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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity8:30 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters All Girls Race9:15 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Christian Brothers College36
3.St. Louis Priory54
5.Bishop DuBourg127
1.10Alexander Hunn
17:27.3Christian Brothers C...
2.11Anthony O'Sullivan
18:52.6St. Louis Priory
3.11Ryan Meyer
4.12Tyler Miller
19:04.8Christian Brothers C...
5.11Boone Steele
6.9Ryan Starks
7.11Isaiah Minner
8.11Grant Collins
19:33.6Christian Brothers C...
9.10Charles Pollnow
19:36.3St. Louis Priory
10.12Tyler Maine
19:49.1Christian Brothers C...
11.10Cameron Mills
12.12Danny Ranciglio
19:57.6St. Mary's (St. Louis)
13.11Jacob Chichelero
19:58.1St. Louis Priory
14.11Michael Hogan
20:03.1Christian Brothers C...
15.10John Krewet
20:04.0 SRSt. Louis Priory
16.11David Gosser
20:09.8Bishop DuBourg
17.12John Reilly
18.11James Coyle
20:23.7St. Louis Priory
19.12Ali Hameed
20.9Jack McEnery
20:33.3 PRSt. Louis Priory
21.10Max Todd
20:33.9St. Mary's (St. Louis)
22.10Stephen Konert
23.9Isaac Rothweiler
24.11Aidan O'Hagan
25.12Kenneth Wakefield
26.12Harvey Wilkes
21:36.9Riverview Gardens
27.12Trent Patton
28.12John Gosser
21:44.9Bishop DuBourg
29.10Elias Cotton
30.12Jim Masten
31.11Christian Blaney
32.10Patrick Gosser
22:11.4 SRBishop DuBourg
33.11Evan Woolston
34.10Sallwasser Timothy
35.10Joseph Kosta
22:52.9Bishop DuBourg
36.11Momoh Breme
23:36.1 PRRiverview Gardens
37.9Matthew Broyles
38.12Matt Kosta
23:55.7Bishop DuBourg
39.11Jacob Krussel
40.9Jah'son McCarter
28:10.9Riverview Gardens
41.12Connor Osthoff
42.10Thang Vay
43.11Kiet Ha
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Christian Brothers College18
2.St. Louis Priory64
3.Mary Institute-Country Day S...74
4.St. Mary's (St. Louis)97
1.9Callum Stewart
20:32.8Christian Brothers C...
2.9Michael Roettger
20:42.9Christian Brothers C...
3.12Noah Siegel
21:01.6Mary Institute-Count...
4.11Jacob Kacich
21:05.6Christian Brothers C...
5.12Dan Rooney
21:08.7Christian Brothers C...
6.11Sam Mock
21:14.6Christian Brothers C...
7.11Ahmir Anderson
21:17.9Hazelwood East
8.10Joe Christy
21:22.2Christian Brothers C...
9.11Zach Harris
21:24.4Christian Brothers C...
10.9Patrick Donovan
21:28.0Christian Brothers C...
11.10Ian Cordell
21:34.0 PRSt. Mary's (St. Louis)
12.9Damonte Sherod
21:35.6Hazelwood East
13.10Stephen Rashford
21:36.8 PRSt. Louis Priory
14.9Niko Kanagawa
21:44.9Bishop DuBourg
15.12Dominic Enriquez
21:46.0Christian Brothers C...
16.12Sam Bauer
21:48.8Christian Brothers C...
17.11Allen Buckner
22:06.0 PRMary Institute-Count...
18.11Brian Koch
22:10.3St. Louis Priory
19.9Giuseppe Schifano
22:11.5St. Louis Priory
20.10Wil Doran
22:13.4Christian Brothers C...
21.11Arron Zheng
22:30.5 PRSt. Louis Priory
22.10Elliott Holdosh
22:31.9 PRSt. Louis Priory
23.11James O'Brien
22:53.2 SRSt. Louis Priory
24.10Andrew Stein
22:56.7 SRSt. Louis Priory
25.11Owen Lipinski
23:02.2Christian Brothers C...
26.11William Steger
23:03.0St. Louis Priory
27.9Cooper Tull
23:12.5St. Louis Priory
28.9Christian Wagner
23:12.8 SRSt. Louis Priory
29.11Wildes Rempe
23:24.9 SRSt. Louis Priory
30.10Pacey Hammelman
23:25.2Christian Brothers C...
31.9Solomon Spruiel
23:37.7St. Mary's (St. Louis)
32.9Michael O'Sullivan
23:38.7St. Louis Priory
33.11Andrew Heim
23:39.5 SRSt. Louis Priory
34.12Henry Paraino
23:52.9Christian Brothers C...
35.9Thomas Caso
23:56.6Christian Brothers C...
36.10Charles VanLeuven
37.9Akshay Patwardhan
24:00.3 PRMary Institute-Count...
38.9Christian Drummond
24:02.7 SRSt. Louis Priory
39.9Alex Vennemann
24:05.6 PRBishop DuBourg
40.9Trevor Paulas
24:19.7Christian Brothers C...
41.9Harry Michalek
24:30.2Christian Brothers C...
42.9Kyle Brennan
24:35.3 PRSt. Louis Priory
43.9Ryan Ahn
24:37.6Mary Institute-Count...
44.12Peter Hedlesky
24:38.4 SRSt. Louis Priory
45.12Michael Potter
24:39.4St. Louis Priory
46.10Gulshan Kodwani
24:47.3 PRSt. Louis Priory
47.9Drew Barclay
24:48.0Christian Brothers C...
48.9Andrew Luft
24:50.9 PRSt. Louis Priory
49.10William Steussie
24:51.6 SRSt. Louis Priory
50.10Michael Gira
24:54.3Mary Institute-Count...
51.11Robert Frei
24:55.0St. Louis Priory
52.9Tommy Messmer
24:55.9St. Louis Priory
53.12Paul Yelenick
24:58.9St. Mary's (St. Louis)
54.10Jack Houston
25:19.3Christian Brothers C...
55.11Mark Koenemann
25:28.5Christian Brothers C...
56.9Nhat Nguyen
25:34.5St. Mary's (St. Louis)
57.9Deon Esker
25:35.2Christian Brothers C...
58.9Alex Murray
25:39.3Christian Brothers C...
59.9Cole Trautman
25:40.5St. Louis Priory
60.10Nathan Lariviere
61.9Alex Wasinger
25:46.3St. Louis Priory
62.11Brett Phelan
25:49.7St. Louis Priory
63.9Alex Valentine
64.9Agust Kokenge
26:11.8 PRSt. Louis Priory
65.11Danny Weissert
26:15.2St. Louis Priory
66.9Luke Granberg
26:16.1St. Louis Priory
67.11Alex Figueras
26:16.8St. Louis Priory
68.11Michael Emami
26:19.6Mary Institute-Count...
69.9Alex Ojascastro
26:19.8 PRSt. Louis Priory
70.10Joseph Gioia
26:35.4 SRSt. Louis Priory
71.10Anthony Jones
26:38.4 SRSt. Louis Priory
72.11Adrian Fedorko
26:39.2 SRSt. Louis Priory
73.12Chris Gates
26:39.4St. Mary's (St. Louis)
74.9Sean Haldaman
26:43.4 SRSt. Louis Priory
75.9Luke Braby
26:53.3 PRSt. Louis Priory
76.9John Cunningham
26:55.4 PRSt. Louis Priory
77.11Steven Wendling
27:07.8St. Louis Priory
78.9Jack Hood
27:08.0Christian Brothers C...
79.9Jake Weigel
27:26.9St. Mary's (St. Louis)
80.9Carson Brame
27:31.9 SRSt. Louis Priory
81.9Zach Mella
27:40.2 SRSt. Louis Priory
82.10Ethan Schenck
83.11brandon wu
27:55.7St. Louis Priory
84.9Max Mock
28:09.2Christian Brothers C...
85.9Christian McKee
28:31.9 PRSt. Louis Priory
86.10Sam Ferrell
87.9Will Hattrich
28:45.2St. Louis Priory
88.10Nick Gentry
28:48.1Christian Brothers C...
89.10Adam Willett
28:58.4St. Mary's (St. Louis)
90.10Richard Strifler
28:59.8Christian Brothers C...
91.9Matthew Sinclair
29:00.0St. Louis Priory
92.10Wesley Herndon
29:07.3Christian Brothers C...
93.10Jacob Huang
29:11.1 SRSt. Louis Priory
94.9Nathaniel Unnerstall
29:14.8Christian Brothers C...
95.9Ram Sundaram
29:19.1 PRSt. Louis Priory
96.11Ben Paresch
30:14.7 SRSt. Louis Priory
97.10Henry Strasheim
31:00.8St. Louis Priory
98.9Ben Maynard
31:08.2St. Louis Priory
99.9Adam Saleh
31:21.4 PRSt. Louis Priory
100.12Daniel Christianson
31:44.2 PRPrincipia
101.9JT Eichhorst
32:17.5Bishop DuBourg
102.12Henry Michalak
33:16.6Christian Brothers C...
103.10Seungkwon Hwang
37:33.4St. Louis Priory
104.10Clayton Salvatori
38:13.3St. Louis Priory
105.9Sam Watson
46:40.0 PRHazelwood East
106.9Isaac Higo
St. Louis Priory
108.9Anupam Terkonda
St. Louis Priory
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters All Girls Race

Official Team Scores

2.Bishop DuBourg48
4.Mary Institute-Country Day S...72
1.11Allison Bettlach
22:48.5Bishop DuBourg
2.10Kyanne Williams
3.10Caitlynn Weiss
23:56.7 SRAffton
4.11Karla Gomez
23:59.4Bishop DuBourg
5.11Haley Hill
6.12Anna Broyles
7.10Carmen Brave thunder
8.10Alexa Oouellette
9.10Catherine Minner
10.11Lauren Vega
26:56.5Bishop DuBourg
11.11Campbell Schafer
27:10.5Mary Institute-Count...
12.10Theresa Puetz
27:14.6Bishop DuBourg
13.11Andrea Sanchez
14.9Alaina McAlister
15.11Grace Kroeger
27:46.0Mary Institute-Count...
16.9Jane Baur
27:49.5Mary Institute-Count...
17.10Grace Lee
27:58.5Mary Institute-Count...
18.12Hope Keeley
27:59.3 PRMary Institute-Count...
19.11Cassidy Proctor
20.11Caroline Peluso
28:39.8 SRMary Institute-Count...
21.11Maddie Richter
28:59.3Mary Institute-Count...
22.11Jennifer Goldberg
29:27.7Mary Institute-Count...
23.11Amelia Love
29:39.1 SRMary Institute-Count...
24.10Sarah Niesen
29:55.3 SRMary Institute-Count...
25.10Mary Gurley
30:17.6 SRMary Institute-Count...
26.10Geena Richards
27.10Elsa Sjogren
31:38.3Mary Institute-Count...
28.11Kaylie Carpenter
31:47.1Mary Institute-Count...
29.9Brandi Jones
32:26.2Hazelwood East
30.10Gabriella Gallardo
32:29.2Mary Institute-Count...
31.10Anna Yuska
32:31.3Mary Institute-Count...
32.11Tara Weiskopf-Kuehn
33.10Lauren Hunt
32:41.3Mary Institute-Count...
34.10Catherine Holt
33:05.7Mary Institute-Count...
35.12Theresa Nguyen
33:16.8Bishop DuBourg
36.9Anna Blackwell
37.11Mary Moore
33:51.0Mary Institute-Count...
38.10Margaret Onder
34:33.6Mary Institute-Count...
39.11Caitlin O'Connor
35:43.2Bishop DuBourg
40.10Kale Ostler
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