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3,000 Meters Frosh-Soph
3,000 Meters Junior-Senior
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3,000 Meters Frosh-Soph
3,000 Meters Junior Senior

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Frosh-Soph

Official Team Scores

1.Green Hope33
3.Needham Broughton111
4.Panther Creek123
6.Apex Friendship175
7.Leesville Road183
8.Holly Springs191
9.Cardinal Gibbons215
10.Middle Creek257
11.Wake Forest Rolesville312
12.Cary Academy326
1.10Reed Blackman
9:48.80 PRGreen Hope
2.10Alex Huml
9:51.61 PRGreen Hope
3.10Stephen Atkinson
4.10Jackson Martin
9:55.48 PRCary
5.10Christian Alvarez
9:57.65 PRPanther Creek
6.10Joey Bream
9:57.90 PRPanther Creek
7.10Spencer Cowley
10:00.63 PRGreen Hope
8.10Krishan Guzzo
10:03.85 PRCary Academy
9.10Micheal Rooney
10:12.18 PRNeedham Broughton
10.10Jacobi Asor-Sallah
10:19.56 PRGarner Senior
11.10Tyler Stephens
10:20.60 PRCardinal Gibbons
12.9Thomas Vo
10:21.32 PRGreen Hope
13.10Carter Pehr
10:21.68 PRGreen Hope
14.10Cameron Adair
10:22.03 PRApex Friendship
15.10Preston Jones
10:22.69 PRLeesville Road
16.10Edward Brinkley
10:23.77 PRNeedham Broughton
17.10Andy Dawson
10:25.47 PRGreen Hope
18.10Brian Picone
19.9Jack Rooney
10:28.38Needham Broughton
20.9Griffin Nicholas
21.9Tim Haughton
10:32.45 PRApex Friendship
22.10Garner West
10:35.05 PRMiddle Creek
23.9Liam McBride
10:35.21 PRGreen Hope
24.10Jacob Vehslage
25.9Scott Kennedy
26.10Cole Bouquin
10:40.36 PRApex Friendship
27.10Ryan O'Hare
10:40.85 PRHolly Springs
28.9Michael Taylor
10:41.25 PRGreen Hope
29.9Alexander McKinley
10:42.39Panther Creek
30.10Hayden Reed
10:44.09 PRLeesville Road
31.10Austin Dewey
32.10Garrett Hageman
10:46.34 PRHolly Springs
33.10Benjamin Hayes
10:47.87Wake Forest Rolesville
34.9Jack Fuhrer
10:52.76 PRLeesville Road
35.10James Hodges
10:56.36 PRNeedham Broughton
36.10Ryan Grotheer
37.10Brandon Buckley
10:58.46 PRCardinal Gibbons
38.10Harrison Quirk
10:59.60 PRNeedham Broughton
39.10Justin Polonio
11:01.03 PRGreen Hope
40.10Andrew Edney
41.10Wilson Kuhn
11:02.91 PRNeedham Broughton
42.10Anthony Battle
11:03.37 PRApex
43.10Thomas Durand
11:03.55 PRHolly Springs
44.10Josh Rousculp
11:03.88 PRPanther Creek
45.10Simon Griggs
46.9Liam Peeples
11:04.47 PRCardinal Gibbons
47.9William Soleo
11:06.43 PRPanther Creek
48.10Aden Bonet
11:06.62Panther Creek
49.9Carson Lundin
11:07.70Panther Creek
50.11Dexter Hill
11:08.66 PRHolly Springs
51.9Jackson McIntyre
11:11.54 PRHolly Springs
52.11Hunter Johnson
11:12.97Panther Creek
53.10Nicholas Muecke
11:13.94Panther Creek
54.10Grayson Pigott
11:17.72 PRPanther Creek
55.10Michael Biddle
11:19.40Green Hope
56.9Brandon Duke
11:22.00 PRHolly Springs
57.10Jackson Lawrence
11:23.52Middle Creek
58.10Daniel Borger
59.10Joel McKinney
11:24.40 PRApex
60.10Carter Jones
11:25.40 PRGreen Hope
61.9Andrew Macemore
11:26.26 PRLeesville Road
62.10Jack Tiffany
11:27.43 PRWake Forest Rolesville
63.10Benjamin Woodman
11:36.19 PRPanther Creek
64.10Ted Sielatycki
65.10Ben Goetsch
11:40.11 PRHolly Springs
66.9Will Gray
11:40.30Middle Creek
67.10Adam Kanning
11:41.64 PRHolly Springs
68.10William Lam
11:43.07 PRNeedham Broughton
69.9Joshua Carlson
11:43.96 PRApex Friendship
70.10Will Feddern
11:44.13Green Hope
71.10Nate Kent
11:46.66 PRHolly Springs
72.10Will Bell
11:47.11 PRLeesville Road
73.10Andrew Verdi
11:47.30 PRCardinal Gibbons
74.9Jarrod Seifert
11:47.78 PRGreen Hope
75.9William Levine
11:48.31Needham Broughton
76.9Jack Maggio
11:48.75Panther Creek
77.10Naim Bell
11:49.83 PRApex Friendship
78.9Chris Penwell
11:50.63Middle Creek
79.10Michael Stephens
11:50.80 PRApex Friendship
80.9Murphy Sink
81.9Grant Scotto
11:53.21 PRCary Academy
82.10Sean Mars
11:54.27 PRCary
83.10Mark Killmeyer
84.9Aidan Holland
85.10Andrew Marquard
86.9Emmett Lynch
87.10Lucas Austin
11:58.88 PRHolly Springs
88.10Alex Rodes
12:00.90Green Hope
89.10Houston Jones
12:01.61Wake Forest Rolesville
90.9Andrew Kissell
12:01.79 PRCardinal Gibbons
91.10Ben Blackburn
12:03.15 PRLeesville Road
92.10Carson Gartner
12:03.98 PRHolly Springs
93.10Joseph Norman
12:05.43 PRGarner Senior
94.9Kitch Joyner
12:06.12Needham Broughton
95.9Kyle Smart
12:06.31Green Hope
96.10Dakota Leonard
12:07.10 PRMiddle Creek
97.9Reagan Dunkley
12:09.74 PRLeesville Road
98.10Joseph Fisher
12:10.09Green Hope
99.10Faltz Michael
100.10Mamoon Hassan
12:13.30 PRRolesville
101.9Ben Husul
12:13.49 PRHolly Springs
102.10Jacob Godwin
12:14.17 PRHolly Springs
103.9Kevin Coffman
12:14.38 PRCardinal Gibbons
104.9Joe Capannola
12:14.59 PRSanderson
105.9Max Buico
12:16.39 PRLeesville Road
106.9Jamal Mohamad
12:17.75 PRLeesville Road
107.10Ethan Boyd
12:18.64 PRRolesville
108.9Ashton Olmstead
12:18.84 PRGarner Senior
109.10Thomas Reed
12:21.07 PRWake Forest Rolesville
110.10Mitchell Kisaberth
12:21.47 PRCardinal Gibbons
111.10Ely Yancey
12:22.08 PRCardinal Gibbons
112.9Mac Jacobs
12:23.63 PRLeesville Road
113.10Dillon Patel
12:24.16Green Hope
114.10Brett Reynolds
12:24.37 PRPanther Creek
115.9Jack Guard
12:25.11 PRCary
116.9Crist Cruz
12:25.72 PRRolesville
117.10Evan Downing
12:25.98 PRRolesville
118.10Ben Power
12:26.70 PRHolly Springs
119.10RJ Jain
12:27.23 PRCary Academy
120.10Hayden Bryant
12:27.78 PRApex Friendship
121.9Carter Wood
12:28.05William G. Enloe
122.9Brandon Burgiss
12:30.01Middle Creek
123.10Joshua Harris
12:31.06Green Hope
124.10Sameer Rao
12:32.09 PRPanther Creek
125.9Conner Murdock
12:33.35 PRRolesville
126.9Mason Tilly
127.10James Taylor
12:36.52 PRCary Academy
128.10Robert Martin
12:37.33 PRGarner Senior
129.9Aiden Moody
12:38.59 PRSanderson
130.10Matthew Short
131.10Ethan Doria
12:40.18 PRLeesville Road
132.9Royal Goodwin
12:40.38 PRLeesville Road
133.9Mj Ellis
12:42.87 PRWake Forest Rolesville
134.9Patrick Strickland
12:43.06 PRLeesville Road
135.9Kyle Vetter
12:45.24Middle Creek
136.9Mbiyu Koinange
12:46.32 PRRolesville
137.10Frankie Bianco
12:48.36 PRCardinal Gibbons
138.9Ryan Abell
12:50.49Middle Creek
139.9Jason Kennedy
140.9Nolan Fortin
12:53.73Wake Forest Rolesville
141.9David Go
12:53.91 PRCary Academy
142.9Caleb Watson
12:54.52 PRApex Friendship
143.9Ross Bowen
144.10Matthew Boylan
12:58.12 PRMiddle Creek
145.9Jackson Fiske
13:00.70 PRRavenscroft
146.9Nate Marsh
13:01.60 PRSanderson
147.9Logan Lamb
148.10Avish Ambardar
13:02.87Panther Creek
149.10Ethan Aschman
13:03.28 PRRavenscroft
150.10Jonah Gorenstein
13:04.59 PRLeesville Road
151.10Benjamin Armstrong
13:05.65 PRHolly Springs
152.9Tej Joshi
13:05.84Panther Creek
153.9Philip Beal
13:08.14Panther Creek
154.9Pierce Bombard
13:08.59 PRSanderson
155.9Cooper Thompson
13:12.57Needham Broughton
156.9Michael Hernandez
13:13.37 PRCary
157.9Blake Morris
13:14.12 PRHolly Springs
158.9Nolan Mood
159.10Mark Reading
160.9Kofi Sallie
13:17.49 PRWilliam G. Enloe
161.9Abdulaziz Norbekov
13:18.78Green Hope
162.9Noah Treichler
13:19.78 PRLeesville Road
163.9Jack Fleming
13:21.11 PRApex Friendship
164.10Emory Davis
13:21.94 PRWakefield
165.10Ian Artrip
13:22.14 PRLeesville Road
166.10Alabi Orisadele
13:23.30 PRRolesville
167.10Lucas Thayer
13:25.86Panther Creek
168.10Jeremy Berkowitz
169.9Garrett Wood
13:27.54Wake Forest Rolesville
170.10Keaton Merck
13:27.78 PRWakefield
171.9Braxton Haight
13:28.16 PRApex Friendship
172.9Grant Homan
13:28.60 PRRolesville
173.9Salazaku Nsiambote
13:29.19 PRRolesville
174.10James Parzygnat
13:31.01Middle Creek
175.10Graham Pagach
13:32.65Middle Creek
176.10Cole Watkins
13:32.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
177.10Cooper Van Ness
13:33.83Wake Forest Rolesville
178.9Daniel Menechella
13:35.92Middle Creek
179.9Parker Perkins
13:36.35 PRCary Academy
180.9Will Aarons
13:37.35Cary Academy
181.10Declan Cheever
13:38.19 PRApex Friendship
182.9David Salgado
13:40.67 PRCary
183.9Luke Adas
13:42.07 PRCardinal Gibbons
184.10Caleb Faneuf
13:42.72 PRWake Forest Rolesville
185.10Sullivan Crouse
13:42.96 PRSanderson
186.9Matthew Youngquist
13:44.87 PRAthens Drive Senior
187.9Henery Puckett
13:45.62 PRSanderson
188.9Caden Germann
13:46.66 PRHolly Springs
189.10Peter Westerbeek
13:46.80 PRAthens Drive Senior
190.9Tyler Paryz
13:47.92 PRCardinal Gibbons
191.9Christian Barringer
13:48.07 PRPanther Creek
192.10Liam Horton
13:52.65 PRRavenscroft
193.9Noah Brandon
13:55.24 PRHolly Springs
194.9Luke Getzen
13:57.52 PRApex Friendship
195.9James Clary
13:59.53 PRAthens Drive Senior
196.9Bennet Scott
14:01.26 PRSanderson
197.9Peter Shaner
14:01.50Panther Creek
198.10Paul Thottappilly
14:02.57Panther Creek
199.9Mason Johns
200.9Aidan Suchniak
14:05.66 PRCardinal Gibbons
201.9Adam Salim
14:20.25 PRRolesville
202.10Zander Reed
14:20.39 PRRavenscroft
203.10Nathan Montalvo
14:25.30 PRSanderson
204.10Viraj Shah
14:27.27 PRCary Academy
205.9Anthony Lamberti
14:32.97Wake Forest Rolesville
206.9William DeStaffan
14:41.09 PRRavenscroft
207.9Will Davis
14:54.07 PRSanderson
208.10Eugene Yun
209.10Isaac Strother
210.9Justin Hickland
15:37.75 PRLeesville Road
211.10Sam Reynolds
15:47.58Middle Creek
212.9Davis Atwell
15:49.51 PRSanderson
213.9Alex Sailant
16:10.35 PRCardinal Gibbons
214.9Patrick Conley
16:12.75 PRSanderson
215.9Christopher Wollum
216.9Brendan Gresham
16:28.85 PRRolesville
217.10Garrett Enloe
17:07.47Middle Creek
218.9Ben Johnson
219.9Jerron Alford
18:06.86 PRRolesville
220.9Nolan Peters
18:08.03 PRCardinal Gibbons
221.10Evan Schock
222.9Matt Amaniampong
223.9Max Parrish
19:58.99Middle Creek
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3,000 Meters Junior-Senior

Official Team Scores

1.Green Hope53
2.Needham Broughton57
3.Cary Academy98
5.Holly Springs140
6.Cardinal Gibbons192
7.Panther Creek196
8.Leesville Road213
11.Wake Forest Rolesville308
12.Middle Creek339
17.Athens Drive Senior457
18.Garner Senior504
1.11Coleman Mitchell
9:07.32 PRCary Academy
2.11Peyton Barish
9:12.09 PRGreen Hope
3.12Ben Savino
9:13.33 PRApex
4.12Lanier Derbyshire
9:14.21 PRNeedham Broughton
5.11Finn McBride
9:18.73 PRGreen Hope
6.11Ryan Brown
9:23.38 PRNeedham Broughton
7.12Kyle Fawzi
9:24.35 PRPanther Creek
8.11Ian Delgado
9:26.75 PRGreen Hope
9.11Chase Coley
9:27.16 PRCary Academy
10.12Nathaniel Gamble
9:31.70 PRLeesville Road
11.12Tommy Bright
9:34.21 PRCary Academy
12.12Stuart Holmes
9:34.83 PRNeedham Broughton
13.12Kyle Joyce
9:45.91 PRApex
14.12Gavin Kinkead
9:46.12 SRHolly Springs
15.11Jacob Wells
9:46.72 PRNeedham Broughton
16.11Jarred Komyati
9:47.25 PRPanther Creek
17.11Daniel Vo
9:48.15 PRGreen Hope
18.12Matthew Russell
9:48.60 PRCary
19.12Jared Eytcheson
9:49.01 PRCardinal Gibbons
20.12Hayes Derbyshire
9:49.43 PRNeedham Broughton
21.12Nick Veilleux
9:50.13 PRGreen Hope
22.12Cole Hagstrom
9:50.37 PRGreen Hope
23.11Luke Bakley
9:53.19 PRGreen Hope
24.12Bradley Howard
9:55.04 PRHolly Springs
25.11David Cart
26.11Matthew Kehn
9:56.18 PRGreen Hope
27.11Sean Petersen
9:56.90 PRGreen Hope
28.12Drake Schwehm
9:57.50Panther Creek
29.11Ryan Kemper
9:57.65 PRGreen Hope
30.11Sam Young
9:58.99 PRHolly Springs
31.11Alec Atteberry
10:02.12 PRApex Friendship
32.11Camden Carmichael
10:03.59 PRMiddle Creek
33.11John Autry
10:04.37 PRWake Forest Rolesville
34.11Wesley Provost
10:07.69 PRApex Friendship
35.12Wyatt Schug
36.12Devin Adas
10:09.61 PRCardinal Gibbons
37.11Will Hopkins
10:10.01Needham Broughton
38.11Jevon Neal
10:11.51Holly Springs
39.12Brett Haensel
10:12.04 PRRavenscroft
40.12James Lundergan
41.11Dylan Lamphier
10:15.98 PRCary Academy
42.11Leslie Boney
10:18.23Needham Broughton
43.12Nick Barefoot
10:18.94 PRLeesville Road
44.12Brett Parlier
45.12Jack Saha
10:21.20Middle Creek
46.12Davis Braswell
10:23.52 PRCary Academy
47.11Jaden Morrow
10:24.22Holly Springs
48.12Jonathan Kacvinsky
10:25.31 PRCary Academy
49.12Keaton Thurston
10:25.56 PRLeesville Road
50.12David Wicklin
10:26.78 PRCardinal Gibbons
51.12Matthew Mims
10:27.97 PRRolesville
52.11Liam Norris
10:28.46Needham Broughton
53.11Nick Gavazzi
54.12Matthew DeGeorge
10:31.86 PRCardinal Gibbons
55.11Noah Pietrek
10:32.45 PRCardinal Gibbons
56.12Arthur Larin
10:33.92 PRCary
57.11Chase Brozell
10:34.43 PRSanderson
58.11Taylor Puckett
10:34.59 PRSanderson
59.11Srikar Chedalavada
10:35.62Green Hope
60.12Stephen Strong
10:38.14 PRRolesville
61.12Kyle Futterman
10:38.65 PRGreen Hope
62.12Michael Hils
10:39.99 PRCardinal Gibbons
63.12Joeseph Lawhorn
10:40.46Wake Forest Rolesville
64.12Austin Lalicker
65.11Devin Kent
10:42.94 PRFuquay-Varina
66.11Connor Miles
10:46.68 PRCardinal Gibbons
67.11Benton Haney
68.11Jordan Hayes
10:48.69 PRLeesville Road
69.12Ryan Barbour
10:49.15William G. Enloe
70.11Zachary Ohmann
10:49.51 PRLeesville Road
71.11Jace Larsen
10:50.07 PRSanderson
72.11Alex Tomasi
10:50.24 PRGreen Hope
73.11Jordan Bliss
10:51.54 PRHolly Springs
74.12Ethan Blume
10:51.71 PRSanderson
75.11Liam Laughner
10:53.08 PRApex
76.12Harrison Karlok
10:54.21 PRHolly Springs
77.11A.J. Thornton
78.12Drew Hickland
10:55.33 PRLeesville Road
79.11Aiken Carter
10:56.29 PRNeedham Broughton
80.12Trey VanNess
10:57.33 PRWake Forest Rolesville
81.11Austin Renke
10:58.11 PRCardinal Gibbons
82.12Spencer Poole
11:00.99William G. Enloe
83.12Owen Miller
84.11Jacob Cline
11:01.83 PRPanther Creek
85.12Damien Guilbaud
86.12Chandler Barnes
11:03.30 PRRolesville
87.11Matthew Falcinelli
11:03.47 PRLeesville Road
88.11Xander Krahn
11:04.18 SRAthens Drive Senior
89.11Owen Henry
11:04.36 PRHolly Springs
90.12Ryan Tsolis
11:05.51 PRGreen Hope
91.12Ben Kasierski
11:08.05 PRRavenscroft
92.11Alexander Munn
11:08.59 PRApex Friendship
93.12Ethan Della Maestra
94.12Ian Martin
11:11.35Needham Broughton
95.11Cameron Lyons
11:11.76Green Hope
96.12Bilal Mohamad
11:12.31 PRLeesville Road
97.12Cameron Koegel
11:13.10 PRGarner Senior
98.12Luke Colwell
99.11Zeke Shore
11:14.69 PRSanderson
100.11Jonathon Hughes
11:15.24Wake Forest Rolesville
101.11Justin Sprink
11:16.78 PRGreen Hope
102.12Evan Reyer
11:17.86Green Hope
103.11Zack Forgrave
11:23.40 PRPanther Creek
104.12Vince Figueroa
11:24.96 PRWake Forest Rolesville
105.11Bruce Lucas
11:25.57 PRAthens Drive Senior
106.12Jack Covington
11:27.36Needham Broughton
107.11Jacob Hujar
108.12Alex Smith
11:28.59 SRSanderson
109.11Jacob Bream
11:29.56Panther Creek
110.11Reed Macdonald
11:29.89Middle Creek
111.12Samuel Tucker
11:31.92 PRCary
112.12Mitchell Piechocki
11:33.21Wake Forest Rolesville
113.12Jonah Faneuf
11:33.66 SRWake Forest Rolesville
114.11Perciaccante Andrew
11:35.13 PRSanderson
115.11Nicolas Defosse
11:36.15 PRCary
116.11Tucker Soltesz
11:39.56 PRSanderson
117.11Fuad Hassan
11:40.80 PRSanderson
118.11Will Durland
11:43.73 SRCardinal Gibbons
119.11David Zak
120.11Hunter Baratta
11:44.79 PRHolly Springs
121.11Justin Geneta
11:46.72 PRSanderson
122.11Noah Shaner
11:47.71Panther Creek
123.11Dominant Elting
11:48.14Panther Creek
124.12Luke Miller
11:49.25 SRLeesville Road
125.11Monroe Clinton
11:49.72Green Hope
126.11Ian Hixson
11:50.18 PRLeesville Road
127.11Kyle Organo
128.11Ben Groff
11:52.44 PRLeesville Road
129.11Thomas Walsh
11:53.78 PRGreen Hope
130.12LaKeith Mobley
11:54.01 PRRolesville
131.11Connor Reilly
11:55.80 PRCardinal Gibbons
132.11Jacob Sawyer
11:56.82 PRMiddle Creek
133.11Kyle Mcdowell
11:57.54Middle Creek
134.12Hershel Wathore
135.11Jacob Gundry
11:58.96Wake Forest Rolesville
136.11Ben Grimes
137.11Cole Kukura
12:01.24 PRHolly Springs
138.12Jake Gibson
139.12Nathan Adams
140.11Caleb Wiebe
12:08.23 PRHolly Springs
141.11Calvin Clawson
12:10.06 PRLeesville Road
142.11Collin Townsend
12:10.92Wake Forest Rolesville
143.12Ben Vaudo
12:11.33 PRPanther Creek
144.11Harrison Nugent
12:15.95 PRRavenscroft
145.12Matt Buddendeck
12:17.81 SRCardinal Gibbons
146.11AJ Pena
12:19.66 PRLeesville Road
147.12Eli Howell
12:23.33 PRAthens Drive Senior
148.12Alec Pompeo
149.11Nick Kelly
12:27.85 PRWake Forest Rolesville
150.9Aiden Kovacs
151.10Denison Lah
152.11Eric Trevino
153.12Mykal Carter
12:34.37 SRGarner Senior
154.11Evan Johnson
12:34.94 PRHolly Springs
155.11Isaac Lanzon
12:35.90Wake Forest Rolesville
156.12CJ Murphy
12:37.71 PRAthens Drive Senior
157.11Justin Gough
12:41.90 PRHolly Springs
158.11Shane Weisenberger
12:43.20 SRLeesville Road
159.11Ben Schwab
12:44.56 PRHolly Springs
160.12Nolan Gray
12:46.38 SRWakefield
161.12Matthew Guin
162.12Jordan Norona
12:51.45 PRRavenscroft
163.10Caleb Macurdy
12:52.86 PRGarner Senior
164.11Bradley Saillant
13:02.01 PRCardinal Gibbons
165.12Owen Norton
13:06.77 PRWilliam G. Enloe
166.11Vivek Nair
13:09.73Panther Creek
167.10Carson Barclay
13:12.01 PRAthens Drive Senior
168.10James Pillar
13:15.07Panther Creek
169.11Philip Mclaughlin
13:15.89 PRApex Friendship
170.11David Granger
171.11Zac Marcelino
13:19.72 PRLeesville Road
172.11Nate Myers
13:20.40 PRWakefield
173.11Akhil Talasila
13:22.00Panther Creek
174.12Zach McFarlande
13:26.45Middle Creek
175.11Nick Staab
13:34.12 SRCardinal Gibbons
176.11Scott Irish
13:35.67 PRHolly Springs
177.12Jack Maxfield
13:46.04 PRCary Academy
178.12John Hill
13:46.75 PRSanderson
179.9Hans Petterson
180.11Wilson Ortiz
13:58.34 PRWake Forest Rolesville
181.10Karthik Elango
14:21.00Panther Creek
182.11Iziah Houston
14:29.42 PRGarner Senior
183.11Aidan Moore
14:30.85Wake Forest Rolesville
184.11Andrew Bowers
14:31.03Wake Forest Rolesville
185.9Tyler Simpson
14:54.65Panther Creek
186.12Jaxon Stocks
14:57.05 PRRavenscroft
187.11Connor Fringer
15:00.26 PRGarner Senior
188.11Keegan Reeve
15:00.76 SRCardinal Gibbons
189.12Daniel Hong
15:02.77 PRCary Academy
190.10Andrew Gulya
191.10Dylan Marshall
192.12Thomas Stead
15:23.95 SRGarner Senior
193.11Ethan Fisk
15:28.61 PRRavenscroft
194.11Brandon Szymendera
15:53.74 PRCardinal Gibbons
195.10Shay Vaughn
196.9Kyle Brummett
197.11Grant Smith
17:20.00 PRCardinal Gibbons
198.12Kelvin Riddick
17:30.69 PRRolesville
199.11Max Verplank
17:38.16 PRGarner Senior
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Frosh-Soph

Official Team Scores

1.Cary Academy82
2.Cardinal Gibbons84
3.Apex Friendship87
4.Holly Springs95
5.Green Hope102
7.Leesville Road163
8.Panther Creek164
11.Middle Creek330
12.Athens Drive Senior339
1.10Molly McGowan
11:35.41 PRCardinal Gibbons
2.9Ava Lathan
11:38.38 PRCary Academy
3.9Lia Lathan
11:38.62 PRCary Academy
4.10Jade Martin
11:39.25 PRApex Friendship
5.10Shannon Sefton
11:47.07Panther Creek
6.9Hope Dominique
11:54.66 PRWake Forest Rolesville
7.10Anna Simmons
12:03.63Needham Broughton
8.10Bailey Fowler
12:04.27 PRGreen Hope
9.10Caitlyn Morton
12:05.24 PRHolly Springs
10.10Lindsay Hayden
12:08.28 PRApex
11.10Nicole Van Liew
12:10.02 PRApex Friendship
12.10Abby Farrell
12:10.20 PRApex
13.9Magdalen Lavelle
12:13.57 PRCardinal Gibbons
14.9Cayleigh Nelson
12:16.81 PRHolly Springs
15.9Kelsey Vogel
12:18.28 PRGreen Hope
16.10Emma Benson
12:19.31 PRGreen Hope
17.10Rebecca Wicklin
12:33.49 PRCardinal Gibbons
18.9Dalia Hasan
12:41.79 PRLeesville Road
19.10Natalia Hoggan
12:50.35 PRHolly Springs
20.9Kristen Fitzgerald
12:51.86 PRApex Friendship
21.10Izzy Genereux
12:53.33 PRLeesville Road
22.9Keely Murphy
12:56.92 PRCary Academy
23.10Suki Bristol
12:57.14 PRCary Academy
24.9Cailin DeLeo
12:57.76 PRAthens Drive Senior
25.10Angelica Rock
13:00.17 PRCardinal Gibbons
26.10Reghan Flores
13:02.74 PRWake Forest Rolesville
27.10Morgan Peele
13:06.91 PRGreen Hope
28.9Mackenzie Merritt
13:11.59 PRSanderson
29.9Omare McBride
13:13.15 PRApex Friendship
30.10Randi Martinez
13:16.87 PRHolly Springs
31.10Natalie Johnson
13:17.06 PRCary
32.9Charlotte Greengrass
13:17.45Panther Creek
33.9Faith Kane
13:17.67 PRApex Friendship
34.10Hanna Comeskey
13:20.82 PRLeesville Road
35.10Gretchen Bingham
13:21.46 PRHolly Springs
36.9Grayson Smith
13:21.65 PRHolly Springs
37.10Kristina Zajkowski
13:23.47 PRCardinal Gibbons
38.9Evelyn Hemedinger
13:23.84 PRSanderson
39.10Elizabeth George
13:24.45 PRCary Academy
40.10Jade Bouedo
13:24.91 PRCary
41.9Isabela Yengling
13:33.00Panther Creek
42.10Delphine Lopez
13:33.47 PRLeesville Road
43.9Brenna Dolan
44.10Faye Granger
13:35.45 PRApex
45.10Gauri Sathish
13:35.64 PRApex
46.9Anya Pennisi
47.9Grace Vande Berg
13:38.05 PRRavenscroft
48.9Abbey Connor
13:38.50 PRPanther Creek
49.9Claire Miller
13:38.98 PRGreen Hope
50.10Maddie Blume
13:40.26 PRSanderson
51.10Brooke Barrett
13:40.94 PRWilliam G. Enloe
52.9Samia Abushouk
53.10Kendall Mews
13:42.74 PRPanther Creek
54.9Sophia Veilleux
13:46.02 PRGreen Hope
55.9Katie Wozencroft
13:47.37 PRCardinal Gibbons
56.9Karen Killmeyer
57.10Maya Agnihotri
13:52.25 PRCary Academy
58.10Mika Willis
13:53.37Panther Creek
59.10Emma Molne
13:54.47Panther Creek
60.9Lauren Johnston
13:59.05Middle Creek
61.10Rylie Petersen
14:00.34 PRHolly Springs
62.9Lera Roach
63.10Abby Hemming
14:02.94 PRLeesville Road
64.10Abi Sawyer
14:08.40Middle Creek
65.10Sophie Kurowski
14:08.60 PRSanderson
66.9Grace Wells
14:10.83 PRHolly Springs
67.9Maddie Pietrek
14:12.75 PRCardinal Gibbons
68.9Gabriella Ercolino
14:13.56 PRCardinal Gibbons
69.11Emily Nill
14:13.75Panther Creek
70.9Pragati Fisher
14:14.34 PRGreen Hope
71.10Ainsley Duke
14:16.22 PRLeesville Road
72.9Paige Dunn
14:18.78 PRApex
73.9Austen Maccherone
14:21.31 PRWakefield
74.10Elizabeth Riddick
14:27.17 PRCardinal Gibbons
75.10Mimi Wayne
14:28.39 PRRavenscroft
76.9Audrey Smith
14:31.48 PRCardinal Gibbons
77.9Makenzie Hedrick
14:32.77 PRSanderson
78.10Jenna Epplin
14:35.46 PRApex Friendship
79.10Caroline Jablow
14:37.24Panther Creek
80.10Sarah Ansbrow
14:38.95 PRApex
81.10Emily Freed
14:39.37 PRApex Friendship
82.9Dafne Delgado
14:39.58 PRGreen Hope
83.10Maddie Mareno
14:40.06 PRLeesville Road
84.9Jordan Smith
14:40.58 PRHolly Springs
85.10Claire Johnson
14:40.78Panther Creek
86.10Ellie Bromley
87.10Rachel Strawn
14:43.16 PRSanderson
88.9Akhila Krothapalli
14:44.34 PRGreen Hope
89.9Lauren Allen
14:45.14 PRApex Friendship
90.9Emily Caprioglio
14:45.75 PRApex Friendship
91.9Hannah Morton
14:46.35 PRHolly Springs
92.9Addison Baker
14:46.54Panther Creek
93.9Zoe Votava
14:49.07 PRHolly Springs
94.9Alaina Hancock
14:49.50 PRCardinal Gibbons
95.10Alex O'Sullivan
14:50.23Green Hope
96.10Isabella Verdicchio
14:50.64 PRAthens Drive Senior
97.9Larissa Zhang
14:51.45 PRGreen Hope
98.10Claire Daves
99.9Emma von Koch
14:52.46 PRHolly Springs
100.9Nicole Deis
14:53.47 PRCardinal Gibbons
101.9Caroline Lessard
14:55.03Green Hope
102.9Tiffany Miner
14:55.99 PRLeesville Road
103.9Ashleigh Buser
14:56.83Middle Creek
104.10Frances Gillespie
14:57.16 PRCardinal Gibbons
105.10Brianna Arrington
14:58.41Middle Creek
106.9Ella Troiano
15:02.93 PRGreen Hope
107.9Danielle Bakley
15:03.12Green Hope
108.10Cassie Bolton
109.9Katie Milberg
15:08.88 PRCardinal Gibbons
110.10Isabelle Hamm
15:10.95Panther Creek
111.10Claire Brown
15:11.87Panther Creek
112.10Kaitlyn Moore
15:12.69 PRHolly Springs
113.9Lindsay Woodard
15:13.54 PRCardinal Gibbons
114.9Nicole Carpenter
15:14.60 PRLeesville Road
115.9Taylor Stone
15:15.81Panther Creek
116.9Anjali Karkera
15:17.31Green Hope
117.9Leanne Killmeyer
118.9Keeley Dolan
119.10Audie Hudson
120.10Madeline Mcloughlin
15:31.59 PRCary
121.10Sara Droegemeier
15:33.73 PRHolly Springs
122.10Becka McMorris
15:35.65 PRRolesville
123.10Heather Byron
15:35.82Middle Creek
124.10Megan Nickel
15:37.48Green Hope
125.11Daniella McPherson
126.10Morgan Prince
15:42.07 PRHolly Springs
127.10Gabrielle Groom
15:44.02 PRLeesville Road
128.9Marlee Eastman
15:47.32 PRApex Friendship
129.9Lauren Langston
15:47.60 PRApex Friendship
130.10Abigail Fetzer
131.10Emma Vance
15:52.58 PRSanderson
132.10Amy McGugan
15:53.47 PRRavenscroft
133.10Kristen Angell
15:54.79 PRAthens Drive Senior
134.9Shae Schmalzbauer
135.10Nell Broadwell
136.9Emma Anderson
16:02.33Green Hope
137.10Bethany Foss
138.9Madyson Barnes
16:04.87 PRRolesville
139.9Erin Beiver
16:10.83Panther Creek
140.9Elisa Jordan
141.10Grayson Averette
16:14.06 PRRolesville
142.10Mckenna Daley
16:15.01 PRLeesville Road
143.9Amber Mitchell
16:15.87 PRLeesville Road
144.10Lauren Kelly
16:17.60 PRCardinal Gibbons
145.9Alyssa Bustos
16:26.85Green Hope
146.10Sophia Sweeney
16:27.00 PRRolesville
147.10Jena Reis
16:27.78Middle Creek
148.9Annaliese Poulin
16:29.74William G. Enloe
149.10Emma Kemp
16:34.34Middle Creek
150.9Mary Budo
16:34.50 PRCary
151.9Abby Lundergan
152.10Sydney Hoover
16:44.03 PRHolly Springs
153.10Bella Dalessio-Skare
16:52.54 PRCardinal Gibbons
154.9Melanie Stevens
16:54.45William G. Enloe
155.9Gwenivere Muncy-cham
156.10Haley Freer
17:01.46 PRAthens Drive Senior
157.10Colby Pearce
17:03.23 PRRolesville
158.10Jenna Klay
17:09.33 PRHolly Springs
159.9Karisma Kak
17:15.25Panther Creek
160.10Madeline DeSantis
17:15.41 PRApex Friendship
161.10Sydney Dooley
17:31.52 PRApex Friendship
162.10Alysson Lenihan
17:33.51 PRRolesville
163.9Mary Greer
17:49.13 PRHolly Springs
164.10Anaiah Dennis
17:55.28Middle Creek
165.10Carter Jacobs
17:57.50 PRAthens Drive Senior
166.9Sofie Barnes
18:03.56 PRSanderson
167.9Josie Dunphy
168.9Alyssa Morales
18:10.17 PRHolly Springs
169.10Ally Mitchell
18:15.11 PRGarner Senior
170.10Hannah Carroll
18:15.40 PRGarner Senior
171.10Kassady Cheyunski
18:16.22Middle Creek
172.10Madison Lucas
173.9Kalli Verzera
19:06.04 PRAthens Drive Senior
174.9Nicole Mares
19:39.82 PRSanderson
175.9Emerson Kirby
19:53.76 PRCardinal Gibbons
176.10Carlee Jemson
19:55.88 PRGarner Senior
177.9Carli Rose
178.9Emily Reynolds
20:15.38Panther Creek
179.9Rachel Chapman
20:20.46 PRSanderson
180.10Aiyana Fewell
20:26.71 PRMiddle Creek
181.9Abby Allred
20:35.39 PRSanderson
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3,000 Meters Junior Senior

Official Team Scores

1.Cardinal Gibbons41
3.Green Hope111
4.Wake Forest Rolesville146
5.Leesville Road147
6.Needham Broughton154
7.Panther Creek188
9.Holly Springs221
10.Middle Creek261
11.Apex Friendship282
1.12Sarah Bodmer
10:50.27 PRCary Academy
2.10Sloan Walter
11:04.46 PRCardinal Gibbons
3.11Marissa Bishop
11:07.98 SRCardinal Gibbons
4.12Emily Lane
11:14.64 PRCary Academy
5.12Samantha Kolor
11:18.07 PRGreen Hope
6.12Sarah Taylor
11:22.66 PRGreen Hope
7.11Calli Parlier
11:26.40 PRApex
8.12Savannah Jones
11:28.87 PRNeedham Broughton
9.11Athina Zodl
11:31.84 PRCary Academy
10.12Sarah Hajnos
11:36.62 PRApex
11.11Lauren Ammons
11:38.40 PRSanderson
12.12Alexandra McNamara
11:40.59 PRWakefield
13.10Caroline Todd
11:41.94 PRCardinal Gibbons
14.11Catherine Holbrook
11:42.87 PRGreen Hope
15.12Noor Hasan
11:43.61 PRLeesville Road
16.10Katharine Priu
11:56.12 PRCardinal Gibbons
17.12Casey Turro
12:01.75Wake Forest Rolesville
18.11Hayden Callahan
12:06.57 SRCardinal Gibbons
19.11Sydney Quate
12:10.23Wake Forest Rolesville
20.11Audrey Hemming
12:12.27 SRLeesville Road
21.12Josie McGee
22.12Kylie Hofmeister
12:17.94 PRApex
23.11Emmy Trowell
12:21.82Needham Broughton
24.12Katie Kent
12:23.77 PRHolly Springs
25.12Gedia Ahmed
12:23.95 PRApex
26.12Hope Hatfield
12:28.64Needham Broughton
27.12Madison Owings
28.11Alina Rovnak
12:30.68 SRCardinal Gibbons
29.12Katie Loughlin
12:31.44Middle Creek
30.11Allison Borter
12:34.72 PRSanderson
31.12Leah Behrends
12:35.48 PRLeesville Road
32.12Alexis Lopuszynski
12:37.00 PRHolly Springs
33.10Jillian Scharf
12:39.82 PRFuquay-Varina
34.11Lia Greengrass
12:40.82Panther Creek
35.11Mary Ward
12:47.61 PRWake Forest Rolesville
36.12Sophia Uthe
37.12Mia Wiegmann
38.11Sierra Foster
12:54.73Panther Creek
39.11Mackenzie Boyd
12:56.13 PRApex Friendship
40.12Maggie Loughlin
12:56.49Middle Creek
41.11Jenna Stevens
42.12Rachel Hill
12:58.86 PRPanther Creek
43.11Anna Roman
12:59.33Wake Forest Rolesville
44.12Catherine Thelen
13:00.12 PRCardinal Gibbons
45.11Chloe Flack
13:00.69Panther Creek
46.12Allison Swagert
13:05.15Middle Creek
47.11Kate Fearn
13:07.73 PRLeesville Road
48.11Elizabeth Surratt
13:13.48 SRGreen Hope
49.11Bella Church
13:16.58 PRRavenscroft
50.12Kayla Bassett
13:18.29 PRCardinal Gibbons
51.12Jesse Edwards
52.12Elizabeth Coletti
13:23.01 SRSanderson
53.11Aubrey Ebron
13:28.47Needham Broughton
54.11Lilly Morrell
13:29.30William G. Enloe
55.11Grace Fleming
13:30.81 PRApex Friendship
56.11Catherine Johnson
13:33.21 PRApex Friendship
57.12Sarah Weber
13:33.71Wake Forest Rolesville
58.11Lea Miller
13:34.30 PRLeesville Road
59.11Lydia Connor
13:35.50Panther Creek
60.11Milena Tecle
13:36.99 PRCary
61.11Avery Andolina
62.11Jordyn Parks
13:42.12 PRGreen Hope
63.11Caitlyn Bell
13:42.65 SRRolesville
64.11Rachel Hamilton
13:42.83 PRHolly Springs
65.12Madi Mitchell
66.11Julianna White
13:44.33 PRSanderson
67.11Chloe Waybright
13:47.95Wake Forest Rolesville
68.11Sarah Farishian
13:50.01 PRHolly Springs
69.12Natalie Carpenter
13:50.67 SRLeesville Road
70.12Haley Zoltoski
13:52.65 PRLeesville Road
71.11Lindsey Eastwood
13:53.98 PRGreen Hope
72.11Lillie Moore
13:54.80 SRNeedham Broughton
73.11Katherine Dudash
13:55.47 SRCardinal Gibbons
74.12Chloe Kent
13:55.68Panther Creek
75.12Rachel O'hare
13:56.33 SRHolly Springs
76.12Madeline Lips
13:56.50 SRGreen Hope
77.12Sidney Vinson
14:00.69 PRRavenscroft
78.11Shayna McKinnon
14:03.85 PRAthens Drive Senior
79.12Rachel Homan
14:04.81 PRRolesville
80.11Grace Knapp
81.12Laura Horton
14:07.95 PRWilliam G. Enloe
82.12Lauren Dixon
14:11.70 PRHolly Springs
83.12Olivia Parsons
14:12.62Needham Broughton
84.12Emma Anderson
14:13.60 SRWake Forest Rolesville
85.11Grace Nelson
14:14.08 PRCardinal Gibbons
86.11Samantha Driscoll
14:15.14 PRRavenscroft
87.12Nicole Colberg
14:16.72 SRGreen Hope
88.12Ann Bantukul
14:16.90William G. Enloe
89.11Andrea Mesa
90.12Jenna Devenouges
91.12Ireland Lynch
14:25.06 PRHolly Springs
92.12Sarah Goodwin Brooks
14:25.80Needham Broughton
93.12Kelsey Sheehan
14:26.86 PRSanderson
94.11Sierra Moore
14:27.51 SRGarner Senior
95.11Melissa Murry
14:30.74Wake Forest Rolesville
96.11Michelle Ramsey
14:31.22Green Hope
97.12Laura Tripp
14:31.47 PRLeesville Road
98.11Shannon McBrien
14:41.33 PRApex Friendship
99.11Dani Brandon
14:42.65 SRHolly Springs
100.11Vivien Coombs
14:43.55 PRWake Forest Rolesville
101.11Kendall Johnson
102.11Maggie Deleonardis
14:45.16 PRRavenscroft
103.11Anna Roberds
104.10Julie Tonon
14:50.77Green Hope
105.12Maggie Todd
14:54.06 PRCardinal Gibbons
106.11Soumya Kamath
14:55.31Panther Creek
107.12Madeleine Sherer
14:55.67Wake Forest Rolesville
108.11Hannah Bonet
14:56.83 PRPanther Creek
109.12Rachel Black
14:58.15 PRRolesville
110.11Maggie Camandella
14:58.91 PRRolesville
111.11Katie Sanders
14:59.89 SRGreen Hope
112.11Tricia Scott
15:00.70Green Hope
113.11Isabelle Pasley
15:07.05 PRSanderson
114.11Mona Dougani
15:07.60Green Hope
115.12Anastasia Clark
116.11Ariana Fahey
15:12.51 PRHolly Springs
117.11Colleen Fullam
118.11Emma Kay Massey
15:17.46Needham Broughton
119.11Myhra Roberts
15:18.36Panther Creek
120.12Sadie Harden
121.11Emma Librizzi
15:22.09 PRLeesville Road
122.12Mary Anna Foreman
123.11Erin Jablonski
15:26.42 PRCardinal Gibbons
124.11Allison Doyle
15:28.01 SRCardinal Gibbons
125.11Grace Boney
15:29.11Needham Broughton
126.11Constanze Graser
15:30.34Green Hope
127.12Meghana Bhat
15:30.56 PRGreen Hope
128.10Coral Aman
15:32.36Green Hope
129.9Alita Buck
130.10Ideliya Khismatova
15:38.87Green Hope
131.11Abby Durbal
15:39.60 PRGarner Senior
132.11Jessica Johnston
133.11Violet Evans
15:56.10Middle Creek
134.12Kaitlyn Stallings
15:56.26 PRLeesville Road
135.10Alexis Kopucius
15:57.62 PRPanther Creek
136.11Caroline Kunkel
16:04.02 SRCardinal Gibbons
137.11Caroline Putze
16:06.46 PRCardinal Gibbons
138.11Caroline Barnard
16:09.36 SRSanderson
139.11Mary Bishop Wade
16:11.78William G. Enloe
140.11Carleigh Crabtree
16:13.50 PRHolly Springs
141.11Amelia Crouch
16:14.24 PRSanderson
142.12Sky Foster
143.11Ashley Mercer
16:17.79 PRSanderson
144.12Jordan Bridges
16:19.65 SRCardinal Gibbons
145.10Hajar Hassib
146.11Amy Lo
16:25.76 PRPanther Creek
147.11Rachel Manechella
16:35.69Middle Creek
148.9Rohini Madhu
16:44.75Green Hope
149.11Whinter Collin
16:47.37 PRApex Friendship
150.11Caroline VandeBerg
16:53.98 PRRavenscroft
151.11Selma Okyere-Badoo
17:01.29Panther Creek
152.11Hannah Stafford
17:01.67Green Hope
153.12Madie Maier
154.11Julia Haskell
17:08.01 SRHolly Springs
155.12Bryn Goldsmith
156.11Sierra Alexander
17:33.38 PRWakefield
157.11Hannah Fetzer
17:37.00 PRWakefield
158.11Peyton Pose
17:44.20 PRCardinal Gibbons
159.12Dani Bahena
17:59.30 PRAthens Drive Senior
160.11Jordan Coppedge
18:08.52 SRSanderson
161.11Claire Cromity
18:13.01 PRGarner Senior
162.12Taylor Tedder
18:14.66 SRSanderson
163.11Sarah Freitag
18:20.35 SRSanderson
164.11Eliah Tekotte
165.11Erika Bell
20:07.81 PRRolesville
166.12Susan Knabe
20:08.21 PRGarner Senior
167.11Kenna Schock
168.12Abigail Ngugi
21:44.88 PRRolesville
169.11Larden Garland
22:00.65 PRRolesville
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