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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Athens Drive Senior28
2.Green Hope29
1.11Marc Lombard
19:19.25Athens Drive Senior
2.10Justin Polonio
19:36.83Green Hope
3.11Bruce Lucas
19:44.01Athens Drive Senior
4.11Cameron Lyons
19:59.58Green Hope
5.9William Burke
20:24.33Athens Drive Senior
6.12Evan Delvecchio
20:27.69Green Hope
7.10Bradley Gelsinger
20:33.97Athens Drive Senior
8.10Dillon Patel
20:57.83Green Hope
9.11Nicholas Jeffrey
21:01.56Green Hope
10.12Sean Snively
21:15.20Green Hope
11.10Abhi Chandra
21:18.38Green Hope
12.11Julian Lobo
21:27.80Green Hope
13.12Tyler Brezina
21:32.33Green Hope
14.10David Liu
21:37.61Green Hope
15.10Andrew Marshall
21:40.08Green Hope
16.12Thomas Quinn
21:52.17Green Hope
17.12Eli Howell
21:54.41Athens Drive Senior
18.10Waris Alokozou
21:54.91Athens Drive Senior
19.11Boyuan Li
21:55.21Green Hope
20.10Kevin Xie
22:00.83Green Hope
21.11Austin Snyder
22:09.72Green Hope
22.10Matthew Einsmann
22:15.71Green Hope
23.11Sam Neill
22:29.16Green Hope
24.12Alexander Chung
22:30.14Green Hope
25.9Isaias Delgado
22:30.34Green Hope
26.11Jason Jin
22:30.51Green Hope
27.12CJ Murphy
22:34.88Athens Drive Senior
28.9Jack Zhang
22:38.76Green Hope
29.9Forrest Liu
22:40.23Green Hope
30.12Nishant Starr
22:43.20Green Hope
31.11Jason Easterling
22:44.13Green Hope
32.10Hayden Williford
22:44.93Green Hope
33.12Sam Petersen
22:45.22Green Hope
34.12Brian Wan
22:46.73Green Hope
35.10Brendan Adkins
22:46.97Green Hope
36.9Jarrod Seifert
22:47.66Green Hope
37.12Mustafa Sayeed
22:48.97Green Hope
38.10Robbie Gelsinger
22:50.52Athens Drive Senior
39.10Daniel Pearce
22:56.27 PRGreen Hope
40.10Victor Yeh
22:57.65 SRGreen Hope
41.9Kyle Peterson
22:59.81Green Hope
42.11Rithik Sudhini
23:00.02Green Hope
43.12Nathan Randolph
23:06.40Athens Drive Senior
44.10Joseph Fisher
23:06.94Green Hope
45.9Michael Angeli
23:08.48Green Hope
46.10Aryan Anerao
23:13.22Green Hope
47.10Jack McLaughlin
23:36.96Green Hope
48.12Daniel Lieberman
23:44.70Green Hope
49.11Spencer Mark
23:46.63Green Hope
50.11Mark Robinson
23:47.89Green Hope
51.11Cooper Lohr
23:48.18Green Hope
52.12Benji Connor
23:55.89Athens Drive Senior
53.9Charlie Morlock
23:57.68Athens Drive Senior
54.11Alex Weiss
24:13.30Green Hope
55.10Sam Ferguson
24:18.21Green Hope
56.10Peter Westerbeek
24:29.03Athens Drive Senior
57.9Abdulaziz Norbekov
24:32.49Green Hope
58.11Dhawal Bhatt
24:34.76Green Hope
59.11Michael Rowe
24:37.70Green Hope
60.9James Clary
24:39.75Athens Drive Senior
61.10Griffin Bean
24:43.50Green Hope
62.12Zach Guan
24:45.44Green Hope
63.11Sidak Bachher
24:57.23Green Hope
64.9Addison Morse
24:59.18Green Hope
65.9Matthew Youngquist
25:02.40Athens Drive Senior
66.10Spencer White
25:31.99Green Hope
67.12Alvin Lee
26:00.66Green Hope
68.11Wilson Sabel
26:02.01 PRGreen Hope
69.10Thomas Blowers
26:08.00Green Hope
70.9Gauthan Reddy
26:21.17Green Hope
71.11Kunal Kapoor
26:25.30Green Hope
72.10Alec Nava
26:26.61Green Hope
73.9Wilson Matsuo
26:30.83Green Hope
74.12Aaron Ye
26:34.97Green Hope
75.11Kirk Spotts
26:36.48Green Hope
76.12Tj Weiss
26:43.96Green Hope
77.10Kushagra Bansal
26:46.87Green Hope
78.9Will Hager
26:47.94Green Hope
79.10Neel Devineni
26:49.03Green Hope
80.9Aneesh Namballa
26:55.41Green Hope
81.11Hayes Almond
26:57.74Green Hope
82.10David Liu
27:01.27Green Hope
83.10Benjamin Taylor
27:02.16 SRGreen Hope
84.12Wesley Tran
27:14.33Green Hope
85.9Hunter Edmonds
27:16.72 PRGreen Hope
86.11Gautam Kotwal
27:24.83Green Hope
87.10Jeff Yi
27:27.48Green Hope
88.11Cristobal Cisneros
27:32.27Green Hope
89.9Declan Crowe
27:40.52Green Hope
90.10Myles Morgan
27:40.71Green Hope
91.11Samuel Jin
27:54.13Green Hope
92.-Josh Ayoka
27:55.27 PRAthens Drive Senior
93.12Travis Hurst
28:09.41Athens Drive Senior
94.12Akash Krishna
28:19.14Green Hope
95.11Steven Jackyra
28:26.37Green Hope
96.11Zach Nowlin
28:31.19Athens Drive Senior
97.11Jenish Venancius
28:31.60Green Hope
98.12Will Matthews
28:32.53Green Hope
99.10Herjot Cheema
28:36.21Green Hope
100.9Eeshayu Shelke
28:47.86 PRGreen Hope
101.9Jack Montjoy
28:51.12 PRGreen Hope
102.10Brandon Morton
28:55.59Green Hope
103.10Logan Kirby
29:08.79Athens Drive Senior
104.-Alex Waller
29:21.13 PRAthens Drive Senior
105.10Alan Chen
29:33.76Green Hope
106.11Liam Tarpy
29:36.73Green Hope
107.9Garrett Grimes
29:52.85Green Hope
108.10Philip Cicmanec
29:57.48Green Hope
109.11Kishan Joshi
29:57.79Green Hope
110.12Matthew Wang
29:58.61Green Hope
111.10Sam Everhart
30:14.86Green Hope
112.11Michael Edmonds
30:48.21 PRGreen Hope
113.11Jack Townsend
30:54.81Green Hope
114.11Maniknath Wacche
30:59.58 PRGreen Hope
115.11Karthik Edupuganti
31:09.34Green Hope
116.10peter Redmond
32:03.80 SRGreen Hope
117.11Shravan Sinnassamy
33:40.71 PRGreen Hope
118.10Keegan Clarke
33:55.31Green Hope
119.9David Rowe
33:59.62Green Hope
120.9Ryan Neill
36:40.00Green Hope
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Athens Drive Senior23
2.Green Hope32
1.9Cailin DeLeo
23:58.00Athens Drive Senior
2.11Shayna McKinnon
24:33.00Athens Drive Senior
3.12Kayla Jahromi
24:37.00Green Hope
4.10Katie Williams-frey
25:20.00Athens Drive Senior
5.11Constanze Graser
25:49.00Green Hope
6.12Caroline Pusey
27:17.00Athens Drive Senior
7.10Coral Aman
27:30.00Green Hope
8.10Shea Kofkin-Hansen
27:44.00Green Hope
9.11Hiral Patel
27:47.00Green Hope
10.11Shaelyn Raleigh
28:05.00 PRAthens Drive Senior
11.10Kate Brown
28:25.00 SRGreen Hope
12.12Mia Abouhamad
28:26.00Green Hope
13.10Taylor Wolford
28:33.00Green Hope
14.10Jordan Barish
28:38.00Green Hope
15.9Emma Anderson
28:41.00Green Hope
16.9Rohini Madhu
28:55.00Green Hope
17.11Isabelle Lambert
29:02.00Green Hope
18.10Haley Freer
29:03.00Athens Drive Senior
19.9Taylor Maiorano
29:10.00Green Hope
20.9Aidan Hale
29:22.00Athens Drive Senior
21.12Rachel Chen
29:26.00Green Hope
22.10keisha Solanki
29:26.00Green Hope
23.9Alyssa Bustos
29:27.00Green Hope
24.9Sabrina Hess
29:34.00 SRGreen Hope
25.10Nienke De Haseth
29:36.00Green Hope
26.9Anna Dunn
29:37.00Green Hope
27.12Hannah Marzella
29:53.00 PRGreen Hope
28.10Geshna Aggarawal
29:55.00Green Hope
29.12Meghana Bhat
29:59.00Green Hope
30.11Kasey Condon
30:03.00Green Hope
31.10Kristen Angell
30:21.00Athens Drive Senior
32.11Annika Peterson
30:35.00Green Hope
33.9Sarah Elam
30:38.00Green Hope
34.10Kirsten Brasington
30:47.00Green Hope
35.11Henna Shah
30:58.00Green Hope
36.10Lisha Li
31:16.00 SRGreen Hope
37.10Kate Spivey
31:38.00Green Hope
38.9Zaina Safi
31:45.00Green Hope
39.9Joyce Liu
31:46.00Green Hope
40.10Noelani Brady
31:55.00Green Hope
41.11Abby Bowdish
32:15.00Athens Drive Senior
42.12Isabella Morse
32:19.00Green Hope
43.9Kavita Starr
32:41.00Green Hope
44.10Annie Wang
32:43.00Green Hope
45.12Zoe Montjoy
32:50.00Green Hope
46.9Faith Albert
33:11.00Athens Drive Senior
47.9Audrey Compiano
33:18.00Green Hope
48.9Kalli Verzera
33:35.00Athens Drive Senior
49.9Sophia Hall
33:37.00Green Hope
50.10Carter Jacobs
33:45.00Athens Drive Senior
51.10Reshma Goud
35:50.00Green Hope
52.10Nidhi Oruganti
36:49.00 PRGreen Hope
53.10Claire Melton
36:49.00Green Hope
54.9Lilly Recchie
39:16.00Athens Drive Senior
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