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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Research Triangle34
2.Woods Charter37
3.East Wake Academy55
1.10Nick Teta
19:16.00Woods Charter
2.12David Williams
19:38.00Woods Charter
3.10Abel Maasho
20:30.00Research Triangle
4.10Sam Marchman
20:31.00Research Triangle
5.-Cody Hart
20:58.00 PREast Wake Academy
6.12Andrew Bryant
21:05.00East Wake Academy
7.10Enrico Degan
21:06.00Research Triangle
8.12Grayson Hassell
21:14.00Research Triangle
9.10Mitchell O'Connor
21:37.00Woods Charter
10.11Casey Barnes
21:58.00Woods Charter
11.12Zach Belch
22:06.00East Wake Academy
12.9Simi Singh
22:43.00Research Triangle
13.12Diwani Robinson
22:48.00Research Triangle
14.9Austin Hocutt
22:52.00East Wake Academy
15.11Daniel Falkovic
23:09.00 PRWoods Charter
16.10Elijah Day
23:21.00Woods Charter
17.10Caleb Hyman
23:23.00Woods Charter
18.9Conner Fontenot
23:25.00 PRResearch Triangle
19.10Ryan Boat
23:41.00 PRResearch Triangle
20.9Jackson Pate
23:42.00East Wake Academy
21.10Henry Nachman
23:48.00Woods Charter
22.9Ross Driver
23:54.00East Wake Academy
23.9Caleb Mcdonald
24:04.00Research Triangle
24.10Jonas Trepanier
24:11.00Research Triangle
25.11Charlie Klappenbach
24:20.00Research Triangle
26.12Alex Sminkey
24:21.00Research Triangle
27.-Nathaniel Gerthing...
24:44.00 PREast Wake Academy
28.-Carter Webster
24:52.00 PRWoods Charter
29.9Macon Shoemaker
24:57.00East Wake Academy
30.12Micah Streit
25:09.00East Wake Academy
31.9Carter Thompson
25:37.00Woods Charter
32.10Nathan Streit
25:43.00East Wake Academy
33.10Andy Johnson
25:55.00East Wake Academy
34.-Kyler Smith
27:21.00East Wake Academy
35.9Ian Stone
27:37.00Woods Charter
36.9Chase Cadman
27:44.00Research Triangle
37.12Ryan Vann
27:52.00Research Triangle
38.10Max Carey
28:11.00Research Triangle
39.-Carson Brooks
28:24.00East Wake Academy
40.12James DePolo
28:28.00Research Triangle
41.12Matthew Streit
28:28.10East Wake Academy
42.9Jason Smith
29:01.00Woods Charter
43.10David Jennings
29:11.00East Wake Academy
44.-Eli Warren
29:32.00East Wake Academy
45.11Alex Saltzman
29:39.00Research Triangle
46.9Russell Jordan
30:05.00Research Triangle
47.9Noah Barton
30:56.00Research Triangle
48.10Matthew Montgomery
33:50.00East Wake Academy
49.-Trevor Stafford
33:50.10East Wake Academy
50.-Mason Price
36:15.00East Wake Academy
51.-Simon Hicks
38:20.00East Wake Academy
52.-Eric Torres-Diaz
39:34.00East Wake Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Research Triangle27
2.Woods Charter43
3.East Wake Academy59
1.9Caroline Foley
24:42.00Research Triangle
2.10Nicole Avila
24:44.00Woods Charter
3.10Haley Turner
25:06.00East Wake Academy
4.9Jamie Marold
26:00.00Research Triangle
5.11Natalie Bowers
26:10.00Research Triangle
6.10Elly Cummins
26:17.00Woods Charter
7.10Elise Moses
27:07.00Woods Charter
8.12Elizabeth Scott
27:44.00Research Triangle
9.11Alyssa Donaldson
28:04.00Research Triangle
10.10Anne Elise Norris
28:11.00Research Triangle
11.10Emily Powell
28:14.00East Wake Academy
12.12Sarah Brown
28:18.00East Wake Academy
13.-Chanie Ray
28:24.00 PRWoods Charter
14.9Hattie Halloway
29:01.00Research Triangle
15.12Hannah Klemmer
29:59.00Research Triangle
16.12April Sharp
30:18.00 PRWoods Charter
17.12Nicole Fried
30:52.00Research Triangle
18.10Allison Keys
31:19.00East Wake Academy
19.9Pritika Bugga
31:33.00Research Triangle
20.10Kasarah Puryear
31:48.00Research Triangle
21.11Paola Carrillo
32:42.00East Wake Academy
22.12Emery Laethem
33:20.00Woods Charter
23.-Jordan Moore
34:14.00East Wake Academy
24.12Reegan O'Conner
34:29.00Woods Charter
25.10Halima Hasan
34:37.00Research Triangle
26.12Anh Ngygen
34:41.00Woods Charter
27.-Lillian Berry
34:59.00East Wake Academy
28.12Megan Byrne
35:24.00East Wake Academy
29.10Avery Brown
35:58.00East Wake Academy
30.-Kalye Higganbotham
36:17.00 PREast Wake Academy
31.10Wiseman Grace
36:19.00East Wake Academy
32.10Skylar Futrell
36:54.00East Wake Academy
33.-Skyler Richardson
37:30.00East Wake Academy
34.9Isabel Vann
37:45.00Research Triangle
35.9Hope Labriola
38:09.00Research Triangle
36.-Breanna Trew
38:32.00East Wake Academy
37.11Candace Swepson
39:10.00Research Triangle
38.12Caroline Coble
39:33.00 SREast Wake Academy
39.-Anna Heuts
46:54.00East Wake Academy
40.-Ashley Davis
46:54.10East Wake Academy
41.-Gracen Simmons
48:45.00East Wake Academy
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