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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter25
2.Voyager Academy50
3.Woods Charter83
4.Research Triangle109
5.Roxboro Community112
6.River Mill Academy182
1.12Timmy O'Neill
17:13Raleigh Charter
2.11Thomas Moore
17:26Raleigh Charter
3.12Luke Bennett
17:38Voyager Academy
4.12Ian Ovenden
18:03Voyager Academy
5.10Nick Teta
18:18Woods Charter
6.11Calvin Koonce
18:25Raleigh Charter
7.12Michael Scrudato
18:28.10Raleigh Charter
8.10Karson McKenzie
18:28.20Roxboro Community
9.12Yates McConnell
18:35Raleigh Charter
10.11Noah Benjamin
18:45Raleigh Charter
11.12David Williams
18:59Woods Charter
12.12James Christensen
19:21Voyager Academy
13.10Michael Keriher
19:42Voyager Academy
14.11Cameron Chase
19:46Roxboro Community
15.9Robert Pilson
19:56Raleigh Charter
16.10Wyatt Barnes
20:11Raleigh Charter
17.10Abel Maasho
20:19Research Triangle
18.10Mitchell O'Connor
20:20Woods Charter
19.10Sam Williamson
20:37Voyager Academy
20.12Ronald Whitt
20:38Voyager Academy
21.10Sam Marchman
20:47Research Triangle
22.10Enrico Degan
21:06Research Triangle
23.9Michael O'neill
21:07Raleigh Charter
24.12Del Kimrey
21:12Roxboro Community
25.9Simi Singh
21:37Research Triangle
26.11Casey Barnes
21:40Woods Charter
27.9Noah Smith
21:41Voyager Academy
28.9Ryan Lanford
21:51Woods Charter
29.-Gaines Alexander
21:54 PRRaleigh Charter
30.9James Witcher
21:56 PRRaleigh Charter
31.10Benjamin Wilson
22:02Raleigh Charter
32.10Caleb Hyman
22:13Woods Charter
33.10Michael Day
22:20 PRWoods Charter
34.12Diwani Robinson
22:23Research Triangle
35.10Duncan McSorley
22:36Raleigh Charter
36.11Dakota Candiloro
22:45 SRRaleigh Charter
37.10Wheeler Thompson
22:48 PRRaleigh Charter
38.10Alexander Ahn
22:49Raleigh Charter
39.9Ryan Thrall
22:50Voyager Academy
40.12Collin Ward
22:51 SRWoods Charter
41.-Connor Foutenot
23:05Research Triangle
42.10Henry Nachman
23:15Woods Charter
43.10Christopher Cannon
23:15.50 PRRiver Mill Academy
44.11Charlie Klappenbach
23:27Research Triangle
45.10Calib Powell
23:32Roxboro Community
46.9Caleb Mcdonald
23:35Research Triangle
47.12Mathew Soderberg
23:41Voyager Academy
48.12Alex Gobel
23:45 PRRiver Mill Academy
49.9Ian Stone
23:48Woods Charter
50.10Jonas Trepanier
23:49 SRResearch Triangle
51.10Pierce Meissner
23:51Raleigh Charter
52.9Carter Thompson
23:55Woods Charter
53.9Scottie Bell
24:00Roxboro Community
54.11Mohammad Moh'd
24:24 PRRaleigh Charter
55.9Chase Cadman
24:26Research Triangle
56.11Daniel Falkovic
24:37Woods Charter
57.9Luke Thomasson
24:42Voyager Academy
58.9Jalen Bailey
24:45Roxboro Community
59.10Luke Satisky
24:55Raleigh Charter
60.10William Hoffmann
24:55.10Voyager Academy
61.11Ryan Coats
25:01Raleigh Charter
62.10Jake Marold
25:07 PRResearch Triangle
63.10Ryan Boat
26:00Research Triangle
64.11Alex Saltzman
26:11 PRResearch Triangle
65.9Caulder Councoy
26:16Woods Charter
66.10Tanner Sewitsky
26:26 PRVoyager Academy
67.-Suraj Rao
26:48Raleigh Charter
68.11Steven Siegert
26:56Raleigh Charter
69.-James Glatthaar
26:59Raleigh Charter
70.10Jack Lindyberg
27:06Raleigh Charter
71.11Jeremy Caesar
27:16Research Triangle
72.10Max Carey
27:39Research Triangle
73.10Bricen Jones
27:44Roxboro Community
74.-Press Browne
27:47Raleigh Charter
75.9Alex Adkins
28:02Roxboro Community
76.10Avery Greeson
28:04 PRRiver Mill Academy
77.9Haithum Kasawbe
28:20Raleigh Charter
78.12Alex Sminkey
28:26Research Triangle
79.-Ashwin Sivayogan
29:05 PRRaleigh Charter
80.-Arya Sharma
29:43Raleigh Charter
81.12Ryan Vann
29:45Research Triangle
82.12Harrison Rodgers
31:05River Mill Academy
83.-Cole Melton
31:48Roxboro Community
84.-Cyrus Barbour
32:07Roxboro Community
85.9Will Hatchel
33:10River Mill Academy
86.9Noah Barton
33:54Research Triangle
87.10Jackson Sommers
34:00Raleigh Charter
88.12Ryan Morzas
34:28River Mill Academy
89.-Matthew Wedge
38:42Raleigh Charter
90.10Michael Day
39:26Woods Charter
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Raleigh Charter32
2.Research Triangle76
3.Voyager Academy79
4.Woods Charter90
5.Roxboro Community112
6.River Mill Academy136
1.10Gillian Scott
22:00Raleigh Charter
2.9Audree Catlin
22:21Voyager Academy
3.9Caroline Foley
22:55Research Triangle
4.10Brie Lotz
23:04Raleigh Charter
5.10Sydney Fryman
23:53Roxboro Community
6.9Jamie Marold
24:00Research Triangle
7.10Nicole Avila
24:03Woods Charter
8.11Aislinn Whalen
24:04Raleigh Charter
9.11Kate Schauss
24:06Raleigh Charter
10.10Rachel Scrudato
24:11Raleigh Charter
11.12Katie Pleasant
24:18Roxboro Community
12.9Amy Rosie Scott-Be...
24:40Voyager Academy
13.9Sofia Rhodes
24:53Raleigh Charter
14.12Lilly Whalen
25:01Raleigh Charter
15.9Cassidy Page
25:07River Mill Academy
16.9Julia Benjamin
25:24Raleigh Charter
17.12Lani Foglesong
25:33Voyager Academy
19.10Elise Moses
25:45Woods Charter
20.-Riley Watkins
25:53 PRRaleigh Charter
21.10Cheynie Wray
25:54Woods Charter
22.10Elly Cummins
25:55Woods Charter
23.11Alyssa Donaldson
26:45Research Triangle
24.10Eryka Vanek
26:48Roxboro Community
25.12Bryn Merritt
26:56Voyager Academy
26.9Hattie Halloway
26:57Research Triangle
27.12Reilly Grant
27:15Raleigh Charter
28.11Annie O'neill
27:49Raleigh Charter
29.10Anne Elise Norris
27:57Research Triangle
30.11Brooke Elliott
28:12Research Triangle
31.11Natalie Bowers
28:30Research Triangle
32.-Amelia Busick
28:45 PRRaleigh Charter
33.12Elizabeth Scott
28:48Research Triangle
34.11Aline Vargas
28:55 PRRaleigh Charter
35.10Harley Mangum
29:00Voyager Academy
36.10Anna Blake Glatthaar
29:10.10 SRRaleigh Charter
37.9Kassandra Brillhart
29:10.20 PRRiver Mill Academy
38.-Anna Wesley Dubach
29:17.20Raleigh Charter
39.12Christina Whetzel
29:18 PRRaleigh Charter
40.12Victoria Baker
29:20Woods Charter
41.-Emily Gerber
29:21 PRRaleigh Charter
42.9Raea Tyson
29:31River Mill Academy
43.-Anna Adams
30:19 PRRaleigh Charter
44.12Hannah Klemmer
30:38Research Triangle
45.10Kasarah Puryear
30:51Research Triangle
46.10Sally Newcomb
30:59River Mill Academy
47.12Nicole Fried
31:43Research Triangle
48.9Sarah Singer
31:56River Mill Academy
49.10Erin Tyler
32:08Woods Charter
50.9Alicia Lassa
32:25Voyager Academy
51.10Regan Fernandez
32:46.10Voyager Academy
52.10Caitlin Huguely
32:46.20Raleigh Charter
53.-Sarthi Patil
32:50.10Raleigh Charter
54.12April Sharp
33:38Woods Charter
55.10Morgan Hassman
33:46Roxboro Community
56.10Sloane Freeman
34:12 PRVoyager Academy
57.10Mackenzie Bell
34:35Roxboro Community
58.12Anh Ngygen
35:00Woods Charter
59.12Reegan O'Conner
35:08Woods Charter
60.-Morgan Greene
35:38Raleigh Charter
61.9Hope Labriola
36:37.20 PRResearch Triangle
62.9Isabel Vann
37:33.90Research Triangle
63.11Candace Swepson
39:05Research Triangle
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