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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

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Official Team Scores

1.Boise State41
2.Colorado State48
3.Air Force61
4.Utah State131
5.New Mexico138
7.San Jose State169
8.Fresno State244

Hypothetical Scores

1.JrYusuke Uchikoshi
23:48.80 SRBoise State
2.JrJerrell Mock
23:57.50Colorado State
3.JrMichael Vennard
24:00.70 SRBoise State
4.JrDillon Maggard
24:08.10Utah State
5.SoJacob Bilvado
24:12.60 PRAir Force
6.JrAndrew Johnston
24:13.20 SRAir Force
7.SrMatt Dorsey
24:13.70 SRAir Force
8.FrMiler Haller
24:14.00 SRBoise State
9.FrAnthony Laurita
24:14.60Colorado State
10.JrGrant Fischer
24:16.30Colorado State
11.SoJose Pina
24:23.10San Jose State
12.JrRhys Park
24:24.30 SRBoise State
13.SoCole Rockhold
24:27.00Colorado State
14.SrJefferson Abbey
24:28.80Colorado State
15.SoEric Hamer
24:29.60Colorado State
16.SoCarson Hume
24:30.20Colorado State
17.SoChandler Austin
24:36.00 SRBoise State
18.SrGraham Thomas
24:36.70 SRNew Mexico
19.SrKyle Eller
24:38.90 SRAir Force
20.JrJonah Henry
24:40.50 PRWyoming
21.JrAndrew Rafla
24:44.40 SRBoise State
22.SrColby Wilson
24:47.30Utah State
23.SoNathan Thomas
24:48.70 PRAir Force
23.SoRiley Campbell
24:48.70 SRBoise State
25.JrJimmy Shipley
24:50.00 SRAir Force
26.SoTom Richardson
24:57.80 PRBoise State
27.JrCraig Huff
24:59.40San Jose State
28.SrJesus Mendoza
25:00.10 PRNew Mexico
29.JrAndrew Milliron
25:02.30 SRAir Force
30.SoRicky Faure
25:06.30 SRWyoming
31.SrAdam Cotton
25:06.50 PRNew Mexico
32.FrAlexander Palm
25:06.70 SRNew Mexico
33.JrZach Castillo
25:08.70 PRNew Mexico
34.SrMike Seas
25:09.60 SRWyoming
35.FrLuke Beattie
25:12.00Utah State
36.JrJustin Weinmeister
25:13.00Colorado State
37.FrDarren Harman
25:13.90Utah State
38.FrAdam Hendrickson
25:14.50Utah State
39.SoAndrew Tankersley
25:16.90Air Force
40.FrJacob Simonsen
25:22.00 SRNew Mexico
41.FrChristopher Henry
25:22.20 SRWyoming
42.SrBen Branagh
25:22.50San Jose State
43.JrJordan Beutler
25:23.50Utah State
44.SoNoah Riley
25:24.00 SRAir Force
45.SrSpencer Fehlberg
25:24.90 SRUtah State
46.FrHarry Ewing
47.SrRicardo Kaempfen
25:31.30Colorado State
48.SrMatt Kwiatkowski
25:31.60Fresno State
49.FrEmil Danielsson
25:35.80 PRNew Mexico
50.FrJared Garcia
25:44.60 SRNew Mexico
51.SoHuruy Zeratsion
25:50.50San Jose State
52.FrDaniel Hintz
25:55.30 SRWyoming
53.JrEsteban Vega
25:55.80Fresno State
54.FrJames Withers
25:59.00Utah State
55.JrJosue Gonzalez
26:00.20San Jose State
56.JrJesse Gray
57.JrEfren Reyes
26:15.00Fresno State
58.JrJoel Gonzalez
26:30.60Fresno State
59.SoCalum Kepler
26:38.00 SRWyoming
60.JrTyler Roberts
26:41.20Utah State
61.SoMichael Downey
26:46.00 SRWyoming
62.JrTyler Valdez
26:50.60 SRNew Mexico
63.SrRaul Rodarte
27:04.40San Jose State
64.JrJack Kuzminsky
28:08.40Fresno State
65.SrRyan Walker
28:38.50Fresno State
66.FrMichael Viano
28:46.30Fresno State
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.New Mexico42
2.Air Force53
3.Boise State86
4.Colorado State103
6.Utah State148
8.San Jose State224
9.San Diego State261
10.Fresno State276
11.Nevada-Las Vegas309

Hypothetical Scores

1.JrAlice Wright
20:02.70New Mexico
2.SrCalli Thackery
20:11.30 SRNew Mexico
3.JrCarina Gillespie
20:17.90Air Force
4.SoBrenna Peloquin
20:27.40Boise State
5.SrLindy Long
20:34.10 SRAir Force
6.SoJaci Smith
20:36.80Air Force
7.SrAnnemarie Schwanz
20:40.70Fresno State
8.SoKashley Carter
20:45.20Utah State
9.SrJanelle Lincks
20:48.50Colorado State
10.SrSophie Connor
20:52.10New Mexico
11.SoNatasha Bernal
20:56.20 PRNew Mexico
12.FrClare O'Brien
20:56.40Boise State
13.JrLauren Hamilton
14.FrCora Gallop
15.SrSamantha Skold
21:08.50Air Force
16.FrBailee Parker
21:08.60Utah State
17.JrMinttu Hukka
21:12.50Boise State
18.SoKendall Kelly
21:15.80 PRNew Mexico
19.JrKerry White
20.SoAli Kallner
21:17.80Colorado State
21.JrMcKenna Spillar
21:17.90Colorado State
22.FrJenny Sandoval
21:18.70San Jose State
23.SrAudra DeStefano
24.JrKatherine Burnham
21:21.60 SRAir Force
25.SoKate White
21:22.40Colorado State
26.FrKyra Lopez
21:24.40Boise State
27.SrSarah Hastings
21:26.10Boise State
28.SrAlexandra Hess
21:26.80Colorado State
29.SrSanne Holland
21:30.50Colorado State
30.SrKathryn Fluehr
21:35.60New Mexico
31.SrMegan Brunette
32.SoJeanette Zambrano
21:38.20San Jose State
33.FrAlex Buck
21:40.20New Mexico
34.SrChristine Kent
21:40.60San Diego State
35.JrAmy Pfaff
21:41.30 PRBoise State
36.SrCierra Simmons
21:43.30Utah State
37.FrKacey Doner
38.JrGracie Tostenson
21:45.40Boise State
38.SoAlexis Fuller
21:45.40 SRBoise State
40.JrQuinn DeStefano
21:45.50 PRWyoming
41.JrDarby Gilfillan
21:50.00Colorado State
42.JrKieran Casey
21:51.80 SRNew Mexico
43.FrHiley Dobbs
44.JrKelsey Yamauchi
21:59.40Utah State
44.FrLindsey Adams
21:59.40 SRNevada-Reno
46.JrMary Franke
22:02.00Colorado State
47.FrLindsey Blanks
22:03.50Air Force
48.SoMcKenna Evans
22:04.80 PRNevada-Reno
49.JrJacqueline Heaps
22:10.10 SRUtah State
50.JrLily Seynaeve
22:10.40San Diego State
51.JrTavia Dutson
22:11.20Utah State
52.JrSpencer Moore
22:12.50Nevada-Las Vegas
53.FrStefanie Ortega
54.SoJordan Jacob
22:13.60Boise State
55.SrKarina Nunes
22:13.80San Jose State
56.JrTylee Newman
22:15.30Utah State
57.SrSidney Root
22:17.20 PRNevada-Reno
58.JrKyoko Koyama
22:17.60New Mexico
59.SoRoxy Trotter
22:19.00Colorado State
60.SoIsabella Pape
61.SoShanna Burns
22:32.10Air Force
62.JrGiulianna Vessa
22:33.60Air Force
63.FrKatarina Stashyn
22:33.70 SRNevada-Reno
64.FrLeAnn Larkin
22:35.70Utah State
65.SrElaine Ribeiro
22:39.10San Diego State
66.FrAdriana Barich
22:41.10 PRNevada-Reno
67.SrCassidy Meade
22:48.50 SRWyoming
68.SoAdilene Aldapa
22:50.30San Jose State
69.JrMeagan Wood
22:53.30 SRNevada-Reno
70.JrCassidy Towner
22:55.70San Diego State
71.SoKiah Leonard
72.JrAngela Ziff
23:06.30Nevada-Las Vegas
73.SoShannon Maloney
23:12.50Utah State
74.SoAshley Cahalan
23:18.00San Jose State
75.FrSwathi Samuel
23:25.10 PRAir Force
76.SrBrittany Laygo
23:38.00Fresno State
77.SrSara Williams
23:38.90Nevada-Las Vegas
78.SrAngel Bucci
23:44.00San Diego State
79.SrCali King
23:46.80San Diego State
80.FrAnnelis Walker
24:02.10Fresno State
81.JrLindy Eskin
24:31.20Nevada-Las Vegas
82.FrCamilla Hanson
24:54.10San Jose State
83.SrJennifer Viramontes
25:12.30Fresno State
84.FrKennedy Allen
25:16.90Nevada-Las Vegas
85.FrCaitlin Amburgey
25:23.60Nevada-Las Vegas
86.SrRaven Nunez
25:44.30Fresno State
87.SrTaylor Samson
26:14.50Fresno State
88.FrAlexis Miguel
27:24.60Fresno State
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