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Mens Results

2.1 Mile Open

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Official Team Scores

1.Bella Vista15

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nathaniel LaSalle
11:27 PRBella Vista
2.12Jaxon Clausen
11:30 PRBella Vista
3.12Eugene Kim
11:56 PRBella Vista
4.11Bret Henkel
11:58 SRBella Vista
5.11Gabriel Alderman
11:59 PRBella Vista
6.11Hayden Low
12:00 SRBella Vista
7.12David Gonzalez
12:05 PRBella Vista
8.12Kevin Gonzalez
12:12 PRBella Vista
9.-Brian Ford
12:18 PRBella Vista
10.10Spencer Cochran
12:24Bella Vista
11.12Dayton Miers
12:30 PRBella Vista
12.-Jackson Contreras
13:15 PRBella Vista
13.11Joseph Lowenstein
13:16 SRBella Vista
14.10Blake Bailey
13:18 PRBella Vista
15.11Chris Hatch
13:27 PRBella Vista
16.12Thomas Roussel
13:28 PRBella Vista
17.12Vincent LaFe
14:07 PRBella Vista
18.10Zachary Conwell
14:31Bella Vista
19.10Joshua Ford
14:35Bella Vista
20.10Andrew Payne
14:44Bella Vista
21.Brian Henkel
14:47Bella Vista
22.9Jamie Hawkins
14:47Bella Vista
23.9Jeremy LaPorte
14:58Bella Vista
24.9Jacob Crummett
15:18Bella Vista
25.9Evan Manley
15:29Bella Vista
26.9Will Buckerfield
15:34Bella Vista
27.12Chad Mowers
15:51 PRBella Vista
28.9Cody Harlow
15:56Bella Vista
30.10Sean Bradford
16:23Bella Vista
31.10James Brennan
16:57Bella Vista
32.11Adrien Bourassa
16:58 SRBella Vista
33.11Casey Zundel
17:01 PRBella Vista
34.12Jason Kuphaldt
17:07 PRBella Vista
36.10Michael Warner
17:39 PRBella Vista
37.9Keith Campbell
17:47 PRBella Vista
38.9Holden Thibideau
17:50 PRBella Vista
39.9Austin Parks
18:15Bella Vista
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