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Mens Races
3.08 Miles Varsity
3.08 Miles Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3.08 Miles Varsity
2.5 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3.08 Miles Varsity

11Anthony Benitez
11Joaquin Martinez d...
16:11Cathedral Catholic
12Hank Tadeusiak
16:26Cathedral Catholic
11Finn Waters
16:27Cathedral Catholic
12Daniel Robinson
16:54Cathedral Catholic
12Michael Robinson
17:00Cathedral Catholic
12Chris Alexander
12Max Collier
9Max Wilson
17:25Cathedral Catholic
12Riley Henderson
17:54 SRCathedral Catholic
12Jacob Laxamana
17:58 PRSerra
11Tyler Sweeney
18:00 SRCathedral Catholic
12Dominic Catanzaro
18:01Cathedral Catholic
9David Hoiles
18:30 SRCathedral Catholic
12Keoni Rodriguez
18:41Cathedral Catholic
10Mitchell Wahlster
18:51 SRSerra
12Dylan Gallego
18:54Cathedral Catholic
11Zach Horan
19:02 SRCathedral Catholic
12Michael Faucett
9Ben Rodenbeck
19:21 SRCathedral Catholic
9Juan Cardenas
19:26Cathedral Catholic
9Thomas Hofig
19:27 SRCathedral Catholic
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3.08 Miles Junior Varsity

9Gavin Riley
9Bryan Tran
18:56 PRSerra
11Nicholas Hennemann
19:20 PRSerra
10Kevin Covarrubias
19:35 PRSerra
9Garrett Moore
19:53 PRSerra
9Daniel Dodero
11Shawn Riley
9Luke Sperrazzo
21:16:00 PRSerra
11Parker Groenke
21:24Cathedral Catholic
9Peter Cresci
21:24Cathedral Catholic
10Luis Fernando Perez
9Harrison Hess
10Nicholas Sanford
21:34Cathedral Catholic
11Cameron Allem
21:37 PRSerra
10Miles Criger
21:43Cathedral Catholic
12Matthew Choi
12Nathan Gilmore
11Fox Stowe
22:03 SRCathedral Catholic
11Shawn Young
22:04 PRSerra
9Conor Archdeacon
22:05Cathedral Catholic
11Patrick Granahan
22:15Cathedral Catholic
12Terence Zegarra
22:38 SRCathedral Catholic
11Luca Vallesi
9Allan Denick-Ziels...
22:43 PRSerra
10Leonardo Pena
10Dylan Vorndran
22:48Cathedral Catholic
10Brandon MacDonald
23:08Cathedral Catholic
12Jimmy Nguyen
10Nolan Kruger
23:28Cathedral Catholic
10Shaun MacDonald
23:28Cathedral Catholic
12Phuc Vu
11Calvin Ha
11Ryan Beckmyer
10Blake Boeh
24:00Cathedral Catholic
9Brady Fontenot
25:24Cathedral Catholic
10Alex Jones
25:53Cathedral Catholic
9Cyrus Pourhosseini
27:29Cathedral Catholic
10Finnegan McCool
32:45Cathedral Catholic
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Womens Results

3.08 Miles Varsity

Official Team Scores

11Cami Doheny
18:58 SRCathedral Catholic
11Gabrielle Waters
19:13 PRCathedral Catholic
12Alex Cerveny
19:16Cathedral Catholic
11Bailey McCraner
19:17 SRCathedral Catholic
9Veronica Martinez ...
19:41 PRCathedral Catholic
10Lauren Munro
19:54 PRCathedral Catholic
9Alyssa Ruiz
20:01 SRSerra
11Kathryn Peterson
20:14 SRSerra
12Ameya Patel
20:18 SRCathedral Catholic
12Maria Agnas
21:09 PRSerra
12Lauren Mammini
21:13 SRCathedral Catholic
11Hazel Groff
21:15 PRCathedral Catholic
9Maxine Arambulo
21:31 SRCathedral Catholic
12Dani Lopez
21:38 SRCathedral Catholic
11Anna Bourke
21:42Cathedral Catholic
9Lizzie Vinci
22:03Cathedral Catholic
11Isabel Licosati
22:03 SRCathedral Catholic
11Molly O'Neill
22:45Cathedral Catholic
11Jimena Salazar
22:59 PRCathedral Catholic
10Natalie Rubio
23:10 PRCathedral Catholic
10Mary Epperson
23:18 SRCathedral Catholic
12Konane Gurfield
11Samantha Ellison
23:44 PRSerra
12Sashiel Vagus
24:02 SRSerra
12Molly O'Connor
24:34 SRCathedral Catholic
11Torrey Brownell
12Samantha Bakke
12Jade Baker
27:44 SRSerra
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2.5 Miles Junior Varsity

11Kathya Argueta
18:23 PRCathedral Catholic
9Marilyn Hobrock
19:19 SRCathedral Catholic
11Kendall Defelippi
19:29Cathedral Catholic
9Madi Fennell
19:34Cathedral Catholic
11Natalie English
19:54 SRSerra
11Juanita Cruz
10Maddie Espinoza
20:20Cathedral Catholic
10Jane Zegara
20:23 PRCathedral Catholic
12Cameron Bernard
20:31Cathedral Catholic
11Tristan Langley
20:56 SRSerra
12Lisa Tang
21:49 PRSerra
9Kara Hoagland
21:53Cathedral Catholic
11Maddie Wichterman
22:10Cathedral Catholic
12Alex Kosen
22:19 PRCathedral Catholic
11Ashley Greeven
22:37Cathedral Catholic
9Samantha Fay
22:46Cathedral Catholic
10Morgan Tantalo
22:48 SRCathedral Catholic
10Lauren Boyer
22:53Cathedral Catholic
10Isabella Catanzaro
22:54Cathedral Catholic
9Claire Jawor
22:55Cathedral Catholic
11Nicole Pereira-Poli
23:35Cathedral Catholic
11Aisha Hill
11Kiara Turner
12Melissa Soliz
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