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3,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Ohio County48
3.Southwestern (Hanover)68
4.Switzerland County101
5.South Ripley124
6.Shawe Memorial174
1.8Grant Taylor
10:23.4 PROhio County
2.8Damon Hughes
10:59.9 PRJac-Cen-Del
3.8Todd (TJ) Menchhofer
11:00.4 PRJac-Cen-Del
4.8Billy Eccles
11:10.3 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
5.7Kameron Darnold
11:15.6 SRJac-Cen-Del
6.7Hicks Ben
11:24.1 SRSwitzerland County
7.8Cameron Canada
11:30.0 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
8.6Peyton Merica
11:32.4 SROhio County
9.8Dalton Vinup
11:38.8 PROhio County
10.6Craig Demaree
11:50.0 SRSwitzerland County
11.8Keith Huff
12:05.6 PRJac-Cen-Del
12.8Caleb Geary
12:08.0 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
13.7Kasin Hughes
12:08.7 SRJac-Cen-Del
14.8Kolton Smith
12:11.4 PROhio County
15.8Matthew Reed
12:12.5 PRJac-Cen-Del
16.8Brian Givan
12:18.5 PROhio County
17.8Nick Zigan
12:20.7 PRSouth Ripley
18.6Brady Works
12:24.2 PROhio County
19.8Christian Byrd
12:31.8 PRJac-Cen-Del
20.3Peyton Richards
12:46.1 SRSwitzerland County
21.6Ryan Gorrell
12:49.1 SRSouth Ripley
22.6Landon Poling
12:54.9Southwestern (Hanover)
23.7Colton Cloud
13:11.2 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
24.7Ashton McCarty
13:13.5 PROhio County
25.5Wyatt McAllister
13:16.4 PRShawe Memorial
26.7Logan Betz
13:32.7 PRSouth Ripley
27.6RT Eaglin
13:37.0Southwestern (Hanover)
28.8Owen Bates
13:38.4 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
29.6Kristian Demaree
13:52.9 PRSouth Ripley
30.3Matthew Young
13:56.3 SRSwitzerland County
31.6Tim Zigan
13:57.3 SRSouth Ripley
32.6Trapper Johnson
14:02.1Shawe Memorial
33.8Tanner Franklin
14:06.0 PRSouth Ripley
34.8Trenton Franklin
14:19.2 PRSouth Ripley
35.3Cale Collier
14:21.6 SRSwitzerland County
36.3Jameson Works
14:37.6 SRSwitzerland County
37.3Luke Sullivan
15:05.5 SRSwitzerland County
38.5Eric Strange
15:27.0 PRShawe Memorial
39.6Dalton Phillips
15:57.6 PRMilan
40.6Parker Sutherland
17:55.8 SRMilan
41.4Nicholas Schultz
18:52.9Shawe Memorial
42.6Thomas Ott
20:30.0 PRShawe Memorial
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.Switzerland County46
3.Southwestern (Hanover)96
4.South Ripley121
5.Ohio County121
1.7Cloey Simon
12:21.7 PRJac-Cen-Del
2.7Kayla Simon
12:26.7 PRJac-Cen-Del
3.7Madelyn Bovard
12:28.5 PROhio County
4.8Lauryn Dilk
12:29.9 PRJac-Cen-Del
5.6Calli Alderman
12:41.4 PRShawe Memorial
6.7Alisha Detmer
12:46.4 PRSwitzerland County
7.8Kaytlin Sizemore
12:57.1 PRJac-Cen-Del
8.5Hallie Archer
13:07.3 PRSwitzerland County
9.8Anna Hubbard
13:08.5 PRJac-Cen-Del
10.8Kadee Kuhn
13:16.3 PRJac-Cen-Del
11.4Carlee Boggs
13:19.5 PRSwitzerland County
12.4Bri Stow
13:30.6 PRSwitzerland County
13.4Allison Knoebel
13:34.2 SRShawe Memorial
14.7Summer Jines
13:42.9 PRShawe Memorial
15.7Julia Worcester
13:46.6 SRSouthwestern (Hanover)
16.6Dakota Richards
13:48.6 SRSwitzerland County
17.4Ava Turner
13:51.6 PRShawe Memorial
18.6Lauran Rodriguez
13:54.7 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
19.6Gracie White
13:56.5 SRSwitzerland County
20.6Karly Burress
13:57.0 PRSouth Ripley
21.7Renee Lillis
14:09.8 PRMilan
22.6Brionna Linkel
14:10.8 PRSouth Ripley
23.8Avery Negangard
14:11.0 PRJac-Cen-Del
24.7Evelina Gaivoronsk...
14:15.2 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
25.5Courtney Higgins
14:20.5 SRSwitzerland County
26.7Eleanor Honnert
14:29.9 PRMilan
27.7Kirsten Geary
14:33.9 SRSouthwestern (Hanover)
28.6Ellie Ohlmansiek
14:55.8 PROhio County
29.7Lucy Lillis
14:57.8 SRMilan
30.6Rachel Lowery
15:15.9 SROhio County
31.6Gracie Skirvin
15:17.2 SRSouthwestern (Hanover)
32.7Cherokee Goddard
15:21.1 PRSouth Ripley
33.7Caitlyn McCarthy
15:44.9 PRSouth Ripley
34.7Tori Baumgartner
15:46.9 PRSouth Ripley
35.6Ximena Vilchis
16:10.3 PRSouthwestern (Hanover)
36.6Nariah Tinsley
16:22.5 SRMilan
37.8Chloe Fletcher
16:28.5 PROhio County
38.7Kara Young
16:48.5 SRSouth Ripley
39.6Isabelle Davis
16:49.6 PROhio County
40.6Arielle Haessig
17:22.5 PRMilan
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