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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Men's Open - Varsity & JV4:25 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women's Open - Varsity & JV5:00 PM

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Race Times  (coaches)

There will be 1 race for the HS boys starting at 4:25 followed by one race for the HS Girls at 5:00.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Men's Open - Varsity & JV

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tibebu Proctor
2.12Tom Fahlman
16:24.70 PRBush
3.11Jared Donnel
16:26.00Bellevue Christian
4.11Ethan Widlansky
16:35.80 SRBush
5.10Dylan Clark
16:40.80 SRNorthwest
6.10Noah Cape
7.10Erick Pablo-Trujilio
17:18.40 PRUniversity Prep
8.12Julian Kral
17:19.60 PRNorthwest
9.12Graham Davidson
17:24.30 PRBush
10.11Adam Berg
17:29.60Charles Wright Academy
11.12Oliver Dunn
12.10Alex Finan
17:32.90 SRBear Creek
13.12Colin Wood
18:01.30 PRBush
14.10Noah Shapiro
18:02.40 PRNorthwest
15.10Gus Coluccio
18:06.10 PRUniversity Prep
16.9Keegan Minahan
18:09.40 PRNorthwest
17.10AJ Taghavi
18:12.70Charles Wright Academy
18.11JJ Finan
18:16.00 SRBear Creek
19.11Jamie Polakoff
20.12Andrew Neumann
18:19.90 PRSeattle Christian
21.9Aurele Geltzer
18:22.90 PRSeattle Academy
22.12Isaac Hughes
18:23.20Vashon Island
23.10Taylor Cundiff
24.10Cole Diffner
18:37.20Seattle Christian
25.12Joshua Swanson
18:40.10 SRUniversity Prep
26.11Luke Larson
18:42.20Vashon Island
27.12Eamon Oldridge
18:50.80 SRBush
28.11Michael Saffari
18:52.00Charles Wright Academy
29.12Sean Gallagher
18:57.20 SRBear Creek
30.11Donovan Bown
18:59.80University Prep
31.12Luke Miller
19:02.90Bellevue Christian
32.10Garrett Mueller
19:05.00 PRVashon Island
33.10Adam Graves
19:05.20Bellevue Christian
34.9Emil Caplow
19:06.20 PRBush
35.9Milo Greenberg
36.10Mitchell Henry
19:06.90Seattle Christian
37.10Andrew Casterella
19:08.20 SRNorthwest
38.12Daniel Burnett
19:10.60 PRBellevue Christian
39.10James Parrott
19:13.00Charles Wright Academy
40.10Victor Waller
19:16.90 PRBellevue Christian
41.9Hunter Vilhauer
19:19.40 SRCascade Christian
42.11Sam Knight
19:19.60 PRVashon Island
43.10Ailey Birkeland
19:19.80University Prep
44.11Jonathan Zacarias
19:24.30Charles Wright Academy
45.10Carson Schauer
19:24.35Charles Wright Academy
46.12Kevin Smith
19:25.50Bellevue Christian
47.11Parker Burbridge
19:26.50 PRBellevue Christian
48.11Hunter Justis
19:29.30Vashon Island
49.9Cole Hartness
19:29.60 SRVashon Island
50.9Julian Renschler
19:29.80 PRUniversity Prep
51.11Coley Fannin
19:31.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
52.11Basil Dahan
19:36.70 PRCharles Wright Academy
53.11Jared Taylor
19:38.20 PRSeattle Academy
54.9Jacob Fried
19:39.90 PRUniversity Prep
55.9Jarod Polakoff
19:49.50 SRNorthwest
56.9Keaton Yen
19:53.90 PRBear Creek
57.11Slater Jacobsen
19:54.50 PRSeattle Academy
58.11Collin Protzeller
19:55.40 PRVashon Island
59.10Pablo Medina-Le Du
19:55.50 PRNorthwest
60.11Simon Shimel
19:57.40 PRNorthwest
61.9Sam Mohit
20:08.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
62.12Noah Grenell
20:14.00 PRBush
63.9Mason Miller
20:14.20 PRCharles Wright Academy
64.9Doran Cao
20:15.10 PRUniversity Prep
65.11Rohan Sandoval
20:16.30Charles Wright Academy
66.9Grant Arntz
20:16.90 PRSeattle Academy
67.10Joseph Tsou
20:27.20Bear Creek
68.9Simon Clark
20:32.40Vashon Island
69.12Adam Kraabel
20:36.90 PRVashon Island
70.11Luke Stephanick
20:53.90Vashon Island
71.10Victor Alhadeff
20:59.50 PRSeattle Academy
72.9Simon Hoisington
21:01.50 PRVashon Island
73.10Frank Hu
21:05.10Bellevue Christian
74.11Max Lafreniere
21:18.50 PRUniversity Prep
75.9Jackson Crain-Merz
21:19.10 PRNorthwest
76.12John Kehl
21:20.20Vashon Island
77.9Michael Bodge
21:21.90 PRCascade Christian
78.10Se Yun Han
21:23.80Bellevue Christian
79.9Jake Wang
21:24.90Charles Wright Academy
80.9Remy Talbot
21:49.90 SRUniversity Prep
81.10Taya McMillan
21:51.50 SRSeattle Academy
82.11Dylan Snodgrass
21:58.50 PRVashon Island
83.9Gabriel McMillen
84.11Brandon Ray
22:29.10 PREastside Preparatory
85.12Langston Dziko
22:30.30 SRVashon Island
86.9Jackson Jones
22:48.60Seattle Academy
87.9Connor Anderson
22:57.90Bellevue Christian
88.11Conner Pierce
23:05.70 SRSeattle Academy
89.11Jason Li
23:14.10Charles Wright Academy
90.9David Johnston
23:18.60Bellevue Christian
91.9Andy Xu
23:31.70 SRBellevue Christian
92.10Troy Bailey Jr.
23:36.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
93.11Elvis Qiao
23:40.40Bellevue Christian
94.10Omar Hassan
23:41.00 PRCharles Wright Academy
95.9Sawyer Buyagawan
23:44.00Seattle Christian
96.9Jake Hannah
23:44.50Vashon Island
97.10Owen Li
98.9Graham Buyagawan
24:22.60 SRSeattle Christian
99.10Ryan (Yen-Chung) Lo
100.10Dylan Wile
24:32.90Seattle Christian
101.9Nick Kraabel
26:43.90 PRVashon Island
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women's Open - Varsity & JV

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Isa Meyers
2.10Macenna Hansen
3.10Ela Nickels
4.10Sage Gibson
19:23.20Seattle Christian
5.10Olivia Markezich
19:53.10Bear Creek
6.10Brenna Sclair
20:17.10Charles Wright Academy
7.10Andrea Markezich
20:51.60Bear Creek
8.12Angela Tzen
20:52.10Bear Creek
9.10Grace Patterson
10.12Rachelle Mayes
20:59.10Seattle Christian
11.9Scout Santos
12.9Erica Julian
21:12.30Charles Wright Academy
13.10Lucy Boyle
21:23.30Vashon Island
14.11Ann Thompson
21:24.40 SRCharles Wright Academy
15.11Josie Ballew
21:28.90 SRNorthwest
16.11Aliya Schenck
21:35.00 SRSeattle Academy
17.10Madison Allen
21:38.90 PRCharles Wright Academy
18.10Sylvia Bergerud
21:52.80 PRSeattle Academy
19.12Lucia Rathbun
20.12Molly McCammon
21:56.10 SRNorthwest
21.12Leah McClintock-Sh...
22.9Ellie Lande
21:58.10 PRVashon Island
23.11Julia Hess
22:00.40 SRNorthwest
24.9Olivia Shaw
22:01.00 PRSeattle Academy
25.9Lanie Rettig
22:03.70 PRNorthwest
26.10Ella Heipt
22:16.30 SRNorthwest
27.12Gabby Watson
22:19.60 SRSeattle Christian
28.10Aalia Gomez
22:20.00Charles Wright Academy
29.12Olivia Miller
22:27.50Seattle Academy
30.12Jane Oswald
22:28.10 SRVashon Island
31.12Annie Muller
22:40.20 PRVashon Island
32.12Kassie Mastras
22:51.30 SRCharles Wright Academy
33.9Audrey Rogerson
34.9Olivia Poolos
22:53.20 SRUniversity Prep
35.9Hannah McConnell
22:56.20 PRSeattle Academy
36.10Maddie Albers
23:02.20 PRCharles Wright Academy
37.9Layli Egrari
23:06.60University Prep
38.12Sophia Yean
23:18.20 PRCharles Wright Academy
39.12Jessica Merritt
23:23.00Vashon Island
40.10Meagan Mulligan
23:31.00Bear Creek
41.11Zoe Poolos
23:42.60University Prep
42.10Nelika Anderson
23:56.90 SRNorthwest
43.12Eva Anderson
24:08.40 SRVashon Island
44.12Abigail Helm
24:11.00Bear Creek
45.10Eunsoo Hyun
24:25.50 SRUniversity Prep
46.12Sarah Pemberton
24:35.10Cascade Christian
47.10Lucy Caile
24:48.70Bear Creek
48.12Erin Mathieu
49.10Simone Newcomb
24:54.10Vashon Island
50.12Ada Bowles
51.10Hannah Scharrer
25:07.30 PRCharles Wright Academy
52.10Jessa Podell
25:09.20 SRSeattle Academy
53.12Blythe Schilperoort
54.10Eunah Choi
25:12.40Charles Wright Academy
55.11Nina Alhadeff
25:25.30 PRSeattle Academy
56.11Laura Copeland
25:25.70Eastside Preparatory
57.10Shoshana Novik
25:34.90Eastside Preparatory
58.10Camryn Karis-Scony...
59.10Brigid Dennehy
25:58.80 PRNorthwest
60.10Emily Saletan
25:59.10 PRCharles Wright Academy
61.10Charen Cruz
26:03.40 SRCharles Wright Academy
62.11Hannah Nyreen
26:41.50 PRCascade Christian
63.10Kira Boyce
26:42.10 SRCharles Wright Academy
64.9Gwen Hardwick
26:46.80University Prep
65.9Samnang Kim
26:47.00University Prep
66.11Alli Ederer
27:01.80University Prep
67.9Jenna Utaski
68.9Lea Jackson
27:36.50 PRSeattle Christian
69.11Emily Nyreen
27:45.30 PRCascade Christian
70.11Maddie Johnson
27:54.70 PRCascade Christian
71.10Paisley Lieske
28:14.50 PRVashon Island
72.12Ellie Hughes
28:14.80 SRVashon Island
73.9Avery Li
28:41.70Charles Wright Academy
74.11Ranne Xiao
29:09.40Bear Creek
75.9Nikki Falicov
29:36.40University Prep
76.12Chenqi Jia
32:17.00 SRNorthwest
77.11Suki Zhang
78.12Claire Yang
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