10Viraj Shah
22:39.8 SRCary Academy
58.9Colin Zhu
22:44.1 PRCary Academy
59.10Carson Collins
22:48.0Wake Christian Academy
60.11Josh Thompson
22:48.5 SRRavenscroft
61.9Teo Feliu
22:48.9 SRCary Academy
62.10Elliot Evans
22:54.7 SRDurham Academy
63.10Zach Hunter
23:01.4 SRDurham Academy
64.11Ian Wilson
23:09.4 SRDurham Academy
65.9Samuel Corona
23:14.1Wake Christian Academy
66.10AJ Rutherford
23:18.9Wake Christian Academy
67.9Jack Thornton
68.10Jack Haines
23:44.0Cary Academy
69.10Robby Dey
70.9Jackson Smithwick
24:18.0Durham Academy
71.12Daniel Hong
24:18.4Cary Academy
72.9Jacob Palmer
24:20.1 SRDurham Academy
73.11Winston Wolf
24:27.9 PRDurham Academy
74.11Ryan Micele
25:11.8 PRRavenscroft
75.10Patrick Jones
76.9William DeStaffan
77.9Ted Boyle
26:13.8 SRRavenscroft
78.10JD Ross
26:21.5Wake Christian Academy
79.10Christian Lee
26:39.4 SRRavenscroft
80.10Brendan Walker
81.10Charlie Wilson
28:26.8 PRDurham Academy
82.9Jono Jenkens
28:31.8Cary Academy
83.12Cameron Parks
28:48.6 SRWake Christian Academy
84.9Josh Bennett
28:56.0 SRWake Christian Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Cary Academy17
3.Durham Academy84
4.North Raleigh Christian Acad...93
5.Saint Mary's116
6.Wake Christian Academy183
1.12Sarah Bodmer
18:51.9Cary Academy
2.11Athina Zodl
19:50.0Cary Academy
3.9Ava Lathan
20:15.2Cary Academy
4.9Elise Playe
5.9Lia Lathan
20:17.3Cary Academy
6.12Emily Lane
20:29.1Cary Academy
7.9Kate Meares
20:35.6North Raleigh Christ...
8.9Hannah George
20:46.3 PRCary Academy
9.10Suki Bristol
20:47.9Cary Academy
10.9Christa Dutton
20:56.2North Raleigh Christ...
11.11Bella Church
12.10Courtney Rea
13.9Keely Murphy
21:10.8Cary Academy
14.10Anneke Dekker
21:26.8Durham Academy
15.9Fran Pacchiana
21:44.4Durham Academy
16.11Cami Simpson
21:49.4Durham Academy
17.11Mary Hunter Russell
22:11.0Saint Mary's
18.11Samantha Driscoll
19.9Grace Vande Berg
20.10Elizabeth George
22:27.4 PRCary Academy
21.9Brooke Robinson
22:37.8North Raleigh Christ...
22.9Claire Middleton
23:21.8 PRDurham Academy
23.12Ella Bristow
23:21.9Saint Mary's
24.10Maya Agnihotri
23:28.9Cary Academy
25.11Lauren Harpole
23:28.9 SRDurham Academy
26.9Izzy Kempson
23:32.9 PRSaint Mary's
27.11Maggie Deleonardis
28.11Julianna Fischer
24:03.2North Raleigh Christ...
29.11Ruby Orton
24:05.1Saint Mary's
30.9Julia Villani
24:16.9Durham Academy
31.10Mia Russo
32.10Mimi Wayne
33.10Sydney Bosworth
24:32.6Wake Christian Academy
34.9Liza Vinson
24:46.5 SRRavenscroft
35.10Charlotte Jones
24:47.7 PRRavenscroft
36.12Sidney Vinson
37.12Lindsey Schneider
24:55.0Saint Mary's
38.11Lillia Larson
25:10.8Durham Academy
39.9Caroline Dutton
25:24.6North Raleigh Christ...
40.11Brittany Hayward
25:29.8North Raleigh Christ...
41.9Brianna Edwards
25:37.2Saint Mary's
42.10Eva Guarino
26:00.4 PRRavenscroft
43.10Sarah Kim
26:03.3Durham Academy
44.9Mckenzie Chapman
26:16.8North Raleigh Christ...
45.10Leigh Bazemore
26:17.0North Raleigh Christ...
46.11Margaret Fountain
26:20.9 SRSaint Mary's
47.10Emma Stout
26:28.2Wake Christian Academy
48.12Safiya Gallaghan
26:31.7Durham Academy
49.11Julia DaRoza
26:45.6 SRRavenscroft
50.11Zoe Boggs
26:48.3Durham Academy
51.11Tate Russell
52.11Olivia Ng
26:56.8Saint Mary's
53.11Carolyn May
54.12Samantha Baker
27:00.2Durham Academy
55.12Bailey Griffin
27:35.2Saint Mary's
56.7Kayla Hamilton
27:46.3Wake Christian Academy
57.11Storm Davis
27:51.6Wake Christian Academy
58.10Amy McGugan
59.9Jala McCormick
28:03.8Saint Mary's
60.10Sasha Kostenko
28:03.9 PRCary Academy
61.12Anna Crowley
28:24.0North Raleigh Christ...
62.11Shruthi Gopalan
28:40.7Durham Academy
63.10Emily Adams
28:47.9Wake Christian Academy
64.11Caroline Vande Berg
65.11Grace Sims
29:48.0North Raleigh Christ...
66.9Annie Brooks
30:14.5Durham Academy
67.10Hannah Arthur
30:15.0North Raleigh Christ...
68.9Victoria Du
31:29.1Cary Academy
69.10Mongina Omundi
31:35.7Durham Academy
70.9Eliana Brown
32:17.9Wake Christian Academy
71.9Anna Cheng
34:00.9Cary Academy
72.10Kat Short
34:01.0North Raleigh Christ...
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