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Mens Races
3 Miles Varsity
2.1 Miles Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3 Miles Varsity
2.1 Miles Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3 Miles Varsity

1.12Tianrui Sun
16:39 PRSharon
2.12Matt Reimels
16:48 SRNorth Attleboro
3.10Liam Monahan
16:58North Attleboro
4.11Grant Fawcett
17:11 PRSharon
5.10Julian Dixon
17:42North Attleboro
6.10Skyler Poirier
18:03North Attleboro
7.11Vishal Kalakonnavar
18:05 PRSharon
8.12Luke Therieau
18:23North Attleboro
9.12Chris Mullaney
18:27North Attleboro
10.12Sam Hershman
18:38 SRSharon
11.11Rayan Rashid
18:59 PRSharon
12.11Jackson Fawcett
19:00 PRSharon
13.10Kanishka Sethi
19:18 PRSharon
14.10Jack Clarke
19:21North Attleboro
15.10Timothy Liu
19:24 PRSharon
16.12Jitong Shen
19:46 PRSharon
17.10Noah Wieland
19:54 PRSharon
18.10Thomas Flood
20:03North Attleboro
19.10Zachary Zhang
20:10 PRSharon
20.12Benjamin Hack
20:18 PRSharon
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2.1 Miles Junior Varsity

9James Kong
13:46 PRSharon
9Jared Osofsky
11Aidan McIntosh
14:03 PRNorth Attleboro
10Ben Allaire
14:08 SRSharon
11Joseph Bagarella
14:16 PRNorth Attleboro
9John Schustek
10Matt Pennell
15:03 PRNorth Attleboro
10Ian Lewis
15:24 SRSharon
11Matthew McManus
15:28 PRSharon
10Benjamin Daggett
15:30 SRSharon
9Aidan Ahearn
15:35 PRNorth Attleboro
9Isaiah McHoul
15:35.1 PRNorth Attleboro
9Evan Gray
9Konstantinos Kalog...
9William Bradley
15:59 PRNorth Attleboro
10Camrin Young
16:02 PRNorth Attleboro
11Jacob Selsman
16:43 PRSharon
9Isa Siddiq
16:43.1 PRNorth Attleboro
9Daniel Nobrega
16:55 PRNorth Attleboro
9Ishan Deshpande
10Brent Huot
19:22 SRSharon
9Evan Spencer
19:53 PRSharon
9Sebastain Armstrong
19:53.1 PRSharon
9Neel Mahulkar
21:19 SRSharon
10Ayush Thacker
21:25 SRSharon
11Ari Levitt
22:11 SRSharon
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Womens Results

3 Miles Varsity

1.9Olivia Forbes
19:41 PRNorth Attleboro
2.12Anna Morrison
20:04 PRSharon
3.11Maria Gieg
20:26 PRSharon
4.11Angela Kaiser
20:36 SRNorth Attleboro
5.10Stephanie Hawkins
20:37 SRNorth Attleboro
6.10Dana Jaffe
20:50 PRSharon
7.11Megan Leary
21:08North Attleboro
8.12Kyra Siano
21:12North Attleboro
9.12Erica Laidler
21:28 SRSharon
10.9Elliana Hershman
21:34 PRSharon
11.12Sydney Mayo
21:43 SRSharon
12.9Juliana Dudziak
21:54 PRSharon
13.10Paige Williams
22:06 PRNorth Attleboro
14.11Morgan Ashworth
22:19North Attleboro
15.10Catherine Griffin
22:43 PRSharon
16.9Eliana Boxerman
22:51 PRSharon
17.12Ketki Joshi
22:55 PRSharon
18.11Jamie Kessler
23:49 SRSharon
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2.1 Miles Junior Varsity

11Emily Pastore
15:43 PRNorth Attleboro
11Courtney Tong
15:48 PRNorth Attleboro
9Kavya Anbarasu
12Emily Blanchard
16:08 PRNorth Attleboro
10Emily Wheatley
16:11 SRNorth Attleboro
9Skyler Beaulieu
16:18 PRNorth Attleboro
9Natalie Kaiser
16:23 PRNorth Attleboro
11Jordan Willis
16:24 PRNorth Attleboro
9Allison Carter
16:49 PRNorth Attleboro
9Catherine Hanewich
16:52 PRNorth Attleboro
10Ariana Garcia
16:54 PRSharon
10Geena Lesser
17:37 PRSharon
12Rene Gagne
17:49 PRNorth Attleboro
10Shreyaa Raghavan
18:31 SRSharon
12Lilly Fernandes
18:39 PRNorth Attleboro
10Sophia Lisle
18:53 SRSharon
10Sofi Shlepakov
19:10 PRSharon
10Kaya Daylor
19:30 SRSharon
10Rene Robinson
19:44 PRSharon
10Mika Baitman
19:47 PRSharon
11Varshita Jakkaraju
19:53 SRSharon
11Sydney Marchand
20:38 PRNorth Attleboro
9Diana Li
22:25 PRSharon
9Deepti Murthy
22:35 SRSharon
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