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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Other

Official Team Scores

2.Lewis-Clark State32
1.Matthew Crichlow
2.JrNolan Ryan
18:57.4 SRLewis-Clark State
3.SrTomislav Smith
19:14.9 PRLewis-Clark State
4.FrEli Fournier
19:21.1 PRWhitman
5.JrGrant Bingham
19:36.4 PRWhitworth
6.JrWill Mullins
19:40.8 PRWhitman
7.SrMatt Wotipka
19:44.1 PRWhitman
8.SrCaleb Moosman
19:44.8 PRWhitman
9.FrKarl Lundgren
19:49.0 PRLewis-Clark State
10.SrAlex Waheed
19:54.2 PRWhitman
11.SrMyles Simon
19:56.0 PRLewis-Clark State
12.SrMike McHan
19:59.2 PRLewis-Clark State
13.JrDaniel Harper
20:01.7 PRWhitworth
14.FrPeter Spencer
20:03.8 PRLewis-Clark State
15.SoJonny Handel
20:12.6 PRLewis-Clark State
16.Josiah Anderson
17.SrJoey Davis
20:25.3 PRLewis-Clark State
18.FrLaithan Briant
20:26.6 PRLewis-Clark State
19.JrChad Skiles
20:30.1 PRLewis-Clark State
20.FrJon Mangas
20:31.1 PRLewis-Clark State
21.FrGabriel Meek
20:32.4 PRWhitworth
22.SrCharlie Thimesh
20:36.9 PRWhitman
23.SoDylan Johnson
20:37.0 PRLewis-Clark State
24.FrNathan Anderson
20:56.5 PRWhitworth
25.JrRiley Worthington
21:12.1 PRWhitman
26.FrTristan Rhodes
21:17.3 PRWhitman
27.FrTristan Robins
21:20.0 PRWhitworth
28.JrBrian Ault
21:22.1 PRWhitworth
29.JrAlex Ball
21:25.5 PRWhitman
30.SrDavid Gilbert
21:29.8 SRLewis-Clark State
31.FrClint Rider
21:48.9 PRLewis-Clark State
32.FrNathan Smith
21:57.9 PRWhitman
33.FrChristian Carsh
22:21.2 SRWhitworth
34.FrMatthew Creagan
22:29.7 PRWhitworth
35.FrIsaac Santos
22:43.9 PRWhitworth
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6,000 Meters D1

Official Team Scores

3.Eastern Washington62
1.Troy Fraley
2.JrMax Kaderabek
18:36.9 PRGonzaga
3.Kyle Thompson
4.FrGrayson Ollar
18:41.1 SRIdaho
5.SoScott Kopczynski
18:44.6 PRGonzaga
6.JrDillon Quintana
18:48.7 SRGonzaga
7.SrNathan Stark
18:49.8 PRIdaho
8.FrDrew Schultz
18:49.9 PRIdaho
9.FrColton Johnsen
18:51.3 SREastern Washington
10.SoKellen Manley
18:53.4 SRGonzaga
11.JrJames Breen
18:54.0 PREastern Washington
12.Jake Perrin
13.SrConor McCandless
19:00.7 PRGonzaga
14.FrSteaven Zachman
19:01.4 PREastern Washington
15.SoJonathan Eastwood
19:03.9 PRMontana
16.Phillip Fishburn
17.SoLevi Wintz
19:10.8 PRIdaho
18.FrDwain Stucker
19:13.0 PRIdaho
19.Daniel Thompson
20.FrStefan Bradley
19:18.0 SRGonzaga
21.JrMatt Homell
19:19.9 PREastern Washington
22.FrCiaran O'Leary
19:21.9 SRGonzaga
23.Quintin Purtzer
24.Peter Hogan
25.SrPaden Alexander
19:24.5 SRMontana
26.JrJerry Sicalo
19:27.0 PRGonzaga
27.FrMiguel Vargas
19:30.1 PREastern Washington
28.FrSammy Truax
19:31.7 SRGonzaga
29.SrIan Goldizen
19:32.8 SRGonzaga
30.SoLogan Stahl
19:33.9 SREastern Washington
31.SrMitchell Beard
19:35.4 PRGonzaga
32.SrForest Tarbath
19:38.5 PRGonzaga
33.Fabian Cardenas
34.SrSantos Vargas
19:42.9 SRIdaho
35.SoAustin Fred
19:43.5 SRIdaho
36.SoDillon May
19:44.1 PRMontana
37.Alex Heffelfinger
38.SrIsaac Kitzan
19:49.2 SREastern Washington
39.Ben Hogan
40.SrChristopher Black
19:55.5 PRIdaho
41.Jonah Sandoval
42.JrNathan Wellington
19:57.6 PRMontana
43.SoSkylar Ovnicek
19:59.6 SRIdaho
44.Hunter Simpson
45.FrEvan Sanford
20:06.7 PREastern Washington
46.SrZac Garrard
20:08.9 SRGonzaga
47.Quinn Kopczynski
48.JrAustin Oser
20:16.3 SREastern Washington
49.SrHenry Morris
20:24.6 PRGonzaga
50.JrKinsly Smith
20:27.0 SRGonzaga
51.Nathan Vanos
52.SoDawit Mengistu
20:30.3 PRMontana
53.SoCoby Eastwood
20:30.5 PRGonzaga
54.FrNoah Kells
20:55.2 SRMontana
55.Dean Ellenwood
56.SoDevin Roche
21:21.0 PRGonzaga
57.FrKarsten Pease
21:38.6 PRMontana
58.SrIan Middleton
22:55.7 PRIdaho
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Other

Official Team Scores

2.Lewis-Clark State37
1.SoKayla Leland
14:09.9 PRWhitworth
2.JrThais Pedro-Trujillo
14:55.0 PRWhitworth
3.SrAllison Wood
15:09.1 PRWhitworth
4.JrKatelyn Skiles
15:13.9 PRLewis-Clark State
5.SrKea Paton
15:15.0 PRLewis-Clark State
6.JrBailey Scott
15:17.7 PRWhitworth
7.FrWhitney Rich
15:20.2 PRWhitman
8.JrJessica Peterson
15:31.8 PRLewis-Clark State
9.JrAriel Jensen
15:33.2 SRLewis-Clark State
10.FrSara Dawes
15:45.0 PRWhitworth
11.SoNatalie Herring
15:46.9 PRLewis-Clark State
12.SoPatryce McWilliams
15:51.4 PRLewis-Clark State
13.JrAlanni Wingert
16:01.7 PRLewis-Clark State
14.JrCamille Anderson
16:02.6 PRWhitman
15.FrEmily Donnel
16:08.6 PRWhitworth
16.JrKendall Maslen
16:14.7 PRLewis-Clark State
17.SoMelissa Starr
16:22.3 PRLewis-Clark State
18.SrLara Ruegg
16:23.5 PRWhitman
19.FrSarah Cool
16:27.4 PRWhitworth
20.SrNatasha Wilson
16:27.8 PRLewis-Clark State
21.JrJessie Vonbargen
16:36.6 PRLewis-Clark State
22.FrBryn Carlson
16:42.7 PRWhitman
23.SoLucy O'Sullivan
16:43.7 PRWhitman
24.SoClaire Ommen
16:54.9 PRWhitman
25.FrKristen Wanke
16:58.7 PRWhitman
26.FrJamey Weishaar
17:01.1 PRLewis-Clark State
27.JrAlyssa Taylor
17:05.9 PRWhitman
28.FrMaisie Thomas
17:26.5 PRWhitman
29.FrMiranda Cranston
17:28.1 PRLewis-Clark State
30.SoEmily Leinweber
17:29.2 PRWhitworth
31.JrAngela Knishka
17:31.6 SRLewis-Clark State
32.SoMakayla Kaufman
17:56.0 PRLewis-Clark State
33.FrMika Nevo
18:03.4 PRWhitman
34.FrLindsey Goldsby
18:05.7 PRWhitworth
35.FrLauren Taylor
18:36.6 PRWhitworth
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4,000 Meters D1

Official Team Scores

2.Eastern Washington61
1.JrJordan Thurston
13:40.6 PRGonzaga
2.SrSarah Reiter
13:45.9 PREastern Washington
3.JrSierra Speiker
14:12.9 SRIdaho
4.FrKara Story
14:15.6 PRIdaho
5.SrHalie Raudenbush
14:15.6 PRIdaho
6.SrReagan Colyer
14:17.3 PRMontana
7.SoAndrea Condie
14:18.2 SRIdaho
8.-Echevarria Gil
14:22.0 PREastern Washington
9.SrAlly Ginther
14:24.4 PRIdaho
10.SoEmily Pittis
14:26.1 SRMontana
11.SrJessica Mildes
14:31.7 PRGonzaga
12.FrKaili Keefe
14:35.4 PREastern Washington
13.FrMaizy Brewer
14:38.6 PRIdaho
14.JrOlivia Evans
14:42.3 PRGonzaga
15.SoErin Hagen
14:46.1 SRIdaho
16.SoBridget Creel
14:50.7 PRMontana
17.JrJulie Henling
14:53.1 PRGonzaga
18.SoJessica Bailey
14:58.3 PRMontana
19.SoMcCall Skay
15:03.4 PRIdaho
20.SrKari Hamilton
15:03.9 SREastern Washington
21.FrCarli Corpus
15:04.6 PREastern Washington
22.FrEmily Wesseling
15:05.3 PRIdaho
23.FrLauren Bourgeois
15:17.3 PRGonzaga
24.FrAnna Ruthven
15:21.5 PRGonzaga
25.JrJenny Albrecht
15:22.1 PRGonzaga
26.JrMegan Chucka
15:22.8 PRGonzaga
27.SoKelly Gilbert
15:24.0 SRGonzaga
28.JrGracie Ledwith
15:26.6 SREastern Washington
29.-Claire Swafford
15:28.7 PRGonzaga
30.FrMegan Glenski
15:28.8 PRGonzaga
31.SoAmanda Kiefer
15:30.2 SRGonzaga
32.SoBri Gibson
15:32.3 PREastern Washington
33.SrMadison Nagle
15:36.4 PRMontana
34.SoMonica Ripple
15:46.5 PRGonzaga
35.FrSamantha Engebretsen
15:50.4 PRMontana
36.FrKaelah Corrigan
15:50.5 SREastern Washington
37.SrMolly Stroosma
15:57.9 PRGonzaga
38.FrClaire Manley
15:59.2 SRGonzaga
39.JrMegan Franz
15:59.9 PRMontana
40.SoMichaela Bruns
16:01.0 PRGonzaga
41.JrKate Wagner
16:05.2 PRGonzaga
42.SoEmma Morris
16:06.5 PRGonzaga
43.FrAimee Piercy
16:15.7 PRGonzaga
44.FrSarah Hawley
16:17.3 PRGonzaga
45.JrElena Slavoski
16:26.2 SRGonzaga
46.SrEmily Anderson
16:29.6 SRGonzaga
47.SoBrazee Smith
16:32.5 SRGonzaga
48.SrMichaela Chucka
16:38.6 PREastern Washington
49.SrEmily Coic
16:42.1 PRGonzaga
50.SrLauren Saunders
16:47.4 SRGonzaga
51.SoSammy Vowles
17:00.2 PRGonzaga
52.-Hannah Seidl
17:03.2 PRGonzaga
53.SoMegan Dillon
17:43.6 PRGonzaga
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